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Chapter One

Chapter One
"Turn. It. Off." I demanded as I swung my arm around blindly to smack Caleb and get him to turn that
darned radio off.
"What?" Caleb raised an eyebrow with a smirk playing across his lips. He grabbed my hand and sang
loudly into my face, "YOU DON'T KNOW YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL."
"Pretty please turn it off." I repeated with a grimace. Eventually, Devin obeyed and shut off the little
portable radio.
"You're such a weird teenage girl, Al, not liking One Direction." Nick teased. "I thought there was some sort
of rules for girls. You know. 'All girls must be in love with One Direction.'"
"Yeah, Allison, why don't you like them?" Caleb contributed to the teasing.
All three boys were grinning like madmen, obviously enjoying the fact they could team up against me. If I
didn't know them better, I'd probably have punched them silly by now. But since I had known them since I was
young, and they had helped me through quite a lot, I knew all I could do was make sarcastic retorts in
"Don't you dare call me Allison. You know better and I will hurt you if you do it again. And because they're
little cookie cutter popstars. They're not real, everything they say is scripted and they suck money from poor
innocent girly teenagers who think they have a chance of marrying them." I shot back. The three boys just
started laughing at my statement and I rolled my eyes.
The topic drifted off of my hearty dislike for fake boy bands and I grabbed Devin's laptop, flipping it open
and doing the normal scroll through Facebook. The four of us had no problems with taking each other's
belongings, what was theirs was mine, what was mine was theirs.
It had been that way since we became a 'group' six years ago. Eleven year olds who met in school, during a
fire alarm. Strange story it was, but when we Nick and I decided to involve Caleb and Devin with our prank on
our teacher, we had unknowingly knit together an extremely strong friendship. Too bad the teacher had been
able to see the glue on her chair.
Since then, we had matured in our pranks and we had not once gotten caught.
"That was a total cheap shot," Nick growled at Caleb and my eyes flickered to the screen where the two
boys were playing Call Of Duty.
It was a typical Sunday night for the four of us, lounging around Devin's house and eating everything we
saw. Devin's mom, aunty Kelly, knew us well enough that she had ordered three pizzas and made four dozen
My eyes scanned my feed. "Woah, you and Natasha broke up?" I saw the update and looked towards Caleb,
who shrugged in response.
"That lasted a whole week." Devin snickered.
"Not surprising though, I told you guys. She was way too needy," I said, before going back to my mindless
"No on thought it was going to last. By the way, what are you doing for prom?" Nick turned to look at me.
"That's like a year away. Summer hasn't even started, bro. But I'll be at home, watching Doctor Who and
dreaming of getting to ride in the TARDIS."
"Seriously? It's the only senior prom you'll ever go to." Caleb spoke up, blue eyes flickering my way before
going back to the video game.
"I have never been to a school dance and I'm not starting now." I replied in a no nonsense tone of voice,
because I was not going to prom.
It was a cliche kind of thing, and there was no way I was going to dress up so we could take pictures and
compare dates.
"WHY THE HECK DID YOU SHOOT ME." Nick screamed, practically throwing the controller across the
room. I chuckled to myself at the almost weekly event. I didn't bother looking up, instead I typed 'youtube' into
the search bar.
"Would you-"

"AHHH, THE COMPUTER IS TALKING. HOLY CRAP." I screamed, quickly shutting the laptop and
jumping about twenty feet away from it. My hand grasped my chest tightly as I stared menacingly at the
macbook covered in bumper stickers. The thing gave me a heart attack!
"Al, you okay?" Devin smirked, not waiting for a response as he scrambled over to grab the laptop and
open it. I waited a few minutes, letting myself calm before venturing over and sitting beside him. Devin clicked
on the video, and this time I prepared myself for the talking.
"Would you like to meet One Direction? What about being able to see them every single day for two
months? Now's your chance to meet these five gorgeous guys, on the new game show 'Going In Different
Directions'! All you have to do is fill out the application and send it in! Thirty lucky girls will be chosen and
flown out to California!" The lady's over-excited voice chirped with a smile.
"Oh gosh, they're everywhere." I groaned. "And seriously, what kind of pun is 'Going in Different
"Dude, we should totally sign Al up." Nick, who always was the practical joker, smirked as he yanked the
laptop out of Devin's hands. The video game was long forgotten. "What are your hobbies?"
"Put juggling knives as one of them!" Caleb practically snorted.
"And making grass skirts." Devin added.
In a split second, I decided there was no harm in filling it out. Honestly, millions of girls would be filling it
out. Maybe somebody would read it and it'd make them laugh, before they threw it in the trash. So I grinned
and leaned over to see the application. "Don't forget burping the alphabet."
Three weeks later and I was rushing through the halls of my school. I hadn't give a second thought to that
silly game show after we had submitted my form, the last few days of my junior were more important than a
bubble gum boy band. I groaned as I bumped into something, all my books going flying.
"Bro, watch where you're going." Nick growled at the kid who ran into me.
Considering Nick was the popular jock in school, the boy mumbled an apology before bolting away. Devin
showed up from behind us and helped me up while Nick gathered my things, declaring he was now keeper of
my books.
"Ew, stop treating me like a girl." I complained as I yanked my things out of Nick's hands.
Devin winked at me before heading over to two girls who were waving and batting their eyelashes in his
direction. With his sandy blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes, he was easily one of the most attractive guys in
our public school. Nick started to walk towards our class and I hurried after him. We were stopped by a tall,
skinny blonde.
"Nick! Oh my gosh, like, how are you?" She purred. I bit my lip to keep from laughing at the confidence
that seemed to take over Nick.
"I'm great," He replied, letting his lips slide into a smile and revealing his white teeth. I laughed. Since we
had a few minutes before class, I pushed past the two who had started flirting back and forth. I grabbed my
phone out of my pocket, about to silence it. I noticed that I was receiving a private number call.
"Er, hello?" I hesitantly answered.
"Good afternoon! Is this Allison Grate?" A voice inquired. It was high-pitched and obviously belonged to a
mature sounding female.
"Uh, yup." I tilted my head in confusion, not sure how to approach a situation like this.
"This is Miranda Crass from One Direction's headquarters!" The voice paused, as if waiting for a reaction
from me.
"Yeah, okay, that's great..?" I was definitely bewildered. Why the heck was someone from One Direction's
headquarters calling me?
"We wanted to congratulate you, for you have been chosen to become a contestant on our reality game
show! Out of thousands of applications, yours stood out to us! We will be sending you an email with all the
information, and we are extremely excited to meet you!" She bubbled on and on, and I literally froze.
"You've got to be kidding me," I said. "I'm sorry, you just be mistaken - you couldn't have picked me."

"I know you must be over the moon right now, but indeed, you are one of thirty lucky girls to be joining us
in California in one short week! Be expecting an email soon, it will have all the information on your flight and
transportation! You have a great day, now."
"Uh, bye." I heard the click and simply sat there in complete shock. By now, Nick and a bunch of my other
nosey classmates were glancing my way.
"You look like you saw a ghost." Nick commented with amusement, his blonde friend having hurried off to
her own class.
"Nick, I swear I am going to kill you." I muttered, shooting a glare at the boy.
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"Uh. had on necklaces with the boys' faces on them. Nick took this 'prank' way too far. . but apparently Nick and my mother had signed a contract for me. aight? Ooh. I sighed. resulting in the winner. I categorized them into four different groups. They seemed to have all their original parts. with clean. don't be afraid to share it! Nick: Hope you don't hate me still. a single twin bed. all ranging from 16-20 years of age. I rolled my eyes and continued into the living room. Everything about them screamed desperate. Devin: I was driving today and a pigeon pooped on my windshield and I screamed. It was a simple layout. "Oh my gosh. having taken the limo they sent to the airport to pick me up. Every week. half the girls were lounging around in short skirts and skimpy tank tops. I think her name was Miranda or something. Good luck and have fun! "Allison?" The lady who had dragged me here. I grabbed the booklet they handed me the second I had arrived. five girls will be voted off by Harry. Liam. standing in the middle of the room and eyeing us girls on the couch. Miss you I laughed to myself before texting them back. can you believe we're meeting One Direction in an hour?" I heard a squeal from somewhere inside the house. Niall and Zayn. for the first time passing the boundaries of what I was okay with. "Yeah?" "We're having a brief meeting in the living room. thankful that they had given us all our own separate rooms. I shoved my phone in the back pocket of my jeans and made my way out into the hall. June 28th. I groaned and quickly grabbed everything out of my bag and shoved it into the small dresser. They were the ones on one couch. June 14th. Louis. After seven weeks. None of them paid any attention to me. a desk and chair. I collapsed onto the one couch no one had claimed yet and crossed my arms. all expenses paid. Welcome to Going In Different Directions! Few things you might need to know: There are a total of thirty girls. enough couches to fit all the girls.. They had spray tans. and unnatural colored hair. as if taking lessons. It consisted of ten girls who were all sporting One Direction shirts. throwing my green army bag onto the bed as I glanced around the small room again. I took my phone out and started scrolling through my previous text messages. There were five girls in this group. annoyed utterances spilling out of my mouth. It was a nice sized room. Saturday." I stated.Chapter Two Chapter Two My eyes scanned what would be my room. They were eyeing The Fakes. Ten girls dressed similiarly to The Fakes. the final three will be chosen. the way I liked it. Already. and a small TV off in one corner. Group One: The Fakes. You got my number. The first episode will be aired Monday. poked her head into the room. Be there in five!" She smiled before bouncing off to another room repeating the same message. and if any of those girls need a rebound boy. I really couldn't help wince at the sight of them. girly girl seemed more likely to happen this way. thanks for your advice. whispering to each other how excited they were. The winner will get a party hosted by One Direction in a private beach house in Florida on August 25th. no nose jobs or fixed ears. analyzing the girls surround me. white walls. giggling over how they were going to convince the boys to love them with their fake boobs. The two runner-ups are invited to the party.) Try not to kill any of them. Cassidy and I are going out by the way. Caleb: Hope you have a good time with One Direction . It'd been a week since that fateful call and I tried everything I could to get out of it. but toned down a bit. Group Two:The Wannabes. and her dream of turning me into a frilly. Nick had convinced my mom to fill it out. believe me. Group Three: Over-The-Top Fangirls. I wasn't going to be here that long anyway. "Do we have everyone?" Miranda questioned. and were shaking at just the prospect of meeting them. call me Al. Filming starts today with the arrival of the girls. It didn't really matter. I stayed quiet. Just so you know. as well as five of their guests. false eyelashes.

" Miranda rolled her eyes. to inspect the living room. We have stylists. we've set it up so you each get to spend time with them almost every day. this is not a dating show. will have a beach party in Miami hosted by the boys.Boys arrive. Tuesday: 10am to 2pm: Zayn's group. She was around thirty years old. We expect you to treat them with respect. "I'll get to that.Dinner and socializing. My eyes wandered to the tv. which was at least 72 inches and was definitely HD.Interviews (A-Z) 4pm . I practically sunk the second I sat down. Monday: 3pm to 7pm: Louis' group. Liam. Now." At that. Saturday: . Louis and Niall will be voting off five girls. make-up and hair artists ready. and quite pretty. we will take care of it then. with Group Four: The Ones Who Won't Eat Me To Win. The Wannabes. so if that happens. "Where are the boys staying?" A Fake inquired. the room was pretty simple. I was seated on the one near the window. We'll start in alphabetical order. Thursday: 12pm to 4pm: Niall's group. I shortened it to 'TNGs' to stand for 'The Nice Girls. They looked like me. 6pm to 10pm . Week One: Sunday: 1pm to 4pm . Zayn. "That is a very unlikely happenstance." Miranda smiled happily. We'll also be doing group activities. They'll be getting to know each of you personally. which will be announced later on. here are your schedules for this week. Friday: 1pm to 5pm: Harry's group. deciding I might be able to make friends with them. and they were dressed simply. but every week Harry. you will be kicked off. if you prefer. My eyes scanned through the schedule. I eyed each one closely. everyone starting to murmur about the prospect of meeting One Direction. 10pm . I just have to go over a few things. After realizing their title was long. the girls around her giggling wildly. along with the girls who didn't look like they would claw my eyes out to get close to the boys. "When do we get to meet the boys?" One of The OTTF's asked loudly. or you could get kicked off the show. One thing I must stress. instead. hopefully you've read the packet. Wednesday: 5pm to 9pm: Liam's group. Other than the tv. But she seemed way to energetic about her life. They were really comfy couches. If that's all the questions we have. before we start filming and all that fun stuff.' "Looks like we do have everyone! Welcome to Going In Different Directions. I decided.I finished off the grouping. If any of you are to visit them outside of this house. Questions?" "What happens if one of the boys does fall in love with us?" An OTTF questioned excitedly. you have about an hour before we'll start the interviews. They didn't seem girly and perhaps their only fault was not having a good taste in music. I prayed I would be able to keep up with the football games on it. The girl to not be voted off at the end of eight weeks. The boys should be here in about three hours. "Okay. There were four girls in this group.Boys leave. I tuned everyone out. or The Fakes. Six couches. "That information will not be released. currently uncomfortably waiting to know what was going on. which was how I could tell they weren't OTTF. two in the middle and the two on either side." Miranda motioned with her hands.

By that time. I avoided them all the best I could and escaped into my room." "Got it. talking about what to do with their hair and make-up. isn't it?" A pretty brunnette laughed from beside me. It was a gorgeous house. "Uh. pretty much everyone was back in their rooms getting ready. 6pm: Dinner and socializing. I had to give the tv company props for that. Big mistake. so I decided to tour around a bit. I'm Trinity. "Is that short for something?" Trinity asked." I replied back with a small smile. Oh and what should they wear? I rolled my eyes at them and pushed myself off the couch. "Kinda amusing. Considering my last name started with G. "Hi. She was dressed in a simple sundress and was absolutely gorgeous. I was impressed. Al!" She gave a little wave before prancing off.Boys' day off. There were suddenly camera people running around and girls spazzing out about their makeup. 8pm: First five girls get voted off. Well. I finished walking around outside and walked back into the house. I shut and locked the door behind me. Sunday: 5pm: Boys arrive. She was about 5'2 with long curly brown hair and bright green eyes. I'm gonna go get ready. I shook it awkwardly. Soon everyone was fluttering about. "Allison. ~~~ Please vote and comment! :) . But it was probably all just so the losers watching it at home would be absolutely jealous. "Very amusing. with waterfalls surrounding it. There was an elegant pool. There was also a couple secluded areas." She stuck out her hand. with benches and flowers. letting a sigh escape the second I fell on top of my bed. I nodded. I stayed on the couch and watched in amusement as pretty much all the girls started freaking out. I had a while before I would be called for an interview. head tilting to the side in curiosity. I was worn out and One Direction hadn't even showed up yet." I was confused as to why she would be talking to me. I'm Al. I headed out the double doors in the living room and headed out into the warm California sunshine. but I absolutely hate being called that. Nice to meet you.

"I play soccer." I answered. I mean. I have to be honest. while biting her lip. wearing basketball shorts and a tank top." I repeated. basically anything I possibly can." The interviewer that was behind the camera stated. "Call me Al. "Then why are you here?" The interviewer managed to get out.Chapter Three Chapter Three An hour after wandering around. Even he had a look of amusement clear on his face. There were cameras everywhere. football. "Zayn?" "Yeah. I walked over to the director's chair and got comfortable. my friend Nick thought it would be funny to fill out the form. "Alright. Unless one of them has a weird mutation that they keep under wraps. "No. Most of the girls she had seen had been perfect down to their toes. Like. looking me up and down." The girl winked as the cameraman stopped rolling. probably wondering if she should let me go on looking like I did. etc?" The interview rested her chin on her hand. "Thanks?" I was unsure if that was a good or bad thing. I'm quite honestly just one of the boys. She snapped her fingers. "They're normal boys. not really interested. She seemed to be on the brink of snorting ouit in laughter. Especially since I assumed she had already answered that question herself." I said. her expression showing interest." I replied." I answered. She seemed to be in her early thirties. flattering?" She questioned." A laugh escaped my lips as I thought of a popstar hiding an extra toe. if one of them had an extra toe and never told anyone. props to them for getting so big… But to be honest." "Are you psyched about meeting the boys?" The interviewer tried a different approach. still struggling to keep her expression professional-like. "If I had a choice. so here I am. I like to hit things with sticks. then go ahead and have a seat in that chair over there. deciding to be completely honest with the interviewers. I think you're my favorite so far. "You don't want any make-up?" She tried again. "Me? Ha! Nope." I shrugged. The more I admitted to disliking them. hockey. obviously extremely confused by my looks. I guess that's his names. lacrosse. lights getting situated. Or with my feet. I think she already pegged me for a more tomboy type. "Uh. I nodded in acknowledgement. the bigger chance I had to go home sooner rather than later." I smiled briefly." I answered with a laugh. furrowing my eyebrows at her. The sight of someone eating a donut in my peripheral vision totally distracted me from answering questions. hobbies. so there really isn't any reason to be. I'm good. I was standing awkwardly in the hall. her hair curled and pinned up and her outfit perfectly adjusted. "Well. "I really didn't think I'd be chosen. "We're just gonna ask you some simply questions. "What are you interested in. they're just another fad. "Like I said." "Were really excited to find out you were going to meet One Direction?" "No. sports. "Nope." "A boyfriend?" The girl looked like she was enjoying every moment of this. I'd be at home instead of here. I don't even know their names so I'm not exactly sure how I would have a favorite. hope you win!" . and just overall craziness. trying to get my attention. Al?" "My friend Nick did it for me as a prank. "Allison?" A camera girl asked. Uttering a thanks." I shrugged. I guess that's all we need. "Are you sure you don't want to change into something more… Uh. "Camera is rolling… What made you sign up. "Good-luck. "Do you have a favorite?" The interviewer quirked an eyebrow. Answer however you want. hedging me into looking 'appropriate' for the show. waiting for someone to tell me where to go." She seemed unsure. But let's just say… That one with the black hair that usually sticks up? I don't know.

Faith and Andie. "Okay. She grabbed my arm and led me to where the TNG's (The Nice Girl's) were sitting around. The boys will be here in just a few moments. Zayn and Liam. quick. "Louis might scream in your face and Harry would become very interested in his shoes. one that laughed a lot and thoroughly enjoyed life." I awkwardly raised my hand to wave at them. how did I not think about that? Dagnabbit. Already I could tell she was a 'happy' girl." Trinity whispered back." Trinity rambled off. I muttered annoyed words under my breath as I tried to find out where that guy got a donut. Harry. rock-climbing incidents.. "Help. girls. Liam is like an adorable puppy and everyone thinks of him as the daddy." Miranda announced with a joyful smile. The next twenty-nine minutes were spent coming up with ideas I could have used to get out of the show. I groaned as the other girls started giggling. Signed a contract too. lighter than Faith's. Al. Their names are Niall." She whispered as I started to head off. Andie had wavy red hair and piercing brown eyes." She whispered the last part. We definitely had an assortment. I couldn't get out of it. "Liam is technically afraid of spoons and Louis loves carrots." "Oh. "And we're on!" Miranda's voice was heard loud and clear. Andie was wearing jeans and a flowery top. Which would be a big achievement for me. old lady with canes. "Break a few limbs. I decided to brave the living room and amuse myself while watching the girls prepare for One Direction. "Hey! So I'm guessing you're not into this thing that much. clapping her hands together. "We don't have enough time to tell her everything!" Andie freaked as we saw the camera people angle towards the door. I let my eyes waver over to their choice of clothing. I think we all need to stick together. trying to get in all the information before they started rolling. Louis. but never gains any weight. I think they're here!" Miranda singsonged. with bright green eyes. eyeing my choice of clothes up and down. But not cats. "My friend signed me up.. She resembled a seal. "I'm Al. I don't know anything about them…" I whispered hoarsely to Trinity. eyes comically wide as she struggled to search her mind for information on the five boys she adored so much. I should have faked an accident." Andie laughed. "So this is Ariana. I want a donut! I glanced at my watch. Trinity was still wearing her sundress. "Harry likes older woman! He also loves cats. just don't say that to their face." Faith informed me quietly. So I'm here… and dude. so get ready. why did I not think about that sooner?" I quirked my eyebrows as I imagined all the bloody scenarios that could have gotten me out of this. "Hey! Glad to see you survived the interviews!" Trinity declared the second I walked into the room. The worst thing would be going into this experience not knowing an inkling about them . since I don't usually get on with girls." Ariana laughed. Not being able to find the donuts. my eyes wide. Even TNGs were starting to hyperventilate. making the room erupt in even more giggles. Faith was simply dressed in a black and white plaid shirt and jean shorts. Niall eats a lot. That would probably have done it!" Ariana teased with a laugh." I practically begged. I settled myself on the couch next to them. I'm pretty sure Louis actually hates carrots and the spoon fear was taken way too far past the humorous stage. Faith had sleek black hair and gorgeous brown eyes. "We're going to start filming. Seriously. Ariana was donning a blue skirt with a white tank top. but I doubt he's as vain as they say he is. . Car accidents. "Louis and Harry are Larry Stylinson. Zayn loves to look at himself. deciding I might actually like these girls."NO! Don't say that. "You need to stay to keep me sane with all these prissy girls. Ariana was a slim blonde. Urgency had taken over her voice.I wanted to know what to use against them to make them want to send me home. if you get my drift. realizing I had thirty minutes before the craziness that would arrive with One Direction. Please get me out of here. that's the exact opposite that I want. considering it seems like we're the only normal ones here. Louis' butt was sculpted by God. but that's kind of over-rated. you can be so dense at times.

" An Irish accent pulled me out of my food state and my eyes snapped up to the blonde boy smiling down happily at me.. because there was no way they all did that on their own." I whispered to the four girls who gave me a thumb's up. and throw spoons at Liam. Ugh. Talk to Louis about carrots a lot. "Boys. Wait. If they have kebabs. Oh. I'm Al. Maybe that would get me kicked off the show." Miranda called out and all the girls took a sharp deep intake of breath at the exact same time. guys. "Oh. crap. tell Zayn he's vain. he also looks a bit different than the pictures I saw on all those horribly cheesy merchandise items. Dude. are you okay?" His voice pulled me out of my thoughts once again. say something about Niall's fast metabolism. You didn't know that?" He raised an eyebrow at me. which one are you? Neil?" Awkward pause. yeah right. Hm. "I'm Niall. I saw Andie and Faith grinning madly and giving me thumb's ups. He's Irish? That would have been an interesting fact to know before going into this. I couldn't help but let my eyes stray to the clock." I said. are you from Hawaii?" The boy settled down on the couch next to me. Ha." . how I love food. "Hey. he's waiting for a response. "Eh. what's this kid's name? He's blonde. Wait. I need a sarcastic comeback. skinny and. At least now I had something to remember. The five boys walked into the room with bright smiles. or if it's sitting down. "Nope. I heard there was a caterer. they all looked much different than I thought they did.trying to get as close to them as possible. hmm. And he has braces. make old woman jokes. Neil. Sup. there aren't any sarcastic come-backs to "Hi. come on out. Or what if"Hey. Hm. if there's pizza I might actually be okay with staying here. smirking at me." I popped the 'p'. In fact."Thanks. Niall. It sounded like some sort of choreographed thing.. There better be lots of chocolate for me to get through seven days. Little he knows I'm simply visualizing the food we must get for this show." "Aloha. Oh. I was close. before scrunching my nose at him. how much longer til they feed us? I think they said something about steak and shrimp. The girls were all struggling to stand up . When I glanced to my left. if it's like a buffet. "Uh. I swear I would be in heaven. arms crossed and my eyes calculating the movements around me. I stayed in my comfortable spot. He probably assumed I was speechless in his company. Surprise had taken over his entire face as he stared at me. the camera seems to lie. Seven days. I wonder how they're going to feed us.

"Hey. I was towards the middle in the front line. say your age and where you're from. I noticed the boy wearing stripes lean over to the curly haired kid and point to one of the large chested girls. Instead. "We're going to have each of you introduce yourselves. noodles. please line yourself up over there on those stairs." Miranda clapped her hands together and motioned towards the stairs. "He was totally into you. I kept stuffing my face full of the wonderful food. "Alright. It took a few more minutes of scrambling about. shuffling their feet and occasionally whispering things to each other. the boys will each pick a girl to talk to while filming. strawberries and some french fries. Eventually we started with the first girl in the front row. why was he drawing out each word? "Uh. "I'm Al. I didn't notice the approaching cameraman or the whispers going around as the curly haired guy walked over to our table." Trinity whispered in my ear. Eventually he gave up with a sigh and walked towards The Fakes. after that we have the buffet. glancing up at him quickly before going back to the steak that I'm pretty sure came from a magical cow or something." I said in a monotone. This was totally the best moment of my life. my stomach rumbling right on cue. but instead just grabbed steak. It didn't take as long as I thought it would for all thirty five girls to say their name. "Yeah. "Go ahead and get in line after the boys get theirs. but finally we were in the correct order they wanted us to be in. . looking at the boys. Faith and Andie all caught up with me and together we got in line. Ariana." I sighed. her eyes were glued to the boy with the high hair. no. "Do you know when we get to eat?" "We're supposed to be doing an introduction soon. soon Miranda was calling out instructions for dinner. Andie slid into the now open seat beside me. where a girl was setting us all up in a certain order." Miranda rambled on. They were quite entertaining. he wasn't like the usual boys I hung out with. I grinned to myself as I followed the other girls to a table. I slowly made my way over there. girls. watching as a OTTF practically fainted when the guy with curly hair messed with the brown locks. as this Niall kid tried to make conversation with me.. I kind of tuned out. guess they really were typical boys. I'm eating. I plopped my food down on the table. I just really wanted to eat. right." I rolled my eyes. blue and grey swirls. We'll be walking about. I was. I found myself by two Fakes and I closed my eyes and prayed for God to watch over me. I just didn't know how to get along with a popstar. I almost laughed. Almost immediately." I responded. how was it so tender and juicy? My gosh." she stated. pizza. "I just really want food right now. staring at the carpet. Seriously. I realized the girl next to me was finishing up talking and I realized it was my own turn to introduce myself. I noticed a lot of the girls were grabbing things like salad and fruit. It was an intricate pattern. mashed potatoes.Chapter Four Chapter Four: The next two minutes were awkward. My ears immediately perked up at the mention of food. Fifteen minutes and we were ready to start. He seemed nice enough. What was his problem. Seriously.' I practically ran to the dining room.." Miranda instructed as the camera people set everything up. but all I heard was 'Get in line. The five guys were already piling their food up with plates. I almost snorted. I hadn't even know this Andie girl a whole day and she was telling me he 'was totally into me'. I let myself tune out again as the other girls introduced themselves." Trinity appeared beside me. We all stood in two lines. wasn't there rules on how you could act around a celebrity? So I just kind of ignored everything he said while flitting my eyes around a lot. Apparently getting introduced and talking for a few minutes makes it okay to throw yourself into other peoples' love lives. 17 from Seattle. The five boys from One Direction were on the other side. I seriously had no idea what to say to him. The girls back home would have already gotten a good smack to the head had they said that. Catch the sarcasm there? Niall grinned at me and I looked away. Wondering if you'd come talk to me for a bit?" The guy said. um. "You can't say no. I didn't want to be on the ten o'clock news for murdering two blonde barbies. Trinity.

.. and if this dude wants to know something about me. ." "Ah. "So. "Woah. "I have a question for you." Harry said sarcastically." He stated. "Not my choice. "Hate to ask this. "Yeah. counting backwards from 60. Stuck in a house with thirty of the most annoying girls on the planet. "Is there any way you could arrange a marriage for the two of us." I nodded all knowingly. He led me outside into the cool night air. "I'll give you a minute to eat however much you can stuff in your face. I heard him mumbling under his breath. I'm coming."I can say no." I replied." I winked before heading back to the food.." Harry started awkwardly." I asked looking up at him hopefully. but which one are you? Are you the one with the butt sculpted by God?" "You don't know who I am?" He fake gasped. before thinking about my words… "And no. sitting on the bench and crossing my arms. my little hater!" Harry motioned with his hands. the older lady chaser and cat lover." I said loudly. very aware of the camera that was focusing on the two of us. then?" He stuck out his tongue. "And one. So can I." He shot back good-naturedly. He nodded. C'mon." I muttered. "Not a hater. Apparently it's to make us look like the nice boys that everyone wants us to be. giving him a look. "You're not half bad for being a stuck up popstar. nodding towards the camera man who looked like he hated his life. I would really like to get back to that. aaaaand they're probably going to edit out me saying that. "My friend Nick signed me up as a joke and I really wasn't expecting to be chosen. go now? Or are you going to keep making awkward small talk with me? No offense. He looked amused and I could tell he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. "Be free. I thought this wasn't a dating show? "So. fine. A few seconds passed of silence before I cleared my throat. If I don't like One Direction. "Ugh. then you're coming with me. There was a little swinging bench." The guy winked cheekily at me. Oh God. but I kind of left this plateful of really delicious food behind. He had gone from confident and cocky to small and unsure. some lights and flowers. like.. They simply giggled and waved me away." I replied before shoveling more potatoes in my mouth. "Indeed I am." I joked." He laughed." Harry teased.. "What more do I need to know? I mean." "I'm assuming it's the same question everyone has been asking me." He commented back. you've reached the bottom of the pit? You're having your own reality game show?" I laughed slightly. "Isn't she the lady who turns into a cat in Harry Potter?" "Indeed she is. I'm eating. hi. past the pool and to a little area I hadn't noticed on my little adventure earlier. I'm Harry. "I get it. He settled down next to me. I cracked a smile. you obviously love Professor McGonagall. "You're the one on the show. looking like he suddenly had no clue what to do. not my choice either. it's that I hate being interrupted when eating. just a disliker. why am I here?" I prompted. that's Louis. I wouldn't be surprised if that was true. you know all about me." "Seems like you're in a predicament. but here I am. I stood up and stretched before looking at him. putting my napkin on the table and mouthing to TNG's to save me. I followed after the guy." "You're not half bad for a girl who seems to hate girls and seems to hate boybands as well." I said.

and Zayn. so I flashed her a smile as she walked up to him." Harry smirked. Macey. "I get Brenda. she motioned for them to start. and Prim are coming with me. I rolled my eyes at their over-excitement as they started telling him how much fun they were going to have. Got it?" Miranda looked at us all. You may all go to your rooms now. and Grace. Angelica. Nadia. Paula and Cara are coming with me on Friday." I shot back. Maria. I crossed my arms and stood next to one of the OTTF's. I had a major food baby right now. Faith. Simone. though. it seemed like it was going on forever. trying to keep her face normal as she headed up to him. Natasha. you can't leave without saying goodbye!" Harry yelled after me." Andie let out a teensy squeal. He had messy hair." The one with the black hair jetted up smirked. . I praised the Lord and started straight for my room. When they say your name. girls. "Yes. You guys are lucky. so I assumed it was Liam. Lea. "Hold on. I saw him grin at her and I felt happy for my new friend." The boy with the short brown hair and brown eyes said excitedly. go stand by that boy. considering he didn't seem all that bad. Lacey and Jacklynn." I rolled my eyes as I managed to get myself off the couch. Anna. Nadia." Cue the little squeals and whispers as those seven girls pranced over to the boy. blue eyes and a beautiful butt." Trinity. The boys will be announcing the group of girls they'll be taking on their day. girls say goodnight. Samantha. they were all sharing annoyed looks. "You get the curls. "I get Wednesday. Amy. I forced a tiny smile at them before waving and stalking back to my room where I collapsed onto the bed. and Kendra. "My group is Teresa. Ariana. Jordan." Harry finished off the introductions. "Okay. Seemed like the One Direction dudes thought the same thing. "On Thursday. I'm guessing this was Louis? "The girls coming with me are Melissa." Niall laughed with a cheeky wink tacked on at the end. Once she was content with our response. Hannah. I knew she had a soft spot for this guy. Paula. Trinity. I realized this meant I was either stuck with Niall or Harry. It's a secret. I'm taking seven of you out. What we're doing is a surprise. Jess. Harry winked at me and I stuck my tongue out at him. took a deep breathe. What the flapjacks. They were all sharing looks of confusion as they made their way towards me. this is Niall-" "We already met. "Al. "This is Louis. "Allison." The boy in the stripe shirt winked. because Wednesday is the best day out of the week. boys your ride is here. though. Andie. This day just needed to end already. Payson. Liam. I have to introduce you to the others!" He said motioning for the other boys to join him. "Tuesday. not bothering with goodbyes. I froze in my spot and slowly turned around to see the curly haired guy grinning at me. Everyone talked for a bit as they filmed what they needed and I felt myself falling asleep while standing up. I was hoping towards Harry. I crossed my arms and glared at them." Miranda announced thirty minutes later. Nicole. We're gonna have more fun than the others. "I have the first group tomorrow. "Hey! Al! Hold up. who was sitting next to me. Oh joy. Harry was making that a little difficult. who looked like she was about to pass out. Molly. I was trying to get by with little to no interaction with anyone." The blonde boy smiled at me. I can. He kind of resembled a puppy. He high fived her and the other girls. I think his name was Zayn. Katie.Chapter Five ~'~'~Chapter Five~'~'~ "Have a seat on the couch. I noticed the other girls were looking on in jealous. Lana.

5. "You're perfect! Just don't forget the lipgloss. that's right. sure?" I wasn't quite sure. I think her name was Katie. "Ugh. "Oh shut up. I looked up to smile at her before going right back to the book. handing her the full tube. 6.One week. rescue me!" I called out. please. We all joked around as we headed to the living room. Then the next two hours were spent getting 'prettied' up for when all the boys would come to dinner. "Someone. Faith and Andie. most of them standing in front of any type of reflection they could. . Ariana's small room was now crowded with our little gang. you guys ready?" Niall asked the group of figety girls who were standing around. which I was thanking my lucky stars for. I crossed my arms and watched the scene unfold in front of me. Girls all fight over talking to said boy. They were even talking about clothes. or hanging around the pool with Trinity. Darn. hi Niall!" The first voice set off the rest as the blonde walked into the room. Niall tried his best to talk to all the girls and he seemed quite overwhelmed with the affection getting sent his way. I raised my eyes from the book I was reading and inspected her outfit." I commented as I collapsed on the giant couch. tilting her head to look at me. Ariana. It was a short summer-y dress with little pink flowers splattered against the off-white material. please. I realized that until Niall and his group left. I listened in amusement as they all discussed game plans. I thought she looked fine in the shorts and tank top she was wearing around all day. "Hey. They all nodded and soon they were gone. Ugh. Where's Trinity?" Ariana sighed in exasperation. I just had to get through one more week before I would get sent home. The schedule was: Boy comes to the house. "Yeah. 9. Niall's supposed to be in here in five minutes. Boy would then laugh and walk away with his seven girls." Faith piped up. 10. I was about ready to rip my hair out." Trinity groaned as she entered the room. going back to my book. 3"Oh my god. sure. I managed to escape with hardly any interaction with the boys. does this look good?" Ariana practically begged me to answer as she twirled in front of the mirror." Andie laughed. practically sobbing into her friend's arms. Tuesday and Wednesday. having some actual girl friends. I would be forced to listen to their fangirling session. "No clue. so they would look good when Niall came to pick up the seven girls. So close. The boys back home would be so proud of me. uh. Al. I spotted the cameramen getting ready to start filming and I pretty much counted down in my head to Niall's arrival. I felt like gagging." I shrugged. Faith and Andie perching themself on the edge of the bed as they watched Trinity inspect Ariana's outfit. That's exactly what happened Monday. yeah. The rest of the girls were also there. I honestly just wanted to get out of that place. I'd spend most of my time locked up in my room reading John Green books. The story was just getting good. ~'~'~ The next three days were spent trying my absolutely best to ignore everyone around me. 4. watching football on the giant tv. shutting the book and placing my hands over my ears. "I just love Niall soo much!" A girl cried out. It was definitely weird how I was actually in the same room as four other girls and I hadn't felt the need to kill them yet. she's reading The Fault In Our Stars again. 8. "I'm thinking we should watch Thor tonight. The rest of the girls would then spend the next two hours complaining they didn't get to go. The one plus to the show was the delicious food. 7." Faith said excitedly. "So. "Uh. Augustus and Hazel Grace were just meeting! "Oh god. three seconds off. You have absolutely no fashion sense.

" I rolled my eyes as the rest of the girls dispersed. but he couldn't! I'm thinking you intrigue him! I bet he and Harry had an argument over who would get you on the group date!" Faith added to the conversation. Probably to stalk One Direction blogs. because he's not even here for that long. I really don't understand what the hype is about. "So."See. had flocked to Niall." Andie teased." I groaned out. falling onto the couch next to me. I had been the only one to not leave the couch. along with the others. . I ignored them and heaved myself off the couch to put in the DVD. "You just don't know. did you see him looking at you?" "He wasn't looking at me. he was! It was like he wanted to come over and talk to you. I might as well get to watch Chris Hemsworth be all strong and stuff while the girls discussed how badly Niall wanted me. She. And how we were meant to run off into the sunset together while singing the Sound of Music. "Yes.

