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Top 7 Excuses to Avoid

Team B

Edition 82
June 19th 2015
Founded by Ben Owen 2011


By Georgina Loring
Picture the scene. You are sitting in your bedroom
texting on your phone and one of your friends has
invited you over to their five-star luxury mansion in
Spain. You reply and say yes. Just after you click the
send button you realise you’ve got summer school
NOOOOOO!!! Here are some excuses to avoid the
dreaded place.
Sorry I’m late…
I was swimming in the sea and I got to an island
where I saw a mermaid riding a unicycle which is
very unusual since they don’t have legs. I was so
busy watching her that I forgot to go to school!
I was eating an ice cream and every time I bit it, it re
grew and by the time I had finished it school had
already started!
I was having a barbeque and a seagull was eating all
the sausages and by the time I got one, I was
already late for school.

Hello and welcome to another issue of Totally
Tockington, the paper written BY students
FOR students. This week’s theme is anything
as it is our last paper of the year. It’s not only
the last Team B paper of the year but for all
the year 6s it might be their last Team B
paper EVER!
In this paper there are loads of fabulous
articles including: Ryan’s article on all the top
video games that you can buy, Izzy Preston’s
on weird but true facts (and another two as
well) and what is the point in sugar free barley
sugar? Find out in Georgina’s Pointless Points.
All this and more in another issue of Totally
Tabitha Huby

I ran out of sunscreen so I was looking all over the
house for some and by the time I found some school
had finished!
I didn’t do my homework because…a shark ate it!
I was on the beach when a gust of wind blew sand all
over my homework, so I started digging, until I
landed in Australia, where a kangaroo stole it.
I was surfing and a wave came over my head and I
was transported to Atlantis, where I dropped my
homework into a clam!
Don’t use these excuses-you could get into trouble
for it!
All Monsters drawn by Jacob Browning


Year 8 interviews by Isabelle Preston This week I have interviewed the Year 8s and found out some of their favourite things: Name Favourite sport hockey Favourite teacher Mr Glanville Favourite lesson Geography Favourite food Mexican Favourite trip Y6 camp AB OS rugby Mr Glanville Games Mexican French trip OC long ball Mr Glanville Swimming Spicy wedges French trip MC rugby Mr Jones Geography Roast pork French trip DB football Mr Jones Geography Meatballs Wales RP rugby Mr Glanville Science Mexican French trip TE cricket All of them! All of them! Chocolate crunch Stackpole H-A-J cricket Mr Glanville Science Spaghetti French trip bolognaise AM hockey Mr Jones Geography Mexican French trip GS x-country Mr Glanville Art Mexican French trip AG rugby Mrs Barron Science Beef crumble Y6 camp AH athletics Mr Glanville Geography Mexican French trip LP hockey Mr Glanville Geography Mexican Stackpole L-A-J tennis Mrs Barron Geography Tockington Mess French Trip 2 .

