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His secret

Hi, this is a first chapter of my new story and most of it it's fictional, but some bits are from my
personal experience, so they really happened. (I've also used a real anecdote from my friend).
I would like to dedicate this story to all the people out there who were bullied and to those who still
are bullied. Guys, it gets better, trust me.^^.
Against bullying!
I saw him…ripping her clothes off.
My throat seemed to constrict and the air around me was vanishing, causing my lungs to shrivel up as I
almost refused to breathe, refused to move, refused to make any sound at all.
He had her pressed against the wall. His hand was slowly slipping up her naked thigh, revealing black-lace
pantyhose. Soon his hand disappeared under her skirt.
She started breathing harshly through her mouth, I could hear her moaning as she grabbed and sunk her
pointy red nails into his neck.
She raised her head up and closed her eyes in a lustful way…she couldn't be less then forty years old.
He started unbuttoning her neat white blouse and sunk his face in her freckled chest. He pulled in closer and
she started unzipping his pants.
His lips were slowly moving from her breasts to her neck…and then he turned his eyes upon me. His dark
brown eyes pierced mine with a silent surprise.
I could feel the heart pounding in my ears and the air got heavier and heavier…I ran.
I had enough problems in my life, I didn't need for the school bad boy to be one of them. I've heard stories
about him…that his motorbike was stolen, that he was actually twenty-three years old and was still in the 2nd
grade of high school, that he did drugs…hard drugs like cocaine and heroin. He beat up a guy, just because he
threw an empty bottle near his feet. And I caught him having sex with a forty year old woman at the school
backyard…I could only imagine what he would do to me just for seeing that.
I got sick in my stomach.
I didn't want to go back to school tomorrow…life was beating me down at school and at home. I was never
good at socialising, so I didn't have any friends. But my problems go way back, all the way to my mom.
My mom has OCD. That's an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Basically it's an anxiety disorder, full of
intrusive thoughts that produce fear, worry uneasiness and repetitive behaviours.
She has to lock the door three times. She doesn't eat or touch anything yellow. She washes her hands at least
twenty-times a day. She won't go up or down the stairs, if there are more then twenty. She always has to count
the commercials in between films.
My father left us when I was three. When I ask my mom why did he leave us, her answer is always the
same: »Because he hated me.« If that was true, if he really did hate her, then we were better off without him.
She might not be the best mom in the world, but still she's my mom.
My mom didn't have any friends or family left, so we were alone in our own little weird world. We never
got any visitors, I've almost never interacted with other people, especially not with people my age.
When I stepped in the classroom for the first time, I was scared. I simply didn't know what to say to others
so I stayed quiet. Quiet little grey mouse. I was different, and kids can be mean to…different people.
I've been called weird, fat, ugly, stupid, a freak…all kinds of stuff. And I've never said anything back. I just
couldn't…it was like I didn't have a voice. I was screaming on the inside, but on the outside I felt like I have
entered a vacuum zone, no air reached my lungs.
Sometimes the pain was to big. It was devouring me alive.
I knew only one way to numb the pain…stop eating for a couple of days. All I could feel was a warm
feeling in my body as it craved for food and…the intoxicating dizziness in my head. I was one with everything,
nothing could hurt me. But if something did anyway… I choose a different tactic.
The first time I've cut myself, I was in the 7th grade. Virginia Thompson dragged me in the girls bathroom
and threw me in the wall. I remember I was bleeding above my left eye. I still have the scar to prove it. She
started yelling at me why was I so weird and so stupid…and the the rest of my classmates came in and locked
me in one of the toilets. They were all screaming – freak, or loser and they were throwing soggy toilet paper
roles in the cabin.

The numbness that time simply wasn't enough, I had to somehow release the pain…
They say you can only cry about thirty-five tears at once, but it seemed like so much more had run down
my cheeks…So I did the first thing that came to my mind. I grabbed my mother's scissors and made a small cut
over my left wrist. Break the skin and make it bleed.
I felt such relief when the hot, bloody life force was running out of my veins…I forgot about the emotional
pain, and focused only on the physical one. And trust me, the physical pain couldn't even begin to compare to
the emotional one.
So yes, my life wasn't that great to begin with and I didn't want it to get worse because of Lucas Dashwood,
the ultimate bad boy.
I couldn't get those dark piercing eyes out of my mind. His lips seemed so warm, and gentle on her…would
he ever kiss me like that?
I shook my head to get that ridiculous thought out of my head, what was I thinking...the only physical
attention he would give me would be probably some slap on the face. And I will probably receive that
tomorrow. Ugh, I didn't want to think about that!
I would really apreciate if you would tell me your opinion on the story .^^.

Forever written
So, this is my second chapter, not much yet but I'm building up the story .^^.
In the morning I heard the grinding noise coming from the door lock. The door were locked three times,
like every morning.
Lock. Unlock. Lock. Unlock. Lock. My mom left for work.
A stream of light suddenly exploded in my face and woke me up from whatever drowsiness I had left from
last night dreams. I tried to slowly open my eyes, adjusting to the dim bedroom light. Once my shocked retinas
adjusted to the filtered sunlight, I noticed my old, black school bag sitting on the desk, waiting for me. That
reminded me of that unfortunate incident that happened yesterday…I swallowed saliva and hid under the
covers. My nerves were doing jumping jacks. I really didn't want to face him in the school today…
Oh well, maybe I won't see him. Fingers crossed.
Lunch time. The only thing more scarier than eating in the cafeteria, was walking down those crowded
school hallways. Everybody was running towards the cafeteria to get there first. The tight, busy corridor made
me feel as if I was in a coffin. The walls were closing in around me as I got bumped around.
When I finally got my lunch I sat down at my usual spot. In the corner at the end of a very small table. The
place was a bit shadowy, but that made me feel safe. I was invisible to the others, and that meant that I was
invisible to Lucas Dashwood as well.
I took a bite from my cheese sandwich and looked around at other people. I watched their lives move so
fast, always doing something, laughing, screaming, talking…living. And I just stood there, among all the
others. Like a little black spot.
In the middle of the cafeteria, at one of the centre tables – he was sitting. He was laughing and talking to
two of his friends, Kayla and Jimmy. Kayla was the untouchable one, she could kick any guy's ass, so nobody
dared to mess with her. For a long time people thought that she was Lucas's girlfriend, but then she came out of
the closet. She was a lesbian, and proud of it. I really admired her, but was scared at the same time.
Jimmy was a punk. He had a severe case of punk style. He always wore those big black boots, shirts with
anarchy sign and chains around his neck. Once he brought his pet rat to school, but one of the teachers sent him
right home, because apparently he was violating the school rules.
They were the school badass team.
It seemed like Lucas was explaining something with a lot of enthusiasm, waving his hands around, dressed
in that black leather jacket of his. I couldn't help but to stare, his face was so different then yesterday, he
looked…happy. I tried to turn my eyes away from him, but there was just something about him…His brunette
hair was softly falling over his handsome face, a canvas for his godlike features, full, tempting lips and
stunning, mysterious eyes. His dark eyes pierced mine, just like yesterday, and I almost chocked on a piece of
my cheese sandwich.
He stood up and started walking towards me.
Why was I so stupid? Why did I have to stare at him? I should have just mind my own business…Great,
here comes trouble.
I closed my eyes waiting for that hit, my mind froze in icy desperation and went blank. Numerous emotions
were jolting down my spine threatening to overcome me.
»Hi.« said an unfamiliar voice. He sat down, facing me, and took an apple from my plate. He looked even
more gorgeous up close then from a far.
»May I?« he showed me the red apple he was holding. I nodded. He took a bite and a small drop of that
juicy apple nectar slipped down his chin. »I'm Lucas.« spoken in a voice that wasn't too deep, but definitely not
too soft. »What's the matter, cat got your tongue?« he smiled. And what a charming smile it was.
»N…No.« I answered quietly. I was frozen again like so many times before. I had no idea what to say. Like
my mouth were sown shut.
»Well…« Lucas took another bite from the apple. »What's your name?« he asked in a more serious voice.
»Skye Monroe.« I slowly whispered.
»Is there a reason we're whispering, Skye?« he suddenly leaned towards me. I was surprised and jumped
away a little.
»Scaredy cat.« he smirked.

»Akhem…« I cleared my throat, hoping my voice would get louder.
He was silently looking at me and it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. »How old are you?«
»Huh, that's one more year than I am. You seem younger. Or maybe I just look so old.« He laughed with
that charming smile of his. »Not much of a talker, are you?«
I shook my head.
»That's okay. I don't mind.«
He put the half eaten apple back on my plate. Casually, Lucas leaned back and rubbed his lover lip with his
left thumb. He didn't give me the vibe that he's gonna hurt me, but the air got heavier. It created some kind of
tension, uneasiness.
»Anyway, let's not beat around the bush…« he started. »…what you saw yesterday…What's it gonna take
for you to forget it?«
I looked at him with a question in my eyes.
»You know what you saw. What do you want to shut up about it? Money, pot, or maybe something else…?«
he moved closer to me and his mouth created some kind of a devilish smile. »I've never seen you with a guy,
you lonely kitty cat? How 'bout I make you a special offer, something all the other girls in this room crave
Burning feeling of curiosity danced in my mind.
»I can take you to heaven and back, make you feel things…dirty things…I can fuck your brains out.«
I gasped with a surprise in my throat. What was he thinking?! That I'd let him…do me, and e…even that in
exchange for silence? How could…I didn't even had my first kiss yet, such things rarely crossed my mind.
»N…No, I don't want to do it with you!« I got insulted.
»Hmm…virgin, right? It's okay, I can make it feel special…«
»No!« I interrupted him. He was such a...slut. »Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about your…girlfriend.«
»She wasn't my girlfriend, she was…« he stopped and looked at me. »Really, you don't want anything?
You'll keep quiet?«
I nodded. He looked around the empty table we were sitting at.
»Do you always sit alone?«
»Where are your friends?«
»I…I don't…« I couldn't finish the sentence. For a moment there I thought I saw a sign of worry in the big
bad wolfs eyes.
»Hey 'lil kitty, if someone's giving you trouble you can tell me, I'll take care of it.« How about my entire
class, I thought to myself.
»Oh common, don't be so scared…« he put his hand on mine, but I quickly moved away. His eyes were
filled with uneasiness and surprise. I saw him once get into a fight, I still remember that expression on his
face…Pure hate shined from his eyes as he was swinging hits at the other guy. And now…the bad boy was
worried about ME?
Saved by the bell. Well, at least he didn't hurt me. I got up and tried to escape this weird experience, when
he suddenly grabbed my hand and softly whispered in my ear:
»You're a broken beauty, Skye Monroe.«
Hot breath gently touched my ear and his alluring words were forever written on my heart.

he was making this giant steps. I didn't even like him…But the kitty was still shaking. Meow. »Where…« He didn't even let me finish my sentence.« I said and frowned my face. and you and your cat get hypothermia or something. The cutest little kitten was shivering from cold and fear. the cold angel's tears kissed my cheeks and slowly rolled down my face. that perfectly matched his hair. »What do you have there?« He walked closer to me and gazed into my eyes with his dark ones.« I took her into my lap and noticed that the colour of her fur was ash gray and her paws were white. he didn't seem to have any other nice qualities. somebody just left you here?« I was talking to a cat. I didn't know him. »N…No.« I murmured. »What are you. so I softly tucked her under my jacket. »Hey. The raindrops started bouncing off sprouting grass and as the rain got heavier it quenched the silent thirst of the soil and flowers. I bet it was all purple by now. I could feel her shaking. It was him. The heavy droplets of rain were slowly slipping down the hood of his leather jacket and a few effortlessly kissed his dark chocolate hair. But then again. but it seemed like it made him even more annoyed. creasing her head. to notice me…After all. What was that? Meow. focusing my eyes on his shoes.« He angrily threw that sentence out there.« I softly said. unhappy with my decision. Ever so softly. »Look at you. some charity organisation?« He said. so what did I know? »Are you comin'?« He noticed I wasn't moving and started losing his patience. I wasn't thrilled about him either. I did say I wasn't going to tell anyone about his dirty little secret. »Come with me. I was letting the sweet drops land on my dry lips and parched tongue. That's a new low. and with each drop they become more green and the soil darker. She was still shivering. If we don't get to a warm place in time… . Lucas didn't seem like the type of a person that would like me. hoping this would warm her up.« He commented in an angrily tone. I've never met a person that would like me. The cat sneezed and shook her adorable little gray head. »Okay. soaking through my jacket and my jeans…I was so cold my lower lips started trembling.« I tried to explain my situation. lil' kitty. The rain was still pouring from the dark clouds. and was looking at me with her big blue eyes. turning to leave. I looked down and there was nothing there. The next one leaves in an hour. »H…Hi. Rain. or you can go with me – to a warm place. I let myself go and listened to the soothing sound…Meow. »Look. »One lil' kitty found another. Why was he doing this? Why did he even bother talking to me. Just my luck. The sweet little voice cried one more time and I looked inside. I followed the sound to the nearest bush and found a cardboard box. you're soaking wet. »Come here. Meow.« I sputtered. besides his good looks. getting heavier and heavier. you can either stay here.« He ordered.« He smirked. The rain blurred my vision when I stared to the sky opening my mouth. We were walking for a few minutes now and I could hardly keep up with him. touching my hair which was dripping wet. fast. »Meoow!« »What's the matter. hidden under my jacket.« I turned around and a quiet surprise formed on my lips. I didn't trust him. »I missed the bus. and it didn't seem like she's gonna warm up any time soon. like fluffy mittens.Blackbird Great. amused by his own joke. I've just missed the bus home and the next one comes in an hour. rudely. then lowered his sight towards the kitten. The kitty wasn't any better…she stopped meowing and started shivering even harder. »She was left alone in a box.

so she won't even notice I've missed the bus. »Don't look so shocked. I didn't want to take my clothes off in front off him and besides. She works in an office. »Your parents. His stomach almost formed a six-pack.« he said calmly »she's feeling better already. My cheeks burned with a familiar warmth as our eyes met.« He said in that demanding tone of his voice. »I… I…« I murmured nervously. Or ordered. Lucas and his dad are slobs. I live with my dad. and took off his leather jacket. I took off the wet shirt that was already sticking to my body and tried to dry myself with the towel.« »Thanks. »Dry off. but this smelled really nice. »The bathroom is the second door on the left. It was an old grayish. hot chocolate… »Huh?« I blurted out.« He growled through clenched teeth. it was a quote.« He snapped all of a sudden. 6B. That was the number of his apartment. »Look. His eyes were like two cups of delicious. apartment block. He threw the keys on the table in the kitchen and went in one of the rooms. you're soaking wet.« He offered. She ends at 4PM actually. They love her work.« His voice got more serious and he raised his eyebrows expecting an answer. I've noticed even more empty beer cans. He walked into a room and came out with a giant green sweater. but then she takes another hour and a half to sort and clean everything up. seemed like white colour got dirty. I walked in and experienced…a silent shock. and it weirdly made me feel safe. written with beautiful black font…Blackbird fly Into the light of the dark black night. because I felt his gaze on me. »No. What did that quote mean to him? He turned around and presented to me. Underneath he only had a green shirt with short sleeves and he took that off too… He turned against the wall and started drying off his hair with the towel. melted.soda and beer cans scattered all over the floor. His eyes were burning into my pale skin… »Wait here.« He sighed while holding the door open for me and making a gesture with his hand. but also not too skinny. Shockingly.Lucas suddenly stopped at the entrance to a giant building. it looked like somebody carved those perfect lines into his body. »Lil' kitty. Something landed on my head. The bathroom looked surprisingly neat compared to the rest of the apartment. A few old pizza boxes and empty bags of chips here and there.« he said »I don't have time to clean this crap.« I still had three hours to come home without my mom being worried. When I pulled his huge sweater over my head I could smell the washing powder and cigarettes. I had no idea what to do with the cat. I sat down next to him and the kitty started to purr. I grabbed it and noticed it was a blue towel. He wasn't too muscular. . That cute sound filled the room. »Won't your parents be worried?« He raised his head and looked at me.« He said with a surprisingly calm voice. And apparently they drink a lot. » give me the cat. He pulled a key out of his pocket and opened the door. For a second there I thought his lips turned into a naughty smile. next to the keys. He noticed I was staring at him. the almost perfect body. When I came out of the bathroom I saw the cutest scene ever…Lucas was sitting on a chair with the kitten on his lap. showing me that I can enter. I was still pressing the little cat to my chest and gently creasing her wet fur. He was smiling. she's some kind of a computer geek. those two scents matched extremely well. completely dazzled by his presence. and was stroking her fur while she was drinking milk from a small plate. she's so…neat and perfect. He revealed a tattoo on his left shoulder. umm…my mom comes home at 6PM. He threw another blue towel on the table. Take off your shirt. I started taking off my jacket and was still blushing. »Oh. I wasn't a big fan of cigarettes.« »Do you…live alone?« I asked while taking off my shoes.« I grabbed the sweater and handed over the kitty to the big bad wolf. painted with graffiti on the left corner. among random clothes just lying everywhere. I thought to myself.« I wasn't sure if he was talking to me or the cat. »Here. plenty of time. There were empty milk cartons.

»What is it?« I asked.»Then I'll take you home. What was he suggesting? »Let's play a game. »Yeah. so innocent.« he again ordered.« He seemed amused with my ignorance. I'm just wondering how do you like the story?? What do you think of Lucas? Good.« He pulled a pile of game cards from somewhere » and we each take a card from the pile and whoever has the stronger card.« »Your stol…« I quickly covered my mouth expecting one of his angry outbursts.« I've never played a drinking game.« He got serious again »they're mostly lies. I've bought it fair and square.« He smirked and leaned back in his chair » let's change that a bit. You take a bunch of cards. This was the first time I've heard him laugh. bad?? Sorry for the short chapter. It smelled disgusting. I always watched other people live their lives while I was just sitting and waiting…for what? I always had this fantasy that some kind of a prince. but I just got so excited I had to post it right away . rather then offered »save you the trip with the bus. and the other one also has to take a sip of the beer. »On my stolen bike? Don't worry it's not stolen. We'll take my bike. It was so nice and warm and…hot. holding the glass of weird beverage in my hand. It's called Kings Cross. asks the other one a question. »Don't tell me you've never had a beer before?« He commented and looked at me with a surprise in his eyes. I've never drink before.^^. »But I've heard…« »You shouldn't believe everything you hear. I've wanted to write more. But instead he started laughing. do? Hey guys. would come and save me…But I've got myself a bad boy…will my Chuck Bass. Hell.« I saw that devilish sparkle in his eyes.« He put the cat onto my lap and poured me a drink. Oh. »A game?« I swallowed.« I felt the blood running to my cheeks and I knew I was blushing again. . »Wow. I shook my head. in my case that would be Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl.

« He lighted the cigarette »but this is my house. I don't smoke. raising one of his eyebrows. and even more amused with trying to change that. you turned me down at school…« I swallowed. What should I ask him? I wanted to ask him about that woman. He must have done that a lot. cukierek means candy. »Okay. amused by my reply. she was like a grandma I never had. I mean. The beer tasted bitter on my tongue. I slowly took a card…queen of spades. He was obviously amused about my innocence. This question made me feel embarrassed and…angry. weird and frankly.« he said.« He replied. but somehow it seemed like a bad idea… »What…« I creased the cat's fur. She was from Poland. The corner of his lips turned into a slight smile. I watch him as he bit his lower lip when he pulled another card from the deck. I didn't know what to ask…Why did I have to be so awkward? »Um…When was the first time you kissed a girl?« »That's better. After a few seconds I felt a slight warm feeling in my throat…I kinda liked it. »Oh common. Jack of hearts.« I turned down the cigarette. and truskawka means strawberry. I was suddenly a lesbian?! Man. laughing silently »you can do better then that.« He was still cracking up.« He said rudely and exhaled the first small cloud of smoke out of his mouth. what? Just because I didn't want him. After a while he put the deck of cards onto the table and pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and casually put it in his mouth. it reminded me of Mrs. »Pick a card. He has an ego problem. »I'd ask if it bothers you. okay chill lil' kitty. clenching my teeth. He looked so relaxed and concentrated at the same time. the ego on that kid… I lowered my eyes. swishing the beer around in his glass. that was the first time I've seen him so calm. Damn. I was just use to the smell. My face turned red and I turned away. smirking at me. I watched the soft glow of the tip of the cigarette as he took another puff.« He ordered. my throat filled with pungent bitterness and I struggled against my gag reflex. I don't have a problem with lesbians. »…and I don't get turned down. I took a sip of that disgusting drink. pies means dog. »Drink. focusing on the cat in my lap. I wan't sure which one is stronger… »Your turn. disgusting.« He took a long gulp of beer. »I don't mind if you smoke. skilfully. I got six of hearts. the sweet old lady next door. »Oh. He seemed to be having fun. the glass of beer shaking in his hand. King of hearts. . He suddenly burst out laughing. It was wet. I remember her always cooking goulash in that big red pot of hers.« He said. He threw his card on the desk. »What to ask. grimacing and thinking who would drink this stuff. »Julie Stinson.King of Diamonds He started mixing the cards.« He arrogantly said.« I said and he looked at me with a surprise in his eyes and offered me a cigarette. »So. who was babysitting me when I was little. so I don't really care. He put his on the table. She was one of the rare outside people that my mom actually let into her life.Badowski. He grinned and his dark eyes crinkled in the corners. looking incredibly hot. I can introduce you two if…« »I am not a lesbian!« I said in an angry voice. creating the most amazing patterns. I thought to myself. thanks. he was covering his mouth trying to muffle the sound of his laughter. »Again. trying to make the blush disappear from my face. »N…No! I'm not a…« »It's okay. 5th grade. She died when I was seven. in fact one of my friends is one.« He smirked and pointed towards my glass. what to ask…« He teased. trying to think of a good question »What is your favourite colour?« He stared at me with a blank expression on his face. while smoking a cigarette.« He laughed. satisfied with the question.« He smiled so I felt myself relax. » Are you a lesbian?« Bang! He shoot me with that question. I still remember a few polish words she taught me. as he called it.

Queen of hearts. »I just felt like kissing you. His lips felt so soft and warm on mine.« I mumbled. I shook my head. making everything appear softer and blurry. it made me regret that demonic question. His voice became softer. He touched the back of his neck and leaned closer to the table. »Sit behind me. and try to discard all of those emotions he feel. He noticed I didn't say anything and that I felt uncomfortable with the question. »I've just stolen Skye Monroe's first kiss. King of diamonds. I'll play your game. biting his lip which soon widened in a wicked smile. right? I was twisting the card in my hands.« Grinned the big bad wolf. »Hold on. »Don't be so mad lil' kitty. He took another huge sip of beer and leaned back in his chair. It all happened in a flash.« He didn't even make eye contact with me when he threw me my jacket.« He said.« He said right before we drove off into the rain.« I leaned over the table.« He seemed to have forgotten that he didn't even answer the first one. It was surprisingly comfortable. Pain and anger twisted his dark eyes. it seemed light as a feather. but somehow all those rumors now seemed like lies.« He teased »you can ask me another question. »when did you have your first kiss?« I feel cursed. I felt the electricity pulsing through me as he gently brushed my cheek.« He shrugged so effortlessly it made me angry. He grabbed his leather jacket and headed towards the door. This was so humiliating. »So lil' kitty. but when Lucas moved it.« He almost whispered. and with the other I was calming down the cat. I listened to him and sat on the seat. curiosity was getting the hold of me. He furrowed his eyebrows. His intense gaze made me nervous. he just took another card from the pile. It made me feel kinnda…fuzzy. but they weren't obscuring my view. His eyes may be dark. He didn't drive fast. He seemed to be a bit…awkward? He cleared his throat. I could see the disgust on his face… »I'm sorry. they were now refracting the glimmers of light. »Have you had your first kiss yet?« He tilted his head and a few strands of chocolaty hair gently feel on his face. . making a mess. As we were driving. has changed. I wanted him to smile again. He didn't say anything. »Who was that woman you were screwing at school?« The swirl of emotions I saw in his eyes made me gasp for air. »W… Why did you do that?« I mumbled. which earlier seemed so depressing. He kissed me. The atmosphere in the room was pleasant and I felt safe with him.« His voice was so cold. He pulled away. The rain. »I can take the bus…« »Just come with me!« He ordered in his rude tone. Her eyes were shut.»Another. He was so angry. but I couldn't… »She was work. With one hand I was holding onto his waist. she didn't even care about any of this. I've never been on one. I was too shocked to do anything. It looked a bit intimidating. Fine.« He pierced me with his almost raven-black eyes. Interesting thing that alcohol. I didn't want my first kiss to happen like this. which surprised me. Everyone described him like this bad boy. »Come closer. Don't judge the book by it's cover. trying to fix the situation. Work? What did he mean by that? »I'll take you home. full of danger. I wanted to take it back. and the last thing I was trying to do was to hurt the first person that was actually nice to me. it felt like a thousand spiders would be crawling up and down my spine. so hurt all of a sudden. Seven of spades. All of a sudden he gently touched my left cheek and pulled me closer towards him.« he rubbed his lower lip with his thumb while I was taking another sip of that awful drink. I didn't want to make him even more angry so I put on my jacket and tucked the cat under it. »It's kinda embarrassing. but that doesn't mean that his soul is. a few drops of rain sprayed my face like watery kisses. In the garage he had a huge black motorbike. The soothing sound of the light rain weirdly calmed me down. »What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you?« His face suddenly got more serious. »Closer.« He snapped and stood up. This was so embarrassing. a million thoughts were bumping inside my head. I don't know what gave me the courage – my anger or the alcohol. so…meaningless. trying to get back some dignity. Every time the blush disappears he does something to make it appear again. I could understand pain more than anyone. That made me chuckle. Three of clubs.

She let go of my hair and punched me in the face. I really didn't want to lose a potential friend.« I shrugged. he just mistook me for somebody else…« I lied. Virginia and her pack (Susan F. and Susan V. We stopped in front of our house and I got of the bike. »Isn't that a bit cheesy?« His eyes bulged and he smiled cheerfully. I should've known that trouble were coming my way… I was just about to enter the classroom when somebody grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. looking at me like she was going to rip my head off. if it's to cheesy for you…« He smirked and took a puff. The pain in my nose was excruciating and everything became fuzzy…I could see through my blurry eyes that she was going to hit me again. familiar voice. into my mouth.« Shit. »What the fuck do you think you're doing?« She snapped. was he talking to me or the cat? As I walked through the doorway I felt a slight tingle in my lips. small clouds of smoke leaving his godlike lustful lips… »I think I'll just call her Ash.« He mumbled while putting another cigarette in his mouth. »What are you gonna name the cat anyway?« He reached into my jacket and gently brushed her head. on my tongue. »I don't…« I tried to stay calm. »What the hell do you think you're doing?« I heard a cold. MINE! You hear me. Mom allowed me to keep Ash (she even bought the cat food). I opened my eyes and saw that somebody grabbed Virginia's hand. don't even fucking look at him! You are a waste of air Skye. cheesy? »Fine.« she started with a terrifying voice »what the fuck was that about?« »Nothing. I caught the bus to school and it didn't rain today. totally out of the content xD I loveeee cookieees! xD "Okay. but he didn't even flinch. She was so close I could smell her rotten breath. »I'm really sorry Lucas…« I tried to apologize one more time. 'cause of the paws.« I said and touched her little pink nose. Are. go to bed. »Don't touch him with your filthy hands. I bet your mother is sorry that she didn't aborted you when she could. He looked so sexy in that leather jacket of his. The only thing that was going through my mind was How am I going to explain this to my mom? She swinged again and I was expecting another broken bone. »He gave me a ride home. His kiss burned me…My first kiss. I just couldn't stop writing xD I am not an American. Omgkdiewdfzwlefhwelf! This was so intense to write! It's like 4am here.« Her words were cutting into my soul." . »Lucas Dashwood is mine. »You lying little bitch. »I like it. creating scars that will stay there for years. Did I just call the school badass. It was Lucas. She crossed her arms and lifted that disgusting chin of hers. or at least a bruise. She was physically beautiful. he just stayed quiet and drove. hoping she would back off. but I could see that it was still troubling him. but I really hope that Obama wins! Lol. Disappointment. but everything on her disgusted me.« Laughed Susan D.I gave him directions to where I live. A. »Don't lie you little bitch!« yelled Virginia and stepped closer towards me. »How 'bout Mittens? You know.« He said in a calm voice.You. »You and Lucas yesterday. I frowned and looked at him. spat at me.« Again. »W…What are you talking about?« I said with a trembling voice. »See ya later. Virginia Thompson. enough Kat. Shit. »I don't know. Susan D. »we saw you on the back of his bike yesterday. Blood soaked my tongue with that metal taste. but the hit never came. mine!« she was standing so close I could feel her spit splashing in my face. the new episode of Gossip girl was going to be released this afternoon.« He approved and started his bike. that's all I swe…« Virginia grabbed my hair and pulled them so hard I could swear I felt my scalp bleeding. I could feel the warm blood running from my nose. »Forgiven and forgotten. »You know damn well what she's talking about!« Susan F.) surrounded me. lil' kitty. don't talk to him. * * * The next day started off promisingly.