"You're never going to catch Harry's attention. Seriously. I sighed but nodded." Trinity threw the skirt at me. don't scare him away. he was good-looking. I was about to go on a trip with six girls. but held myself back. She looked all pretty." Faith spoke up. and a stuck-up popstar. horrible reality tv show with One Direction? Nick was totally going to get it when I got home. I heard the other girls follow me and I went to our normal spot on the couch. "OH GOD NO! Don't let it touch me!" I screamed. "Yeah. I felt the limo screech to a stop. "We're off!" The driver announced as the limo started to slowly drive. His hair was messy and curly. making the squeals grow louder. "You girls ready?" He grinned mischeviously and I was suddenly nervous. "You look like you absolutely hate life." Andie ignored my interruption. My eyes rolled back into my head as I supressed a groan. It was kind of funny." "You're no fun. I'm wearing shorts and my FM Static shirt. He just sat down and watched as the girls practically scratched at each other to sit next to him. I swear. Mr." Faith stated. Which means he absolutely loves this. So he should be here in a few minutes. going straight out the door and down the hall. Please. Styles. He was currently whispering something in the girl Cara's ear. he didn't seem to know what to do. Styles? He still looked like a baby! The girls all clambered out of the limo. what did I do? Why did God feel like punishing me and putting me on a tacky. "I'll be there to supervise. I mean. . Okay? Okay. the driver came around to open the door. yeah." He stated. they act like he's a god or something. whatever. "He's really hot though." "Just don't do anything you'll regret. What could go wrong. Nothing special." Andie sighed." Harry winked at them." Faith laughed. I want to go home tomorrow night. I simply grinned back at her. Look at them. I wanted to make a snarky remark about wearing a three inch skirt. "So where are we going?" Paula. "We're here." I gave them all a pointed look. We should head to the living room. though. "Oh my gooooooood!" A few girls said under their breath and I looked up to see Harry. smoothing down her own skirt. I think she was trying to be sexy. Really? How tackier can you get? I settled down in the corner. "Remember what we said." Faith whispered. it was my turn and I clambered out. talking to the girls. but nothing to scream about. Eventually.Chapter Six Chapter Six "Put this on. She scooted a bit closer to me." I rolled my eyes. ~'~'~ A limo. my eyes drifting toward him again. he's a normal teenage eighteen year old boy. trying their hardest to not flash everyone. "I told him that night he practically kidnapped me. Talk to him and don't kill him. throwing the thing across the room. He seemed like he loved it for the first few minutes. That's kind of an attractive tribute. "This is just not my cup of tea. Very ungraciously. His eyes flitted to mine and I smirked before looking out the window. the other girls nodded along to her advice. and he can sing. but instead she looked like she had major gas issues. He was wearing jeans and a white button up shirt. Try to pretend like you like them-" "He already knows I'm not a fan. I thought sarcastically. cheesy. since she was going with Harry's group as well. I kept wanting to laugh out loud at the way the girls' were treating Harry. Mr. watching on in amusement as the girls all fought over who got to sit next to Harry. "Which is the point. We talked for the next fifteen minutes while we drove to wherever the heck we were going." I rolled my eyes. but now he just looked downright awkward. I may or may not have accidentally landed in Harry's arms." Ariana pouted. a Fake. "It's a surprise. only one of which I could actually stand. crossing her arms and glaring at me. "Listen. Nothing special. giggled as her hand landed on Harry's arm.

"Falling for me, already? Wow, Al. Thought you had more self control than that." Harry winked as I
brushed my self off. I rolled my eyes at him.
"You wish, Styles. I wouldn't fall for you if you were the last man on the earth." I shot back, arms crossed.
More than half the girls gasped at my bluntness.
"We'll see about that, the challenge is accepted." Harry laughed.
"I'd rather date Niall than date you." I snapped, before realizing my fatal mistake. Harry's eyes widened, a
smirk quickly spreading across his face. "And I wouldn't date Niall. I'd rather date Ronald McDonald."
With that, I turned away from him, signaling the conversation was over. I looked to where we were.
Wow, did Harry Styles seriously take us to a zoo?
I wanted to laugh, all the girls dressed up in tiny hoe skirts and high heels, to go to a zoo.
There's poop at a zoo.
Four for you, Harry Styles. You go, Harry Styles.
"It's a zoo." Faith whispered with a small giggle.
"I know." I whispered back with a grin.
Harry started to walk off, so I followed along with Faith. I heard other whispers from the other girls,
complaining how they got all dressed up for this. It just made me snicker. There were three girls who were
practically hanging off of Harry as we entered the zoo area. I rolled my eyes at them, looking around for the
Giraffes are possibly the coolest animals on the planet. They're all like, "Hey, look at me, I have a really
long neck and I'm adorable."
"Are.. Are you talking to yourself?" Faith asked in an amused tone.
I raised an eyebrow at her, "No, why?"
"You just said, 'Hey, look at me, I have a really long neck and I'm adorable.'" Faith giggled.
"Oh, no. I was talking about giraffes. They're just all chill and stuff," I shrugged, looking around the
entrance to the zoo.
"You girls coming?" Harry smirked and I realized Faith and I had drifted quite far away from where the rest
of the group was.
Faith blushed and apologized before rushing back towards them. I sped up a little bit, but not too intent on
actually walking with them. I was extremely aware of the cameras following along closely.
Seriously, these guys were getting paid to follow a bunch of teenage girls and a popstar around? The more I
saw of this whole tv show, the more I thought it was stupid. But hey, girls dreams are coming true. I felt one of
the cameras zoom up on me and I made a silly face, sticking out my tongue and puffing up my cheeks. The
cameraman laughed and gave me a thumb's up.
"Alright, let's get down to business-"
I interrupted Harry. "TO DEFEAT, THE HUNS! Did they send me daughters, when I asked for sons?"
"You're the saddest bunch, I've ever met!" Faith added, pulling a few dance moves.
"But you can bet, before we're through. Somehow I'll make a man, out of you!" Harry chimed in, striking a
"Okay, you're not as lame as I originally thought." I complimented Harry, the other girls staring at us like
we had five heads.
"Yes! Score one for Harry." He winked at me and I rolled my eyes. Hm, rolling my eyes has gotten to be an
extremely bad habit of mine.
"You're still lame, though." I crossed my arms and smirked at him.
"Hey, you're the lame one. You're not a fan of One Direction." Harry stuck his tongue out at me. I couldn't
help but grin back at him.
"Stop flirting and let's go look at the elephants." Faith told both of us.
"I don't flirt." I glared at Faith, giving her a warning look.
"That was pretty darn close to flirting, babe." Harry teased.

"You wish. Go prance around with your followers." I shooed him away from me, thoroughly pissed off. I
walked with Faith towards the elephants. The fat animal seemed so carefree and happy. "Oh my gosh, it's a
baby elephant."
"It's a baby elephant!" Faith echoed me excitedly.
"Fat baby elephant is cute." I stated.
"Let's go see the monkeys." Faith demanded, grabbing my arm and practically dragging me off.
I was kind of amazed that she wasn't trying to talk to Harry or anything like that. Instead, we headed away
from the girls and Harry, going towards the monkey inclosure. A camera man followed us, why? Heaven
knows. I wasn't even sure if it was technically allowed for us to traipse off without our 'boy.' But, I'm a
rulebreaker. Such a bad apple.
Ah yes, maybe I should explain. I don't swear. Therefore I change swear words into food words. For
example; 'What the blueberry do you think you're doing?' 'Oh my flapjacks, you scared the pepperoni out of
me!' 'Banana pancakes!' 'What the fudge cakes are you doing?'
Yes, yes, I know. I'm a special pineapple.
"Earth to Al. You there, Al?" Faith laughed. I snapped out of my thoughts to raise an eyebrow at her. "You
went all space cadet on me."
"Oh, my bad." I shrugged. Eventually, we reached the monkey cages. We spent a few minutes just kind of..
Speaking to the monkeys. Why? Because YOLO.
"They have fat cheeks." Harry's voice stated and I whipped around to see the curly haired boy.
There were now four cameras all zooming in from different angles. Does he not understand that I don't want
to be near him?
"That's not the way to talk to your relatives, they have feelings. They're your family, Harry. It's rude to tell
them they have fat cheeks." I said with a straight face, turning away from him.
"I know you're just jealous that we visited my relatives first. Don't worry, we'll go see the gorillas soon. I
bet your family misses you a lot." Harry shot back.
"Oh my god, you're like a bickering couple." Faith groaned from where she was watching.
"Or we're enemies who are actually offending each other." I crossed my arms and glared at her.
"I'm not offended. I think you're adorable." Harry winked.
My entire body froze. I had never heard those words said to me before. I heard my guy friends back home
tell every girl they were adorable or beautiful or sexy, but never had anyone called me one of those words.
Harry's eyes clouded over with confusion as I stood there staring blankly at him. It was odd, hearing
someone compliment me.
"You okay there?" Harry inquired a few seconds later as my brain tried to continue to process what just
"Oh, yeah, I'm fine." I flapped my hand around awkwradly. "What happened to your followers?"
"I might have told them I was going to the restroom." Harry blushed the lightest tint of pink. Cute.
Wait. I did not just think that. He is not cute, he is an annoying, know-it-all, popstar. Yeah.
"Cheeky." I said, ignoring my thoughts that continued to pester my mind.

Chapter Seven
Chapter Seven:
"Food, food, food." I chanted rhythmically as we entered the house after our 'funtastic' day at the zoo. Harry
decided to shadow Faith and I the entire time. Which Faith absolutely loved, no doubt. But I was really tired of
the death glares The Fakes (and basically all the other girls) were giving me.
I really did not ask for his attention. I would be happy if he completely and totally ignored me. That'd
actually be what I would prefer.
"Come sit with us," Harry whispered in my ear.
"Uh, how about no? I'm going to sit with my own friends, thank you very much." I shot back and tried to
walk away, but Harry had a firm grip on my shoulder. I clenched my teeth and shot him a look.
"It won't kill you. Bring your friends. Think of it as community service, this way we don't have have to
endure the 'Oh my god, my nail broke' talk and the gossip. Please?" His gave me the puppy dog eyes and
pouted his lips ever so slightly, his lower lip jutting out.
"Fine." I said through my clenched teeth. "But I'm only doing it for my new friends, because heaven knows
why, they like you."
"C'mon." Harry grinned, grabbing Faith's arm too. She looked alarmed for half a second before going along
with it.
He led us past the rest of the girls, who were shooting us envious looks. If looks could kill, yeah, I'd be long
gone. Harry practically dragged us through the house, stopping when he reached the dining room. The rest of
the boys were spread out, talking to all the different girls. "You must stay with me at all times, none of the other
girls are going to come over if you're here."
"Are you using me, Mr. Styles?" I gasped in fake shock.
"Basically." He smirked, leading Faith and I to Louis.
"What are you doing to the poor girls?" Louis demanded to know once we had reached him. My arms were
crossed and I'm positive I had very sour look on my face. "I apologize for whatever this loser is doing. Hi, I'm
"Al." I muttered, shooting Harry another glare.
"Dinner time, you can all go to the kitchen." Miranda yelled out. Harry proceeded to drag us into the line
for the buffet.
"I feel like we're at a dormitory or some boarding school," I commented as Harry handed me a plate.
"It does feel like that, yeah?" Louis laughed from behind me.
We continued through and I filled my plate up with the most food I could get on it. Harry stopped at the
table that was apparently reserved for them.
Fancy, schmancy.
Louis and Harry plopped down and motioned for us to do the same. Ariana sat down nicely, placing her
napkin on her lap and smoothing out her skirt. I simply dropped my plate on the table and sat. So ladylike.
"Oy, ditching us for popstars now, are you?" Andie teased, walking past the table. "I see how it is."
"Stop where you are!" I demanded firmly. She turned to me with big eyes. "Sit down."
"Hi! I'm Harry. You're.. Andie?" Harry asked, racking his brain to the first day when they learned everyone's
"Uh, yeah." Andie tried to stay calm but you could see on her facial features that she was dying inside. I
almost wanted to laugh.
"Trinity! Faith! C'mere." I yelled out, spotting the familiar brunette hair. The girls slowly approached the
table with confused looks. "Sit down. I'm forced to sit here, so are you."
"You make it sound like such a chore." Harry rolled his eyes at me.
I decided to ignore his comment. Zayn eventually showed up, looking tired. He sat down right next to
Trinity. Andie was sitting on one side of me, the other side empty. Niall and Liam showed up together, both
laughing about something or other. Niall grinned widely when he saw me and settled down beside me.
"Hey, you're Al right?" Niall asked as he started shoveling food into his mouth.

" Andie laughed. The one of us meeting all the boys and our interviews. I was a brat to all of them." Faith sighed. We have about four hours til we find out. I looked in the mirror. Simone's sassiness and Andie. "I am not staying. all talking like old friends." I said in a monotone voice. "Finally! I can't believe you could sleep. "You're going to miss breakfast. They were talking about you three." I replied adamantly. Liam. you were one of the favorites." Andie stated. Hey! Andie! Did you hear that you were trending on Twitter the other day?" Ariana changed subjects."Yup. ~'~'~ "Wake up!" A familiar voice rang through my ears." Trinity shuddered. the other girls immediately agreeing. go line up. Together we made our way towards the living room where we had our daily meals. Different conversations spouted. I can't handle The Fakes. I had informed them of the titles I gave each group and they had agreed with the names I gave. "I just hope we all get through. Maybe this entire thing wasn't as bad as I originally made it out to be. and Andie were laughing about something Faith had said. mostly the nervousness about tonight. Okay. as well as the door slam. At least for another day. it was kind of nice. anyways. "Heaven knows why. I made a very attractive noise as I realized I was not home." Faith rolled her eyes. too. Well. "Why me? I'm so mean to them!" I groaned. not completely. as if it was obvious. Guess that's what I get staying up late reading. the entire time I was thinking about the fact that I could be going home tonight. I saw a lot about Al's indifference. I decided not to change out of my awesome moose pajamas and just go to breakfast. Despite my annoyance." I groaned as I hid myself with my pillow. which I'm sure they miss. "Cool!" He replied happily. really not wanting to stay. maybe it was as bad as I originally made it out to be. I'm thinking they'll want me gone. I just treated them indifferently and in a group of girls who fawn over them. who's gonna watch with me?" I changed subjects." The voice warned and I heard footsteps leave. Which Nick teased me for.." Ariana rambled the second I stepped out of my room. Faith and Trinity meeting us there." Miranda demanded. I noticed that Harry was in a conversation with Louis. "You're really talented. ~'~'~ "Girls. We all settled down at the table.. "Five more minutes. we all know you're staying. Alright. then I would happily be in my room strumming away on my guitar and beating Nick and Caleb at World Of Warcraft. My long brown hair was a complete mess and I had bloodshot eyes. twenty-five crazy girls. mom. shoveling some egg into my mouth. I'm positive Andie and Trinity will. turning to the girl who had just popped out of her own room. I don't want to leave. You treat them normally. I'm definitely going home. They will then get into a limo and head off. Okay. "I doubt that. Ariana and Trinity. get in order. "I don't want too!" I pouted. . I didn't reply as I grabbed a plate and filled it with eggs and toast with Nutella. I was still in this house stuck with thirty crazy girls. Zayn. The five that are not chosen will have about two minutes of goodbyes before they are taken outside for their final interviews. But it was survivable. "Oh really? What was the trend?" "There were three trends! It was Andie. The five boys adopted smug faces. Five of them had somehow wiggled themselves into my life and I actually kind of liked them. Allison and Simone! Apparently they showed the first episode last night. I sighed and forced myself off the bed. "There's a baseball game on in an hour. The boys will be calling out names and will give you an autographed photo if they want you to stay. "That's the point." Ariana babbled as we entered the rom. though. "We all know Al is going to get through. Andie raised an eyebrow. there was no way I was staying. apparently it was unheard of for Al to make girl friends. I brushed through my hair really quickly and traipsed out the door. Well.

I turned to look at my new friend who had a face full of shock as she made her way down to them. Harry really seemed to like her." "Katie. "It was a hard decision. "The first girl we want to get to know more. We wish all of you could stay!" Louis said through a forced smile. A few more minutes passed and I was going to die of boredom. So go shove a sock up your fake nose. which earned laughs from Faith. I want to go home more than any of you want me to go home." "Cara. seriously. They kept rambling off names. and the brunette girl looked about ready to pass out and she made her way toward them. a Fake.. "I hope Al goes home. but I might not. "We all know she's staying. When you're ready. He totally thought she was pretty. "Louis Tomlinson!" Louis made a face into the camera. this was scripted. Louis kept whispering to Harry who had a smirk on his face." "Ariana.Everyone started murmuring as we lined up the way we did the first night. The boys then left the room. "And we're One Direction!" They chorused together. We have here with us. "Nadia." Simone said louder than everyone else. "Cameras rolling!" A cameraman yelled." Lana spoke up. "But since that's not possible. "Kendra." "Trinity. "We all know I'm staying. "Jordan. gross. She's herself. "I know you're getting through. "Liam Payne!" Liam also smiled until Louis pinched his side. Harry Styles!" Harry winked at the camera." Zayn spoke up. Trinity gave me a quick hug and whispered in my ear. all waving.. I wanted to throw up." I shot back. She gave them each a hug and Niall handed her an autographed photo. "Uh. is. one of The Fakes." I muttered under my breath." Zayn stated as they all got ready. all the girls started gossiping. "They don't see how fake she is." Zayn spoke. You better keep in contact with me. "Oh god. "They're coming back!" Miranda spoke up and a sudden hush settled over all of us. getting a glare from Teresa. Oh." Liam finished off. "The boys will be naming twenty-five of their favorite girls. Whatever. "Niall Horan!" Niall simply smiled. Yes! . Ariana and Andie." Paula scoffed.. The reaction was hilarious." "Samantha. but we have our girls. knowing she would not have expected that." Harry faked a sad face." I whispered back and she laughed before going over to where she was supposed to be. the others also. go ahead!" Miranda smiled happily before backing away. but now that I knew all four of my friends were safe. "Anna!" "Macey." Kendra squealed and practically ran towards them. you're one of the ones that is most definitely getting through. They lined up and Miranda gave them the run down." I was surprised. excuse me? She's the least fake person here. I zoned out. though. hand on hip." Liam grinned happily. "Next girl is. they only had two names left." "Oh hush." Harry took a dramatic pause. Yeah. The five boys stepped forwards. I saw the differently angled cameras all zooming up and down. though. The boys entered the room. I knew the boys liked them. "Believe me. Eventually. checking a fingernail. "And Zayn Malik!" Zayn smirked." Brenda gave me a pointed look. The second they were gone. "We'll be discussing the ones who are going to stay. all four of my friends got through. They each hugged her and she happily took the photo. "Faith." Trinity stood up for me. two cameras following them. Andie. which is why the boys like her so much. "It's Miranda Crass and welcome to Going In Different Directions! Tonight is the night where five of these lovely girls will be heading home." I smiled happily. "You were all delightful and it was definitely fun to meet you all.

" Niall said with a smile. Yup. They were all grinning evilly at me. you idiots are making me stay another week. Lovely. . the boys all made us gather around them. "Most girls would be happy. but I was getting glared down by almost every single one of the girls." Niall laughed. How do you think I feel?" I replied glumly. since none of the girls going home we were close with. she was of the ones we all agreed on simultaneously… Al!" Harry smirked and I seriously wanted to melt into the ground. Colleen. I walked over to my group. Just go on with your lives. "Well. don't mind me. Harry and Niall were doubled over with laughter. Louis and Liam both had smirks on their faces meanwhile Zayn.I was safe! There was no way I was one of the last two." Harry teased. Paula. "Uh. "And. Once they were gone. The boys would be there for a while to just talk. and soon we were all free to go about as we pleased. last but definitely not least. I'm sorry. I sighed and walked over to them with an annoyed expression." Niall commented and I realized that he and Harry were right in front of me. Amy." As they were saying goodbye. I was going home! They respected the fact that I wanted to go home! "Simone. If I was them. "You don't look too happy. "How much you think this will go on Ebay?" I joked before turning to all of the girls. Everyone froze and turned to me. he was completely and totally right. We all kind of stayed in a clump. Niall handed me the photo. "Harry." Miranda said sadly and I swear all five girls were crying. "Tessa. I barely listened as Miranda talked about something or other. "Don't shoot me! I was kidding!" The boys were all laughing." They all chorused together and I shot them a glare. I would be crying of joy! "No! Not Prim! I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" I yelled before I actually processed what was coming out of my mouth. Prim. I think we've already realized that Al is not like most girls. But you'll be going home tonight. "Told you so.

no. who was that?" Trinity perched herself up on her elbows and gave me a look." Nick said and I heard a female voice murmur something in the background. none? Zip? Zilch? Nada? None? You're absolutely beautiful. but I couldn't put a finger on who it was. Al. I'm his wing girl. "Who's that? She sounds pretty. We grew up together. Devin and the crew do too. "Miss you too. I've always been considered one of the boys. he's like a brother. "It's a wonder you have any friends." I could hear him grinding his teeth." I heard Nick snicker. Since I had only packed for a week. apparently. I thought I had made it pretty obvious for her to drop the subject. Caleb. I'm not going. Wait! Hold on!" She jumped off my bed and ran out of the room. Plus. "Nope. I am far from beautiful." I said simply and walked over to put my laundry away in the drawers. Apparently they like sassy girls who aren't exactly fans of theirs. and there is no boy?" "Ha. it was probably a blonde with long legs." He replied. I don't want that to happen. Grate." She informed me and plopped down on my bed. "Are there any boys back home?" Trinity said. insisting on talking gossip. "Rude. Nick. Trin?" I stuck my tongue out at her." I popped my 'p'. "Talking to your secret lover that no one knows about? Is he insanely jealous that Harry and Niall have taken a liking to you?" "What even. After she was all settled on my bed. you don't realize how beautiful you are. Miss you. Who you with?" I cradled my cell phone in my ear as I folded my laundry. "Nope." I laughed." I shrugged. Caleb even said he missed you so much. Johnson." I stated as Trinity gave me an interested look. she finally noticed that I happened to be on the phone. "Al." Click. Is she pretty? Ow! Ashley. "Flavor of the week?" I teased him and I heard him snort. "Trinity's out of your league. he might take you to prom. "Okay. I gotta go. dummy. "True. "Nick. but Trinity didn't take the hint." I sighed. "I'm going to laugh so badly if you win. a bad habit he'd had since I could remember. she's gorgeous. that hurt!" Nick yelped and I could picture him holding whatever Ashley hit and whimpering like a child. "Was I right? Is he a secret lover?" Trinity wiggled her eyebrows. Hey. . my limited supply of t-shirts and shorts were running out. Knowing Nick. "C'mon. I would never date Nick." "Whatever. "We're doing a campfire tonight.Chapter Eight Chapter Eight: "You didn't get voted off?" Nick sounded surprised. "Don't jinx it. Plus we have like seven months before prom. "Ashley. The name seemed familiar." I literally shuddered at the thought of dating him. "Uh. I'm a sassy brat. And no. Trust me. talk to you later. I heard my door swing open and Trinity popped her head in.

"Okay. but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a clean room. Trin?" I asked the girl who had a big grin. did you just become my best friend?" "Did you just become mine?" Niall shot back with a smile. "He's smitten. Ariana and Faith?" "I think they're at the pool with the others." "You make it sound like having a boyfriend makes you a wimpy feminine girl. "What the heck was that about. they would all be hanging over the five guys. no! MAKE IT STOP!" I practically screamed. It was strange." "Okay. before realizing no one would understand the joke. "Coming!" Liam eventually yelled back. instead. grabbing a jacket and slinging it over my shoulders." "That's all you're going to say? Five of the world's biggest popstars just serenaded you and all you can say is 'Okay'?" Trinity seemed shocked. . "Oh my god." She grinned.Okay. Maybe when we found out the next groups. that was a little strange. "Boys? Boys! We have to film your interviews!" Miranda called out. "I don't really care. not exactly. Yes. I was a tomboy. I finished cleaning up my room a bit. then?" I knew her answer was going to be the obvious 'no'. it ain't hard to tell!" Trinity sang along and the six of them started dancing like crazy people around my room." I pointed out with a teasing grin." she stuck out her tongue at me. "Are you eighteen or four?" I teased. "When you smile at the ground. "No. stop flirting with me!" I laughed out." Trinity shrugged. The boys all said goodbye to Trinity and I before traipsing out of the room. Not that there were any real good spots around here. you light up my world like nobody else!" A harmony of voices drifted down the hall. "Zayn may or may not have told me last night at dinner they would be coming down to do some interviews. "Baby. "Uh. because otherwise no one would be at the pool. girl." Trinity blushed ever so lightly. no.. Not as strange as a rabbit having elephant ears. but strange." Trinity laughed giddily. no. My. All five boys groaned. He smirked and continued to sing. I'd rather go hiking with my dog. "May I ask how you knew?" I asked." Trinity sighed in annoyance. no. I eyed my hiking shoes that were in the corner and suddenly wanted to go hiking. I guess. It was getting a bit chilly in the house. "I'm seriously thinking Niall likes you." I rolled my eyes." The blush grew. "Where's Andie. I crossed my arms and impatiently waited for them to finish. thank you very much. I noticed more cameras now inside my small room. "You don't know you're beautiful. a big grin on his face." I groaned as Harry came in sight. "You don't know you're beautiful. "Shut up. I simply shrugged. I'd be able to get permission to go out to a nice hiking spot. I'm just not really looking for a relationship. Yes. Usually I would listen for hours on end about how this girl's butt was bigger than this girl's." Niall shot back. "Dude. The whole 'housewife' thing does not sit well with me." "Okay. a bad habit that had started the second I walked into this house. He's cool. I heard footsteps walking down the hall and saw Trinity and a camera man walk in the room. God. arms crossed and awaiting her answer.. "Oh. Harry walked up to me and grabbed my hand. my guy friends were shallow. Niall was next. talking to a girl about boys. "Four and a half. "I'm guessing they didn't know the boys were here. I bit my tongue to keep from giving a snarky reply. "The Fault in Our Stars?" Niall seemed surprised.

I swear."Anyways." Trinity stated. Miranda said we're all heading out in a few hours. At the beach are we gonna find out our new groups? Harry better not pick me again." "Guess you'll find out tonight. we're going to a campfire tonight. "I'd pay to see that." . I swear I'm going to eat so many s'mores they're going to come out my ears. apparently it's on a beach.

Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine:

"Your hair looks like a hornets nest," Faith stated the second Trinity and I entered her room.
"Hi to you too, Faith." I crossed my arms and gave her a fake glare.
"It does, though." She repeated while sticking out her tongue.
"I happen to agree. Please let me at least brush it?" Andie practically begged.
"You have such a hair fetish, Andie," I sighed, "Fine, you can brush it. But that's it. No braids, no curling, I
just want to put it back in a ponytail when you're done."
"Hallelujah! Pass me the tools, Ariana!" Andie called out and Ariana obediently grabbed the bag of hair
I immediately regretted my decision, especially since Trinity and Faith were smirking at me. I felt a brush
tug through my admittedly messy hair.
"At least put on some Marianas Trench," I groaned out, wincing at the rough tug.
Faith thought about it for a moment before she walked over to her iHome. Immediately the familiar music
blasted through the room. I noticed Ariana touching up her make-up, Trinity was ruffling through Faith's
clothes as if to find something better than the sundress she had on, while Faith was dancing around the room
"Did-didid-did-did I st-t-t-tutter?"
"Yes, yes you did," Andie commented to the iHome while running the brush through my dusty brown hair.
"I think he was being ironic, Dee." Trinity said over her shoulder.
Trinity had rushed to give us all a nickname. I was Son. Apparently it was the most creative thing she could
come up with. Andie was Dee, Faith was Fay, Ariana was Na. Then we all called her Trin. Because we're all too
lazy to say Andie, Faith, Ariana and Trinity.
"I was being annoying," Andie informed Trinity with a pout.
I rolled my eyes at my newfound friends. "I swear, I think being friends with guys is easier than being
friends with you all."
"Yes, and you like a challenge. Which is why you're friends with us. Plus we all knew we'd be eaten alive if
we didn't have each other's backs." Ariana spoke up. I had to agree with her.
"Speaking of eating, anyone hungry?" Faith asked while offering us a a little box of cookies.
"Oh thank goodness, food. I was so hungry I almost became a cannibal," I grabbed two of the chocolate
chip cookies and shoved them into my mouth happily.
"Woah, you're a vegetarian?!" Ariana gasped.
We all sort of paused to look at her. She seemed completely earnest about her words. After a total of five
seconds, we all burst out in laugher. Only then did Ariana realize the fault in her words.
"Shut up, I'm tired, okay." Ariana pouted. We all simply laughed at her. Again.
"Son, I think you just got a text." Trinity commented.
"Who's it from?" I questioned, not being able to move since Andie still felt the need to pull out all my hair.
How the heck do girls go through this process daily?
Trinity looked at my phone a bit more closely. "Nick."
"Who's Nick?" Faith asked, looking up from her own phone with a curious glance.
"Jeez, we're inquisitive today, aren't we?" I joked. "Anyways, he's a girl. From Africa."
"Makes sense," Andie grinned.
"Car is leaving in fifteen minutes!" Miranda informed us after knocking on the door and getting admitted by
Faith. "Your hair looks amazing, Allison!"
I looked into the mirror.

"OH MY GOD, Andie, I said no braids!" I yelped when I looked in the mirror. My brown hair was not left
alone, as I had requested.
It seemed as if she had done what the hipsters call a waterfall braid.
"It looks great, though!" Andie argued.
"It's like your sole goal this entire show is to get me to become a girl. Let me tell you now, that is not going
to be happening. I refuse."
"We're not trying to turn you into a girl. Promise," Andie seemed serious about that. I heaved a sigh of
relief. "But we want you to know being a girl isn't all that bad. I mean, I love hiking and camping, but dressing
up can be oddly fun."
"Whatever." I stuck out my tongue and they all laughed.
"How far is the beach?" I asked. The limo had been stuffed with five girls and one boy, and I just happened
to get shoved in the car with Liam. He seemed nice enough.
Though luckily for me, Faith, Ariana, Trinity and Andie were all put in the same car.
"An hour," Liam responded, since he was the only one who knew exactly where we going. The rest of us
were simply put into a car..
"Joy," I commented sarcastically.
"No, I'm Faith." The raven-haired girl smirked.
"Wow, that was original!" Ariana teased. Trinity let out a bark of laughter.
"Hey, look, it's a park! What are those people doing?" I furrowed my eyebrows at the circle of people. They
seemed to be stretching or something.
"We should get out and join them," Andie said with a playful grin.
"Just start stretching with them," Ariana added with a smile etched on her face.
"If we just pretend to know them, that'd be hilarious." Trinity laughed.
"Yeah, that'd go well. 'Hey! Sara! Been so long, how yah doin'?'" Faith added in an accent.
"What we have to do, is one of us go up to one of the boys and just be like 'Jimmy!' And then he'll be like
'No!'" Trinity conspired an idea, laugh bubbling out of her lips.
"Then another one of us will run up and be like 'OH MY GOSH! Jimmy! It's such an honor to meet you,
and you protested! Wow, could this day get any better? Please sign this.. Uh.." Faith looked around the limo.
"'Can you sign this champagne glass?'"
"Okay, I'm confused. Why is Jimmy saying 'no' so exciting?" I tried to wrap my mind around what they
were saying, but it made absolutely no sense.
"Wow," Liam seemed surprised, his eyebrows raising towards me.
Okay, I have to admit, I totally forgot he was in the car with us. From the sheepish expressions on the other
three girls' faces, they had too.
"Uh, during The X Factor, where One Direction was formed, they did video diaries. In one of the videos,
Louis interrupted everyone and yelled 'No! Jimmy Protested!' and it kind of got to become an inside joke."
Faith explained awkwardly, shooting glances towards Liam.
"Ah," I nodded in acknowledgement.
"Okay, lame jokes time. I mean, we have an hour to waste." Liam suggested, prompting Andie.
"Uh, okay. There are two types of people. Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data…" Andie
stopped talking.
It took a minute to sink in, but soon it made sense and we were all laughing.
"Why did Susan fall off the swing?" Trinity started once we were all relatively calm again.
"Susan had no arms."
"That was so bad!" I gasped out through laughter.
"Knock knock," Trinity continued.
"Who's there?" Liam asked hesitantly.
"Not Susan," Trinity burst out in laughter once again.

"If you're an American in all of the rooms in the house, what are you in the bathroom?" I said after we had
again, calmed a bit.
"I don't think I want to know.." Faith said apprehensively.
"European," I said anyways. It took a few seconds to sink in, but soon we were all doubling over in
chuckles. "What are you on the way to the bathroom? You're Russian!"
"Tell that one joke you told me earlier," Andie demanded.
"Why did the tomato blush?" I waited. "It saw the salad dressing."
"BADUM BUM TSSSS." Ariana yelped out.
"Guys say the woman's place is in the kitchen, have they not yet realized all the knives are kept in the
kitchen?" Faith spoke.
"We're here." The limo driver said right after he opened the door.
"Dude, I totally didn't even feel us stop." Andie said in a surprised tone, as we all breathed deeply trying to
keep from laughing again.
"It sounded like a bunch of hyenas were having a meeting back here," the driver winked before
disappearing from sight.
We all climbed out of the limo and gathered where all the other groups seemed to be. Harry didn't seem like
he was very happy, Louis seemed downright annoyed, Niall had a carefree smile plastered to his face and Zayn
looked like he had just awoken from a nap. Liam smirked as he walked up to them.
"You look happy," Harry commented, taking in all our bright smiles.
Liam smirked once again and gave the five of us a wink. "I had the best ride, we told jokes basically the
whole way."
"No fair!" The other four boys chorused. Trinity, Faith, Andie, Ariana and I all simply smiled at them.

