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Modern fairytale

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Leonarda. The pretty girl was ten years
old. Her rounded eyes were blue as the sea and hair golden as the sun. She loved
roller skating with her friend Korina during sunny days during holidays. Korina
used to call her every day before their squabble. Iz was Leonarda’s fault because
she didn’t help her friend when she needed it. She spent those sunny days at the
home playing games on her iPhone and watching TV. Her heart was broken and
she felt disappointed. Leonarda usually used to draw using many colors: she
enjoyed drawing some different, other worlds produced by her rich imagination.
Now, her imagination is dead, she couldn’t draw anything except the blue and
dark drawings with ugly dragons1 and witches.
She has constantly been thinking about her father’s going away, who had a fight
with her mother. They went their separate ways. Leonarda used to cry before
sleep every day. She cried softly so that her younger sister wouldn’t hear her. Her
mother didn’t pay attention to her sadness nor her feelings. Everything that
mattered to her was getting drunk and falling asleep after lots of crying.
One day, when no one was around, Leonarda finally decided to draw. She took a
pencil in her hand and started to draw. After the first line, something appeared on
the paper and she hid under the table. She was curious and scared at the same
time. Curiosity won and she made another line with a pencil. Then, someone
started to sing a melody she had never heard before. Her curiosity became even
greater and she drew another line on the paper. That was when she saw a
beautiful, unusual door on the paper from which she heard calm music playing.
She touched the doorknob and said: “Wow, this is real!”
Leonarda opened the door, fell hard on the ground and found herself in an
unknown garden. Now she was really confused. The sky was very different, it had
many colors. What she saw was unbelievable; Flowers as big as the trees and the
grass was very tall too. Leonarda started to look around searching for something
familiar. She looked surprised with tears in her eyes. Suddenly, she ran into a
ladybug, which was about the same size as her. Leonarda, being frightened by
this sight, started to cry and scream for help. Hearing that, the flowers closed
1 How dare you call dragons ugly????

She was much bigger than her. She couldn’t believe her eyes.” And she lived happily ever after with her complete family after her father’s return home. She was both scared and excited at the same time and her heart was beating so fast and loud that everyone in the garden could hear it. All creatures and plants in the garden were happy. beautiful.their beautifully colored petals. she ran out from this mystery world through the paper with three lines on it. I want to show you something. Ladybug gave her a smile and said: “Thank you.” Leonarda smiled at her and followed her. The ladybug said: “Help me. and ran to her. The next day Leonarda called her friend Korina to apologize and to arrange a meeting in the park. she saw a little ladybug flying around. Now. This big ladybug had many black dots on her wings. Your mother needs you. All you need to do is believe in the goodness you have in you. The ladybug and Leonarda arrived at some odd place. Her mother just came into the house and she ran to hug her and tell her the two most beautiful words in the world. You have a big heart. and everything went silent. but you need to be better daughter and friend. and the bees. They visited the Mother Ladybug. She felt Leonarda’s pain and whispered in her ear: “Listen to me. trust me. too. she was sure that this is just a beautiful dream. Mother Ladybug was blinded by Leonarda’s beauty and sad because of her sadness at the same time. You will stay here until you admit that you hurt your friend. a laying= ležati (od 'lay') . After that. Being afraid that she will stay and thinking that there is no ending. After that. come with me. She hugged Mother Ladybug and ran out of the garden as fast as she could. When you come back to your real life.” Blue oceans in her eyes were full of tears and happiness. She is missing her little happy and beautiful daughter. While playing with her friend. Leonarda supposed that she is very old and wise. she is sitting on the same couch in her living room. my wing is broken!” Leonarda fixed her wing by putting a headband on it. Cicadas were singing loudly and the grass was smiling. she saw that the ladybug was laying2 on the ground shouting: “Help me!” “The ladybug is hurt!” – She thought. everything will be better and your parents will be together again. and she was impressed. Flowers were so big. 3 2 Lying = lagati (od 'lie'). pretty girl. you should care about your mother and younger sister. Leonarda smiled and thought to herself: “Just believe.

a? il buš dobra il te starci nebuju voljeli niti budu skupa.3 Malo pasivne-agresije. dude. harsh . Harsh.

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