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Lincoln has the jazz world produced a singer-songwriter with
such a unique and compelling
vision of life. tler lyrics celebrate
our most enduring and undervalued relationship: love of familr'.
of earth, of the human spirit, and
rnost of all love of sclf . "when
you're twenty or thirty or even
forty," she says, "the most important thing in a person's life is
another person. But I'm a mature
woman now, ancl there are othcr
things ro talk about."
It has taken decades


Abbey'to win universai acclaint
as one of our preeminent vocal
storytellers-"Billie Holiday's onlr
true successor," to quote Peter
watrous of the New York Times
Not content to sing only love
songs, nbbey set out to explore
mrrsic with a broader meaning in
the 6O's. "Straight Ahead" a collectiorrof songs, many of thent
h e r o w n , c i et v e d i n t o s o c i a l
tlLrt only



France signed her in lgag clid a
greater inlernationai audience
discoVer her musical gifts. ln
1993 PBS aired thc documentan
"You Gotta Pay the Band: The
Words, the Music, and the Life of
Abbey Lincoln." It examines the
experiences and achievements
reflected so vividly in her music.
1'he songs in this collection

address the full range of Abbe1"-s
concerns. In "Bird Alone" she
offers a moody, autobiographical
picture of what she dubs "a singular life": "Llird alone, flying

i tiglr/Fly'inglltrottgll arclottcleti sk1'/Settciingnlournfltl.
. s o L r l l usI o u n d s / S o e l r i n g o r ' ' e rt r o u b l c d g r o t t t l c i s . . . "

EVcn wherr her rncssagc is cjark, as in "DeVils t;
-l-olrgllc" "-l-ltc\\torlcl ls lralling Dtlwn." tlte'rt

S o n g s l i k e " l G o l T h r . t t t c l e r( a n c l l t R i n g s ) " a n d " T l t e '
\lc'rr)' L)anctcr"take that thcnle clf itlrlcpertclt-t-tccto jo)'

a plrrtrnisectf at bttlter lilc' i
:rn rrnclerc-urrcntof l-tcl1te,
in whiclt s:
arllsrrrnrneclrrlr it't "Tltc Mc--rr1'
tititl is rnade oI purest golci.'
- s i n g so f a r

lLll lrei6Jhts.tltrt Abbev is cltrick to p.l)'llorllulgc to lhc
t ; r r n i l 1 . ' t h i lct r e a l e c l h e r , a s s l l e c l r l c s i t l " S l o r ) ' < l t V l l '
f.arher"arncl"llvalirtetColfel'(l'hc Legcntl ()f)," a nlclvittg
rriitrrteto i)er rnollter. "l belicvc it's inlpclrt:lntlo -s:l)'tc)
'tltatlk\'()tl 1ornll' Iilc-'."
\ ( ) r l r p a r e n l s a r t c la l l c l c l s l o r s ,

.'\bbet' t-i|rc'oln'sbe'lief tltat lrcalsllre is witilirl c'r t :
onc's reatch.
-.lamcs (larvin
l . J a i l l lsi ( j i i \ i r

\ \ ' f i 1 ( ' s( ) n l x ) l ) t l l l l s i ( l ( ) r 1 l l ( ' \ ' ( ' { 1 ' } ' ( ) r A I i r } ) ( ' . s .l t l l ) r i i , l

l l r ( ' \ ' i 1 l i l ( / (\' ( ) i ( 1 ' .L i l l r - s . a l r t ( 1( ) l i t ( ' r l ) t l l ) l i (a l l t ( ) I l s I. I i s l x n ) k l r l l i r ] ) ( l i ( ' . \ l ( J / l i - .
( ; ( r ( f u r r , \ ( j ( ' ( ) / , \ ( ' r 1 ) i r . k ( . ( i l ) ( i l t ' ti s l ) u l t i s l x ' ( l l ) \ l - i r r ) ( ' l i g l l Il ' r l i l i ( ) r l - Is



Mtisicby R.B.LYNCH
Moderate BossaNova




























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CJC nr - nev .CACEDBIRD Wordsand Musicby ABBEYLINCOLN r3-t MediumJazzWartz(.. G n+fil HM ffff t7.fl puyears J ) I CIG G rffi EIM ffi Hltf a.ffi er spread their qlee /1 C o p y r i s hO t 1 9 7 3M O S E K A MUSIC s d r h i n i i t e r ebdy H O W ES O U N DM U S I C( B M l ) All Righta Inteinational CopyrightSecured All RightsReserved 7 F-F /- ./Attt es uJ.

e c Bm7 Em7 iTrrTl m G ttt-. I 7 ffi CmajT GmajT D7 l-++.l Htil ffrrn rrrrn u .] ffitr lat e 7 Am7 JJJ L.I-t-.A7 Em7 B7 Bm7 rfrfi{ ffi l-ft-iH -9..l.u-tl ffi Ffim7 E]Tn Httfi rffin th e .1+.l.1 fr__# / ll-. H+.I-l-] !t!t-!t H+H Hflfl r|r|H the ot feal d\? 7 +r# u u? 't-b I ll'-/'1 YI Frfffi LU++l H-14-tl ?ftiH t-t-Hti and .l ffi 7 I f\-.1 v' N.f VI Aml rffi {z- ny ti r H?]+t Fffffl G7 |.1 a | r ? sp.t-lt. t .

f t|.. t'71fl I l\-/.f I - ar a tE ffi ful 7 E_E of Aml rffi ffi ffi col --'-' 7 A7 Em7 sings \ ersL \r #e \ aJ - feath in heads and - soul ule la 7 5-F VA ful e .ffi bird caged 7 ll Am7 Em7 h?+?t H+H rrm ?e GmajT oob rrrfi H-+.] t-+t-.v.H r rr rnTn mm ?flr+r rrITT iiFt-H ?tHfl know why u7? Q | the *.I-t{ ---- ? CmaiT GmajT arJ D7 7 VI YI rY tu H]+J{ 7.]-+.1 g?? 1 rffff1 \ . rrnTl tltut t-t4+u ll'tfl{ rrrrn ffi ar - - or ."y.-? ll\-'l r[ D7 ffi a --J t ffi sweet .87 F#7 -J.