" Liam stated as he picked up the ball and grinned at me. British boys!" ~*~*~ . I laughed at his wording. for now. Niall and Harry. It's pretty entertaining to watch The Fakes vying for your attention. it's just be us and Al. "You ready?" Zayn asked from across the field. "So you up for it?" "Sure. but I'm tired of sitting around and hearing about the newest shade of nail polish. I'm not that great at football." came her response. The lads and I are playing a game of football." "Excuse me. I didn't bother opening my eyes. She made an uncommitted shrug and I saw the side of her mouth turn upwards. The other four boys were hanging around in the grass. "It doesn't matter." Niall cut me off. but managed to ignore the urge. I would rather eat a porcupine. "Wait. "Just don't hit any of the cheerleaders in the face. I closed my eyes and inhaled the smell of the salt water. "That's what I thought. "You think I'm kidding. There was only one person here with that accent.Oh." Harry muttered under his breath. Niall nodded his head over to a large grass area that was about fifty feet away from where we were by the fire. You're on. I thought this was football?" I scrunched my eyebrows up at the soccer ball Liam was kicking around. "You better beat 'em. Zayn and I versus you. I don't even know what you're talking about. Not that I would have openly admitted that. Bring it. which shall be fun. " I opened my eyes to see Niall smirking. Louis. but I'm pretty amazing at soccer. "Maybe in a bit." "How the heck did you find that out?" "We know everything.. "Yikes. I burst out laughing at that. "Heck yeah. "That's not at all creepy. I rolled my eyes and sat up and crossed my arms. I'm not too great at football. I turned with confusion to Niall. Instead." I shuddered. you're not going to get me one." Harry responded with an amused expression. I crossed my arms and glared at her for a second before leaning back on the beach chair I happened to declare as mine. "It is football.Chapter Ten Chapter Ten: "Get me one!" I yelled out to Trinity who was by the drinks. yeah." Louis yelled back. a deep chuckle that almost had me smiling. What the flapjacks is the difference between bubblegum pink and cotton candy pink?" Niall cracked up." Liam replied back without even a second glance to her." "Fine. either way I'm going to beat you. Where we playing?" I asked as I practically forced myself off the beach chair. laughs bellowing out of him. I followed Niall." "Is there sarcasm in your voice that I detect?" I scoffed and cracked one eye open a bit to glance at the blonde. I'm pretty sure I'm scarred for life because of that conversation. "Any rules?" I called out as Niall and Harry made their way to me. are you?" "Nope. I wanted to roll my eyes. You guys are British. I crossed my arms and smirked at him. He stopped by the food table and I grabbed a handful of chips. I'll whoop your butts. totally. "Oh. I wanted to laugh at the downcast faces of The Fakes. but I'm not. "Li-li! I want to play!" A Fake whined from the sidelines. "But that's a socc. talking to the girls that had all seemed to flock to them. I'm Irish. "Sarcasm? From me? No. "Ugh. "Having fun?" An Irish accent inquired." Niall grinned. wanted to know if you would join? Heard you enjoyed it. memories of my earlier conversation with one of The Wannabes. never. "Wouldn't want to mess up their nose jobs. Son!" Trinity's voice carried from where she and the other girls were sitting." Niall laughed. considering I knew exactly who it was. He grinned at me as he too grabbed a handful.

my lips are preoccupied bragging about the fact that we won by ten points." Zayn countered." A look of disbelief was evident on Louis' face. settling down next to me. I want you to kiss it better. I wasn't paying attention. announce which girls you will be taking."You cheated. you practically asked her to step on it. "Harry! Louis! Liam! Zayn! Niall! Oh my god. "I'll be taking Katie. "You really seemed to be getting along with them." "They're normal. "I don't want them to kiss it better. Which is why my finger is swollen. we've been looking everywhere for you!" Teresa practically ran up to us." Andie nudged me lightly." Louis whined. Your foot stepped on my finger. "Forgot they were cheesy popstars for a moment.. He stuck his tongue out. "That was attractive. Nadia. . I snorted and Harry raised an eye at me. Cara." Zayn scoffed and I laughed. "Why would I ask her to smash my finger?!" "I'm sorry for stepping on your precious finger. "Boys. I looked up to see Niall winking at me." I teased and Zayn did the most childish thing ever. we'll start with you. I think you're being a baby. Al is now in a bad mood!" Faith announced loudly and I hit her lightly across the shoulder. "You're not half bad." "Beware! Everyone beware. In that field. "Mate. I slid out of Liam and Niall grasps and crossed my arms. "What? Suddenly remembered you didn't want to be here?" Niall teased. "Meh. "Totally did not cheat." I replied giddily. I smirked. "I know." "Sorry. Niall. Al. Aw. arms crossed as he looked at me. I put my finger under your foot? I'm so sorry. you know. "You put it under my foot. the most modest person I know. "Sassmaster." "Yeah. It was exactly how you would expect a tv show to set up a campfire. but no." Harry grinned as he leaned against me." "She is also. He said my name. a pout on his full lips and eyes turned downwards. I'm pretty amazing. I settled on one of the logs." I said with a shrug. possibly. blueberry pancakes. We won fair and square. We joked around a bit as the tv cameras got set up and the boys got lectured by Miranda." Ariana commented." Trinity piped up as she joined us. "Uh. I shrugged again." A bright smile was wide across his face. "Yeah. fair. "Boys! You ready to announce the groups?" Miranda's voice drifted over to us." I winked. "Do you think my finger is broken?" Zayn asked as he practically shoved it in Trinity's face. wheezing a bit from the short run. with girls eating out of their hands. He said." "Not as attractive as my burps." Miranda grinned and backed up. Where everyone could see us." Niall whispered. when you're ready. I bet you can get any of the girls here to kiss it and make it better. before ditching the boys who were now completely surrounded by Barbies and heading to the campfire that was just getting set up." "Oh." Trinity rolled her eyes." Liam nodded with a smile as he slung his arm around my shoulder and we walked toward the food. Immediately my shoulders slumped and I almost groaned out loud. Niall took a step forward. Just because they're famous doesn't mean they're any different than the boys you know from school. Lana and Al tomorrow to a very special place. "We were right there. until an elbow was jammed into my side. I forgot this is all for a game show.

Chapter Eleven
Chapter Eleven:

"I knew it. Niall likes you," Andie yelped the second we were alone in her room at the house.
"Oh, so he also likes Katie, Nadia, Cara and Lana." I rolled my eyes as I collapsed onto her bed.
"No, did you see the way he looked at you after he said your name? It was like cupid had just hit him. I
think I literally saw hearts in his eyes. Trinity saw it too," Andie grinned triumphantly.
"I did not see that, probably because I was too busy cursing under my breath." I shot back.
"Whatever. He totally likes you. I ship it. I ship it so much, you don't even know." Andie laughed
maniacally as she settled down next to me on the bed.
"You ship everything. If it's living, it'll get shipped," I commented.
It was true, Andie had a shipping problem. She was definitely a Tumblr girl. The first time she used the
term, Faith and I kind of just stared blankly at her. She was talking about Ingrid and Luke, some Youtube
people, and how much she shipped them. It took a full ten minutes for us to grasp the term and I still was
slightly confused by it. I think Andie bent the shipping rules as well, considering she literally shipped
everything. She had a conversation with Trinity and I yesterday about how the food caterer and the assistant
manager of the show totally were meant to be together.
"But Nal is going to be canon. Just you watch," Andie patted my arm awkwardly before poking it. "Now get
out of my room, I'm tired."
"Yes, I am. But I'll come by your room tomorrow to help you get ready for your date with Niall." Andie
winked as she shoo'd me out of her room. I turned around once I was in the hall.
"It's not a date," I grimaced at the word.
"Whatever. I'll see you in the morning, dahhhling." Andie laughed before shutting the door, quite literally, in
my face.
Suddenly, I remembered the reason why I was always friends with guys.
"Good afternoon," Niall announced as he walked into the living room. There were a few squeals that
rippled throughout the girls, but I just sat down on the couch while picking at my nails. He did the normal 'talk
to everyone for a bit and try to not get clawed at' and eventually announced it was time to leave.
Trinity forced me off the couch and practically pushed me towards the group of girls that were giggling as
they headed out the door. I shot a 'help me' look behind me towards Andie who simply smirked and mouthed
something that looked suspiciously a lot like 'Nal.'
I stepped over the threshold and was greeted by the sun immediately. Having been in the air-conditioning
all morning, the warmth definitely felt brilliant. Niall opened the limo door for us all. I was last in line, so when
I finally hopped in, Niall winked at me. I stuck my tongue out in response and opted for the farthest place from
the other girls in the limo. Niall raised his eyebrows at this but then turned to Katie, who was babbling off
about how amazing he was. Pathetic.
My forehead leant against the cool glass of the window as my eyes fluttered shut. I think I should learn
what this thing called 'sleep' is and try it sometime.
"Where are we going, Niall?" Cara inquired, she seemed to be the only one, other than me, who didn't
necessarily give a crap about anything.
From what I heard, Cara was quite blunt with her opinions. She was one of The Fakes, but one that didn't
seem like she was going to bite off everyone's head just to win. She was just very.. Interesting.
"You'll see," Niall replied with an easy smile.
I was starting to wonder if he ever got cross or if he was this carefree all the time. I had to admit that all five
boys were pretty impressive, considering the fact that they never snapped at their fans. At least not at all in the
last two weeks. If it had been me, I would have told them all to take a long walk off a short pier.
Yeah, maybe that's why I wasn't famous.

I glanced out the window again and immediately spotted a large ferris wheel along with a few roller
Out of all the things in the world we could have been doing, we were going to a theme park.
That was definitely the cheesiest, most cliché thing they could have decided to do. Seriously, is this a game
show or is this The Bachelor?
"Please tell us!" Lana begged as she pawed at his arm. Creepy much?
"We'll be there in about two minutes," Niall laughed.
He looked straight in my eyes and I raised my eyebrows at him. "I can't believe you're taking us there."
"How do you know?" Niall asked in surprised.
"Because it's kind of obvious." I shot back with a conquering smile.
"That's not fair how she knows and we don't!" Nadia whined as she crossed her arms and pouted. She was
one of The Fakes and seemed to hate my guts, mostly because Simone hated my guts.
"She guessed, it's not like I told her." Niall shrugged her off before sending me a wink. I rolled my eyes at
him and looked out the window again.

Chapter Twelve
Chapter Twelve:

"Oh my gosh, it's like a theme park. It's amazing, oh my gosh, Niall you're so amazing!" Three girls gushed
while Cara and I stood with crossed arms at the entrance.
I almost wanted to interrupt their mush-fest by letting them know that Niall most likely didn't choose where
they went. I was pretty positive that Miranda just informed them where they would be going.
"We have the whole park to ourselves, so let's go!" Niall announced before marching towards the gate. I
almost laughed at the girls who followed along like lost puppies.
"Do I have to stay with him the entire time?" I asked the cameraman who smirked and nodded at me.
"Good luck."
I thought about making a break for the exit, but instead trotted over to the group. I wished that one of my
girls had come as well, but no, Niall wanted to torture me.
"I want to go on the Ferris Wheel with you, Niall!" Nadia practically screamed while raking her hands over
his body.
In case you haven't noticed, Nadia was one of TMGs. Judging from her gold bracelet jingling from her
wrist, the designer clothes and snippy attitude, she was used to getting exactly what she wanted, when she
wanted it.
"Don't worry, each of you get to ride the Ferris Wheel with me." Niall grinned.
I gritted my teeth and tried to keep my feet planted on the ground so I didn't start running towards the exit.
Nadia was tugging on Niall's grey v-neck and it made me want to puke. She didn't even really know Niall. She
only knew who he was in front of TV cameras and what they leaked to interviewers.
Niall eyed her with hesitance. "Uh, Nadia want to go first?"
"Yes! Oh my gosh! Yes!" Nadia practically screamed which made Niall grimace. But the smile never left
his face as they both walked over to the huge amusement structure.
"I'm assuming this means we're free to do whatever," I said off-handedly as Katie and Lana looked off with
jealously towards Nadia and Niall.
"Hallelujah, I totally want to go on The Monster," Cara stated.
"I think I'll join you," I replied before looking towards Katie and Lana. They were both looking like they
were lost and had no clue what to do about it. "I don't think they will, though."
"I think they're a bit busy ogling over the blondie." Cara smirked as she grabbed my hand and dragged me
to the large roller coaster.
This girl wasn't half bad.
"You're the last one, let's go, Ali." Niall tried to grab my hand but I snatched it away before he could grab
hold of it.
"It's Al. And I can walk myself," I said shortly before taking off to the Ferris Wheel.
I had spent five minutes of my life trying to persuade the cameramen to let me skip the seven minute ride. I
had tried bribery, begging, and I even refused. But they all just smirked and informed me I had no choice. I'm
pretty sure they just wanted to watch me squirm.
The worker set it all up for us and before I could say 'holy flapdoodles' we were seated in the little booth
thing. No camera guys were in it with us, but I spotted a few little cameras placed around.
"It's like we have no privacy," I muttered under my breath, before sticking my tongue out at the little
camera in the corner.
"Welcome to my life," Niall said and I glanced at him. For the first time since I had joined this little TV
show, the Irish boy didn't have a wide smile plastered against his features.
"Wow, you're not always smiling," I teased.

so I have to take the occasional break from being over-happy. Or listen to them talk. "By the way. I hate boy bands." "Katie would differ. "True. before silence settled over us like a blanket. Seems the reason you're here is because your friend signed you up?" "Basically. Almost. It's Al. I've been nothing but rude to you all. It was actually quite gorgeous out. not that subtly. but I'm not normal. It's like everyone thinks they have to be nice to us just because we're famous. It's not as bad as I originally thought it would be. even if it was comfortable like it was now. It's not a good look for you. I let my eyes wander to the sight before us." I replied quickly." Niall sighed. tell me something about yourself. noticing how his left eyebrow quirked every so often. we don't always get what we want. It's over. that they should send me home. It was almost adorable. That wasn't my goal whatsoever. look. but I'm ready to go home. Other than the haters. "Exactly. "Why? Seriously." I sighed. "And another thing about me." "Yeah." I smirked. "That probably won't happen for a while. realizing that we were just stopping at the bottom. Before repeating." "Well. I looked over to Niall who looked sad. But I couldn't keep the silence. You're not a five year old. You're just you. "Are you trying to set me up with her?" "Nah. really like you." Niall joked." I announced. She's awkward. Katie seems to really. "Still doesn't make sense. I had to talk. "Al." I rolled my eyes at him. This continued for a couple of seconds. I hate being called Ali. So instead I did it right back at him. That's the point. Ali. You don't bow down at our feet just because we're a big name band but you also don't absolutely positive hate us." Niall pouted. Niall started wiggling them at me. you're not a hater. If I had to be stuck with just one other person.. They just hate us because we're famous. So I spoke up. "So Ali. But you're different. "Aw. probably." "I like Ali better. don't pout. for starters. Hey. I've always been horrible at sitting in silence." Niall smirked. just stating a fact." "Which is awesome." Niall laughed and I couldn't help but let out a little laugh as well." "But she's funny." "Harry told us that much." "I've noticed. You're one of the five girls that we all like." . If I had been a normal teenage girl I probably would have giggled. hinting. but Katie would drool over you even if you had egg in your hair. it doesn't make sense." "Did you know that your eyebrows dance a lot?" I spoke up randomly." Niall tried to explain."It hurts my cheeks when I smile too much. "I like not having to be forced to be on TV.

" I replied shortly." I groaned. "Thank you." Trinity griped in annoyance. don't remind me. yeah. as her green eyes bore into mine. we're learning it all on this show. "But I don't want to be treated like some delicate girl who can't do anything on her own. my eyes not looking back towards the two girls following me. Caleb and Devin are going to have a complete field day with that. "You are a girl. I nodded and motioned wildly behind me to the humongous life-size bear shoved carelessly in the corner of my room. an apple gripped tightly in her manicured fingers. really? Well." "Don't just change the subject like that." Trinity groaned as I took lead and started out the door. I didn't ask him to win me the darned thing. Then I turned to Trinity. "And it's not. "I don't turn down food. if we're all being completely honest here. "You just think that being here is going to change who I am. "You can't blame her. We were getting along fine when suddenly he decided it was okay to treat me like a girl. "Listen.' It's just not going to happen." I shuddered slightly at the memory of him knocking down a few pins and being presented the giant fluffy creature." Cara came wandering into the kitchen." Andie spoke up. Their incessant knocking would not leave me alone. so eventually I threw open the door and glared at them." Trinity reminded me. "Now. "We know what they say to please the fans. "Uh." I replied. they'll break your heart?" Trinity inquired as she leaned her hip against the counter. interrupting me. I didn't bother changing out of my comfy running shorts and sweatshirt. we know what they do to make them buy albums. he knocked one of those things over and out of all the girls he gave it to you?" Trinity gushed excitedly. instead I opened the refrigerator and pulled out the eggs. we know virtually nothing about those five boys. do you want bacon and eggs?" Andie nodded. "Holy crap. exasperation clear in her voice. . "Ugh. In my totally still asleep mood." Cara stated. As much as you guys want it.Chapter Thirteen Chapter 13: "Details! I heard you went on a ferris wheel and that Niall won you a teddy bear!" Trinity and Andie rushed to me the second I opened my door the next morning. "Can we just go get breakfast?" "I will never understand you. popping a hip and glaring down Trinity. But we don't know who they are behind closed doors. "No." "What exactly don't I understand?" Trinity's arms crossed. Trin." "Oh. her eyes still trained on my face." I turned to Cara with a nod. that is so cute! It's so cute and he won it for you? As in. just before a yawn escaped through my lips. Andie poking my side repeatedly while giggling. you know that. her normally cheery facade replaced with an obviously perturbed expression. excitedly taking the animal and declaring my undying love for him. "Do you think if you let yourself actually like one of them. "Seriously? Niall just did the sweetest thing for you and you're worried about what your friends back home will think?" Andie stopped poking me and stared at me incredulously. "You just don't understand. Niall had immediately grabbed it and handed it to me with a victorious grin. It seemed as though he expected me to turn girly." "Why are you so afraid of it? What's so frightening about falling in love?" Andie added in as we wandered into the kitchen. I'm not going to fall for any of 'the boys. Nick. I didn't bother replying." my stomach rumbled.

Her brown hair cascaded down her shoulders as her head tilted towards one of the little cameras positioned in the corner. leaving me with Trinity and Andie. this all just seems like a fairy tale. we're on TV? People are watching us watching TV. She slowly backed away. I never saw this. I pondered Jess' words for a moment before looking up. I think I've had enough of it for a while. right now. And I guess I just want to make one of those fan-fictions come to life. It's just. So Trin and I managed to stay away from her the entire show. Required?" "Well. We don't really know them. "Sounds good." Andie added as she sprawled out across the couch and started flailing. Sarcasm.. I don't understand how people can do this daily. no. She was breathing heavy. Inception. A preppy blonde. her legs curled up on the little chair she was on. Heard quite a bit from Simone. You know.) "Are you serious?" Andie was now in a sitting position. This just all made me love the show so flapjacking much. there was also going to be a live footage section. why would you not want to go?" Jess giggled. It'd been announced earlier in the week that not only was our show 'lucky' enough to be aired once a week. She gave me a quick nod before she scurried out of the kitchen. yeah! But honestly. I know they're not gonna fall for me and it just seems like they will for you. Those just made me so darn happy. Conversation we had had in the kitchen earlier. I'm not used to this kind of drama. Girls at home could look us up on a specific site and see the main rooms. I shrugged. before settling her eyes on me once more. but I think they might have looked at me weird if I did that." Cara insisted on having the last word. You know how the boys' finished recording Take Me Home a bit ago? Well.. "I was never here. drawing our attention to the door.. I heard a sigh fall from Trinity's lips as she pushed herself off the counter and stood beside me. "What's up. as if she had just been running. "There's been an announcement. stood there. solely focused on stirring the eggs and whisking them to perfection. But I'm not falling for them just because they decide to use a few pick-up lines. "Ah. Jess?" Trinity sat up from her position. but I've uh. etc. Simone. a bright smile lit across her sun kissed skin. Jess was definitely a peppy girl. but we had all been previously warned that she kicked and punched when overly emotional. yeah? But it was wrong of me. have you?" Trinity said with a grin and twinkling eyes.. the pool. it's exhausting." I blubbered out as Sherlock's theme music played in the background and the titles raced down the TV screen. "Don't judge her because she won't let her heart get broken by one of them. take your mind off your momentary collapse into being a normal teenage girl. And I was right. "I'm sorry. I wanted to give myself a high-five for getting her name right. "It's going to be ages until the new season and we have no idea what the fudge is going on. (Note. Which also meant that girls had obviously seen the little. meeting the boys. It's like. "I haven't met her... "You haven't quite met Al yet. "Now. "Forgive me?" "Of course. each one standing firmly by their words. the living room." She shrugged her shoulders. Instead. they're cooler than I originally thought they would be." Andie suggested with a short laugh. I turned my back on them." Trinity said. I mean. "Is it. face lit up like it was Christmas. I'd be worried she'd knock someone out. we're all getting to listen to it with them!" Jess breathed out. So of course I did it. which made me chuckle. the three girls looked at me briefly with raised eyebrows before going back to Jess. "What the-" Ariana stopped talking just as she stopped walking. hanging out with them." ~*~ "So many feels. tomorrow night. I am going to go find refuge in Faith's room." I tried to calm the three girls down. as if waiting for me to gnash my teeth and eat her alive." "We can watch Sherlock." I smiled at her briefly." "Do you ever think about the fact that. Such a lovely girl.."I have nothing against them. before going back to the eggs. such as the kitchen. like. who's name I think was Jess." . her eyes landing on our emotional bodies splayed out across the living room." Jess suddenly seemed timid. I came to tell you. "Hey!" A very feminine voice squeaked out.

they're all so scared of you. Bye!" "It's funny. It meant no confrontation and no dealing with thousands of questions. Trinity laughed along with us. secretly enjoying it. "Hm." Andie winked before laughing."Well. It's the last date before Sunday. I wonder how excited Faith is." "I dunno. I'm gonna go tell the other girls. but I heard that Louis' date is going to be the most exciting. Don't know if you can beat that. "I know right? It's like I'm some kind of monster that is going to attack them if they look me in my eyes. Zayn took us to a park and we played frisbee." Jess seemed taken aback my seemingly sincere statement." I cackled. Louis should be coming any minute now. before glancing down at her watch. "I." Andie laughed after the girl had scampered away. . uh.

really? I thought you guys had to spend all of your time together or you'd melt or something. something strange in her tone of voice. we don't exactly all hang out when we don't have to. "Sure." I nodded just a bit." Ariana sighed. I spotted the snack table. an over the top fangirl. Can you believe we've already been here two weeks? Five more girls go home tomorrow. There is food. subject change." I popped the 'p'. He knew I wasn't excited. before setting my features back into an emotionless mask." "Ha-ha." Zayn replied. on a scale of one to ten. "Don't judge until you've heard it. each girl trying to keep composed because the five boys were watching them. "Please excuse me." "What do you guys do when you're not here? Gossip?" I teased." Faith stated as her eyes followed Louis. "How was your date with Niall?" A voice sounded from beside me. but food. eyes still sparkling and the left side of his mouth tilted upwards in a smirk." Trinity literally bounced up and down in her seat while the sound people set up the album. "Would you want to hang out with the same four people even after spending the previous twelve hours with them?" "Nope." I shrugged in response. One of the times that I was reminded that my newly found friends were fans of poppy music. I turned to see a cheery Liam grabbing a handful of chips and plopping them in a bowl. letting my eyes wander around the living room. Not quite in the negatives. "It's strange how it's so normal to come into a room where five of the most popular boys in the world are just chilling. Thanks for the nice words." he replied happily. "Alright. "About an hour." Ooh.Chapter Fourteen Dedication to Leena2695. you wanting to be here right now is a negative five. not even bothering to sound interested. . picking up my plate full of food and motioning to Liam that I was going to go sit down. He followed me. "Sure. "Heard it was fun. I'm assuming. "You're the first to hear the album in its entirety. "How long is the album?" I asked the quiffed boy." I muttered in response. faking interest.. the cameras getting set up in separate spots so they could use snippets of the songs to promote the album. "You got it. "Oh. Leena :) ~ Chapter Fourteen ~ "I'm so excited. so it can't be all that bad. though. as Liam started a conversation with Rebecca. "Only for so much longer." I raised an eyebrow at him as I literally fell into the couch. babe. "Kidding. Miranda continued to say a few things. A chorus of squeals rang out through the small room. french fries. I grabbed a handful." "Holy mushrooms. "Not a date. brown eyes sparkling. I continued to shove food into my mouth." "More like a zero. are you girls ready to hear Take Me Home?" Miranda asked from the front of the room. stuffing a few into my mouth before filling up my plate with the other snacks in front of me." Zayn smiled slyly at the brunette who immediately let a blush spread across her cheeks." I let my lips slide into a temporary pout. her comment was really sweet. "Exactly. He looked at me. though." he said with a straight face. So." Liam replied before continuing.

"Just kiss and get married already." "Oh. hot tub and pool. sarcasm dripping from my voice. although in my head I was thinking 'Not in a million years." I responded as I padded down the hall in my froggy fluffy slippers. It's actually kind of creepy." "What does it sound like?" I raised my eyebrows. quite obviously male. and I almost laughed. Wow." "Hm." "Aw. "Hey. It's like your the awkward kids who always pop up in other people's conversations. I spotted Jules. "That's exactly what we are. unlimited food. Ah. I might consider. an over the top fangirl." Andie spoke up. you're good at that. I won't start watching the show. wifi. "Okay. not quite condescending but teasing. "They don't show the girls in bikinis. yes. making himself at home on the couch. "Oh. . you know where Trin is?" "Uh. so glad you care about my well-being. sorry bub. popstar. you're so nice to me." Liam winked. you know it." Nick whined into the phone the next day. When am I going to wake up from this incredible dream?" I widened my eyes comically at him. and that was to repay Trinity for the lovely magazines littering my room at the moment "Sounds glorious. "Throw yourself a pity party. we'll ride in on ponies." Harry's voice was light." Liam came over and looked at Andie with surprise." Nick rambled and I found myself rolling my eyes. "What do you say? Small wedding. "I mean. "It's a pony that looks like a zebra. eyes flitting between the two of us. Nevermind. seriously. So Pepper is your new stalker?" I said. and as much I hated to admit it." I said." Trinity piped up in amusement. What ever did I do to deserve this?" I mocked. This isn't funny. my face keeping a completely emotionless expression. Trin? She's the hot one you told me about. "Woah. why am I not there to comfort all the hot girls. you're not the only one. we're the awkward kids who have millions of beautiful fans.' "What the heck is a zebra pony?" Niall wandered over to our group. Niall shrugged. Andie. ignoring their eye rolls." I pretended to actually think about it. I was definitely enjoying it all. Its actual name is Zony. big screen TVs. "Darn. Harry. "I bet you ask yourself that every night. on her laptop. ~ "Can you call Pepper? Tell her to leave me alone. and stopped her." "Zony sounds like a ship name. Nick let out a sigh. I just can't believe that the Harry Styles is verbally attacking me. "Oh no." Andie contributed. you make a lemon seem sweet. but Harry beat me to the punch. "No clue." There was mischief clear in Nick's voice. you broke my heart. What ever shall I do now?" I placed my hand over my heart and pretend to be upset. I want to know what a zebra pony is. zebra ponies? If so." I laughed as I snuck into the kitchen. so one of you don't get heartbroken. right? Ugh." "Except. "Jeez. "Who was that? She sounded hot.. I think she's in the living room. I opened my mouth to protest. the shipper. I tucked my phone between the crook of my neck and chin while I grabbed a few ice cubes from the freezer. "What's with the members of One Direction appearing out of nowhere in the middle of a conversation?" Trinity looked pointedly at Harry and Niall. though. forcing myself to look adoring. eyes widening quite a bit when she noticed my handful of ice cubes and evil grin.." "Don't worry. voice interrupted. I didn't know you swear. "Not that bad. Man. how's the hole?" Nick sounded amused. "Thanks!" I replied before skipping out of the kitchen."Let's just all hope I'm one of them." Harry laughed. Netflix. I want one. Harry smiled down at me. in this case. We continued our banter. A new. "Hello to you too! I miss you as well. I had one intent in mind. yeah. babe." Jules replied." I responded. a hot tub and a pool? I need to start watching this show. sticking her tongue out at me." "Whatever.

"Sorry. Didn't know you'd mind." Zayn teased. Niall has got to stop calling me Ali.. you okay?" Zayn asked and I turned to see him leaning against the doorway. I also needed to get away from Louis. trying to figure out what the heck that meant. AL. Trin. Zayn looked taken aback. You're British. "Flat?" I scrunched my eyebrows together. picking my phone up and apologizing shortly to Nick for the clatter. Boy." I said through clenched teeth. "Don't you dare call me Ali. that's right. My blood boiled. her eyes focused on her little macbook. did he have a nice jawline. Trinity was facing opposite of me. "House. "I just came to tell you that we're announcing the next group in a bit. definitely wanting to smirk as Trinity tried to wiggle the ice out of her shirt." I sang. struggling to hide a laugh. Ali." Zayn finally let a smile break across his features." "You pay so much attention to everything around you. trying to conceal my inner anger. She started squealing and screaming death threats to me. "Revenge is sweet. . just don't do it again. I laughed so hard the phone dropped from my hands to the floor. he hasn't shut up since we left out flat.. "Peachy keen." Trinity shot me a glare. okay?" I forced a smile. it's incredible. His lips tugged at the ends." "Whatever."Our school with three thousand students isn't enough for you?" I grinned as my eyes landed on my target. I heard Niall call you that. "Ouch. before shoving the ice down her back. Trinity finally got the ice out and turned to me. I snuck up as quietly as I could." "Oh. Al.

the only one smiling happily and seeming sincere about the words they had been told to say. his eyebrows furrowing just a bit. what was that? "It's because the boys are watching." I grumbled. She started talking to the cameramen. "If one of us goes home tonight. "But-" I started to say before getting interrupted. It happened the same way as last time. "Whatever. her sworn enemy. as if anticipating to be sent home." Trinity said under her breath. the boys. "I agree. I have no idea how to do this 'comfort' thing! "It's been another great week! Enjoyed getting to know each of you better. "Unfortunately. Okay. Ariana and Faith wound their way through a few other girls to Trinity. you know the drill. Awkwardly." I replied.. There was no way that Simone. Trinity noticed a few girls starting to gossip (AKA boss around everyone around them) and spoke up. "So don't be down. Although I'm praying they don't." Ariana stated firmly." Liam continued on. We all shared quick hugs with Faith and Ariana before they stumbled their way back towards their standing area." Miranda called out as we all entered the living room. most of the cameras." Andie laughed with a twinkle in her eye. "Sh. uh. though?" Trinity almost rolled her eyes at me. Al!" Simone called out from across the room. it's that time again. they might keep her. You love the food.) "You're their favorite person here. girls. "Even you Al." Faith said." Trinity gave us each a stern look. Thanks for your comment! :) ~ Chapter Fifteen ~ "Alright. You even somewhat like the boys.. her head swiveling towards my direction (no pun intended. That girl is faker than diet Dr Pepper. "None of us are going to leave tonight. . "Well. an annoying fake smile slathered across her features. Trinity letting a victorious grin slide across her features. We just have to believe we're all going to stay. I put my hand on her shoulder." Immediately everyone hushed. Help. There were unshed tears pooling in her hazel eyes. once I realized that she had been talking to me. We have to send five of you home." Zayn said with absolutely no enthusiasm. luck. he had a baseball sized bruise for a week. they're coming!" Rippled through the girls. "Just remember that we love all of you and have loved getting to know you guys on a personal level. I noticed that Trin had a slight tremble to her hands. Ask my cousin. If she acts like you two get along. queen of the fakes. looking for another girl named Al. "If one of you says something out of spite to any other person here. "Hey.. filming some kind of opening lines. you love the pool." Harry said robotically. Andie and I. the boys obviously taking their time in getting ready. It was almost amusing. not sparing a look at me.Chapter Fifteen Dedication to MrsHaleyBieber. "We'll be right back with our decisions!" Louis over-exaggerated. us all standing. Everyone around me waited with baited breath. Don't lie. thanks?" I replied with unsureness. would be wishing me. She giggled and turned away. keep a smile on your face. you love the TV shows. Miranda and a few other sound people were gone." "Ah. Just remember that I love each and every one of you. You love us. er. "What does that have to do with it. right now. I got four really good friends out of this experience." Niall added. "Good luck! Hope you make it!" I glanced around me wildly. Within three minutes. Don't forget I'm an excellent sock thrower. a watery smile on her face.

. Ooh. "We should make you a Twitter. were chatting me up. let's see. Asking me how I was and if I could slip One Direction their numbers. Content with that. Not only do I have to stay. "You love us. "Why are you torturing me?" I pouted. I like this picture. we miss you at school! (Thirty other friends wrote on Al Grate's wall. to find out which group I was forced to be in. I have to be the first girl? "Al!" Niall continued. I pulled up a new status. tweet something. . quite obviously proud of the twitter she made me. I was not a fan." he said. Minnie and Samantha. a wide grin in place as he held out a poster for me." One of the boys said." Niall took a deep breath. "Thanks." Just a few minutes later. It would be about an hour or so before it was announced where we all would be headed. leaning back onto my fluffy pillow. And you should have books for your header." I said pointedly. is this what being famous was like? If so. Faith and Andie had also made it. You're all lovely girls. Ariana.. The username AlTheGrate is free. Okay username. ooh. As I walked past. so naturally I was laying in bed in my pajamas on my computer." Harry forced a small smile on his face.. She ignored me and came over to sit next to me." Ariana stated as she yanked the computer away from me. We have a special One Direction package for you. blissfully unaware of the glares I was sending her. "Seriously." "You wish." ~ The next day I was eagerly awaiting to be called to where ever the heck we were going." I said sarcastically. Your name is Al Grate. "The first girl we would like to get to know more. ever.. I ignored the friend requests and clicked out of Facebook.. c'mon. "That sounds like a punishment. grabbing the poster and going to the corner. as the five girls started bawling. but then decided against it. "You're going to enjoy this week if it's the last thing I do. There was definitely some mischief in his eyes. Such a hard life I live. Aw. I went to protest. 56 new notifications and 100 new friend requests? Uh. At least I didn't have to suffer alone. before his eyes latched on me. "You're an easy target. Harry was standing beside me. I scrolled through Facebook for the first time in two weeks. Ariana was brandishing my computer in front of me. please come up and accept this exclusive poster of us. "I'm sorry Macey." AlTheGrate: Somebody save meeeeeeeeee. Kendra. Jeez. While waiting. Your email. Anna. Al Grate: Made flat pancakes.. like." "Fine. Louis whispered. as she filled out the form. Okay."If we call your name. "Now. "Whatchu doing?" Ariana walked into my room. The brunette was determined. I mean. "Okay." I shot back quietly. AlTheGrate: THEY WON'T STOP PLAYING ONE DIRECTION. Ariana laughed again. I was happy that Trinity.. babe. given the honor of joining. Faith also decided to scatter confetti throughout my room. I kept myself from grumbling as I tried not to trip on the stairs. I wasn't even sure I had 56 Facebook friends. They continued with the names. Merri Goldman wrote on Al Grate's wall: Girl! You're so lucky to hanging out with One Direction! Tell them I say hi? Hope you're doing well." Ariana cackled evilly. "Catching up on the VlogBrothers and enjoying alone time. Whoops. what's with everyone filling out forms for me? Hasn't anyone realize that it's not a good idea?" I groaned in exasperation. People I hadn't talked to. Everyone started muttering goodbyes and before I knew it.) Oh my goodness. making sure no cameras picked up on it.

" "Now. you happy now?" I pointed at the screen. if you're content with the fact you just made me a Twitter. Ariana sighed. "Good enough for now. you can go. I'm behind on four VlogBrother videos."There. Four." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AL'S TWITTER IS REAL! Go follow @AlTheGrate for sarcast tweets .) .

"We brought you here to tell you which group you get to be in!" Harry finally announced with an over-thetop grin and a cheeky wink. Now. "Well.'" I mumbled under my breath as we gathered in the living room." I muttered under my breath before taking my sweet time to walk over to him. Zayn simply stood in front of me. like. He grinned at me before swooshing his hair to the side with his fingers.. "Not me. get your butt over here. "Hit me with your best shot. getting every single possible angle of me." Harry added to the conversation as I collapsed into the chair and crossed my arms for the second time since entering the room. Repetitive? There's only so many things they can do to make it 'exciting. I crossed my arms and tried to cover the yawn that was threatening to burst past my lips." Andie shrugged. I rolled my eyes. . they're individually telling them. If we're done here." I scoffed." I apologized with absolutely no sincerity. Almost in an attempt to be 'cool. That'd be impossible. "Guess you're gonna find out then. My eyes glanced across the glossy white paper. although a smile was tempting to break across my lips. "Sometimes I think you don't want to be here. "So what are we going to do. all fangirl attempts gone. totally love it here! I just can't believe my luck and oh my gosh!" "It's almost as if you're being sarcastic! But there's no way that you would be sarcastic. this time to announce groups. aye?" Zayn replied with a quick wink. uh. "Whatever. there's the Al we know and love. Zayn? You know I'll kick your butt at whatever it is. "Fine. "That I can do. why did I get dragged into here?" "Because we love and adore you and wanted to talk to you. her eyes focused on the brown-haired boy with big brown eyes. I tried my best to ignore the cameras flying around. isn't this like." Louis chuckled. "Don't seem so overjoyed." Harry yelled from across the room. "This is a TV show. starting to bounce on the heels of my feet and plastering a large smile across my face. Louis and Harry went to lean against the wall with their hands shoved in their pockets. Maybe I shouldn't have stayed up all night watching Doctor Who. noticing the laughter coming from the camera crew. Bowties are cool. may I go finish Supernatural now?" "Feel free.' Niall immediately settled on the couch. Well." Louis chuckled." Zayn said with a completely straight face "Well.) Zayn :) xx "Why didn't you just send this little thing to me? Why did you have to make this whole thing so big? Goodness gracious. lovely! Chapter Sixteen "I don't understand. babe.. How about a little competition? . "I hate my life. I let my features slide back into my usual stoic position." Zayn smirked before handing me a little placard." I commented offhandedly. "I'm sorry. "Yes?" I said once I reached the five boys who herded me into a small private room off to the side that was filled with camera crew men." Liam gasped." Niall snickered. like. with Liam pushing him over so he could sit as well. though there was a twinkle in his eye to show that he was joking. "Allison. a smirk across his lips. "I like. Can you tell Jules to come in here next?" Harry asked with a tilt of his head.Chapter Sixteen Dedication to Dannaification :) Thanks for your comment. I stuck out my tongue at him. waiting to hear who I was stuck with this week. Oh. well." "Ah. I knew that. "Oh my gosh! Don't ever feel that way!" I squeaked out." I sighed as I shoved the note into my back pocket of my jeans. We gotta keep it interesting somehow. babe.." I nodded.