I couldn't see his face. Huge drops of red were staining my beloved jacket. »You can open your eyes now if you want. My hot tears were soaking his white shirt which carried his sent of cigarette smoke and washing powder.« He softly spoke in my ear." writing back. Lucas didn't say a thing.Penaut-butter So yeah. And I didn't want to cry. She didn't get the whole affection thing. the story is still a bit mysterious. On my birthday. warm breath coming from his lips. trying to be flirtatious. leaving wet trails of salt. it was a girls bathroom. ripping her wrist from Lucas's hand. And then I saw it. »Just taking care of some personal business.Miranda. »Hit me?« He dangerously closed in on her. bitter tears coursed down my face. but the tension in the air was getting heavier. She disgusted me. pulling me into the warmth of his body. I sat silently. angry. but in the next chapter I'll be revealing some secrets. like you're any better than me at handling your business. I'd probably fell down a few minutes ago. made me fell safe. »I'll never let anyone hurt you again Skye. she got really angry and was shooting lightning from her eyes. »You know…intervene. »Lean your head back. mad darkness. I was barely standing up. but I felt sort of safe when he shielded me with his body. She frowned her eyebrows. But I'll tell Kayla to do it. lil' kitty?« He answered my question with one of his own. We were in a bathroom. so I closed my eyes and let him lead me. The sudden supply of air. »Why wouldn't I. »Do what?« he mumbled. on her birthday and on Christmas. I nodded and lowered my look on my jacket. From the looks of it. He left her speechless. I buried my face into his chest and clenched to his leather jacket as if to ask him to never let go. »We're friends."Bare with. He turned around. though it sounded like he was actually making a statement. confused. .« He gently whispered and tucked a strain of hair behind my ear."xD Okay.« She said with a calm voice."Bare with."Bare with. He lifted me up and sat me on some kind of counter. He softly put his hand around my waist and I gasped when his fingers brushed my lower back. but I couldn't help myself. I could see her face turning colour. The blood on my jacket. He wrapped his arms around me. I'll…« He moved between me and Virginia. who always say when she gets a text: "Bare with. crying over a ruined jacket."checking the text again. lol don't know why I shared this with you." still looking at the text. He was strong." looks at the text. My mom wasn't an emotional. supporting me with just one hand. hugging me. facing me. while tucking a piece of paper towel under my nose. made me cough. »If you ever touch her again. Not in front of him.« She smiled with that evil mouth of hers. We hugged only three times a year. »You're gonna stuck up for her?« She spat at him. I couldn't handle the explosion of emotions which I've always managed to keep buried deep inside. or what would you call a – normal person. »No. almost lifting me in the air. My nose was still bleeding and everything was still fuzzy. if it wouldn't be for that wall I was leaning on. My mom got me this jacket for my birthday. so bare with xD I don't know if you know British series . »You call this taking care of personal business?« Lucas snapped. »Oh common. »You'll what?« She strained herself and puckered her lips. hunched over.« He murmured. I've got a friend? Me and Lucas Dashwood are friends? My heart started skipping a bit faster. right?« He gently brushed my cheek. Every time I put this stupid jacket on it feels like she's wrapping her arms around me. I took the paper towel from his hands and started wiping the blood off my face. »Why did you do it?« I asked.« A shudder tickled down my spine as he spoke. and I can't remember the last time she said she loved me. I just think it's hilarious haha! :P »W…What…« Virginia mumbled. but I love it! There's this woman.« I said. His dark eyes widened and pierced Virginia with that cold. It was a stupid thing. The warmth of his body calmed me down. it almost made me want to cry. He pointed his finger towards me. mixed with hot blood running down my throat. "Bare with. His raven eyes were looking at me with such kindness. I heard a door opening. I knew that everybody was staring at us. almost soundlessly. And now it was ruined. confused.

even if it was just for today. » Thank you Lucas. a blush spreading across my cheek.« He offered me a hand when I stepped down. like he was there. I didn't mind that he told them.« »I can't…« I mumbled.« * * * I was hoping that Virginia would lay off. Until then you're stuck with this. besides he was just trying to protect me. »I said I'm borrowing it to you. »Where does he work?« »Um…« Jimmy looked at Kayla again. »So…that was a joke?« I slowly asked.« He smiled.« She sat next to Jimmy. Jimmy snorted a few times while he was laughing. It was Jimmy and Kayla. You know. I knew that he was short tempered. I looked around but there was still no sign of him. not giving it.« he shook my hand »and this is Kayla. Lucas sent us to watch over you. he insisted. but warm on the inside. Suddenly they both bursted out laughing. I loved his sent. not sure what was that about. lil' kitty. but I'm fine. right?« He asked.Ow!« He yelled in the middle of the sentence and shoot an evil glare towards Kayla. »Thanks. As he sat down I heard the clanking noise of chains strapped to his belt.« He was incredibly cheerful for a guy. even if it was just an illusion. wiping a few tears from his eyes. it made me feel so safe.« Kayla lifted her eyebrow..« Jimmy silently laughed. Kayla just nodded. »Take it off. »At a…charity organisation. »See you later. Kayla's laugh was deeper and louder than Jimmy's.« Said Kayla with annoyed tone. »You try to get stains out of this one.« he said. trying to muffle the sound of laughter. who seemed surprised with the answer. »let's calm down. All of a sudden I heard that bumping sound of trays hitting my table. He put his leather jacket on my shoulders.« Jimmy whispered the last sentence. hitting the chair. I lifted my head. covering his mouth.« He turned towards Kayla. until the tears stopped. . If I wouldn't know better. I looked so small in it. and he also made some weird highly-pitched noises. »Hi! You're Skye.« He made that snorting sound again and Kayla rolled her eyes. I didn't want him to get sick because of me. tucking her purple hair behind her ear.« His mouth widened in that obviously awkward smile as he looked at Kayla. His lips twisted into a happy smile and he patted my head. They exchanged eye contact. He smiled and offered me his hand. took a cheese sandwich and sat at the table in the corner. »What about you?« I didn't want him to walk around only in his shirt. cheerfully. We walked towards my class in silence and when we stopped at the door. I've noticed that there was something I forgot to say. and because her mouth were wide opened I've noticed she had a piercing in her tongue – a red dice. »Don't worry. he is a host at a charity organisation…sort of. He ordered them to watch me. »Oh.« I looked down. »I'm Jimmy. who buried her face in his shoulder.« I said and the sharp pain in one of my nostrils reminded me otherwise. especially if things didn't go his way. sighing. »Fine!« he snapped » He is a…host. I'll walk you to class. »He is an esc. »Yo.« He shrugged. »Okay. »Where is he?« I asked.« He said more firmly. His bleached blond hair was styled into a Mohawk and a silver piercing in his right eyebrow made his blue eyes seem even brighter. suspiciously.« Said Kayla. When I came to the cafeteria I was still clenching to Lucas's jacket. as if they were trying to read eachother's mind to agree on the answer. like I was some cat.« He was tucking my jacket into my backpack » or buy a new one.We were hugging in silence for a few minutes. okay. I knew what that mean.. pressing her lips together. but I didn't need babysitters. surprised. surprised. 'cause of the incident. I didn't see him anywhere so I did what I always do. »No. I'd say that they were a cute couple. raising one of his eyebrows » I'm tougher than I look. It was cold on the outside. surprised. and then I've got to go. at least for a couple of days. »So anyway. »He is…working.« He gently ordered and started taking off his as well. He noticed I was still staring at the red stains on my jacket. »I'm borrowing it to you. »Common.

I wanted to take away the sadness from those stunningly mesmerizing eyes…I wanted him to take away my sadness…I wanted to kiss his godlike lips. Jimmy even promised me that he's gonna show me his rat Peanut-butter. for anything. »My mom can't stand the colour – yellow. I knew she was messed up. They looked like small pieces of art. I turned away. »I am a bad person. I was hurting inside. Small snowflakes were beautifully kissing his long. but today he seemed…different. like cotton candy when it touches your tongue. your mom must be messed up. my throat hurt like there was a giant rock stucked in it. with tones of amber in them that seemed to dance in the sunlight. almost falling on the slippery road. Before I knew what I was doing. So I left an hour early and walked to his place. pain and anger covered his face. brown eyelashes.« I offered him back his black leather jacket. »Lil' kitty?« I heard his surprised voice. sad gaze. so at home we have no products that colour. but I love cheese. He seemed choked up. A weird name for…well. but I wanted to give it to him before school because I knew that it was going to be a cold morning. maybe it was just because of the hit in the head. but not the same. I noticed Virginia staring at me from the other end of the cafeteria.« I knew that he was worried about me. but I craved for a human touch. his dark hair was getting wet from all the snowflakes kissing his hair with their cold. Nobody ever helped me before…I've never had a…« I swallowed »friend. it might even snow. I didn't mind though. I closed my eyes and let the little white ballerinas land on my warm tongue. I tried to hold it in. I turned around. feeling that warm. I didn't know that she noticed me before. something you'd see in an angel. like that bitter chocolate. The tone and arrogance in her voice was similar to Lucas's. like something would hurt him. .« his face was in pain »I promise. He grabbed my shoulders. and I have to say I really enjoyed their company.« his face was grimacing in pain »a very bad. His eyes were lovely and strong. so…« I tried to explain. I already pressed my lips onto his. »You don't know me! You don't know anything about me!« Tears filled my eyes and fear filled my heart. shocked. »Thanks. I was speechless.»So what's with you always eating cheese sandwiches?« Kayla quickly changed the subject when she saw me taking a bite of my sandwich. He was just so handsome. Golden flecks would fade as the cloud hid that sunbeam into his dark embrace. horrible person!« He screamed and let me go after I tried to rip away from him. melting when they hit the wet ground. »T…Thank you. Jimmy hit her on the back of her head and gave her the look that said You're being rude. »Here. Her's was like a bad copy. and with a few funny outbursts from Jimmy and Kayla. While I waited for him in front of his doorway I've noticed that small raindrops turned into fluffy snowflakes. He was kissing me back. * * * The next day I decided to give him back his jacket. Slowly. He was wearing a red sweater with no hood. moving his sweet lips in unfamiliar patterns. and the only time I get to eat it is school.« He lifted my chin and pierced my eyes with a long. I knew I was blushing »for yesterday. Suddenly. »Man.« He murmured.« I felt the familiar warmth in my cheeks. shaking me back and forth. they held secrets that captivated me. I was right. so slowly it hurt he touched my bare skin on my neck with his fingertips and I shivered. and I didn't notice this before. Why did he tear away from me? »Why did you do that?« He yelled with pain in his voice. I didn't want to cry. so he accepted it. I'll never let anything bad happen to you ever again. His beautiful dark eyes all of a sudden looked tortured. maybe Lucas had a good idea after all. my heart skipping like crazy. covering his mouth. He saw that I was wearing another jacket. »I'm sorry I wasn't there sooner. Even the sky looked fluffy. but I didn't care because of my new bodyguards. soft kiss. My breath caught in my throat. Surprisingly I wasn't that nervous around his friends. Lunch passed without other awkward questions.« Said Kayla while taking a bite from her tuna sandwich. he pulled away from me. the pain was eating me alive. They were dark brown. pale lips. A weak ray of sunlight ripped through the heavy clouds and for the first time I saw his eyes exactly like they were. I saw that yesterday. he didn't have any other jacket. and started running.

bitter tears.I couldn't stop thinking about the swirl of all those emotions on his face. sadness…Did he hate me now? Was it because of the kiss? I felt like I had been punched in my stomach. sticking to my face and melting down. anger. gray ashes. . I was alone again. creating trails of water together with my hot. pain. The before beautiful snowflakes now seemed like dead.

I was avoiding Jimmy and Kayla. Not happy. purple veins beneath it. And then he came and his dark eyes were making promises he couldn't keep. She loved her husband. but still nothing to compare with the emotional one. I was laying in my bed with my laptop. Forgot about him. She loved her son. Loneliness. I didn't even care if Dan Humphrey ended together with Serena or not. because if I did. Someday I hope that my sadness will be replaced by something beautiful. life liquid running through my veins was comforting. . but I forgot. He said to let go…and then he wasn't there to catch my fall. he didn't came to school for a few days now. *You are missed. I never really liked her anyway…she didn't deserve Dan. The voices began to calm down. Pain. like a hamster would be running his wheel inside of me. Forgot about the pain. I forgot about all for a moment. The happiest kitty. that moment…his face. * * * In the middle of the night something knocked on my window. The warm feeling of red. as the scarlet blood poured down my wrist. They were so shiny and aluring…they were calling me. The only food my lips touched this past few days were two apples. I was getting sleepy. Ash was purring on the window shelf. At least she looked happy. I sat in my room alone. He didn't came to school that day. the sharp part resting on my pale skin. No feelings. Soon I felt nothing but numbness. white mittens hidden beneath her adorable little head. the dizziness took control over my body. my eyes were slowly shutting down…»I'm Chuck Bass. dark blue Have you ever been alone in a crowded room? Sings Andrew McMahon. and I couldn't even stand on my own two feet. the faces…those eyes…I hated them! I brought the scissors to my left wrist. sleeping on an old pillow I gave her. her fluffy. No hurt. The pain is even worse. No pain.« said a velvet voice from the screen and I drowned into the dark night. and if something happened to found it's way on my plate. The pain was so freeing. My hand started shaking.* Dark blue. Virginia seemed to forgot about me too. I didn't want to feel this. I would wait for my mom to leave the room and threw everything in the toilet and flush the water. the pain he felt…anger in his mysterious eyes…just thinking about it made tears sneak into my eyes. too. in the middle. I bit my lip to keep from making a sound. I wanted her to come and devour me whole.Dark blue This chapter is dedicated to the memory of my aunt Irena. hiding in bathrooms and empty classrooms. The perfect crime. Every single day. I hated the pain. battling breast cancer. I felt light as a feather and heavy as a rock at the same time. She loved life. whispering that familiar sentence break the skin and make it bleed… I didn't want to hurt anymore. Or the next. painless arms. My body felt hot and my head felt dizzy. Forgot about their faces. I wanted my darkness. I felt safe in her cold. all the harsh words were becoming distant whispers…I cut again. That's how I feel. watching Gossip Girl. In school I didn't eat. but content. In fact. at home I said I've eaten in school. made me sleepy. No sadness. But there was still something missing…problems were still jumping around in my head. Then I would wipe the edges of the plate to make it look like nothing happened. The first day I felt growling in my stomach. the dizziness in my head calmed me down. Sadness. the names. since I saved her from the cruel world. so welcomed. all the way to the elbow. Then it turned into a burning feeling below my chest. I slowly slid across my wrist. I was fine. Just enough to stay up. silver scissors in my hand. who passed away last spring. alone in my own little world. I couldn't get up to fast. the words.

I instinctively grabbed his hand and pulled him inside. »What are you doing here?« The words came out in a rush as I opened the window.« He swallowed again. clenching his teeth. that was a shocker. twitching when he felt that the pain was still there. His face was hidden in the shadows. My hand started trembling. making me annoyed.« I tried to redeem myself.« I said in a serious voice. feeling the anger rising inside of me.« He said with a clear.My heart started pounding so loud I could hardly hear myself thinking. like he was trying to get some courage. He hated this. »It wasn't a fight. »Thanks. »No. turning her ears on the back of her head. I saw a mild shadow lurking through the window. he just stood there. What I saw made me gasp for air… He had a black eye and a slit bottom lip. His eyes slightly softened. Was he begging me? He lifted his head and the light splashed across his face. He suddenly looked up with a surprised expression on his face. under his black hood. It stung me when he looked away. more decisive. staring at the cat again. chocolate eyes. or at least anger.« He answered sharply. into the strangers face.« He said in a low voice. It's weird how the night made me stronger. He narrowed his eyes. »Did you get into a fight?« My mouth was getting dry. trying to conceal his hurt from me.« . »Here.« he grinded his teeth. »Please.« He murmured. what happened?« I panicked. »I thought I might drop by.« He said strongly. His eyes were even darker than usually. his hood still covering his eyes. Ash woke up and started making that hissing sound. Revealing his secrets. hiding his pain behind those almost raven like eyes. the sick curiosity got a hold of me again. a few strains of chocolaty hair spiking out. He didn't say anything. a person standing outside. walking in the room. but I was too frozen with fear anyway.m?« I asked. full of pain…but not anger. it wasn't the first time. I started closing the window when he suddenly spoke. looking for some handkerchiefs. About the last time. I could feel the tears filing my eyes. I started closing the window again. »Y…You can crash here tonight. I guess I wasn't the only one broken here. swallowing. put this on. his eyelashes doing butterfly kisses…He was so gorgeous. »My father did it. lowering his eyes on my bare feet. Didn't he trust me? Wasn't I good enough to know about his secrets? Hah. He was hidding another secret. I did not forget how he treated me last time. »I need a place to crash. covering my arms with goosebumps. not from anyone. and sharp pain was still gripping my wrist. when he stopped me by putting his hand on the glass.« He growled. He bit his lip. I was slowly wiping his cut lip. clenching his fists. I wanted him to…stay. »Yes. He gave me a crappy apology. »Did you came here to apologize?« anger wouldn't let go of me. walking towards the bathroom to get a towel. »Your father did this to you?« I gently touched his left cheek. wet towel.« He half growled. I guess he was just like everyone else. but his expression was completely blank. Suddenly I got this sensational idea of slamming the window in his face. A sudden chill creeped through my bones. his eyes slightly widened and his mouth hanging open. I didn't need to take this crap. out in the cold. trying not to mumble. so…heartbreaking.« I said. did you? I turned around. my voice hoarse.« I looked at the clock »3a. »I'm gonna fix you up the best way I can. you didn't see that one coming. half whispered. and now he wants a place to crash? He was obviously in a bad mood. I could feel myself sweating and panting from the terror… A glimmer of light shined through my bedroom window. He looked at me with his dark. staring at Ash. his voice cracking. He didn't seem happy about apologizing. not from him. »I'm sorry. clenching his hands into fists. Yeah. drying on his chin. »Lucas. This almost made me cry.« It was like his voice died in his throat. »Was it the first time?« I asked with a calm voice. »At. It knocked again. but then you have to go. the black eye bruise was starting to spread. I didn't want to push him away. There should be some kind of sadness in his eyes. This was so sad. All the pity I felt for him vanished that moment. Lucas. I noticed there were still a few drops of blood. His father beat him? I turned around and he was sitting on my bed. I could literary feel the heart beat in my wrist. offering him a cold. as I reached towards the light switch. almost shy voice I've never heard before. dark night. small cloud of cold air coming from his mouth. He furrowed his eyebrows. His face constricted in pain. »more like a beating. in the cold. so I pulled away. »Something like that.

I closed my eyes.« I could hear the muffled noises. but his grip was too strong. emotion I couldn't quite put my finger on. He opened his mouth to say something. so I decided to sleep on the floor and letting him have my bed. but thankfully he couldn't see it because of the darkness.« He demanded. I didn't find that amusing at all. »Not so fast. He pulled me in a hug. He saw me. No emotions whatsoever. My heart was racing like crazy. He saw how ugly I was. Not to him. I wanted to hug him. When the worst of the crying was over he slowly asked: »Why do you do this to yourself?« His voice was gentle. I was facing him. as I turned off the light. dizziness in my head was overwelming…I couldn't fight Lucas. . But I couldn't. I said to myself. he was obviously trying to get away from the serious topic. »I…It hurts.« He whispered again. I'll just be a few minutes.« The big bad wolf tried to lure me back into bed.« he interrupted me »I tell you mine. »W…Why did he do it?« I mumbled.« He whispered. asking a silent question: What's wrong? I didn't want to answer him. his hair falling over his eyes.I remembered his apartment. It felt like somebody slaped me and woke me up into cruel reality. I threw an old blanket on the floor. He narrowed his eyes at me.« He grinned with that devilish smile. He treated me like I was some kind of a porcelain doll. »Fine. lil' kitty. I couldn't even look him in the eyes. gazing into my eyes with his dark ones. Suddenly he threw his arms around my waist and buried his head into my lap. »Shh. I didn't understand. I sat back on the bed and he patted the pillow next to him. you tell me yours. as I fought him in desperation. I didn't want him to know about this. He only used my name when he was about to say something serious. content with himself. I opened my eyes and bitter tears started pouring down my cheeks. »I'll tell you whatever you want to know. all messy and full of empty beer cans. »Open your eyes. but he seemed to choke up. My mom won't even know he is here. He started unroll the white gauze I previously put around my wrist. He raised his eyebrows. his hand gripping even tighter. it's okay…« He pressed my face into his hard chest and softly traced the scar tracks. then I'll go sleep on the floor. and gently whispered. a gesture showing me to lay down. »Because he was drunk. »Wait!« He panicked and grabbed my left wrist. I rolled my eyes and tried to get off the bed. They burned with anger and something else. I could feel the hot tears filing my eyes. I couldn't help but to growl in pain when he tightened his grip. all this would disappear. clenching onto my bedding.« He answered with a blank voice. dirty dishes in the sink…Now I could see the image of his home more clearly. and some pillows I found in my closet. He got up. they seemed even darker than the night itself. the only sentence in my head was He's gonna see it! My ugly secret! His eyes ran over my scarred wrist.« I hardly murmured through the sobbing. I blacked out. I wanted to lie. making me face him. and how he pulled away.« I started with a trembling voice »the b…bullying in school. »Y…Yes. take his sadness away…but then I remembered the last incident. He was probably hurting elsewhere too. The redness was dancing on my cheeks. »Skye. »Stay here. absorbing that sexy smell of washing powder and cigarettes. pretending that if I shut them strong enough. »What…« I started. Lucas didn't like me…maybe he even hated me. He currled up into my bed. »Did you miss me?« He grinned. to comfort him. »Don't go.« his low voice made me shiver. He was slightly chewing on his lip. he'll probably even start with his perverted questions soon. A lump was creating in my throat. which will break if you grab it to much. if he stays in the room.« I said. The words…Their looks…I had to f…find a way to…l…let it out…« My voice just wouldn't stop shaking. lifting up my chin. I couldn't look at him. »Lucas!« I tried to fight him. »I'm sorry. I was just about to lay on the floor when he grabbed my hand. I'm so sorry Skye. and yet I tried. rolling up my left sleeve. he was only a few breaths away…I could even smell that minty sent coming out of his mouth as he glared at me. I tried to pull away but he wouldn't let me. »did you do this to yourself?« His voice was so serious.

You perv.« He said with a sad voice. pulling closer to me. »Irenne. He kissed it. »N…No…« I shivered. his face tangled in my hair.^^.« He chuckled. twisting his lips into a gentle.« He laughed.« He leaned his forehead onto mine. biting his lip so hard the blood started pouring out again. not having sex. in my dreams. .»This one is because of me. »That was a french kiss.« he whispered »if you give me your permission. his hot breath tingling me on the back of my neck. His soft.« I remembered the beautiful tattoo on his back. while his full lips kissed my hand a million times and then a million times again.« I blushed.« That made me hold my breath for a second. »Calm down lil' kitty. »I can show you something. but he was still sexy. But the good kind of nervous. I couldn't…He sat up and pulled my hand closer. He softly creased my cheek. leaving them hot with fire.« I could feel him swallowing. for a moment he even slightly sucked on the tip. sincere smile. His eyes ran over my face and stopped on my lips.« »I know what it was!« I covered my lips and blushed. He hugged my arms with his. Suddenly he slightly licked my lower lip with his tongue. I could feel his entire body behind me. »It's from a song she use to sing to me. but with a serious voice. concerned. looking at me. I couldn't see the expression on his face. Lucas clinging onto me. I said sleep. »My mom doesn't know. His dark brown eyes gazing at me. »Don't lie!« He said angrily.« Was the only sentence I could think of in that moment. »What was her name?« I don't know why I wanted to know that. He kissed the scars. I closed my eyes. »O…Okay. He started gently brushing my scars again. »I told you I was bad. This was hard for him.« His eyes amazed me. He might have a black eye and a slit lip.« I mumbled. his breath gently creasing the back of my neck like a warm summer breeze. to lull me to sleep. she has…her own life. He tasted minty fresh…heavenliy.« He softly said. I could feel his eyes burning through me. Every single one of them. leaving a few long seconds to pass by. He was staring at me the entire time. I could feel his hot. »I promised I wouldn't let anyone hurt you and then I…« He couldn't even finish his sentence. »Do your parents know?« He asked. who left us a long time ago. »You're sleeping with me tonight. Cancer. I got a tattoo in her memory. a sentence written in a black font. »Because I didn't want anyone else to have your first kiss. He was so warm and tasty… He slowly pulled away. wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me towards him. isn't it?« He gently brushed my newest scar. I don't have a dad. minty breath on my skin. facing my back. The moon shined through my window. He started playing with my tongue. He buried his face into my hair. »W…What?!« I panicked. He laughed the cutest way possible and threw himself on the pillow. but I could feel his grip getting tighter. Comments and other stuff are welcome!. He looked up. it happened a few years back. He was so hurt already. I couldn't answer him. He slowly slid his hand on the back of my neck. He gently brushed them with his fingertips. »She's dead. gripping me even harder. »I don't have a mom. I could feel his hot breath twirling on my ear. He was making me nervous. yet so beautiful. so dark. slowly sliding his wet tongue into my mouth. I just thought I could imagine her better if I knew the name. I stopped the bleeding with the edge of my right sleeve. He leaned in for a kiss. pulling me even closer. He bowed his head.« I didn't feel like explaining that my dad is a selfish bastard. his hard chest pressing onto me.« »You're not…« I whispered. splashing over his handsome face. »Why…« I started in a shy and almost soundless voice.« I saw lust in his eyes. sweet lips pressed onto mine. velvet like voice was echoing even later. »I'm sorry about last time. »I made sure I will never forget her. Dead? »I'm sorry for your loss. Blackbird singing in the dead of night Take these broken wings and learn to fly All your life You were only waiting for this moment to arise…« His gentle. »It's okay. »Why did you kiss me? I mean the first time.

Sorry for all the gramatical errors. Deal with it.« I said. his strong hand clenching around my hips. It was still so warm and cozy.« I swear I could feel him grinning »I won't dishonour your bathroom. it has arrows. I…I mean you don't have to go now. touching the back of my neck. soft grey head and she tried catching my fingers with her fluffy. she left for the market square.^^. umm…« I lowered my sight towards the bulge in his pants and quickly looked in the other direction. I really couldn't understand why does he make my heart race so fast. You can leave through the door. I don't know why. I just didn't feel like kicking him out.« Suddenly I felt his devilish presence behind my back. yet. burying his face into a fluffy pillow. having no idea how I'm going to stall her. impulsive and cute…I shook my head. Because life suck sometimes. Again. covering himself with my pink covers. when suddenly sunlight sneaked through the drapes and blinded me with its brightness. his warm fingers accidentally brushing against my bare skin. tripping over Ash. He was obnoxious. :) I love all your support by the way. Lucas moaned for more sleep.« His hair was a mess. hardly opening one eye as the devilish light of the sun danced over his face. But even like that he looked cute. Was my mom home already? Shit! I ran to the kitchen. »There's no way. Hot. making me realise that I wasn't alone in this bed. smelling the familiar sent of washing powder and cigarettes. confused. »So your mom won't see me. if that's the case. right?« I whispered.english isn't my native language. There is no way I like Lucas Dashwood! I threw myself onto my bed and curled up under the soft blanket.» «. Last night events popped into my head. um. I brushed her little. you see . and no I am not going to go and change every fucking arrow. making me blush even harder. trying to get rid of those stupid thoughts. »What?« I asked. »Don't worry lil' kitty. He sighed and turned his face towards me.« He whispered in my ear. I was in the middle of perfectly good dream. virgin Mary…« He growled again. everything drenched with his sent…It was a really great smell. . »Do I leave through the window?« He mumbled into the pillow. who decided to sleep on the floor. pulling me closer. Lucas lifted his head. Ash climbed underneath the covers and squeezed next to me. standing straight up. I write in old Microsoft Word. my voice still a little croaky from the sleep. and his…there was something poking me in the back of my thigh… what the hell was that? I jumped out of the bed like something bit me. He rolled his eyes. I tried to pull the covers over my head. Great. »For fuck's sake. Feeling disgruntled. knocking over some books from my table. you're amazing! . white mittens. of why he needed that shower for. But maybe not tomorrow. nervously. Look. »Oh.« A dirty thought occurred in my mind. hugging me around the waist. giving me a death stare. »Sure. . »What the fuck are you doing?« He growled with his morning voice. tangled in various places. covering his eyes. red blush exploded on my cheeks and I tried to hide it by turning away.a lot of people are asking me why am I using arrows . she won't be back for a few hours. I heard somebody unloading the dishes in the kitchen.Pancake-a-la-Dashwood This chapter is dedicated to my amazing&awesome&beer drinking friend. Meow. so I make some mistakes. I am going to edit this once I finish the story. I could feel his hot breath escaping his lips.« I said calmly »the second door on the left. instead of " ". or how I'm going to get Lucas out of the house. :) And something else. »Well. »Y…Your. crazily blushing. rude. because it's too distracting for some people.« he smirked »then I could really use a shower. I'm talking to the cat. picking up books from the floor.

»T…They're yellow. I couldn't see anything so I stood on my toes to catch a glimpse of our soon-to-be breakfast. just looking back at me. One time he is angry. So embarassing… After we got up and Lucas put his towel back on. He looked so incredible. slowly moving over his carved chest. And then I saw it.« I couldn't help but to chuckle. He opened the wrong cupboard again. He gazed into my eyes with his two pools of hot chocolate. »No. »I can't find it…« He was rattling around the dishes. They say that women have mood swings.« I scoffed »oh. who seemed to bump his head into the kitchen counter. His hair was soaking wet. standing straight up. losing my balance. my ugly secret.« Lucas raised one of his eyebrows.« I realized that I landed on his…reproductive area.« I walked up towards him and opened one of the cupboards. lil' kitty. probably all the droplets that fell off of him. realising that he was completely naked. I landed on Lucas. and she's got this tic – no yellow whatsoever…« I tried to explain.« I pointed in that direction. I realised how crazy I must sound. looking even more confused. searching for the pancake mix.« he murmured to himself »and now I guess we won't be having pancakes for breakfast. He narrowed his eyes. »We don't have anything yellow. Lucas was standing at the stove. in my kitchen. I gasped suddenly. »Give me your plate. protecting me.« I grimaced in response.« I grabbed the box. throwing pancakes in the air with a smile on his face. . but it's not bad. The blue towel was lying on the floor. to your left. eggs are yellow and white…« He said in a tone of voice that was asking for an explanation. no food or furniture…my mom can't stand that colour. In my head was still echoing the sound of his velvet voice from last night… His face was so calm and so happy…It made me almost forget about his father. OCD.When I came to the kitchen I saw the weirdest thing. slipping on something slippery.« he opened one of his eyes. »Skye…« his face was still grimacing in pain »You're crushing me. making me pancakes…oh. A few droplets of water slipped from the tips of his hair on his upper body. let me find it. making my heart skip a beat. I tried to grab a hold on something. but Lucas had a serious case of that too. It seemed like some demonic power was pulling me towards Lucas's groin today. I liked this side of Lucas. I mixed the powder from the box with some milk. but before I knew it I was already landing on something that wasn't the floor.« He started putting the frying pan away.« He opened one of the cupboards. captivating eyes. confused. »Yes. the world in that boy's head. »She has. »Here?« Lucas asked. »Here it is. but at least the swelling on his lower lip went down. making it look completely raven black. »Actually we could make pancakes. practically naked…cooking. Wearing only a blue towel around his hips. and Lucas started heating the pan. mother. grimacing his face in pain. The bruise around his eye was still quite bad. all the way to the V shape vertex…He looked like Michelangelo's statute taking his first breath. looking for the big blue box of pancake mix. smiling in pain »it's my fault. across the canyons of his six-pack. and he didn't budge either. holding a frying pan. He finally seemed content with my answer. We exchanged looks. while he was humming that melody from his mother's lullaby. we started making pancakes. there's a pancake mix in the cupboard. even though my mom was hard to explain. Dripping wet. He seemed so natural. blushing again. »There's no eggs. I just remembered something that would solve that problem. um. just standing there. »I'm so sorry Lucas!« I panicked and tried to get off of him. It doesn't taste the same I guess. I still couldn't believe that he was standing in my kitchen. passing all the weird awkwardness.« He said cheerfully »I'm gonna make you a pancake-a-la-Dashwood. he hates me. »It's okay.« He casually said. He was ruffling his hair. I was caught by his dark. »No. of course eggs are yellow! I made no sense at all. It was a real joy watching him flipping pancakes in the air.« He showed towards the small puddle of water. It's like…she's obsessed with certain things. the next he is kissing me. it made me gasp for air. »That also explains the lack of cheese. the other one.