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.H tj-u j v1 L-l b-l t | i17]T /1 | \/lv'4. Am ffi G ffi tll-uJ Hftf D7 ffi birds were made e dar G ffi C/G ffi to sing. wings.11 G7 Gsus ffi ffi - flaps G7 J4- it's ffi e teth \\ - ered e doli I CmaiT rrT++l II+IE fit-Hr ___-.1 C/G ffi ?l'H+l t--t r v / O--'C l)\r'1 Yt G ffi C I I . - t .

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B7 d ffi t -- ffi ?-9J{ Hu]-l hTrn ffi Am7 Ht-llt grounds.l3 DmTlC Dm7 tu t-it+N ttHtl 4flm ffi Tm tgtl-] Hlfr trou .ing 7-- 3 --1 r r DmTlC Dm7 ffi G7 Dm7 L]t-ut ffi ffi fly .ing clr - cles DmTlC you on .cJJ mate.ble E7 t+++N Fffttl Httfl no AmTlG Film7 ffi tfFt-H riffi H?t?t n-rrn . Bm7 Bird G7 Ab7 Bm7b5 tempt .

lone.l.14 H+# ffi BbmTb |rrrn FmTb rrrrn TTTTN ETM Htttl Trrm 'm Eb7 Ll]tt-u ut-tfl HltH won there so high 3 a .m7b G7 Bdim on the wind.ry?- G7 ffi F#7 g-g-tl ffi . way some-where? BmajT IIIID ffi ffi G7 Af.? - der sto .l Glid .

r r Db7 rl .(. arr I Dm7 G7 Dm7 ffi ffi ffi GTsus J4- c6/9 rTrrn ++'ll Httr ++f . G7 GTsus J49. - 3 r. grow.{. ffi . ffi ffi in the G7 -.15 Am7 Am/G .9g ffi ffi o - Yer B7 FfmT rrrrn t-+tttl l-FitH where the .t-{4f aJ qr rf.39- ffi H-fi+{ ffi night.

l-?..1 u-tl-t.ry Wordsand Musicby A B B E YL I N C O L Bbtb9 99.though Gbl Fm7 ffii TnrSl ITIT|I ffi ffi .y - sto .] Hiiit BbmT ffi ffi Gbl ffii ffi MUSIC c o p v r i g hot 1 9 9 2M O S E K A A l l R i e h t sa d r i r i n i i t e r ebdv H O W ES O U N DM U S I C( B M I ) A l l I n t e ' i n a t i o nCaol p y r i g h t ' s e c u r e d R i g h t sR e s e r v e d F1 t-FttH |-rnH .' mys-ter .l FTN-N FFI?II l-t-. tIffi tttttl TTTI-N 3 Dbmaj Ab7b9 EbmT .l+# lTnl TTT|N l a l l l Gb7 F1 ffi Tmt ffffft Some-timesit's 3 r? m7b t+tl+] ffi Ftb9 t-l-t-l-I.+- zt-l-l.'16 A CIRCLEOF LOVE GbmajT Al .

]+t tttttl H+t]i |-Trrr] Bbl|.? Ebml rITTI'] H+fi love love Abl 4flm ffi DbmajTBbmT 4:"ujZ tTtTta ttftB tTtTn ffi [tH H#rl TNTI IITiI will car.cle of .]T t1tfil a a you o -pened the ev .JTIT5' 'f++++ to c o Y .o. ITNT] A A cir-cle of cir-cle of '? .t-l+ ffl+H mTl Lrl mTrn Wher Love eY .I. Bbl|.s Abl . trtrtrtrf1 t+. through.# Trrrn Til'1'l l-++.JT'T" 'f++++ oTTfrrt mm fr1+H o ----- through: night whole the AilI Ti]]] m|'n ffi]+H lll lx will fol .s Abl . the cen-ter is blue Ebml a -1 Abl .l H+lft l:rTm Fm7 ffi A7b9 fm t-l-+]-+.1-t. will car..1 H1tfl Eul GbmajT ffi ffffll |-Trm i+fif I wish a wish for you at-llLl -i 73 Bblb9 Ebml I.ry you through.ry us through.e r y o u r h a i r ..lolr di-rect-ly through we come from 3 ? t Fml TtrTtrN ffi E7 AmajT 861b9 Dbmaj7 i.?.cle of you love brought us 80t door a t Ebml ITflT] H+Jfl TTTTN do.JT5T5I 4TT|IN oTTrSf ffi I.17 EbmT u+.

cle fol-low your hand al-wayswill be.ffi Hltf 3 a boy and a Hfi|1 The world l.]-ft.lJ our lives end..1 LHl+l Hflq T|TTTT stand..1 share their sor rows 1L3 and their .7 offi H+]-u 4m ffi FFN-N ITIT] LU flt'l-ll Gll .l-.. and peo -ple ?1flfl rTITN H+fi1 of trou'ble Ab7 offi Itt+H and one Abl t-+++-H ffi fITN 4m ffi H4-l-]-] ffi EbmT riTm is full Ebml Fm7 day Gb/F Gbmaj ffi t+. A ring filled with light.. the hawk and the dove.. Abl EbmT DbmajT AmajT a cir-cle of 'causeev'-ry-thing ? t EbmT TNTI ru Abmll Dbmaj AF.l TTTSN TTTTN and lead you a cir.flIIA -u-++. Ab7 EbmT H1+H peace love ) ' t Fm7 ffi ffi E7 rrrrn ffi [n-n ifirll ffi H+t1l 3 the light of the world. me.I-l "l-Fftfl TTTI-N ffl+H offi +tl-t.IB Ebml Dbmaj7 Lrtiu ttttaa +++-{-] Bbl*s Abl . We comeand we go.l. To Coda SY Bb7*5 4m L+tl.

trtrtrtrn rrrff1 |1-rff1 ffi ffi cir .dav..l ffi ffi ffi Hltf here's tn' CODA o find a Ebml Abl rTTTN c.t.5TIT5I rtrrm t-+++-{J A] ITITN - long the Fm7 ffi Ab7 4m Fflil -F-.DbmajT Gl1 Abml I 4m ffi EbmT GbmajT e{IIm "l-t-fitl -ITN TTT'N TTTFN TTTTN To the chil-dren 19 Ab7 Fm7 .I-tt] t+..5T-TA "ffi ffi TFN-N to .I-l. chil-dren of rr ?- EbmT rTITN iH+H Fm7 1' Ebl Gdim tTrrn f+++t..cle way 'cause ev'-ry-thing 3 Ebml -ITN TT|5N TTTTN Ab7 4m ffi Bm7 AmajT GbmajT DmajT mlTn rrrrn tatata I taaa| f+.? Coda a r_ 3 _______t of Bb'lb9 I-9-9.mor-row and the of to .S.l L]U L]j[ Db ffi A .