It. "Fast metabolism?" I replied with a shrug. So. I piled my plate up with a hamburger." I replied offhandedly as I walked straight out of the room without a glance behind me. I dunno. ~ So it started out with Al's twitter and has escalated quite a bit. Immediately. Well. every single head swiveling towards us. you can eat whatever you want and not worry about becoming an elephant. Well." "Why can't I be you? You have five boys dying to be your friend. It was totally reflex." Trinity commented from behind me as she watched me over-stack the plate. and you are absolutely-" "Don't. You guys are hilarious! "Official" Twitter accounts of the girls on the show: Trinity: @SummerOfTrinity Ariana: @ArianaLoveBabe Andie: @TheAndieMan_Can Al: @AlTheGrate. as Andie's lips formed the word 'beautiful." Harry said in a monotone. The breath that tickled my ear frightened the frenchfries out of me as I immediately turned and shoved the cupcake into Harry's perfectly groomed face. ." I said without any real emotion as I shoved a few napkins into his hands. "Or the fact that I work out every day. "Harry got caked!" Louis yelled from across the room. you don't know you're beautiful. I felt the eyes of every single girl in the room on us. But. If I could have smacked Harry without getting in trouble. Without a second thought to the boys in the corner who were chatting up a storm. "Thanks. I'm not going to regret it. "I honestly wonder how the heavens you're not fat."Sure. It happened.. "Oops. Andie and I. turning away from him and going straight into the buffet line. stalking past Ariana and going to the desserts. You." I muttered through clenched teeth. as he attempted to clean his face a bit. I tried to hide the smile that wanted to slide its way across my face. hotdog. I totally would have done it. why not.. "We're good. here's to twenty girls hating my guts and Harry plotting payback. I swear. "Babe. ~ "Come eat with us!" Harry yelled across the dining room to Trinity.' "You don't know you're beautiful!" Ariana popped up out in front of us. Dare. I didn't mean to coat his nose. It was glorious." I groaned with annoyance. green eyes sparkling as spoke. thanks!" I called back. What's the point of regretting anything? Heh. and pieces of steak. Say. chin and cheeks with Nutella." Harry whispered in my ear as I placed a Nutella cupcake onto my plate. "I swear if someone tells me that one more time.

wanting to strangle my computer screen after the tenth person tweeted me "You don't know you're beautiful. Holy flapjacks. Al. That qualifies me as a girl! Holy crap! My whole life has been a lie!" Louis and Liam started snickering. actually hitting myself because I had forgotten to lock the door once more. "It's called a period. Goodbye. the police would be arriving soon for murder charges. Ali! Ha! Ha!" I was just about to type in Netflix. HA. It was as if she thought she was taunting me and she thought I would get upset. "Holy crap. thought I was cool. sooo lame. a few Fakes were standing around and sharing looks. Considering I'm me. when a knock sounded across the wooden door.Chapter Seventeen Dedication to CrafterforChrist because she's an absolutely sweetheart!! Chapter Seventeen: "No. a boy with hardly any hair walked inside with a wide smile. Instead. She laughed at my protests.. Nope. There were a few murmurs of excitement that spread through the girls. I knew she wanted to wring my guts out. although there was a strain in her voice. a smirk across her lips. As if unsure what to do now that their attention wasn't on them. Louis simply grinned back at me.. That would have kept this whole thing from happening. And the feeling was mutual. I shut up." Simone laughed. "What?" I yelped. mostly because I didn't want anyone to notice I was there. their hands covering their mouth as if they were trying to not let the laughs out. yes. So the least I could is complain about it. a smile spread across his face. Louis just continued to smile and offered me a wink. "Big ego much?" I muttered. HA. entering the room where all the girls and boys were all hanging around talking." Ariana said happily as her grasp on my forearm loosened just barely. as if sensing my uncomfortableness. you will be departing soon!" Miranda called out from the top of the stairs." I repeated over and over again as Ariana practically dragged me into the living room." Liam commented as he appeared beside Louis. But Wolverine was currently clawing at my insides." I replied without any type of hesitation. "I am?! I have boobs and I get my period.) AlTheGrate: @Ther_1DLwwy: HA. Ariana snorted loudly and The Fakes gasped at my bluntness. "Louis' group! If you are ready. I collapsed onto my bed with my laptop. I mentally slapped myself for not having locked my door earlier. . She was apparently trying to keep up the facade that she and I got along. How cute. why me? "Hi. Well. deciding to tweet a few people who. "I'm surprised I don't have a bigger ego. Behind him." "Ah. you look even more peeved than you usually do. apologies. "Al!" A very loud voice declared. "Quit your whining. No. Nope. Maybe when Ariana let go of me. I managed to escape the room. for some reason. I'm off to save the world. arms still crossed and Wolverine still attacking my insides. "You're so witty. "Hey! Wow." I crossed my arms as I glared at the oldest boy in the house. I replied to a few more." with my farewell words. If everyone kept this up. "Don't hate them cause you ain't them!" Louis said loudly. I looked her straight in the eye. you're an actual girl?" Simone exclaimed. PUNNY. The door creaked open and I waited for Trinity or Andie to laugh at me and enter in. I could sneak back into my room. Ther_1DLwwy: @AlTheGrate You are so GRATE Al! (ahaha. Instead. NO.

. Look. tomorrow is the day with Zayn. He didn't offer any word of explanation. God." Andie added into the conversation. I know Cara and Andie ship Hal. "So funny. "Oh. Al. complained as she poked her head in the room. tomboy. But where the heck did you guys get the notion that Liam likes me? I swear. and pouted just a bit." Trinity pressed play on her iPod and instantly the room was filled with the five boy voices. "Al and Niall and Liam and Harry sitting in a tree. Like. "She's not afraid of all the attention She's not afraid of running wild . All the signs are pointing towards it. hey. sarcastic girl from Seattle. I scowled. I swear. Immediately. every girl burst out laughing. Okay." "Where did this Liam thing come from? I know that Faith. "You're glad you're with Zayn. you're a player. he always glances at you from the corner of his eye." Andie started. probably going to go complain about how annoying I am. Trinity was absently singing. I mean love you." "You have five fifths of a boy band completely enamored by you. But whenever we sit with them at dinner. Andie and Faith were dancing." "First of all. They might be interested by the fact that I'm not a fangirl over them. Oh. We like you. ha. Al. looked at you.0000000000000000000001%."What are you doing." Carar announced. Faith and Andie joining in." "Never!" Faith screamed. you're all just trying to make the show more interesting. I scoffed. Although. I swear." Trinity smirked as she continued to knit the scarf for her mom. and three fifths of the same boy band that obviously want to get to know you. I'm a boring. will you please turn that crap off? We need some real music up in here! Like. "There is about as much going on between you and Zayn as there is between Al and Niall. I fake barfed. Quit your complaining. And Al and Liam. Really well. Party in my room. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Ariana sung. Trinity overheard him telling one of the Fakes to lay off after they heard a snarky comment about you." Trinity smiled happily. that was peculiar. they all seem like they're in love with you. He hasn't been as obvious as Niall and Harry. He also noticed that you were complaining about your period. "Yeah. And holy crap. ~ "WHAT YOU WANT. Can we please move on?" I stated firmly. there is something going on between the two of you. I bit my tongue to keep from commenting on it. typical. my eyebrows furrowing as I crossed my arms. WHAT YOU NEED HAS BEEN KILLING. And Al and Harry. Woo. snarky. "How about no?" "No one likes you. "And to ruin my life. Nadia. Nicki Minaj!" A Fake." "Me too! I'm glad I'm with you. uh. Trinity and Ariana ship Nal. Ariana was in the corner working on Christmas presents and even Cara was in the corner on the computer. sure. Andie was totally about to analyze the entire thing for me. then comes baby NIALLLIAMHARRY in a baby carriage!" "Are you guys two years old? My goodness. Liam?" My voice was filled with confusion as he produced a packet of mini Kit-Kat and Hershey bars. "Lies. I'm extremely excited. And the boys like you. but none of them like me." I ignored Trinity's 'stop complaining' remark. instead just glueing my eyes back to my laptop screen. "Shut up. Liam was heard in an interview saying you were his favorite. I have a feeling it's something to do with racing or something. There's no way." Paula announced before flouncing out of the room. My. from day one. Do you know what the likeliness that even just one of the boys like me? It's about . and gave you chocolate without a single comment. And he remembered to close the door after him. So there isn't even a sliver of a chance that three of them like me. I had to keep myself from groaning. "First comes love then comes marriage." "No. simply dropped the chocolate on my lap and walked out the door. "Liam has. as I sang along at the top of my lungs. TRYING TO BE EVERYTHING YOU WANT ME TO BE!" The words blasted out of my computer speakers.

tuning out of everything and trying my best to not start humming along. I've gone from 1DOnlyYou to MyHeartsMistake. so I decided a change was in order. ~~~~~~ As some of you might have noticed. Please don't be alarmed! I've decided to start writing some original stories. I'm still the same person though! .How come she's so afraid of falling in love?" I ignored the lyrics.

"I agree with Crystal! It's been an amazing time eating with them and going places with them!" Lana piped up. Ten minutes of complete boredom for me and we were ready to go. I simply raised an eyebrow. "The girls I've met. But I don't. She positioned the four of us on the chairs. you won't have to wait much longer. you act like you don't care which gets quite a bit of reaction from the boys. every girl going with Zayn started checking themselves out and making sure they looked okay. acting like she was listening to something. girls. I've also loved getting to know the boys personally." The interview trailed off. I've spent so much time watching interviews of them or music videos. Sullen than usual. Marie is the best caterer of all time. being all business. The boys have definitely taken a liking to you! So. If I was looking attention. playing Fifa and going to school. "Well.. Lana. but I kept my face normal. "Are you all excited about heading out today with Zayn?" "Oh. Zayn has just arrived!" The cameras cut out and Miranda started directing us where to go. That was the worst thing you've ever said in your life. I'm not looking for attention. It's brilliant. "Have fun on your Date Day with Da Zayn!" Oh jeez. "That's great. "Ah. They're real people. everyone seeming to enjoy the change of subjects. all The Fakes hanging on Zayn. The interview paused. It said 'How about a little competition?' I mean. get out to the limo!" Miranda yelled to the four of us. "And rolling. Miranda. Trinity tried to cover up a snort of laughter. yes! Definitely!" Lana spoke the loudest. Trinity smiled before speaking.Chapter Eighteen Chapter Eighteen: "If you're in Zayn's group! Please come with me. her eyes trained on my facial expressions. who had a smile plastered across her lips. I've grown quite close to them. girls! How are you all doing?" The lady. I'd have different ways of going about that. She almost looked robotic. I swear I saw his eyes light up when he saw Trinity. What a crazy assumption. but I'm dying to find out!" Lana squeaked out.. We re-entered the living room. I was perfectly happy at home. squeaked. Al. it looks like it'll be competitive! I'm so excited!" No duh. we have some questions we want to ask! We have a thirty minute interview filming session before you all can go off to your secret location!" Miranda called out across the room. From what I've heard you've been the most nonchalant about this entire thing! Is it just for attention? I mean. any speculations on where you're going in just a bit?" "I have no idea. Almost in sync. why would that make you think it's competitive." "Hello. so far?" "Definitely getting to meet the boys! I mean." Crystal announced. yes. since she was the first in the line of chairs. A chorus of 'good' rippled down the line. "From the clue we all got. Even Trinity. The interviewer cleared her throat and rehearsed a few questions to herself." "The food. I forced myself off the couch and entered the small room that Miranda ushered me into." I stated without second thought." "Interesting. which I think some fans forget sometimes. but he looked a lot more. "Okay. What's been each of your favorite memories here. . while I kept my mouth firmly shut. and now they're right there! It's a dream come true. "I can one hundred percent say honestly. Instead of going along with that.

" I managed to get out as my eyes landed on the giant sign that was placed on top of a building. I shrugged." Trinity replied back with amusement. back to being pissed. "See. it was obvious that no one was going to contribute. As they got into the car. This was going to be epic. Go-Kart people?!) racing suit and purple helmet in my hands. we walked outside to the limo together. The girls can head over to the right. although a smile was playing across her lips. "Welcome!" A man in his late thirties said loudly. Worst habit ever." "I've never seen you this animated. I'm pretty sure Trinity noticed as well. It was adorable. as if to say she didn't know what was wrong with him. okay. After the awkward conversation I tried to start. escaping the awkwardness that the limo contained. After a while." "And here I thought you couldn't get any weirder. and I felt excitement bubble inside of me. really hate silences when I'm with a group of people. "The weather is lovely. "I had to break the silence. I had put up quite a argument about the color of the outfits they gave us. She shrugged. Zayn's eyes were dull and emotionless. Once I realized that no one was going to talk. Thank the Arizona Green Tea heavens. Crystal and Lana followed behind." Zayn spoke for the first time. "Dude. A for effort. I see. I was a pro at Go-Kart racing." I piped up as I grabbed Trinity's hand and dragged her to where we were told. "We've arrived!" The limo driver announced as I felt the car come to a halt. etcetera." Zayn commented. after I let out a quite audible sigh and pouted a bit. "Because in every awkward silence. helmets. My joke was hilarious. since her eyes were glued to him. . "Go ahead and get suited up! Zayn. the camera crew laughing as I declared adamantly that pink was not every girl's favorite color. There are five of us. I shared a look with Trinity. but no one laughed. Trinity must have felt a bit bad for me. one out of five people are thinking about Abe Lincoln. "Oh. a wide smile plastered across his tan features. Lana and Crystal. should be in there. completely emotionless. I had on the pink (Seriously. we have a room for you over there." Trinity shook her head. "It's pouring down rain. I decided to sulk in the awkwardness that the silence brought. So I start babbling just so it's not silent. "I'm not a racist. All your clothes." "Thanks. He didn't even attempt to reply to Lana or Crystal. "Let's get inside. trying to get different angles of the guy. She seemed worried." I commented after an extremely awkward silence had fallen over the entire limo. The rest of the car ride was mostly silent. were behind us while babbling off to Zayn. I don't mind if everyone is talking and I'm not. You guys are a tough crowd. I heard bits of their conversation as they giggled about some other hot teen celeb. The cameramen all panned out." Zayn turned to look out the window. after another silence had blanketed over us. that was funny. however. The five of us walked into the building. I have this thing.I grabbed a hold of Trinity's arm. They both seemed a bit on edge about Zayn's behavior. Instead. I just hate it when no one is talking. I honest to goodness. And Abe Lincoln gives me the creeps. considering she tried to talk to me about roses. I saw a smirk pull at Zayn's lips. Within just a few minutes. I clambered out of the car as soon as I could. assuring that she didn't go over to walk with Zayn. okay?" I said. I can't even run a mile!" I said suddenly." "Ah. actually excited about the racing that was about to take place. F for topic selection. as we rode along the highway. therefore someone was thinking about Lincoln. Crystal and Lana talked a bit. Even I had to admit they'd be a majorly cute couple. It was uncomfortable.

pouting as I leaned my head against the car window. "Nope. "In all seriousness. Trinity shrugged. Eventually. Maybe. Pretty please?" I asked with a slightly persuasive voice. "Ugh. curiosity overtaking her as she looked at the completely deserted area. "Was that a car backfiring?" Trinity turned to the road. Oops. I was so proud of my little Trin. it sounded like a cruise horn!" Crystal's eyes were wide as she kind of just stared at my stomach. but let out a laugh and rapped his knuckles against the small window that separated us and the driver." I grinned happily. I'd have felt like it was the same as Go-Karting with my friends back home. he took my hand in his and gave a small jolt. so the cameras wouldn't pick up on it. I was feeling quite childish. Caleb and Devin all the time. as if she expected a baby dinosaur to crawl out. I was the all time champion." ~ "I told you I'd win." Trinity cackled evilly. Aw. Maybe these boys were normal." I whined. "Listen. I let an evilish chuckle slip through my lips. Which I was totally fine with. Zayn rolled his eyes. He mumbled a few words to him. As close I would ever come to being a cutesy girl with the puppy dog eyes. you're not allowed to be in a bad mood. "Hallelujah. "Holy crap.." Zayn replied. He looked more at Trinity than he did at me. while it got filmed. so together we waltzed up to the boy with jet-black hair. waiting for him to take it and shake it. a loud gurgling sound came from my stomach. "It's been-" I stopped myself to internally count how long it had been since the last time I had eaten. Your ten second loss shall be all over the internet. I never lose." Trinity continued under her breath. I haven't eaten in three hours. we should go cheer him up a bit. "But in all honesty." "Dang. but I simply raised my eyebrows at him. since we had been always swamped with school or sports back home. probably after he realized I was being serious about this. "Yeah. If it hadn't been for the cameras that were following us around. Zayn made a face. I won't complain at all today if you don't. That would have been my stomach. let the choir of angels sing!" . If I have to be here. I'm a nineteen year old boy. Besides that horrible pink outfit. it's not going to be any fun if Zayn is on his man-period." Trinity commented as we were led to the racing track. It'd been a while since my last victory. I used to go go-karting with Nick. well I'm not. "Looks like he's by himself." I boasted proudly as we exited the building. "I'm actually really frightened about competing against you. my mood brightening quite a bit since I had woken up that morning. "There's plenty of food at the house. Bullcrap. "Deal. I grinned. He gave me a look. you sound like my mom. before Zayn turned to me with a thumb's up. Well." "Who lost to Al in Go-Karting.The manager told me that it was the only one they had available for me at this moment in time and that they apologized profusely. Before anyone could really reply. Is. I had had an amazing time with Zayn and the other girls. his arms crossed as he looked at me. I was ready to go. I will be happy if you're happy. Is this what dying feels like?" "Over-dramatic much?" Zayn smirked. you do too. Deal?" I stuck out my hand. let's pick up some McDonalds. I've lost a total of five races in the hundreds I had done. "Can we stop on the way back to get something to eat so I don't die?" I asked as I crawled into the black limo. One of those 'you have got to be kidding' looks.

"Yeah. Okay. it was nice talking to you. I sighed. Liam blushed. It was such a lovely. I sound like a snotty rich person. His shoes scuffed against the hardwood floors. while wearing running shorts. Liam's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. I thought about the chocolates he had given me just a few days prior. "You drive?" Again. I meant I have a driver. a tank top and hiking shoes. lovely :) Chapter Nineteen: It was pretty much empty in the house. He was chill. Do you know why Zayn was in such a pissy mood yesterday? It wasn't fun to deal with. Everyone else is out. I found a good hiking spot and bribed them into having one of the drivers take me there. Liam grinned sheepishly while he shook his head. leaning over to help me. Liam grinned sheepishly at me. I thought you knew I was here. The sound of a cupboard slamming scared the gummy bears out of me. I don't know what they were talking about though. We can take my car then?" After I gave my consent and we were headed out of the house. Had to talk about my feelings." I informed him.. uh. I was getting antsy." Liam chuckled. I literally jumped five feet in the air while assuming a ninja fighting position. I wanted to hike. But you are rich. Wow. dude. why leave the house when we had Netflix." "You're not quite snotty. I could change real quick?" "Actually. just not acknowledging it." "I thought I was the only one here. Me neither. food and wifi? Tumblr all day." We climbed into the backseat of the car. A fifth of the girls were out with Harry and the others went Christmas shopping at the shopping complex just a short ride away. Which was the reason I was currently filling up a bottle of water. not yet." I prepared myself to tell him no. In that?" I motioned down to the button up plaid shirt and jeans he was currently in.. Liam hesitated. just a tiny bit. "Yeah.. Apparently he didn't like girls.. cool." I laughed as he led me to the van. while the driver looked at me with uneasiness. But I'm off for a hike. Why are you here?" I grabbed a few paper towels to wipe up the little bits of water that had spilled when I had jumped. being cooped up with girls was exhausting.." he smirked just a bit." I swear it was like I just told a four year he could have the last piece of pie. Well. "Sorry for startling you. I don't see any snot hanging out of your nose. normal car compared to the limos we had been taking everywhere. having an internal battle about whether or not he should tell me. Oh. His features held a slightly hopeful expression. before speaking up. "Seriously? Can I come with?" "Uh. the wonders that chocolate chip cookies will do. as he took the wet paper towels from me to throw in the trash. "Speaking of which. "Sounds lovely. "Nope. "Interview. capping my water bottle and hooking it onto the waist belt I was wearing.. He expected that answer. but his face fell just a bit. Such a beautiful contrast. I guess the producers were tired of the girls complaining about having nothing to do when they weren't out with the boys. "There's a difference between being rich and acting rich. "You can't spread gossip about this-" . I had talked to the people in charge (There was a guy with a goatee.. Liam snatched a few as well. I spoke up.) and managed to convince them to let me go. not quite. I'd like the company. Liam paused for a second. "Maybe we could stop by the boys and I's rental.Chapter Nineteen Dedication to emma1direction! Thanks for the comment.

It reminded me of my friends back home. We aren't supposed to take anyone here. Because I don't really care. But I guess not. and gasped. But he's single now. I'm ready!" Liam appeared as he descended the stairs in basketball shorts and a t-shirt that had 'Don't Think' written across the front of it." Liam nodded out the window. Girlfriends. They obviously all cared for each other. Just a tiny bit. He told me I could explore while he changed real quick. yes. I nodded. you're not very likely to spread the story. "Yeah. He ushered me in. Ah. which is completely understandable. It was three stories tall. California sure held some surprises. black double doors at the entrance. Louis has a girlfriend that he's been dating for a long while now." Liam commented as we both went to sit on the rocks at the very top of the peak. but it just came out when I was talking to you. I realized that Liam was already at the door." Liam said. I mean. I really shouldn't have given out all the information about our personal love lives. You're actually one of the only girls that he-" Liam stopped. and I almost gaped in shock at the gorgeousness of this house. interrupting him. "I'm just a fantastical creature that weeds everyones deepest. I wandered around the humongous house. considering she can deal with how big of flirt Lou is. He's been irritable lately. But he and his girlfriend had a rough break-up the other day. he has to get to know them really well. When I looked back to where Liam was. and he was confused about it." I shrugged. Zoning out. "That's great. surrounded by shrubbery. I'm single. he was looking at me strangely. I missed them. I noticed a framed picture of all five boys at some sort of red carpet at the top of the living room's table. He turned to me. A wind also blew against my skin. completely skipping over what he was about to say about Niall and I. "But in all honestly. plain-out "what?" "You're just really easy to talk to. I started back down the stairs. and had huge. After making sure we had all the essentials for a five mile hike. I kind of forgot that you guys might actually be in relationships. secrets out of them. I had a revelation. "Anyways. I scurried up to him. we try our best to get home to spend time with friends and family. The sun was low in the sky. Am I an idiot? "Oh. No one is to know you were here. so I wasn't dying of humidity. I raised an eyebrow in question of what he was about to say. we headed out. Zayn did. The space is not necessary. "They'd all like to believe that. I know. weaving roads to get there. so the heat wasn't at its height. "Now. For the most part. I thought celebrities only lived in this big of house in movies. most hidden." Liam mocked worry." "Ah. it's too hard with traveling all the time." Liam laughed. "Okay. It was almost like teasing Nick or Caleb. we're here.. . We really don't need all this room." I smirked. considering we're hardly ever here. I had no clue where we were going. There was laundry scattered across the halls and little trinkets littered everywhere. and I was able to confirm that five teenage boys lived there. as he opened the doors. my eyes wandering out the window. but it sounded more like a question. Oops. Niall takes a really long time to decide if he truly likes a girl or not." He finished off. They all act as if you're all completely single. Duh. From what I could tell. laughing just a bit. as he pushed the door open. You didn't even ask for the full story. I saw the house." I nodded. "Well. as if catching himself. Harry goes on and off with a few girls. confirming my confidentiality." "So which ones of you have girls?" I nudged him playfully. I prompted him with a simple. ~~~ It was truly beautiful. "Blunt. I won't tell anyone anything you tell me. I blame the girls in the house."Me?" I snorted." he narrated as we walked up the stairs and to the left. Dang. It was kind of sweet. although he's always declaring adamantly that he's not serious about any of them. She's a keeper. he'd really been thinking she was the one. "It's gorgeous. He shot me a smile. They're just all good friends. When we're not out for the show. As if he was calculating something about me." Suddenly. that looked more like a mansion. the boys' house took a lot of long. So I did. "Okay. It's huge.

" "The fame?" Liam inputed. Liam has huge hands.. "I'm not a weakling. I'm actually a girl who has hormones. green fields went as far as I could see. a small smirk playing at my lips. his hand still looming in front of me. I didn't realize how much I needed a break from everyone. He tugged me upwards. some of the other girls. But those aren't people. Understandable. but the view was spectacular. I'm not exactly a tiny. so I could see a tiny sliver of stomach. do you really dislike us?" I paused. I furrowed my eyebrows at him and frowned. I get to ask you a question. I hesitated a nano second before placing my hand in his. But from what I can tell. sure." "How about we talk on the way down?" Liam stood up. and it wasn't because of strenuous activity. So. pulling my hand out of his the second I was firmly planted on both of my feet. I calmed my breathing. I nodded. "Ah. "Would you want to spill your life to five popstars while cameras pan out around you. one of us would take a sip of water. although he seemed to already have an idea. Liam was there. the cameras." Liam smiled at me. Well. Liam was still grinning. "Got everything?" I asked. Well. Occasionally. Neither of us talked. his hands reaching over his head and stretching upwards. Instead I focused on the scenery surrounding me. I mean. petite girl. "Past relationships?" . I mean." "That wasn't confusing at all. "The fact that you're famous doesn't really change anything for me. "Definitely. catching everything you say?" I raised an eyebrow." "Do you actually hate us as much as you say you do?" I turned with surprise towards him. no problem.. "Thanks for letting me come along." he chuckled. Care to talk?" "Just so long as you know I know literally nothing about you. shocker. double-checking around me for all the items we had brought along. "Yeah. But his hand literally enveloped mine. I can stand up without help. "But I mean. hey. we're good. Why won't you let any of us get to know you. A few houses were spottable. but it was completely silent between us. never once looking towards him. thinking about how to answer his question. Sort of. I do hate people. You guys are actually really cool. To get out of the house and just be alone." I replied. Wow. But it wasn't all that bad. I busied myself. you haven't let fame change you. I'll answer your questions if you answer mine.Grass and dirt surrounded us. Holy crap. There was the howling of the wind and the chirps of a few birds. "I have a question for you. I forced myself to look away. except from what I've heard." "Yeah. "Shoot." Liam pondered for a bit.. my heart pounding against my chest at the pace we had gone up the hill. "I don't hate you! I honestly don't hate anyone. I dislike the circumstances. Just don'thate specific people. His t-shirt lifted up. "No. though?" Liam continued to question." "That's a relief. You're just teenage boys. There's no one around to comment or laugh. I shook my head. So yeah. But I dislike the pressure you guys seem to all have on your shoulders. Well. generally. I didn't want to think about the fact that my heart was beating just a bit faster than it had been previously. I dislike a lot of things about being here. the wide. just let me help you up. Liam eyes widened just a bit.. Don't be too shocked." "Wasn't saying you were. as if realizing what I said was true." It was perfect and exactly what I needed." Liam broke the silence after at least ten minutes of simply sitting there and soaking in the beauty. Or the cliffhanger in the season finale of Sherlock. it must be weird to go out with paparazzi's everywhere. C'mon. lips still pulled upwards. now. It's just a common courtesy. but I don't dislike you. no cameras around now. I don't hate people. Unless you count Daleks. Liam stuck his hand out for me to take. Or Weeping Angels. And I'm not all too sure I should be trusting the girls.

I mostly focus on my career." Liam chuckled. but she couldn't handle the attention." I stated awkwardly." I said shortly as we started down the hill. if you want to know a secret.. I don't comfort people." I laughed a bit uneasily. "What about you? Past relationships?" "A few. "Hey. that's not a bad thing. if Liam had fallen on his butt while hiking. He seemed convinced of his words too. she was a really sweet girl and had a great personality. the boys and my family. really?" "Yup. That's all that really matters right now. I jumped over a rocky area. but she dumped me for some guy with a motorcycle. but his tone was uplifting. I was silent. That was the worst. coming close to falling. unsure how to comfort him."None. I burst out in laughter as he sat there in the dirt. A blush spread across his cheeks as he tried to clamber back up. His mouth slightly agape and his eyes wide.. "Be careful. It was absolutely hilarious. "That's good. "But it doesn't really matter. never been kissed either. And." his tone was much lighter than it had been seconds earlier. Apparently she could handle the attention. I wasn't used to this. Not exactly a fact I go around bragging about. Uh." "Fine. Then one just a few months ago. "No one is to know of that. slightly bitter. how hard would you laugh?'" ~~~~~ . His face was priceless. One before the X Factor. but she was just. Using me. it's a bit slippery-" Before I finished my sentence. I'll just say 'hypothetically. Liam had landed on his butt. "Woah." Liam's attention was solely on getting down the rocky area and not sliding. One during the X Factor.

Without another word. "Ignore her. Because it's not that big of deal. really appreciate that." I muttered under my breath. "This can't be good. I mean. Shouldn't have let that slip out.. "I'm on Harry's side. I'm starting to lean more towards Lial. especially when one of the pieces of celery smacked Trinity in the eye. Air passed my lips as I sighed in exasperation." Faith's momma bear side came out. "That's cool. We talked. But Liam is just so sweet to her." I looked around the living room. But whatever." We spent the next minute laughing at Ariana's attempt. nothing that exciting happened. I don't even know if it's allowed in the game rules. "But she's. They all nodded in agreement before Ariana reached in. He's cool. seventeen. "It came up when we were out. like. I really think that with his curls and green eyes. Now kindly shut it and take a long walk off a short pier." "I still can't believe you went on a five mile hike with Liam Payne and he was nice to you and you still haven't given us all the details!" Ariana whined. Plus the teasing that goes on between the two of them. arms crossing as she stared at me. sure. people have been able to guess. I honestly don't think it's a big deal. I think it'd be perfect. But they never came." Andie spoke up with finalization. It was amusing. I looked down at the card game and suddenly hated it.. We'd all really. she just likes attention." "You know.Chapter Twenty Dedication to TheAwkwardTaco (I love your username.. calculating smile painted across her overly glossed lips. "Hasn't happened yet. But no one has cared before. a wide. I showed my phone to each of the girls. Liam knows?" Shoot. Trinity stared at me for a second before adding in.. "Now." Andie let her brown eyes roll obnoxiously at the dyed blonde. "This can't be good. alerting me off a Twitter notification. "I'm totally on team Lial. "Okay my card is-" "Wait." Trinity smiled supportively towards me." Ariana stated firmly before wiggling her card in our faces. Plenty of girls haven't had their first kiss yet. "I'm telling you." Andie froze. I have to try to juggle.." Faith seemed to be thinking quite seriously about her shipping predicament." Trinity spoke up after we all sank into a sullen silence. "It's never been projected before. My challenge is. "What?" Andie inquired.. My phone vibrated. before a knowing smile slid across her lips slowly. I'm not exactly a lovable teddy bear. Not even Liam." Faith grinned as she read the game card. I shrugged." . It won't go far. They all let out complaints at the same time.." I repeated with a groan as I read the mention carefully. Simone grinned as if she was secretly planning something and skipped out of the room. "Simone.) Chapter Twenty: "Alright Al. Nal was there from the beginning. You're saving yours for someone special. She should have had it by now. "No. None of you guys are going to bring up the fact that she's never been kissed before?" Simone literally poked out of the woodwork. okay. Adorable. I mean." I braced myself for the gasps and laughs.. all four of my friends happy faces staring at me and waiting for my response. glaring daggers towards the Fake. Twitter: @SimoneKadance: LOL @ALTHEGRATE HAS NEVER BEEN KISSED xD Spread the word lmao "Don't worry. "So you're saying that.. And Al's long brown hair and brown eyes. "Your challenge is to describe your first kiss in three words.. I glanced down. we don't care. I mean. Someone hand me those celery sticks over there." Simone snickered unattractively. Al is cool whether or not she's been kissed.

the five of us jumped up and zoomed to the kitchen. Yeah. Food is ready. though. I think I'm going to sit outside. "Come sit with us!" Liam called out once we all grabbed our food. No one. the girls and I were the first in line. of course. you go ahead. no one likes you." "Did you hear that Al thinks she's too good for any guy out there?" "I think she's lying about having never been kissed. Just hard enough. Nal is going to be canon soon. that sounds brilliant. like. as she declared her ship adamantly. Liam smiled shyly at me and lifted up two fingers towards me. Apparently being a popstar means you get to eat before anyone else. But that didn't matter to them." "I hate her. though. With that. That's when I let myself smack her across the face. "No! SHE HAS TO BE WITH HARRY!" Trinity interrupted. and I overheard plenty of conversations where the topic revolved around me. "Niall was there first. "Dinner!" Miranda's voice called out cheerfully. Trinity even went as far to tell her that she would also be okay with Nickal. Sorry. Other girls started giggling. I ignored them and made my way towards the back door. Ariana noticed my reluctance." Ariana shook her head back and forth. I turned with raised eyebrows. It wasn't even that big of a deal. "Ignore them. you're doomed. the two sharing a laugh. turning my back to her. Where do I sign up? "Hey! Al! Is it true?" A girl snickered from behind me. although there were a few still nagging at the back. I was always fine.. All they needed was one fact to start the attack."You guys are oblivious. yeah?" "Us leaving you alone? You're right. We all stood around while the boys entered. "That you've never been kissed before?" I ignored her. "Do you want me to tell them we won't be sitting with them?" "No. But a grasp on my arm made me turn around. but it actually kind of stung. trying to tug my arm out of his hand. go ahead. At least. That seems to be my favorite ship of all time. sarcastic brat. By myself." Andie grinned. "I like ALone. Substitution is the way to go. It's all probably an act. Other than the boys. Me. some of their comments. green-eyed boy looked down at me. Alone. Al. Obviously. Never gonna happen. I kept my face neutral as I nodded towards him. Too bad it'll never happen. ." Andie grinned. As if it had been rehearsal. Harry nudged Niall and mouthed something to him. I stalked forward with my plate and started viciously placing food onto it. I made a noise of annoyance. Don't need to harm your innocent ears. "And going around kissing every guy in sight is better?" I snapped to the three Wannabes behind me. I snorted. He ignored it. Trinity gave me a sympathetic look. Ariana gave me a look of exasperation before going over to the boy's table and whispering something in Niall and Harry's ear. As usual. one thing was all they needed to talk up. "Alright. brown hair swirling around her face. "Who would want to kiss her anyways? She's a know-it-all. A smirking. I gave off an air of nonchalance." Okay." "Stop being so goody-two-shoes. People didn't think of me as human. Andie and Faith immediately went over to sit with them. He liked her from the beginning. The next hour or so were spent playing card games and the four girls constantly teasing me about who I was going to end up with." "I want to write a story about how she ends up with Liam." The comments continued to fly my way. that's how I made it seem." Miranda announced. trying to keep up the act that I was fine. because I was a master at hiding my emotions. I never cared what people thought of me. each one waving and saying hi to a few of the girls. so maybe brat wasn't the word they used." I smiled brightly at her. Without any of you interfering. He's always been there. Not too hard. That would be just absolutely precious. I pushed the comments out of mind. Trinity.

that was perfect. but kept me trapped by placing both hands behind my neck. thank you very much) stared at his eyelids. My eyes (which were wide open in surprise. Harry was full-blown grinning at me. And in that moment. My heart accelerated (not by choice) as he came closer. That's about when it hit me what he was doing." Harry winked cheekily before turning on his heel and going back to sit with the others. And closer. I swear… I was going to kill him.Harry leaned in closer and I was surprised. and I realized that every single person in that room was staring at us. thanks for all the support! . AndHis lips touched mine. Harry pressed his mouth closer to my own. yeah. it was kinda nice." I grumbled. "Don't lie. But the shock was still there. I don't know what the big deal is. the pressure on my lips was gone.. but not at all what I was expecting. What was he doing? He finally let go of my arm. Within seconds.. trying to compose myself as quickly as possible.. ~~~~ Merry Christmas! I love you all. What the bloody sandwich was going on here? I mean. "If that's what kissing is like.

I just. If I started to ignore them. It had been a simple task. taking grasp of Harry's wrist and tugging him off his chair. I'm not going to fall at your feet. and Liam looked at me with sympathy.Chapter Twenty-One Dedication to @City_Lights_Shine :) Chapter Twenty-One The silence that followed the event was astounding. Harry was right behind me. I guess I was used to it. giving another glare towards the curly-haired player. instead a bit of guilt was suddenly evident in his eyes. but pleading expression over her fair features. I looked around the table. "You two are going outside and working this out.. please breathe." "Yeah. obey my contract and then get voted off as soon as possible. Apparently." His words made sense. well. "What the actual holy mushrooms in heaven inspired you to do that?" I snarled out. You can't just steal my first kiss. immature and annoying. It's not like it mattered. fist clenched and jaw stubborn. Which is probably what it resembled as I stormed over to Harry's table. No obvious harm. I left him behind. trying to keep my breathing even. Why was it that just simply being different is so looked down upon to everyone else? Who cares if I wasn't a super girly girl? What was wrong with that? Why was it so bad that I wasn't ready for a relationship? ~ The day passed quickly. It seeped up on me faster than a lion as it pounced on its prey. All I wanted in the beginning? To get away from here. ever. I don't know what you mean by it. Harry lost his smirk.." "Whatever. the anger simmered down. Right now. placing her napkin on the table and walking over to me.. Zayn stared at Trinity. seeing as Faith immediately went up to him and started to inspect Harry's body. I wanted to shut them up. She placed her hand on my shoulder.. And I know it's because we do. I shook my head. A tiny bit.. "Kissing me out of the blue isn't going to change that. She then shut the door behind us. There wasn't a trace of the cocky boy left. "I know the girls here don't exactly like you. giving us both a look. "Okay. How bad are the internal injuries?!" "Oh no. going back to the plate of food I had left at the boy's table. I had gotten distracted. "Al." Trinity stood up. not wanting to converse with this boy at all... also standing close to Harry. looking down. kindly shoving us out into the cold air. I don't do that. it was absolutely silent.. The thought of what happened just a minute ago was angering me to no end." He shrugged his shoulders. That didn't seem to be working to my advantage." I stated as I slid into the one empty seat at the table. They were saying such rude things. before turning on my heel and stalking back into the house. We simply had a little discussion on how he's never. I ignored the glares and pointed looks from everyone around me. Never do that again. A 'you stay out here and fix your problems' look. Niall refused to look up. inconsiderate and just downright popstarish. Louis looked slightly amused. I would get 'boring' and they would send me home. He was childish." "I'm sorry. "I just." I demanded weakly. It's rude. He's too stunned to talk. I.. Just. but no longer.. "I did nothing. "He can't just do that. Those girls. You're an amazing girl and you didn't deserve it. Harry wrung his hands together." I paused. a sympathetic. I felt anger replace my surprise. I crossed my arms. ever going to do that again. I didn't acknowledge any of the boys and simply kept to myself. She then dragged the both of us outside." Louis snickered. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Trinity stated. "Listen.. just maybe.. ." For the first time. Slowly.

