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Ben Hogg

The 22 Jump Street poster is a typical comedy poster, possessing a tagline,

stars names and a unique colour scheme. It is generally well structured
allowing the audience to see all of the films key features. Both actors appear in
the shot, with both their names above the corresponding star. This allows the
viewer to be able to quickly identify the stars in the film, and make a quicker
decision to whether or not they would be interested in watching it. The tagline
used is the reference to the previous movie, suggesting it would be similar in
style and attracting viewers of the first film to watch this one too. Finally towards the bottom of the credit
block is the release date. All of this combined creates a complete persona for the film and allows the viewers
to either be enticed to watch it or decide not to.
The main colour scheme used is a red on white back ground allowing main features to stand out. This colour
connotes an emotive semantic field (such as love, or anger), showing the film will be lively, when compared to
a poster with a greyscale colour scheme which would usually be more dramatic. The main title on the poster is
interesting since it only entitles 22 which is not the full title of the film itself. Popular culture means the
viewer of the poster would know that it is a reference to 22 jump street but this is not mentioned in the
poster itself. The visual 22 in the poster has been sprayed onto the wall, making it the focal point of the
poster itself. The fact the poster does not present any ratings from critics or reviews, shows that the ratings
may be poor which could be a problem for the audience of the poster.
The poster is a photographic representation, where both stars are side by side in a symmetric posture; with a
focused facial expression. This shows the viewer that they are partners and work together as a co-dependent
force. The fact they are wearing complementary glasses and holding identical firearms further enhancing this
kinship. This face on camera angle shows both men to be in a position of power, making it safe to assume they
are the protagonists. The fact they are armed, American and straight men in a position of power is
stereotypically appealing to young males and men in general. Channing Tatum filling one of these roles is
interesting due to the fact him complimentary of this persona. A young audience would be aspiring to be like
him since in the film and poster he is portrayed to be heroic in nature.
This film is a comedy / action film of normal running length free of any deeper meaning. For this reason the
conventions are very easy to spot. One is the golden guns both characters are wielding. This connotes action
and danger, allowing the audience to know what the film will entail and the young males the film is aimed at
to become interested in it further. As previously mentioned Channing Tatum has the role of being a masculine
figure in the film, however he also attracts a female audience to watch the film, therefore attracting more
viewers. He is sexually attractive and allows a unique selling point for the film. Jonah Hill has appeared in
multiple comedies and so the viewer would expect the film to be of a comedic approach. He also compliments
his co-star, since the contrast in their sexual appeal enhances Tatums. The moderately comedic objects
surrounding the stars, such as inexpensive glasses and extravagant guns allows for a physical gag since it
contrasts their expressions completely.
Overall the poster is fit for purpose, in a sense to advertise the film to its intended audience. However some
parts of the poster could be deemed offensive . The firearms depicted in such a public sense could offend
some people, especially those who are against firearms. This glorification of firearms in an open way could
cause slight offence. The way in which Jonah Hill is sued to contrast Tatum in a comedic approach, although
funny, could also be assumed offensive in a sense of fat shaming. Where overweight people are used to
provoke comedy. In conclusion 22 jump street has a solid movie poster and would attract the desired audience
to watch it.

Ben Hogg
The Hobbit: Battle of the five armies poster is created too the same
intention as the film; a sense of cataclysm. A dark backdrop, with
faded out buildings, fire and a dragon are all very dramatic images,
mixed with the scale scale figure propped up in front of it shows a
feeling of awe. The captions also enhance this drama, due to their
small size and gold font. Overall I believe the The Hobbit: Battle of
the five armies trailer is a very good since it mimics the actual
feeling of the film. This would be very persuasive for a previous fan
of the franchise, and persuasive still for a new viewer entirely.

This is the primary point of the

poster overall. The character is
standing directly in the centre of the
shot, with a strong posture and a
weapon in hand. This is effective at
establishing the character as
masculine and a man of action.
Since he is standing up against the
dragon, he is depicted as brave. This
is attracting to a male audience due
to the idol idea previously discussed,
and is also attractive for woman;
due to the fact a strong attractive
male is sexually attractive.

This sub-caption of
From the directors of
Lord of the Rings
once again lets the
viewer know that the
film is coming from an
established line of
films with a well
acclaimed director.
This is an effective
technique in getting
the viewer too
purchase the film.

This strapline is very effective. It is a bold font,

with equal spacing and stand out colours. All of
this combined enhances the overall theme of the
film of the film, creating a final in a trilogy in
cataclysmic proportions. All of this will attract
new viewers to the series and bring back old fans
to finish what they started.

The dark background

makes all of the
features outstand
more, including the
dragon and the lonely
warrior. This is
effective since it draws
attention to the focal
point of the poster.

The dragon is the second point of

interest in this poster. The fact that
he is the background, him and the
flames he is producing enhances
his sense of scale, His cynical eyes
and smile lets the audience know
that he is the antagonist. Previous
fans of the series will know how
important this movie is, due to the
fact that the characters have
reached the dragon. For this
reason depicting such a prominent
character in the series on the
poster will attract attention to the
film for previous fans.

A large and clearly established title. This is a staple of movie posters and it
appears here too. The golden colour follows the reoccurring scheme of this
poster and its predecessors, clearly establishing it as part of the franchise. The
contrasting colours are also effective since it draws attention to the title, allowing
the viewer too easily identify this. The release date is also shown, already
advertising the film and allowing the viewer too know the release date.

On this example Rick Grimes is shown as a masculine figure. His strong pose and
possession of a firearm is important since showing him in such a light is key to his
character, a father too his people and a leader. The fact he is standing on top of a
tipped bus shows a destruction of society; this mixed with the saturated filter and
poor weather creates a sense of danger. This is a key selling point in the upcoming
series. The strapline is also very exciting since It is concise and exaggerative. Overall
this is a good poster which instils a sense of desperation for the new series.

He is holding a small
pistol, a magnum.
This indicated
violence in the series
which is appealing to
the target audience
of youths and males.
A man of action is
aimed at the target
audience to entice
them into watching.

The backdrop of a series of

prison guard towers is a
dramatic setting. Dramatic
settings usually encompass
dramatic stories and
characters, probably a
motive for the creator too
chose such a backdrop.

A large misted out

background instils a
sense of mystery,
this builds
anticipation and
entices the audience
to view the series .
This wide shot
shows the scale of
events to come, and
advertises a new
trend in the series of
larger scale

Tipped over bus symbolises danger.

Father adding the enticing factor of
the series. Also has connotations of
a broken society, since a bus is a
form of public transport

Ben Hogg
Large, standing
heading. This slogan
increases drama and urges
the audience to be
intrigued in the series.
Words such as fight, dead
and fear create a very
powerful negative semantic

Rick Grimes is a masculine hero. He

is muscular and physically adept.
This is a very empowering pose he
has taken on making him seem
more threatening and admirable.
This would appeal to the target
market, of typically males, since this
admirable figure is a role model too
younger males and inspirational to
an older generation.

This caption shows ALL of

the information needed to
be able to watch the The
Walking Dead. This is good
for the viewer since this
entire information means
that they can make a quick
decision whether or not
too watch the program.

The black exterior frame and

saturated filter build intensity and
makes Ricks medium camera shot
the focal point of the shot.
Establishing him as the clear
protagonist to the viewer.