Monroe?« »No…« I lied and bit my lip. He kinda reminded me of Ash when she eats small pieces of salami. »How about Game of Thrones?« »What's that?« I gave him a blank stare. right in the rib cage.« »Two and a half men?« »No. so I'd have to force myself. just some series about a mystical world. plus I won't be able to eat more than a few bites. glimpsing at his naked upper body. the sex scenes…My god. a smirk tugging at his lips. trying not to laugh. »Nope. He snatched the TV remote out of my hands as soon as we sat down. »What lil' kitty.« After a few long episodes I realised that this show was nothing like Harry Potter. and then…the nude scenes. much like Harry Potter.« He gave me the plate. I'd get sick if eating to much. in this case – eating the entire pancake. The devilish grin danced on his face. »No chick flicks. Body to die for.« »Psych?« »No. what would you like to watch?« I finally got feed up with his arrogance. Cranky pants. the pancake smelled delicious.« I said a little louder. »No. »Hmm…« He was munching on his third pancake already. tickling me with his toes. My stomach shrunk so much.« »The vampire diaries?« He rolled his eyes and looked at me.« I mumbled with full mouth. »What was that?« He laughed. and my stomach got use to it. and he was still wearing just that stupid towel. »Oh. with a huge grin on his face. »So what are we gonna watch?« I looked at him. trying to save some of my dignity. »No. smirking. but nothing serious. no worse than that! The plot was sort of interesting. »Goship Ghirl. »I'd mix it with lemon juice. Now to chew it and swallow it down.« »Fine. »I had to be resourceful. follow me. kinda brutal and cruel. »Got TV?« He asked while munching on his pancake.« He lifted his eyebrows and looked at me with his dark diamonds.« He emphasised the P. I glimpsed over to Lucas and noticed that he was staring at me. I looked away and stuffed my face with a huge piece of pancake. That was the first time I regreted not eating. I quickly turned away. where it tickled the most.He mixed some sugar with fresh squeezed orange juice and spread it all over the pancake. trying to hide my face. Challenge accepted! I chuckled a bit. He was poking me with his fingers.« »The big bang theory?« »No. Here. holding back my laugh. Mrs. He leaned closer to me and half laughed. »No. more like…Lord of the rings. but since yellow is baned from this place.« I muttered.« »It's not a…« I didn't even finished the sentence because he gave me somewhat of an evil stare. »How I met your mother?« »No. Munch. Perv. what are we watching? Another sex scene appeared on the screen and I was starting to blush again. He snorted. brushing his lower lip with his thumb. you don't like fuck scenes?« He asked innocently.« »Well. »Aren't you cold?« I asked.« I took the plate and walked towards the living room. stretching his bare legs over my lap. There was only one problem…How am I going to eat this? I haven't eaten in days. So cute. Barney Stinson just makes me laugh. »What?« »Gossip Girl!« I swallowed and yelled. He shrugged and gave me an innocent look. munch… »Yeah sure. . half whispered in my ear: »Are you ticklish.

just after three kisses. »What?« I asked. My heart was doing jumping jacks and I closed my eyes. probably going to get dressed. rubbing my hands over my cheeks. something between confused and happily surprised. Why did that one sentence upset me? I am fine. I could smell that sweet pancake and orange in his soft breath.« He said casually. He bit his lip and leaned even closer to me. across mine. I shook my head. I felt how a few warm tears filled my eyes and escaped.« he raised his eyebrows »you're not mad at me. He wrote his name in my contact list like this: Lucas <3. But I decided not to show it. »Cool. vote. Why? Why was he telling me this? He stood up and I saw that familiar pain and anger. slipping down my cheeks. What was he thinking? Is it a date? No. I quickly picked my brain for an explanation.« He trailed off uncomfortably.« He glimpsed over to my left wrist. He brushed his soft lips. he doesn't do that stuff. He was looking at me with a weird expression on his face. catching my breath. opening my eyes. I'm picking you up at Eight. fixing the collar of his leather jacket. »What…I mean where are we going?« I was to frustrated to refuse his offer. gently. They were shining like starless night sky.« I felt like something hit me in the stomach. reflecting of water. You can't fall for someone. My heart raced. then an offer.« A sincere smile danced in the corners of his mouth.« He stared at me with a silent surprise on his lips. Comment. »Okay. jumping on me. I couldn't hold back any longer. »I've put my number in here. He looked at the clock above our television. it can't be a date. It's not like I have a crush on him.« I remembered his situation with his father.« He said. enjoy! :D .« He gave me the phone back. right? »I'm leaving. you better pick up when I call you. pretending not to care.« I felt the heath spreading across my cheeks.. »It's okay. grabbing his hands.I was repeating in my head over and over again. »You look so beautiful. He leaned his forehead on mine. crushing it into tiny pieces. So sweethearts. »Hey. flashing all over his grimaced face. »Yeah. He was laughing so hard that even his dark eyes seemed to be smiling.« I felt like a huge rock just fell on my heart. »Are you gonna be okay?« I asked. there's something weird waiting for you in the next chapter *grins evilly*. »See you later.« He grinned teasingly.« he whispered »I can't be with you. Suddenly he stopped. are you?« He was already standing at the doorway. concerned.« I struggled to make my voice sound careless »I didn't expect anything from you. He walked out of the room. confused.« I shrugged. Well.« He took my phone out of his pocket.»Resistance is useless!« He yelled. »I'm taking you somewhere. I sat back on the couch.« He left before I could put all of this together. lil' kitty. »It's a surprise. He was seriously messing up my life. »I don't do relationships. I started laughing and rolling around beneath him. and ruffled his hair. not my thing. I've gotta go.« his tone was clear »he's probably sober by now. I couldn't hide anywhere. »Skye. I swallowed the large lump in my throat. »I just don't wanna hurt you…by making you believe in something that could never happen. »I've never seen you smile before. »What?« I asked. »It's already Two o'clock. I checked my phone for his phone number. trying to pull them away. expecting his kiss. I guess it sounded more like and order. He must've taken it off my desk..

^^. coming to a logical conclusion.« I tried to persuade her. If you looked closer you could see your reflection in those innocent pools of blue. I want to be normal for a change! I don't want to sit in this goddamn house every single day.« I snorted. almost green. »Just.Happy St. »I was never good with making friends. She didn't know how to react. but I don't know that boy I simply can't…« »Mom!« I cut her off. rattling the keys I was holding in my hand. like the sky right after it stops raining. so she just stared at me with a blank expression on her face for a few seconds. okay geez… Lucas<3: If I don't see you walking through your front door in the next 10 seconds. Back to current time: »Bye!« I yelled. Lucas<3: We're already late.Nicholas day! I don't know if you celebrate it or not. just wait a bit. her carriage did. I should be worried…« she muttered away to herself. a minor. I would go back for my scarf. but to me…« She clenched her fists.« She was tugging on her hair.Panic Stricken Okay first of all . Me: I'm coming. Lucas<3: No.« Her blue eyes slightly twitched in expectation of my comeback. I'm serious.« »Okay! Bye!« I yelled again and ran through the door. »I don't get that reference. Right now she was calculating all the information I gave her. »I'm sorry Skye. but you…you're different. I want to have fun. I'm seventeen I can take care of myself. Cinderella didn't turn into a pumpkin. I quickly put my jacket on. A few hours ago: »Um. Mine were dirty blue. with someone I don't know. How to talk so kids will listen. so it would be rude not to go. It was only November but the old lady winter was starting to show her ice-cold claws.« And my mother was back. »I know logical world seems cold. »Mom.« She gently brushed my cheek. Her eyes were so much more brighter then mine.« »Or I'll turn into a pumpkin?« I smiled cheerfully. »He is the first friend I made…ever! Don't deny me that little social life that I can get! I want to go out. but Lucas seemed impatient just standing next to his bike. Raising children. »be safe. I'm kinda in a hurry!« I tapped my foot anxiously. She read books on that topic. but anyway xD There's a picture of Metha on the right. my mom didn't quite understand things like other parents do. I don't want to be like…« I bit my tongue. I'm driving off. it's a real place :) I love all of your support!. »Wait!« My mom was nervously chewing on a lock of her long brown hair.« She gave me a sad smile. at this hour…« You see. My mother was sitting on the couch. but be home by midnight. »Going out. »Me. »Mom. »Nevermind. When I came outside a sudden gush of cold air exploded in my face. that mother instinct – she had to be taught how to feel that. so get your ass out here! Me: Late for what? Lucas<3: Would you just…don't make me come for you lil' kitty. »You can go. but you are a minor and I can't leave you to go out with a stranger without adult supervision. Lucas invited me. Parents do make a difference. My phone buzzed at 8:05pm. watching some Spanish soap opera. something in between. grabbing the door handle. in her own way. I pulled the collar of my jacket closer to my mouth to alleviate the freezing breeze. Lucas<3: Where are you? Me: Just a sec. Me: Okay. Come out now. Understanding your child's emotions…She was doing her best to be a good mother. It was pretty awkward when I asked her if I can go out with a friend…since that never happened before. . Plus. »I'm sorry Skye.

I started breathing faster.« I took the helmet out of his hands. »You okay?« He lifted my visor. punks with chains and anarchy signs. driving towards the main road. And warm. When we finally arrived he gently took my hands with his and pealed them off of his leather jacket. . catching the yellow light just by a thread. »Why? We didn't need it the last time.« I smiled back. making that half smile only boys can do. facing a weird. »Here. leaning on his black bike. I never felt so…free. He rolled his dark eyes. how the heck am I gonna put my head in here? How the hell did he put his head in here? »I forgot that time. »Hop on. The hole for the head seemed so small. their hair long and black. you crack me up. »For. I was…« Angry? Obnoxious? Distracted? He grimaced his face with that uncomfortable feelings. they were kinda darkish. I lodged myself behind him. rocks were hanging everywhere. of course – his black leather jacket..« He took the helmet out of my hands and put it on my head. one was completely white – a woman holding a dove. even though I was almost completely out of breath. There was even a tree house with red stairs scaling to her. the bike roaring into the-soon-to-be-night. »Like never before. I had no idea where he was taking me. but when I tightened my grip I could feel the hardness of his body. like mothers expand sweatshirts before they pull it over their child's head. »Um. I had no idea how my head is going to fit through that small hole. but Lucas expanded it.« What? He laughed. aren't you?« He smirked and ruffled his hair. some sort of abstract pictures… In front of the buildings there were a few statues. still laughing. He started the bike. clenching with my hands around his waist. He took another helmet from beneath the seat and put it on his head.Last time the cold breeze felt good on my face while we were driving. I don't think I have ever enjoyed anything like this before. He took my hands and wrapped them around his waist.« He said. carefully examining it. the other one were woman's legs. Late. still dazzled from the adrenalin. perfect rainbow of motley light. I could swear I felt him grinning. It was surprisingly – not that heavy. A lot of metal-heads. I rubbed my cheeks just thinking of that. He puffed into the lock of his chocolaty hair.We were passing all those cars so fast. And then they will crack.« He ordered. I moved closer towards Lucas.« I quickly picked my brain for a clever remark »maybe some lightning bolts on the side. matching. »Where are we anyway?« I looked around. showing his dimple in the left corner of his lips. Cigarettes and washing powder. He seemed amused by my ignorance. sitting. which were painted all over with graffiti. His jacket felt so soft and smooth. »You're a little dare devil.« He tapped on the seat. »We. People were…well. I loved that sent. »Yeah. They all looked sort of scary. He was wearing some sort of ripped jeans. He lifted the seat of his bike and took something out. but surprisingly he soon snapped out of it. The helmet was cozy. I soon realised that slow and safe driving skills weren't Lucas's style at all. but the sweet adrenalin running through my veins made me look again. »Put this on. Lucas looked so hot. »What?« I lifted my head to look at him. but now. metal. My heart was racing like crazy. He looked so cute doing that it made me blush. Look at all the lights that we were passing by. And smelled like him. Last time he was probably so carefull because we forgot our helmets..« He emphasised every single word. What?« I tried to imitate him. which feel over his almost raven black eyes. leaning left and right. kids with emo style. hipsters…all kinds of people. »What? Did you expect something different?« Lucas saw me examining the helmet. feeling of the danger made me close my eyes. cartoon characters. And feel off. A very large group of people was standing. A huge black helmet. »Oh lil' kitty. We were standing in the middle of some parking lot. dark place. »You alive?« He smiled while taking the helmet off. holding my body against his. All the colors smeared into one.« I mumbled. Are. drinking between two almost demolished buildings. but this time…My cheek bones are going to start hurting. painted with various colors…Sculptures made of glass.

is the Metha!« He victoriously said and expanded his hands. I've heard metal and punk and I've got to say…I don't like it. He has practice dummies. my lil' kitty. I was no match for that girl. matching her perfectly black high heel shoes.« He explained. We came to some sort of a bar and Lucas wanted to order us drinks. My hair was…dirty blond? Hazelnut brown? I don't know. See this two buildings?« He elaborated like a school teacher and showed towards the broken houses.« He grinned. He laughed. checking his phone. »Here is where concerts happen.« He casually said. Is she his…« I asked.« »Are you sure? It's on me. swallowing a giant rock in my throat. »He doesn't have a conventional look on women… what I want to say is that he looks at women as in objects…no wait. suspiciously. as if he would said something he shouldn't. it's a place where people with common interest in music. »Metha.« I saw that Lucas was already holding a beer in his hands.« he carelessly waved his hand »Lucas doesn't have girlfriends. A pair of old jeans. »Naah. »Hey Jimmy.»This. And it just so happens that today a friend of mine invited me to his gig. I looked around and noticed some of those big fluffy bags for sitting. almost silver eyes and of course – curves on the right places. still talking to that girl. »Maya Vickey. they reminded me of my mothers eyes.« He sighed. Unknown bands play for all the people who want to listen. I never did pay much attention to the color. »I'm good. »Jimmy and Kayla are meeting us here anyway.« »Suit yourself. »The what?« I asked.« He looked surprised. How could I not. She was wearing a tight blue dress. »Oh c'mmon. He started walking and then turned around when he noticed I wasn't moving. I looked at my clothes. you go ahead. rock. »You can go sit there. knowing that I don't want to know the answer. plus who would invite their friends to a date? I shook my head and sat on one of those comfy pillow-bags. She had long blond hair which matched her grey. She was playing with her hair and giggling all the time. »Oh. »beer. »No thanks. I suddenly got this burning feeling inside of me…I just wanted to rip her head off. .« I smiled back. »Oh.« He smirked. They were both smiling at each other.« Lucas said. Screaming just isn't music to me. Of course it wasn't a date. »I don't know. »What kind of music do they play?« I asked. I'm just gonna wait for my beer. Lucas looked so careless. only they were about two tones darker. »Don't judge the book by it's cover. His piercing blue eyes were sincerely shining. putting his keys in his pocket. showing towards that weird place. »One beer. people hang out. »Heeey Skye! Didn't see you in a while!« Jimmy happily squeaked at me. thanks. He turned around and laughed. noticing me checking out the bags. A small girl with blond hair approached him and poked him with her finger. all I know is that they were sort of wavy.« »What?« »The name of the girl Lucas is talking to. I looked at myself. but she was pretty. I nodded. Jimmy's face suddenly appeared in front of mine. well more like gigs. matched with an ugly green jacket and black trainers. don't tell me you're scared?« He scoffed. »What do you want lil' kitty?« I wasn't really thirsty.« He shrugged his shoulders. that doesn't sound right…« he stumbled. »Where's Lucas? I thought you were coming here together. So this wasn't a date. He coughed. »I…« I didn't even finish the sentence when he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the crowd.« »What?« I asked. style.« He said to the waiter. confused. right?« He softly smiled at me. he's ordering a. he said he doesn't do that. making me reassured. he looked like a happy dog greeting his owner. What the hell? You don't just go over to Lucas and make him smile like that you… you…bitch! Somebody bumped onto my pillow-bag and almost knocked me over. He did sort of fit in this crowd with that leather jacket of his. confused. leaning on the bar counter. punk-rock or something.« I hated to admit that.

»Weed. The place was really crowded and some people in front of the stage were moving and jumping around like crazy. I narrowed my eyes. right? I relaxed in his devilish embrace and watched the band. he is good with women who are his friends.« Lucas's dark eyes flashed at me.« I ripped my hand from his. I looked at Jimmy. pulling me into one of the buildings. I don't like him. They sang Green Day songs. »So?« I pretended not to care even though I did. Who is he to tell me what to do? Why doesn't he go back to his Maya. giving me the cigarette. His strong body behind me.« he pointed his finger in that crowd direction »that's called a mosh pit! So unless you want to get bumped by one of them. even angrily. playing the last accords of his song. angrily.« he pointed the cigarette in my face »makes all the problems disappear. I rubbed my cheeks and bowed my head. I hate to admit it. who was softly and comforting smiling at me. revealing his carved body. but I stopped listening. his hands hugging my waist. »Mosh pit!« Lucas yelled in my ear. but anything else…« »I know. the music was so loud. »This. I just couldn't help it. and the smell of too much cigarette smoke and stale beer burned my nostrils. He held it in for a while and then blew a long white cloud through his lips. Grass. They were actually pretty good. protecting me from all those people. full lips were so captivating. some were their own…The singer had a really dazzling. still frustrated because of what I heard before. but he absolutely sucks when it comes to women who are his lovers. so…sexy. still pouting like crazy and growled. I felt a sudden. At one moment he ripped his shirt off.« Lovers? As in plural? »He's like this manwhore…« Jimmy was still explaining Lucas's love views. telling her what to do! He growled and threw the cigarette on the floor. His grip was so strong I couldn't rip away from him. The band already started playing. »I've got something for you!« He snorted and reached inside his pockets.« He laughed and lighted it. »Don't smoke that shit. Marijuana. He's a good friend. »No. therefor – I have nothing to be angry about. »Fine!« We came closer to the stage to see the band. His blue eyes were shining like two sapphires. I could barely hear myself think. people were smoking inside even though smoking inside closed spaces was forbidden since 2007. Inside was a real stifling atmosphere. Their commitment to the music filled the room and suddenly the smell of cigarette smoke and stale beer seemed rather captivating. Lovers? He has several lovers? No wonder our kiss meant nothing to him. slipping down his face as he feel on his knees.« Jimmy gently brushed the hair away from my face »you want my advice Skye? Don't fall for him. It felt like all the energy left my body. . taking a long puff. Pennywise songs. »Sober up Jimmy. Joint. it was smaller then the usuall ones. He pulled out a small cigarette. and that silver piercing in his eyebrow gave him sort of a badass look…he was kinda hot. Drops of sweat were glittering. rolling off the pillow-bag. you better stick with me!« He yelled while grinning. »Why? You can't tell me what to do!« I snapped and tried to take it away from him but he grabbed my hand and pulled me up. his soft hair gently tickling my face…I looked up at him and he was completely focused on the band. His dark diamonds and soft. sort of rasping voice.« I almost whispered.trying to find the right words »What I mean to say is that. At least I think it was a cigarette. very similar to the singer from Green Day. and it looked home-made.« Lucas growled at him and grabbed my hand again. I didn't want to care about him! »Hey. Oh what the hell. He started coughing and laughing at the same time. bumping into each other. His dark eyes had a devilish spark in them. but it felt kinda good. Lucas wrapped his hands around me. very fitting to the punk-rock atmosphere. »You know what this is?« He furrowed his eyebrows. »Hey man. holding his forehead.« He widened his eyes. pulling me into his embrace. Why? I didn't care about him. Especially without the Mohawk. I was just about to take the first puff when somebody snatched it out of my hand. »Those people there. what the hell?« Jimmy whined. »What?« I yelled back. crushing pain in my chest. stepping on it.

It was like he didn't hear him at all. blond hair and friendly punched Lucas in the shoulder. The stranger was drunk and followed by a group of his also drunk friends. vote if you like! . awesome gig! We've gotta go. that's what I say xD anyway read. »Hi.« The drummer spoke breathlessly. »What did you say. »We were Panic Stricken!« He screamed and lifted his guitar into the air. »What happened to you?« He pointed to Lucas's black eye. Guys. my hands shaking and I knew that if I speak my voice will be trembling. I looked at Lucas and he was walking at the same speed as before. followed by his bassist and drummer. running towards us. some guy was acting smart again. »Hey!« He yelled again and I heard the pounding sound of his shoes. »What the fuck do you think you're doing. »Oh you know.« Lucas smirked and turned to me »I think she rather enjoyed your show. »Matt.« Said the singer with the hot.»Thank you all for coming tonight. »Haha. I closed my eyes. »It's sad that you know this is from Twilight!« Matt burst out laughing. »Hey you!« The stranger screamed at us. rasping voice. Lucas just gave him one of his death stares and walked away.^^. hitting the ground. »You bumped into me. but decisive: »You will not hurt him. »Ziggy. his face blank. I'm Luke!« Said the singer and shook my hand. We said our goodbyes and started walking. »So the lion feel in love with the lamb!« »Please don't quote Twilight…« Lucas shook his head. Everyone started laughing. . I guess this was our little secret. »No. every single instinct said to hide.« Lucas carelessly shrugged his shoulders. maybe some rotten fruit is acceptable. The door suddenly bumped open and out walked the singer of the band.« said the singer and high fived Lucas »you came!« He smiled. I got really scared. With one hand he grabbed Lucas's collar and with the other he prepared to hit him.« I said with a shy voice. My heart was racing like crazy.« Lucas put a cigarette in his mouth and lighted it »how did it feel living for a change?« I was just about to answer when somebody bumped into us. »Yo dude.« Yes. but hey! What's a story without a cliffhanger . comment.« I snapped. you bastard?!« The stranger spat at him. furrowing his eyebrows.« Lucas sad calmly. trying to carry all of his equipment. but the smile soon disappeared from his face. I held my breath.« »Hi. this is Skye. and yet I stood between Lucas and the pissed drunk. frightened. »Lucas…« I whispered. »Anyway guys. »Anyway I wanted to introduce you to someone. We were standing in front of the huge door that said Backstage. it's a cliffhanger! Don't throw granite cubes at me. that's our Lucas!« Laughed the guy with curly. his friends moving closer. Angry. every single cell in my body screamed to run away.« said Lucas and grabbed my hand »I've gotta introduce you to someone. His eyes were bloody red. »Hey!« The stranger grabbed Lucas's shoulder and turned him around.« Lucas was already turning away. I had no idea what the hell I was doing. »Lucas. »You lovebirds going to your love nest?« Luke mocked us. He sounded pissed. »C'mmon. took a deep breath and said calmly.« I tugged the sleeve of his leather jacket and showed him the time.« The blond bassist winked at me. »No!« I yelled and pushed the stranger away. The singer started laughing. He showed no fear whatsoever. I looked at the time and it was almost half Midnight.« He grinned. bumping into me like that and not apologising?« He screamed at Lucas. »So.boring. and Lucas narrowed his eyes at me.

I couldn't…fuck. »I could handle this on my own. »Sure you could. I felt a whoosh sound of air blowing right next to my cheek and then a hitting sound. The guy with the bashed nose looked pretty bad. Out of nowhere. pushing him away. Like an angel guardian…a fallen angel guardian. Lucas could really fight. He pushed me away. I couldn't do anything! »You little fuck. angry eyes. I hated to watch this. »A girl or not. but just for a few seconds. checking if everything is alright. relentless hands. His jaw dropped. I hated here. »What did I miss?« Ziggy asked. swiftly hitting the guy right in the face with his right foot. smirking. which spattered around like a cloud of smoke. A guy grabbed him from behind. furrowing his eyebrows. disgruntled sound pass through his mouth. his voice embraced with a terrifying and cold tone. yanking me down on my butt. All of the drunk guys were groaning on the floor. right?« He laughed. I opened my eyes and saw Lucas's hand stopping his fist.« The drunk growled. blood pouring from his face. everything else seemed in slow motion. making him stagger with exhaustion. »A bloodbath. when suddenly… Suddenly another guy stopped his fist before it reached Lucas. He was holding his forehead. They all looked at each other. I could feel the tension he was radiating. but they were coming at him from all directions. He was clenching his right fist. But then…then Lucas grabbed the attacker's hand so swiftly. and if his dad could hurt him as bad. »But why keep all the fun to yourself. Luke. making it not able to move. That only pissed the idiot's friends more. breathing heavily from all the running. I said to myself. Luke turned around on one leg. The only thought I had was I bet guy hits hurt worse than Virginia's. lifting it in the air.« He spat at me. friendly punching him in the shoulder. he swung right. except those eyes. falling on his knees. clenching his arms with his own. if three big guys attack you at once… He swung left. I closed my eyes. He was my angel. and even if he would be the boxing champion. painted with rage.« Said Lucas. he had it coming. What was he doing? He was obviously still hurting from the beating his dad gave him. but before he could come near him. I hated this. except his eyes. Luke confronted the last of the drunk guys. It was the singer from the band. looking at the guy with rage. but not fast enough. . his face completely blank. He was fast. looking at Lucas. »Big mistake.« Laughed Matt. he swiftly turned breaking someone's nose by bashing into it with his elbow. The guy was preparing to hit him again. I knew what was coming. »Lucas!« I yelled in pain of my own desperation. my whole body was shaking with fear and adrenalin. He grabbed his hand. He was now holding both of the drunk's fists in his strong. He could fight. Lucas's face was still blank. I wasn't strong enough to defend him. But there were still three left. Without blinking he knocked the first one down with his left fist.« Grinned Luke. throwing his left fist at Lucas. One of the guys punched Lucas in the stomach. he grunted with pain. Those mysterious. then what chance did he have against the pissed drunk and his five friends? It wasn't enough time to call for help. together with Jimmy.« Lucas said.Fireflies The attacker's eyes widened with surprise. so strong and ruthless. they seemed even more darker then usually. even if he had black feathers. leaving growling. you piss me off. emotionless. The drunk lost his sense of orientation. They all came at Lucas at once. They both tackled down the guy who was holding Lucas. He looked so tall. Well. Anger was flashing in his eyes. but still. Suddenly Lucas bashed his head into the drunk'd forehead. The idiot drunk started grinding his teeth. This was it. the bassist Matt showed up. which was obviously bleeding. My heart was racing. but in the good way. He was clenching the drunk's fist with no effort at all. covering their injuries. I breathed out a small cloud of hot air from my lungs. The guy threw himself back at Luke. high fiving him. What the hell? I didn't feel a thing.

« I muttered. revealing his stomach abs. seeming even more captivating then usually.« I muttered. The atmosphere was new to me. »Yes. Perfectly carved. * * * We were in the tree house. maybe expecting a different answer. So hot. »Does it hurt?« I suddenly said. »Your stomach. »I…I won't be able to drink that. dancing around like white butterflies. The whole bottle at least. »Lucas. »Y…Yeah. hissing through his teeth in pain. He poked himself. »A bit. With my face on his…little friend. »I don't feel like going home yet. I could feel that bitter spot on the tongue pretty clear now. He lifted his shirt. Lucas brought us two beers. smirking. »Oh. flickering in the dark like fireflies. »This one has your name on it. They exposed the wooden walls. Lucas took a big sip.« I said. Where the hell is the thread that's caught in his buckle?! . »Here. It was so beautiful.« I murmured. Alone. warming it up. which was covered with beer foam that escaped from the beer can. love promisses…love stories written on the lighted walls. where he punched you. I was drooling in my mind. just drinking beer. »Will you kiss it to make it better?« The devilish smile danced in the left corner of his lips. revealing his dimple. I should be concerned about you.« I mumbled. »What?« He softly smiled.« He said. It was like something broke inside of me…but on a good way. The inside was lighted up by thousands of Christmas lights.« I waited for a reply. the tree house I mean. I tried to escape from the prison called Lucas's belt buckle. »Are you hurt anywhere?« He paused and I shook my head. but sort of free. the warmth… It was intoxicating. I was still processing everything that has happened. but I just couldn't find the source of this sticky situation. It felt like a wall crashed down. removing the small drops of foam. »I…I don't e…even see it. making me feel completely safe.« I started. covered with colorful writing. trying to get up. We were looking at each other in silence for a few minutes. I took the beer. fuzzy feeling inside my head. my little virgin…« He shook his head. His muscles were so hard. making me fall into his lap. calming my cheeks down with it's frostiness. helping me to get up. »Where is it?« I asked. It was kinda cute actually. That dark angel made my heart race. lifting one eyebrow. My jacket sort of caught in his belt buckle. like…like I wasn't that scared anymore. Does it show?« »What?« »The bruise.« He lifted his eyebrows. Everything felt weird. the fizz filled my troath. All the lights flickering around us.« He smirked. »Skye…« Lucas whispered and put his hand around my waist. »drink as much as you can. The worst taste was when I was still holding the liquid on my tongue. unmoving. because it was too dark. quickly standing up. butterflies in my stomach…The slow. decisively. licking the tip of his thumb. A bitter-sweet feeling. silly. not realising how close I was to his stomach…or his belt buckle. sliding his tongue across his lower lip. Almost hot. so I leaned forward. love quotes. His dark eyes were glittering in the darkness. Names…Names of lovers. I followed his lead and took a small sip of that disgusting bitter beverage. cracking open a beer. Big mistake. He seemed so concerned. frozen from all the scenes and deadly cold.»Are you okay?« Ziggy looked at me. and yet his skin was so soft and warm. I couldn't see it. I blushed like crazy. like some sort of barrier was reached. When I swallowed it. I was still sitting on the ground. pulling me closer to him. concerned.« He whispered the most alluring way possible. »Yes?« He stared at me. »Okay. What the hell happened to lil' kitty? »Tell you what.« He offered me one.« He gave me the opened beer. His hands were sealed tight against my waist. »You sure?« He lifted his eyebrows. He gently took my hand and slowly pressed on the spot with my index finger.