Fay.. Promise me one thing?" "Yeah. I tried to shake it off but it had secured itself there. I promise you can continue to read this story and not be disappointed. "Yeah. Promise me. She was kindhearted. but I continued to look with interest towards the potted plant situated at the corner of the room." I replied softly. "You okay. My eyes wandered to him. Air hissed through my teeth and I was hoping that he'd take the hint. I think you could really enjoy it here if you let yourself. the two had grown to be best friends. Possibly my only friend in the universe at the moment. I think eventually he figured I wasn't going to talk and he left. It was hard to keep silent. the blondish brown hair sticking up as his blue eyes twinkled at me. his tone sounding worried and kind of needy. The least I could do is this one thing.." the only Irish voice I had ever heard laughed. Andie. motherly. None. "Ali?" He persuaded. Promise you won't completely shut down at them when they try to be your friend. Okay?" Faith grinned as she hugged Ariana. not issuing a sound towards him. Nada. Nope.. His laughter trailed off as I turned away from him. Please. Just continue to have fun. I promise. Niall cleared his throat. I could feel the crystal eyes staring into my skull. Promise me that you won't hate Harry for what he's done. for me. . So no matter what 'team' you're on. honestly. "And Al." This girl had been there for me in the past three weeks. So please. I wanted to go home. sweet. She just looked like someone stole her cookie. Trinity tried to talk to me. What's up?" Niall persisted. Al?" I responded with silence. Faith. My silence broke when my eyes strayed to Faith. I stayed mum.. She always looked out for others. "Don't be sad for me. Remember that. especially when I noticed one girl missing from our usual group of five after all the names had been called. who quite resembled a lost puppy. She wasn't crying or blubbering in sadness. stayed to myself as the boys 'mingled' with each and every girl. I felt sadness pang at my heart. But nope. "C'mon Al. A firm hand placed itself on my shoulder.. We went through the motions we had gone through for the past three Sundays. It was the best experience I've ever had. but I stayed inaudible. I had resolved to keep quiet. My arms wrapped around her slim shoulders as I squeezed her close to me. loving. Ariana tried. My fists clenched together and I had to literally force myself to keep my gaze on the leaf. I just prayed that the boys would send me home. I kept my lips pursed shut. "You sure are quiet. the boy placed himself next to me on the couch. "Don't try to leave.I went through the motions Sunday night." ~~~~ Heh.

~*~*~ . That's not fair. you really should know better than to interrupt me while I'm watching Doctor Who. I just haven't forgive him yet. you are." "Because I have exciting things to tell you?" "No. But whatever happened." a victorious grin was plastered across Trinity's face. "But maybe it's just that. as she stood by the door with a smirk. Trinity. Because rumor has it that Simone is going as well. "I'm not going to ask." I shooed them out of my room. A rumor. why won't you leave me alone?" I groaned. Neither of us bothered to close the door as I followed her into my little room. Jeez. her victory sweet. you two are like an old bickering couple that can never decide on anything. I padded my way. I need to find out what happens to the earth. She collapsed onto my little twin sized bed and waited impatiently for me to ask her what her 'news' was." Andie's voice got into the mix. grinned widely at me and pushed past me. so let me in!" "Trinity. with her chocolate brown hair and sparkling green eyes. "I just want to know what happens with the ATMOS system." "Whatever. leave me alone. "Yes. "Go away." "Because I'm your best friend. "Just tell me. Seriously." "Maybe.Chapter Twenty-Two Dedication to @AsYouWalkOnBy! Thanks for the comment! :) Chapter Twenty-Three A knock sounded on my door and I groaned." "What about what you promised Faith?" Andie inquired. "Why?" "Because I'm adorable?" "No. I knew it'd be quite a while before I forgave Harry Styles for his little kiss. still in my Batman pajamas. "C'mon. I won't. trying to push out all the thoughts of being put in a group with Harry out of my head. I'm not." Trinity's shrugged. giving myself a high-five for remembering to lock my door. you idiot. I rolled my eyes.. She scoffed. Martha is back and Donna is being her normal sassy self and you are interrupting!" I yelled. I still haven't forgive him." she wiggled her eyebrows." "There's a rumor that you're going to be in Harry's group. I can't go with him." Trinity finally declared as Andie nodded the confirmation of this rumor. to the door and pulled it open. "No. I frowned." "There's sure to be some drama if you go with Harry. pausing it and heaving myself off the bed." "Yeah." "You know you will!" "Oh my gosh." "No." "Because I'm awesome?" "No. I don't." I complained. "No. "I promised I wouldn't hate him. Maybe I would be able to hide and miss out on it." I informed her as I grabbed ahold of my laptop and let my mouse hover over the play button. Al! Let me in!" A familiar voice replied. "Which would be?" I cocked an eyebrow. "Ha! You asked! I told you you would! Ha!" Trinity started fist-pumping excitedly." "You will. "Because we have something to tell you! There's been a rumor going around.

except for Niall and I. my biggest secret is that I'm obsessed with 27 Dresses. wait! You are!" I kept my gaze focused on the site before me. Thank the Nutella Gods. Eh. I was about to ask him more about what I had just heard. Cameras were panning in and out of all the conversations. (Yeah. It'd been ten minutes since we were supposed to be told our groups. and I swear my stomach dropped when Harry started walking towards our direction. you know. The fifteen remaining girls and four other boys were all mingling across the concrete. They didn't listen to us saying we wanted to let you go home. "Don't get used to it. "Oh." I felt like I had just been told that my favorite love song was written about a sandwich.The cool Californian air nipped at my exposed skin as I waited outside. Miranda told each boy to go to his group. but we got interrupted. If it had been up to us." Niall gave me a nod. But then. We managed to be off to the side and off camera. he swerved and walked towards Trinity. We talked about that second week you were here. I felt Niall zap his eyes to me." I managed to stutter out. And it's not like you're letting Simone stay." I stated. The boys lined up. He smiled widely. That's why you're still here. keeping my face emotionless." Niall continued. not once lingering to the blonde. we'd have kept Faith and gotten rid of Simone. The only thing we get a say in is the top three. You wanted to leave. I was annoyed beyond compare. "I'm sorry. could be worse. I felt a smile tug on my own lips as we got separated into groups of three. But you keep everything intriguing. "Alright! Everyone over here!" Miranda called out from by the pool. "Is that an apology coming from Al Grate's mouth? Woah. and I found myself drifting as they rambled on and on for the cameras. "Do you really think we get a say in who gets voted off? I really liked Faith. (No pun intended. especially as Louis stood in front of us. Don't judge. a smile and a wink before waltzing off to where the other boys were.) But then." I said. Totally fine. the groups were ready to be called. Make sure you drop me a tweet if you want a follow back! . ~~~~~ Happy New Year. A rush of air swooped through me. That. yeah. as I got placed next to Talia. That's why we've been trying to make it more fun for you. "Hey. I slowly turned to see him with a risen right eyebrow.. a small smile across his lips. and Teresa.) "But-" "We're not complete jerks. she was brilliant. They each spoke a bit. I just wanted to get back inside and sleep. is our own choice. But it all matters about who will keep drama up in the house.. what kind of alternate universe am I in?" Niall joked. I guess they weren't all that bad. guys! Hope you had a good 2012 and are looking forward to a great 2013. "We can talk later. "You still mad at us?" Niall continued on. you know. "I've never been one to stay quiet for too long. and we didn't want to force you to stay. "Guess who gets to have the most fun this week? You do!" He winked cheekily. reminders of the 'rumor' from Trinity echoed in my mind. Oh. So you're still here. leaning next to me and staring out across the pool. Follow my twitter @MyHeartsMistake! I love hearing from you guys.. Simone and Jules. finally.. But eventually. It's not like you made Faith leave. you still not talking to me?" Niall appeared beside me.

Wow. Sure. And considering the only male that would do that was Louis." he replied without hesitance. Although. and I tried my best to cover up my laugh with my hand. he was fun. the two girls were dressed in stripes and carrying carrots when I arrived downstairs for our departure. quite resembling a sheepdog. bad habit. basically trapping him between the two. and jeez. But Talia and Teresa were over the top fangirls. Always a limo.' You could tell from the way they talked. "Where are we going?" Teresa inquired as she adjusted herself in the limo. I adored waterparks. positively. Louis shook his head and I swear I saw him grimace. So I had managed to find my one piece and my board shorts. We continued out to the limo. They assumed everything they had read in magazines and saw in interviews were all completely true. when do I ever understand anything? ~*~*~ Fifteen minutes after we had reached our destination. "We're going to Alaska. Talia immediately asked if we were going somewhere where carrots were. "You're wrong. Which was what I was afraid would happen with Louis. "You're both yanking our chains. they turned on the wave machine. I was being submerged into the freezing cold water by a male hand. they were sweet girls. "Wait. It resembled an ocean. They might suffocate him. they each positioned themselves on each side of him. although Talia quickly salvaged us from thinking about Abraham Lincoln. but I'd much rather not. Louis started cracking up. so why did we need a pancaking limo every single time? That was something to look forward at home. unless it was by accident." I replied. must remember our swimsuits. they didn't quite believe that the boys were really there. That really couldn't be good. She seemed to be trying to figure out where Alaska was.. Since there were only two of them. already anticipating the 'oh my god. They probably couldn't harm a fly. and waves started pelting us repeatedly. a smile cracking. Santa and his elves live in Hawaii. They were obsessed to the point where they honestly knew nothing about the boys. I questioned what made One Direction fans think Louis was obsessed with carrots. I stayed quiet as Louis herded us outside. We weren't on The Bachelor. But I don't listen to people. Sure enough. aren't you?" Teresa spoke up after a forty second silence. if you couldn't tell. We're going to visit Santa and his elves. I didn't quite understand. I was furious. I wasn't exactly looking forward to my 'date' with Louis." I said. We drifted off into silence. Dream come true. despite what some might say. Just as Louis pushed me into the water.. a determined thinking expression scattered across her tan face. because she was the first to guess correctly where Louis' group was going! :) Chapter Twenty-Three. And mostly at night when no one else would go outside. I knew that much. "Yanking our chains? I've never heard that used in real life before. are you a nun?' comments.. but it'd be an accident. We made eye contact and his expression told me to keep silent. Talia and Teresa were muttering over and over again how they couldn't believe they were the only ones at a water park and that Louis Tomlinson was with them. I had managed to only use the pool in our house when all the annoying girls were gone." Louis continued. I almost felt bad for him. especially after we were informed that we absolutely. now could it? Especially since. Kind of... I mean. Really?" Talia scrunched her eyebrows up. "Yes. Almost.Chapter Twenty-Three Dedication to XLoveMeDooX. As she started rambling off about some new 1D merchandise and how it was her absolutely favorite thing of all time. "You doing okay-" . They wouldn't purposefully hurt him. They were obsessed with the fact that they were currently on a TV show with 'the boys.. And this was quite possibly the most exciting group date there had been. No complaints from my lips though. No limo service. I don't touch bikinis with a ten foot pole. I was extremely skeptical on where we were going. I could ask.

Are you doing okay?" "Yeah." were his final words before plunging straight down into the water. aware of one of the camera guys following along beside me. I don't. beware. "You're going to actually kill him if you continue to squeeze his guts out. "By the way. I'm a lion. maybe in his late twenties. trying my best to swallow all the fear that engulfed me suddenly. Louis started clapping. "Doctor Who. feeling my hair floating up to the top of the surface. Anything. no. "I don't quit. I believe the question is. "I won't tell him you backed out. because I am not a chicken. "No.. Teresa was quick to follow. I took a deep breath. this could very possibly be the most magical to ever have happened since the invention of Nutella. except for the fact that her eyes were glazed over. finally emerging from the water. Wave. I honestly don't think I need to film you right now. it was sixty feet high. We all doggypaddled after him. The lifeguard sent me a smile. "Uh. I'm Al. It finished before I really had time to realize what was happening." "'And don't wander off!'" I quoted from memory. I think I'm going to skip out on this ride. As I stood up. "But we're not allowed to let you wander off by yourself. "You got balls. The air hit us like a truck. I noticed that it was actually not as large as it looks and can easily be carried with one arm. "The usual. I walked towards the more crazy waterslides. "Al. you wanna go first?" Louis offered. Also. brandishing the slide in front of us as if it was a prize. "Hey man. He didn't seem too bad. what's up?" I said offhandedly as my bare feet pounded against the concrete. It was almost kind of sweet. He didn't look to old. And I had complete access to an empty waterpark." he declared. What about the Cliffhanger? Let's go on the Cliffhanger! Come along. well. Al." The last word fell from my lips just before I ducked under the crystal water. you can go.A wave cut off Louis mid-sentence. Honestly. The feeling that came with going down was exhilarating. Louis and I had a ten second staring contest before he set himself up in the water. Louis!" Talia wrapped her arms around him and started squeezing tightly." "Ah. "I think I'm done with getting abused by waves.. I turned to look at him. before catching the guy's raised eyebrow. A few seconds later. "Are you too chicken?" I teased. then!" Louis started swimming towards the ladder half-submerged in the water." he spoke as I eyed the slide before me." I sent him a small smile before pushing myself off. "No. She still didn't seem to think Louis or the other boys were real. peachy-keen. I made an over-exaggeration of looking down before turning to him. thank you for living. I forced my eyes shut." Talia squeaked out before hurrying back down the stairs we had just come up. hi. not waiting for our confirmation." he laughed as he lowered the camera to his side. And I kind of feel like a creep following you around like this." I reached out to shake his hand. Why don't we go on that slide over there? You know. I've heard of it. as it crashed into him. I couldn't help the laughter that bubbled out of my lips. he emerged from the water spluttering and cursing. Not only that. I then pushed off the bottom and burst back up. I curled myself into a small ball and I felt the wave whoosh over me. I practically waddled towards where the twenty-one year old was already climbing the stairs to the 90 degree drop. yeah. "Oh my gosh! How could you laugh? What if he had died? Oh no. "Don't call me chicken. the one with the tubes?" Teresa placed her manicured hand on Louis' bicep and smiled." ." "Hey! Hey." He coughed out. We were surrounded by girly squeals (That I would never have believed had come from Louis if I hadn't seen it for myself) until all was silent." He replied. I glanced around me and reveled in the fact that I was pretty much alone. "Cole. Louis reluctantly agreed and Talia scurried after them so she could watch them come down. Louis. hand on hip.

yeah. "Within reason." I pointed at the V-shaped ride. lots of love! . autumnsramblings. Cole."Nice to meet you. I'm allowed to go instagram. And since I now have you watching out for me. ~~~~~ Follow me on social networking sites! twitter. right?" I grinned. MyHeartsMistake :) Have a beautiful day.tumblr. MyHeartsMistake tumblr. that ride looks whack." "Then come on.

"Aw. "'No one can say no to a vote for Al. Al. c'mon! I did not just climb those stairs for nothing and I'm not waiting for Louis to come around. Stay in the music business. . "Your indifference is what makes you lovable." "Ah. That is definitely a topic of my interest." "Mhm. I want to be hated!" I whined. "Okay. the topic almost always comes around to you. "I can see why the boys never stop talking about you." Cole stated as we spotted Louis. I looked at the lifeguard girl. It's not like I ran off and joined the circus." I persisted. really only wanting to get on the ride. Al. that can be your slogan. Talia. "Cole! Get back to filming." "No. I mean." Cole replied. apparently you went missing. food. I wandered towards where Louis was talking to Teresa about the best type of pizza. "Nice talking to you. No one else is around. You will not go far. just a suggestion." "Ugh. lazy oaf!" A new voice added in and Cole immediately let the smile slide off his face. "Well." I advised with a tiny smile." she replied back with a matching grin. Once the red-clad girl behind me was settled. How can you say no to bacon? No one can say no to bacon!" "If you ever run for president. I stared at the girl for a second." I crossed my arms and let a minuscule pout fly across my lips." The girl gave in." Louis smirked." I said to the lifeguard with a bright smile. "Don't you watch the show?" I shook my head quickly. not wearing a swimsuit. I'd rather get all of my vital organs pulled out of me with tweezers. "Sorry. before looking towards Cole. okay.. a conversation where I could easily slide in. come on. I swear my eyes flew open in shock. "Why don't you go with me?" The girl paused and stared at me like I had fifteen eyes. Although I've always wanted to be a trapeze artist…." Teresa stated loud and clear. that was wicked. "Uh. she pushed us off. I didn't. just like no one can say no to bacon!'" "Uh. c'mon. He shook his head quickly back and forth. "Gotta get you back to where the boy is. I've been told that a few times. "You're a very interesting person. grabbing a tube and setting it right before the curve of the slide. you've been with me the entire time." I laughed. Teresa and the other camera men a couple hundred feet in front of us. Or force my way in. It went back and forth for a bit before we slowed to a stop.. "But when there's bacon." I stopped walking to look at Cole with raised eyebrows and a confused expression. they all sing your praises.Chapter Twenty-Four Dedication to @ILoveYouBetterNow! I love your username and yay for TFiOS! Chapter Twenty-Four "You need two people to go on this ride. I waved at the female lifeguard and followed Cole. bro. In the blink of an eye. "Heck no. we were going backwards. "Thanks. Please don't go into slogan making. "I don't like meat. Cole waited for me but the second I stepped out of the water. Finally. and immediately an idea spouted in my mind. Louis. he spoke. Because." "Aw. taken aback that I hadn't know this. I grinned victoriously towards Cole before clambering into the front of the little floatable device." Cole laughed. "No problem. "What?" "I film most of their interviews." the lifeguard informed me after we had reached the top of the flight of stairs. you know." Cole snickered." He gave me a quick nod before heaving the camera back onto his shoulder and starting to record again. Thank you for going with me." Cole laughed a bit. dear. I clutched tightly to the handles and laughed as we sped straight down. as we started to walk again.

"I'd say Mrs. I crossed my arms and glared at him. giddy because I had won. "Which is why whenever I left the room to grab a snack.. "If it was Paul. starting to yank us towards a ride. Louis was my twin. You're makin'." Niall interrupted. at least for the past three weeks it has been. And you spend your time talking. "Mrs.. you lost.." Harry winked. arms crossed and his expression quite resembling a small child who had gotten his lollipop taken away. note taken. I pushed off the ground with my knees. he clarified. "Are you going to stand around talking or actually go on rides? Honestly. "And tell us we deserved it. She creamed you. "Um. wiping away tears that weren't actually there. I liked Jules. "Come along. "Oh. And almost as bad as Trinity and Andie. "I don't like you very much. Teresa. although it was evident she was still completely and totally aware of the fact that they were apart of a world known boy band. while singing of my awesomeness. but it's true. Well. don't get your panties in a twist. "I'm not..How does someone cheat at Monopoly?" Jules popped up from where she was sitting next to Harry. Grumpy old." I informed the boy." I muttered under my breath although his child-like behavior was quite entertaining." "That was incredibly cheesy and I'd slap you if I wouldn't get attacked by security straight after. " Louis laughed gleefully before continuing to pull us towards a twisty slide." My mouth fell open as I stared blankly at her. yeah. standing up and feeling like a winner. Teresa blushed. even though she was an OTTF. it'd probably have been a completely different story. So British. you get an entire waterpark rented out for you. And I won!" I declared triumphantly with a single. Jules snickered. "Maybe I am Jamaican. Payne?" I crossed my arms and gave him the best glare I could. "My question is. mate. He'd laugh. Because I am a winner. Talia and Mrs. Styles!" I halted abruptly to stare at him. If I had lost. I turned to give her a grin. victorious fist pump. ~*~ "HA! You lost." I laughed. it'd proclaim him as the winner. some of my money would be missing? Or a property? Oh." the same man who had yelled at Cole said with annoyance outlining his voice. Niall pouted and stared at the Monopoly board as if suddenly. "I wasn't cheating!" Niall argued. She enjoyed teasing the five boys. "Mate. mimicking my movements. "Jamaican. Tomlinson." Harry spoke up from where he had been occasionally watching the game and occasionally texting. Cause Jamaican me crazy. "Wow. a sheepish expression evident on her features. maybe not quite over the top. Even though you're a big fat cheater. I did a little victory dance. Don't lie. producer man-thing does not like talking." I seethed. Horan?" "Wow.Louis shrugged while Teresa looked between the two of us." Harry ruffled my hair up. Because. but my girlfriend wouldn't be happy with that." "Makes sense. Mrs...." . When I scrunched my eyebrows up in confusion." Louis grabbed ahold of Teresa and I's hand. On the edge. "I'm Irish!" "Darn. just. Okay. and I totally saw you 'accidentally' miscount your spaces when you thought you were going to land on my hotels. clamping Niall on the shoulder. I thought you were Jamaican. "Excuse me?" "I mean…" Louis paused before a knowing smirk set itself across his lips. I won. How could this be true?" I fake whined. I am the winner. dude." Niall protested. "Alright. you lost. "Sorry. My entire life has been a lie. since we're British. so posh.. you're immature. We need something for the next episode." Harry laughed. I don't like bacon.

It was thinking of back to the one person I had always thought I could trust. Vote and comment! I love hearing what you have to say.. The echoes of everyone around me just squealing out 'Aw. how quickly he moved on and forgot about me. ~~~~~ Arizona Green Tea is God's gift to humanity." "Aw." My mind flashed with memories of from when I was younger." Niall had a slight smile on his lips as he knew quite obviously what had just came out of his mouth. I've had a lovely time whooping your butt in Monopoly. toodaloo. That's the end. Thirteen year old me had been hypnotized by it. How the name 'Ali' just rolled off his lips. But I am in dire need of a snack. I'll try that sometime. Ali.. it was time to let it go." I sighed before quickly composing myself and stalking out of the room and into the kitchen. :) . Yeah. Ali! You just look so adorable!' But that wasn't the worst. what's so wrong with it?" Niall pouted momentarily. "Forget about it. Niall. "Just. "See yah. c'mon. who told me I was too girly to be friends with.. I'd really like it if you didn't call me that. it's been great watching you text. Yet. either teasingly or comforting." I wiggled my fingers towards them. How quickly he turned into a different person. A young Allison and a mother who would constantly buy the pinkest. But maybe it was time to let it go."Hm. and Harry. most frilly items she could find. Well. That one boy. "Seriously..

" the voice pulled me out of my thoughts. I nodded. Other crew members appeared out of the woodwork. Obviously I was fine. My foot was swollen. Holy freaking caboodle shnadoodle. I hopped in and sat on the bed. being the amazing talented Al. It's procedure. My toes pointed the wrong way. Ed Sheeran is quite possibly the best artist to yell-sing. so that way I didn't start freaking out. instead of spending time outside with everyone else. on your ankle?" "Nah. which consisted of awkward twirls and weird hip movements. I took it and pulled myself up. since everything inside the show was planned out to a tee. I got admitted immediately into a small. I was on my way to the kitchen. "Are you alright?" "Mhm. Despite Trinity. not caring about the cameras I knew were conveniently placed everywhere. hello. Clipboards seems to be every doctor's favorite item. man. A plate of Ritz crackers and cheese sounded delicious at the moment. Plus it was red. And. pain starting to register in my entire body. I squeezed my eyes shut. along with the Kiss You video. "I'll be fine if I just get some ice. I passed on the whole Kiss You premiere. The girls were all watching every music video One Direction had made. I also knew that my friends would have more fun there without my sarcastic comments and indifferent behavior. We had a caterer for every night's dinner. no blood." "We have to take you to the local hospital. Just clenched teeth. and then they were going to watch a few of the Going In Different Directions episodes.." "Sorry.' "Miss Grate. the girls all taking advantage of the Kiss You premiere party that was outside in the large grassy area past the pool. As you might have guessed. and I can't forget the limos. I snapped up to look at the doctor. And now. Andie and Ariana's subtle begging hints (That were about as subtle as an ice road trucker). I stopped answering. "Hello. since it's me we're talking about. it looked like a whole other foot had attached itself to mine. Since we're on this whole 'big deal show'. He looked like David Tennant. I'm sure they were having a lovely old time partying it up in the 'real world. The stupid limos. I refused to go to an event that I wasn't forced to go to. we were finally at the hospital. but it's part of the rules. a hand. we had a gigantic pool that got cleaned every two days.Chapter Twenty-Five Dedication to vanna123 :) Chapter Twenty-Five The house itself was silent. I'm pretty sure he is used as a description in the dictionary for the word 'perfect. fisted hands and annoyed stares." the older man replied as he held out his hand." I replied. I presume. After thirty minutes of annoying 'How's your foot?' questions. High five for me. a toe." I protested." he said as he consulted his little clipboard. seeing as on Saturdays they were able to leave the show until Sunday night.' I had taken to calling everything outside the show as the real world. all asking if I was okay. Come on." I replied back with a serious expression. wincing every time my ankle moved. not only was my foot hurting like heck. man I don't need you!" I sang (AKA yelled) at the top of my lungs. a crew member came rushing in. my butt was too. The boys themselves were out.. So. I think I just sprained my ankle. "Hi. I did it on purpose. "You need me. there were no tears. but he didn't seem to notice." I said through clenched teeth. I've broken my arm. managing to completely mangle my foot. tripped over my own foot and landed straight on my butt. I started to dance around. "No. I looked down to see my ankle twisted awkwardly. David Tennant. colorless room. By the third time." he offered me his shoulder so I could hop out to the car area. Because. and my leg. I was seriously starting to wonder if this hospital just took bricks and covered them in sheets. almost everything we would ever need was at our beck and call. And I. Please don't make me go now. I took great note of the fact that his chin was too sharp to be David's. Within seconds. "I don't do hospitals. And I've never gone to a hospital. I don't need you! You need me. "You fell accidentally. Oh. we had room 'inspections'. I continued my choreography. .

"Liam just texted me to ask if Al's okay. I didn't even know if my ankle was seriously injured." Harry smirked before starting to text Liam back. the little tapping noise filled the silent room." Niall commented as he looked at my foot. So I mumbled something that could be taken as a thank you and placed the bear next to me on the bed. "Tell him. okay." Harry announced as he held up his fancy iPhone. I wanted to get mad. But we didn't say anything. confusion registering when it seemed as if I was alright.Doppel-ganger David Tennant apparently doesn't understand sarcasm. A knock sounded on the door before it creaked open. He looked as if he was expecting me to reject it." Niall blushed. We all waited for a bit. Niall came rushing back in. "I read that too!" "See? I told you it sounded like that." "OH! Was it When Everything Disappears?" Trinity asked Andie quickly. ~*~*~ Waiting in a hospital is absolute torture.. His eyes scanned the phone and started chuckling." another voice was added into the mix and a little tuff of blonde hair poked around the corner." Louis informed me. lovely day. Doctor Bennet (AKA. I'm dead. Harry came closer to the bed and I saw something that seemed like relief in all three faces. The only plus side to this whole experience was the lack of cameras. Every once in a while. "Is it internal damage?" I shook my head and pointed towards my swollen ankle. he rushed out of the room. before a very familiar accent spoke. let's check it out. Two camera men hurried into the room. Well. Trinity and Andie came barging into the room. Just that you were at the hospital." Louis chuckled. I furrowed my eyebrows.. The extremely awkward silent room. spoke too soon about the camera thing. instead. "There's a little shop outside. Louis and Harry had all squeezed into the small room. "Okay. Let's go home. Ugh. These people never shut up. "It looks like you're wearing a sock. David Tennant look-alike) had left after taking my x-rays and I was laying on the little sheet covered brick they called a bed. it's like they just wanted to hear the iPhone clicking noise.. "Oh." "Yeah. ." I raised an eyebrow at him. Just a short time later. privacy has been nonexistent since Nick signed away my life. "Why did you do that?" "I was kidding. We thought something really serious had happened. Louis." I replied with an eye roll. "Darn. I wanted to throw it at him and tell him I'm not flattered. "What the heck are you doing here?" I finally questioned after Niall. but I simply shrugged. Everyone looked at me with wide eyes. Then. "Because." What a lovely. seriously? I don't think we can fit anyone else in here. Trinity eyed my body. I actually think I've read a story like that about them. guess we were too late. one of the crew members from the show that dragged me here would pop in. He plopped a little teddy bear onto my lap." I stated. "Are you going to tell us? I want to know how my ship is doing!" Andie begged to know. What are they called?" "Fan fiction?" Andie supplied." I muttered back. See if anything is broken." "What'd he say?" Louis asked like a child. Andie nodded. "They didn't tell us what happened. "You had time to get me a stuffed animal?" "Well. awkward eye contact between some of us." I said when I saw the worried expressions that were drawn across my two friends faces. "Al! You're alive!" "No." I replied. "And that she doesn't remember who we are. I hated doing what people expect me to do. as if remembering something. The little whirl of the cameras rolling could be heard. "Tell 'im she lost her memory. as he went over to lean over Harry's shoulder. Ugh." "Oh. why are they so silent now? Seriously. but said nothing. "That sounds like a horrible plot line for a story about you guys.. that I had to get my arm amputated. A pink tint had spread across his cheeks. Before anyone else could say anything. trying my best not to roll my eyes. But he was looking adorable. Yeah. Sounds horrible. "I think we might have given Liam a heart attack.

It was kind of nice that they all cared enough to see if I was okay. impatiently.. They casted it up and sent me out of the room. admit it. Yeah. amputation is a big deal. I mean. Andie and Trinity out of the room.. and to spoil her as much as possible. "Yeah.. Andie." I rolled my eyes. right?" I asked the red-head. before anything else could be said. ever. Andie paused. He shooed the boys.. What did Liam SAY?" Andie demanded finally. I waited. I want to know what Liam is thinking. that he'll visit as soon as he possibly can.." Harry recited. Poor Liam is probably thinking about all the things he's going to do just to be here for Al. and learned that I had a sprained ankle. I'll never hear the end of that from Andie."Your ship?" Harry and Niall said together. And. looking like she was about to attack Harry to grab the phone.. Now.. Luckily." "You know I'm not actually getting anything amputated. He said that he hopes she's fine. Even though I would never. ~~~~~ . ever. "I mean. Everyone was laughing in the waiting room and fell silent as I entered.. Poor Al.. Doctor Bennet came back in with the results of my x-ray. "Still don't know why you all came out here just for a sprained ankle. "Hold up. I hope he's not too worried.

cameras were getting rolled around. I had managed to forget how difficult it is to completely alter everything in my life to cater to that certain injury. feeling slightly bad. I just have to stay off it. "I'm going to go talk to Jules. Despite the fact I still didn't want to be here. I forced my foot off the pillow that had been keeping it elevated. I hopped over to the refreshments table. One Direction meant everything. I felt slightly sympathetic for that girl. no. In a split second.. broken bones are much less fun to deal with." I said. As usual. and the girls of the house were all fretting about their looks. "Dagnabbit. "How's your foot?" "Jeez. I… I just think I'm going to get voted off!" A girl could be heard crying from her room. When it came to the voting off 'ceremony'.Chapter Twenty-Six Dedication to Louisa_Tomlinson12 :) Chapter Twenty-Six In the past five months. So I flung my over-sized hoodie over my head. is it good? I mean. We fell into step as we wandered through the double glass doors that had been propped open. "I. "What about the Somebody I Used To Know cover by Pentatonix?" "Watched it ten months ago. I grabbed a water bottle and brought it to my lips. I glowered at him before twisting the cap back onto it. I mean. just you wait!" She announced with determination. yeah.. Jeez. crew members were running around frantically. I'd gotten off lucky. we gotta get outside. I had come to know exactly what was going to happen every single day here. her slim arms crossing. reaching his hand out to level my water bottle once again. doing a pretty horrible job at lying. "Al! There you are! Okay. With great struggle. as the two of us came upon the setting for the night. farther along down the hall. It sucked. but I forgot how much I freaking love my foot. are you okay?" Harry questioned." Andie nodded towards me before flouncing over to the other girl. since my last injured body part. this show is totally making me a softie. See yah. the decision had been to hold it outside. This time. so I was listening to Youtube covers and… Please tell me you haven't listened to Alex Goot's collab of One More Night? Because I would really like to be the one to tell you about something and ruin your life with it. . We have about fifteen minutes before the filming starts for the voting off. you've heard it. I'd still do anything to get out of this madhouse.. do you guys ever stop sneaking up on poor innocent human beings who don't appreciate getting heart attacks?" I practically yelled. lights had to be strategically set up all around to keep the area bright. to which she laughed at before continuing down the hall. sorry. "Are you going to answer my question?" "My foot is fine. Stupidest idea ever. it's probably amazing. Doctor said I'll be kicking a soccer ball again in just a few weeks. my water tipping over as I grasped my heart. But that's only my opinion. "Uh. it's Alex Goot." I rambled off. Marianas Trench and the VlogBrothers. seeing as it was only a sprain. But for this girl.. It was concealed by huge canvases that we'd stand in front of when the time came." Andie ran up to me in the living room. I heard her relay the same message to Ariana and Andie. knowing it was probably the best chance of solitude. they had decided to change locations every week. It was hard not to be sympathetic. I made a face at her. Since the sun had already set. Anyways. But I guess I couldn't really complain. although an amused smile tugged at his mouth.." "Um. "Hey." Harry laughed. of course not. I feel like we went through this tough break-up and I can't rely on it anymore.. "Bad habit. "I'll find something." Andie muttered. It was obvious Andie had become determined to show me something mind-blowing as revenge for getting her into Sherlock. Al. the entire outdoor area had been decked out. I came to the conclusion that going on TV in only a bra would probably not be a good idea. Which seemed really easy in the beginning." Trinity poked her head into my room.

get into your usual alphabetical line. "I'm not supposed to be talking to you. "Trinity!" Zayn said." Louis announced. I noticed that every single blonde strand was in place and there was enough makeup on her face to cover Africa. his hand clamping onto Harry's shoulder. his eyes lit up as the girl descended. hand still on Harry's shoulder. "Ugh. It was their usual. I simply said 'purple dinosaur'. "Girls! The boys will be coming in any moment now. Lack of sleep can do that to you. not false. Wait. "You guys would make a cute couple. sleep deprivation makes for the best conversations!" Harry cheered. whatever. but oh well." I replied before turning my back to her. tapping me on the shoulder. we have to get back before we get yelled at. please come down and accept the signed cd of Take Me Home." I frowned as I thought of all the happy hours of sleep I could have gotten. "Simone." Liam turned. "You sure you can get there okay?" "I might get lost. How are you?" "Brilliant. confusion written in his eyes. knowing that at the moment. I then muttered under my breath. Bye.Oh. that happened exactly as how you pictured it in your head. and cursed to myself the second I realized what had spewed out of my mouth. although I swear I saw him grimace. They no longer even attempted at sounding at all cheery or sincere. the girl practically fainted as she stepped down the stairs and attacked Niall with a hug. "First girl is Cara. we looked everywhere for you!" Liam ran up to us. And yes. I should be forced to sleep eight hours a day. just a weird mood. "Sleep deprived. "Purple dinosaur. So I was the only one in the house to know. Al! Hey. stopped me and raised an eyebrow. he had sworn me to secrecy. . Got absolutely no sleep last night." Zayn motioned to the ten CD's that were lined up all fancily on a table. I laughed to myself. Now that I knew that the remaining contestants hadn't been chosen by the boys themselves." Niall smiled towards the girl. and it almost made me laugh." Harry picked up a CD and gave the girl a hug. Have to go get my name called and be forced to stay another week. Yay secrets. it all made a bit more sense. he toned it down." I muttered. What are you doing here? I thought there was that whole thing where we're not supposed to see you after Friday night until the actual ceremony begins?" I stepped back to look at him." The fifteen of us all started shuffling along. the boys had arrived looking dapper (Words that Teresa whispered into my ear) and started to give off their weekly spiel. "Reason?" "Just one of those nights. I concealed a smile." I waved and started limping my way back to where I knew the populated area was. Simone. But no one's noticed my absence so-" "Mate. you know. "Yeah. but once he noticed my grumpy expression. Fifteen minutes of pure boredom occurred." Simone tossed her hair and looked away." Liam. okay. "Allison! How have you been? Enjoying being the center of attention? Because it's all going to end tonight!" "Hi." Miranda said loudly over a megaphone.. Harry grinned. great. "Please. Liam looked to me. But finally. like Barney?" I smiled sweetly towards her. because things like this happen. "I wasn't calling you anything. It was quite hard to do when I was practically forced to be shoulder to shoulder with the devil herself." "What did you just call me?" Simone demanded to know. Harry answered for me. He turned to me and I could see an apology already written across his lips. "Katie. But after Niall had revealed that fact." "And suddenly everything makes sense! Harry. Liam and Harry were getting a lecture for wandering off."Yeah. I better get going." I said without thinking. Honestly. Apparently we were supposed to start filming like ten minutes ago. "I'm so. True. "If we say your name. "Ah. See you. Fantastic. to inform him.. with a small smirk. and I knew exactly who I was going to be next to. half expecting to find out I had actually been talking to myself for the past five minutes. as I tried my best to avoid Simone. Just fudging perfect. As I pivoted to face her.