But is there REALLY anything to be scared of? Do monsters actually exist? Most grown-ups say that monsters are just in your imagination and aren’t really there…but some grown-ups have said they have actually SEEN a monster. I actually do believe that monsters do go to school to learn how to SCARE people! But they might not really mean it! I don’t think we will ever know if monsters are real or not. “Thank you prickly pineapple. groovy grapes. When he got to the brainy bananas he opened the case. “What a mess!” thought the shopkeeper as he went to get a sponge to clean up. and Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc. Are you? I’m scared that there are big huuuuuge monsters out there – like giants that might step on you.I recently went to see a Doctor Who concert and there were some REALLY scary monsters there. inspecting the fruit. As Bruce the Banana was finishing the last clue of the crossword they all heard the front doors opening.. I’m quite happy to see them on T. Sleep well readers – and remember DON’T LOOK BEHIND YOU!! BOOOOO! 3 The Day the Fruit Came Alive by Hannah Williams It was a very busy day and everyone was shopping in the supermarket.V and let other people go and hunt for them to prove if they exist or not! If you are looking for a good bedtime book about monsters that will calm you right down if you have ever thought there were monsters under your bed I recommend ‘The Beasties’ by Jenny Nimmo. Some people will definitely believe in them. It was Sunday and so the shop closed at 4pm. but other people have said that it is someone playing a joke and running around in a hairy suit! There are SOME nice monsters I suppose – like Shrek. A very tall pineapple had been waiting for this and quietly walked into the staff room. The plump pears made a tall tower and clicked on the lights. The Loch Ness monster is probably the most famous of monsters and a lot of people say they have seen it swimming.. took out the glasses inside and plopped them on a banana. Everything was silent as the shopkeeper came in and looked around.Will we ever really find out? Another monster is the Yeti – or abominable snowman…again. then an organic orange jumped up and shouted “Party Time!”. a man noticed that for some reason a banana was wearing a pair of glasses! “Oops!” thought Prickly Pineapple. . “Wakey-wakey!” shouted Prickly Pineapple and every fruit jumped up – the peachy peaches. but mum said they were only people dressed up. and some will think it’s a crazy idea! All I know is I do not ever want to see a monster in real life. The plump pears rushed to turn the lights off and raced back to their shelves. I might do the crossword!” and he jumped out of his basket and led the bananas up the escalator. I suppose it is whatever your brain tells you to believe.Are Monsters Real? By Lily Edwards I am scared of monsters. The smiley strawberries bounced up the escalator and into the babies’ clothes aisle and put them on – “they’re too big!” they laughed. When he came out he was holding a black rubber case. Fifteen minutes later the shop closed and for about twelve minutes all was silent. The next day the shop was open as normal and as the people walked around shopping.. I’m off to read the Sunday paper and if I have time. some grownups have said they have seen this huge giant hairy monster in the mountains and have taken photos of the huge footprint. plump pears and bouncy blueberries. But a lot of other people have said that the photos are fake…. active apples. It’s very funny and very sweet. “Make sure the fruit have a good time Prickly Pineapple!” he shouted over the side of the escalator. Meanwhile the brainy bananas had worked out how to turn the televisions on and had switched the channel to Bananas in Pyjamas and were singing along! The tiny tangerines were jealous of the bigger oranges but they all made friends.

We often see some of the Everton players after the game and the photographs below were taken recently. Barbara is always very kind and buys me some sweets and a drink for the football match.Everton Football Club and Me By Harry Mather My Dad and I are season ticket holders at Everton Football Club. When we arrive in Liverpool. we park near the stadium. Peter and Barbara. We go to as many home games as possible during the season and this means that we have to get up early for the journey to Liverpool. The players are very friendly and sign autographs as well as have their pictures taken with the fans. My seat number is 163 in row O and we sit behind one of the goals in the stadium. The players photographed are John Stones. Then we say goodbye to our friends and leave the ground to go home. Seamus Coleman and Kevin Mirallas. Goodison Park. The players from both teams come onto the pitch just before the kick off and their names are announced to the crowd. We then head in to the stadium and sit down in our seats. This is the most boring part of the day as this can take up to three hours driving on the motorway. 4 . Leighton Baines and John Stones. When the game has finished we all go out of the stadium to look at the players cars and meet the players. I enjoy watching the game and also enjoy watching my favourite players such as Seamus Coleman. The long drive home is always better when we have won (most of the time). this is my favourite part of the day. and walk to meet our friends.

. you need at least one more person other than you. Every sleepover needs to start with a fun entry. sugar free barley sugar doesn’t contain any sugar and doesn’t contain any barley! Fancy that! How to Have the Best Sleepover EVER!!! By Anya Constantinescu We have all had at least one sleepover. sugar. By now it has to be at least twelve o’clock. Here is a list of things you might want to bring to keep yourself entertained:       An iPad (or another electronic item) SWEETS A torch Spooky ghost stories book Riddle book And a set of walkie talkies For a sleepover. Minecraft or Jetpack Joy Ride. Trust me you’ll have lots of fun!!! Win a Prize! Name Jacob Browning’s Monster! ______________________________________________ Your name: ____________________________________ 5 Be warned! Staying up this late at night can cause anger issues in the morning. tell ghost stories for a good hour until you’ve got goose. Something you may have realised from my recipe is that barley sugar doesn’t actually contain any barley! In actual fact. right? But I bet it’s never reached its limits. Well. After that.bumps and if you get that scared watch You’ve Been Framed (that always cheers me up). So if you were to remove the sugar it would just be a disgusting slop. in this article I’m going to show you how to stay up until 1am in the morning and have the best time of your life!!! The first thing you do is pack your suitcase. cream of tartar and butter (to line the tray). It is one of my favourites! The other day I was looking for barley sugar at Cadbury Garden Centre but the only sort I could find said it was sugar free! I personally think barley sugar tastes like oranges but actually it is made with lemon. Be sure to try it out. You can have a sleepover practically anywhere from a garden to a mansion. Well that’s how to have an epic sleepover. so you could play a game of hide and seek or simply just chillax on the sofa and watch TV until your eyes go square. It is orange in colour and is a boiled sweet. so for the next hour have a midnight feast and lash out on sweets. but I realise that that could get a bit boring.Georgina’s Pointless Points What’s the Point in Sugar-free Barley Sugar? by Georgina Loring Barley sugar is a delicious old fashioned sweet that was originally used during the war to prevent travel sickness. Temple Run. you might even decide to camp out who knows! When it starts to get dark it’s probably a good idea to put your pyjamas on and watch a film. Also play music whilst playing a really addictive game like Subway Surf. I am not responsible for any injuries.