{-.1 Longa E7 ffi sung.14-l t-+f.1 Gma17 tfl+H go the CmalT Man-y Am7 Hd+l rr mTn Htl-.t{ ffi EIII -9t+.l ntj-n t1+ttl - sent Am7 rrrrn i$m f?i+H man-Y D7 Am7 t-Hl. ffi D7 Jt+J-ltl H-ftH rrlTn ffi r rlTrn tg-ftt ffi H+t+t '7 rt l I J.l Ffftfl TFTTN H++N things have r changed you on the man-y C o p y r i g hot l q q l M O S T K AM U S I C All RiehtA s d m i n i i t e r ebdv H O W ES O U N DM U S I C( B M l ) InteinationalCopyrightSecured All RightsReserved '4 G6 rrrrn LluJt run.lJ Hiifl a Am7 E7b9 Bm7 ^ rt I Am7 G6 tIIIn t+++l...20 DEVIL'SCOT YOURTONGUE WordsandMusicby ABBEY LINCOL Slowly GmaiT nf+ff HTII1 tfr-t-H u *(.1-.gJ l-+l-.1.I-]-t.l-. ?1-fH'l .1 H-l+. D7 ut-ttl ffi songs were t-fr-t-H rr9++ u]tu g ffi-ffl D7b9 4l+fltl t+++.

t-|.il seed. dev .- r C6 rrrT'l f]-Frn Ev-'ry-thing Liv .dev .E7 G6 ffi H-fttl ffi fffffl to got your say dev . -1 a .ing some .round a ing sow G G7 ffi t+J-l-tt for rn mo amo mov .thing tl ae in you H-fffl . ment. a step.1 turn. tion.

oth .C ffi H+++t ?tHfl HIH hap . lone . it's a D7 ffi JJJ H+fr Ft-itfl sto .ger Sal .ing E7 Cmaj7 D7 rid . steal. dirtwith y the got your tongue.y on all the' Dev .ing. JH. _ to town - Bust .ry dev .ly - leap .- .in' dev . went a how to learn .]'s el. your tongue.tle ro Ht'rn Hitr ing bot in an .ing a pis he's onapo tol. spin lit .{ Fr+if1 Llt-lJ4 Send your shakes her ffi l-|-ffn GmajT Trig .t i . the lip. trY' G D7 Am7 rrrrn ul-l-ll ffi t-l-H+r JJJ Htffi H+H bro . ofa draw .ther bod . a -roundr- ftiltr mon .il's world.m o Am7 GmajT a Tell Danc . by the bush tes .py's got Walk .ly G D7 Am7 low from got ly jerk.22 tu Ft-fflJ u-ltu HtI-H rrrm run .

il's got your tongue.23 G G7 u-]-Lu ffi D7 Am7 ffi JJ-9's ffi ffi got ho-ly mag-ic but the dev .) your tongue. made for .na .l FI+H fflm e . it show curs .fl a Tell Danc .ic.t-tt.H.1 flttll fit-FH H.sons's dev . _4.€r.posed to work.1 IIIIE ffi t|J-u ffi ffi flltH com . sun. G D7 Am7 -9++. but the ho . your-self got a mag .ev .tion That's the Al . tin' down the sea .ven though the joke's your ma for curs . Play 3 times . dirt-y with the dev .ly You got jel .ing is Love sto -rY.ways there's to .es ev-er on for is the the the .il.1t. and us - filt - row Bm7 C6 iH-t-{-t{ Hltlt H. sun. it's get is hip. I got your tongue.mor ffi on sup .I got G ni?+fi D7 Am7 Freely tu ffi You a for dev .ly bean.

.l++t H-]-tq LL.] ffi ffi FFft+f tHlfl FTFFN E7 Em G ifl+H mrffl First came a wom-an (See additionnl lyric s) Bm rrrm Cdim Am7 ffi rT. car - Bm Cm"-aj7 3 ------- whos . FIRSTCAMEA WOMAN Wordsand Musicby A B B E YL I N C O L N Slowly Cdim D7 Bm rTrrsl .)..q f|tffl L|u-u ttaatl H. FTFFN They say c o p y r i g ho r 1 9 c 2M O S E K A MUSIc A l l R i e h t sA d m i n i a l e r ebdv H O W ES O L t \ l DM U S I C( B M l ) Inteinational CopyrightSecured All RightsReserved we live B7 ffi mTfn and ..t Cfm7b5 rrrrn car tu l""l.ev - er con frrrn l-+.|.|.u-tl rrrrn t-+++l-.1-1-.|..TN rTrrn rffm flltfl Lil-t+t TFTFN LLLI'] Itaatr TTrfN it home..lU ceived -o l.1{ H]+tl l.H ffi Trrrn ry them all ffi l.l# Hi??t ffi ffi - FfmT D7 F#7 m the way home.

t-l Hi-l-lJ fffft-l Em Bm l. First came the woman All through the night Who follows a man Who prays and delivers the son And lives for the light in his eyes One who's made ready Usually willing To enter a world She dreams to fulfill And live until everything's done The great propheciesof the skies Another soul to bear And so with everything given to see A cross we share She wants to be what he wants to be And now and then First there's a woman Somebody with a crown we wear Who follows a man But first there's a woman And follows him all the way home Who carries the child And carries them all the way home ..{ l]lu H?tH rrr|-n G rrrrn EIII] D7 . First there's a woman 3.It t+-t-t4.|'.H Am J-? Hlt4l ffi |r|-|n u.25 Am7 ffi Cdim t]+]-il I tlata ffi Ittfil D7 tu Ht++t ffi t-++..{.]-+.J- Hffi fflfl1 H]IH A Additional Lyrics 2.t-t{ ffi trFIH E7 G/B C l-+-14.