Still not used to having girl friends. A stupid boy I had known since diaper days. you can come hang out with me. despite things I've said. When the show is over.Liam eyed us all. she loved the boys and had been a fan of them since the beginning. You're such a happy person and you've uplifted my spirits on more than one occasion. Hard to believe that had happened just four weeks ago. I nodded." I managed to say." Ariana beamed." I opened my mouth to protest. Ali. I really need to talk to you." I shrugged. Ariana deserved to be here so much more than I did. okay?" "Of course. I felt his brown eyes land on me and I mentally prepared myself for my name to be called. Sleep deprived. Maybe I was going home. of course. He motioned for me to have a seat. took forever. who gave her a heartfelt speech. Teresa and Trinity. They had a fondue fountain. "Even if we don't. I'll text you all the time. Niall led me past the pool. A stupid boy who didn't know that trying to impress his friends would result in losing me as a friend.. he held up the last CD." . You'd fit right in with the guys and I. It was Ariana or me. "Rebecca." "Yeah. I was next. If I had been any other normal teenage girl." "Teresa. I just really think you should hear it from me. Nine names had already been called." That's when I realized. But then he smirked at me and looked towards another girl. it doesn't matter. Ariana deserved to stay... Or one of the other girls. resolving myself to silence. the pads of her fingers wiping away at the tears trailing down her cheek. giving her an awkward hug. Stupid Eli.." she choked out to Trinity. well. "I promised Caleb I'd introduce the two of you. I'm so glad I met you." Niall laughed before his face settled into an extremely serious expression.. "Let me in. and probably the way I stared off dramatically into the distance. taking his sweet time to announce the next name.. were crazy. the one announcing the very last name. "Can we go outside?" He tilted his head to the side precariously.. Go for it. "Al. they all were." "Andie. I'd say he looked adorable. Thanks for being so amazing and keep in contact. Finally. Yet. Although. His hands were deep into his pockets. I might not actually be chosen this week. Jules." The minutes that followed that announcement. widened her eyes and mouthed 'WHAT' as I hopped past. "I have my ways. "How did you manage to bribe the cameramen not to follow us?" I joked.. I like you… And more than just a friend. I had been having a good time here.. "It was great getting to know you. sure. Andie and I. but fell silent. to where Harry and I had talked that very first night. "Yeah." I couldn't help but think." "Natasha. "You okay?" Niall noticed my silence. But I felt like it had been narrowed down to either Ariana or myself.. okay?" Andie embraced the girl tightly." "Thanks. beverages and other snacks littered around the living room and dining room. I wanted to go home. I could go home. "One of you better win this thing. his blonde hair tousled as if he had just ran a hand through it." Ariana smiled briefly at me before turning to Trinity. That I knew without a doubt. Uh." Niall nudged me after thirty minutes of 'socializing. I really didn't feel in the mood to party. as I was still feeling guilty. I think you might already know this. A stupid boy that had been my best friend for six years of my life." Niall tapped me on the shoulder. trying to break the awkwardness that had enveloped us. Trinity. who had tear-filled eyes. "You were saying? It's cold out here and I want more fondue.' My eyes were wide as Niall shoved his hands in his pockets. I had to get over the fact Eli was the first one to call me Ali. his eyes looking down and his shoes scuffing the ground nervously. "Jules. Ariana. to the other girls as well. He was just a stupid boy. passing us all to also hug Ariana. Al. I followed him and we passed Louis. He was just a stupid boy. But I had. we were ushered into the house. shoving another chocolate covered strawberry into my mouth. "Hey. I gave her a shrug of uncertainty and continued to play 'follow the leader'. "Listen. Louis. Only if I had been a normal teenage girl. I had to get a proper goodbye in to Ariana.. Ali. After everyone said goodbye.. "Yeah. The kind that only Trinity could give.


I thought the whole stereotypical thing was that boys got extremely nervous after announcing something like that? "Can't do what?" "Can't like me. I'm not saying you have to suddenly declare that you feel the same way. I like you. "But no. and I just. No. end up being brats. People are going to talk and I'm going to start getting hated. "Thanks. You take it back and pretend this never happen. Take it back.Chapter Twenty-Seven Dedication to @JackyFaber11 :) Chapter Twenty-Seven "No." Niall laughed." "Take what back?" Niall scrunched up his eyebrows. So of course. I kept my gaze on the cement ground. No. You can't do that. After admitting he liked me. And most of the girls I find intriguing. it's not. no." "Yes. It wasn't an actual show of affection. who seemed unfazed by this entire ordeal. Never before had a guy openly announced that they were interested in me. his blue eyes clouded with confusion." a grin flashed across my face before it became stone hard again. There had been talk of Niall's fondness. "No. Girls like to take tiny little details and explode them into monumental events. . I'm simply warning that I'm not giving up on you. I kind of feel like Robin from How I Met Your Mother. Just please. Such as." I stated. my arms crossing as I stared at the blonde. Harry kissing me. no. being one of the boys." Niall chuckled and I looked at him strangely. "But no. Nononono. I heard Caleb and Nick drone on and on about it. I shrugged. he just admitted to liking me. I'd much rather you didn't. It's easy. he obviously took it upon himself to use his solution and fix the problem. No.." "Why is it so nonchalant for you to just announce that? You're infuriating!" I snapped. but that came from gossiping girls. he didn't seem at all offended at my excessive no's. in his mind he was doing me a favor. leaning back and deciding looking at his face wasn't helping my frustration. You're different. Same with Harry and Liam. okay? So unless you're telling everyone. But I knew guys. that was a lot of no's. I'm not going to go around telling every single person that I like you. it took me by surprise and I had been furious at him for it. please take it back. I'm not suggesting we get hitched and run off and have little Irish babies. please. "Maybe once every six months or so." "No. Please. Honestly. A guy says 'hello' when a girl walks in. my mind reeling." Silence followed his little speech." I repeated myself over and over again as I kind of stared wide-eyed towards Niall. "Yeah. I knew this. no. So instead I stared daggers at the ground." he replied with a wide smile. and I could practically see every single bracket of his braces. I grunted. I'd become used to fading into the background." "I'm definitely not used to you saying please.. Dude. Girls automatically assume that it means that he wants to get married to her and live in a little cottage on the lake. Ugh. There was a problem and he thought of a solution. I'm not taking it back. "The fact that I like you?" "Yes. No. Sure." "You don't understand! Now it's going to be this whole 'thing'.." "I can't just take it back. Take it back." Niall informed me. Because then you're going against everything I know about you. wow. He didn't think about what he was doing." "Too late. Do you know how often I actually find a girl I want to spend time to get to know?" He paused and continued only after I shook my head begrudgingly. When guys see it as simply saying hello. it doesn't work like that. it is. it was a show of being a man. it'll just change everything. "It could.. There was a complete difference from everything that had happened in my experience here so far than to what had happened just five minutes ago. then we go inside and eat our body weight in fondue. the confusion easily replaced with amusement. all my emotions completely and totally sky high. no. "It's not going to change anything. no one but us is going to know. Ali." "Um. seriously.

. please go to the Great Room. And Trinity with Zayn. This thing was getting serious." Andie shrugged. angry eyes. But it goes without saying. better yet. "This week it's two on one.But this I couldn't explain. It was a better idea to just pretend nothing had happened. Liam and the driver. Trinity and Cara didn't get along too well. her bright red lips taking all the attention. Maybe she did know. it wasn't like herding animals when we had to move rooms.. a minuscule bit of complete seriousness in her voice. as she turned to me with wide. Most of the girls loved it." Miranda interrupted us all. You're just more so right now. the only ones really knowing had been me. Cara will probably be with Harry. What if she knew? She wouldn't tell anyone." Trinity rolled her eyes. Two girls and one boy. you okay?" Harry walked slowly up to me.." Trinity added in.. With Liam.. wait. finger placed to her chin as she evaluated who'd be with who. "I said. "Yeah.. ~ "This is the last week before the final five are chosen! Do you realize that five of us will be gone by next week?" Jules rambled as we all sat in the living room. if at all possible. Would she? "Actually. fine. I shuffled into the corner while the others went up to the boys and were talking about whatever girls talk about to boys. There was way to much on my mind. peachy keen. Having only ten of us made everything so much easier. We did our usual 'tv' segment. because you're always moody. except for Liam. especially since our little 'talk' in the kitchen two weeks ago." Harry words got all jumbled and it made me want to laugh. if you don't mind. although paranoia was creeping up on me. and got into the room. Which is where I proceeded to put on my huge headphones and blast Marianas Trench. We had managed to keep the hike under wraps from everyone. Harry. Moody. where we were all completely aware of the fact that cameras were moving in on our every movement. She went on the bike. That kind of equaled a date.' Something I probably would never get used to. Holy crap. it's not like you being moody isn't normal. why did Nick have to go sign me up for this thing? Stupid boys are stupid. Since then. it was one on one time. We obeyed. Until now." Andie hummed. . upset that she decided now of all times was when she would let out the little secret. "Just a lot on my mind. I have no clue. "You're just being oddly. But other than that. Miranda called us all to gather in groups. Did she know? "I just have a feeling." I shot Cara a firm glare. "Hey. at least. Andie. "Why do you think I'm going to be with Niall?" I asked. would you like to announce who's going with who this week?" Miranda grinned into the camera." Louis grinned at each of us." Cara seemed to be the most confused about her words. I found myself wishing I had managed to get voted off. "Who do you think is gonna be with who? I have this feeling that Al is gonna be with Niall." "Wait. I didn't even bother going back to the fondue. "Boys. eyebrow quirked in questioning. Trinity felt that it needed to be a complete fact that she was more my friend than Cara was. waiting to be told where we needed to go to find out who our group dates were this week. What hike?" Simone suddenly seemed to think this conversation involved her. peering down at us from the other room. "Cara. as we usually did. and we've got some really exciting things planned. She's been with all the boys. "Nothing. that I did not. I mean. I think Al will be with Liam. my arms crossing as I refused to meet his eyes. Cara decided it was her turn to participate in the conversation. just stop talking.. trying to keep my tone light and neutral. Trinity." I replied with a shrug of my shoulders." I muttered. "Hey!" Chorused around the room as the girls realized that Niall. why?" I snapped.. And avoid Niall. This was an honest-to-goodness confession of a 'crush. Cara. Not for the first time. "Why couldn't you and the other boys have just voted me off the first week and have been done with me? Actually. Louis and Zayn were all in the room already. "But she went on the hike with Liam. instead I made a bee line to my room. not glancing my way. I pushed myself off the bench. "Girls. as she sat up straighter. saying a quick farewell to Niall and hopping back into the house.

(Shoot." Niall laughed. I love you guys so much! Hope you all have a beautiful day! . that is nonnegotiable.) "Any questions?" Miranda waved her hands. She shot me a look."I. He had to spend time with Simone. It'd really mean a lot. "Simone and Natasha. PLEASE VOTE. "Cara and Al. but she was harmless and wasn't enough of a brat to be a Fake. ~ PLEASE. although she tried to do her best to hide the small smile tugging at the side of her lips. poor Simone. We'll be leaving at three. Rebecca was a Wannabe." Miranda said." My red-headed friend seemed taken aback. A freaking dress. Poor." Miranda said professionally. PLEASE." Hold up. Tomorrow. Teresa." Zayn grinned. Al. now I'm craving PizzaHut. tomorrow we're heading out at six PM. her 'I'm on TV' expression set in her facial features. "Sorry. Jules and Rebecca get to come with me and party.. Jeez. Dresses? Oh no. "Harry. just when I thought this whole experience couldn't get worse. "Triple T. not gonna happen!" I spoke up. and then shrugged. who happened to be standing next to me. Since she was the only Fake left.. "We're going to start with Zayn." Zayn smirked and I could tell that he really was excited. "Wednesday. What the heck would we be doing that we had to get dressed up? Niall then stepped up with an award winning smile. making a few of the girls giggle. I guessed she decided her brattiness level had to quadruple. please go back and vote for them? It'll take a few seconds and it'd mean the world to me. "Dresses? Dresses? Yeah.. as she hadn't expected to be put with Niall. Would you like to announce the two lucky girls spending tomorrow with you?" Miranda prompted. you're next. personally. am really excited for this week. would you give me the opportunity to spend time with you on Thursday?" Liam asked all posh-like and I felt bad for the kid. as I tucked my right arm into my left and took on a firm stance. If you haven't voted for the previously chapters." Louis winked at Jules. Katie and Andie will be coming along with me.. Trinity. We'll have stylists come to help you choose your dress and we also have make-up artists coming. Gonna make everyone jealous. The curly-haired boy nodded. Trinity was probably in his group. The boys didn't even bother trying to hide theirs. each one had a smirk placed securely across their mouth. "Tomorrow. Just when I thought this thing couldn't get any worse. Sure. Make sure you bring a swimsuit. "And after everyone is finished having their boring old time with my bandmates. Trinity and Teresa. PLEASE. and blushed the color of a PizzaHut roof.

leave the sarcastic comments to Al. Styles. Son of a beach. "I have my ways." "Seriously? That's the most cliche line in the book. making sure to avoid all eye contact with the boy. ever say you'll make Al Grate do." Harry winked. since there is no way you can talk yourself out of it." Harry snickered. I shook my head violently. I swear that child was enjoying ever second of this.. Evil. "Yeah.." Trinity piped up with a sly grin. I looked towards Harry. dude.. what's the deal?" Niall popped into the conversation." I nodded towards Andie before scraping my chair away from the table and heading straight towards my room. "But it's true. either." Harry replied. She'd kill me.' "Sorry. probably reveling in the way the 'p' sounded. thank you. But then I'd have to kill you. Is wear a dress. "But you don't like girls. It was the day of the 'date' and it was only two hours until I had to go through a full two hours of complete torture. of course." Andie pointed out. Because if I told you. My response was quick. "Please warn Harry that he is now summoned to five hours of silence. I would never have guessed that. babe. After I had swallowed the beautiful tasting gift from heaven. And then.." I faked a bow before them before shoving a piece of teriyaki chicken into my mouth. "I would tell you." I accused. "Not even close. ~ . "One thing you never. "Now. I had already marked today on my calendar as 'worst day of my life." "Well." I snorted.." "Really? Wow. evil boybander. the three hour date. If you actually make me wear a dress. "I like pants too much to cheat on them with nasty ole dresses." Niall chuckled. I will pluck out every single hair on your head one by one.Chapter Twenty-Eight Dedication to @alicewby :) Chapter Twenty-Eight "I swear to all that is holy." I glared at Harry as we all sat around eating lunch. And Miranda found out. Me in a dress resembles shoving a dress onto a rhinocerous. "Where are we even going?" My arms were crossed as I muttered the question. we'll be able to determine that fact for ourselves. I thought you loved everyone and everything." I replied simply. "Boys are so stupid. please tell me that this whole thing is a sick joke and I don't actually have to wear a dress tonight.. eyeing me as if he was intent on the answer. "I bet it's because she looks super hot in them and she doesn't want to ruin the male race and make us girls have absolutely no self confidence." "Nope." Harry replied with a slight smirk.. You wouldn't be able to.. I am reigning queen of sarcasm." I said through gritted teeth. I thought you were all butterflies and rainbows!" Trinity gasped.. "Thank you. Not a pretty sight. "I just don't like people in general." "It's simply fabric. So I'd have to kill you first. but my hair is protected by our body guards.

You can wear those underneath. Meanwhile. but honey. love. dark grey dress with studded jewels across parts of it." I declared. I shouldn't laugh. "Seriously. And of course there were cameras panning out everywhere."Hi ladies! Are you excited for tonight?" Lou. love.. Then. "But you look absolutely beautiful. And he thought Paul had been talking about him and he freaked out a bit. "Um. It literally felt like someone had placed me into a torture chamber. grinned at me and Cara. But. as if it wasn't bad enough. I tried my best to get the dress on." I tried to convince the lady. I understand dresses aren't meant for everyone. "Now. "I wonder why.. really. "I'll tell you what. After three minutes of struggling. "Oh my. tinkling laughter. and it was too slippery. who simply laughed. staring at me with slight befuddlement. I stuck my tongue out at her. .. you must wear a dress." "Please don't make me do this. "What?!" "I'm sorry. sleek dark grey dress? Or I have a black one.." Lou offered. I groaned at my image in the mirror." Lou nodded all-knowingly and I suddenly felt dread fill me from my toes to my eyebrows. Let me enjoy the once in a lifetime opportunity to dress a girl up. "Or I could just wear jeans? I mean. Anything. "Fine. "Listen. reaching out to take hold of my hand and guiding me over to the longer dresses. thinking about what had been plaguing my mind since she introduced herself. too much material.. frilly. reeeeeally don't want to wear a dress.. I think I was like eight." Lou nudged me in the direction she was pointing. She then took a closer look. But I really.." Lou laughed. I'm going to have fun with you. really." "Are you kidding me?" I stared wide-eyed at the thing." I informed the blonde. "Does it ever get confusing? With Louis and Lou?" "Sometimes. right before she pulled out another dress. A room that had dozens of dresses hanging up. Only this once. laying eyes on Cara and Lou. Plus I'm always styling guys. although apparently. making a face at the silky fabric.. Sorry." "What if we don't have a girly dress? What about a nice.. This one was pure white with a very long slit down the side. It was strapless and looked pretty stunning on her. But for the event." she winked." I tilted my head at her. Make-up and hair accessories were everywhere. I want to see you in this one. before gathering the material up in my arms and dragging my feet to the room." Lou bit her lip. I'm going to go help Cara find something. Just don't make me wear a girly. "You're gorgeous!" Lou raved once she had helped Cara with hers. jeans. Tell them I'll do anything. "You have a gorgeous complexion... When was the last time you wore a dress?" Lou inquired as she pushed us into the most horrid place of all time. Cara had donned a peach. Really. my eyes still wide at the sight before me. I felt extremely scrutinized and on show. I mean no offense or what ever. I swear." I pleaded. And not only that. Ugh. When I first started. jeweled gown. Really. I felt completely exposed. Because Paul had gone around telling them to get their hair done by Lou. "Lou? I have a question for you. After today. I think it'd compliment your brown eyes just perfectly." I mumbled. this goes over your shoulder.. "Try this on. Cara nodded ecstatically. but I knew I had absolutely no hope. well. you can survive it for one night. Lou burst into loud. Wearing a dress took skill. Truthfully. the top half covered in beautiful jewels while the bottom flowed out freely.. "Go for it. "Harry warned me you'd say that. I blushed as I quickly pulled the jeweled strap up onto my shoulder. Louis got extremely confused." I muttered. really. despite her usual 'chill' attitude. if it makes you more comfortable. I look like some giant had puked grey onto me." Lou picked up a long. she apparently loved dressing up. dress. The dressing rooms are right there. trying to keep herself from laughing again. There were too many holes. I have shorts that could easily go under any dress. I finally got it on. How do you feel?" "Like I'm in a dress. who I guess was One Direction's stylist. I will never don a dress again. short. I exited the small room..." she replied as her eyes scanned the multiple dresses in front of her. Yeah.

Towards the make-up. "Good.. Fantastic. Even though your dress is long enough to cover your feet. I'm obsessed with skirts and dresses and all of the gIRLY THINGS." Lou ordered. No. Just imagine it in a dark grey color. Then I'll do your hair and Amanda will do Cara's make-up. After trying on the two other dresses. PLEASE VOTE! It'd mean a lot if you clicked that button up in the top right corner! . so head over to @MyHeartsMistake if you want to see it :) (To the people asking if I based Al off of myself) HAHAHAHA nope. she'll be doing your make-up while I work on Cara's hair." I said as I reached out to touch them." "Lovely. I like the outdoors to a point. This is Amanda." I stood my ground. "I'm perfectly fine with those black babies right there. trying to hide a smile. I had a feeling she knew I'd completely despise the other two dresses. I've said to my friends. About twelve different pairs of converse. I decided the first one was suddenly wasn't so bad. Quite a few of the things Al has said. "The rule is. "I had a feeling you'd say that. "No! No way." Lou nodded before grabbing my hand and dragging me towards the. with light grey jewels. airconditioned room with my computer. No. "We only have an hour and a half to turn you into a complete princess. trying my absolutely best to not trip and tear the dress currently on my body. but I'd much rather be in a cool. I'd like to know that you're not wearing a grey dress with pink polka dotted converse.." I begrudgingly took the other two dresses and slumped back into the dressing room." Lou brandished a hand towards a collection of high heels. But anyway. "Then pick your favorite out of the three.." She handed me a dress that was shorter in the front than the back. I've never based a story off myself because it'd be the most boring story ever." I seethed. I'm not a tomboy either. That's when I laid eyes on the most heavenly thing ever. Ever... Not happening." I sighed as I handed it to her so she could hang it up.. It has to look okay with your dress. "Whatever. The dress is on the edge and heels is pushing me over the edge. So I collected the grey dress in my arms and left the dressing room again. But I am sarcastic. "Okay. No. I'm in love with it.. Great.. Holy crap. I also posted Cara's dress on my Twitter. There was absolutely no way in this life that I would wear torture devices like those. so let's pick shoes."Then this one. ~ THE DRESS AL IS WEARING IS ON THE SIDE. I don't love hiking or anything. "So the first one?" Lou asked." Lou nodded before tugging me farther down.

" Harry grinned. attacked my lips with it. "Okay. "Why do I have a feeling I should not believe anything that comes out of your mouth while your in a dress?" Harry teased. Her makeup was done to a tee. She continued to bugger me about it and I stayed firm. repeated after her mother. Yet the girls all had wide eyes and Harry stared at me as if I was the first girl he had ever laid eyes on. "You look. is greater than my love for Tumblr. leaning in to give her a kiss on the cheek. Photographers were posed. The dress clung annoyingly to my body and I was honestly thinking about just yelling 'no deal'. Not sure if there was more on my lips or more inside my mouth. My hair was down. red carpet. though." I shot back. "Because I'm unhappy. Yet. "You can't be in a bad mood when we get to the event." I laughed. "Movie premiere for Identity Theft. and her hair had been spun up into a lovely bun. seeing as I also refused any type of bun. pretty much. So I consented. With my dark brown hair down. hiking the dress up and stalking to the limo. but that doesn't change who she is." I replied simply. waiting for our exit. Only if Lux would apply it. I assumed I looked just like I normally did. although I was a stubborn girl. "Now." "You can put a dress on a girl.Chapter Twenty-Nine Dedication to In_wond3rland_ because she's such a sweetheart and comments on like. declared as she waved the lipgloss wand around. I never went against what I said I'd do. "Still the same attitude. So the slightly curly. Cara grinned knowingly at me and I subconsciously picked at my nails. or anything. bending out of the way so he missed. as if in sync. they all turned to look at me. Then. braid. telling Lou that honestly. Are you ready for the world?" "The amount of hate I have for you right now. Lux. Until she brought in her little girl. Easier said than done. The rest of the car ride was mostly silent.. "I promise to be on my absolutely best behavior. Photographers were lined up. but I plopped right into the seat. "Go like this!" The two. even despite the fact that silence annoyed me. The girls and Harry waited at the door. But eventually. I couldn't bring myself to break the quietness that had enveloped us. that I wouldn't back out. I'd promised Lou that I would go through with it all. leaning in to give me a kiss on the cheek.. I pulled a Matrix move. almost three year old. Styles. She then. wearing a dress was enough torture for me to go through in one day. I stared out the door and suddenly realized the plan for this date. the limo came to a stop. brown hair had been left alone and hung down to just under my chest." I muttered as the door got opened and I got blinded. ~ . therefore not willing to tell the truth. :) (Please read Author's Note at the end!) Chapter Twenty-Nine An hour later and I was standing in front of a mirror. And a long. Harry smirked in approval. who was just learning to talk. You look stunning." I said sarcastically." Harry forewarned as he and Cara got into the limousine as well.. "Mind telling me what this is for?" I asked as we waited for the driver to come open the door for us.. Especially when another freaking limo pulled into the house's driveway. saying 'Lipgloss!' repeatedly. her friends all declaring how flawless she looked. dark eyeshadow making her bright blue eyes pop.. And it was true. The blonde's dress accentuated her body shape. All of my stories. Please realize you are number one on my 'people who are stupid' list. I had refused any type of make-up." he blubbered out.. They all saw Cara first. I heard a few girls mutter under their breathes about my converse clad feet. ripping it off and then crawling under the covers in my room and watching Merlin. I stuck my tongue out at him and he chuckled. flashes going off periodically. Wow. except for a few side comments made from Harry and Cara.

I've really enjoyed all of it. girls fangirled at the house. she's not one for compliments. And getting her into a dress tonight was definitely a trip. After the second week. What are your names." I said with a stone hard expression. He gave me a momentary pout before focusing back on the interviewer. we had to be interviewed by random magazines. "We've been getting to know them. "You look stunning. two contestants from One Direction's current reality game show. The torture never ends. For the first time since this entire show started. "We must get going." Harry tossed his curls and grinned into the camera. Extremely attractive. A nice Fake. that girl sure had different moods." the girl looked taken aback by my statement. It hadn't seemed that big of deal." Cara giggled prettily. hormonal. straight into another interview. Going In Different Directions." Cara laughed. his green eyes twinkling with joy as he looked at me. Al?" I suddenly felt the mic whiz towards me. but now he was actually acting the part. Probably getting to know everyone. She also keeps us grounded. "Hello! This is Seventeen Magazine. what's been your favorite part so far?" "The food. as contestants on the show. stopping. "I'd agree with that. What's it like? Going to a house every day to spend time with girls who'd do anything for you?" "The lads and I don't think of them like that. Never going to live this down. You have got to be kidding me.).Being paraded around was not exactly my idea of 'fun'." Harry spoke up for me. Yes. but that was a total of twenty-nine girls. the girls are all pretty funny. "In a way. great talking to you!" Harry ended our conversation. annoying boys were indeed 'wanted' by millions of girls. but still." Harry said. One second she'd be pretty chill. After we had taken way too many pictures for my liking (Seriously. a lot of them seemed to catch onto the fact that we're just normal teenagers you'd go to school with. Although they are pretty dorky. "Al Grate. "I'm Cara Nolin. Her syrupy sweet voice was annoying and her perfume nearly intoxicated me. "It's Brianna from Popstar magazine! Hi Harry! Would you please introduce the lovely girls with you tonight?" The second we had walked up to this interview." I replied. here with Harry Styles and two contestants from One Direction's reality game show." Cara responded with a tilted head and smile. Especially Al. "Very nice to meet you both! Al. but the next she'd resemble a Fake. Felt. Wouldn't you agree. posing for pictures (Most of which I made faces for). She's the comic relief for us all. now there's photographic evidence of me wearing a dress. Man. I felt his hand rest against my waist and I immediately smacked it away. Cara snorted in quiet laughter. Cara?" The interview tilted towards the blonde. girls?" The bombshell brunette interviewer turn the microphone to us. then! What about you. "This is Al Grate and this is Cara Nolin. Walking. nodding and winking towards the camera before pushing Cara and I farther down the line. photographers begging for pictures of him. "They have really good food. She's not exactly the biggest One Direction fan. but it was amusing to watch what happens from this side of the red carpet. They're not at all like the guys I go to school with. "Your input. Apparently." Harry didn't lose his smile for a second as he continued to talk. After hearing his name yelled out." "Is that true. Cara? Favorite part?" "That's hard." Harry inputed. shoving the mic into his face. "Definitely... There's no way someone could have a big head around Al.. after seeing girls fawning over him." "Must be fun. Not intimidating at all.." the lady smiled (A bit forcefully) at me. nice guys… Okay. "We're still working our charms on Al. Harry?" The girl turned to Harry.. "You both are looking lovely tonight. I guess. Harry dragged us over to where there was a line of interviewers. "They're obnoxious. I mean. I'm lucky to be able to escort two beautiful girls tonight.. And annoying." "Oh my. and having people yell random things out at us. I was seeing the 'famous' Harry Styles. she grinned like a crazy person and started firing questions towards us. It just made me realize that the boys I had come to know as normal. A lot of them just have fun personalities. . "So Harry.

I shot him a death glare as he once again tried to get away with having his hand on the small of my back. you put on a dress and suddenly it's like you're a girl. "Isn't she just a sweetheart?" Harry teased. Think about the fact that she didn't really have a choice. and you. This story is my baby. There's more to her than meets the eye. She might offend people. as if it was so original of her to ask that question... Jeez. I did not give Styles any sort of consent to do what he did. Oh goodness. Al is not mean. "We better get going inside. but she doesn't realize she's doing it because it's just the way she is. you're the prettiest girl here. anyways. too. ." The interview said with a smug smile." Harry whispered to me under his breath. I think I might burn this dress when this was all over and done with. "Smile.. "To all the crazy fans out there who want to wring my guts out and make a rug out of my hair. Instead. just like that. That's part of her personality. In fact. I didn't have a comeback. Harry. Also. "That would be factual. Honestly. But please. After all. but this lady was driving me nuts. But I need to say a few things.. She's sarcastic. "Any love interest in the house? I know that a kiss happened to be shared between you. Seriously. Harry guided Cara and I into the building. It's the first fan-fiction I've ever started. Had already been said. I'm tired of seeing the "AL IS SO MEAN LIKE I HATE EVERY TIME SHE BREATHES" it really frustrates and annoys me. please think about what you say before you comment. Al." Harry chuckled nervously. I mean. staring straight into the little reflection. we had weekly interviews. Which you will be learning upcoming chapters. Al.. I found myself blushing. I had heard these questions a thousand times. And for one.. It's not like she gave in easily.. ~~ You guys know how much I love you all and how much I enjoy your input.." I informed the camera.I stuck my tongue out. we hadn't gotten that question before. Nice bonfire with lots and lots of flames and smoke and maybe I'll burn the entire Going In Different Directions contract Nick had so kindly signed for me. Great talking to you!" Then.. I felt like anything that could possibly be said.. he received a stern lecture after. beginning it over a year ago. And I understand not all of you are going to like my characters and such. to those of you who are so angry that she gave into wearing a dress.

trying to remind myself that he was a normal person and not to attack him. holy crap. It was Colin Morgan after all. Air? "Hello. The theater was emptying slowly. puzzled by his statement. What. pointing over towards a few rows of chairs ahead of us. I didn't want to frighten him. one of five. I turned around awkwardly and stumbled my way up to Harry and Cara. That would be freaking Colin Morgan. You could care less.. I psyched up. four is Misha Collins." I babbled. "Holy crap. "Really? That's so sweet! What's your favorite episode?" Colin asked ] as he put his hand onto the seat and leaned into it. and I found myself being able to name a few of the celebrities that had come to the premiere. "Holy mother of pizza and lasagna!" "Ow. Harry was staring at me. And that's when I saw him.. But instead. unless it came to one of my TV shows. My wifey is perfect <3 Chapter Thirty The movie was funny. "Thank you! I better get back to my. holy crap.. "I'm sorry for taking up so much of your time. confusion and annoyance evident in his green eyes. "Hi." I announced before leaving Harry and Cara behind me. can you stop hitting me?" Harry groaned as he blocked my hits. Your acting is impeccable and I'm slightly obsessed with the show. "Don't get what?" I questioned... I'm so sorry to interrupt. His grey eyes flashed with interest and I couldn't believe this moment was actually taking place. And I sound like a blubbering idiot. my fingers still trembling from the high I had gotten from talking to one of my favorite actors of all time. That's when I noticed Harry. Number five is Benedict Cumberbatch. I pulled out my phone and quickly snapped a photograph of the two of us. his tone slightly… Upset? . I just had to tell you how much I adore Merlin. "What's got you all happy all of a sudden?" "Do you freaking know who that is?" I hissed. holy crap!" I repeated over and over again as my hand smacked Harry's shoulder repeatedly. Harry looked to Cara and I." I stammered out. I had found myself laughing and not being able to stop multiple times. looking at me with slight bewilderment.Chapter Thirty Dedication to @BecauseofReasons because she gave me the idea for this chapter. It was incredible to meet you! I can now die happy. "Will you hate me forever if I say I have no clue?" Harry grinned innocently at me. "You get so excited over meeting him. And I do have to say. You couldn't blame me for being nervous. motioning me over to him." he replied. "Dang. "I'm going to go talk to the man of my dreams. why are you looking like you just finished sucking a lemon?" "I don't get it. He offered us each a hand." he said.. Colin Morgan. I wasn't usually one to 'fangirl'. Merlin. Well. trying to not trip and tear my dress. Is. no! Thank you for enjoying the show. Once the movie had ended. three is Matt Smith. "That is the most perfect man in all of history." "No. Harry. my heart literally thumping against my chest. AKA star of one of my favorite BBC shows. Episode Eight. He rolled his eyes at me but made no comment. although my entire body had started to shake in excitement. while squealing uncontrollably. I admired the beautiful man who was currently talking to the lady next to him. "I think Season One. I can't even deal right now. looking at me with a slight pout." I said as normally as I could. Eventually I was right behind him and I cleared my throat.." I chuckled to myself slightly. but I refused it and stood up on my own.. "I just freaking met Colin Morgan. "That was a fun one to film. oh my goodness. Colin Morgan! This has been the most amazing night ever. but with One Direction. Colin nodded immediately. Before they come looking for me." Colin grinned. Friends. But could I get a picture with you?" I asked with hesitance." Harry stated. you look stunning! Have a great night!" Colin winked and I swear I almost fainted. He's even more incredible in person. The Beginning of the End. And then we made eye contact. two is David Tennant and that? That is number one.. I pushed past a few other people.

the next day I ended up being in the kitchen with Louis. "You're nineteen. They do enjoy your take on their 'celebrity status'. Ugh." "Heard that." I corrected him. We then fell into silence as we got pushed and prodded out into the flash of paparazzi. "Honestly. Plain and simple." Cara analyzed it all." I argued. but somehow. She had a wide grin plastered over her face as she stared at us with amusement. limo that. but got cut off by Cara.... We finally focused our sights on it and cackled evilly as we grabbed around four of the packets. But it's never really popped out at me. Ugh. Then. I just want to know why Harry is so deadset against me liking TV shows. my pointer finger poking his arm. his features all scrunched up in confusion. We had managed to create a diversion." Cara gave a thumb's up. I mean." I set in stone as I helped him look for the popcorn. guy. "Non-date it is then. The two fight like an old married couple." "Why should you care what Harry thinks?" Cara had an eyebrow raised." I said. So when he saw you freak out over someone." Harry pointed out." I demanded. "I just want to know why you got so excited to see that." "But you weren't at all joyous when it came to meeting us. "Seriously. "Seriously.. not four. Make up your mind.. he realized that you honestly just aren't into One Direction. some of them are catchy." ~ I'm not entirely sure how it happened. obviously set on talking about what we had started earlier. We do not and you are very much here." Harry huffed. "I'm so confused right now. I hate limos with a passion. He started laughing. it's like I'm not even here. "Because he has no right to get upset. Cara muttered under her breath. I've loved Merlin for quite a while now. who gave us each a look. "Oh my gosh. his eyes still trained on the passing scenery. that was not his band. have you ever looked into becoming a psychologist?" "I have. "And I was excited because he's one of my favorite actors of all time. I realized it's really lame. yeah. trying to figure out why the heck this was such a big deal to him. What's with One Direction and them resembling small children when they're upset? "Tell me." I lectured. why the heck are you so upset over this?" "No reason. with all these continuous flashes of light? Once we had gotten settled into the limo (Limo this. by the way. "Harry's jealous." he whined. So now he's jealous. Which is not a good look for him." Louis offered as he rummaged through the cabinets. but Harry thought that was your view on everyone. His entire body shook with his rambunctious laughter. begging him to go swimming with them. "Okay. sure. shrugging his entire body away from me. while crossing his arms and glaring moodily out of the window. How have these celebrities not gone blind yet.) Harry turned to me." Harry forewarned. I'm just gonna pretend to understand and nod like I'm participating. I thought they liked me because of my lack of fangirlness around them. Jeez. Any movie you choose." I tried to explain." Harry protested weakly. "I'm not talking to you until you apologize. I think it had to do with some of the girls in the house chasing the poor boy around. He really was trying to understand this whole thing. And I request Mr and Mrs Smith. sneaking into the kitchen. The girls then had found Harry.I started to speak. I am never becoming famous. "Because I'm not exactly into your music." "He has a name and it's Colin. a knowing smirk slowly spreading its way across her lips. "Not until you tell me. when Cara said it." Cara advised before shoving us both towards the bodyguards who were ready to escort us out. So now Louis and I were in the kitchen." I teased. "How about popcorn and a movie? A non-date event.. actually. "Leave me alone. "Not true. Cara. And I realized I was absolutely starving. ." Cara piped up from her side of the limo. But then the last thing I ever expected him to do at that moment happened. you two go from acting like a bickering old couple to acting like annoying teenagers to a mother and her son.. Harry. probably getting fed up with Harry and I's argument. "Why don't we talk about this in the limo? I highly doubt you want everyone around right now to hear this conversation.