It’s a Dog’s Life! By Wispa Huby Hello. I didn’t care – it was worth it!! 6 While there are hundreds of thousands of known sea life creatures. was taken to see the alpacas and I was left alone with the feast – big mistake! Ocean tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon. Oh no! It was the dreaded sound of approaching footsteps. He saw the half-eaten food and he saw me licking my lips. He knew what had happened and told me off and put me outside. 5 sandwiches and a big bite of sponge cake. I could smell the lovely food from my basket. there are many that are yet to be found. Southern and Artic Oceans. my name is Wispa and I belong to the Huby Family. so I had to circle the table a few times before I started eating. Yummy! I had just finished my fabulous meal when the dad came in. The awesomeness continued throughout the day. They were nice enough. These are. I quickly managed to jump up and steal: half a bowl of mini sausages. towards the dining room. the Pacific (biggest ocean) then. until one little boy pulled my tail. Indian. I used my irresistible cute face and managed to get another handful of dog food – bonus! Oceans by Otis Walker An ocean is a big area of water that makes up a lot of the Earth’s surface. This is my diary… 26th May 2015 Today was the awesomest day ever! Today’s awesomeness started when Tabitha came and fed me in the morning. in fact it covers 71% of this world. I tiptoed through the kitchen. and my mouth was. 3 scones. I stopped to check if the coast was clear. Atlantic. . a little scared. I was invited to meet the guests. The boy. when at human lunch-time the Hubys invited round some guests and they had a big feast on the table. in descending order by area. I went through into the dining room and paused. some scientists suggest that there could actually be millions of marine life forms out there. It hurt. I had never seen so much food in my entire life!!! It was very hard to decide what to have first. so I squealed.

Awful Ice-cream Sundae by Isabel Browning Here’s a Knickerbockerglory with a weird and wonderful twist! Can you think of a great name for this delicious desert? What would you call it? ________________________________________________ Your name: _________________________ Hand in to Isabel – you might win a prize! 7 .

Barcelona’s home stadium is the Nou Camp and it is the biggest in Europe. Lionel Messi is one of Barcelona (or usually called Barca) ‘s many players. Messi is an all-time best player and I would highly recommend him. Barcelona has won this 10 times now. 1987. He has won player of the year 4 times in 4 years or in other words 4 times in a row. As well as playing for Barcelona. the Argentine goalie. Age: 27 Date Of Birth: June 24. Place Of Birth: Santa Fe. he made his first appearance in a game against Espanyol and since then Barcelona has been his footballing home. At the age of 17. In Maradona’s words ‘’ Messi is my Maradona. In other words he was off pitch for 89 minutes and 13 seconds. In one of the World Cups Messi did not play the first half and came on 18 minutes into the second half and was brought back off in 47 seconds. It was 2 minutes until penalties when Mario Gotze scored a great goal against Sergio Romero. This game was against Hungary.) Weight: 67 KG. FACT FILE Height: 168 cm Caps: 82 Goals in 2 years: 348 Trophies all together: 21 ( A lot in my opinion. watch out for a football game that has got Barcelona or Argentina playing in it and see if you can spot my all-time favourite . Messi played for Argentina in the World Cup and finished 2nd after a 1-0 score beat Germany. He beat Cesar Rodriguez at 232 goals and he got a whopping 116 more going to be 348 goals.’’ Messi is probably Barcelona’s best striker ever. so that shows Barcelona’s strength in football. Argentina. Messi can be called best player of all time as well as Diego Maradona and Pele.LIONEL MESSI By Toby Gaulton I have chosen to do Lionel Messi because Barcelona is my favourite football team and I have been to the Nou Camp stadium.the great Lionel Messi. So. His first championship was La Liga 2004 – 2005. Messi has won Barcelona some huge trophies including the European cup. 8 .