-4. Wordsand Musicbv ABBEYLINCOLN 1.26 THELECENDOF EVALINACOFFEY. E-va -li -na Cof-feY 2. (Seeadditional lyrics) r MUSIC C o o v r i e hot 1 9 9 2M O S E K A A l l R i e h t sR d r h i n i i r e r ebdv H O W ES O U N DM U S I C( B M l ) CopyrightSecured All RiEhlsReserved Inte'rnational .

in' up the way.-1 aJ8 I I for moth . from six light .er .liant in my shin .va - .ev t r - ship - €r. 1r I J a \J .Dm7 J- Ltutt f|++l-. E .] Hftfl bril .): JJ .ing heart z-.

in your shiny ship Sailing through the heavens On another trip I expect to seeyou On another day Living in another light And in another wav C [dd ffi . Evalina Coffeylived and laboredhere 3.2B Dm7 G7 rrTfn ffi ffi DmTb Cm ffi 3m HflI A G7b9 ffi ffi Additional Lyrics 2. ThenEvalinaCoffeydid a spinor two And her vesselsmultiplied One for every year When the number of the ships Descendingfrom the one Came to number eighty four She knew here work was done While a courting nightingale Sang the whole night through Then just like the morning In a blaze of light She spread her wings of miracles And disappearedfrom sight 4. Evalina Coffey.

.29 THE MERRYDANCER WordsandMusicby A B B EL YI N C O L N Moderate.flowing (doubletime feel) GmaiT G6 GmaiT nf+fi tfiill rrrm mil tfl-fH d rnf.t{ tH1fl tHfi 3+ 5 |J-]# H4.l+.: + beau G6 ffi the weath ty . *' rrrrn GmaiT n{tfi ml]} tit+tl l-+g-.1 ?fl-FH H1fr G6 G6 ni+il mil1 J G6 rrrrn Gmaj G6 rrrrn |Trrn HTIll ?fl-iH Llu-l] IFHTI G6 ffiffi tHfr est MUSIC C o p y r i g hor 1 9 9 2M O S E K A A l l R i p h t sA d m i n i i t e r ebdv H O W ES O U N DM U S I C( 8 M l ) lnteinationalCopyrightSecured All RightsReserved cgajz IIFI-H U: Htt-l-] H-Ftfl a told - Ma-ma pur - .

..I-l ETM Ifl-t-H fl-H+l I1III} C6 Cma17 G7 GmajT t-+f....H Ltt+-tl - ty the ofhouserain - rrrfi |.l H4.t-l-] trfr-H H-ttrl - '. G6 GmajT rrrrn E]]T ?fl-iH beau ffi l4t++l der said ftl+H Cmai C6 H.l-lg ttttt-l - EIIE Ht+.l.t.l-.I-l ty a with that dan scar - will cer let .m D13 oob tTrrn ttt-]-]J She old.30 .'H rrrrn tiifH HfH'l H H+++' it dows ors beau lives crowned the with bow's G6 GmajT ffi spir win col rrrrn beau Ina like G6 man tered from G6 rrrrn Llllt4 fli-tfl see.- will - - stand cry"gjz +.I-l..|._ hu shut man-y comes - ing.

l l4iltt ftlfH tH+H CmaiT oot rrrrn EIIil Ifl-fH Ht-ttl Ltltu HilI mer .c6 Cmai7 oot G7 ooo u+ll] t-+g.ry pur . cer .t.ple C6 CmajT HTIH i?ifH been nev - Hfffl AmTlD GmajTlD mrrn l-t-H+l J4J ti-itfl ffi lives a wretch Ffi-ffl ed soul in D7 the house GmajT rrrrn MII1 ffi who's old - FTFffI that seen._ er dan ffi t+t+g ffi II"II I'II I I ililtl D7 CfdimT rrrrn EII! C6 rnTa'l ?il+tl and mean.

1 nTSl ffi JTTT-I tTr'n There gold care - en and .ing when when you you stand stand - makes .] G6 tTmn t-++.1 t||l rrrTt t-+++.ror - be be fore fore the the ror ror G6 ffi JTTTN TTTSN cret the G6 of the gold .1 the the mer mer - ry ry ft.]-. G6 G6 Tf|t t+tl-t-.en throne.ence stand . G6 rTTTF l-+4+.C6 Cm*aj7 xm but See C6 C6 t+t-t+l t++t+ Lg-1.ttH .]-.way the cer it.its mir .]-t+] t4.1 f.i.{-. stair..1+ atttal ffi ffi |r|'n n-f5ft pres .{+.

.ple ag -es of J.{ HIIH ffffH Light dance wall. and blue- #5 Am7 *-9-9 u-lltl To Coda $ H.IJ LLLLU Red whirl Am7 flam - ors _ mer _ ing with de .ple shine and col shim E7 9.._ green..IFH rffffi dance dance be be the mir the mir .9JJ TFT|1 ffi H1IR H+rfl I tatal LLLI.fore the can mir - G7 D7 J* H++tl ItrIIl ffi Hl++t FFFFH shin whirl ing through the in time and Gmal7lD CfdimT rrrrn and and pur .H t+l-]+.1 I-IHN ffi-ffl on im - the tem .e-9 L++t+. grace _ edbya be .E7#5 .sire..

l G7 ffi D7 GmaiT *+8J C6 t+J.8C.t-tl ffi trfih EII1 ffi TtIJfl Cmai7 oob rrrrn Hffi fu+H G7 -.l t4.l lrrrn utlJJ |IIFH c6 H-Hfl Cmai oo"o rrrrn ffi II+IT ITHfl Hiffi the mir C6 u++tl ffi .t-.8.)+ D7 G7 ffi u-l+lt ffi Am7 CODA ffi 0^ CmaiT oo-o L!t-a-I. ffi c6 G6 H+ttl t-+ttt.1-t.