Seriously. seeing as the smoke had disintegrated into the air and there was no fire. Because it was Louis and I.. "I didn't even know it was possible to burn popcorn. They're always watching and ready for everything.. instead he was laughing his butt off. trying to fan away some of the smoke that was now billowing out of the kitchen appliance. Nothing could go wrong. Our bad. I had a great time talking to some of you on the twitcam! Seriously though. 'I don't know! Just keep us all from dying.. That's like sentencing me to jail! Don't do it! It was all Louis! Don't put me through this torture! I already had to wear a dress.. I have started to construct a theory that the people who work on this show. Aren't we exciting people?" "Oh. we watched with interest towards the constant popping. "Well. But unfortunately. stomping my foot up and down like a child. And so we did. "What? It was just as much your fault as mine!" "You can't limit kitchen time." "What? No!" I protested. I want to adopt all of you. indeed. UGH." I grinned as innocently as I could towards the three people now surrounding Louis and I. no foul. I smiled. are ninjas. Pretty please vote! I know a lot of you are silent readers. Can't have this place going up in flames. Louis!" "What am I supposed to do?" He replied frantically. the boy stopped laughing. We placed a packet into the microwave and then pressed 3:00. We can buy an island and live there with really hot boys waiting on us. "It was Louis' fault!" Immediately. you guys are the most adorable creatures on the planet." Louis turned to make a face at the camera in the corner."How long do we cook this for?" Louis pondered as he flipped the plastic over looking for instructions." I said with arms flying everywhere. It had just been a small spark. Luckily the fire extinguisher was not needed. "I dunno. "Fix it! Fix it. The most exciting. one with a fire extinguisher. Now this?! Are you trying to drive me crazy?" I groaned. Let's just throw it in for a few minutes.. although I could see a smile threatening to break across his face. It would have been really bad if you had set this place on fire. "No harm. Wave to the girls at home watching this on their computers. A flash of red and orange flames made us both jump away quickly from the counter. Apparently it is possible though. I yelled. but it'd mean so much if you took literally a second out of your time to press the little vote button :) LOVE YOU ALL :D ~ Dedication to a commenter ~ -Katie . Then some of the crew came bursting in. Louis didn't even attempt to look sorrowful.. don't microwaves have popcorn settings?" I peered over his shoulder to look at the minuscule writing. One of the crew members opened the microwave and little black puffs were poking out through the plastic that I guess we had forgotten to take off." he grinned mischievously.. ~ You guys are the best. "Maybe. we have rules. Anything but my food supply. Heh. We're going to have to limit your kitchen time. I followed his example. Right? Forgive and forget?" "I wish it'd be as easy as that." One of the guys said sternly... sticking my tongue out and crossing my eyes.. A loud noise brought our attention away from being crazy. throwing a slight tantrum. "Watching popcorn pop.

It had become our thing. like does he have a car?" I asked in a monotone voice. Yeah. I want to know the plain truth. I then shifted my body so I was looking at the brown-haired beauty while munching on the yumminess. are you going to let me finish?" Trinity gave me a look and I rolled my eyes before nodding." "This all happened last week. 'Listen. Now will you pleeeeeeease listen to what I have to say?" "Only because my two hours is up and I'm starving. But before we knew it. It was impossible to miss. the time had passed by and it was Sunday night again. tell me more. the other four boys stayed at the house with the rest of the girls. I smiled innocently at her when she huffed in annoyance at my input. Then Harry would pester me every so often. She barged into my room. I had a hard time believing I had been there for over a month. I had to admit I was slightly curious." "So." I interrupted. mostly just to annoy her. "Al!" My name could be heard as it got called repeatedly from outside my door. I get a text from him. though. Liam and I had some conversations. But there's something about you. Now. I laughed but nodded.. you took my breath away. "We had a lot of fun. Please don't sugarcoat. Zayn or I's doing. Could you ever see anything happen between us? Or is it too weird. but he was so easy to talk to.. well I have pretty huge news to tell you!" She yelled back. Especially whenever I was with Zayn and Louis. But that's not the point. Zayn took me and Teresa to the beach-" "Wait.. so it was just Zayn and I. I learned how to bribe Trinity and Andie to grab me snacks when I got hungry. "Then this morning. "Are you not going to tell Andie?" "She's with Jules right now. he would somehow figure out a way to maneuver the conversation to Trinity. Such as the fact that I was starting to see Zayn and Louis as friends. "I have a chocolate chip muffin as a peace offering. Anyways." I paused my computer and grabbed the muffin. Interesting things occur. it was either Louis. "Shuttup. since you're on a game . Even from that first day. It became quite well known in the past four days that if something in the house had gone amiss. I still blamed Louis for my kitchen limit. The fake spiders found in Simone's room? Might have been us. Figured I'd tell her later. But all five had girls at the snap of their fingers. how we got there I don't even know. I'm telling a story. As the weekdays went by. but there's something about you.. I just want to know. or hung out with Trinity and Andie. Every time the three of us were together. mostly in passing." I interrupted again. It was also going to be the announcement of the final five. I went and he was standing there. because it'd been a bit obvious that Zayn and Trinity had something going on." "Yeah. So I mainly stayed to myself. I groaned and yelled back to Trinity. I could pretty much hear the entire crew going 'aw. just as loud. the dates did as well. I've been told so many times that I shouldn't be over my ex so quickly. With Zayn and I's help. okay?" Trinity snapped.. I still totally and completely blamed Louis. yeah.. only passing glances and smiles coming my way. but he was talking about how his girlfriend broke up with him over a month ago. I remember you talking about it a bit. Asking me to go out to the front and walk down the path a bit. The pool turning pink? Louis might have accidentally dropped a ton of food coloring into it. well it leads up to the story. we've only known each other for a month. Another day to learn who would stay and who would go. All the coffee tables in the house getting turn upside down? We had gotten just a bit bored. Louis and I made a great prankster team. Plus Zayn. We started talking about previous relationships. Looking perfect. And when each boy took his group. of course. He said and I quote. "Yeah. "Talk. "Shuttup! I'm listening to Legaci! No one messes with my Legaci time. you learn exactly how to push their buttons. When you see someone every single day for five weeks straight. Teresa went to the bathroom. crap!' Niall had been keeping away from me for the most part..Chapter Thirty-One Dedication to @xxpholover18 :) Chapter Thirty-One The days passed and I somehow survived only having two hours in the kitchen a day." "Tell me more. As you know. Zayn's so easy to talk to and I feel like we just really get along. And how to get them to listen to you.

I wore the same shirt twice. Kiera told me that Harry kissed you?" "Ugh. not you too. though? Half of us are going. slowly but surely. He told me something about the voting off. Anyways. It's not like I gave him permission. She smiled like a lovesick puppy. I know it's not by his choice. What if you're one of the five to go? I doubt it. everyone loves you. Hey. You got your happy fan-fiction ending. She's been watching that show religiously. But when I thought about it. trying to conceal the smile that had appeared on my face. okay? You know she hates being alone. I got a care package from her. She was quite stubborn. With dad gone this summer. I've already got my mom to go over a few times. If you come back and you're some sappy. I told him I didn't see him as a One Direction member anymore." I countered. Trin.. "Whatever.. The other nine girls were all in their rooms getting ready. boy band lover. bro. I'll get back and kick your butt at X Box." I said. Your mom is going crazy. "But nope. "Not sure if it was worth the muffin or not. Especially since it's break. "Oh no. From the very first day here. Everyone keeps reminding me of that darned kiss. But I'm happy for you. Depends on when they get sick of me. It's so boring without you. Everything is perfect?" "No. if they haven't gotten sick of you yet. So that was nice." Nick commented not so slyly. Don't you worry. Hint hint. (Massive gasp. "How awkward is this going to make the voting off ceremony. "Fine." she giggled before collapsing backwards onto my bed with a content sigh." "Thanks. If I go." "Zayn asked me out. a red flush making its way up her neck to her cheeks. He was simply Zayn. I snorted out a no. I guess she really was my best friend. Quiet. I'm pretty sure the show's stylist hated my guts. I hadn't even considered ever having a girl be declared as my best friend. You're a great best friend. where when they kiss. I can never stand still while on the phone. A girly version of me." Nick informed me. that I thought I knew personally. These were five boys I had watched every interview of. though." I laughed. as I paced around the living room. drama seeking girl. I hadn't cared about my appearance on tv. Al.. "That's great. I'll kill every one of those boys. She'd always just been Trinity." Nick chuckled. you know those movies? The romance ones. there you go. by the way. some girl who had somehow forced her way into my life.. But I had been so.. "Don't worry. I guess I was wrong." Trinity poked me. I swear. Best friend? I had never really thought of her like that.. ~ "When are you coming ho-o-o-ome?" Nick whined over the phone. I felt like my entire life had become surreal. I heard some interesting things from Kiera. It's your job to take care of her til I get back. "Maybe tonight or maybe next week. especially when -Heaven forbid. I totally think she'd date me if you got me an autograph.. she's probably pulling out all of her hair. "And?" I cocked an eyebrow. Seriously." I instructed." I brought up awkwardly. How's home?" I changed subjects.But still. trying to look pretty. so wrong. But seriously. It just happened and I couldn't stop it. I had answered and started wandering around the house. They're nothing like I thought they'd be. Then we kissed. No one to torture? How sad. "Well. cookies and the first season of Sherlock on DVD. "We talked about that too. That when I got chosen. no I don't. Nick had always been my best friend." Trinity trailed off and I saw her waiting for me to prompt her for more. take care of her. Remember two weeks ago? How I told you I felt like the only person that had a chance with any of the boys was you? Well. . I don't think I've ever been this happy..." I with us? You haven't treated me like a celebrity. It was just like that. "You signed me up in the first place." "Well. so it doesn't matter. But it's not a bad thing." I laughed.) "Good. but would that all change if we even attempted a relationship?'" Trinity rushed out. I paused at her words. I doubt they will anytime soon. Thanks for everything. as I started to chew on my fingernails. though. "Go on." I congratulated her. A Doctor Who shirt. "I told him the truth.

~ Hullo :D I have to study for a test. Whoopee. both new stories on my account! I'd love to hear what you think :) Thanks for all your sweet comments. Al.. Um. so why did he end it so suddenly? I swear. it's over with. I forgave him. "Yeah. it's not like it was horrible." I deferred the topic as much as possible. "I didn't let him do anything. It wasn't that big of deal. Video on the side is my 'big brothers' doing a cover. Yeah… Whatever. I gotta go. humans are confusing creatures."Wait. They're all pretty incredible. you guys never fail to make me smile :) LOVE YOUUUUUU!!! Vote please :D ~ Dedication to a commenter ~ -Katie .It's true?" Nick sounded completely shocked." The click resounded in my ear for seconds afterwards." "You let him be your first kiss?!" Nick choked out. CHECK THEM OUT! Legaci is amazing and are literally some of the sweetest guys I've ever met. So check them out! Make sure you check out Your Basic Cliche Love Story and Fascination.. "Yeah. like he thought Kiera had been lying to him. He'd been the one to initiate the conversation. Talk to you later. I nodded. And then realized he couldn't see me.

please come forward and collect front row tickets to our next concert at Madison Square Garden. We can hope. At least those two weren't annoying and could hold an actual conversation. But since the show.. "Jules. She squealed quietly. Andie and I shared a look as Trinity grinned like a Cheshire cat while waltzing down. Most of which would be 'K'. It was a peachy color. I knew for a fact that I would not be able to do it alone. Now. But then again. not only was one of the sweetest girls on the planet not staying. and Nick become oddly annoyed with me. Andie. I shoved the packet that contained concert tickets into her hands.' Although they weren't really deciding anything. anyways. while I stared at the interesting ceiling. And I just couldn't bear the thought that there was fifty-fifty chance that my two friends would get voted off. Which was of pure annoyance. It could be worse. And honestly. One more left. They continued on with their spiels. great! Exactly what I never wanted. I chanted the name repeatedly in my mind.I had seen it a lot. I wanted to go to bed. Andie. The annoying Fake was.." Louis continued to call names. "Al. and I might get to leave. I'm pretty sure they went in there and discussed who the producers told them to keep. to make sure they didn't miss any drama as we waited for the boys to come back from 'deciding. It was frustrating for me. Andie. one more week of catered food!" "Thanks for trying. Call Andie. as Andie put it. was completely content." Liam paused for dramatic effect. The day had been long enough. "Tonight is the announcement of the final five. Frustrating beyond belief. laughing once he saw my face. Oh. After I had hugged her. We've gotten to know you all so well. Two cameras panned around us. while listening to Simone drone on and on under her breath how I didn't deserve to be here. He hardly ever replies and never can carry a conversation past three texts. Nick still hadn't returned my texts and calls from earlier. 'Ha' or 'No lol'. The look on Andie's face. One more. Although. really. as if that would convince them to keep her." I felt my hands clench involuntarily. But hey. Even as we were told we only had ten minutes to say goodbye. "If we call your name.Chapter Thirty-Two Dedication to Hannah__Grace :) Chapter Thirty-Two "Five girls. one I had never seen before this show. was how much I missed my mom and my friends. "Sorry. That's all that is going to be left. "Trinity." I laughed as I dodged his hug and walked towards Jules and Trinity. as the fake brat flounced down with her hair bouncing and confidence written across her heavily made up features. Caleb had a new girlfriend who apparently hated my guts. "Simone. motioning to the little packets laying on the little table next to them. I slumped my way down. With 'Trayn' becoming 'canon'. ." Harry yelled ecstatically. Now I really. really hoped I was not chosen. that it's not going to be easy to say goodbye to some of you. There was definitely a silent conversation that went on between the two as he handed her the packet. as if trying to reassure his new girl that he wanted her there." the name rolled of Niall's tongue as he waited for the girl to meander her way down." Liam smiled. and Devin was a horrible texter. I noticed Niall looking at me. though. they might surprise me. the only thing that made me want to go home. and him mouthing what looked like 'I'm sorry. Harry leaned over to whisper to me as my fingers wrapped around the paper. My drama cup had been filled.' "And our final girl to be in the last five.. She looked at me with confusion." Zayn spoke quickly. The blonde looked completely shocked as if she thought she wouldn't make it. "Cara." The words Harry said had been almost identical to the words said from the past voting of sessions. Is. I feel like this whole thing has gone by so fast!" One of the girls said. So it pretty much registered in my mind as 'blah blah blah'... she seemed calm. trying to conceal it.

.. Just homesick. Again. "When am I not? I'm always okay. "Are you even allowed to do that?" She laughed as she took it. Niall. Al." Miranda announced loudly to the five girls standing around." he assured me. Trinity. I was aware of Niall's hesitance to let me go." Trinity muttered as she yanked me in front of the desserts. but he knew better than to argue."Do you honestly think I'd enjoy being surrounded by sweaty girly girls screaming over five annoying boys? You'd have fun." We chorused before giving her once last hug each. "And we must all get together. is always the first three-four days. not in the mood to divulge any more than that. "I gotta go before Miranda comes and drags me out by my ear. "Trinity is dating Voldemort? What? Why didn't you tell me?" I turned to Trinity with wide eyes. yet all I wanted to do was curl up in my bed and eat chocolate. Al?" Andie tried to look stern. We should ban you from Sundays. You get in such a bad mood." I said as if it was obvious. so stop it. "Who cares?" I replied with a shrug. but a smirk was most definitely pulling at her lips. alright?" Trinity tugged at my arm. it was me. time to go. I appreciated her trying to get my mind off everything. "Seriously. "Yeah. She truly loved One Direction. You know I'd listen. There's some surprises that I think even you would enjoy. "You coming Al?" Trinity called over to me.Which means they never shut up about their boyfriend or girlfriend. "Al. "Like a kid on Christmas. "I promise you won't be too upset about being here this week. Andie deserved to be here. Let's head into the other room and get some food. It's not like it's going to kill me. "And don't be too hard on the boys. thanks. "Good enough. It's fine." I forewarned. I love you both!" Andie waved before heading out the door. "Yeah. trying to keep myself from letting a tear slip past my eye." Andie promised Trinity and I. whatever. right?" Niall seemed seriously concerned. the last bit in a hushed whisper aimed towards me. "Seriously. But instead of her. Someone who no longer strongly disliked the band." I murmured. Miranda set out the week's schedule. If only they knew about Trinity and Zayn. It'd be different. Trinity and I looked at each other. "Shh! Shut up. his eyes suddenly twinkling as he smiled with his braces. he's a nice guy. girls." I made an excuse. I do. Andie made this whole thing seem so real." Trinity sighed as I started piling my plate high. alright. "Stop it. ." I replied with a shrug. I'd complain. Thanks. most were bawling their eyes out. ma'am. but I was ready to punch him simply because Trinity had said his name at least ten times in the past minute. And I have nothing against Zayn. don't go getting a big ego just because you're dating you-know-who. ~ The next morning. I brightened at the sight of the food. "I'll text you both. Made me realize that everything that happened in the past five weeks had been completely real. I shot Niall a half smile. if you need to talk. alright?" "Yes. and I felt myself get mad. I still won't hesitate to smack them if they're stupid. because the producers had decided that one-on-one dates probably weren't the best idea to keep their whole 'this is not a dating show' facade up. you okay?" Niall asked with worry flitting through his ocean eyes. "Alright. "Yeah." Andie continued. but we have to stay in contact. I know what you're thinking. Liam said hello as I passed him and I forced another grin. yet still didn't particularly enjoy every second of being with them.. from what I've seen. Sundays are not good days for you. I swear the worst time period in a relationship. The feeling I had gotten with Ariana was back." she hissed back. before weaving my way around the people and cameras. Because they're just getting used to 'being' with that person. I know we live far away from each other.

Not for any reason. I took it and walked into the living room. Heh. "Holy mushrooms and almonds. the last Fake left.Is that normal? Probably not. . -Limos arrive at 11:30am (Eat lunch before!) -Indoor Skydiving at 1pm. "Yeah. was by herself.) Week of December 3rd-8th Monday -Boys arrive at 3pm. I dunno how many more I have. eyes clouded with confusion." I said in a voice louder than usual. Then Simone. so they kind of congregated into their own group. "WE'RE SEEING ED SHEERAN LIVE!" "I cannot keep my happiness inside. collapsing next to Trinity on the most comfortable couch. We're going to see Ed Sheeran?!" I hissed out in excitement. Saturday -Boys day off. (Yes. GUYS I GOT MY COSTUMES FOR THE MUSICAL I'M IN! Well. maybe. Trinity and I had. the schedule had been hung on my door earlier. -Girls' dinner at 6pm. one day of being here had been spent figuring out which couch was the comfiest. -Back at the house by 5pm." I laughed. Wednesday -Boys' day off. Please excuse me. Tuesday -Boys arrive at 10am. I still need to eat breakfast. -Ed Sheeran concert at 7pm. I then let out a girly scream that I prayed no one could hear. -Back at the house by 10pm. three of my costumes. fell onto the couch and grinned like a goof at Trinity. "Holy mozzarella sticks. had our own conversations.simply as a 'who sits next to who' kind of thing. Thursday -Boys arrive at 5pm. Anyways. ~ I literally just woke up fifteen minutes ago. Friday -Be in the living room by 3pm sharp. I stared with wide eyes at Thursday's planned date. Jules and Cara had gotten along fabulously since day one. -Dinner at 6pm. "You okay?" Trinity looked up from her laptop. we separated into three groups on our own. so I decided to see what (hopefully) would be my last week here would be spent doing. -Boys leave at 7:30pm. I'm craving KFC in the morning." I dropped the paper into her lap before waltzing out of the living room and into the warm sunshine of California. -Girls' dinner at 6pm. Oh well. -Boys leave at 9pm. "What?!" Trinity squealed. Niall was right. plummeting herself off the chair and next to me to see the schedule. -Limos arrive after dinner at 6:30pm.Since there were only five girls. -Dinner at's not so bad that I ended up staying. -Barbeque at 6pm. I then went back inside. But yeah I'm excited about that. So she spent her time making snide comments and basically just annoying us all to no end. of course.

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He knew that my 'love life' (which has always been nonexistent) was my own personal thing. My mind had been taken over by the flying monkeys. baby girl? With my phone open beside me. She sniffled once. He had his girls and I had my life. I had to stop thinking before I submitted myself into a mental hospital. One of the worst feelings. Which had obviously been sent before Nick hung up on me randomly yesterday. Maybe you're not so bad. Ah. didn't know you had it in you." I sighed. It just involved my life. I had to bite my lip. You feel that way about it. Zayn would never date you. with help from Nick." Trinity grinned. gasped. Trin. Laughter is the best medicine. who should definitely going into acting. Not that anything like this had ever come up before. I nibbled on my thumb's fingernail. No big deal. "Al!" Trinity called out in a sing-song voice. But that shouldn't even matter to him. It all just seemed like my life had become a well orchestrated train wreck that everyone was apart of. "I. you know.. Marie made some snickerdoodles and apple crisp mini pies. sorry. But we had discussed the whole 'if I ever get a boyfriend' thing." Simone cackled in that nasally way before sashaying out of the room. yeah. Trin?" "Boys are coming in like fifteen minutes. Also. you think you're all that. looking down. Couldn't wait for the barbecue. "Amelia Bedelia Malik and Peter Piper Picked A Pickled Pepper Malik. two days so far! It's been so long.. Al?" "I do." I joked as I took a bite of a mini pie.. Nothing made sense anymore." Trinity replied with a stuck out tongue. It had never. Came to give you a head's up.. Seriously.) How you doin'. The only thing I could remember saying before he got all upset. ~ From: Elijah Sanders ALI! How are you? Long time no talk . The lady was a magical genius. A care package from my mother. right?" Trinity gushed with an extremely high pitched voice while fanning herself.. Her face contorted like she had just found out her dog died. You. "Uh.. Okay.. Why now? Why after all these years . Hm. But in all seriousness. No contact for five years. One of the worst things ever is not knowing why someone is ignoring you. Except for me. but he knew better.. I knew the second we made eye contact I would undoubtably burst into boil over with laughter. "It's true. We lost it. sitting up and trying my best to look intrigued. It's just not going to happen.Chapter Thirty-Three Dedication to @stopstaringalready :) Chapter Thirty-Three Monday started off with a surprise. He's a protective older brother. I should just marry you.. but when you don't even know why they're treating you that way. Trinity. And then. You end up replaying everything you've said or done. you're annoying and no one likes you. I wanted to hire Marie to make her follow me around daily and always make me food. Honestly. because her teriyaki sauce was the bomb dot com. I just think they're the perfect names. "What's up. "Yeah. was the fact that I kissed Harry. The actually 'ignoring' phase is horrible. I stared blankly at the potted flowers and plants around me. Al. Because the last thing I wanted him to do was become the cliché protective older brother." Trinity. I moved my gaze to the ground. ever had anything to do with him before. but I kind of have a boyfriend.. I'm sorry." Simone poked her head into the room. I should sell my life to MTV. Have you picked out your kids' names yet?" I mocked excitement. And I wasn't even dating Harry. "Four weeks and you know the way to me heart. I could hear the cheerful voices of the other girls echoing around me. "Wow. perfect distraction.. So I brought along some so that you would be in a good mood. "Too bad Malik would rather be caught dead than with you. She blew a bubble with her gum and then snapped it shut while smirking like she had just said the funniest thing. while presenting a plate of still steaming baked goodness. resorting to an old habit of mine.

Liam cleared his throat." "Okay. and thanks. Liam hummed to himself for a few seconds." "You know me better than that. That's not allowed." I swallowed down a smile. I just. turning away from him so he could only see my side profile. Then I sighed." We fell back into silence. Maybe not silently. I don't really know what to do. I don't enjoy people getting beat up. I'm not in the mood. Again. kind of. Then he cleared his throat again. I grunted in response. Then he fell silent. Without a second thought. I promise whatever is said here will not be repeated anywhere." Liam faked a sob. Just forget about it. "Yes. "There sure are a lot of hypothetical situations when it comes to the two of us." Liam hedged. "Al. letting a fake smile slide onto my face. honey. "Still. "What if someone who helped you become who you are.Well.. "Talk to me. this boy is an idiot for ever ignoring you." I pointed out." He replied. Liam grinned adorably. but I'm me. Liam. I stuck my tongue out at him.. alright?" I waved it all off. You just dashed my hopes and dreams. I'll just sit here. hypothetically. came out of nowhere and started talking to you again? After years of blissful ignoring?" "Then that person decides a good butt whooping. A pause. Now." I commented offhandedly. His shoulder nudged mine repeatedly." I bit the inside of my cheek to keep my lips from betraying me and turning into a smile. a wide smile across his face. His eyebrows shot up at me. "That was horribly off key." "Thanks!" He chirped. his finger pointed to the west side of the house. "I don't believe you. "SHE! SHE IS THE WORDS THAT I CAN'T FIND! HOW CAN THE ONLY THING THAT'S KILLING ME MAKE ME FEEL SO ALIVE?" I couldn't help it. "I can't remember how the rest of the song goes. his brown eyes twinkling. and not in a necessarily good way. "Don't even attempt that with me. "You just said hypothetical three times. he slid down the wall until his was sitting right next to me." I muttered. Hypothetically speaking. a twinkle in his brown eyes." "What song was it? And by the way. Then he startled me by bursting out loudly. I snorted out a laugh. He was still humming horribly. His head twisted. "True that." "Didn't say you have to talk to me." Liam placed his hand inches away from mine. you can talk to me." as he spoke.. But.did he suddenly show interest again? He couldn't actually think I was the same person I was when he left. I'll go back to humming." Liam scoffed. eyes focused straight ahead. I mean this hypothetical girl. Oh. forcing myself to keep up my unexpressive facade. "So? Doesn't mean anything to me. I don't judge. "Liam." Liam said in all seriousness. "She by Parachute. The side of his head leaned against the wall. who is this boy and what did he do to you? I know people who can beat him up. "Okay. don't go becoming a hummer. . you know. Not exactly your thing. It doesn't matter. could he? "Hey! You okay? It's so quiet out there without your snarky comments about everything!" Liam appeared beside me. "Actually the closest one is about thirty feet that way. I'm thinking you either like that word or you really don't believe me. not in the mood to really laugh at his jokes. of course. so he was facing me. Silently. Maybe I'll hum." "There's cameras around. I don't just open up to anyone." A second ticked by. as he took a survey of my expression. "That's a good song." I started chewing on my fingernail again.." "No. "That is a fact." I said lightheartedly. as he seemed to analyze me." I raised an eyebrow at him. Silence.

Not to sound conceited at all. I'm not going to treat you any differently and I am not toning down the snark. Hypothetical?" Liam had a hand on top of mine as he smiled softly at me. His name was Elijah. chewing my nail down to the stub. I stopped with the cute outfits. And some bromance Zayal and Loual." Liam winked. I guess I embarrassed him in some way. huh? Forget about him and start fresh. If I ever meet them I'm going to sniff them.." Liam commented. I stopped wearing make-up. I mean. as it registered in my mind just exactly he was planning on doing." I obeyed. He just helped it hurry along. We did everything together. "Mr. Start a new chapter.. I nodded with a small bitter laugh. "Time for you to turn the page.. my finger hesitantly hovering over it. without a thought. with a small smirk dancing across my lips. "Don't think this changed me at all." He winked before leaning towards me. "I probably would have become a sarcastic jerk either way. A boy. "Want to do the honors?" I gave confirmation. because it keeps me on my toes.. After him. I then found out he was moving to Montana. I watched him as he scrolled through my contacts. Few people knew of it. I had a best friend. Anyways. Dear One Direction's . "And he texted you tonight?" Liam guessed. "Mr. He called me some pretty nasty things back then. Hypothetical. You can't keep everything bottled up all the time." I started. but my mom had always wanted a girl." I laughed. IT LOOKS SO UNBELIEVABLY FLUFFY AND SOFT AND YES. I'm not saying I was a girly girl when I was younger. Meh. C'mon Al.. I REALLY WANT TO TOUCH NIALL'S HAIR. But then I closed my eyes and pressed the button. I almost fainted yesterday. So it might be longer than I planned it to be. My eyes flew open and I questioned why." "He really doesn't deserve a second chance. Apparently I like to push myself a little too hard. The next chapter has some Hal and Nal. "Got it. He's pretty much the reason I am the way I am now." Liam offered me his hand. But his opinion had been the only one to matter to me. Whatever. I was biting my lip while staring determinedly towards the group. I hope you guys won't be upset. He pushed a few buttons before offering it to me. We stopped talking after that and I stopped being a girly good for nothing who cared too much about herself."You obviously need to talk about it. So I wore dresses when I was little and she made me look like a proper little princess.) It's pouring down rain right now so I'm going to beg my mom to get me a Vanilla Spice Latte from Starbucks.. He told me I was a girly good for nothing who cared too much about herself. Pretend I'm a psychiatrist or whatever helps you get it out. "Because even Al the Grate needs a little lovin'. Can you blame me for being nervous? I had never told this story before. Starbucks needs to deliver. and that was simply because they had been there when it all happened. for real. Maybe with a little less snark? Keep most of it. "Give me your phone. But it looks like there are quite a few more things I have to write about. because I love myself. "Fine. A little notification popped up with a little beep.. Contact 'Elijah Sanders' deleted. When we were twelve. My eyes shut involuntarily and I soon felt Liam's lips land on my cheek. Was he really going to kiss me? He couldn't." ~~~ All my Lial shippers happy? :P Don't worry. which I took. All artists/celebrities hate performing in Hawaii because they want to vacation here and it's NOT FAIR. My mind registered what he was doing. I WANT TO TOUCH IT. Also. Hope that doesn't make any of you mad . I don't want to miss the dessert and I know you don't either. Not that I'll ever get to go to a concert since I live in Hawaii. I wonder what the boys smell like.. "Precisely. he was the only one I really ever listened to. And it's not like I regret who I've become." I ended bitterly. Got it?" I cocked a hip. we were young. But a little less. He helped me to get situated back on both of my feet.

Follow me on Twitter! @MyHeartsMistake :) KISSES! I LOVE YOU! ~ Dedication to a commenter ~ . Video on the side is She (For Liz) by Parachute. The song Liam was humming. COME TO HAWAII ALREADY SO I CAN TEACH THE BOYS HOW TO

There's a difference. Hey. she was too engrossed in something Zayn was saying. Oops. Harold. to Trinity. "This is not a game of hot potato. The days had passed by quickly. "A piece of cake. Definitely nicer than any of my band tshirts. Louis and I were messing around. That had been quite honestly one of the highlights of the entire show." Liam yelped. in her usual chirpy voice. "What's with boys and always listening in to conversations that don't include them?" I raised an eyebrow in amusement towards the blonde Irish kid. a girl gotta dress up for Ed Sheeran. . the smile falling off his face as be gently tried to remove her hand. That was the first time I realized that everyone had already crawled into the limo while Niall." Niall overdramatized. Trinity. "I agree." "Too bad you don't know where their house iis. that's an obvious fact. swatting at him to put me down." "You sure about that. you three." "So aggressive!" Niall complained. "Okay. Al. But when I looked over to the girl. 'Boy and girls.Chapter Thirty-Four Dedication to zouiscrocs :) Thanks for your comment! Chapter Thirty-Four Excitement buzzed through the air. "Ugh. People in relationships. Put me down or I will sneak to your house and hurt you so badly. it's Ed Sheeran!" I said under my breath to Trinity. Awkward. glad that no one else heard. "Well. don't eat the glue!'" I mocked silently. "Isn't it just too bad. although the smirk that made its way to my face had made it obvious that I was joking. black shorts with a borrowed shirt from Trinity. "You're just so interesting that I have to listen to every single word that leaves your mouth." I shot back as the limo took off. "Niall!" Suddenly. dolled herself up. of course. "Hey!" A body slammed into mine. especially when Niall started screaming like a girl while 'flying. I crossed my own arms. "You have got to stop falling for me. Seriously. accidentally landing on Harry's lap. Liam put me down before putting his pointer finger by his lips and winked. "What the chips. I fall onto you because you are comfortable and you keep me from breaking my neck. "Boys are here! Are you all ready?" Miranda grinned like a Cheshire cat as she herded us out of the house. Who then passed me to Louis. shoving Louis off his back." I rolled my eyes. I had dressed up slightly for the event. lose some weight!" Niall muttered under his breathe." Simone snarled before giggling and placing a manicured hand on Harry's forearm. Zayn was going to be happy. "Of course. with quarter sleeves and a v neck. every one of the five girls fidgeting with anxiety. green and violet colors swirled together. It's getting a little old. babe?" Louis chuckled before dropping me into Liam's awaiting arms. He then continued. At least. Harry?" "Mhm. I felt Liam's chest rumble with chuckles beneath me. The boy staggered under the sudden weight before standing up straight with Louis on his back. "Boys! Girls! Let's go. I dove through the door. I rolled my eyes. Ugh. It had blue. Yup." Niall whispered from the other side of me. "Get in the limo. it'd be intimidating had I not been being held like a baby. a flash of curls passing through my sight as Harry picked me up and twirled me around. She donned a floral dress. and I had decided that I would buy an inside skydiving place. he laughed and placed me into Niall's arm." Harry smirked at me as I struggled to sit up and sit like a normal person. "I feel like I'm a preschooler. Instead." he muttered. don't want to be late!" Miranda pushed us more towards the limo.' Priceless. shooting a very intimating glare at Louis. you won't be able to walk. "I fell onto you. "Guuuurl! I will cut you." Louis took on a high falsetto voice." I growled. a wild Louis appeared and jumped onto Niall's back.

" Harry rushed through her introduction. I wanted to run up and hug tackle him. while Harry smacked Ed over the head. reaching over Zayn to poke me. And finally. Ah." I pondered." Trinity murmured back. Niall and Louis were in a discussion on something or other." Liam warned with a small laugh. you didn't own me therefore I am not 'your Al." I replied with a pretty content grin. yes. adding a little spring into her step. You are a sassy brat and I love it. the joys of being on this show. Now." Harry finished while doing jazz hands in front of me. bro. "And this is Al. "Why is everything always about her? She's an attention -insert censored word-" Simone whined from across the limo. Then Cara." Louis reached over to give me a high five. braces filled smile. I immediately made myself at home on the fluffy blue couch in the corner. thanks to the singing magicalness of Ed. "Okay. Niall shoved me towards Ginger Jesus." I whispered in a dramatic tone to Trinity and Cara. "And then the entire population of humans questioned whether One Direction are nineteen year old boys or preteens." Zayn and Liam chorused. "How are you?" He asked. leaning back and crossing his legs. Then Trinity. You know. I grinned. I concealed a smile as Harry then brought Jules forward. "Especially to call our Al that. Ed Sheeran had a pure talent for performing. so Niall turned to me with a wide." a producer informed us before ushering us into a small dressing room.Only letting them shake hands before kind of pushing her into a corner. "Um." Harry added with a more serious expression. before shaking Ed's hand awkwardly. but managed to hold myself back. . How about you all get autographs and pictures?" Harry broke the stare I was giving Liam. Ed Sheeran just winked at me.. burn." Niall shook his head with a hidden smirk. Niall suddenly sprouted a blush. We're meeting the Ginger Jesus. so this is Al. "Ed Sheeran is here!" Someone announced and I jumped off the sofa to meet the most beautiful person on the planet. Everyone else seemed preoccupied.The manly way of crossing legs. "You can't be in a bad mood if you're going to Ed Sheeran. He walked in the door and he was just as beautiful as I thought he would be. "Don't worry. "That's not a very nice word. ~ "Holy flipping shaboodle. The other boys followed in saying hello. The concert was amazing." I glared at the closest boy to me. Then you may go in and wait on the couches. The cameras whizzed around us from every angle as Ed and Harry did a little man handshake thing. Ed will be coming along shortly. Miranda prompted them to introduce us. We were currently getting led down a hallway in the arena's backstage. while Liam was in a very excited conversation with one of their bodyguards. I've only heard good things. Suddenly everything you guys have told me makes sense. Niall came to sit right next to me. I saw Zayn glance our way and a small smile flitted across his lips before he averted his gaze to Jules. "Your Al? Last time I checked. "The sarcasm you possess amazes me.'" I lectured as I leaned my head against the side of the limo. "Pretty fan-freaking-tastic. "I will never understand you. Liam chuckled uncomfortably while Louis burst into uncontrollable laughter. I am now suddenly very worried. smile!" Trinity demanded. "Ah."Oooh. Holy crap. He had a knowing smile as he winked at me. while Harry was trying to his best to keep Simone's hands off him. So. Zayn simply grinned to himself. His energy level and his connection with the crowd had blown me away. Al. which happened to be Liam. "This is Simone." Ed laughed. Really good things. "Wait for the cameras to get situated in there. Then. "With every step we're getting closer and closer to breathing the same air as him. easily the best part of my experience here." Ed looked towards the boys. Uh.

