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Narrative Report on the Regional Mass Training of Grade 10 Teachers of the K-12 Basic Education Program The K-12 Curriculum for the Grade 10 teachers was indeed a very successful one. The training started with sweet smiles painted on the faces of the participants. This is a simple manifestation that the Grade 10 teachers are willing and ever ready to hold the mission of teaching tasked by the Lord, and that is to implement fully the K-12 Curriculum with pure heart, mind and soul. The Mass Training for Grade 10 teachers on the Basic Education Program started on May 17, 2015. It is the arrival, registration and settling in of the participants. Delegates from different schools of the Province of Ilocos Sur were made to register before the start of the sessions. After which, an opening program was started with a prayer led by Ms. Jamaica B. Vizcarra, a teacher at the College of Teacher Education of the University of Northern Philippines followed by the singing of the National Anthem and the UNP Hymn. Day 1 - May 18, 2015: An opening program started the one-week long training. Mr. Jorge Reinante, the Schools Division Superintendent of Ilocos Sur gave his opening remarks and he emphasized the value of Mathematics and Physical Education in our daily lives. He inspired us also to become wise enough and to do our share in developing 21 st century learners who are developed with adequate knowledge and skills that readily translate into performance. Ms. Jamaica B. Vizcarra presented the participants coming from the Ilocos Sur Division, Candon City and Vigan City Division. Dr. Gilbert R. Arce, the UNP President truly moved us when he rendered a message to us, teachers. He emphasized the value of education and that we, teachers, must not be chained in mediocrity, that we must aim higher, become globally competitive to fully achieve the goal of this K-12 Program. Dr. Agustina R. Tactay, Dean of the College of Teacher Education, recited the objectives of the training but was cut short due to electrical issues. So, we are tasked then to go to our respective speakers. We went to the Gymnasium and there the training has started with an energizer, house rules and a song of getting to know each other. It was a very enjoyable song and we are sorted in groups by our birth month. It was facilitated by Mr. Chasen Almazan and Mr. Dennis Quillopo – our trainers. Mr. Restituto Palacpac, trainer, stated the Updates on the K to 12. Then we are tasked to do a directory of participants and My Think, Feel and Do profile. We were given Meta cards to fill in with our thoughts, insights and ideas of the activities. On the afternoon, Mr. Chasen Almazan and Mr. Dennis Quillopo talked about the 21st Century Skills of a Teacher where they showed us an almost 2hours video presentation of USEC Dina Ocampo talking on the necessary skills for this K-12 program. Day 1 ended with full enthusiasm although heat keeps barging in. Day 2: May 19, 2015. We were relocated on a very conducive room. At last, we can think much well now! This time, we opened the day with a simple prayer and started on the Differentiated Instruction by Mr. Joy Espejo. Mr. Erik Reotutar talked next on Localization and Contextualization, and classroom assessment. They showed us a video of USEC Dina Ocampo on classroom assessment and the new grading system wherein three components changed the KPUP system. The three components are: Written Work with 20% (quiz, essay, formative and summative test), Performance Task with 60% and Quarterly Assessment with 20%. We worked also on Localization and Contextualization of Grade 10 learning area content and making assessment tools in lieu of the area. Day 3: May 20, 2015. We were divided into groups and sent thru stations on the different components of MAPEH. Ms. Phoebe Bose, the speaker on Music, discussed the topics. We were astonished by her intelligence regarding with the topics for she was an expert with the field. We listened on the different kinds of music such as Bossanova, Tango, Chacha, etc. The activities were good. It’s just that we’re not totally familiar with the Impressionistic and Expressionistic components. On Arts, Mr. Restituto Palacpac was the speaker. We did macquette, pixelart, pointillism, installation art, we painted on expressionistic view and many more. It was a fun and interactive workshop! We got messy but we learned a lot! Day 4: May 21, 2015. We were stationed to Health and Physical Education. On Health, Mr. Chasen Almazan and Mr. Dennis Quillopo were the speakers. They talked on 21st Century Skills and the topics. Our worksheet was on Understanding of LM and TG (Health). On PE, we discussed on the different dances: jazz, cheerdance, ballet, and hiphop. Every afternoon, we practice for our culminating activity on the final day. Vigan and Candon City were tasked to lead the closing program. Day 5: May 22, 2015. This is it! It’s our last day. In the morning, we had demonstration teachers on each component. The demonstrators are good. Afterwhich, we had our pledge of commitment. It was done per Division. Before the closing program, a street-dancing competition by Units took place. It was composed of hiphop, jazz and cheerdance steps. We had fun even if we did not win the first place. Mrs. Amy Rose Jimenez and I were the emcees. We started the closing program with the singing of the National Anthem, prayer (video presentation) and the impressions from each Division. Mr. Joy Espejo accepted the impressions. After the distribution of certificates, the program formally closed. Prepared by: GLADYS P. PADRE Teacher I DOCUMENTATION