.D7 GmajT ITITN mm ffi the light GmaiT ffirn fftH :^ fi1+H of G6 IIII! H++U tfH?l an day. - D7 ffi stand be .{'.est gold.t. - an - cient mir - G6 GmajT n+f+ l.fore- the you will see the dance un .H H-lt-]t ffi ?iFtr made - of- pur ..

36 I coT THUNDER(nND lT RINGS) Wordsand Musicby ABBEYLINCOLN Modera tely fast G EIII flltH rnf talk Some folks (Seeadditional lyrics) '|981 MLSlc MOSEKA C o o v r i e hot (BMl) A l l R i e h t sn d r h i n i i r e r ebdv H O W ES O U N DM L S I C CopyrightSecured All RiShtsReserved Inte?national .

i tH.37 G ffi G7 C7 t+l-]-lt ltru.I Llt]-u H# Hfl G rrrrn ffim tt-H-H DTsus D7 tu ffi G l# tg-lll Hl1il .t-?.

3 ---------1 move you to do things. 7-_ 3 - 'll .C7 ffi 'Cause 7_- love is an e mo . - things. 7-3----1 C7 HJfr HffI Love 1-3 it e-mo-tion.tion.

Some folks talk about the love they're feeling. In the meantime watch my speed. - 7-9---1 D7 ffi Additional Lyrics . Others say that love is waiting. I will spread my wings and fly. To Chorus: . I'll be passingby. I will find a new dimension in the rising sun. I got love there is no stopping. To Chorus: When my life on earth is over and the struggle here is done. love for sending like the breeze. love for sailing over seas. In the place that is forever. I got love for climbing mountains. Talk about the love they need. If you seea streak of lightning.39 Dl1 t-t------1 move you to things.

sic is (Seeadditionallyrics) A7 nTrn ffi Dm ffi the ma - MUSIC C o p y r i e hOl 1 9 9 2M O S E K A A l l R i g h rA s d r h i n i i t e r ebdy H O w t S O L \ D M U S I C( B M l ) InleinationalCopyrightSecured All RightsReserved .40 THEMUSICISTHEMAGIC Wordsand Musicb A B B E YL I N C O Moderately with drive Dm The mu .

gic Bb7 ffi ffi world. - of A7 H+H rrffn a world_ .

secret world. The music is the magic of a secret world. 3. The music is the magic of a secret world.U HM Additional Lyrics 2. 6. secret world. It's a world that is alwavs within. . 5.42 Bb7 A7 Dm l+-{+H rfrfi'f f++t+-{ nfi1 ffi t+. The music is the magic and the hiding place. The music is the magic of a secret world.l. Secret world. raging storm. The storm that is over again. Raging storm. The music is the magic of a secret world. secret world. The music is the magic and the hiding place. The music is the magic through the raging storm. Hiding place..t-+-t-l l.. The music is the magic through the raging storm. It's a place where the spirit is home. . The music is the magic of a secret world. The music is the magic of a secret world.. hiding place. It's a world that is alwavs within.|. It's a place where the spirit is home. 4. Secret world. Secret world.

43 IN ME PEOPLE WordsandMusicby ABBEY LINCOLN Moderatelyfast A7 D nfTrt ETI1 I-FHfl rlrhl H+H r|rH AJ mf Em7 ?r?t?l ffi A7 lrrrn F+H ffffH MUslc c o p y r i g ho t l97l MOSEKA A l l R e h t cA d m i n i i t e r ebdv H O W ES O U N DM U S I C( B M l ) Inte'rnational Copyright'securedAll RightsReserved .

m/B times A7 Em7 G/A ' Be.- D ffi# Hrttt bod Hflfl T|TTN TTM nTm some ' rl1TN mTn A7 D rrrrn -9n ffi ffi times some - bod .cause the p€o - ple know- . and some Fr|-|ll rfiiFl ftl+tf rTrn Cfldim HttH y's ffi H-+tlf HJff A7 D rriTn ul4$ ffi ilatal tTI III ililtl Hflfl me.y's wick - €d. ' At3 -*.

dian (Seeadditional lyrics) .in In .

t l.tu - in' Af Cf..l.dim ifrii u-utl t-+++$ l'-l.lJ in some - ri -can peo - ple me.I got peo - some ple I got some A7 ffi peo - ple got I of GIA Ffm/B iiiin iiitn !l!tt t-t+llt furn ++lt. ..

na na na na na na) . I got some people in me. (he hit me . I got some people in me. Inside of me. I got the whole of Europaeus Turning in me. I got the whole wide world. Uganda in me. I got some Russian in me. . Dahomey in me. And blood from Vietnamese. I got some people in me. got the whole of Americanus Turning in me. al Coda (last time) CODA G/A F$m/B rrrrn rnTn ffi Cfdim D rrrrn t+l++t f?tt?t Htfr }ITTfl Additional Lyrics ) I got some Chinese in me. Some Arab in me. I got some people in me. I am a Mexican rose. 5. I got the whole of Asianus Turning in me. Mozambique in me.47 D. I got whatever people know right now. Some Zairewah blood. 6.he hit me you started it . Some Egyptian blood. I got some Guinee in me. I got some people in me. 4. I got some Japaneseblood.S.. Some Ghana in me. Sierra Leone in me. Some Algerian blood. I got some people in me. I got some people in me. I got some French blood in me.take your hands off of me you must be crazy . I got some lessonsin me. Some German in me..Turning in me.. I got some Jewish in me. I got some people in me. 3. got some children in me.. got some children in me. I got some learning in me.she hit me . I got some people in me.