From Skye to Lucas He smiled and took the pen out of my hand and doodled something over it. covered with various names. still nervously searching for the source of the problem. I remember it was a cloudy day.« He bluntly put that out there.« He explained.« I calmly answered.« I said. the gushing sound of waves hitting the pebbles on the beach. Tranquility. Now it said: I promise. »You look so cute when you're frustrated. quotes. He narrowed his eyes. I looked away.« He laughed and ruffled his hair. you weren't thinking. now! »Lil' kitty?« I heard him calling me. confused. his head in my lap. I wasn't really thinking…« I mumbled. I just wasn't sure I was strong enough.« He winked at me. »Please. »me and mom went there once. I need to get out of this. still smiling softly »the smell of the salty sea…We were searching for seashells the entire day and then we had a picnic on the rocks.« He closed his eyes. He was looking at me with his chocolaty. He looked like a small boy.« He opened his eyes and stared at me. I'm not that kinda guy. I looked at him with the expression of surrender on my face. I give up. with my head in Lucas's lap.« I gave in.« he motioned to the wall. He looked so adorable when he was thinking about something. I could smell that captivating sent of cigarette smoke and washing powder. smiling sarcastically.« He softly laughed and gently put my hands aside. »You already know. and grimaced his face in a cute way. Stop making me blush you damn Dashwood! He suddenly lay down. asking his mother for a candy or a toy or just five more minutes… »Okay. In only a minute he was done. mesmerizing eyes. before?« He furrowed his eyebrows. and pulled up my sleeve. I decided to keep it simple. Like starless night sky. »I…I didn't want you to get hurt. Brushing his hair calmed me down. Damn my cheap jacket! »Skye!« He yelled. I stopped. maybe I am.« Lucas held up his hands.« he softly smiled.« »What?« I asked. »Promise me you won't cut yourself anymore. I was so frustrated with all this threads that were caught in his buckle. I pouted my lips. It was so soft and smooth… »Tell me your darkest secret. I hated him staring at my shame. I didn't want to write I promise I won't cut myself anymore. feeling embarrassed because I almost got a nervous break down 'cause of some stupid accident. He slowly started to untangle the threads.« He suddenly interrupted my silent daydreaming. ruffling through his hair. »whatever get's written up here is forever. Just like that. He was gently creasing my wrist full of scars. I slowly brushed his dark brown hair with my hand.»Wow lil' kitty. »Right. »Why did you intervene. biting his lip. something like sunscreen and a perfume…That's my favourite memory. this would look so awkward…Me. I wrote: I promise. »The seashore. »Well. »It's not funny Lucas!« I yelled at him. »Calm down. »Tell me your favourite memory. »On the wall. I remember her sent that day.« I said.« »But…« »No buts! Don't ever do something stupid like that again or you'll get seriously hurt. not what you would want at the seaside. If some random stranger would walk in right now. trying to take off his pants… Crap. »Oh god Lucas. but it was…The seagulls were screaming.« He snapped. A long time ago.« He moaned in my wrist. Suddenly the soft smile vanished from his face. I lowered my head because the redness was heating my cheeks again.« He slowly took my left hand. He gave me a pen he found on the floor. his warm breath making me shiver. I had no idea what to write. From Skye❤Lucas I chuckled. looking completely serious. It really looked like summer night sky. Impressive. Hurt reflecting from those captivating eyes. »I…« I wasn't sure if I could keep a promise like that. irritated and stood up »I was just trying to help…« . that was just stupid. but I didn't care. his eyes focusing on the lights on the ceiling.« he lowered his voice »don't ever do that again. I needed to get away from this. »Please promise me something.« He gazed at me with his dark diamonds of pain. »You have to write it down. »That's right.

if you want go check it out!. My heart raced in anticipation.^^. . but he made me happy too. »Behind you? I know that! I'm not stupid. and yet he could make me laugh… Why didn't I want you to get hurt? Because it seems like It hurts even when the rain falls on your skin. »Just take me home. Hi Skye! :) I was wondering if…you would go out with me? Jimmy What the hell? Meoow! Read. I didn't…« He tried to touch my hand but I ripped away from him.« »Skye…« »Please!« I yelled with tears in my eyes. enjoy. Suddenly my phone buzzed. trying to touch me again. I am sick of being that lonely kid at the end of the line in the class photos. »Okay. Why did it get so complicated? I threw myself on the bed covers. The words were erupting out of me like magma from the volcano. attention! I've started a new story called My Punk Rock Fairytale. vote if you like! Attention. He could make me cry. I am sick of being weak!« I blurted out everything I've been holding up inside. * * * I was creasing Ash. feed up with everything. All she did the whole day was sleep and eat. »Skye. I wish I could do that. but I teared away from him again. comment. I am sick of being invisible.»I don't need your help! You should stand beh…« »Where?!« I suddenly snapped. but I was just…you…ugh!« I looked at him with rage in my eyes.« He said. resting in my fluffy bed. She was so lucky. He was bad…but he was good…ugh! He made me mad. »I am sick of being people's doormat. I know I could get hurt.

those dark. It was a giant green sweater. touching that rough. Was I really going through with this? Me: Sure. I looked around the room and everything seemed to be in order. Nothing at all. I pulled the strange thing on the surface. What is wrong with me? I do not like him! And even if I would starting to like him…I would stop. And it's freezing outside. we can hang out I guess. Besides. Lucas's sweater. Me: Sounds good. picking my brain for a reply.xD Sorry in advance! :D You know that feeling that you get. you know you got a text. My phone fell on the floor. I quickly snapped out of it. the computer seemed untacked…everything was were it was supposed to be. I wasn't really brokenI suddenly heard a thumping noise of something hitting the floor. you're gonna hate me for this one. Me: Yeah sure. * * * I got Jimmy's text the following day at school. maybe tomorrow will be better. He doesn't care. I've never been on a date before and Jimmy did seem like a nice guy. You can choose from the following options: Ice skating Skiing / Snow boarding Hiking For ice skating you will need the following equipement… . Great. I checked the school announcement board. Jimmy: At the Park? We're going to the park. The phone buzzed. All the first and second grade students have a sports day this Friday. Me: Don't you think that Lucas willLucas will what? We are not together. Nice. From that time he borrowed it to me. In the cafeteria. He was fast. he clearly stated that we never will…Lucas will do nothing. when you hear your phone buzzing. like I did Ash. I was cuddling it in my arms. the small green cactus was still in his colorful pot. Jimmy was cool. I thought my lungs are going to explode.A little bit of everything Oh. I got off the bed and looked under it. I threw his pullover on the desk and hid myself under the fluffy covers that hugged me every night. I was staring at the ceiling. The word was echoing in my head. and your heart starts racing. Even if I closed my eyes…there he was. Happy. Broken. Why are you the first thought when I wake up and the last when I go to sleep? My dark angel. Where are we going? I held my breath the entire time I was typing that text. Shit! I forgot to give it back. Nothing wrong with that. Because he…doesn't like me. sad eyes. What was he thinking? I started writing back. That sent made my heart race. Oh well. See ya at Five! Going out with Lucas's best friend. I deleted the text and started a new one. »Lucas…« I murmured into the green sweater. Where were they today anyway? I haven't seen them the entire day. So beautiful. His face. Hang out…it just sounded safer than a date. And there was something else…it was stuck behind my bed. I buried my head in that worn-out green pullover and breathed in the smell of washing powder and cigarettes. Jimmy: Tomorrow at Five? I was looking at the phone screen for a while. weary fabric with my fingertips. How did he know? Or what did he mean by it? Broken. I was thinking about the day we first met. Not that way. Even the teddy-bear with a broken eye was kindly smiling at me from the bookshelf. thinking about him. and a certain person's name pops into your head. I remember him saying: »You're a broken beauty…« The word that bothered me was – broken. The school bag was on the table as always. you get all heated up…And then the cold shower when you see from who the text really is? I wasn't expecting him to message me.

Light purple. Red. even Lucas couldn't follow her for long. More his style. you're probably right. They sell sandwiches. »Hi Jimmy. So bright. A big bad boy skating in his black leather jacket. hot crashing with cold. almost winter evening.« Jimmy replied »me. I grinded my teeth and let out a soft growl. ice-cream. reflecting the light of the dying sun. the same Ash makes when something bothers her. here we are!« He pointed towards the small house next to this gorgeous pond. His ocean blue eyes were shining with happiness. »So. Physical activity brought a slight redness to my cheeks. making it look like the Christal clear water was burning in flames. Yellow. making him look super cute.« I started »you had a sports day. but it fit Lucas better…Ugh.« Jimmy was so cheerful. A few frogs were squatting by the rocks. I had no idea how I'm going to last outside in this weather. facing the giant windows with a view on the fishing pond. I do not care about Lucas Dashwood and his…women. shining like the sun.« I softly smiled. The complete opposite. Jimmy looked at me. an icy winter embrace. why was I thinking about him? He hugged me. The place was almost entirely from glass. »It's called the Boathouse. »Lucas and Kayla tried to teach me a bit. What's wrong with me? I don't care! That's right. The pond was reflecting the last sunset kisses. »Don't tell me you've never been here before?« He asked with a grin on his face. knocking down the few leafs. half candy store. waiting for the waiter in silence. With Lucas was different. probably from the shower he took or something. So different than Lucas. »Kayla was the best of us. but it looked beautiful anyway. The inside of the place was very…unique. Prove to who? Him or me? * * * Saturday. I turned around. which were still holding on. There were so many water lilies. I have a date tomorrow. I bet all the girls will be drooling all over him. trying to catch the remaining beams of light in this cold. »Yeah. There's no better way to prove that I don't like him. His blond hair were escaping the blue hat he had on. He was smiling all the time.Sports day? I found myself hard to imagine Lucas ice skating. coffee.« He laughed when he noticed I was shivering. it's like half pub. »Maybe he was still in bad shape because of the fight. It was freezing. Colors of the fallen leafs matched the setting sun. »Anyway. I was waiting at the park. He smelled like some perfume for men and his hair seemed still a little soaked. listening to the cold swirls of wind gushing through the tree branches. The cold wind was crashing into my face and my cheekbones started hurting.« His grin softened a little bit into just the hint of a smile. it felt like I knew him for a hundred years. »And what is the lovely couple having?« A waitress approached us with a big grin on her face. and if Jimmy was the sun. Lucas was the moon. I clenched my fists. he would probably choose something like skiing or snow boarding. . we're going somewhere where it's warm. He was wearing black leather jacket. wine…a little bit of everything. I chuckled.« He laughed.« I knew it! »It was the first time for me!« He laughed. With his best friend. cakes. mostly just the green leafs without the blossom. It felt like a cold razor would be scraping against my fragile bones. They didn't have chairs and tables like the normal coffee shops do.« »Yeah. »Skye!« Yelled a male voice behind me.« We were walking down some old path. »No. Lucas and Kayla went snowboarding. beer. and yet with the boy who smiled all the time was harder to talk to. but I was mostly on my ass than on my feet. »Don't worry. I didn't even know we had a pond in the middle of the park. We sat on the squishy sofa.« I commented. I really had no idea what to say. which was accompanied by tall trees. they had this huge sofas.« He suddenly stopped. No.

Brush your teeth. Jimmy finally spoke. »You mean why I asked you out.« Said Jimmy »You sure you don't want anything else?« He raised the eyebrow with a piercing. Is there anything worse than that? Get up. First stars started to shine on the sky.« I shrugged.« Somehow it didn't sound right. »No.« That was it. He said he would only date someone he'd be in love with. not tomorrow…maybe not ever. he was never in love. once the conversation started it was easy. »I would never steal Lucas's girl. I meant because I lik-« He shook his head and did a half smile. sound of the near city. ruffling his bright hair. he was nice and kind and thoughtful…I did really like him. how's Penaut-butter?« We talked and we laughed for a few hours in the Boathouse. It was almost 8:30pm. I get it. Right? * * * Monday morning. Feed Ash. we've got plenty of time for this. It's just that…« He looked at me and lowered his head. »I'll have coffee with milk. Lucas doesn't have girlfriends. Now it's about us. Only Lucas could call me like that. right?« »Yeah. it was actually kind of nice. Besides now I'm with you…on a date. still holding me in his arms. »Lil' kitty. I knew he was leaning in for a kiss.« »Not even one? But. He started moving forward. Lil' kitty. I'm good. As a friend. I couldn't kiss him. which I gladly returned. He lifted his head. How many times can one person break your heart? I smiled to hide my pain.« The words were coming from my mouth. he can't…« He stopped like he said something he shouldn't.I nervously smiled and ordered a cup of blueberry tea. cars driving past us. »Don't worry. he must've have at least one…« I was more shocked than surprised. »He's got a nickname for you. His eyes shined like two sapphires and he glanced toward my lips. »Yeah. searching for…him. Jimmy smiled. Get dressed. Damn! »Lucas?« He widened his eyes in a surprise. »I…It's just…« »It's okay.« He smiled. He stopped after he noticed I was moving away and just painfully smiled. »No. »So. »So…« I mimicked him. The sound of cold wind gushing through the tree branches calmed me down. That's why he wouldn't…with me…He just wasn't in love with me. or anybody else's. He pulled me into a hug. not that I'd want it too…« He sadly smiled. He never had one. »So…« He said. and stared deep into my eyes. Even if he was breaking my heart.« I snorted. He walked me to the bus stop. I felt a sudden pain in my chest. Like diamonds in the heartless night. all bikes sound the same. »I mean. Lucas Dashwood never had a girlfriend? »No. After the waiter left us alone in the torturing silence. I thought I heard his bike. but no. Not today. and the cold darkness embraced the city. I quickly changed the subject. looking away from me.« He softly kissed me on the cheek. The sun hid a long time ago. »Skye. He chuckled. »Not today. »Nah. no I'm not Lucas's girl! He and I…I mean I know that nothing could happen. because Lucas-« I quickly bit my tongue. he didn't get it. It was probably just my imagination. huh?« »U…Um…« I mumbled. but I instantly moved back. roaring of the bikes…Bikes? I turned around and looked across the street. I really liked Jimmy. Jimmy was a nice guy. »I guess you're wondering why I asked you out?« He started. but not from my heart. looking pretty sexy. »I said I don't care about him. . It wasn't unpleasant. even though you're Lucas's girl?« I fiercely shook my head. Not coming from Jimmy's mouth. He laughed and took his hat off.

enjoy. See Lucas and Jimmy arguing. Jimmy was angrily ruffling his hair. He didn't even look at me. He said something to Jimmy and walked away. comment. his face grimaced in pain.Catch the bus on a cold morning. He just walked away. Wait. Lucas already noticed me. Walk to school. this story is dedicated to the person who made this awesome cover on the right! :) . His dark eyes were filled with anger. I ran towards them. what? Lucas was yelling at Jimmy. and Jimmy didn't want to owe him so he yelled right back at him. vote if you like :) And happy end of the world to all!xD Oh and. but before I could reach them. What the hell happened? Read. and I could see him clenching his fists as he passed me. looking somewhat surprised. interested in what caused this fight.

everything is pink and black. It's disgustingly sweet and cute. * * * When we arrived at Lolita a cute waitress in a maid outfit sat us at the corner table. know – apparently we could get attacked and you could get hurt. fluffy pillows. »What-« I looked back at Lucas. Jimmy pierced me with his deep blue eyes. »I'll have the same.« Jimmy leaned on the grey wall. »What can I get you?« She smiled at us.« A huge grin danced on his face. I didn't even think of the fact that we were not a couple. waiters – dressed like in anime…So much sugar. Okay. so I'm not a fan of 1D. actually. He was gently brushing my pale skin with his thumb.) Jimmy finally noticed me. He dug through his pockets. only I want white chocolate. today. »I'll have the hot strawberry chocolate. Everybody knew that they were best friends. you pissed of both. or fruit cup for two.« .« Jimmy's brows pulled together unhappily.« He grinned. searching for a cigarette. »Yeah. he needed to light it for a couple of times. and not with him. who were just melting in each other's arms. It's a cafe where…all the couples go. they were smiling at each other like two…morrons. He said that you…« He stopped in the middle of the sentence.« He sighed. »He said. »Do you want-« I quickly cut him off and ordered the first thing I saw on the menu.. Jimmy ruffled his hair and laughed. or how embarrassing this could be and just nodded. ice-cream.« He smiled nervously »I actually have no idea. facing me. This just didn't make any sense. Too much sugar at once.. but this song. »You know what. You. hot chocolate.« He finally took a deep puff »that I shouldn't drag you around in the middle of the night because it's dangerous. »Skye. since you were with me. lighting up the end of the cigarette.« I blushed.« He paused for a second »about you. When he finally found it. and he was mad at Jimmy – who took me on a nice date in a park? He is such a…morron! But I had this weird feeling…that there is more to the story. still with a sort of surprised look on his face. Everybody knows that place. »that we should go somewhere nice today. in a weird place called Metha. who was already far away. as laughter escaped his lips.« He smiled at me. Suddenly Jimmy took my hand in his.« »What?« He laughed. »Lucas was worried about your safety. almost yelling at the waitress. I'll wait for you after school. on the right . Everybody were ordering those couple things – you know an ice-cream cup for two. They all looked so cute it made me sick to my stomach. »but I was thinking we should go to…Lolita. He looked at me with his piercing blue eyes.I really like the beat and I think it fits in this chapter xD Anyway.« »I thought we went somewhere nice last time. »Ah. fixing the hat on his head. »What about me?« I almost choked on that sentence. »I was thinking.« He stared at Lucas.« He rolled his eyes. taking another long puff.« »Cool. »What happened?« »Um. everything for two…every freaking thing had two straws and as they started drinking. smiling back at him. this chapter is dedicated to my friend. »nevermind. please!« I said really loud. his bright hair locks of hair covering his beautiful eyes. or milkshake for two. »Sure.^^. »Why were you two arguing?« I never saw them fight before. cakes. because the thing was being extinguished by the wind.« Lolita? I know that place. Jimmy noticed me staring at those couple cup things. Lucas wasn't happy with me walking around the city at night? With his best friend? He was freaking worried? Is he serious?! He dragged me out. that they got each other's back…If you hurt one of them. and we did get attacked there. I looked around.Strawberry Hot Chocolate Merry Christmas! . antique chairs and tables. candy on every shelf. The place was crowded with couples. who found this awesome picture of Lucas.

»Coming right up!« She smiled and bowed to us. Weird.
»So,« Jimmy started digging through his pockets »I have something for you…Where the hell is it…« He
got frustrated, but his lips were still shaped into a nice smile.
That's what I like about Jimmy – no matter what, he's always smiling. People who smile all the time have so
much energy, and some of it was rubbing onto me. I felt good in his presence, he was like a star, and I was
borrowing his light. Much like the Moon borrows the light from the Sun.
The waitress finally brought our drinks. They were served in a tall glass, so you could see everything that
was inside. Delicious dark chocolate was melting onto juicy, red strawberries at the bottom. The smell of hot,
steamy chocolate and fresh strawberries was amazing. I took a sip of that delicious beverage, and all tastes
exploded on my tongue. Sour, sugary taste of the strawberries was almost overpowered by strong, cocoa taste
of the dark chocolate. Both tastes were mixing together in my mouth, dancing their last waltz on my tongue…
»Ah, here it is!« He held out his hand. He was holding a beautiful, tiny rose, made out of tin paper. It was
so cute, flickering the light in all directions, making it look like she's sparkling in several colors. »I made it at
art class.«
I took the tiny rose into my hand. The details were gorgeous, so precise. I had no idea how he folded a piece
of silver paper into something so…beautiful. »You're really talented...«
»Thanks!« He ruffled his hair again, blushing a little. »It's a hobby, sort of.«
»Making tiny roses?« I asked, curiously.
»No!« He laughed. »I mean, art. Art is my hobby, painting, sculpturing, drawing…stuff like that.«
I would never have thought that Jimmy was an artist. A punk who did art. Who knew? »Will you show me
your stuff?« I smiled at him. I really did wanna see his stuff. If he could create something so beautiful and yet
so tiny, imagine what he could create on a huge white canvas.
»If you want…« His hand started moving towards mine. Is he gonna touch my hand? Will we hold hands?
What if he tries to kiss me after this?
Million thoughts and million more.
He was only an inch away now…
Suddenly I hear a loud sound of someone bumping his chair next to our table. I looked up to see the
stranger who apparently tried to sit at our table.
Lucas Dashwood. In Lolita. A big bad boy in black leather jacket in a sappy, cute cafe. He took off the
hood, and a waterfall of his almost raven-like hair kissed his pale skin. His dark eyes, that beautiful dark
diamonds…and those full, lustful lips…Howcome this fallen angel made my heart race so fast, it felt like it's
gonna jump right out of my chest? He was standing out, everybody was staring at him.
»Sup, guys?« He grinned. Okay, that was new. Lucas Dashwood doesn't grin. Or smile. Not just like that.
»How-« Jimmy snorted and shook his head. »Dashwood, you're interrupting.«
»Oh really, Mr.Kane?« Lucas mocked him. Suddenly he turned towards me.
The smell of washing powder and cigarettes hit me right in the nostrils. He smelled so good I almost started
drooling. »Am I interrupting, Skye?« He said in such a sweet voice, I was left speechless.
This is not Lucas. Aliens kidnapped him, and switched his brain or something…there is no other reasonable
explanation for this…this…sweetness. »I…I…« I couldn't conduct a sentence. Or a word.
»See?« He turned back to Jimmy. »She doesn't mind.«
Jimmy angrily smiled. »Dashwood…« He growled through his teeth.
»Can I bring you something?« The waitress interrupted the conversation.
»Oh, just a straw.« Lucas waved at her and turned right back at us. His presence was making me nervous,
and yet I loved it.
»Dashwood, don't you have a place to be at?« Jimmy was still frustrated with Lucas.
Lucas furrowed his eyebrows, thinking heavily. He bit his lip and smiled. »No, not really. Besides, Kayla is
coming here.«
»No, she's not.« Jimmy protested.
»Yeah, she is. I just texted her.« Lucas shrugged.

»You…« Jimmy was about to say something, when the waitress interrupted them, again.
»Here's your straw, Sir.« She gave Lucas the straw and bowed. No matter how cute she looked in that
uniform, the bowing thing was making her look stupid.
Lucas snatched the red straw out of her hands and put it into my glass.
»What…« Damn it! Why can't I form sentences when he's around?
»Oh sorry lil' kitty. Did you wanna share yours?« The big bad wolf grinned at me.
»No…« I blushed.
»You know, having your mouth touch something that's been touched by another person's mouth recently–
that's called indirect kiss.« He licked his lower lip and put both straws in his mouth.
»Then we indirectly kissed a million times.« Jimmy ruined the moment. He was sitting on his chair, arms
crossed, annoyed expression on his face.
Lucas lifted his head towards Jimmy. »Don't be perverted Jimmy. Skye doesn't like that.«
Then why the hell do you do perverted things to me?
Suddenly another chair bumped into our table. Kayla.
»Well, this is a weird place to meet.« She spat, disgusted with the cuteness.
»That's because I didn't know you two were coming.« Jimmy was smiling, but was obviously angry at
»Oh.« Kayla figured out the situation and glared at Lucas, who was still playing with his and my straw,
while staring at me. His dark eyes were piercing me so hard, I thought I was gonna die. Die from a heart attack.
»Lucas.« Kayla tugged a lock of his hair. »Is that true?«
»Ouch.« Lucas whined and ruffled his hair. »Yeah, they were here first, but Skye doesn't mind. Right
All three of them were staring at me, expecting an answer. »I…I…« I mumbled. I had no idea what to say. I
panicked and started drinking my hot chocolate. Crap, I forgot about the indirect kiss! I was indirectly kissing
Lucas! Oh god, how old am I, six?
Suddenly a few strains of dark hair tickled my cheeks. I looked up, and a pair of dark eyes, almost the same
color as my hot chocolate, was piercing mine. He was only a few inches away. He was so close I could almost
smell that minty breath, as he hugged the other straw with his godlike lips.
I realised that we look exactly like every single couple in here. We were staring at each other's eyes,
drinking hot chocolate. Only, I forgot to suck the chocolate. I just stared at him with a straw in my mouth. He
was so gorgeous.
I looked at Jimmy and he was looking away, his face…not smiling. I suddenly felt bad for him. I took the
tiny rose from the table, to put it safely in my wallet, but Lucas snatched it from my hands.
»What's this?« He snorted.
»Give it back, it's a gift from Jimmy.« I said, annoyed with his arrogance.
»Seriously?« He laughed, lifting his hand higher, so I couldn't reach it.
»Yes, so give it back!« I got angry. He laughed and lifted it even higher.
»Dashwood, just give it back to her.« Jimmy rolled his eyes, and looked at Lucas who was acting like a
spoiled brat.
»Why?« Lucas laughed. »Look how cute she looks, jumping around.«
»Give it back!« I yelled.
»Why?« He laughed even harder.
»Lucas!« I yelled again.
»Make me.« He mocked me.
»Just give it back, and stop being such a jerk!« I yelled at him one more time, crossing my arms, shooting
lightning from my eyes. Lucas lost his smile, and looked at me with a surprise in his eyes. I left him speechless.
He narrowed his eyes at me and looked away. »I'm sorry.« He said in a soft, velvet-like voice.
I was shocked. Did he just apologized to me? Did he really? »F…Forgiven and forgotten.« I murmured.
We sat there for a few more minutes, Lucas was being…well, not such a jerk. After a while, Jimmy didn't
seem to mind Lucas's and Kayla's company. It was actually pretty fun to look at them, interacting. After we left,
they all acompanied me to the nearest bus station. Obviously.

»So…« Jimmy started again.
»So…« I mimicked him, again. Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around my waist. Lucas was hugging me
from behind, burying his face in my hair.
»Lil' kitty…« He mumbled in my hair, his hot breath gently brushing against my skin. When he was
touching me, it was like lightning would run through my body, making my heart race, my stomach twisting,
making it hard to breathe, but it felt so…good.
»Skye.« Jimmy suddenly grabbed my hands and pulled me closer to him. I was in between Lucas and
Jimmy. Dashwood-Kane sandwich.
Everything happened in a flash. Jimmy started moving his face towards mine, closing his eyes. I didn't want
this kiss, but I really couldn't move.
And then it happened. The last thing I expected. The last thing anyone would expect. Lucas moved his head
in front of mine, intercepting Jimmy's kiss.
Oh.My.God. Lucas intercepted Jimmy's kiss. Lucas and Jimmy kissed.
When Jimmy opened his eyes and realised his mistake, the first thing he did was – spiting on the ground.
»Eeeew, Lucas!« He screamed at him, rubbing his mouth with his sleeve. »What the hell?«
Kayla was standing there, her mouth hanging open. »Dude, I think you guys are rubbing off of me.« She
Lucas wiped his lips, and grabbed my waist, pulling me closer. »There is no way you're kissing her. No
way. She's mine.« He lifted my chin, pulling my face closer to his and stared in my eyes with his. He brushed
my lips with his thumb, leaning his forehead onto mine. He softly moaned into my mouth. »My lil' kitty.« He
pressed his soft, steamy lips against mine.
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Sunlight Kisses
So, today is my birthday and this is my birthday present to you guys...I guess xD I love all of your
support and comments and votes and I am sorry that I didn't answer all your comments, but there is just
so many of them, I got lost xD
And about updating - I update weekley, that means in about seven days, maybe more - because I have
a life which I pretend to like, I go to college and have tons of exams, and really don't have as much time
as I would like for writing. So sorry if I sometimes don't update weekley, it means I've got a lot to do.
His kiss was so soft, so sweet my knees started shaking. I suddenly felt the temperature rising inside of me,
my stomach twisting, nervousliy…
It felt like we were the only people in the world. It felt like we didn't have to breath any more. Like we
didn't have to eat anymore. Like we could just exist in our forever and always kiss.
I accidentally let out a soft moan, and that made Lucas even more passionate. He pulled me even closer,
gently creasing my cheek with his hand. He stared in my eyes again, slowly lowering his look towards my lips.
He licked his lower lip, doing that naughty smile of his. His smooth lips touched mine again, burning like fire,
pressing onto mine harder then before. He gently bit my lip, making me let out yet another, accidental moan. I
could see he liked it when he made me moan. So embarrassing.
»Wow…« Said Jimmy. I completely forgot he was there. »Lucas Dashwood wants…a girl.«
Lucas looked at him with pain in his dark eyes. He didn't say anything. He was holding onto me like I was
the thing he wanted the most in this world. But there was something sad and desperate about this…I couldn't
quite put my finger on it.
»You shouldn't…« Jimmy stopped. He just stared at me and Lucas, lowering his look, painfully smiling in
»Jimmy…« I started. But I didn't know how to continue. What to say, what to think, how to respond…I felt
so guilty.
»It doesn't matter.« He shook his head, smiling at me and walked away.
»I'll go after him.« Said Kayla and ran after Jimmy.
I pushed Lucas away, but not because I didn't want him, it's just…I felt so damn guilty.
»Skye.« He touched my shoulder.
»No!« I yelled, trying to move away from him. I buried my face in my hands, trying to hide from him. »I'm
a bad person.« I murmured into my palms.
Lucas wrapped his arms around me, pulling me into one of his rare hugs. I leaned onto his chest, absorbing
that husky sent of washing powder and cigarettes. That smell…it felt like home.
My home, my life, my love, my Lucas.
»You're not bad,« He whispered into my ear, his hot breath gently brushing against my cheek. »I am.« He
buried his face into my hair. He felt guilty too. The atmosphere felt so heavy, maybe too heavy for this…to
heavy for feeling guilty over hurting a friend. There was definitely something else on his mind.
»What do you mean?« What is your secret, my bad boy?
He looked at me, his face grimacing in pain. His dark eyes shining with desperation. He gently touched my
cheek, brushing it with his fingertips, so slowly it hurt. »Can I have one day with you?« He asked.
»I don't understand…« I answered, confused.
»I just want one day with you…without this…fucked questions. One day.« He furrowed his eyebrows,
obviously not knowing how to phrase what he should say. He looked so fragile. Like he was afraid I'm going to
»Lucas,« I whispered. »what is so hard…what can't you tell me?« I bit my tongue, realising I just asked a
heavy question. But I couldn't help myself.
He looked away, clenching his fists. »You would think different of me if you knew…« His dark brown
locks of hair were covering his eyes.
»If I knew what? You can tell me.« I did something I've never done before. Never dared. I raised my hand
and slowly brushed his cheek. He had a slight stubble on his face, probably forgot to shave today.
He took my hand, which was slightly shaking, and pressed it against his skin, closing his eyes. His
eyelashes were so dark, so beautiful. »It's not just something you say.« He was so warm. His face, his hands…

»Ugh. One day. »Gezz lil' kitty. »Lucas. He turned on the TV. »Is…Is this it?« I asked. »Fine.« He grinned with the naughtiest smile ever. »Well. »I have no bad intentions like that. A few locks of his hair endlessly kissed his not so soft cheeks. He took my hand in his. »Where are we going?« I asked.« I knew it.« He grabbed my hand and pulled me in. unlocking the door. Damn. and pressed play on some movie he already had in the DVD player. just anything with you…« I mumbled so nervously. »Yes?« He asked. making me nervous. This was too innocent for Lucas Dashwood. and if this was the price.« He grinned. um. Lost in translation. That made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. »T…To do w…what?« I sputtered. giving me a naughty look. »there is something I want you to do. Me and Lucas were holding hands. trailing towards the couch. The movie was called Fighting club. A cup of tea. much?« He did that half smile. with a blank expression on his face. »Home. The red color was dancing all over my face. drinking shitty tea…was this his idea of spending the day with me? He looked at me. with a surprise on his face. My mom would go nuts in a place like that. I didn't even notice when we arrived to his apartment. which probably wasn't vacuumed in ages. What could be worse than your own father beating you? He suddenly opened his gorgeous eyes. curiously.. Still holding hands. When we finally sat down he made me a cup of tea. like you want t. »will you…« I paused.« I blushed when he smiled at me.« He barely looked at me. »Am not!« »Such dirty thoughts. »I want you to kiss me. I chuckled. Lucas really sucked at this stuff. »Is your dad home?« I blurted out. »I really don't get how did – I want to spend time with you. for such an innocent girl…« He mocked me. tilting his head. Watching TV. even I thought it was pathetic. piercing me with his kind darkness. raising his eyebrows. He was staring at me for a little warm and yet so cold.« He brushed his lower lip with his thumb. Again up the stairs. I looked around and noticed that there was still tons of beer cans and dirty dishes… Clothes randomly lying on the floor. »I…I can't just…y…you know. this wasn't my question! Thought it wouldn't hurt to know. shoving his adorable dimple. covered with spiky stubble. »I…I didn't mean it like that. »Anything.« He was still cracking up. Damn…did I promise too much? Did he mean an eye for an eye thing? If I could ask him anything afterwards. I wasn't sure if this was it…The way he wanted to spent the day with me. »What?« . »Don't…you know…« I started rambling again.« He kissed my hand with his smooth lips. turned into – I want to fuck you. Lucas!« I used all the strength I had and yelled. He glared back at me. I was wiling to pay it.« »Home? Home where?« »My place.« I blushed like crazy. not that disgusting beer. »Thank you lil' kitty. »No.« I shyly said. do. you're such a perv.« What was so bad that he couldn't tell me now? Did he think I wouldn't want to spend my day with him if I knew his secret? I wanted to know. »Can I have one day with you? And then I'll tell you anything you want.« The word easily slipped down his tongue. grabbing his sleeve. We were holding hands. And then…he burst out laughing. did that mean he could do anything he wanted…to me? I let this thought ramble around in my mind. Thank god! Not that the tea was good…it was actually kinda gross tasting. but not as bad as beer.

velvet-like lips against my collar bone. »I can't take it anymore. panting heavily. Suddenly he slightly bit into my skin.« He ruffled his chocolate hair.« He reminded me of my cruel fate. slowly brushing them up his waist. making me tremble in his hands.« »I…I don't know how…« I stuttered. kissing them with passion. »This is where you put your hands.« His hot breath tickled my skin. painful only for a split second and then unbearably good. He gently brushed my naked skin beneath my shirt.« »I had them too. His tongue found it's way into my mouth and he slowly played with mine.« He kissed me. I thought I was gonna die. »Just don't get scared. He pressed his soft. »or here. which was still a bit moist from that kiss.« I narrowed my eyes. towards my breasts.« Damn him. with my tongue. »This means you're mine.« He slowly lifted my chin. How the hell do I play a player? It wasn't worth it. I counted to ten and went for it. I licked the spot a bit.« Even bigger grin danced across his face.« He smiled. sloppy kiss. I stood up. »Then you move closer towards the lips. his torso. Just breath. He stopped for a second and gently kissed my neck. Then I pressed my mouth against his skin. making me feel all of his body. all the way up to his neck. His hands were lingeringly moving up my waist. I pulled the collar of his black shirt. gazing at me. »It's okay. I want you to do it. I don't have moves. And higher. Suddenly I felt a pair of strong hands. I closed my eyes and kissed him. His fingertips on my skin felt so good. He was slowly slipping his hand up my naked back. He did that naughty smile of his. gently whispering in my ear. I won't move. Okay. A love bite. »I'll teach you. slowly caressing my new purple love bruise with his fingertips. »I hate those stupid spots. preparing to leave. slowly making his way with steamy kisses to my neck. I hesitated.« »I know. I slowly kissed it. He pressed his full lips against mine. okay?« He seeked my eyes for permission. »My mom called them sunlight kisses. My heart was racing when I felt his hard body pressed against mine. »I want to see. A short. you're mine for today. »or here. »Then you lean in even closer. and that made him even more eager to play this game. his minty breath creasing my lips. when I was a kid. making all the capillaries pop. tilting his head. When I opened my eyes he was still looking at me. moving his hands on my lower back. close your eyes?« I really couldn't do this if he was going to look at me. When I stopped I searched for his moist lips again. Lucas softly moaned in my ear. smiling. He kissed me again. against the cold wall. »Is that it? No foreplay.« He trailed my pale skin beneath my neck with his fingertips »Here. I can do this. his hot breath tickling my pale skin. I promise. where I was gonna live my mark. I can't just…not just like that. »Um. pining them above my head. I nodded. no tongue…« He mocked. . making me taste that minty flavor.« He placed my hands around his neck. tilting his head closer towards mine. gently turning me around and pushing me against the wall. I felt so embarrassed. It felt so good. presenting me with his snowy skin.« He moved his fingers towards my neck.»I want you to put your moves on me. avoiding eye contact. but he did a turn. he wiped my neck. »You have freckles.« He took my hands into his. coloring my love bite purple. so sexy. rubbing my hands against my thighs. Just like that. sucking the chosen spot. And then I kissed higher. »I'm a complete jackass. »Then you decide where you want to kiss first. hot lips. He paused for a second. And then his neck. again. blushing like crazy. »What?« I almost whispered. I quietly moaned from pleasure. »C…Can I try?« Lust for Lucas's body was talking out of me. revealing his collar bone. »I'm sorry. sucking it with his mouth. touching every inch of it. »Remeber lil' kitty.« He pointed towards my trembling. »And stare…« He stopped and stared at me.« He smiled.« He softly whispered. He pulled me even closer. biting his lip in anticipation.« He said.« He brushed my jawline. making my knees wobble. gazing deep into my eyes. which were still hugging his neck. smiling like an idiot. as he leaned his head next to mine.« He panted. When he stopped. grabbing my hands. »Nope.

