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May 2015








If you would like to help support the translation and printing of Pauls book, Surveying the New Testament Books into
Hungarian, please consider sending a financial gift of any size. It would be a great encouragement to us, the Bible
Institute students, and the Hungarian Christian community. To give online through credit card or direct withdraw, visit To give through personal check, pay to the order of Word of Life Fellowship and in the
memo section, be sure and write Hungary Educational Material Project: (05062C). Mail your check to Word of Life
Fellowship, PO Box 600, Schroon Lake, NY 12870. Thank you for your consideration and prayers as we seek to
accomplish this worthy project for Gods glory.

1 Labor Day in

2 Pray for the

Hungary! Pray for the

10.1% unemployment
rate, and the many
young Hungarians who
are leaving the country
to find work.

translation project of
Pauls book into
Hungarian: 1) for the
necessary funds and 2)
for quality translation

3 Pray for safety as we 4 Pray for our guest

5 Praise the Lord for 6 Pray for Jill as she 7 Pray for Paul and

8 Pray for our camp

9 Pray for our home

travel to WOL
Headquarters in
Schroon Lake, NY for
the World Directors
Conference over the
next two weeks.

teacher this week

back in Hungary,
Pastor Chuck Circle,
as he teaches The
Book of Romans.

the opportunity to
attend the conference
and encourage one
another in the Lord.

his current course

with Baptist Bible
Seminary, Analysis
of the Old Testament
Paul & Jill at WOL World Directors Conference in Schroon Lake, NY

staff as they continue to

work hard and prepare
for the upcoming
camping season. We
are praying for 1000+
campers this summer!

church in Talms;
that we can make
relationships with the
people and reach our
village for Christ.

10 Praise the Lord

11 Pray for our

12 Pray that the last 13 Pray for the BIs 14 Pray for us over

for the growth we are

seeing in the
students this year,
both spiritually and in
their maturity as well.

guest teacher this

week back in
Hungary, Michael
Gleghorn, as he
teaches Apologetics.

few days of the

conference would be
productive and

17 Pray that Jill will

18 Pray for our guest 19 Bible Club in our 20 Pray for the

have special time

with her family in
Indiana while we are
separated the next
couple of weeks.

teacher this week, Dave

James, as he teaches
Theological Issues. He
is the former Director of
the Bible Institute.

continues to organize
our upcoming
summer furlough.

enrollment next Fall.

We are asking the
Lord for even more
Central Europeans.

World Directors Conference

15 Pray for Paul as

16 Class trip day!

the next few weeks as

we are separated. Jill
will stay in the States
and Paul will return to
Hungary. It makes the
most sense financially.

he travels back to
Budapest today, and
for Jill as she flies
back to Indianapolis.

Pray for a great day

of fellowship and fun
between the students
and staff.

21 Mentorship

22 Pray for Paul as 23 Pray for many of

home today! Pray

that we would have at
least one new visitor
who will hear the
gospel and respond.

Lords perfect timing

when it comes to
starting a family of
our own.

Chapel today. Pray

for a fruitful time
together as we meet
with our small groups
this morning.

he continues to teach
Introduction to Greek
to the 2nd year
students this

24 Praise the Lord for 25 Pray for our

26 Pray that the

27 Pray for the

28 Pray for Paul as

29 Student and staff 30 Graduation Day!

the many supporters

who gave towards the
student Scholarship
Fund this school year.
They are a tremendous

students will finish

strong. Only a few
days left until

students as they
make plans for what
they will do after
graduating from the
Bible Institute.

he preaches in chapel
today. One last
opportunity to
encourage the students
before graduation!

cookout. Pray for a

great time of food
and fellowship before
graduation tomorrow

31 Praise the Lord for

prayer partners and
supporters in the

guest teacher this

week, Dr. Wayne
Vanderwier, as he
teaches Biblical

the students who will be

wrapping up their
weekly ministries for the
summer. Graduation is

Praise the Lord for

another successful
school year. To God
be the glory!

June 2015







1 Pray for traveling

2 Praise the Lord

3 Pray for Paul as he 4 Pray for Paul as he 5 Praise the Lord

6 Pray that our

mercies for the

students as they
travel back home or
around Europe for
their summer

that he has provided

us with a vehicle to
borrow over the
summer as we travel
and present the

wraps up things in
the office and at
home in preparation
for his flight to the
States tomorrow.

staffing situation
would come together
for the Bible Institute
next Fall.

7 Pray for us today as

8 Pray for safety as

9 Pray that we can

10 Pray for us today 11 Pray for us today 12 Pray for our

we share about our

ministry in two different
churches near our
home town, one in the
morning and one this

we drive from
Indianapolis to
Ashland, OH today to
visit some friends.

accomplish much while

in the States this
summer doctor
appointments, pastor
meetings, raising
support, spending time
with family, etc.

as we share about
WOL Hungary at our
friends youth group
meeting. Maybe we
will recruit some new

as we travel to
Philadelphia and
share about our
ministry with a Bible
study group.

students as they begin

serving in their summer
ministries around the
world, mostly as camp

opportunity to meet
with some new
pastors over coffee
this weekend and
share about our

14 Pray for us today 15 Pray for Paul as

16 Praise the Lord

17 Pray for the

18 Pray that our staff

19 Pray that our

20 Summer Camp

as we share about
our ministry with an
adult Sunday school
class in Philadelphia.

for the new

applications we are
receiving each day
for the Bible Institute.

camp helpers and

counselors as they
train for a great
summer of ministry
this week at WOL

can complete the long

list of tasks before camp
starts, such as cleaning
out the dorm rooms,
preparing the property,
training helpers, etc.

house will be safe

back in Hungary and
free from problems or
theft over the

starts in Hungary!
Praise the Lord for the
many campers, most of
which are not believers.
Pray for the Holy Spirit
to work in their hearts
this week!

he continues to work
on his PhD with
Baptist Bible
Seminary. Most of his
free time is spent
studying these days.

flies back to
Indianapolis from
Budapest today. Our
crazy summer
furlough is beginning!

that we can spend

some time with our
families this summer
as well as old friends.

13 Pray for the

Camp Staff Training Week Back in Hungary

21 Pray that we

22 Pray for safety

23 Invitation night!

24 Pray for us today 25 Pray for safety

26 Campfire night at

27 Summer Camp

might find a church to

share with today.
This particular date is
still a question mark
on our furlough

as we travel to York,
PA to spend a couple
of days with friends
and supporters there.

Pray that the gospel will

be clearly
communicated and that
many young people will
respond at the summer
camp in Hungary!

as we travel to West
Minster, MD to share
about WOL Hungary
at a supporting
church there.

camp in Hungary. Pray

for this evening as the
campers share
testimonies of how God
has been working in
their lives this week.

Week 2 starts in
Hungary. Pray that the
kids would have an
unbelievable week and
that many would
respond to the gospel.

28 Pray for us today 29 Pray for safety as

as we share about
WOL Hungary at a
church in Fuquay
Varina, NC.

we travel to Concord,
NC to spend a couple of
days with one of Pauls
brothers, Keith, and his

30 Pray for the

enrollment next Fall
at the Bible Institute.
We are asking the
Lord for 65 students.

as we travel to North
Carolina today.

Daily Prayer Calendar for Paul & Jill Weaver:

Missionaries with Word of Life Hungary