{++ F++-l+ l il G] t+. \ 4 L S l c ' B M l l t e c u r e d A l l R i g h t sR e s e r v e d l n t e " r n a t i o n aCl o p y r i g .t1l AbmajT L++]+ t 1? I mf F*qJ e GbmajT G9 rI-NT Cl. -9-9.lB RAINBOW Wordsby ABBEYLINCOL M u s i cb y M E L B AL I S T O Slowly F-uf IF 'l dt IE Dbmaj 7 f .]4] t-+. 1 1 Gm7 C] |. ?u+r] Bbm(maj7) Bbm6 trm ItI+H Frrm F_qJ Bm7b5 F6 -e- ++fl1 nffi] Dm9 u-1.I-f+t t-t+t+ ?+]+ G7b9 ftrr Ti-TTI JT8T'I ITTITT c r . hS C] t-lTil l-+tl+ MTTN . p l r r g h rO l q S i M o 5 f K \ \ l U S l a A l l R i e h t sR d r i r i n i i t e r e dh v H O W I s O ( \ D ..] [rrn ffl.]-fn t-l-|-l-n t-ll-f+.

] [ffi TTTTN H+tft ITTTN ).t-.1 mrTn and and .dow. Green Em7b5 Eblb9 rrFrf++.tfi FfdimT qTm H+fil TTTr|1 Dm7 .Dm7 E7#9 utl-+.{+. C] H-]-t+l H+-l+ ituH home.L FI-T'N CmajT G7b9 riTTfl Lll.]-u ffi H*fi u4]J.1-]-?t u-lt.]-l..L +. F-ui7 rnT-l t-+..1 H+I+I phan - G9 TTTR l-+l++ ?++++] ta-sm the E7 tffi A7b9 --rrn TTT'N TTTTI] win .l-l Ht.l tl tata fflfH rain-bow out G7 ffi ffi Dm7 ''.

J) BbmajT irrrrl m+l Httfl Am7 ddtr" L]tu-] Ab9 4{!m H.BbmajT ffi ffi rain .1-] HTH H1tr guess the thun .]+.t .dow.bow )) out the win .

f.t{ rrmn ffr q+- j ???' Am7 ffi G7 t-+.9- t-t-..t-++ H+IH MUSIC C o p y r i g hor 1 9 8 0M O S E K A A l l R i e h t sA d m i n i i t e r ebdv H O W ES O U N DM U S I C( B M l ) Inte-rn ationalCopyright'securedAll RightsReserved .l STORYOF MY FATHER WordsandMusicbv ABBEY LINCOL r3-t (. Ft-H.). l3 ffi D7 F.fJ phyea J ) I Moderately "t ffi -3--r U I-L rnf ) Am7 E7 ffi 9JJ9 JLg .1-{-t{ t+.1-t4.

] TTTtrN TTTTT] wore G rI1TN t-t]-fl.ful man.t+.14.ther had (Seeadditional lyrics) said he was an king .Am7 D] rnTtl rfiT'l Hftl{ TTITN +fl.fl TTl-fN Am7 TNT'] HJI+I TTTTF D7 JL.l tt]-l-l-' FFIflJ Tl-Tm a lll My use .less.dom.]-lt. worth ' less fa . .ther D] Jt+. a fa . aw .l crown.

My father built us houses. The crown was handed down. 5. It's the power and the glory. His soul was sorely tried. .l Additional Lyrics 2.l-J A hand . Sometimesthe river's calling. His images were stolen. Of the life I make and live. Lord. A brave and skillful man. My father wears a crown. Sometimesthe shadowsfall.ffi frrrn rbT .53 D7 D7 E7 tu J- r+-]-]+ Ht++t ?+.] l-l-ll. My brothers are unhappy. And my father stands accused. That's when he's like a mountain.*o t+-JtlJ ffi fffftl f?++H Tfffn A (See additional lyrics) Am7 D7 ffi A crown G JtH++l f. 4. My mother prays for glory. My father has a{-t. My sisters they are too. My father wears a crown. Is the one I tell and give. 3.ed /'\ /aAq ftttH down. Ebmaj9 ffi ffi Itfrfl Ab6/9 ffi ETII ru G(add9) 3m Hlif _T- A t AJ B b1 3 . And his beauty was denied. 8. And he lives within the people. My father. 9. And his beauty was denied. lt. 'Cause his images were stolen. He fed and served his people. And he kept his folks inside. yes my father. yes my father. This story of my father.aq77 4- ia:o A .H rrrrn A /i was aai^ t '. 7. And through the spirit of my mother. In the lives he handed down. Rising master over all. 6. My father has a kingdom. My father. With the magic of his hand.

g- Hffi t+tt-i.llf r.){ TALKIN'TO THESUN Wordsand Musicby ABBEYLINCOLN Genfly flowing Cmai7lG DmTlG 3oo rrrrn . I ) N ) N \ ) lJ-.l fi1+H tFt-t-il U rnf. DmTlG g t+.uu H-t]fl I'm a e G7 fifffi Dm7 +++4t FI++H ffitH C o p y r i s hor 1 9 8 4M o s t K A M U S I c All Riehtsadririniiteredbv HOWE SOUND Mtrslc (BMl) I Copyright'secured Al I RightsReserved Inte"rnationa - way .I-.

.14.t{+ l.l.1 il+l+l H-f..I-tt Ht .l-u l+..# u.1 ?HTH holds and the me Dm7/G g CmaiT oob ffirll |.1-.---1 y ' to thing7-- 3 -------1 Dm7/G CmajTlG t$.JJ DmTlG -t8Ht-ttt f+..l.t4+.|..l l..# t-+.|..]i.t++] ?fl]-H day the makes (Seeadditional lyric s) H1-FH be - gin just like the .l"u - ev - er y- 3.

5 t-+.14t ru ple A7 t++.)o G7 Dm7 G7 ffi JLLL!'! frrrn t++-t+{ H+HJ t-ftiu rrrrn men um/ ffi CmaSTlG ffi - tal C7 d ffi sup - Dm7 G7 H+fi ffi '.1-1.] H+]+] |-|-Hn would .t-.n't r r o D<> I'ACI {> G] ffi H+H {> {> o ir-lii <> fi ry .

SometimesI run to meet him And I tell him of my dreams His gaze is steady on me And I'm blushing from his beams His conversationtsfine And I love to dance and dine With the movin' groovin' Early rising sun. 4. 3.t-l.J/ G7 A7 ffi ffi Dm7 G7 Cmaj7lG ffi Li.l{ H#l ?tFfil ffi <> {> cause he d n +' + IS the ear . He brings the many colors For the facesthat I wear His face is like a diamond And it's shining everywhere He is a central figure And he makes the world grow bigger Just becausehe is the early rising sun Just becausehe is the early rising 7 r - +t I I I \l c CmajT DmTlG ! Additional Lyrics 2. sometimeshe sings His melody is mellow And around the world it rings He is my world's delight And in the evening out of sight He is starrin' in the night The rising sun. . He gathers pretty flowers And he hums.