« He buried his head in my neck. There was still something missing.I didn't want to stop. I decided not to ask him…whatever was I going to ask him. how stupid I was. I don't care. I just need him and his kisses. in front of my house.« I smiled and returned the favor. »Lucas. Something just didn't feel right.« He smacked another kiss on my lips when he dropped me off. my lil' kitty. but I had to. Oh. I didn't want this to stop. »I know. »Bye Lucas. A new lesson awaits you. I didn't want us to stop. My mom will be worried if I don't get home in time. I don't need to know his secrets. telling me something was wrong.« He sighed. . * * * »I'll see you tomorrow. warning me. I couldn't help but to think that I could live like this forever. As he drove off. I would rather live in ignorance. his breath twirling against my bare skin.« I panted »I have to go. But there was still this little voice inside my head.

»You'll never look at me like that. I found him at the front door. and went searching for Jimmy. she always snorted and said: »You should remember this from middle school. »What's that on your neck?« He pointed towards me. »Sorry. He lifted his head. but he cut me off. made me mind drool. didn't seem to think so. »Did he…« He grabbed my hand and pulled it away. They should be thrilled I'm smoking. Lawinski.« He suddenly narrowed his eyes and looked at me. But our math professor.« He silently laughed. Is there anything more boring and abusive on this world? I mean. It's just not worth it. I wanted him. Lucas was so alluring. Of course the flower was fake. What the hell was her problem? The bell finally rang. »Jimmy…« I tried to stop him. He leaned his head up against the wall. steeping towards him. »What's a day without a cigarette?« He gazed at me with his piercing blue eyes. »I know he has a secret. »See you. alone. you slightly open your lips…« He slowly smiled. * * * Math.« I apologized. right next to the No smoking sign. I sneaked out of the cafeteria. »I think I really like him. I looked behind me and they were still . Today she was complimenting the flower Virginia put in her hair. staring at me. before Lucas could notice me. »What do you mean you don't need…« He shook his head. Jimmy raised his head. »Well. »You're gonna get punished if they see you. No Jimmy. it's just horrible and useless. I've gotta have my coffee and my cigarette. she would always yell: »This is cheap shit!« And took the chalk out of your hands. »Screw that. ugly. and his smile disappeared again. so breathtaking. with anger in her eyes.« I leaned on the wall.« I sighed »but I decided that I don't have to know. »Lucas is an okay guy. You should've seen yourself Skye. looking at me with a surprise in his eyes.« »What?« »Nothing. »It doesn't matter. A huge. »I just hope he doesn't hurt you. And Lucas…« His face became a bit dark again. losing his smile. rushing through the door.« I said. making us look bad. »He did. And the worst thing of all – she absolutely loved Virginia Thompson.« And if you didn't solve the problem right. so I can stay focused in the class. your cheeks get some color. »What?« I covered the spot. I really wanted him. She was always making us come over to the blackboard. explaining how stupid you are for not understanding this. Mrs. »I…« I mumbled. but who the hell uses logarithms. He was leaning up against the big grey wall. we use subtraction and addition. but…« He stopped and furrowed his eyebrows.« He let go of my hand and leaned back on the wall. Just thinking of yesterday. red flower.« I swallowed. letting locks of his bright hair slip off his cheeks. Skye. she was giving me looks the entire day. We both knew what was I talking about. I needen't to say nothing more.Cookies I think you will like the video on the right! :P During the recess I've noticed that Lucas and Kayla were siting in the cafeteria. I knew exactly what he was talking about. I've gotta go to the bathroom.« He snorted and looked at his shoes. You never looked at me the way you look at him. She was always talking to her. She would furrow her eyebrows. next to him. looking all frustrated. looking at my feet and up. unless you're going to be a scientist or a doctor.« He murmured and walked through the door. square roots and stuff like that? It's really unnecessary to know this stuff. »That's alright. He threw the burned out cigarette on the floor and stepped on it with his shoe. If you asked her a question about the problem. your eyes widen. »What?« I asked. his lips burning into mine. announcing the end of the school day and I saw Virginia and her SS team walking towards me. The love bite. raising his eyebrows. so…mouthwatering. preparing to say something that was really hard to say. complimenting her…She was like an old version of Virginia. writing on the blackboard.« I breathed out. finally relieved. smoking. »I think I knew you liked him. I quickly grabbed my books. And speaking of Virginia.« He opened the door. But I still felt bad for Jimmy. his hands sliding down my naked skin. for me at least. Yeah. solving a complicated math problem in front of the whole class.

I narrowed my eyes. breathing heavily.« He said. naughty smile. He grinned. searching for Virginia.« His room was smaller than mine. she wasn't going to ruin my day. looking for my way out of this situation. »So. burying my face into his chest. I started panicking. like honey. I guess. He was whispering with that hot. Please. »Want to see my room?« My eyes widened in fear. It's inappropriate. sticking his tongue out to mock me. n…nothing. »Really?« He moved behind me. Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed me. checking out the Nirvana poster.« »Character?« »Yeah you know. It was all white. I didn't want him to worry about Virginia. Ancient. bumping into everyone.« I gripped onto his leather jacket. »I am now.« I swallowed. old computer. and on the other side there was this huge. Too many people. I recognized those eyes.« I gasped. It was cracking. captivating diamonds. Messy. I looked at the person with fear in my eyes. didn't I? I wanted to sit on the couch. gazing at my lips. I guess she changed her mind. »What got you so scared?« »Oh.« I walked around the room »it has…character. snorting. »It's n…« He paused for a second and bit his lip.« He grabbed my hand. »Does it bother you? The sent. »N…No. but she wasn't there. that smell of his. picking my brain for a solution. but Lucas stopped me. Those dark. grabbing me around my waist. My heart started beating uncontrollably. He glared back at me. Oh. Again. arrogant.« I trembled as his fingertips slowly creased my bare neck. now would we?« I looked away. his tone of voice reminding me of Chuck Bass. Cigarettes and washing powder.« He leaned his head towards me. He whispered in my ear. »We…We're in school. There was a bottle of water on his nightstand. looking at me all concerned.« I lied. »You smell sweet. »Like I care.« He whispered in my ear with his husky voice. »like washing powder and cigarette smoke. His desk was filled with clothes on one side. Was that code for sex? He tilted his head. He made me feel so safe.following me. it almost took half of the room. blushing even harder. He had a Nirvana poster next to his closet. »We wouldn't want to make a good girl like you go bad. And…cookies. I looked at the other side of the hallway.« »C…Cookies?« . with a few grey stains on it. »Um. making a big. not today. right?« »No. your character.« I accidentally gripped his hand a bit harder. we'll do it your way. I just shook my head. I had to say that kissing in school was inappropriate. moving locks of my hair away from my ear. * * * His apartment. Lucas lifted my chin. pulling me towards his room »just some making-out. husky voice of his. sort of like a morning voice. »Not school. There was no sign of books anywhere. softly smiling at me. what do you think?« He raised his hands and pointed around his room. He was so close I could smell his minty breath. I sighed with relief. »Are you okay. »Where are we going?« I shyly asked. it even smells like you. »Okay. and a small 30 seconds to Mars poster above his nightstand. »You're such a scaredy cat. »Why?« He looked at me with a shocked expression on his face.« I walked towards the closet. lil' kitty?« Lucas lifted one of his eyebrows. Even the room smelled like him.« His hot breath on my neck was driving me crazy.« I blushed.« Lucas grinned. »Okay lil' kitty. I ran through the hallway. I got one of those hot flashes. all messed up. like he knew what I was thinking. »Nothing like that will happen. »I…It smells n…nice.« He took my hand and started walking through the hallway. »No…« I moved my head away. »A real shit-hole. His bed was huge. The bed-sheets were dark green. »And how do I smell?« He whispered.

but he wasn't really close. so fragile… . pounding in his chest. please not strip poker… »Well it's more like a fun activity. it's mine…« He looked down towards his pants. He was so innocent.« He brushed my lip with his thumb.« He grabbed my waist. »baked. towards my breasts. »Let's play a game. »I will never do something serious like that. looking all embarrassed. the butterflies in my stomach…It felt so good. »Your skin. His lips were so full. looking for something. I was all dizzy. I never saw him blush before. making me accidentally moan into his mouth. »Why…Why are you so far away?« I curiously asked. Before I knew it we were laying on the bed. heating up every corner.« He kissed my neck again and slided down my bare skin. it almost made them look like they were swollen. He rambled through the drawer in his nightstand. making me taste that delicious. traveling through my body. »your sweet. seriously looking at me.. »Skye. The taste and the feeling were unbearably sweet. like those.« I whispered. The candy in our mouths completely vanished by now. my eyes started watering. okay?« He lifted both of his eyebrows.« He bit his lip and did that half of smile. He was sort of. without asking. sweet and sour strawberry flavor. His touch created waves of pleasure. Lucas on top of me. I shivered. »Your heart is beating really fast. »Only when you are around. patting the place next to him. So delicious.« He kissed my neck. rather then a game. filling our mouths with that intoxicating tones of flavor.« He whispered with that sexy voice again. I could feel his cold. It was a round. »freshly. red candy. plastic bag. He sat on his bed.« He suddenly got serious. lustful lips were pressing against mine. He stopped and gazed into my eyes.« He went under my shirt.« He touched that spot on my neck.« I noticed his racing heart beat beneath my hands. which made him grip me with his strong hands even harder.« He touched my neck with his lips. beneath my shirt. making the little candy dance between our tongues. towards my waist. He moved the thumb towards his mouth. hard. sweet lips. I mentaly slaped myself. but nice.« He smiled.»Yes. grabbing both of my hands. placing them on his chest. »What game?« Please not strip poker. »You taste good. turning me towards him. above me. shoving me where to sit. and softly brushing my cheek with his other hand.« He bit my lower lip. slowly sliding his fingers up and down. I'm not sure if…I mean what…you're doing. touching my naked stomach with his warm hand. you moron. And more. It's a bag of candy. and grabbed my chin. pulling me closer to him. And then he blushed. I pushed back with my tongue. »cookies. condoms! He opened the bag and took out a…candy. »Is that better?« He alluringly asked. will do or something…« I blurted out.. »You taste so fucking good. »I…I…« My hand was shaking when I tried to touch his. He was slowly moving the candy on my tongue with his. panting. »Sorry. »why are you so scared of me? Don't you trust me?« »I…um. »your tongue. »Just s…stay above t…the waist. not touching me with his torso. my heart racing. looking even more naughty. leaving that sweet and sour strawberry flavor. metal belt buckle pressing against my bare skin on my stomach.« He touched my cheek. a few inches away. I noticed a bulge in his jeans. It felt sort of ticklish. »What…« He put the candy into his mouth. Oh shit. gently kissing me on the lips. understanding what he was saying. »What's wrong?« He softly said. He placed his hand on my lower back. tucking a lock of my hair behind my ear. His eyes seemed so kind and warm. licking it. well. »It's cold. by leaning on his elbow. making me shyly moan. mumbling. slowly brushing my stomach. After one I wanted more. accidentally rubbing the tip of my tongue. tilting his head and kissing me. »Well. His tongue sank into my mouth and I suddenly felt something round shaped in my mouth. His kisses were like drug. Suddenly he pulled out a colorful. His hot. »Come closer.« I looked down. He looked at me with a surprise in his eyes. gently rubbing it with his fingertips.« »M…My skin?« I mumbled.« He kissed my neck yet again. He was holding his distance. I nodded.

»And I would love to do all that to you. trying to untangle them. lifting up my shirt a bit. but I couldn't.« He pierced my eyes with his dark ones. but he wasn't pressing on me that hard. but I had nowhere to run. »It's okay. his dark eyes searching for mine again.. »where does it feel good when I touch you? And it can't be the lips. Lucas stopped and buried his face in my stomach. gently kissing my cheeks. giving me his naughty look. but I would like to some day. I could feel his hardness pressed against my thigh. leaning his body against mine. What was he…I mean I know what was he talking about. I slowly slid my hand towards my stomach.« He said.« He roughly searched for the side of my neck. we still tasted the strawberry. The bell rang again and Lucas yelled: »I'm coming. I quickly covered my mouth. I won't touch you at all without permission. all the way to my… Suddenly the house bell rang. completely serious. His eyes followed my hand movements perfectly. a few locks of his almost raven hair falling towards my face. all my secrets. that's how strong his look was. There's nothing to be scared of. »without your permission.« I said. his pale face colored with a hint of pink. oral sex. feeling something I've never felt before. »Here.. »Mhm. fuck. That made me arch my back. Like he could see all my past. »dirty things are fun. ruffling his hair. I swallowed. I heard yelling from the living room. »Can I make you feel good then? I promise – only above the waist. I'm not gonna touch you down there. I won't touch your naughty places.« He started with that cracking. In fact. tell me. shoving his cute dimple. soft lips. I calmed my hair with my hands. Sex. He slowly moved towards my waist. »Skye. He slowly descented on me. kissing me all over. revealing my bare skin. t…those things are d…dirty…« I blurted out words even I didn't understand. »I…It's just t…that…you know. blushing even harder if that was even possible. He stood up.I raised my hands. Or tell me. . or the neck. those things feel good. »Okay?« He asked for my permission again. »But serious Skye. but this was so embarrassing! I can't just…How can you talk…I gasped for air. making me relax.« »You can't. wrapping them around his neck. made you say it!« He grinned. blow j…« I stopped. surprised of his vocabulary. but I didn't mind. I could feel his full lips and wet tongue…It felt so good I moaned. Now. His body felt so good on mine.« He murmured on my skin. »why are you so scared of those. »Haha.« He bit his lip. That made him laugh. I thought he'd be heavy. What the hell? I slowly walked towards the room to see what all the commotion was about. present and future. »It's just words. I wanna make you feel good. He laughed. »Fuck. I wanted to hide. The bell rang again. Oral sex is…« »What…« I yelled. He started kissing my stomach again.« He whispered. His mouth broke from mine. and his body pressed against mine made everything feel so much hotter. trying to say something. »Shhh. His hair was tickling me. He lifted his head again.« He gently smiled and brushed my hot cheek. blow job. he was kissing my belly and going higher and higher. »Lil' kitty. looking more serious.« I murmured. I opened my mouth. I will stop. sex things? I mean why do you get so freaked out when I touch you around the waist? I mean.« He gazed into my eyes. He gently pushed me back on the covers. But I won't force you into anything. for fucks sake!« While Lucas was opening the door. leaning his forehead on mine. He laughed. but instead he started kissing my stomach with his hot. I felt like he was looking at me naked. it's okay…« He gazed at me with his dark eyes. his hot breath tickling my belly. which was rolled all the way up to my bra. He didn't stop.« A blush of red exploded across my face.« He said with an annoyed voice. I thought he'll only touch me with his hand. just stop me. realising what I just said. every feeling enhanced. He kissed me again. I don't mind. I tried to fix my shirt.« He mocked my vocabulary. »I'll go see who it is. husky voice. I nodded. »I love it when you blush. If you don't like something I do.

»She deserves to know!« He yelled again. looking at me with pain in his dark eyes. He was heart-broken.The person yelling at Lucas was…Jimmy. realising Jimmy was probably drunk. she…« »I know!« Lucas yelled at Jimmy. What the hell is going on? . He reeked of alcohol. He suddenly looked in my way and furrowed his eyebrows. his blue eyes flashing with anger. wobbling. »She needs to know Lucas!« He screamed and pointed towards me. »She has to know. I walked to the front door.

We were walking through empty streets. »What?« I looked in the direction he was looking at. letting go of my hand…why did that make me feel like I was falling of a cliff? I couldn't hear myself think. but not rough either. The heavy clouds cast a shadow upon him.« He hissed through his teeth. Lucas stopped. Lucas lowered his head. He let go of my hand. trying to punch him again. used needles on the cracked. »Not here.« Lucas said to Jimmy in a dead-cold voice. »You're gonna have to tell her. and guided me towards the dead end street. swallowing that heavy secret of his. Only pain and anger in his eyes. sighing. He didn't say a word. »You fucking…« Jimmy hissed at him. »Just tell her already. Dark clouds filled the sky. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the apartment. hiding his face from me. .The Dark Side Jimmy was leaning on the doorway. let go!« He yelled. what was he gonna tell me? »Cmmon. he was so drunk he was hardy standing up. nice. I could feel the cold air crawling in my bones. He pointed his finger towards Lucas. When we came closer he stopped. »The fuck man. taking a drunk step towards me. Or I will. the beating of my heart was to loud. trying to push Lucas away. grabbing his collar. »Keep up. »He is…« Suddenly Lucas jumped towards him and pushed him against the wall. He looked away. pouring all those emotions into his name. I saw it. Jimmy rolled his eyes. Only hate. »Lucas. heavy rain.« He said in a cold voice. only a few cars parked in a dark alley. leaving Jimmy behind. but this time Lucas threw him against the wall. He dodged it. so I turned away. »Lucas. I had no idea what to do. It all happened so fast I could hardly keep up. the Greek god of love into a dark and bitter Hades. I could feel it beneath my skin. A few minutes ago he was so sweet. biting his lip so hard it started bleeding. My heart started racing. »The cars. His hand stopped right above Jimmy's face. »Shut the fuck up!« He yelled at him. drug use…it was the dark side of the city.« He looked at me with those dark eyes. not like this. I saw a young guy with his pants around his ankles…on the top of a woman…older woman…she was without a shirt or a bra…completely topless…moaning…I couldn't take it anymore.« Jimmy demanded in that cold tone again. that's gonna start pouring out of them any minute. Suddenly memory flashes from that night ran through my mind. grey roads…it was like the apocalypse.« He ordered. I've never heard so much pain in a voice. We were at the forgotten part of the city. There was nothing there. panting in that cold atmosphere. which were now almost red. raising his right hand. I forgot my jacket and it was freezing. Windows were cracked. my hand covered with blood. Somebody was inside. drug trafficking. god of the underworld. He turned around and walked towards me. Virginia's hand moving towards my face…Why the hell is there so much violence? »Lucas!« I screamed. Where almost nobody ever went. How Lucas fought against those guys. flashing with anger and madness. matching the weather to current events. His face emotionless. happy…so bright. Lucas ruffled his hair and turned away. but he was to strong. clenching his fists. not gently.« He said. For a minute there my fallen angel had white feathers. he just took my hand. Jimmy struggled to get through Lucas.« He said in a painful tone of voice. the bruises on his face. Jimmy furrowed his eyebrows. my scars. He looked at me and then his eyes turned to Lucas. his voice cracking. wanting to hit Jimmy. Lucas holding my wrist with such strength it hurt. street dogs barking at us as we passed by. My eyes started watering. moving away. not even looking back. it made them look uninhabitable.« He said. The buildings were so old. I stepped closer. I could smell that cold. We all knew that a lot of gangs were hanging out here. making it feel like my bones are cracking.« I tried tearing away from him. turning my Amor. walking back towards Lucas. piercing me with those blue eyes. I looked at the grey car. »There. »Move. gardens forgotten. Whatever he was supposed to tell. it hurts…« I tried again. it wasn't exactly pleasant for him. swinging with his left hand towards Lucas. »You win.

but he was already a million miles away.« His voice was cracking in anger. »Why…« I tried asking. »Why?!« He screamed. »A prostitute. If the rent is not payed. »What…« I shook my head. for fucking alcohol. My mind was like a broken record. »Why?! Because I have to! You think I like this? You think I like selling myself to strange women?! It's the only job that covers the fucking rent. I grabbed onto the dirty wall next to me. the blood from his lower lips was slowly slipping down his chin. I didn't even feel the heavy droplets falling on me from the dark clouds. He was…He was…I shook my head. Only in fairytales. »Skye. All this events. It's too much. but I was speechless. »What the hell is your secret?!« I screamed at him. »Why the fuck would you show me this?!« I yelled. I will stop now. But it wasn't raining. doesn't…his money goes for booze. »But…« »My so called father doesn't pay for it. angrily. It feel from his cheek. What the hell was wrong with him. My eyes…my green eyes… they were becoming emotionless and dark like his. I will…I will even go back to youth home. what the hell did that had anything to do with this? »The cafeteria…« I held my head. It's too much.« He closed his eyes. It's not a place filled with people that are trying to help you…it's not a place of kindness…it's not like in movies. Before I knew it I was throwing up. a boy toy. So much water in my hair. My long hair was dripping wet. hitting him in the torso. »I have no other family. I must have run towards Lucas's apartment. I was getting a killer headache. The walls were closing onto me.« »That's why you can't be with me. »You're…« I paused for a second. a fucking whore! All those fucking names and more!« He yelled. No thoughts. Skye.« He said so calm it made death seem cheerful. »The day before. getting an education. Since mom died… My so called parent. The cold feeling of the air was hardly noticeable. »Skye!« I heard Lucas yelling.« »It's too much…« I was repeating that sentence in my head over and over again.« Suddenly a picture of a memory flashed behind my eyes. . luxury lover. ruffling his hair. I had no control over the words that were coming out of my mouth or over my body. pissed off as never before. lowering his head. taking a short breath of air. I have no idea how long I was running. all this secrets. piercing my soul with them. The first drop of water kissed the ground. It's too much…I turned away and started running as fast as I could. My body couldn't take it anymore and I stopped. Lucas was…kissing and touching some woman… the guy in the car…older women…not his girlfriend…it's his job… I stopped breathing. making it hard to lift up my head. For fucking beer.« He touched my hands. »You're an escort. I just ran. mixed with incapability of breathing.« I said. panting in confusion. »I can't…« I moved away from him.« He was making promises that we both knew were only hopeless wishes. an escort. Where was I anyway? It looked familiar. his face still emotionless. I had no idea where I was running. He clenched his fists. Those people…« He punched the wall and the blood started slipping from his newly opened wounds. searching for my eyes. No feelings. He looked at me with watery dark pools of darkness. I looked at my reflection in the puddle of water. falling on my knees. »that's why I couldn't be with you – before.« He said calmly. No pain. the social service will come and stuck me into a fucking youth home…I've been there once and I'm not going back. I didn't feel tired. So heavy.« I said as quickly as I could. his face grimacing in pain. Skye. »No. »Do you remember the day we met?« He leaned closer to me. everybody happy. Feeling of an empty stomach calmed me down. his dark eyes completely emotionless. pulling myself up. »I have nowhere else to go. all this running were making me sick to my stomach. »No. Unintentionally. He didn't even flinch. I didn't feel the cold. I wasn't able to think about anything else. For you. »You don't know what it's like. getting a job…there is no happy endings in real life. but his black wings broken.»What is this?« I asked. I felt a burning feeling in my stomach. shoving me this?! »My secret.« He opened his eyes.

She jumped closer. »Get. you stupid cunt!« She spat again. »Shut up Susan!« Virginia yelled. . »Are you lost. Great. I remember finally hearing his voice.« I snapped at her. encouraged her.« He desperately whispered in my ear. looking her straight in the eye. heavy clothes off my freezing body. The hot droplets of water were warming up my bare skin. I was still breathing heavily from all the running. I remember him holding me the entire time. well…« I heard a snappy female voice behind me.« He was removing the cold. Off.« I pierced her with my green eyes. lil' kitty. I turned around. narrowing my eyes. I remember female voices screaming…but it seemed so far away. trying to figure out who she was talking about…oh right. I don't even remember breathing. I didn't care. not caring what will happen next. I was numb. little bitch?« She said. and then she clenched her hand into a fist. I didn't taste the metal taste in my mouth anymore. I stepped closer to her. »I bet he wouldn't be with you even if you payed him. Filthy. I picked my brain. filling my mouth with warm. My numb toes. Your. salty blood. swinging at me. Virginia. But today was different. Today it didn't matter. I remember a bright place. I've never done that before. Lucas. I knew the pain will disappear. A bathroom.« She emphasised every single word. covered with blood. »I asked you a question!« She spat at me. I remember his lips moving. but it made me bit my tongue. »You don't talk to me like that. My. the bitch is here to ruin my day even worse. A shower. The third blow knocked me on the ground. Splashing water in my face. I didn't even feel the water beneath me.»Well. »I'm not in the mood. anger flashing from her evil eyes. I didn't hear what he was saying. I remember the hot water.« I threw the long locks of my soaked hair on the side of my face. grinning. »Stay with me. If I die today. I remember a few kicks in my ribs as I was laying on the floor. crossing her arms. The first hit hurt a little. But I was already feeling fuzzy from my empty stomach. I don't remember much from later on. »I said. Man. It hurt as the water was warming them up. not even turning back. I die today. »Stay awake Skye. I didn't even feel the drops of rain kissing my face. I remember a face. Virginia and her SS team. Hands. She was really mad. »fuck off. Her face grimaced in anger. »Yeah!« Susan F. I remember an angel lifting me up in his arms. turning my lips into a faint smile. I remember someone lifting me up.« I said in a low voice. The second hit hurt a bit less. A face with dark eyes. Today I didn't care. »What?« She asked confused.

He moved his hand away from me. Big bad wolf cleaning when nervous. He still didn't taste it. trying to cover my legs. because I will write THE END at the bottom of the last chapter.My Safe Place Don't ask me when I update.« He chuckled. The pounding in my head was horrible..« I coughed while trying to laugh. I touched my cheek and noticed it was all hot and swollen. »Skye…« He moved closer to me. »disgusted by me?« I saw sadness in his eyes. which now seemed completely black. »Where are my clothes?« I asked. and yet incredibly gentle hands. It was sitting in the left corner of my dark mind. He held me like I was made from glass. I looked at my bare feet. I tasted it. The smell of cigarettes and washing powder. »Are you. you can ask me anything. Every single part of my body was in pain. I guess it was all just too much for one day. I didn't want to think about it.« He laughed for a second.« I couldn't help but to comment. bitter pain. »This is horrible. His eyes suddenly became dark again. You will know. when I suddenly felt so dizzy…the heath struck me in the head…my eyes became foggy…I was falling. trying to pull myself up. and besides .it's the girl that's supposed to be Skye. a light glimpse of sunset hiding behind them.« He took the pot with the hot water and turned off the stove. and of course Francisco. His kitchen was…sort of clean. It stung when my tongue touched it. So bitter. I'll take you home. When your clothes get dry. but his smile soon faded away again. »I'll make you some tea. Okay?« I nodded. »Here. It was his bed. carefully looking at me with those gorgeous dark eyes. I licked the inside of my bottom lip. compared to the last time. I don't know why I did that. But sort of cosy. »No. »Yeah. I need to get something to drink. my back…I saw a red wound on my elbow. but I jumped away. Well. tasting that salty taste on the fresh wound. Whatever. Anything at all. It was disgusting. I just can't think of any questions. Twilight was setting on the town. I slowly stood up.« He ruffled his wet hair.« I said with a cracked voice. »I need to ask you stuff.« He softly growled. but I knew it was there. I mean it still looked pretty horrible. No empty milk cartons. walking slowly towards the door. That was just hilarious. lil' kitty. I was dressed in his shirt.« The water in the cattle started boiling.. So fragile. :) Absolutely stunning! :) I woke up in a bed. He reminded me of my mom a bit. I grabbed onto his hand. noticing that the left side of my body was really sore and painful.« He clenched onto his cup of tea. maybe I peeked a bit. waiting to come out. I got out of the bed. So pathetic. grimacing his face in pain. »when I'm nervous I clean. everything is explained on my profile page. I could see the misty cloud of white steam coming out of it. drying of on the kitchen counter. His secret was eating into my mind. Not gentle at all.« »Common. Well. or bags of chips…no nothing. I chuckled. My lips were chapped. No wonder he was keep on making it.« He answered. Like somebody would be scraping me from the inside out. Sorrow. My hair was still wet. drying on the radiator. It was so big and rough. trying to get the pain out. Dark like the darkest night. This chapter is dedicated to the person who made this awesome cover for DDG on the right! For all of you who don't know . It's not the end until I say so. »It's just…it's too much for one day…all at once…« I shook my head. or beer cans.« He offered me a cup of hot chamomile tea. »They were wet. »Did you…« I avoided his look. »You know. trying to touch me. but at least the dishes were clean. That's gonna live a nasty bruise. »I'm fine. Like him.« He turned around and put his hands in his pockets. He had so strong. and my tongue parched. . I could see the shadowy shapes of buildings through the will say that the story is finished. »Slow down. Must've scrachted it when I fell. The door slammed as he catched my fall.« I told him the truth. »Sorry. »It's so…clean. Or cook. my shoulder. so I took them off…They are in the bathroom. Like a monster hiding in the closet. tugging on the end of the big shirt. »I held my eyes close the entire time.