000. So I thought I’d ask them. not orange. Catnip can affect lions and tigers! What’s your Favourite Game to Play Outside? by Henry Packham I love playing outside. duck.Weird but True Facts By Isabelle Preston                A space suit costs about ten million dollars/pounds. My mum – Tennis Miss Walters – Badminton Mrs Glanville – Off ground touch Peter Banks – Golf Mrs West – Croquet Mr Mildon – Cricket Madame Veron – Duck. you’d be 6 on mars. but she is VERY good at football ! 9 . A volcano in Italy has been erupting for 2.000(that’s one quadrillion) ants live on earth. Originally carrots were purple. About 150.000. Detached sea star arms sometimes grow new bodies. not France! There are more TV sets in the USA than there are people in the United Kingdom. French fries came from Belgium. Studies show that painting your room blue could make you more creative. especially now it’s nice and sunny. 1.000 hairs are growing on your head right now! A litter of kittens is also called a kindle! Some fish have natural antifreeze in their blood. goose Tally (my dog) – She couldn’t really answer.000 years.000. Fish can’t close their eyes. Your eyes produce a teaspoon of tears every hour. I started wondering what games other people like to play. My favourite game to play is cricket and while I was busy practising my bowling.000. If you are 12 years old on earth.

highlight them and hand your wordsearch to Carmen.Carmen’s Summer Wordsearch C E B Q Q S U N C R E A M D P S A I J Z O Z E W R L R V L R Q F T E T S E Q F L Z H Q B X H F W A T E R F I G H T A N I M S U N G L A S S E S N W H L C W M Y N Y A S P I J H Z P B D J T T O L O F S V E V E L T T D Y H L M E T O O L S A Q F S M O R E D C W N K V C L Y H A U P B M A E S A C E S W I M M I N G C B R I B K C L W G F E P Q J E X V Q C S H F C E O T E C U R Q C O Y U N L G E O C I N L I I O P H A U Z I V B E L N Y N A N I T K U Q F L O W E R S E O U I U M E G C S P S A E R O P L A N E R K P O D B Y P A R X G I W A V I F E W V S M M X A P M C Z U X X F N B E A C H M Z A H D Z O S D O S I W D F S Q P B N M Q C I J U S A N D V N N A P R Q Z O E G L L O L A J L A G W A Y I V F E X U X E O L M F O R C S U S E H P K E O J G B H S A W B P O D N D D C W P K T S N P X L J V W W A O P Z V SLEEPOVERS NOSCHOOL WAVES AEROPLANE SWIMMING BEACH SUNGLASSES HOLIDAY SUITCASE SANDCASTLE PICNIC BEACHBALL SAND SEA CAMPING WATERFIGHT SURFING FLOWERS ICECREAM BBQ SUNCREAM POOL CHIPS SAND BEES If you can find all of the answers. You might win yourself a prize! 10 Name: ________________________________ .

Pure Pure is a quad biking race game you start off in a tutorial. 11 . We all have different opinions of course.Fill in the missing letters By Carmen Rey-Jones _UM__R B_A_H _C_ _RE_M S__ Video Games _U_FI_G __Q _OO_ HO__DA_ B__CH __LL P__NI_ Fill in the missing letters to make some summery words. Minecraft is 3D. In FIFA 15 you can make your own victory dance up to celebrate a goal. buy this game. The first boss you probably should fight is The Eye Of Cthulu. You start off in pre-Hard mode then you kill the last boss (the wall of flesh) you instantly turn to Hard mode which has more. Minecraft is a game about real life and there is a book version. Batman has a new game . Why don’t you win yourself a prize by handing your answers in to Carmen – one of our super Quiz Masters? Name:_______________________________ by Ryan Hann Video games have been around for ages and I’m going to write about a few that you might be interested in buying. Terraria Terraria is basically 2D Minecraft but with a lot more items.Batman 3 Beyond Gotham. If you don’t you’re crazy. What I like about Minecraft is that you can make your own worlds. then you go to a world tour sort of thing. but my opinion is that I love Minecraft. then the eater of souls. bigger and better items etc. FIFA FIFA is a game about football and once you play it you never can stop. Lego Batman Batman is a superhero with a sidekick called Robin. If you start off not knowing much about football. You’ll end up playing football like a boss! Minecraft I’m sure we all know what Minecraft is.

By Isabelle Preston 12 .