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Step into Summer

Competition Overview
Did you know that brisk walking (3.5 mph) has been shown to reduce body fat, lower blood
pressure, increase high-density lipoprotein and reduce risks of bone fracture?? Brisk walking is
also associated with lower mortality rates from cardiovascular disease and cancer. There are
many benefits and its simple to do, so what are you waiting for? Lets start stepping!
Dates of Competition
Competition begins Monday, July 13 and ends Sunday, August 23. It is a 6 week competition.
This is a company-wide competition and all Menasha Corporation (Menasha Packaging, ORBIS,
Corporate) employees are eligible to participate. There is no cost to participate.
Team/Individual Set-up and Registration
You can compete as an individual or a team in this competition. Teams can have a maximum of
5 players.
Instructions for Teams

Determine who will be on your team ask up to 4 coworkers to join (for a total of 5)
Collectively decide on a team name
Designate a team captain
Make sure each team member registers for the competition online

Online registration opens Monday, June 22 Friday, July 10. Employees will need to complete
registration online at The following
information will be required during registration:

First and last name

Hourly or Salary
Team Name (for teams)
Captain Name (for teams)
E-mail address

How to Play
The goal of this 6 week competition is for teams/players to earn as many points as they can.
The more steps you take the more points you can receive. Each player will need to track their
daily step count. At the end of the week each player will be required to log their total weekly
steps. The Team Captain should send reminders to the team. Points will be awarded based on
the total number of steps taken for the week (see Point & Prize System Overview for specifics).
All players have the opportunity to earn extra points by completing weekly challenges.
Challenges will be announced each week and will be worth 100 points.
Step Tracking Methods
Below are a few different step-tracking methods that can be used.

Use an activity tracker such as FitBit, Garmin Vivofit, Jawbone UP, etc. Activity trackers
cost anywhere from $50 - $100+ depending on the features you want.
o Menasha Wellness will be making discounted Garmin Vivofit Activity Trackers
available for purchase to employees that register for Step into Summer. Details
about this offer including ordering instructions can be found on the Step into
Summer page of InsideMenasha or by contacting your local HR rep. There are
only 150 trackers available, so act fast before supplies run out!

Use a pedometer (or odometer for wheel chairs). Accurate pedometers are in the $20$25 price range. Suggestions: Yamax Digi-Walker SW-200, Omron HJ-150 Hip
Pedometer, and Ozeri 4x3motion Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer.

Use an app or online step tracker

o Moves automatically records, walking, cycling, and running
o Runtastic records steps; integrates into MyFitnessPal
o Pedometer 2.0 records steps, Android app
o Pedometer ++ records steps, iphone app
o Berkeley Walker Tracker - online step tracker

Track minutes being physically active and convert into steps using this Step Conversion
Chart. For those times when you choose an activity other than walking or if you prefer a
less intensive step tracking method, just track your minutes spent physically active and
refer to the chart to determine equivalent number of steps.

Weekly Check-ins
Players can record their daily step total on the tracking sheet (Microsoft Excel version available
on Step into Summer page on InsideMenasha). The week starts on Mondays and ends on
Sundays. Each Monday, players will need to complete the Weekly Check-in by logging their
weekly step totals at Players will have a deadline
of midnight on Tuesdays (Central Standard Time) to log the previous weeks steps, no
exceptions. All players must complete the weekly check-in in order to be awarded points.
Point & Prize System Overview
Points will be assigned to each player based on the number of steps taken per day as shown
below. Aim to increase your steps each week. Extra points can be earned by completing weekly





Daily & Weekly Step


5000 7499
35,000 52,499

7500 9999
52,500 69,999

15,000 +

Points Earned
Total Points Needed
to Qualify for Level
(6 weeks)

100 pts

300 pts

10,000 14,999
500 pts

600 - 1799
$20 Value

1800 - 2999
$50 Value

3000 - 4199
$100 Value

Vacation Day*


700 pts


Prize Drawings Several players will be randomly selected and awarded with wellnessrelated swag throughout the competition! All actively participating players (those who
log their steps each week/participate in challenges) will be eligible for prize drawings.

Bronze Level Prize Drawing An individual and team will be randomly selected from
those that qualify for the Bronze level prize.

Silver Level Prize Drawing An individual and team will be randomly selected from
those that qualify for the Silver level prize.

Gold Level Prize Drawing An individual and team will be randomly selected from those
that qualify for the Gold level prize.

Platinum Grand Prize The individual and team with the most overall points will receive
a vacation day. In the event of a tie, we will look at total number of steps to determine a
winner. *Please note players are limited to winning 1 vacation day.

Prizes will be distributed by Human Resources. Players can expect to receive prizes in
approximately 2 weeks.

Have a back-up method of tracking in case phone dies, pedometer malfunctions, etc.
Test out your pedometer to make sure you are using it correctly.
The goal is to work some activity into each day. It can be 10 minutes at a time and does
not have to be done all at once. Check out the table below to find out what your current
fitness level is. Generally speaking you can count on 2000 steps equaling one mile. Aim
to gradually increase your steps from one week to the next.
Very Inactive
Moderately Active
Very Active

2500 steps or less per day

2501 5000 steps per day
5001 -7500 steps per day
7501 10,000 steps per day
10,001 steps or more per day (equivalent
to walking 5 miles)

Resources for Information

Please send questions to

Informational documents, Competition Stats, Weekly Winners, Updates, etc. can be
found in the following places:
o The Step into Summer page on the Wellness Subsite of InsideMenasha
o *Note this is a public page and you do not
need to have an account on Facebook in order to view it
o Your local Human Resources Department