»I don't think that. okay I get it. And she seems clean. which came alive and escaped his master artist. »Besides. I think.« »Is she married?« »Don't know. shoving him the shameful scars of sorrow. »What…What is she like?« I tried to erase that memory of her and Lucas.« »How much does she pay you?« »Enough. but I'm gonna be seventeen soon.« »Since you were fourteen?« »Actually since I've been fifteen. moving around. uncomfortably. that's not the only secret I have. »No. Well. She gave me a lot of money…for that. I mean she seems to be very hygienic. I didn't want to have an image inside my mind of Lucas kissing someone else.« He did look really gorgeous. You don't owe me anything. if you're a freak.« »What?« »I mean compared to the others.« »How old is she?« »Old. she demanded I get tested before…you know.« I started. He looked like somebody carved him from marble. Besides.« He bit his lips. »Just one. He seemed so scared.« He mumbled. When I'm upset.»Yeah…« I crossed my legs. I guess. A side of Lucas I've never seen before. I guess. They have to work with a lot of clients. with sadness in my heart. And rich. »all I know is that she's filthy rich.« I shook my head. My job…is the only thing that covers the rent. I nodded. From all of this. I need to get my head together. I really hated listening to this. »two years. I'm not…I'm not forcing you to do anything. »I was the lucky one. »For about. at least until I was eighteen. »I need time. »I don't know. Yours is not disgusting like…mine. there's this thing I do. So it's actually been almost two years. »so I managed to get a rich and permanent client. for a small amount of money…I'm…I am not that bad looking. .« I smiled back.« »How often do you two…met?« Hard to find the appropriate phrase. The rent of this shit-hole is fucking crazy…And if I would work all the time.« I growled from discontent. I'd get kicked out of the school. »How long have you. nervously. If you didn't know him. leaning back in his chair. But. Jackson or something. Besides. »Lucas. then I'm a freak. um…well. »You must think I'm a freak. »Once every two months. his eyes moving in all directions.« He stopped for a second to think. like they were looking for a way out. In this shitty apartment. lifting up my wrist. I. as he looked at me with a shocked expression. It hurt too much. I just…it's a promise. asking me with his eyes. don't compare your secret with mine. At least part time. Mrs.« I corrected him. »No. »What about…STD's?« »I use protection. And her last name. Beginners luck. Like he was a piece of art. looking obviously uncomfortable.« I swallowed. And I would get stuck in a dead end job.« »Oh?« He looked up at me.« He sadly smirked.« »I understand. um.« He painfully laughed.« He sighed. Yours is horrible. My fellow co-workers. »Because I promised you. But it was necessary evil.« Lucas's eyes widened. she wears Prada and Louis Vuitton and shit like that…« »Okay.« »How many…How many wom…clients did you have?« I asked carefully. I won't do it anymore. um…I stop eating for a few days or so…to numb the pain. For you. She's old and lonely. but…you won't do it anymore. have this job?« I started pattering against the cup with my nails. »What about other jobs?« »They don't pay enough.« He gazed into my eyes with his. you could've easily mistaken him for a model. Because you promised. if you'll have it. making him smile a bit.« He said softly. »I.

but you are scary skinny. I'll eat the rest. all shocked. Not at all. every thought he had.« I never thought of it that way. »It's not about me wanting to be skinny. you're gonna get anorexic…it's a disease. You can't control this.« I held my cold hand on my hot forehead. I wasn't hungry.« »What?« »I'll be your safe place.« He stood up. And keep it down. your addiction sponsor. »I had to get to you first. »Piece by piece. »how did you find me?« He was already mixing something in a bowl.« He was throwing all this words at me.« He laughed. I can control this. »I'll be your safe place.« He looked so truthful.« »You were in there with me. grimacing his face in anger. It took me a while to find you. it's just…I don't know what else to do…« Could I promise him to stop this? Words were one thing.« »Well. I do. You're anorexic. »Lucas. And then I have to…force myself to eat something. It's…my safe place. »At lunch. I think that the lack of hunger thing is a consequence of this starvation of yours.»It's…how to explain…I don't feel anything.« He shook his head. Nothing. I promise you that. your face covered in blood. Call me whenever. checking the food in the fridge. being hungry is like breathing air. »I guess. it's just…« »Skye. whereever…I'll be there. But then again. He really did care about me. I saw Virginia Thompson and her little pack running away…I wanted to go after them. You were so cold. »You. call it whatever you want! I'll help you.« »When was the last time you've eaten anything?« He carefully asked. It's already getting a hold of you. I'm making you something to eat. I know you're skinny and all. To me…Well. to you eating. »I don't think it's easy…« »Yes you do!« I snapped at him. I guess.« I tried to explain to him my monster from the closet. winking at me. and you…« He looked at me. Don't worry. well okay maybe not bones stuff. he looked so desperate. you know that?« He furrowed his eyebrows. I was just so fucking…scared. »I ran after you. It's not like I'm bone skinny. if I did that?« He turned his head in my direction. my lil' kitty. I know you think it's not easy. My hands were always cold. I never thought of the consequences before. I'm not gonna stuff your face with giant amounts of food. Except when I'm not eating for a while. I don't know. a heroin addiction or something! It's not healthy. but actions were something completely else. but…I didn't know you were anorexic…« He said. I had to get you out of those wet clothes. so real…I believed him in a second. »Anyway. I lost you in the labyrinth of alleys. »I think so…You don't feel hunger? At all?« »No.« He was so protective. right?« »Right. I mean I don't hit girls. »I'm not anorexic. Some say that people with cold hands have warm hearts. A piece by piece. but I don't feel the need for it. When I did…« He clenched the spoon he had in his hand. I guess.« I suddenly remembered. No pain. it's an addiction…It will end up controlling you. No sadness. »You were on the floor.« »That's…That's unhealthy. looking at me. »I mean. It's like saying you can control. »I mean. »Okay. I had to get you somewhere warm…So I carried you here and put you under the warm shower. listen to me.« »You only had a small cheese sandwich. to me it's more like…brushing my teeth. »What kind of a sponsor would I be. I never cared. I'll protect you. but you don't realise how not easy it is. step by step. I though you were going to die. furrowing his eyebrows.« . Maybe just a few bites…« »You'll eat as much as you can. If you don't stop this. But could this be so easy? »I…I can try. It just disappears. But it's not so simple…It's not as easy as you think. moving the dishes around. But I think it's just bad blood circulation. You're fucking fast. »I won't be able to eat everything you cook. I usually remember it. Do you get what I'm trying to say?« I tried to explain something that was unexplainable. Mostly. but what they did…« He closed his eyes. that's it. But then I threw it up when I was running. So cute. Anything for you.

feeling frustrated from today's events. I have to got to a hospital.« »Skye…« »Mom! Please understand. I even hate the stupid pamphlets about diseases. you weren't exactly able to stand up on your own. »But I'm going to get back at them. »Thank you. »I have to go see him right away. mom! This is important. Fourteen missed calls. I completely forgot about her. I ran to the bathroom. were you?« He mocked me. I hate that disinfectant smell. going there now.« He started at me with those beautiful pools of darkness. at least this once!« I snapped at her. »My friend got in an accident. I pressed the little green button. I have a reason I don't want to go back to youth home…« I didn't even think that he was about to tell me something important. I hate the waiting rooms.« She said calmly. I just took the hand that was touching my rough lips. »Jimmy's in the hospital. »The fuck's wrong with people today?« He hissed through his teeth. with my hands and pressed a gentle kiss on the palm. leaving black trace marks across her . moving up. I saw Kayla walking up and down the hospital hallway. can't you just…« »No.« I hang up the phone.« I said to her. realising she wasn't alone anymore. »He got in a car accident. uncomfortable chairs. I'll see you at home. lowering the phone. I feel sad and scared. » I know I once said you were broken. I hate the way they're painted.« »What?« I hear my moms voice through the phone. I forgot to tell you.« »That's not like you. taking the phone out of his pocket.« I explained my emotions to her. * * * I hate hospitals.« »Sure honey. The heavy tears were smearing all her mascara. the other minute he was crossing the road and somebody just hit him with a car. looking at me with emotionless expression on his face. »You're not broken Lucas…you're just damaged goods. and I hate those stupid.»Well. I don't know…« He grabbed his head and turned around.« He gently brushed with his finger across my chapped. but then I remembered that they have this 24 hour rule about missing children…« My mom was still talking when Lucas came into the bathroom. dialing back. »I don't know…I think he's unconscious or something. That's when I remembered. »Lucas!« It seemed like she could finally breath. Crap.« He moved closer and squatted in front of me. She ran to him and hugged him. »Hello?« »Mom!« »Skye! For goodness sake. »Is he alright?« I asked him. »You don't have to…« I whispered. I'm working on a project. wounded lips. Mom! Shit. kicking Lucas out of the bathroom to get dressed. closer to my face…When suddenly his phone rang. you can go. »What happened? Is he okay?« Lucas asked her. where are you?« »I'm at…I got held up at school. shocked.« »Bye. Kayla called me. I'll see you. »It's really late.« He said. It all happened so fast…I just ran towards him…He was unconscious…« She looked at Lucas and started crying. »Fuck!« He yelled angrily. Do you want me to take you home?« »No…I'm going with you. taking the phone out of my pocket. A few seconds of silence passed. He looked sort of shocked and pale. I was about to call the police. but…I'm the one who is truly broken here. »I don't know…One minute he was calling me. concerned. »I'll get back at them for what they did to you. »What?« I said. »Mom?« »Alright. She was taping her phone against her chin. because I knew she wouldn't pick it up on her own. mom.

fixing his glasses. »nobody tells me anything!« »Did you call his parents?« I asked.« The doctor said. sweetheart. »Thanks. making me…« He turned towards me.« »What if he has…brain damage?« Kayla asked. He also suffered a sever concussion. »and let me guess. he's gonna be okay?« Lucas crossed his arms.« Said Lucas. so we can hope for the best. making my dark angel smile. memory loss. »Well.« He was gently brushing her purple hair. We'll see about the brain damage then. Skye.cheeks.« Lucas calmed her down. »I saw him just a few hours ago. his mom is on the way. »in a few hours. »Is any of you related to Jimmy Kane?« A deep voice asked us.« The old man confidently smiled. some forgot how to speak. »How is he now?« »I don't know. »Welcome to the club.« He sat down with a sad expression on his face. looking all serious. Let see here…« He checked his chart-board. He just seemed so heartbroken.« He looked at us seriously. Doctor nodded and walked away.« Kayla sadly laughed. »I'm his brother.« She started crying even harder. some patients stay paralysed. wiping her face with Lucas's shirt. »Yes. I wonder if he blames himself for what happened to Jimmy? For storming of earlier? I took his hand into mine. Which should be. Kayla and I looked at each other. Nobody would be able to do anything. »Shhh.« She was still sobbing.« »So. »Tell her. He showed up at my house. It was an old doctor. probably about fifty years old.« Lucas said confidently. I nodded.« She was wiping the tears away. »Oh hi.« »I saw him…« Lucas shook his head. »you couldn't do anything. »I guess we just sit and wait. »That's alright. holding onto Lucas's hand. also on the right side. I sat next to him.« The doctor looked at his wrist watch. to avoid brain damage. . drunk.« »She knows?« Kayla asked. you two are his sisters?« The grey haired man mocked us. shoving my existence to Kayla. burying her face in Lucas's chest. »Sure you are. »He broke his right arm and leg and cracked two ribs. partial paralasies…But your friend wasn't unconscious that long. »What do we do now?« I asked Lucas. »We'll see about that when he wakes up. »Somebody called the ambulance…I was just…I just…I didn't know what to do. »Yeah. so we had to put him in a fake comatose state. not knowing what to say. your friend suffered quite a few broken bones.

»Hey.« He looked at me. I didn't feel any craving for food at all. it's just so beautiful. dark night.« He gave me a chocolate bar and leaned on the fence. flickering candles. especially on the Remembrance day. Yup. I just can't…The thought of strangers hands touching him…Cold. I felt my heart calming down. I really didn't care about anything. like somebody would be pressing on my lungs…I needed to get out of here. His dark eyes turn towards the wall again.« He pretended to be serious.« Lucas sighed. It scares me. It feels sort of sweaty. Other people's hands on your body. Little bright flecks flickering in the cold. My heart was racing inhumanly fast and I suddenly felt this heavy feeling in my chest. Lucas would be Amor. raising one of his eyebrows. »O…Okay. Kayla is sleeping stretched on three white chairs in the waiting room. that's exactly what I'm gonna do. The sweet smell of the candy was twirling in the air. For a long time. cooling me down. I'm gonna take a bite and then feed it to you.« He murmures. Eat. Cold air gushed at me. »I don't know. I prefer night over day. »Eat. My head is still all fuzzy. like thousands bloody rose petals dipped into darkness. colorful Christmas lights. Sick people disgust me. People adore Christmas lights. even if it's because of medical reasons. you can just disappear and become one with everything. Her face is covered in smeared makeup. »Hey.« »Or what? You'll stuff it in my mouth?« I smirked. I wanted to crease his cheek. Christmas is overrated.« I said. . Disgusting. Darkness over light. And warm.« I heard Lucas's voice behind me. Medical staff scares me. looking at the candy bar in my hand. Hospital smell. I didn't feel like eating at all. I looked at the chocolate in my hands. Humiliating. She's still holding that soggy handkerchief in her hand. »What?« »What's on your mind?« He gave me back the unwrapped chocolate. »I'm gonna go get some fresh air. Cold. so he rolled his eyes and grabbed the chocolate. my lungs relaxing…It was the best feeling on this godforsaken world. »Thanks. Everything just seemed…fucked up. He saw I wasn't eating. I finally found a balcony. It disgusts me. heavenly air. Totally useless. but I like those red lights and candles that people leave on graves of their lost ones. simply repels me. next to me. The thought of strangers touching you. »You haven't eaten anything. I need to eat something. if god of love would have a human figure. »So?« He asked while unwrapping the candy bar. So beautiful. But mostly sweaty. hitting me in my nostrils. Disgusting. he just looked so…volnerable.« I answered and stared into the city night. But instead I clenched my fists and walked away. Night lights. Humiliating. wiping away all the sweaty droplets off my face. He seems so far away… I'm still holding his hand. so more sincere than those fake. Like a momma bird. »Yes. The entire graveyard is covered with red. As soon as I breathed in that cold. I hate it.« I say and let go of his hand.Nobody Dies A Virgin And I'm talking to myself at night Because I can't forget Back and forth through my mind Behind a cigarette And the message coming from my eyes Says leave it alone Why is this song rambling in my head over and over again? The lyrics sort of remind me of Lucas but…I'm going crazy from this stupid melody repeating itself in my head. Purple hair covering her eyes. He's obviously spaced out. Jimmy's acident…Kayla's terrified face…My mom…Why do bad things happen to good people? Why are we all so messed up? Why us? I can't breathe. making locks of hair kiss his flawless skin. »Don't make me feed it to you. I just don't feel like it. taking a long breath. It's just prettier and safer I guess… You can hide in the dark. Fuck it. Over and over again. Soft gush of cold air brushed through his dark hair. And Lucas…He's just staring at the wall. I don't exactly know why. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Simple as that. I shook my head. »I didn't quite catch that. »'Cause life's a bitch. screaming at the cold. But chocolate has such a strong taste. »You and me. I slowly munched on that bar of chocolate. That's bullshit too. A quick and soft kiss.« I laughed again. I managed to swallow the first bite.« I rolled my eyes. »chocolate bars were the only thing in the vending machine. The sweet taste of chocolate and hazelnuts exploded on my tongue. everything bad and twisted into one. »Nothing. like Kurt Cobain said – Nobody dies a virgin.« I corrected him. all thoughts. They are the perfect and efficient way of expressing your emotions. That's bullshit if you ask me. »What?!« Lucas yelled. flickering below us. narrowing his eyes at me.« He paused for a bit. Curse words are the best way of expressing yourself. As simple as that. Like I would put all the feeling. That wasn't the bad thing.« I couldn't help but to laugh.« I hoped I was telling the truth. life fucks us all. dark world in front of us. I knew he was kidding about the feeding thing. I turned towards Lucas and kissed him on the cheek. »Fuck. »Fuck!« I finally screamed. »I don't like…food. that's making me angry at myself and this chair at the same time. His gentle fingertips felt so good on my skin… »Yeah. »You look like you're in pain. like if you hit a chair or something – it's better to say fuck than – oh no.I smiled. his eyes shining with happiness. »Deep thought. He looked at me with those dark eyes that matched the night perfectly.« »You don't want delicious chocolate from my mouth?« He snorted. »What's on your mind. perfect word. »I know…I mean not that I don't like food. You know.« I smiled at him. Incredibly good. too overvhelming…strong tastes make me sick at times like this.« He suddenly stood up. if I knew I'd go to the cafeteria…« »No. Just because he wasn't.« He defended his explanation. stretching his hands and spinning around. lil' kitty?« He leaned back on the fence. .« »Oh sorry. »What?« Lucas jumped towards me.« I said louder. I don't know – Dostoyevsky. »I'm experiencing a piercing pain in my head. »against the world. no it's okay. it's just that…Strong tastes make me sick if it's the first thing I eat after a while.« I said quietly. his thoughts aren't considered deep.« He softly said with that cracking voice of his. supporting his head with his left hand. they're just words. I nodded.« I saw Lucas staring at me.« »Promise?« He asked while tucking a lock of hair behind my ear.« He ordered. I sighed. And it felt good. »Fuck!« We both yelled at the same time. »Well. »Fuck. pretending he didn't hear me. confused. I'm experiencing a piercing pain in my leg. »Then. »Kurt Cobain was a genius. I took a painful bite. To keep it down without throwing it up. »Fuckity fucking fuck!« He closed his eyes. and because of that. You know. I really did. and besides I prefer small portions. »Fuck!« He screamed.« I answered. it's just that…Why do things like that happen to us? Bad things. »Because you make me laugh. »And because he used curse words. when you're angry. eat. »That's gross Lucas.« I explained while laughing.« »Against the fucking world.« »Yeah. the bad thing was swallowing. interlocking our fingers. Fuck. but it's Lucas…You never know. And too many thoughts. He bit his lip in that hot way and took my hand into his. I don't get why people get so offended by them. that's a problem. We forgot about everything for that single. Lucas's wisdom's.« »Express yourself!« Lucas yelled.« I mumbled. perfect moment.« He said while looking at our hands. »What was that for?« He gently asked. Our voices echoed in the black space full of city lights. hoping that the slow motion of eating would keep me from throwing up. »I'll eat when I get home.

bad things…Not a fucking thing. His entire left cheek was covered in scratches. forming a misty cloud…His body pressed next to mine…Nothing mattered that moment. Lucas gently grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up. looking up at my eyes again… He was so close…It was so cold I could see his minty breath escaping his godlike lips. painfully. My eyes became watery. I could hear the beeping noise of the machines. It was so hot and stuffy inside. One of his perfectly blue eyes was almost completely red.He laughed and stared into my eyes. Kayla suddenly hugged Jimmy. And dark. Not me. pulling me closer towards him. All hot and stuffy. »Cmmon!« Said Lucas and ran after Kayla. He lowered his look toward my lips. »Dashwood.« Jimmy growled and smiled. crying all over his hospital pyjamas. Kayla.« He smiled at me. not him. She must've run the entire way. I just…He could've died. Jimmy was awake? Was he okay? Room 404. biting his lip again. His lips were purple…His leg in white plaster…His head wrapped in gause…He looked horrible. She turned away and started running. His eyes…I never get tired of his eyes. my mom.« Jimmy smiled with his chapped lips. almost whispering.« I said. our problems. . Kayla was standing on the hospital hallway. not Jimmy. »Jimmy's awake!« I suddenly heard the door slamming fiercely at the wall. panting. Jimmy was covered in bruises. »Jimmy you stupid fuck! Don't you remember what we learned in middle school?! Look left and right before crossing the goddamn street!« She was sobbing in his chest. »Hey Kayla. Jimmy's room. Then his eyes turned towards me. »Hey. And quiet. Virginia. His lips seemed a bit chapped. That was Jimmy. »Hey. Even all bruised up he kept on smiling. It felt like the entire room moved inside of me. »Who are you?« He asked me with a smile on his face. »Kayla…ow…« Jimmy groaned.

I was really tired. I guess feeling wozzy…everything is foggy and then two fast bright lights…« »So you remember the accident…but not Skye. no. Luc. »Well.« Lucas crossed his arms. »Yeah. Pitch black. Suddenly a short blond nurse stepped into the room. looking all serious. but at the same time I couldn't believe how pretty she is. closing his eyes…Tired of everything.« Lucas walked towards me. thousands of bracelets that made that annoying rattling sound when she moved her hand. I mean I don't remember you. Only often. he's fine. I don't know. Why would I joke about that?« »Jimmy are you for real?« Kayla blurted out. questionably. pouching her pink lips. he is probably suffering from a traumatic amnesia. I've gotta go home. If your friend forgot something. »Hm?« I snapped out of the cloud of cuteness. »What's with you two?« Jimmy smiled. like when he seriously thinks about something. I sighed and looked through the small window on the right. tucking a lock of her bright hair behind her ear.« She was still looking at Lucas. »Oh. I think she thought that was cute. I just wanted this day to end. tired of everything. He looked so tired leaning his head onto the machine.« She answered with that sugary voice of hers. His blue eyes seemed completely sincere. or in this case someone. »Oh. but memory often returns after the patient recovers. Lucas raised his eyebrows and walked towards her. She opened her big bright blue eyes and grinned at Lucas. huge earings…and everything was so colorful. crossing his arms like that.Cranberry What did he just say? »Um…I'm Skye. Not hundred percent. »Yeah.« »But sometimes it doesn't come back?« I turned my eyes towards my feet. you can't imagine what I've been through…« Luc? Why did she call him Luc? In a french accent? »Skye. this is Cookie. I just wanted all this fucked up life not to be so…fucked up. but impressive at the same time. »Is it possible for someone to forget only one person?« Lucas asked. Jimmy's sister. right?« Lucas asked. »I guess. »What's the last thing you remember?« Asked Lucas. smiling. The nurse took a deep breath. »Wanna go home?« »Um. Like me. Where have I seen this expression before? »How is my brother?« She pouched her face in abnormally cute way. ye…« »Who are you?« She suddenly asked.« »You're kidding. more like his father. »It's usually triggered by an object or a certain place. I've never seen you before. »I'm sorry…Skye. well…sometimes it doesn't. It's common after a head injury. So tired. two of them were huge. »Um. like he'd felt my presence. often. it's rare…but it could happen. um this is Skye.« She answered with a sickening sweet voice. It wasn't. She was wearing at least a ton of jewelry. three necklaces. regarding the circumstances. Tired of life beating me down. Lucas nodded and just walked past her. Often means…not all the times.« The funny thing was that Lucas didn't even twitch at her adorable cuteness and squeakiness.« »Often?« I asked her.« He turned towards me. »Lu…« »Lucas!« A squeaky voice interrupted me. »And Skye. waiting for his coffee. I'm just gonna ask Lucas to take me home. He looked like Jimmy's older brother. but the duration and intensity of the memory loss is related to the type of injury received. Scary. He was standing at the vending machine.« There was no sign of joking on Jimmy's face. How come he forgot me? Lucas looked all worried.« Jimmy shyly smiled at me. He was furrowing his eyebrows in that cute way. »Can I ask you something?« She blushed and slightly smiled at him. »No. lifting one of her eyebrows. There are a number of types of amnesia. confused. I hated that she was jumping around him like a fan girl. Jimmy turned towards Lucas. »Is he alright?« »Yeah.« . narrowing his eyes at Jimmy. Lucas opened his eyes to see who it is and suddenly a girl with gorgeous blond hair jumped on him and hugged him around his neck. Why is this making me sort of…angry? »Yes. You should of seen her disappointed face…It almost made me smile.

And then came Cookie.« Lucas took another sip of his coffee.« I mocked him. Maybe I'm forever stuck in Neverland.« He licked his lower lip. »We had to memorise our favorite quote from Romeo and Juliet in English class…and I liked that one. She must've been around fourteen years old. but seriously – your clothes. I don't know why…it's just beautiful. And enjoy it. Jimmy's girl?« She laughed with that annoying squeaky voice of hers. would you cut me into stars? And put me on the sky? And make everyone in love with the night?« . But I never did.« The word cute sounded so weird coming out of Lucas's mouth. to tired to even blush properly. that all the world will be in love with night. »His mom remarried after she divorced his dad. »When he shall die. Right. »She seems to…like you. and pay no worship to the garish sun. and he shall make the face of heaven so fine.« He tried to shake her off like an annoying cute animal who was begging to be petted. Now I remembered who she was reminding me of! Jimmy! Of course. I closed my eyes. giving me a dirty look. well a coffee party – I pour cold water into those tiny cups. Tell me. I was impressed. »So. »Man.« She said. and she always thought that it would be cutter if people called her Cookie and not Lizzy.« I closed my eyes.« »If I died.« So much for Lucas's brilliant explanation.« »Half-sister.« She slowly let go of Lucas's arm and walked away. »Half an hour. But I thought that when I grow up I'll start liking coffee. has my brother lowered his standards! I mean. He was so tired. There wasn't a single mortal being on this planet that wouldn't be amazed by the eyes of gorgeous Lucas Dashwood. talking with a french accent.« Lucas laughed and leaned next to me. She looked at my feet and slowly moved her look towards my face. don't you wanna go say hi to your brother? He's been in a car accident you know. inviting him to join them in forever. He smiled. It smells disgusting. »her real name is Elizabeth and her last name is Cook – her dad's last name. »how long did it take for you to memorise all that?« He gave me one of his naughty looks. I mean not because you'd be butch or anything. »Shakespeare. »Well. Unnatural. It tasted gross. Even immortal would stood still. »Kayla's girlfriend or something?« The nerve on that brat! »No. Plus I still watch cartoons. family resemblance was obvious.« I opened my eyes and saw Lucas softly looking at me. you have a girly figure. He looked so annoyed. playing with my dolls.« She looked at him. »I guess he was in a car crash. »Shakespeare was Kurt Cobain of Renaissance. opening her huge bright eyes like freaking Bambi. annoyed. take him and cut him out in little stars.« »She's annoying. showing his dimple. I totally thought you were a lesbian. Elizabeth. Her eyes and her smile were almost exactly the same as Jimmy's. So weird. I always hated coffee. but he still looked…captivating. »So what are you. I give you that. Like everybody else. »What?« I asked. Lucas took a sip of his coffee. You look like straight from the gym… And I know you can't be Lucas's girl because when he starts dating. »You…« »Cookie. maybe I never grew up.« »Ah. »I didn't know Jimmy had a sister.She looked even cutter up close.« She said in a sarcastic tone. I even hate coffee candy. Who knew you can quote Shakespeare like a professor. and then stole some of mom's coffee and mixed it with the water. trying to remember something I learned ages ago. though. »Not exactly.« »They named her Cookie?« I had a hard time believing that someone would name their child…Cookie. »is gonna be me. just for a second… »The course of true love never did run smooth. Hm. wrapping her hands around his arm. Luc?« She pouched her face again. »Luc. So the-needfor-Lucas's-attention-seeker does have a normal name.« Lucas corrected me. it tastes bitter…Why would anyone want to eat or drink something bitter? That's the worst of four tastes. I'm not…« I tried answering as calmly as I could. the first and last girl he's gonna date. I was so tired I had to lean on the wall behind us. tiny wrinkles appeared beneath his dark eyes. having a tea party. »That was very impressive Skye Monroe. When I was little. you meanie!« She hugged his arm even tighter. I respect that. so he recites Cobain and Shakespeare.« I admitted embarrassed and we both laughed. Lucas shook his head in disapproval.