. t+t+.1{ ffi C o p y r i s hO r 1 9 8 0M O S E K A MUSTC All Rightn s d r i r i n i i t e r ebdy H O W FS O U \ D M U S T C (BMt) International CopyrightSecured All RightsReserved .l-+.l+u tfffH think a .t tH#l G7 nfrfr t4.5 J89..t. Htt-l-? ttl-lu dfr t'++{.bout (Seeadditional lyrics) GTfs '+."t Not fast driving(J J played J . F++-{-. G7fis G7 G7 |-tt-t-tt H-l.D) ".] r-r-r-r-H H.58 THROW IT AWAY Wordsand Musicbt ABBEYLINCOL -.l fH+H G7f.l-H.

:-_> I _-------1 . ffi and halls search the One look.l "mIIl utttttl mil LTILU throw ffi ?- it r_.?____l 1- a - way..G7ls -94. I night found these mag . Fm7 H+tfi ffi And keep your hand wide life words .t> tg d 'm each and day.ic 'm Eb6 t+tl4. 3 --1 Give your s_ live your love.

To Chorus: To Chorus: . Throw you're It needing anything.60 G7*5 ffi G7 J49. There's a natural obligation 2. HtH H-t-Hl 3m H??]J iv AdditionalLyrics 3. There's a hand to rock the cradle To what we own and claim And a hand to help us stand Possessingand belonging to With a gentle kind of motion Acknowledging a name As it moves across the land So keep your hand wide open And the hand's unclenched and open Ifyou're needing love today Gifts of life and love it brings 'Cause you can't looseit even if you So keep your hand wide open it all away.

simply C rnfrt' [Tm ft.61 WHENTHEREIS LOVE Slowly.1.ttfl Dm C#dim7 -9t-.I-H-+.1-t+ t-.? Dm -9- ffi c o p r r i g h to l q q 2 M O S F K AM u s l c \ I R r p n lA r d m t n i s t e r ebdv H O W t S O U \ D M U S I Ct t s M l I n t e r n a t l o nC ao l p y r i g h t ' s e c u r eAdl l R i g h t sR e s e r v e d close to .] t-+tt+] HfiTI Hltfl 3 When there is does love (Seeadditional lyric) it be --=---/ ing your lips - 3 .

. .cal thing - .1-l ftl+fl the When there is mag - i rrrtra Trn-n FTTTN ffi r__3- giv 7- - en for 3 ----------------t some -t .2 - l one u to share.Dm/C rrrrB t-1.1-1..

9.1-tf t-f.1-.1-t-.1-. l-.1+ rrrr! 3 ___t 3---t be learn -2 Additional Lvrics Suddenly love And you and me knowing the heartbreak life brings But you are the one I'm thinking of Whenever my heart sings Now that there's love the magical thing Given for someoneto share Then over the years you and me loye Our love will always be here Our love will always be there ing .63 c6/9 rTrrn Htg-] fttr ffi A7 Ab13 rnTn 4m ffi ffi B b1 3 t+rTftTt B7 ''* H+.l-.i t{-.1 ttttta G] -*.1-t-.1-.

t t-t-i?11 fun .l ffi ffi tells of strange and om u-lt-tf H.] H-t-tfi TTTTN t-ft1fl turns and of the Db heart Edim rrrrn t+t++l EIItr t-lll-il it HJIH ffi CopyrighrO 1990MOSIKA MtJSlc A l l R i g h t sA d m i n i i t e r ebdv H O W L S O U N DM U S I C( B M l ) Inte-rnalionaI Copyrightsecured AlI RightsReserved took Fm7 ffi ffi Ab7 .] m tffitl ffi When I'm called (Seeadditional lyrics) Bbm6/F Eb7 u-g-t.t-14.ny EbmT Ab GbmajT tlJt-I.64 WHEN I'M CALLEDHOME Wordsand Musicbv ABBEYLINCOL Eb7 AdimT rTfn utl-t-.

when they me home.. I will tell the rivers Of the children lost at sea Of how a soul is bartered And what it costs a spirit free. When I'm called home I will tell the stars Of the battles that were lost In a world of wars.ble here. oh When they call me home.]-t+l HltH ttrttr Ab om l-ft1+t A tell them of the trou .I. . when thev call me home.. Additional Lyrics When I'm called home I will sing a song And tell them of a beggar's life Where everything goeswrong Where everybody's hopes and dreams Are shattered by the wind. I'll tell them of a ghosty world Of us and they and him.]T ffflfr Ebl |TITN Tilll +. Hallelujah tell a story.{++ HJ1+I TTTTTI 3 BbmT Fm7 FTTTN Hln Ebl TF''I'] t-+.Bbm(maj7) Bbm BbmT TIITI tj-rrn Abmaj I. I'll tell them how the shadows fall When they call me home.



Wordsand Musicb

Moderately fast (j.]

PlaYedas J ) ) B'6IF










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'cause . - ap .ing mov . up insI cleI clel some-thing sec .ing through the Dm7 F6 tu ffi g H-J-ltt FIHI] ffrfi1 dis - tance.thing ev-ery-bod-y im .69 ac .pressed acts keep in in - Gm7 ffi ffi tions acts form form - of ing ing -9 l++ltl EfIiI that life mov .ond on our ghosts sweet. massin be .ing of C7 G7 say .hind.pear .ten act ina ac - ffi ter.peat.tion bring the people mem-o-ry of here re .rng world of writ .classrminds.- of act ac - tions bit some .

l tfttH C7 Ll.70 Gm7 rrrm ffi l..t-t.|# Ht??l Gm7 rm''ll trrrn ffi u---r Gm7 C7 Tim t-t-++-tl l-tt?tt t-+-l+f.].]-+tl urt]-l Hflil + I I - 2 Bb6/F ffi ffi Play 3 times ? .l t+4.