« He politely smiled back. Cutting you up. have a safe trip home. »What?« He turned his beautiful dark angel eyes upon me. »Second. He forgot me. Again. I'm guessing that's his mom. »Um. some parallel universe? »Yeah Skye. how is with your friend? The one that got injured.« What? Is my mother telling me how to act in public? What is this. Damn you…you charming wolf in sheep's clothing! »Anyway. in a red coat.« »Skye. We're leaving. He was talking to my mom. »What? Skye. Mom. Great. was creasing his face.« He smiled at me with those warm brown eyes. It was in the garage since. »It's late…and I decided to pick you up. »Really? You think she likes him? Tell me more. »He's fine. »Alright. She almost never does that. Mrs. being tired makes people say the stupidest things. We should get going. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm Carrie Monroe. Kayla and Cookie were sitting on his bed. »No thanks Mrs. I think it was a date…« Are they seriously ignoring me?! They were talking like they would know each other for years. I think she likes him because she never goes out…« »Mom!« I tried to stop this ridiculous conversation.« I started and he laughed. but he'll be fine.« »Well. »Mom!« I yelled again. »That old thing? It still works?« I remember her calling it our little Cranberry. Monroe. with our old Cranberry. We drove everywhere in that car. »As long as he'll be fine…Shouldn't we get him some…get well card.« She smiled. he's with his family now. or a balloon?« Oh hey. nervously. »I'm Lucas.« Lucas grinned. hello Lucas. The devil in disguise and a woman that almost faints at the sight of yellow color were having a…chit-chat.« She took the car keys out of her purse and started walking towards the stairs. she almost never fights with me and when she wanted to go out with him. a small red car. I won't disturb them.« What did I just say?! I swear.« She was looking around.« Mom smiled at him. »Mom! What are you doing here?« She was the last person I expected to find here. it's really late. »No mom.« She smiled at me. that would be gross. Thank you! »He's…« He remembers everything and everyone but me. That devil was doing this on purpose! »Well.»First.« He continued the conversation. »Yeah…it was a little dusty and it didn't start right away.« She changed the subject.« And he doesn't even know who I am. but the last time she drove it…I was six years old at the time. do you want to say goodbye to your friend before we go?« I looked into Jimmy's room.« »Oh. I. Skye's mother. »Yes. Lucas Dashwood. Is this my mom?! She is almost normal! »Nice to finally met you. It's a mother's duty to take care of her daughter. »No.« I remember now…We use to own a car. Do you want a ride Lucas?« My mom seemed to like him. »Common Skye. it's rude. but he was looking at me. »A slight memory loss and a few broken bones. Asking silly questions. Are you Skye's boyfriend?« »What?! Mom! N…« »Boyfriend? I didn't know Skye has a boyfriend. um…« »Skye?« I suddenly hear a familiar female voice in front of me.« Lucas stepped in the conversation. »Oh. »How did you get here? The last bus was five hours ago. it's rude to interrupt someone's conversation. Smiled. Devil in disguise. .« Did she walk? »I…drove here. you see Lucas. but I did it. there's my mom again. everybody already forgets about the garish sun when you walk by. Monroe. and a beautiful older woman with short blond hair. okay then. he doesn't need a balloon. completely ignoring me. she went out with this boy last time.« Lucas suddenly butt in mother-daughter moment. I've already got my own ride. Goodbye Lucas.« Excuse me? My mother drove here? With a car? »You know. slightly slamming his face with his hand. His diabolical charm even got to my mom.

Before I wouldn't be able to move. waiting for the end of the world and time.« I said to Lucas and turned away. He buried his face into my hair. before it would be too late. lil' kitty. his hot breath slightly tickling my bare skin.« He murmured into my neck. I could smell that sent again…Cigarette smoke and washing powder. I could stay like this forever locked together with Lucas. like angel would be kissing my cheek with each lock of hair at the time. His almost raven black hair felt so soft pressed against my face. when he suddenly grabbed my hand and wrapped me into his hug. »Bye Lucas.»Bye. »Bye. .« I whispered into his ear and escaped his captivating hug. like marble statues.

like there's something in my stomach… fluttering. it's already in the past. If only I'd have passion for food. Ew. Great.« I suddenly heard a familiar voice next to me. Maybe I should buy a guard dog. My heart skipped a beat so fast. he won't do it again. He wears a black leather jacket and drives a bike. though. Ash lifted her little fluffy head a bit and yawned. he likes Ash. What do I know about Lucas Dashwood… He likes animals. My bad habit. forget butterflies. He smells of cigarette smoke and washing powder. Chuck Bass: How do you think I feel? I can't sleep! I feel sick. of course. My god of love. He likes Game of Thrones. Eat. Do I…love him? … I got startled by someone knocking on my bedroom window.« I got frustrated with him. get our naive and innocent victims. whole thing… He doesn't use perfume. Can I trust a man like him? I don't know. He pulled a cigarette out of the cigarette package. Sometimes he is a pervert. Lucas keeps me posted with text messages. He quotes Shakespeare and Kurt Cobain. metal window handle and turned it to the left…A gush of ice cold air blew into my room…there was no one there.Richard Blair Waldorf: Do you…'like' me? Chuck Bass: Define like… Blair Waldorf: You have got to be kidding me. Is he a bad person? Definitely not. You should at least light a flashlight or something. If only it'd be that easy. just ew. He did a bad thing. I am doing my best. he knows that. »Don't you know opening a window before even knowing who it is. One simple word. »Lucas!« I clenched the shirt on my chest. Even the moon was hiding her pale face behind the heavy clouds.« He mocked me with a cigarette in his mouth. so I use all of my nights to watch Gossip Girl. I feel the entire zoo inside my stomach! A few days has passed since the accident and Jimmy still doesn't remember me. He says fuck a lot. But what if he betrays you? What if he doesn't keep his promise? What if he leaves? When has ever anyone cared for you? Really cared? People tend to make promises they can't keep… Besides what do you even know about him? How do you know you can trust a guy like him? Says inner voice number two. And he is drop dead gorgeous. Sometimes he is sad…or angry. He makes the most disgusting tea in the world. »Hey. I slowly walked towards the window and stared into the pitch black night. He doesn't smile often. squeezing it between his lips. You know. only they are not always about Jimmy. only different. . how do you think I feel? I can't sleep. Can I get pass that 'escort' thing? Yes. Maybe if we both pick up our broken pieces. His mother is dead. I can hardly eat… And I do feel something fluttering in my stomach…butterflies. serial killers. sometimes he just writes – eat. I reached for the cold. like normal people. Says inner voice number one. Well. »What's with you being all serial killer like in the middle of the night? Can't you knock on the door like normal people? At a decent hour. Everything was devoured by darkness. but went to sleep right afterwards. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. My dark angel. Lucas. we can put them together and make one. He likes collecting seashells. is a dangerous thing? That's how we. He is broken inside…like me. I feel sick. It's a good smell. Ugh! Can I stop thinking about you?! I bury my face into the soft pillow and scream. Yeah Lucas Dashwood. No. he had no choice. He has a tattoo in memory of his mother. My Amor.

« »Maybe…Maybe that's just short for Richard…« I mumbled. Exhausted. They come to check on me here and then…It had to be today…I'm not going back. »Does the word di*k embarrass you?« I just crossed my arms again. he might be my age but he's just…a kid. of course.»What are you doing here anyway?« I crossed my arms.« He smiled at me with his beautiful dark eyes and jumped in my room. and another thing. In fact. it was wrong. »What will…What will you do? Maybe your father…« »No. completely serious. she's all practical. »If I could control my di*k I would say to him to stay put. »I came to see you. not even changing his face expression. No more income. »Oh.« He smirked. I won't let you sleep on the street. »Because the cat has manners. trying to get out of this conversation. right? He doesn't hurt you…« »Yes and no. On the floor. it was abusive to him. Skye. I quickly turned towards him.« He sighed and rubbed his eyes. He flicked the burned out cigarette into the night. . I can't pay our rent. »No. blushing like crazy. »No. thinking. I have a friend who has a dog named Di*k.« »That's a good thing. A small orange speck burned into the night like a small star. Has something to do with the city noise.« He said and took of his shoes. and she's doing something new now…trying to be a normal parent…What I mean is. Not going back. He paused for a second. One of her messed up things. »Oh. Skye. »Hey. car noise at night…she can't sleep if she hears that. »I meant like…bed manners. I meant back to a youth home. licking her privates?« He said. He might not show it with his face expression. Only at night! My mom…she can't know. the only thing is…We didn't pay our rent.« »To your apartment?« »Ha.« »Won't she hear us?« He whispered. Life isn't fair. I won't let that… »You can stay here…for a while. They're gonna stuff me in that youth home again.« »I just need tonight. viciously. you can…sleep here.« He lifted his head. She won't let you stay. I felt so guilty…He had quit that job because of me…But he didn't like it.« »Manners? What.« I shook my head. In fact.« He was still rubbing his eyes. nothing like that. blushing even more. not even noticing that his cigarette was turning into ash. staring at him. It wasn't fair. Was he gonna end up on the street because of me? No. »I need a place to crash.« He shook his head. Lucas sat on the floor in a yoga like position. »I saw social services in front of our doors today. that too. »I'll take it.« That's right…He doesn't have a job anymore. smiling. she has sound-proof walls in her bedroom. »Shut up!« »What?« He lifted one of his eyebrows. »Aha. and I have to sleep on the floor?« He narrowed his eyes towards Ash.« He took a small puff and brushed his lower lip with his thumb. I'm not going back there. »Fine. »It's just a word.« Lucas sadly laughed. Green all-stars. who was sleeping at the end of my bed. I'd rather end up on the street. I mean…You can be here. She doesn't p…poke me with…you know…the last time you were here…« I mumbled. how come can the cat sleep on the bed. »Did your father…Did he hurt y…« »No. annoyed by his arrogance.« I raised one of my eyebrows in disbelief. well…« He stared into the night with a serious expression on his face. He looked tired. if I could do that…« »No!« I snapped. »I promise you.« »Again?« »Yeah. No more rent payments. but I knew he was having fun.« He lighted his cigarette. my father can't do anything. but unfortunately it has a mind of it's own…« He said. probably looking red like a fresh tomato. I haven't seen him for a couple of weeks. I don't have more. Even if it is just sleeping on the floor. noticing his cigarette died long ago. »Where's your mom?« »Sleeping. The money I had…I already spent it on the late payment for the last couple of months. »I don't mind not seeing the old bastard.

now hiding the album behind his back. showing his dimple. »Aha!« He said victoriously. »What are you looking for?« I asked. lil' kitty. I already have all my personal thoughts inside my head. His minty breath…flawless skin… so close… »Sorry.« He stood up and started walking around the room. He was still lying on the bed. when I was born I had black hair. »I don't know…wanna play monopoly?« He lifted one of his eyebrows. that old thing. I forgot I had it.« I wasn't lying. which led in both of us falling on the bed.« He sort of whispered to himself. »you couldn't delete pictures. »You're the least boring person I know. He stopped at my bookshelf. »Yeah. »No!« I yelled. I think it's cute.« He stared at me. but then they turned sort of brown…ish. surprised. Photo album…I didn't open it for so long. »So. pulling his shirt. why would I want to write them down on a piece of paper? He looked back at me.« He was obviously amused by now. looking a bit disappointed. »Your secret diary.« He turned the page. »I bet if he'd get a cat.« He grinned.« I could see the sweet bitterness in his pearls of black. »I like your hair.« I didn't have a comeback to that…it hurt. You got what you got. ruffling his dark brown hair. trying to grab the album. »My mom once got me a camera. »I don't have a diary. but it was true.»I don't think so. With me on top of him. . »Did you take any photos?« »I still do. »So…what should we do know?« He asked as if nothing had happened.« I smiled.« I snapped out of it and got up. he'd name her Pus*y…« »Okay.« »How can you forget?« He said. Light brown with beams of blond. lifting the album higher.« He was obviously mocking me. »No. »Don't look at it!« I screamed at him. seemed a bit annoyed. »Photo albums are awesome. I just think they're a waste of time. I completely forgot that that was there! Why do people even take pictures of naked babies?! Just take the damn picture when child is fully clothed! He bursted out laughing. For my birthday. »No harm done.« He did that devilish smile of his.« He started after he calmed down a bit.« He smirked. I guess… »Just kidding.« He answered truthfully. turning the page.« He softly said. One of those old-fashioned ones. The old way of keeping memories. I completely forgot about that.« He smiled. His dark eyes pierced mine.« »T…Thanks. »Oh common.« Duh. Freaking pervert! Naming animals after body parts… He was laughing like crazy. my. when I was a baby. »You're boring lil' kitty. »Yours is n…nice too. rambling through the few books that were there. trying to turn the page. I could see that devil spark in his eyes.« »How come I haven't seen any of them?« I asked. »My. looking at my hair. »What?« I noticed he found a naked picture of me when I was three. »You had black hair!« Lucas smiles. You remember those cameras with only thirty shots?« »Yeah. He carefully opens the old photo album. »Oh.« »And those pictures were so much better then these days…capturing the moment.« »Wow.« I blush. The first picture is of me. playing in the bathtub. while sitting next to me. Fine.« He was still laughing. okay enough!« I almost yelled at him. I won't say anything. » Because I haven't shown them to you yet. Naked lil' kitty. causing me feel that zoo in my stomach again. »can I sleep in the bed too?« »No!« The nerve on that idiot. »Lucas!« I yelled again. I don't want to play monopoly. like he'd want to say if I was for real. while pulling down a huge purple book…What was that again? »A hidden treasure! Photo album. »that's the nicest compliment anyone has ever given me.

»Yes.« »I have to. surprised because of the sudden reaction.« »Oh. »It's an island in Scotland. I want to kiss every freckle on your face. I was named after it. »Is this your mom?« I stared at the picture. placing both of his hands on my cheeks. um. staring into my eyes up close.« He continued. like he'd hear me think. I stared at another picture of me. He picked it up and put it closer to his face. Our tongues finally met. »I want to touch your soft skin so bad.« I grabbed his sleeve. »I want not only your body and your heart. two short ponytails with pink bow ties. I pressed my lips onto his. no it's not your fault…« He leaned his forehead onto mine. »What? What are you talking about?« I murmured. as if my heart wasn't racing fast enough. Were? »Well.« He was looking away from me. I had to have him. I was born. He was on top of me. I was incapable of speaking. which were watery from all the pleasure. I was standing in some garden. Unfortunately my dad is on it.« Lucas commented. »I'm the selfish one…you're on the street because of me…because of my selfish wishies…because I want you all to myself…every smile…every look…every kiss…« I whispered to him. what's wrong?« I asked him. His soft dark hair was tickling my neck. every kiss…I want it all just for me. He slowly moved his hand towards my pants… I shook my head. He forced himself to close his eyes and got up.« »And who's this?« He pointed towards the man next to her. half in his sleep.. »You don't want me to go any further. kissing me even more passionately than before. »Wait. »You've got nothing to be sorry about…« He softly whispered back.« He started walking away to put the photo album back on the bookshelf. »it's the only picture where my mom is smiling.« He softly squeezed my hand. I gently stroked his hair. »I'm tired anyway. I'll be on the floor. »it's already hard to be in the same room as you…but in the same bed…I won't be able to control myself. He sighed and then he suddenly turned around.. I want to bury my face in your perfect hair…« He slowly moved even closer towards my face. »Why?« I half moaned half whispered. showing his dimple again.« He stared at me with those beautiful eyes again. Sorry about censoring the words. »I'll stop now.I lied next to him.« After he said that he simply lowered his head on my chest…on my breasts. »So soft…« He murmured. but also every smile. »You were a cute kid. I want to taste your kisses. I was just staring at him…He was so concentrated on the album…His dark eyelashes doing butterfly kisses…I could kiss him. now you're not exactly cute. . I had to have his kiss. kissing me all over…My cheek…my neck…my collar bone…my stomach…my scars… »My lil' kitty…« He gently groaned into my neck. almost raven dark hair gently brushed my cheek.« I touched his hand and turned it around. Exactly a year after this photo had been taken. I loved him kissing me. my lips craving for his immortal kiss.« He read out loud. every scar on your wrist. do you?« He grinned. »don't go. you're…beautiful.« He smiled evilly. but… »Don't worry. Because I'm a selfish bastard.October. »I'm…going to sleep. painful and the sweetest kiss at the same time. The heath was overflowing my body. »Skye. He turned the page again and a picture fell out of the album. dancing that minty waltz. »No.« »That's…pretty amazing. but I had to this time because if I wouldn't Wattpad would rate my story R.« I breathed out a hot breath of air. His soft. »My dad. until I feel asleep. »I'm sorry Lucas…so sorry…« I couldn't help it anymore. burning with passion. dressed in a blue mad. amused by my eyes.« »No. Don't worry. it's okay. as if he was a cute little cat. I'm gonna put it back…« »No. as if we were trying to make up for all the kisses which were missed. It was a long. 28. every look. »No. every beauty mark on your body. I don't ever do that. Because I'm a selfish bastard.« He was still whispering in my neck. but…« I showed to the inscription at the back of the photo.


who decided to take a nap on his stomach.« »Ah!« He squeaked like a girl. »What?« I stopped. pretending I'm not in the room. »No.« He rubbed his nose.« »You brought your toothbrush?« I asked while still checking inside my pockets. you're so mean lil' kitty!« He pretended to cry in the pillow.« Said the blurry face. just so you know. I don't have the time for this. is that even a word? »What?« I said with a grumpy morning voice.« He answered calmly. no morning kiss?« He pouched his lips. »Isn't she. * * * »Do you have a gum?« »Wait…« I said and checked in my pockets. I tried again…slowly…a blurry figure…a face… »Morning lil' kitty. »Maybe I'm just gonna call you lil' kitty from now on…« He mumbled some more. Toothbrush.45 am?! »We overslept!« »What?« »Get up. I was gonna use yours. Oh. »Get up!« I threw a pillow in his kissy face. did you watch me sleep?« »Well…« »Do you have any idea how creepy that is?!« »Erm. »Forgot to brush my teeth. we kissed before. »Besides. »You can't do that. I hate mornings. that's gross!« »Why? I mean. the bus leaves in ten minutes!« I jumped off the bed. Lucas watching himself in the mirror. 7. you little cute furrball…« Lucas tickled Ash's nose.Shakespeare Lucas…window…was it all just a dream? I slowly opened my eyes and the sudden shock of bright light made me close them right back again. They're exhausting. They were both yawning. get up. but you just looked so cute…« »You don't just…what…you…« What is wrong with him? Maybe I did let a serial killer inside last night afterall…I looked at the watch. who's the perviest of them all? »Cmmon pretty boy. »You're a mean sleeper. we're gonna be late. »I bet I don't hit without a reason.« He was talking to Ash. Kinda cute… »What did you do?« »Hm?« He acted stupid. I just ignored him and went to the bathroom. Water. »What. … Funny how the only sentence in my head was: Mirror. it's not like…« . »Ugh…« Was all I was able to say. »While I was sleepi…wait.« He petted Ash. We don't have time for this! »Ugh. »Did you just call me pretty?« I heard his echoing voice following me like a lost kitty.« »Ugh?« Mean slipper? Why am I a shoe? »You hit in your sleep. »You're mean when you wake up too…« He mumbled to himself. »How dare you accuse me of harassing a girl in her sleep?!« He pretended to be completely outraged. More water. »Dashwood. I just wanted to brush her hair a bit and then she strike me in the nose…and went back to sleep. Wait.« I rolled my eyes and walked out of the bathroom. Toothpaste. »You hit me in your sleep. Man.« I said with a serious face. mirror on the wall. he meant sleeper.

* * * If in any case Lucas Dashwood is my boyfriend…I swallowed…should we act like other couples now? I looked around my class. »Wow. and they can't eat. and pulled him closer to my face. can I have that gum so I can kiss you?« I blushed and gave him a piece of gum I found in my pocket. »I have such a good student. And I didn't know what to talk about. More like…love. Which will probably be in school…where you don't like kissing…« He was pointing out all the facts. so lil' kitty does want me to kiss her?« He mocked me. trying to get rid of these nasty thoughts.« He said with his sexy voice. looking at me questionably.« He said and leaned towards the grass. making my heart skip a beat…I've noticed that every time he wants to kiss he first looks at my eyes and then stares at my lips…He lowered his head a bit. »Whatever. then I wouldn't be invisible anymore. that bitch had a giant crush on him. biting his lower lip and making that naughty smile of his. I'd be dead. »Ha. He furrowed his eyebrows.. I've gotten more comfortable around him since I've got to know him. »I solemnly swear that I won't spit another gum on the floor or in the grass ever again. okay. I just wasn't good at making friends. Those questions didn't come to mind while we were kissing…maybe holding hands was more intimite…more real. and Virginia would…damn it. cracking voice…And then the bus arrived. just enough that I could reach his mouthwatering lips. and you can't compare it to kissing!« »I wasn't comparing it to kissing. He looked straight at my lips. never-mind. but that nice kind of strange… Lucas was looking around. whatever we were. gently brushing his cheek with my hand.« He rolled his eyes. »So I can't kiss you until we find a trash can. piercing my eyes with his dark ones. I never talked to her before. He stood still. He just held my hand. he sounded very similar to Chuck Bass…that whispering. but not enough for him to kiss me…I had to kiss him. The bus was half empty.« He whispered in my hair. I shook my head. or in their stomach. »Okay. preparing to spit. both her parents were doctors and that she has a boyfriend who is three years older than her. Not every great kiss has to be a french one. and that she has their picture as a screen saver on her phone. I was enjoying my invisibility. »No!« I yelled. We didn't say a word. Dead. even if we would be whispering…Suddenly he held my hand. but she seemed nice. surrounded with her SS army.« I murmured.« »I had a great teacher. Wait…Lucas Dashwood wasn't exactly invisible…actually the whole school knew who he was…if people knew we were together.« He gently grabbed my shoulders. Going to school with Lucas. and if she knew that we were…well. Natalie Zwan. searching for something. »Brushing the teeth. Just like that. Whatever. All the way to school. and they die…« I was rambling until Lucas stopped me. Standing here…with Lucas…waiting for the bus…it was strange. Lucas hugged me around the waist. It was weird. that's just…ew! It's too much bacteria and other stuff. Now I can speak my mind without mumbling. She was okay.« What? That wasn't supposed to be said out loud! My cheeks were burning red like crazy. She didn't bother me since that incident…In fact. like I wasn't even there. dazzled by his mesmerizing dark eyes. . waiting for my kiss…I softly pressed my kiss onto his minty lips. »It's just that…birds mistake gum for bread and they eat it. »Now. which was sort of cracking a bit. and then it gets stuck to their beak.. What did this mean? Were we together now? Like boyfriend and girlfriend? Isn't he supposed to ask me to be his girlfriend? Should I ask him if I am his girlfriend? Or if he would be my boyfriend? Is it too soon? Are we showing affection in public now? Like in school too? Everywhere? In front of everybody? Will he tell people? What will he tell people? So many questions. »Ah. slightly stepping on my toes. Okay?« »Mhm. just because of someone holding my hand. And I didn't want to talk in a half empty bus. All I knew about her was that she was super smart. »you're getting really good at this.« I laughed silently. Virginia was sitting at her table.»That's not the point!« I interrupted him. I mean. she ignored me. I quickly grabbed the collar of his black leather jacket. everybody could hear what we are saying.

They go on dates. »My name is Skye. »But…um. Besides. Again with that huge blue eyes of hers. And Jimmy. Wanna come? Me: He doesn't even remember me… Lucas<3: So? He'll get to know you again. yet.« Jimmy calmly said.. was holding my hand. pretending he didn't hear anything. Lucas was just standing there. »Skye. Cookie's jaw dropped.« She didn't let him stop her. but what do I call him? Perv? Devil? Serial killer? … I should really work on that. »My leg! You're gonna have to help me walk. »Don't. Suddenly he grabbed my hand. With Lucas. »I'm fine. »See?« She smiled with that devilish smile of hers. like he just did something normal. »Don't need you. because you're not living your own. right? That is. »And me. That was so sudden. I hope she chockes on something. like sexy texting?. … They touch each other inappropriately. * * * Going to the hospital.« He insisted. Check. …Check? They have couple songs. …Check? He calls me lil' kitty.« She brushed a lock of her perfect blond hair behind her ear. »Let's go. What is she doing here? She doesn't even go to school here. The boy who doesn't dates was holding my hand.. They kiss. Suddenly my phone vibrated. Eat that you spoiled brat.Yeah. it almost knocked my socks off… Lucas <3: Going to the hospital with Jimmy after school. »…Because he was in a car crash. Cute nicknames for each other. drilling holes into Lucas. Let's see…what else do couples do? Hypothetically.« He said. Not check. They have sex? Not check! Definitely not check! They text eachother…I heard of sexting though…What is it. »Hey Sara!« She squeaked at me. Just not on Lucas. I've got Dashwood. making all the jewelry on her hand rattle. They have pictures.« »You little…« Jimmy growled at her. Mine. Cookie.« »What?« She asked innocently. …Check. For his check up. »He needs help. People know that they are together. They are together. »You're in pain. Her dear Luc. living in the shadows has it's perks. still staring at our hands. and he's a bit not that okay. She was obviously in shock.« . Not check. if we were a real couple. And…Oh.« Jimmy cut her off. Smooch. but…« She started mumbling.« »Yes you do. leaning on Cookie. They hold hands. as she called him.« »Right…I've come here to help my poor brother…« »No need for that. He'll like you again. who hasn't eaten in weeks. You have plenty time to obsserve other people's lives. You're lovable. Cookie obviously pinched him. »Ouch!« Jimmy suddenly yelled. Not check.« She kept on going. Hypothetically. Me: You sure? Lucas<3: Of course. She was looking at him like he was a juicy bunny and she was a starving fox. no.« »Not really…ugh!« Jimmy suddenly grabbed his arm. You need help. I made a list. Anyway. That's what couples do. lil' kitty. that picture reminded me…do I have to take a picture of me and Lucas? Because we don't have a picture together. Check.

»Your parents know?« »No. so…« »So what. »Lucas once mentioned a youth home…« »They put him there after they took him away from his dad. but then those drugs…« »But. you know his worst secret. that only the kids from youth homes are forced into…« »It's not just kids from the youth home.»What. Besides Cookie. See. * * * Again in the waiting room. »Because if they went to the police. Cookie somehow succeeded in convincing Lucas to go with her to the cafeteria. He may not remember me. »Busy house. . »I don't know what's gonna happen now. here it goes.« Jimmy started. but smiled at the same time. A horrible. »Yeah…« We sat in silence for a few minutes but then suddenly a thought popped into my mind. he's staying with me.« I blushed. but he was still the same old Jimmy. those youth home people made up stuff. All by ourselves.« »Why? What happened?« I asked. there are others too. they weren't exactly…how to put it…the way they seemed at first. but they didn't report it because they thought he won't make any more trouble. I would ask him to stay with us. grabbing something to eat.« He growled at himself. so they put him into a youth home. »What if they find out?« »Not good…« »Ah. I know about that. »Okay. »Well. oh. and everything went great at first.« I looked at him with anticipation. they just used them? Why didn't they go to the police?« I got frustrated all of a sudden. They made Lucas run errands. Again that hospital smell. just a kid. but Jimmy wouldn't let her. no…« She tried protesting. but my mom won't let me.« I commented. Four years old. like that they stole something or they planted evidence. Jimmy pierced me with his ice-blue eyes. I see. Two strangers. »Hm. Twins. Jimmy raised his eyebrows.« I sighed. isn't it?« He leaned on her and winked at me.« You were the one who told me.« He smiled with that sunny smile of his and offered me a hand to shake. but then…You see these people. I have two more spoiled brats at home. but how long have you and Lucas been dating?« »We're not…I mean. Hi. wouldn't the cops notice some pattern. he was bound to tell you this one too once…He won't mind if I tell you.« I smiled back. the people who ran the youth home. horrible place. hm. you see.« »What errands?« »Lucas was young. the cops wouldn't suspect kids. »So. but. Me and Jimmy were left alone. Yuck. the other one was Dean…and he wasn't so lucky. And believe me when I say that Lucas was one of a few who dared to go to the cops. or something…They got juvie records and after that nobody would believe them that somebody made them traffic drugs…How do you think Dashwood got a juvie record?« »Lucas has a juvie record?« »Yeah. I don't know…« I started mumbling. they said he tried to brake into a car. »Hi. They're the worst. I'm asking because that bastard Dashwood won't tell me anything. »That's why you're here. I know he quit his job. »I hope you don't mind me asking. Nobody around. »I know this must be weird for you. I'm Skye. and those people made him and a few other boys traffic drugs for them. »He's already on the street…I mean.« »Who's Dean?« I asked. Dylan and Liam. but I didn't know you were the reason…you do know about his job?« »Yeah. soon he'll be out on the street…« Jimmy stared sadly at the wall. I'm Jimmy.

« »Lucas?« I snorted. I am walking. No matter what. that's not true. he kissed me first. »But why? What does she have that I don't?! She's just a plain. »I just…I don't know.« »That's good!« The biggest grin danced on Jimmy's face.« He growled and stopped. »Right.« Jimmy smiled at me.« »Raped? How…what did…« »He ran his mouth to the wrong people. He saw me. Lucas was never the same after that. I just ran.« I said. He held my hand. »Life's too short. I really didn't. »Anyway. »What. boring girl!« She demanded his lips like a spoiled child demands his toy. »Cookie get off. trying to kiss him. »Oh. He needed to get out. Like always. His dark eyes pierced mine like that time. As simple as that. Why would somebody like him be into me? Just some…silent little gray mouse. He feels like everybody who mattered left him. I understand now. »Over my dead body. Why wait for that sissy pants to ask you? He obviously doesn't have the balls…« »No. »Than what is it?« He got confused. »Ask him to be my boyfriend. »It's not what you think…« »I know!« I yelled at him. Courage is not the absence of fear. He didn't…he didn't ask me to be his girlfriend…or said that we're t…together or anything. boring. So…I have to man up and ask him? He's not scared.»Lucas's friend from the youth home.« I had no idea Lucas had it so hard. Life is too short to wait. surprised. stupid girl…why would you even…« I didn't understand.« Jimmy sadly sighed. but he does have abandonment issues. let's discuss some other topic. I'm not letting go of your hand. Now it makes complete and absolute sense to me. »Skye!« He yelled again and grabbed my hand. maybe not scared. I am going. he has them…I mean. you can't…« He tried to push her away. Besides. I understand. Now I finally understand that quote. so he has a hard time dealing with stuff. okay you messed up child!« Jimmy bursted out laughing. confronting stuff…« Jimmy said with a serious voice.. »She is right!« »What?« »I'm just a plain. I stood up. The pain in his eyes. I ran. he knows that. »No Cookie. I am going to ask him. you're one of the few truly amazing things that happened to him. It seems like with every secret comes more darkness. this is making me depressed.« He laughed. »What?« Jimmy asked. but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. »I'll do it. what's up with you and Dashwood?« »Um…« I murmured and started nervously twisting the end of my sleeve.« »So?« »What?« »What are you waiting for?« Jimmy smiled. He told me his secret. »Scared? No way. »Skye!« I heard him screaming behind me. He's just…scared.« He smiled back. »What do you mean?« »You ask him. He actually got sent to juvie…and he got the crap kicked out of him…he even got raped. . Never. n…not that I've seen them. »Just ask him. To tell him. so he must…« »Okay. To… I saw Cookie hugging him. »So. wrapping her arms around his neck.« »Okay. right?« I smiled. now?« He asked. not that I want to! I just…he's a guy.« »And he's not going back again. b…because I h…haven't.

godlike diamonds of love. making my teary eyes face his dark. you're wrong. you're…« »Not like her!« I snapped again. with her perfect hair and gorgeous eyes…and I'm just… what if you fall in love with her?« I mean look at me. »How could I love the moon when I've witnessed the sun?« .»No Skye. what chances do I have against someone so beautiful as Cookie? Lucas stopped. He gently brushed my cheek and slowly lifted my chin. »She's so pretty.