THEWORLDIS FALLINGDOWN Wordsand Musicb ABBEYLINCOL .1 ?]-l+J-] l l l l r l ffi BbmajT fitrrE 1[f[fl] -H. l)) Cml . who We .J-t \.1-.merts gone G] I and Cm7 ^Tfi5N ut-ul JTfiT5I t-?.]-lt.l tTm Htfr l-Hlfl c o p y r i g hot I q 8 q M o s L [ A M U S I C \ l l R i s h t .bluesy ( I .terts here.ffi TTFI-N mf3 Bbmaj7 irrrB rrm l-ffifl some folks are Sum . Moderately slow..\ d m i n i i t e r e db v H O W I S O U N DM U S I C B M I Intejnational Copyright'securedAll RightsReserved to know used win .1-1.J played as .

] t-+.pear .ing down down hold hold my my lone ..t-+++. The The F1 Cm7 ffi .ing fall . just just the the sun sun BbmajT is is world world fall .F7 G] TITTT1 H+fl1 TTTTT] t+-l-l-l-l Hft-H own have and no .ap .pear dis dis lone .ffi Ff dimT a a Gm7 f.l-. hand.ap .] me and place to 3 Bb ffi |TTT5I when when the the day day is is yougo - and F7 TTFTN $ffi Trn-n done.1 Hltff fol - low .l TTrITI F7 F7 mEl FFitll ..1-f. done.u TTTTN [Tn-n TTTTN Cm'7 ^|-rtn " sound sound hold hold my my the breeze sun HIH It's It's Fl-H.

/__________r Bb ffi ffi - lows dren bend.-.'71 Cm1 F] .I play.7=-__l go live like for the the wind day and and look look 3 ----------------t for for 7_ a a place place 73--1 r__-=-.m ITIN tttttl I-frrn Htl+l r. I The world where the where the 3 eert wil chil J ________1 is fall .ing Bb ffi m ffi un A down .

H#fl Bm7 mrrn Ifl4+f H+ffl MUSIC C o p y r i e hor l c 9 0 M O S E K A All Riehrn s d r h i n i i r e r ebdv H O W ES O U N DM U S I C( B M l ) Al I Inte"rnationa I Copyright'secured RightsReserved E7 ETI! ffi .4- mfn ffi HttH t+++H rrrm F#7 ITITN ?.t4.l-t.74 YOU GOTTAPAYTHEBAND Wordsand Musicbv ABBEYLINCOL Medium swing.1.|-?t H+?11 Bm7 nTm 14. half-time feel AmajT +ffi rrffn U Bm7 A6 om rrrrn ttt+l{ FFI-l1r l-H+l'l + <> U rnf E7b9 ETsus 9.

ing- l---l +'e Ffi7 rrrrn ?+-?.Bm7 rrrrn Hff L!aIU -' I pays liv .{41 I-HIH some-times what You <> DmajT niTrt IIffi H+I-H their share of .

./l) Ffr7 Bm7 rrrrn Bm7 rTrl-N ?.{+.|+ t!+Jt Htfr I-HIH A5naj7 E7 |-rrrn taTI il om illill ililtl H+fli G$m7 4m ffi Ff.1'.m7 rrrrn +?i?f Frrrn band AJ a FfmT/E that played your song- the a whole night .1+f ffi ffi l.

lt Ht+fl {> Hirt ffi l-|rffl IIIII' fffl Il E7 AmajT ffi l-H1+l rrffn pay d G/B Bm6 Effi t+-+l-H H+rfl G/B -U t-+.1-.1-?.1 the pip - er what o a {> {> -.t4..{ l.ttu-l t]-]-l-lt l-+. - .4-L om sfffl the pip - er's due.77 Bm E7 Bm7 rrmn rrrrn t++t-l-l fttfl1 |.|-l+.I- r .1.

cross the each oth .]+1.IIN ffr|fl furns danced and un ' the til the each mu .charms._ .er's danced found F7 Htltt H.1 Hfi+l ffH-fl the the ball is par .ing and we rl vf I I what knew T A AmajT rlffi when when .-o f+-]4+.sic's oth . r-H+fl we we a .er's ex the Bm7 rrrm t-u-ut l-Fitfl be .ty's for.o Bm7 ffi l# f+.

A7 rh+{ DmajT Hflfl rTrm - ver ver and the and the Bm7 - eI .I+lt t-H+fl .J.r9 H# frrrn - ta ta pay the pay the that that played played your your Bm7 mrm t+." is atl E7 rrrrn t++t+t htftl got got rey peo 9.ry ple ".

' i l..i' : t l. wl 532t3 CORPORATION C o p y r i g h@ t 1 9 9 3b y H A L L E O N A R DP U B L I S H I N G International CopyrightSecured All RightsReserved For all workscontainedherein: . Kletter tsBN 0-7935-2489-X -z lllHAL.*xd" u31l*03ir. O . PO.49O/6 .o?.rraF.BOX 13819 MILWAUKEE.BLIEMOVNO RD. aprivi:. g i t" .PIANE/)r'trItrAL/CUITAR MboyLlncoln And How I Hoped For Your Love Bird Alone Caged Bird A Circle Of Love Devils Got Your Tongue Evalina Coffey (The Legend Of) First Came A Woman I Got Thunder (And It Rings) The Merry Dancer The Music Is The Magic People In Me Rainbow Story Of My Father Thlkin'TO The Sun Throw It Away When I'm Called Home When There ls Love Wholey Earth The World Is Falling Down You Gotta PaV The Band 4 12 7 16 20 26 24 36 29 40 43 4a 5l 54 58 64 6l 66 7| 74 . intinsrlitu's0sn. copyins..lJ. i . .*.a.LeoNARDLacoFlPoFlA-rIoN 7777 W.t t l t r .l%li"#itr# arransinn.p . y l :fl Clsi:abi'iri:. by CarolFriedman All Photographs ProiectCoordinator:MatthewL. ' r .i'"i-.-.ll:lu:i( ' .. unauthorized #::]:i^:til'n"" ofcopvrishr isaninfrinsement . 1 .

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