I love it when I make you blush. Skye Monroe. although no kissing in school…« Lucas pouched his face. um. »I would love to be yours. »I demand…good-morning and good-night kisses. I like that you don't wear as much make-up like other girls. I mean it hurts my legs if I try walking in them. »I'll just find someone else. people don't usually notice that. I thought it was a guys job to ask such a question. the singer. well I want you.« He whispered in my ear. After his lips let go of mine. I even like your dorky clothes!« He laughed and tucked on my over-size sweater. Maybe he's right. thinking heavily. Pink. »I love how your heart skips a beat every time I come closer to you…« He grabbed the bottom of my sweater and pulled me closer towards him. she was standing on the side of the race track.« Lucas smirked. As simple as that. »I love it when you mumble because you're so nervous. I love how you're not like everyone else…« »Akhm. something that is praised in those dumb magazines?« He shook his head and smirked. not because they aren't beautiful piece of art. About the tall thing. I mean if you get engaged a guy always asks…« »That's not true. asked her guy to marry her. »I…I most certainly am not like everyone. saying will you marry me? Though. even if you think it's frizzy. I loved that hug. First comes a ring of green. now I was rambling like a squirrel on crack. I want to make dorky photos with you.« I started walking away. I mean I am closer to his lips…one step closer to heaven. »why do you think she's perfect? Because she's looks like some stupid ideal.« He lowered his voice in a nice way.Anna Did he just Shakespeare me? »I mean. like a vampire…« He smiled. It's easier to kiss you. »Mhm. I licked up and across my teeth. and for once I wasn't the one who was blushing. »Well…?« »Huh?« He pretended to be stupid. it's just. All. »I love your full. »Well.« And then he kissed me. then sky blue… Fuck.« »Yeah?« He lifted one of his eyebrows. they hurt you know. and hugged me from behind. well. what is your answer?« I swallowed. and a lot of them in-between of course. »Will you be my boyfriend?« His eyes widened in surprise. and when her boyfriend drove by she lifted a huge poster. The third one from the left was slightly pointy.« He taped his lips with his index finger. To myself. »Um. pretending to be disappointed. Because you make my heart skip a beat. well I can agree to most of that. »Fine. »Hm…there are a few demands of my own. I loved how his hands felt wrapped around me. hell I'm thrilled that you're not one of those girls with raccoon eyes! I like that one of your teeth is slightly pointy. when he grabbed my hand. showing his dimple. »I like your eyes…that are not blue. He tilted his head in confusion. I loved that smell. I stared deep into his dark eyes and blurted out the first thing that came to mind. And I also hate high heels. that smell of cigarette smoke and washing powder. I love it when you smile. and he was right. and besides I get ridiculously tall if I try them on. »Like what?« I sighed and crossed my arms.« I said and turned around. »Um. Funny.« I tried talking back and not just standing there. the most. »I want to hold your hand in public. as long as you're not taller than me. nor green. »What?« »Who knew that you would be the one asking that question…« He murmured to himself. »I like that you're tall. before I make my decision…« He gave me that naughty smile of his. um. sweet lips…« He brushed my lower lip with his thumb »But most of all. but in-between. I loved his chocolaty hair kissing my cheeks.« The bastard smiled. from all the hugs. I think she almost killed someone…« He bursted out laughing. . I mean. »I like your windswept hair. I know that because I tried…« Great. I am the least like…you know. staring at him like a complete idiot. I want…I want.

»No. »Mr.« Said the lady with short hair. Wrong on so many levels.16! I opened the door and saw Cookie sitting on the bed next to some girl with short blond hair.I just wanted to. I'm not letting that little Blondie succubus near my Lucas again. 15.« I said. if she wouldn't have feminine features on her face. do you have any kind of social network. »Maybe you should change your Facebook name to – Skye Monroe-Dashwood. I'll go find her. »She's in the left wing. well lovebirds.Could it be that I'm standing in the presence of the only human being capable of controlling that little monster? »I'll just go freshen up. the One Direction boys. where's Cookie?« Lucas and I made an awkward eye contact. and I'm not letting Lucas to go either.And just like that Lucas Dashwood became my boyfriend. * * * Which room did Jimmy say? 14.« »I don't have a Facebook. »I'll go with you. I'll go get her.. Cookie turned his head towards me and rolled her eyes. don't be a.« Jimmy seemed frustrated.« Said know what.« »I'll go get her.« Lucas smiled and gently pressed his soft lips on my hand.« He turned to me. keeping my head calm. Mrs.. As we walked back towards Jimmy.« »Mrs. no. Better safe than sorry. People mistake Cookie for my little sister a lot. I knew he was only joking. That second I just wanted to. »Yeah. Everybody says so. you wait for Jimmy... That was a surprise. »It's not only Lucas. that's me.« She looked at me again. what are you two talking about?« »Look Jimmy!« Lucas yelled and smiled like an idiot as he raised our hands in the air.take that blue pillow on the bed and suffocate her stupid face with it! »Cookie. »I am officially in a relationship. »my condolence. »Well.. obsessed with boys. »Ugh. yeah okay...« I said.« Lucas stood up. »she's a hormonal teenager. Her hair was really short. Somehow that smile resembled. I get it. »Beware.. I'd probably mistaken her for a boy. I don't exactly have much friends. room.« Said the girl with the short hair and narrowed her blue eyes towards Cookie.« She smiled even more.. Lucas chirped happily about anything and everything that came to mind. and gave me a fake smile. I'm sure. the pretty boy snorts in his sleep like an old grandma!« Jimmy laughed while Lucas punched him again. 3rd floor...Kane?« A nurse suddenly stepped out of the office. I don't have any of that.. »I know..« »Got it.. Shawn.« She guessed my thoughts.« »Um.« »Twitter?« »Nope. »Oh.« Jimmy stood up. »You know Lucas?« I tried to be a bit more conversational for a change. »and no.« She smiled.16. »family resemblance. I think. I mean if she sees us together... She's probably hanging out with our cousin May. .« »I know.« Lucas friendly punched Jimmy in the shoulder.« »Great for you Dashwood..« I said as Jimmy disappeared into the room. »Oh. »Hey. fine.« I commented. Monroe. whatsoever?« »Please Mr.« Jimmy grinned.. annoyed.Monroe is my mother.« I mocked his way of speaking. she might. »Your brother sent me. but that ridiculous face expression was just wrong. I see.. »Yes. »Where's Lucas?« She smirked. »What are you doing here?« She snapped. »And Skye.« I mean.« »You sure?« Hell yes.Dashwood. »But…« Our clever talk was interrupted by Jimmy. »You'll have to forgive her. there's also Jay and Derek. Jimmy can't go. One of her crazy teenage outburst again.

I noticed a small tube stucked in her nose... and consulars. .maybe this would be my future if.. but.. that's how you can ask me stuff if you'd like.then lunch.I could see that she saw in me what was once her..since I was thirteen.« »On and off. »I'm May. for which I feared it would break like glass if I squeeze it too much..« May sang too me. when she said it's too late for some. »Skye..Her cheekbones.« She shyly scratched her neck. but. I didn't knew this girl.They were blue. »See you.then dinner.. so blue. She suddenly smiled with that famous Kane grin.« She noticed me sneakes up on you... I am beautiful in every single way.« »Watch out. »I know.« She the end everything is up to you.. and the purple-blue veins. »I know. smelling like she'd put on way too much perfume...« I liked May... She laughed. I try too. »I'm sorry?« »A feed tube....maybe it's too late for some. no..... May..« She lowered her head onto the blue pillow and sadly stared out of the window.« »Denial?« She pierced my eyes with her blue ones.I just felt a connection with her. words can't bring me down.« She said optimistically..Before you know it.. Well. you're obsessed. »Well.. on and off again.. I head no reason to lie to this person. She took her thumb and her middle finger and locked them around my left wrist. Sometimes it's just. »Eat. I mean I don't. anna is a sneaky bitch. »I don't know.. I could clearly see the bones..« I smiled at my new friend with short blond hair and Jimmy's eyes.« She looked down..« I knew she was talking about herself.. »Mom took me to the hospital.And her eyes. »I've been in here so many times. and of.the dead. »It's a feed tube. »Common Skye.« »Are you gonna get better?« I asked so quietly.. Horrible sent of flowers exploding in a bottle.« She offered me her hand.« May furrowed her eyebrows. I couldn't explain it. »Anorexia Nervosa. Anna is with me for five years now. towards my hands.Her skinny hand. not personally.. your body won't. you get it if you have a BMI below 13. I just sing it out loud. bye May!« She yelled walking through the door... I eat. »Hey.. it's a bit cliche. Cookie finally came out of the hospital bathroom. why don't we exchange numbers. She was skinny.. »I am beautiful no matter what they say. »You think you can control it.« She shrugged. Maybe if I just leave out breakfast. She was broken. »Sounds familiar?« I nodded. She was anorexic. it was almost a whisper. so skinny I could almost see through her skin. um. And then I looked at her. but for you.« I nodded... When you're not looking.. She tried so hard to keep a smile on her face. »Do you have it too?« »What. there's a lot of self-help books.. but I got quite an image out of Cookie's stories. no reason to stop now.« She slightly smiled. I guess. and her arms. I know the names of the living.I could see them clearly.. by the way. taking the beauty away. you're only eighteen years old?« I asked surprised. When I get depressed or sad. but really.« She bit her lip and looked away. but it felt like I knew the darkest side of her.. »You mean. You cut your food into tiny pieces. »It's funny what a silly little disease does to a person... I met her literary five minutes ago..sometimes it's too late. eat for hours.. I managed to get this far. »Bye..« She stared at me. Anna for short. I just. and people who want to help..« I told the truth.. but I just love this song. but I could see beneath her skin.even if you want to.5... beneath her bones. Really looked at her. you don't eat a thing. isn't it? I know I look way older than I really am..»No.. probably. »Um. but only a Jimmy's relative would keep that smile on her face. as she'd been waiting for me.. anorexia? Um. and that she was determined to save at least one of two lives in this room.Her arms seemed so skinny. I heard he is quite handsome. »How long. A dangerously low weight.But not a lot?« She moved her hand away from mine.« I introduced myself... but beneath there was a dark half-moon.I know every person's name. because I passed out in the bathroom. no.Skinnier than me. I knew that maybe.

Author's note: I just thought I'd show you some insight on 'anna'. =^. then. since it is a dangerous disease. it doesn't matter.»Until next can have extra fragile bones.« She smiled back with that huge grin only a Kane could master. You hold the power of your life in your own hands. because it's not worth it.^= . or you can't eat normally. it leaves your body damaged forever . No matter what the reason is for someone to starve. and even if you get over it.

»It's a Polaroid camera.. I guess even I can be the pervert sometimes.« »I can just wash this one.« He mocked me.« He said. »I'll go get some clothes from the apartment. * * * The old path towards Lucas's apartment. I'm coming with you.« He finally spoke. »Clothes. »That's it. He nodded. I looked at him. of course.« »Just the leather jacket?« I heard him yell as I was walking out of the room. this path definitely wasn't all rainbows and unicorns. suspicious men walking up and down the street in a nervous way. but he came back with backpack full of clothes and some sort of photo camera in his hands.« »What?« »The Ash test. the one that mom gave me. I grinned. »I believe that I'm perfectly capable of doing that. Shades of grey were lazily dancing around him.« I rolled my eyes. it smelled like cooked meat or some sort of meat soup. but I simply couldn't care less.« I commented as he stared at me. Lucas was only gone for several minutes.« »What am I supposed to wear in the mean time?« Lucas asked.« .. His dark eyes seemed brighter in the morning light. He was piercing me with his dark eyes with golden flecks. Lucas was leaning on the edge of an open window. Old buildings falling apart. hitting the cold bedroom floor with my bare feet. smoking his first morning cigarette. »Great.« I said. gross scent. »Jacket. while Lucas was carefully going up the stairs. I'm not quite sure what time it was. »this is going into the washer. shocked. »What's that?« I pointed towards the camera. I leaned on the concrete wall. Cats like the smell of sweat and if your shirt stinks she's gonna rub her nose in it. »Wait here.« He pretended not to care. trying to bite them. but Lucas hardly flinched. We overslept. »Mom gone for work?« I muttered in a tired way. Shirtless. I looked at the floor. wrapping him in a veil of smokey delight. trash bins filled with too much garbage. So much about being a good girl. »School?« I asked with my weird morning voice. »We could do something today. The stench in the building was unbearable. glancing with my eyes from his feet. but it was definitely too late. »What? I'm not waiting here. all the way up to his beautifully carved torso. looking around. Sort of sour.« He sighed. »The Ash test. meaning it's 'washing machine' time.« He smirked and picked up the shirt.« I jumped out of the bed. He slowly took another breath of the dying cigarette. »You can't live with just one shirt.« I said and picked up the shirt. every time he took a puff of smoke. To go to school that is. noticing the same black Hard Rock Cafe shirt he was wearing for the past few days. He did this thing where he slightly narrowed his eyes. pouting his mouth in a way that he could blew an ashy circle through his lips. He lifted one of his eyebrows. »You need to get some clothes.The Old City It was still pretty early. stray cats and dogs looking for a bite of food. »Wait. »It's kinda gross.« I said and snatched it right out of his hands. I tried caring about missing school. If I'm skipping school there's no way I'm staying at home. which were apparently only visible in the right light. looking questionably at me.« I placed the shirt next to the cat and she almost immediately started rubbing her cute pink nose into the stinky shirt.Yeah. He shook his head. »Like what?« He shrugged. Ash was playing with his toes. brown with golden flecks. imagining Lucas wearing nothing but the jacket and jeans.

»Yeah?« He turned his head towards me. »You?« »How soft your hands are. Only he wouldn't stop.. black eyelashes. »What are you thinking about?« Lucas's voice suddenly appeared. instant pictures. There was this old story about a beautiful lady who lived in this very city centuries ago. probably still from the roman era.« He offered me a small piece of paper that he was holding in his hands. but the sun was gently kissing my cheeks with it's warmth. brushing his thumb against the sensitive skin of my palm.I'm not.. and I know all other girls are.. Like a scared kitten..« He smiled and pulled me closer towards him. But that's just one of the stories of this old city. a man with hair dark as night and eyes as green as the river floating trough the city had the pleasure of taking the lady's hand and dancing with her... and because I was surprised I forgot to close my eyes and I just stared at his long. much like herself. Only one we've got the entire day ahead of us. Talk about not being photogenic.surprised..« I groaned again. doctors. It was a picture of us.« He did that naughty smile of his. stop. as the finest jewelry. I mean. Suddenly a bright flash hurt my eyes.. She was the most beautiful woman in the city. and don't feel pressured into anything just because we're dating now. but she refused all of them. »No. and everything was connected by this gorgeous green river. The air was cold and the city was half empty. »Polaroid camera. catching eachother's existence. He looked gorgeous. seemed good enough for her. Besides. and at one moment they were gone. grinning. hand in hand. and I don't know about that sex stuff.« He moved so fast I could hardly comprehend what was going on. and I know I should because I'm your girlfriend and all. waiting for someone to ask her for a dance. »We're gonna make another one. Before I knew it he was pressing his soft lips onto mine.. You don't have to know that stuff. and the man was no other than the water man that had striking green eyes as the river he lived in. »..« »Really. »Here. let's make that into – I looked like I was about to be assaulted or something. and she was sitting all alone.. Just now.« I answered truthfully.. Kissing.« He laughed..« »Skye. which me and Lucas passed a few minutes ago. It's funny how the sun seems so far away in the winter.« Lucas explained. »After all. Of course a lot of men tried. but I enjoyed the solitude of space and time. well if we can call him a but never quite reaching it. I groaned rubbing my eyes in discontent. I rolled my eyes.»Polaroid?« »It does this. which was filled with secrets and forgotten stories. and I looked. and we layed down on some concrete playground equipment. The city was old.« »Mhm. but he would just dance faster. singers. and her eyes so blue that even the sky was jealous. * * * We were walking around the city.And they were dancing faster and faster and spinning through the wind and the storm that suddenly appeared. Lucas was still holding my hand. not even noticing the scent of rotten meat anymore.nobody met her standard.. like usual.. well. »I look horrible. She cried and she cried..« I was embarrassed to finish that sentence. filled with copies of greek and roman architecture. a gorgeous creature with hair as golden brown. He tilted his head and looked at the picture.. The streets were paved with small granite cubes. No. A gorgeous creature. you look adorable. like. The lady was never heard from again. »The sun. The air was still cold. experienced. »I'm gonna teach you everything you want to know.« Lucas pressed a gentle kiss on my forehead.« »Lucas?« »Yeah?« »Are you bothered by. Poets. Once there was this dance in the middle of the town square. and the bridges were intertwined like ancient lovers. Soon we arrived at the park. like an angel in his forevermore sleep.. Her feet were bleeding in pain and her head was spinning and spinning. He seemed so peacefull with his eyes close. They supposedly disappeared into the river. making a few strains of his chocolaty hair slip down his smooth skin. which reminded me of some sort of giant mushroom.« .

talking about sex. I did it for money – which was wrong. I respect the people that want to wait until they're married. because of the sun. He pulled out his phone.. »What is this?« I asked as the singer's velvet-like voice sent chills up my spine.. »What. and there was something else. It was summer and rain at the same time. people give it either too little or too much meaning.It's something to enjoy. slowly moving his hand towards my neck.for life to be good.something completely different. I leaned over him and kissed him on the cheek. not something to be embarrassed about?« »Yes..»O.. Otherwise I think it's a normal...« I smiled and pressed another kiss onto his godlike lips. but I also respect the people that have sex just because it's fun.. but that didn't mean anything to a secret ingredient. like – wait until the third date or wait until you know each other for five months. »I don't amused. who was obviously jealous of music that shined brighter than him. It was like a music you'd want to bite in.It was orange and yellow and blue and green at the same time. You've successfully repeated what I just said.« He answered and leaned over me. »Sex?« Lucas said in a normal tone of voice. with whoever you want to do it.« Lucas casually shrugged and looked at the phone.. He softly stared at me.What do you think about it? I mean. like snow in July and sun in December.Okay.« I was blushing.« I whispered that word. »Fun?« »Yeah. »Sometimes you've got to be a little bit bad. some band I recently found. nor pop.« He laughed. but I think that's all rubbish. shutting one of his eyes close.. turning on some music. It's as simple as that. The sound was smooth like jazz. It wasn't like the music people normally listen these days. . »Fire in the Rain. or rap. There's no such thing as the appropriate amount of time. and don't get me wrong. It was the last piece of cold pizza and the first bite of juicy strawberry. Skipping school. or like a sin or was something. People make up rules.. »Well...« »So....« A huge grin appeared on his face.. You do it when you want to do it. Some still think of it like something dirty and bad. It was a sound and scent and a taste.. »I'm turning you into a bad girl..« He furrowed his eyebrows. well at least not most of the teenagers. You know. fun activity... showering my neck with kisses worthy of Aphrodite herself. but the rhythm was fun like funk. it wasn't rock. pulling me closer towards his lips into a deep and moist kiss..

What do I know about Lucas Dashwood… He likes animals. Ew. »Hey. . He makes the most disgusting tea in the world. He is broken inside…like me. And he is drop dead gorgeous.Serial Killer Blair Waldorf: Do you…'like' me? Chuck Bass: Define like… Blair Waldorf: You have got to be kidding me.« I suddenly heard a familiar voice next to me. only different. He likes collecting seashells. whole thing… He doesn't use perfume. serial killers. My bad habit. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. like normal people. He smells of cigarette smoke and washing powder. You should at least light a flashlight or something. is a dangerous thing? That's how we. Eat. He likes Game of Thrones. If only I'd have passion for food. He doesn't smile often. He has a tattoo in memory of his mother. »Lucas!« I clenched the shirt on my chest. He pulled a cigarette out of the cigarette package. Well. Do I…love him? … I got startled by someone knocking on my bedroom window. he had no choice. You know. he won't do it again. of course. Everything was devoured by darkness. it's already in the past. Is he a bad person? Definitely not. Maybe I should buy a guard dog. My heart skipped a beat so fast. like there's something in my stomach… fluttering. His mother is dead. I am doing my best. I feel sick. metal window handle and turned it to the left…A gush of ice cold air blew into my room…there was no one there. Maybe if we both pick up our broken pieces. If only it'd be that easy. I reached for the cold. he knows that. My Amor. »Don't you know opening a window before even knowing who it is. Even the moon was hiding her pale face behind the heavy clouds. He wears a black leather jacket and drives a bike. He says fuck a lot. Can I trust a man like him? I don't know. only they are not always about Jimmy. Says inner voice number one. He quotes Shakespeare and Kurt Cobain. he likes Ash. I can hardly eat… And I do feel something fluttering in my stomach…butterflies. Sometimes he is sad…or angry. »What's with you being all serial killer like in the middle of the night? Can't you knock on the door like normal people? At a decent hour. squeezing it between his lips. forget butterflies. how do you think I feel? I can't sleep. though. He did a bad thing. My god of love. but went to sleep right afterwards. Ugh! Can I stop thinking about you?! I bury my face into the soft pillow and scream. sometimes he just writes – eat. Great. Sometimes he is a pervert. just ew. I slowly walked towards the window and stared into the pitch black night. so I use all of my nights to watch Gossip Girl. we can put them together and make one. Can I get pass that 'escort' thing? Yes. One simple word.« He mocked me with a cigarette in his mouth. get our naive and innocent victims. Lucas keeps me posted with text messages.« I got frustrated with him. Ash lifted her little fluffy head a bit and yawned. Lucas. My dark angel. Yeah Lucas Dashwood. I feel the entire zoo inside my stomach! A few days has passed since the accident and Jimmy still doesn't remember me. It's a good smell. No. But what if he betrays you? What if he doesn't keep his promise? What if he leaves? When has ever anyone cared for you? Really cared? People tend to make promises they can't keep… Besides what do you even know about him? How do you know you can trust a guy like him? Says inner voice number two. Chuck Bass: How do you think I feel? I can't sleep! I feel sick.

On the floor. and she's doing something new now…trying to be a normal parent…What I mean is. I quickly turned towards him. Green all-stars. viciously. right? He doesn't hurt you…« »Yes and no.« »That's a good thing. He might not show it with his face expression. completely serious. probably looking red like a fresh tomato. I felt so guilty…He had quit that job because of me…But he didn't like it. Not going back. but I knew he was having fun. nothing like that.« He sighed and rubbed his eyes. In fact. the only thing is…We didn't pay our rent.« He smirked.»What are you doing here anyway?« I crossed my arms. »Shut up!« »What?« He lifted one of his eyebrows. »It's just a word.« He smiled at me with his beautiful dark eyes and jumped in my room. It wasn't fair. No more income. annoyed by his arrogance.« That's right…He doesn't have a job anymore.« He said and took of his shoes. I don't have more. not even changing his face expression. »Fine. I can't pay our rent. I'd rather end up on the street. »Hey. »Aha. I won't let that… »You can stay here…for a while. blushing like crazy. »Because the cat has manners. »I saw social services in front of our doors today.« He lifted his head. he might be my age but he's just…a kid. »No. thinking. of course.« »Manners? What. »Did your father…Did he hurt y…« »No. I'm not going back there. Was he gonna end up on the street because of me? No.« Lucas sadly laughed. I meant back to a youth home. »What will…What will you do? Maybe your father…« »No.« He took a small puff and brushed his lower lip with his thumb. They come to check on me here and then…It had to be today…I'm not going back.« I raised one of my eyebrows in disbelief. . licking her privates?« He said. noticing his cigarette died long ago. Skye.« »To your apartment?« »Ha. if I could do that…« »No!« I snapped. »I meant like…bed manners. She doesn't p…poke me with…you know…the last time you were here…« I mumbled. They're gonna stuff me in that youth home again. staring at him. my father can't do anything. »I don't mind not seeing the old bastard. well…« He stared into the night with a serious expression on his face. car noise at night…she can't sleep if she hears that. blushing even more. Exhausted. Only at night! My mom…she can't know. »I promise you. »I came to see you. She won't let you stay. and another thing. Lucas sat on the floor in a yoga like position. He paused for a second. and I have to sleep on the floor?« He narrowed his eyes towards Ash.« He was still rubbing his eyes. she's all practical. No more rent payments. »Where's your mom?« »Sleeping. that too. not even noticing that his cigarette was turning into ash. Has something to do with the city noise. smiling. »No.« »Again?« »Yeah. »If I could control my dick I would say to him to stay put. He flicked the burned out cigarette into the night. He looked tired.« »Won't she hear us?« He whispered.« He lighted his cigarette. I have a friend who has a dog named Dick.« I shook my head. »Oh. »I need a place to crash. »Does the word dick embarrass you?« I just crossed my arms again. you can…sleep here. »Oh. I won't let you sleep on the street.« »Maybe…Maybe that's just short for Richard…« I mumbled. it was wrong. trying to get out of this conversation.« »I just need tonight. but unfortunately it has a mind of it's own…« He said. I mean…You can be here. »I'll take it. In fact. Even if it is just sleeping on the floor. The money I had…I already spent it on the late payment for the last couple of months. Skye. I haven't seen him for a couple of weeks. how come can the cat sleep on the bed. she has sound-proof walls in her bedroom. Life isn't fair. A small orange speck burned into the night like a small star.« He shook his head. who was sleeping at the end of my bed. One of her messed up things. it was abusive to him.

« He answered truthfully. »So…what should we do know?« He asked as if nothing had happened. »Lucas!« I yelled again. »that's the nicest compliment anyone has ever given me.« I didn't have a comeback to that…it hurt. »So. I don't want to play monopoly. Naked lil' kitty. now hiding the album behind his back. »I don't have a diary.« He was obviously mocking me. »You're the least boring person I know.« »Wow. ruffling his dark brown hair.« Duh. which led in both of us falling on the bed. . I think it's cute. »No!« I yelled. »I bet if he'd get a cat. »Photo albums are awesome. You got what you got. like he'd want to say if I was for real. but it was true.« He turned the page. I completely forgot that that was there! Why do people even take pictures of naked babies?! Just take the damn picture when child is fully clothed! He bursted out laughing. »Yours is n…nice too. »Oh common. while pulling down a huge purple book…What was that again? »A hidden treasure! Photo album. »you couldn't delete pictures.« He started after he calmed down a bit. my. »No harm done. »Yeah. while sitting next to me. pulling his shirt. playing in the bathtub. okay enough!« I almost yelled at him. I just think they're a waste of time. »My mom once got me a camera. » Because I haven't shown them to you yet.« He smiled. The first picture is of me. I forgot I had it. but then they turned sort of brown…ish. »You had black hair!« Lucas smiles. I guess… »Just kidding. »Aha!« He said victoriously. Light brown with beams of blond. »What?« I noticed he found a naked picture of me when I was three. causing me feel that zoo in my stomach again. turning the page.« »And those pictures were so much better then these days…capturing the moment. I could see that devil spark in his eyes. when I was born I had black hair. why would I want to write them down on a piece of paper? He looked back at me. »What are you looking for?« I asked. Pussy…« »Okay. »Your secret diary. For my birthday. With me on top of him. rambling through the few books that were there. His minty breath…flawless skin… so close… »Sorry. trying to turn the page. »You're boring lil' kitty. »No. I completely forgot about that. no wait. »Did you take any photos?« »I still do. lifting the album higher.« I smiled. He carefully opens the old photo album. lil' kitty. I won't say anything.« I blush. »My. seemed a bit annoyed.« He smirked.« »How can you forget?« He said. I already have all my personal thoughts inside my head. »Oh. The old way of keeping memories. surprised.« He sort of whispered to himself.« He stood up and started walking around the room.« He softly said. when I was a baby. Freaking pervert! Naming animals after body parts… He was laughing like crazy. looking at my hair. »I don't know…wanna play monopoly?« He lifted one of his eyebrows.»I don't think so. he'd name her Vagina.« He did that devilish smile of his.« I snapped out of it and got up.« »T…Thanks.« He was obviously amused by now. Fine. that old thing. His dark eyes pierced mine. looking a bit disappointed.« He stared at me.« »How come I haven't seen any of them?« I asked. One of those old-fashioned ones.« He was still laughing. He stopped at my bookshelf.« I wasn't lying. He was still lying on the bed. trying to grab the album.« I could see the sweet bitterness in his pearls of black. »Don't look at it!« I screamed at him. You remember those cameras with only thirty shots?« »Yeah. Photo album…I didn't open it for so long. »I like your hair. showing his dimple.« He grinned. »can I sleep in the bed too?« »No!« The nerve on that idiot.

« He softly squeezed my hand.« He stared at me with those beautiful eyes again. you're…beautiful. »So soft…« He murmured. I want to taste your kisses. almost raven dark hair gently brushed my cheek. um. amused by my eyes. »My dad. »Is this your mom?« I stared at the picture. »I'm…going to sleep. until I feel asleep. now you're not exactly cute. He sighed and then he suddenly turned around. I was just staring at him…He was so concentrated on the album…His dark eyelashes doing butterfly kisses…I could kiss him. as if my heart wasn't racing fast enough.« »Oh. no it's not your fault…« He leaned his forehead onto mine.« I touched his hand and turned it around. I pressed my lips onto his. but…« I showed to the inscription at the back of the photo. Exactly a year after this photo has been taken. half in his sleep. every kiss…I want it all just for me. I had to have his kiss.I lied next to him.« »That's…pretty amazing. He picked it up and put it closer to his face. I gently stroked his hair. . I was born. it's okay.« »And who's this?« He pointed towards the man next to her. like he'd hear me think. His soft dark hair was tickling my neck. which were watery from all the pleasure. »I'm sorry Lucas…so sorry…« I couldn't help it anymore. »it's already hard to be in the same room as you…but in the same bed…I won't be able to control myself. I was incapable of speaking.« After he said that he simply lowered his head on my chest…on my breasts. »Yes. I was standing in some garden.« He read out loud. showing his dimple again. »Skye.« He was still whispering in my neck. but also every smile. Unfortunately my dad is on it. dancing that minty waltz.« He was looking away from me. »I'm the selfish one…you're on the street because of me…because of my selfish wishies…because I want you all to myself…every smile…every look…every kiss…« I whispered to him. »No. 28. »don't go. »Why?« I half moaned half whispered. do you?« He grinned. every beauty mark on your body.« »I have to. burning with passion. »You were a cute kid. I want to kiss every freckle on your face. kissing me all over…My cheek…my neck…my collar bone…my stomach…my scars… »My lil' kitty…« He gently groaned into my neck. He slowly moved his hand towards my pants… I shook my head. »You've got nothing to be sorry about…« He softly whispered back.« He started walking away to put the photo album back on the bookshelf.« I breathed out a hot breath of air. He turned the page again and a picture fell out of the album.« Lucas commented.October.« »No. He was on top of me. Because I'm a selfish bastard. »It's an island in Scotland. »I'll stop now.« I grabbed his sleeve. my lips craving for his immortal kiss. surprised because of the sudden reaction. The heath was overflowing my body. He forced himself to close his eyes and got up. His soft. kissing me even more passionately than before. two short ponytails with pink bow ties. painful and the sweetest kiss at the same time. »it's the only picture where my mom is smiling. placing both of his hands on my cheeks. »No. as if we were trying to make up for all the kisses which were missed. I want to bury my face in your perfect hair…« He slowly moved even closer towards my face. what's wrong?« I asked him. as if he was a cute little cat. »I want not only your body and your heart. »I'm tired anyway. I was named after it.« He smiled evilly. I loved him kissing me. I stared at another picture of me. Don't worry. but… »Don't worry. »What? What are you talking about?« I murmured. »You don't want me to go any further. every scar on your wrist. I'll be on the floor. »I want to touch your soft skin so bad. I'm gonna put it back…« »No. dressed in a blue dress. It was a long. Our tongues finally met. Because I'm a selfish bastard. Were? »Well. every look. »Wait. I had to have him. staring into my eyes up close.« He continued.