"Oh! Can I get an autograph for my friend Ariana? She's a huge fan and I know that it would mean the world if you could give her a personalized autograph?" Trinity spoke up. I didn't even want to know what they boys had told Ed about me... "Choose wisely. I almost sighed in relief. both the show's producer and Ed's manager announced it was time to go. But please don't spam my twitter/wattpad/the comments with "When are you updating TMAIA?" I know you guys want to know when I'm updating. But he gives the best hugs. and I have a Chemistry midterm on Wednesday (I did half last week.) I'm off to wash cars and then to practice and then to babysit. Not that you guys really care O. We spent the next few minutes grouping together for pictures and getting things signed by Ed... I'm so sorry. saying goodbye. Woo. My life. We went around. Ed gave me a hug (Not a big hug person. A lot of people don't give my fans enough credit.o This next week for me is crazy. Once thirty minutes had passed. I have lots of rehearsals (For those of you asking. I meant to write this and upload it sooner. stepping forward to extend his + album. my sister is home from college (I only get to see her a few times a year). Love you guys!!!! ~ Dedication to a commenter ~ . and if you're going to steal this story idea. Sooo..) and whispered in my ear. go check out my new story Fascination! I think you might enjoy it :) Oh. you guys. Honestly. Change more than one word in the title." What the heck does that mean? ~ Ugh. But a LOT has been going on. Good news. Hopefully it also helps me be able to focus on what I need to focus on. While you're waiting for the next chapter of this. I now know why I've been feeling crappy and simple medication is going to help. I'm going on a mini vacation. Think twice . I'll try to upload as soon as possible..) So with that said. it's just really hard to pinpoint when I will upload it.They always tell me if they think someone is copying.I'm in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with my theatre).

still being sleep ridden. "We have to be out in the living room by 9. although chocolate chip was an extremely close second. "Where are the others?" "Outside playing football." I stuffed a piece of the scone into my mouth. "Not now. something people probably already learned to associate with me. Especially after a late night. "Nope." I muttered as I forced myself to sit up. And morning people are annoying. Ugh. "Yeah. Trinity muttered something about talking in third person. not even bother to get up. "The schedule says we don't have to do anything until 3. We had gotten back from the concert at 10:30pm. I mean breakfast. "Did she say why we had to wake up so early? I thought there was supposed to be that huge whatever thing later. "Get me a Marie scone!" Trinity yelled out after me. Blueberry was my favorite. "So why'd the time change and what did we have to wake up for?" I changed subjects: hoping that if there was no lull in the conversation. The Cab and A Rocket to the Moon until 3am. letting my head fall back onto the pillow." I grumbled. Jeez. We both ended up crashing on the floor still in our clothes." I mumbled back. lovely! Chapter Thirty-Five: Early mornings are not my friend. her voice muffled by the amount of covers over her. happily munching away on it. Ta ta.." I rationalized. They lied. well. See. Niall shrugged." I twiddled my fingers while starting to back away from him. I'm going to get dinner. "Oh. When Miranda knocked on my door to wake us up at 8am. I think. the caterer always left behind breakfast scones." Trinity said in complete sincerity without even moving an inch." Trinity continued to complain. And let's just say that Marie is master of all things scones. being hyped up on a concert makes sleeping practically impossible." Niall commented. I'm going to go now. "I can't tell you. "Oops. Ugh. Still weird to even think about it." Niall shrugged as he reached over me to grab himself a scone. Like I should be. a smile tugging at my lips. Her voice was still laced with sleep. Al and mornings are not my OTP. "Wait! Al." "We should sue for lying.Chapter Thirty-Five Dedication to With_Love_Layna! Thanks for your comment. "It involves people coming to see us all . I ignored her as my feet shuffled through the halls." Niall said not so cryptically. "We can sleep in for another hour. .people you guys like.. tying my hair up into a ponytail before waltzing out of the room. Life in general is annoying. muffins and etc behind for us." I waved him off. I have to go feed my cactus." Niall grinned as I walked into the kitchen. "They're probably still sleeping. happy people are annoying. we'd avoid the topic of him confessing feelings for me. tilting his head adorably to the side and widening his blue eyes. the times for the plan changed. but honestly. I was less than thrilled. I had to tell you aout something…" Niall stopped my." "Okay. hello there. she didn't say. still edging away from him and the kitchen. So. "What are you doing here? I thought you were guys weren't coming in until much later. But Miranda woke me up and then I remembered I'm hungry. of course. I slugged around my room." I asked. preoccupied by the sight of Marie's scones. You're the only girl I've seen since we got here. Especially with her syrupy sweet voice saying 'today is going to be a glorious day!' Ugh. "What did she say?" Trinity grumbled out from underneath the pillow and blankets that were caccooning her in on the floor. Trinity stayed in my room and we danced to Ed Sheeran. "I thought you couldn't tell me?" I raised an eyebrow." "Thanks. the kid was like a stuffed toy or something. though.

But if it was David Tennant or Matt Smith or someone along those lines. Because if I won. hand on hip and blonde hair swished to the side. I'm pretty bloody fantastic. "What I said last week… I know it threw you off. C'mon. But apparently whatever was happening at 3 is going going to happen at noon." I gave him a half smile. ~ It was 10:30am and we were getting shoved around to do all these interviews on our feelings." Jules came over to me with a small smile. "Al! Do you know what's going on? So many interviews! I thought something exciting was going on today. Trinity was quieter. lips jutting out and blue eyes the size of pancakes. and Cara was sassier. Niall's words chimed into my mind." All thoughts of trying to escape flew out of my mind as I stared at Niall. except we were talking about how we felt about the show. you know. then yeah." "It's the last bonding time with the boys before the voting off ceremony. But who could it be? More famous people? It's not like we've had enough of that around here. "Listen up girls. Thanks." . clearing her throat to grab our attention." After getting was like a therapist session. Something big was going to happen. My interview went a little like this: "What would you do if you won the party? Who'd you invite and how'd you react?" The lady asked in a perky voice. Louis. And we aren't purposefully trying to change you. we will be having a mini party. Something about people we like coming to visit. Simone was brattier. stopping my exit and leaning my elbow again the marble granite counter. It was definitely not worth waking up for. Boys. because we all love you exactly the way you are. "I guess we're find out in an hour and a half what's so exciting. as I kept telling myself and everyone around me. Is that all you wanted to say?" I asked hopefully. Miranda appeared in front of us. Not even joking . Even though we were already hanging onto every movement she made. "I'd invite three of my best guy friends and then eat all of the food and push One Direction into the pool. and they chose me? Things would get real nasty. her giggling in that sweet little voice of hers. Zayn and Harry.. yes I know. Niall examined me for a moment. And asking us how we would feel if we won. real quick. Who knows what goes on in the producer's mind…" "I know right?" Jules agreed. "What do you need. I listened in on Trinity's interview. sweet. Zayn started. Liam. If they got to choose the final three and the winner. Whatever we say to you . ha. I'd have a stern little talking to with Niall. the sooner I could pretend it didn't happen. I shook my head. One that was not at all faked. Maybe the 'opposites attract' quote is true. "No idea." Miranda called out . funny. ~ Noon finally rolled around and the impatience to know what was going on had plagued all of our's all real. I'm totally cool with it. "Yeah. and I perched myself on the edge of the cream colored couch. "Today. "We have a bit of a surprise for you all.. Jules was jittery. Beat them in soccer and then push them into the pool again. I knew the sooner this was over with. She was popular. Are they going to make us have one on one conversations? Is that the big deal?" Cara popped into the conversation. We all hurried into the living room. "Al! We need you for a interview with Trinity!" The interview called out and I let out a very annoyed groan. beautiful and definitely a people person.oblivious to the fact we were listening. We could all tell that it wasn't a simple lunch. But I just wanted to make sure you know that whatever happens on this gameshow. "You're really incredible."Ha. I know. please talk to me?" Niall took on the injured puppy look." But. I would not be winning." "Yes. Joy of all joys. the five boys stood forward and started to recite their memorized lines. I questioned how I was her friend when she was the exact opposite of anyone I had ever befriended before. Niall?" I sighed. His words were very sincere and I knew he meant everything.

lots of sun and hot tubs and pools and beach and shave ice. How would they know who my best friend is? My questions were answered quickly. Miss me much?" He winked. Your comments literally make my day. quite excited to see my brother from another mother. I READ EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. The one where you bump chests.) Ah.. CLIFFHANGER. brown eyes that were flecked with gold. Y'all should just start calling me the cliffhanger queen. trying to catch up with each other as fast as possible." Miranda said. Just to make you jealous. Anyway. giving him the basic man shake.tumblr. The drama is for those of you who thought it was getting close to who would be the ending choice. hands motioning wildly toward the door. Al and Louis or Al and Zayn. Al and Trinity (??). Ariana and Faith came bouncing over with wide. ~ Thank you to everyone who was patient for an update! Really means a lot to me :') I've been having a great week. "Girls! Settle down.) YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITH THE ENDING! Promises. A lot of you don't believe that. Trinity squealed from beside me. "Holy crap. brown messy hair. the girls flooded through the doors. Nick!" I gasped. the reunited Funky Five sat on the same couch we sat on the opening day. "Hey. "But for Cara. the wonders of living in Hawaii." Liam spoke. Oh. glasses wearing. Al.) Lots and lots of drama ahead. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO YOU SHIP (Unless it's Al and Ed. Handsome features. bouncing off the couch to high five her. A girl with bleached blonde hair (dip dyed purple and pink of course) and overly done make-up came prancing through the doors. both relatively normal. Ariana and Andie. I crossed the room quickly. Cued by Liam's words. Her eyes never wvered from One Direction. Trinity and Jules…" Louis trailed off dramatically. I immediately searched for Faith. raven-haired girl. I struggled to think of who would come for me. Simone. I spotted Andie's familiar red hair first."We'd like to welcome back the twenty-five girls who have been previously voted off. literally flying off the couch to pick the girl up and swing her around. Because that is what I am . BUT I HAVE SAID THIS BEFORE. a tall and muscly stature. We obeyed. Already paired up. how naive I was back then. Next was a normal looking.tumblr. "Not only are the girls back-" Harry said before getting cut off by a smirking Louis. happy grins. an extremely familiar male 'swag walking' across the room. I'm posting one of the pictures I took the other day . not even noticing as Simone ran up to embrace her. Two more girls came out. and Cara and Jules eagerly hugged them. Please take your & katie-talks-a-lot. We all shared quick hellos. but I do! I love love love love hearing what you have to say! Please continue to vote and comment as it really means a lot :) ~ Dedication to a commenter ~ MANY KISSES! Twitter & Kik & Instagram: MyHeartsMistake Tumblr: Love you! . "We flew in your best friends!" Niall proclaimed. HEH. Allison. Woohoo.

Is it real?" Nick sighed with fake bliss." Niall stuttered. you two need to grow up and stop being immature brats." I introduced him again." Harry replied with a hesitant nod.. After all. But hey. sorry. Al's boyfriend. saying something and changing the subject. standing his ground. relief written in his eyes. "No. . Oh." "You love me. taking another step. "Now I'm going to go talk to my friends. I kicked Nick in the shins. "They're all dumb. Honestly." Nick said with a straight face. I had missed the bugger quite a lot. And it's been my torture. "Hey." "Oh. he looked pretty menacing. frustration seeping through me at the very feeling of being a good for nothing. He's like my brother. "Believe me. Tell me what made your disillusioned mind think it was okay to force yourself on her like that?" Nick was definitely taking this all a little bit too seriously." I shrugged with a grin. Yeah. "See." Zayn. I'm Niall. And serious.. "And she is standing right here and doesn't appreciate being talked about like she's a good for nothing girl who can't stand up for herself. "I'm the one who beats up all the guys who try to hit on her. being the only one who really knew what to say." Harry waved it off with a breezy laugh. Al?" Nick rephrased it. Nicholas. "So? You haven't gone through it with the guy who only has her best interests in mind." they said in unison. hahaha Chapter Thirty-Six I didn't hesitate for a second. spoke as he motioned to himself and then Harry.. "Who's this?" Harry asked me. braces clear with the smile on his face." "Okay. throwing an arm around my shoulder and pulling me into her for a quick hug. "But how are you guys?" "Good." he sang before dodging another of my potential punches. "Yeah. sure. Nick. "He is not my boyfriend. extending his hand for Nick to shake. He gave me a look. I've already gone through this talk with Al herself. okay. this could be extremely entertaining. I slapped Nick across his shoulder." I muttered back. It's like my heaven! Pinch me. If any of you have even an ounce of a brain. "I'm Zayn and this is Harry. a smirk playing across his lips and his eyes sparkling in amusement." I acknowledged his words." Harry reciprocated quickly. "What gave you the right to kiss Al the way you did?" Nick said with gritted teeth. I only tried to help and that's all I was thinking about. before reassuring Niall.Chapter Thirty-Six Dedication to _HakunaMatata__ because she was very adamant in getting a dedication. "Nick. Don't think I forgot you're the one who put me here. no I did not. I considered speaking up. "So many hot girls around here. "You're Harry?" Nick took a step forward and crossed his arms as he glared at the curly haired boy. "Told you it'd be people you like." I said through gritted teeth.. "Yeah. Did you miss me. I punched his arm and he staggered under the sudden force. Nick ignored the hand "This is my best friend. she would have gotten teased incessantly." Niall appeared beside me." "Al-" Nick started but I gave him one simple silencing glare before turning on my heel and stalking towards the girls. "Had I not done what I did. you'd stay here." Nick straightened up and even I have to admit. A look of pure horror flashed across Niall's features as he took a half step away from me. Harry and Zayn then wandered their way over. Cool. "That looked like quite a conversation…" Andie smirked." The blonde immediately introduced himself to my best friend and I watched with a knowing smirk as Nick gave a bored wave." "So you did. if it makes you feel better about yourself. "It's real. annoying girl.

" Trinity then motioned to the other three girls there. "Dang. quiff boy. "Your head and a toilet!" I replied back innocently. Kind of looked like they were arguing." Faith giggled under her breath.he'd never give me the time of day. bye. nothing. before making a bee-line straight to the food table. his focus still on Harry." Breathe. "Oh. They'll be married by the end of the night. "You should have told me." I said farewell to the group again. because I thought he'd actually get along quite well with Liam and Louis. very sure. "Nice to meet you. yeah. "What's obvious?" "Oh." Trinity said as normally as she could. "Hi! I'm Trinity!" Immediately Trinity pushed herself into the middle of them with a bright smile. "Thing I've ever heard. I'm surprised though." Laugh. Manners. But nope. "The. ~ . I really expected him to start flirting with every single girl here. At this point. "That. taking my arm and dragging me back to where the boys were." Nick said." Zayn contributed to the inside joke. you know? But maybe that will be after he picks fights with One Direction." "Are you sure about that?" Niall quirked his eyebrows at me before shoving a couple of chips into his mouth. You really aren't too good at picking up on things. nodding her head towards the brunet. almost doubling over in my roaring bursts of laughter. "Whatever. "Yup. "Ridiculous. Because it obviously wasn't. "Shuttup. My eyes wandered back to where the four boys were still standing. "Looks like you two hit it off. "That Nick likes you. "Nick. Instead. Nick would never like me. "Is. "Should have told you what?" Goodness gracious. who do you think it's going to be?" Trinity tilted her head. Seriously. "Isn't it obvious?" Faith asked. "Very.' "Alright. Nothing at all. "That's Nick right?" Ariana burst into my thoughts. She had meant to just mumble it to Ariana. I was all too aware of the fact that Niall was following me. He's always been like a brother to me. are you?" Niall teased. I burst out laughing. whatever you say. eyes sparkling as she knew this question was going to annoy me. Nick decides that he's going to hold a grudge against Harry and be a total butt about everything." Trinity suggested. She was having an intense laughing fit in her head. Ah. if they keep going the way they're going." I shrugged. sure." Laugh. something else had to go wrong. And Simone strikes again. And." Niall said as if it was the most obvious fact in the world." I said with complete sincerity." I wagged a finger at him. not even thinking for a second that what Niall said might be true. Nick nodded. Their faces were animated. It was pretty amusing." I stuck my tongue out. Maybe it was a bad idea to bring Nick here. of course. That would be him in all his glory. not being able to conceal the small bark of laughter. a little louder than she planned." Laugh."We were talking about our ships. "Yeah. but not in a good way. even managing a grin. very.. Al. what is up your butt this afternoon?" I slapped his shoulder." Niall made conversation as we observed the different types of food Marie had made. but I knew that girl. was it everyone's goal to confuse me today? Here I thought having Nick here would be something fun. "Nick." Breathe. I turned to her with a raised eyebrow. Plus he has too much fun chasing after blonde barbies . Uh. has Al become a softy? Three weeks ago she'd have thrown a fit and probably punched a wall or something!" Faith gasped in fake shock. "I'm gonna go grab some food. how about you go introduce us to Nick before he gets thrown out of here for punching Harry. I managed to look towards Nick just as a certain blonde Barbie started making her way towards him." Nick nodded again. Faith and Andie. "Shuttup. all talking to each other." "Ariana. yet everyone else heard it. the two were perfect together. "Most. I'm not at all his 'type.

Totally awesome though.Yeah. though… It was the most frightening. lately.. We were like 200 feet in the air and had to walk on these tiny little wire things. Heh. Party party party. Now I'm going to go make an omelette because I love food a lot. LOVE YOU GUYS! Instagram/Twitter . Yup. I know it's not a particularly long chapter and I apologize for that.katie-talks-a-lot. I love how the author's note has become my rambling section where I tell you guys about my life. I swear.tumblr. Something exciting happened the other day. scary. And next week is hell week for the show I'm in. though! I conquered an Odyssey Ropes Course. My brain has decided to stop working. I tried to write this quickly so you'd have something to read. heart-pounding experience ever. But I wanted to get this uploaded because I got way over 1. Which means nine hour rehearsals every night.. I'm a cool ~ Dedication to a commenter ~ . and autumnsramblings.000 comments on the last chapter! Since that made me super happy.MyHeartsMistake Tumblrs .

she just doesn't want Nick to catch your diseases." Trinity grinned. Jealousy is not a good trait on him. Liam or Harry." Zayn had a half smile. "We met already. her hand on Nick's neck and side pressed up against his. no one else can?" "No. a french manicured hand landing on his shoulder as she tried to get as close to him as possible. When you were too busy making googly eyes at Harry. but it might just be that. His curls are hypnotizing. eyes flitting around her to make sure everyone was still at least ten feet away. I like being lazy. Trinity spoke up first. Niall. Honestly. Simone tilted her head before sighing. shooting me a condescending look. as he gave a sly wink towards my friend." "Mate. "I have socks at the ready . but it was quite obvious that Trinity's threat had fazed her. not even attempting to conceal the smirk that appeared while Simone took a few steps away from Nick. if you're not having fun. I sped towards Miss Flirt. poor Al. and that no one was even paying us a second's glance. "Are you a mad woman?" "Do you even need to ask that?" Trinity laughed a maniacal laugh that confirmed the fact that her looks simply concealed the crazy. hands clasped onto her lap and a patient facial expression." After informing Niall. because despite you not telling us-" "Which we're very disappointed about!" Andie interrupted." I supplied the information. "Finally! The girl of the hour! Alright. . as I mirrored Nick's actions and crossed my own arms." I directed. one that made my bones ache. "I'm starting to be worried about the three of yours sanity. Simone tried to keep a neutral expression. now that we are all here. Zayn. Yet here I am. "It wasn't that at all. I'm going to go save my best friend. She was probably having flashbacks to one of the nights at the house when Trinity started flinging socks at her. Nick has the whole 'best friend since baby days' thing going on. "Well. I mean.and I'm not afraid to use them. "What? Can I not complain?" "It's not a good look for you. "So long. confusion written across his face." Trinity appeared and pulled Simone's hand off of the boy." I tripped over my feet as she dragged me towards Faith and Andie. I wouldn't blame you. indulging in the drama that you all bring into my life!" Nick. "Ruining all the fun? Again? Oh." Nick muttered. The three of them responded with creepy grins. hello. "They're stupidly curly. "I haven't sat down in the past four hours… Do you know how sad that is?" I spoke. mental girl inside." I snorted out a laugh while Nick started sputtering. It's really hard to tell the separation from 'brother' to 'potential lover'. I'm Nick. shall we start our business?" Andie asked in a professional way." "Socks?" Nick inputed. "Step away from him. She was happy to know that they were. Simone and Niall all raised their eyebrows at me. "We're far enough away. taking my hand and then twiddling her fingers towards the boys. his sight flickering back and forth to Trinity. her back straight like a rod. Trinity. "I like sitting down. Niall has shown interest in you." Nick's charm turned on immediately. Boredom brings out the best in people. my butt falling into the place on the sofa next to Andie. Nick. right?" Faith asked in hesitation. She sashayed up to my best friend. "Al! Why didn't you tell me you had such attractive male friends? What sorcery did you use on him to make him be your friend?" Simone cooed. Trinity rolled her eyes. "Trin? Trinity! Hello.Chapter Thirty-Seven Dedication to @Amber_99 :) Chapter Thirty-Seven The blonde flipped her hair dramatically while letting out a tinkling giggle. not falling for his flirt at all. arms crossing. What in steak's heaven is going on with you guys?" I groaned in annoyance. "Trin is a professional sock hitter. "So we decided that we couldn't decide who likes you more.

go outside with Trinity and Faith. "Lay down. six boys were leaning over me and reaching out to 'help' me. He's probably waiting for you to realize that he could be so much more. Faith was nodding her head up and down like a seesaw. so our plan is-" "I want to explain it!" Andie interrupted. "Or maybe they're all just friends. I covered my mouth to keep from laughing. obnoxious and annoying! Honestly. winded from her long monologue. Considering how you acted around him before and after a one on one conversation with him. Yet everyone else wanted something extreme to happen." Trinity said as if it was obvious. "But we have a plan!" "Oh great. Be. "I don't want them to believe that. Harry has been a bit obvious in his advances on you… To the point where it could just be him being comfortable with you and being able to joke with you. Faith huffed and fell farther back into the couch while waiting for Andie to talk." I then made quotation marks with my fingers. Have. we're probably never going to see each other again and he'll fall for some perfectly sculptured girl who won't act indifferent around them! Leave it be." I said in all seriousness. Come on Faith. Me. Nothing would please me more than to have my friends leave me alone about boys. I stared blankly at the three girls who seemed to think they're plan was the best plan ever." I muttered as I crouched down on the pavement outside. Niall said he likes me. something that would change life as I knew it. Maybe that's all they'll ever be. I obeyed every time Trinity moved me to a different direction and I couldn't help thinking how stupid this was. you guys. "Excuse me?" I popped an eyebrow." The two girls leaned over me."As I was saying. She looked more constipated than anxious over her friend's health."'likes me more' you'll leave me alone about it. which is extremely nonexistent." I negotiated. "That's funny." Faith laughed with absolutely no amusement." I tried to conceal my anger as best I could. on the other hand. looks like Andie went already. has nothing to do with you! Yeah. agreeing with every syllable that left Trin's mouth. To. "You're going to go outside and then one of us is going to run towards where the boys are and be all 'Al is outside! She fell!' and then we're going to wait. Andie and Faith an eye roll as I crossed my arms. Maybe it was the fact that I truly hoped none of the boys really liked me. "You know what? Fine. Before I could even blink. "Hush. The one who is always there as a friend. Okay. sure." I said in staccato notes. Or he could be insecure and jokes about it to test the waters. Liam. once this show is over and done with. "Niall has obviously said something to you in private about his feelings towards you. I liked my life the way it was. "Yay! Okay. Faith should never consider becoming an actress. Yet. you have to put yourself into the fetal position. without the drama. I'll do this stupid little experiment of yours just to make you shut up. I'll go tell the boys you hurt yourself!" Andie started directing. And I wanted to make it so I went home and nothing had changed." Trinity took a deep breath. "Denying it won't make it go away. the boy who is the most worried is going to be the one who likes you the most!" "You. taking on expressions of concern. "It's the only way we can officially settle the shipping discussions." Trinity explained." I muttered. I exhaled and gave Trinity. her hand motioning for Faith to be quiet. I started to get a bit too aware of my surroundings and feeling a bit claustrophobic. Leave it alone. okay. the room being strangely filled to the brim considering the past few days it had been virtually empty. letting myself indulge in rolling my eyes dramatically at the three. "They don't like me! Why would they? I'm rude." Trinity glared at Andie for interrupting her before continuing. my teeth were biting into my lip. You do. My love life. After a total of ten seconds. Kidding. Got. Promise that if I do this and you find out which boy. I swatted around to get Harry to help me up from my crouched position." Andie stated. . "Lay down! If you want them to believe that you hurt yourself. Here's a perfect example as to why it's so much better to only have guy friends. We received strange looks from the other girls. has been playing the sweet one. "Yeah. her sharp nails digging into my back as she shoved towards the sliding glass doors." Trinity demanded. without all the attention. we have to look worried.

"See? Didn't work. everything seems to be fine. but I'm totally fine." I couldn't help laugh a tiny. "Oh. I thought she was joking.It makes me want to hug you and squeeze you and buy you One Direction. the other two girls crowding me. see. Really? ~ Hiya! Sorry for the fact it's been over a week since my last ~ Dedication to a commenter ~ ." I waved it off."What's wrong? Are you okay?" Niall poked his head around Louis to ask. I know it's annoyed quite a few of you.tumblr. and you know. My show opens tomorrow. Aw. which means this weekend is going to be nuts. Woohoo! And now that I'm mostly better. that the girls wouldn't start squealing how one certain boy was going to propose marriage before the end of the week. I wrote a few sentences every time I had a second of rest. The boys all murmured something about 'oh' and we all started shuffling back into the house. Make sure you vote! It really means a lot to me if you vote on every chapter . pushing past the others. "What's going on?" Nick asked. I've had no time to write. Between getting a horrible cold (One that made me lay in bed wanting to die) and hell week. c'mon. I felt smug about the fact that all the boys came at the same time. and blacked out for a second. The boys were all pushed together and had quite obviously arrived at the same time. "They're all in love with you! Even Trin's boyfriend!" Faith gasped. which means preview is tonight. months of hard work finally getting paid off.MyHeartsMistake Tumblrs . Trinity tugged on my arm. the girls got worried. Um. tiny bit at the girls who looked shellshocked. I and autumnsramblings. :) ~ Follow me ~ Instagram/Twitter .katie-talks-a-lot. You guys are stupid. I'm so excited though. YAY FOR FINENESS. but her tone and her face had that of a very serious squirrel.tumblr. This chapter is just pieced together. but THANK YOU to the ones who told me to take my time.

I was hoping that later tonight. and Andie would mutter about how much she loathed Simone." Trinity huffed. Seriously. There was hardly a moment of rest the whole day/night. that today we could just chill out and watch movies all day? I understand if you don't want to and if you want to be alone. her face falling into a pout before immediately brightening up again. She was sleeping last time I checked. you're out of luck on that one." "Fine. ~ "Where's Trinity?" Simone asked. and it took a bit for me to translate from Trinity language into the English language. Trinity took a few steps so she was all the way in the room. trying to figure out if last night had been some crazy. just possibly.Chapter Thirty-Eight Dedication to dumplingxmuffins :) Chapter Thirty-Eight My eyes peeled open the next morning. Zayn kept making googly eyes at Trinity. before shutting the door behind her. still sleep ridden. I've been asleep for the past month and this is just a really long and drawn out nightmare?" I asked as I popped up on my bed and made a contorted face at the brown haired girl who must have eaten Smiley Flakes for breakfast. I. I think we should let her rest. I got to spend the rest of the night being the medium between everyone.' So yeah. messed up dream. and finally forced myself to stand up off the bed. Maybe I'll get some dirt on how much the boys talk about you when you're not there!" Trinity winked conspiratorially. grabbing out a pair of jean shorts and a TARDIS t-shirt. totally a random topic here that I haven't been thinking about all morning. Her blue eyes (that were surrounded by three inches of eye make-up) glanced around the room as if thinking she had overlooked Trinity. "Let's go get cinnamon buns and start our marathon!" "Jeez. I totally understand if you don't want too! It's just a question. Once nine pm rolled around. I don't mind. Marie made cinnamon buns and left them in the kitchen. Trin wasn't one to talk more than she usually needed to unless she was coming up with some plan to shove me at some guy. I nibbled on my lip for a split second. "Wasn't feeling too well. Faith wouldn't shut up about how everyone's in love with me and it's just not fair. weird." Trinity rambled off. and since we all have to be present tomorrow. By the way. And I figured that since yesterday was quite stressful with surprise visits from everyone. Ah. you could maybe cover for me? Zayn said he was gonna try and come by and we could walk around or something… Do you think you could do that? I mean. her voice just as annoying as usual. I just thought you could join me maybe. After the epically failed 'plan'. What do you say about Thor. just a head's up. I groaned and shook my head. "Sure.. Okay. Last night actually happened. "Yo! Girl who's supposedly stealing my boyfriend! Wake up!" Trinity yelled as she poked her head into the room with a bright smile. "I approve of those movies. for one. "Don't do that. doesn't her face hurt from smiling so much? "Sorry. That explained her awkward nervousness.. don't want her passing sickness on to me. "Duh. But hey. "Do you think that maybe. Nick couldn't go near Harry without wanting to wring his neck. I nodded my head in thanks as I stripped out of my pajamas and yanked on my outfit for the day. you get a boyfriend and suddenly everything is happy daisy!" I muttered as she dragged me into the kitchen." . I felt like the day hadn't actually happened. Cara's not in a great mood tonight. Louis and Niall tried to make me drink some sort of strange concoction drink that I'm pretty sure would have poisoned me. lying had never been my forte. my hair flying out around me. before shrugging. and if you don't want to I'll totally be okay with it!" Trinity rushed out. Captain America. Simone was in there complaining about how many calories they have in them and Cara told her to 'shove off then and take some chill pills and then leave us alone otherwise I'll yank your fake eyelashes off." "Seriously? Ahh! You're a lifesaver. Nick was on his way home. Iron Man and then The Avengers?" I offered. With a hug and a slap across the head. leaning against the door. it had way too much drama for my liking. I shuffled towards the drawers of my things. Dangit. It was odd. the limos came to take everyone back to the airport.

I mean. I hurried through the rest of my meal. just as I shoved a spoonful of garlic mash potatoes into my mouth. Al. "At least she's intelligent and will probably get into college. That's when the final ceremony will take place in the living room.Since I had already talked to Miranda. then? No confusion?" Miranda checked. alright? Don't know if I like you hanging around those boys. Each of our heads snapped up to see what she wanted. I snuck into Trinity's room. didn't get paid enough for this. Do us all a favor and just don't speak at all. "Enjoy the rest of your night. a girl sneaking off to see her secret boyfriend. When I looked towards Simone. Then I decided a topic change was in order. Instead she was engrossed by her phone." Cara looked pointedly at Simone who stuck her tongue out in response. there wasn't much fuss over her not being present at dinner. Me: Yeah. I hope she feels better soon. trying to keep them mauling five popstars. my mouth full of dinner. too bad this guy signed a contract so I can't leave until I get voted off. When I thought about it. . "The boys will be arriving around 10am. "Girls!" Miranda clapped her hands together." "Penta-what?" Jules asked. They're pretty chill. Nick: Except maybe Louis and Zayn." Simone looked up for a second and gave me a look of exasperation. Make sure you're ready by 10am!" Miranda chirped." I said in all seriousness. My own eyes widened. "Are we all good. They'll be around and we'll be doing interviews." I groaned. "She'll probably feel better by tomorrow. and you'll be able to relax until 4pm. "Poor girl. and then bid the ladies a goodnight. which consisted of fried chicken. unlike someone else sitting at this table. girls. as I stared back at the girl who was standing at the door with her hair up and a pink tint to her cheeks. her eyes huge as she stared at me. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked at it for the first time all day. she had been corralling teenage girls around for the past month. "HOLY-" Trinity cut herself off from yelling. Those that are staying as they are chosen for the final three. her fork pushing her food around on her plate. "I want to go over tomorrow's schedule with you. Nick: Touche. We all went silent. she really didn't need to check up on her. Nick: Made it home safely (Incase you cared. She. and I couldn't think of anything to say that would break that silence. "You speak a lot of nonsense. Jules starting to nibble on her thumbnail and Cara's eyes were comically wide.since you should know the rules by heart by now. you could see it in her eyes and the way she hadn't eaten a single piece of food. Imagine how much it must suck to get sick right before finding out who the final three are?" Jules sighed a bit. she was probably just as fed up with this show as I was. We nodded. But I wasn't that kind of person and I'd probably end up offending her. Thank the heavens for Marie. basically the most incredible acapella group of all time… Except when Legaci does acapella covers. The poor girl. her voice monotone. I thought that only happened in those teen books or cliche movies. before leaving the four of us alone. I realized she wasn't even listening to my explanation for Trinity's absence. that way if anyone decided to check up on her. will be staying as usual. which means you must be dressed and ready for the day . before going back to her phone. I swear. Sucks right? That guy should get punched repeatedly. They're a singing group. The girl really didn't care about anyone but herself. She was anxious about the next day." I said. trying to get the attention of the four of us. "Pentatonix. most likely. Worst habit of mine would be texting someone and then forgetting I even own a phone. "Apparently Pentatonix is doing a concert in my hometown tonight and I can't go because I'm here. And One Direction. Hurriedly. folding the paper up and staring at the five of us.) Get your butt back here soon. telling the older lady that no." Miranda read off a sheet. And cute boys. I could make up some kind of reason as to why she was not there. both separate and group. Then they're tied. I wanted to comfort her and tell her she had more than a fifty percent chance of staying. The two girls voted off will say their goodbyes and the limo will take them to the airport where they will catch their flights to their hometowns.

her face completely content after her night. "Stop being so afraid of falling in love!" ~~~ Aren't you guys lucky ducks? Early update! I just drank apple juice and I'm pretty happy. Except for the fact that I have to start a seven page thesis page paper. making the entire bed move with her." Trinity giggled. I really do just pick a comment I like and then I dedicate it to them. Zayn's so sweet. IT SUCKS SO BAD. I got so used to seeing my cast mates every day :/ True story. But having four days off is depressing me. yup. like. you'll never guess what he told me!" "The way you're making it sound… You're making it sound like it has something to do with me. Love you guys! Please please please vote! It'd make me so happy if I could get to 100. Even he is. cool. Heh. okay well I'm gonna go to bed." Trinity gossiped. she seemed so girly. He doesn't know if any of the boys really like you. But dude. He wanted to know if it was some kind of act. I don't dedicate chapters to people who ask. "That's great. I had already opened the door and stepped away when she called out. study for two chemistry tests (thanks to hell week I got behind -.000 votes on this story! <3 ~ Dedication to a commenter ~ . Once she was over her initial scare of seeing me in her room. Especially since some of my friends are going and they keep posting FB statuses about it :( Just a head's up. She smacked me lightly across the arm before bouncing up and down on her legs. I'll see you in the morning. "Apparently Zayn thinks you possess some kind of magical power. apparently they usually stray from those kind of topics. "He was talking about how all the boys are intrigued by you. if you behave the way you do around them. to a point. Pentatonix is in Hawaii next week and I can't go to their concert (even though I could've afforded the VIP tickets) because I have a performance that night. write and pretend like I have no responsibilites in my life. and we're planning on twice the audience for the next two weekends. I told him you do and he kind of seemed amazed by that.-) and a ton of math. around us. So I'm psyched about that. But he said they talk about you quite a lot around their house. "I take it you had a good night. You're more likely to get a dedication if you simply comment what you think about it :P It doesn't go to the person with the longest comment or the most thoughtful comment (Though those usually stand out more)." I drawled out slowly. already wary about what was about to come out of Trinity's mouth." I pushed myself off her bed before shooting her a small smile. Thanks for all your well wishes for my show! Opening weekend went great. Jeez.she shut the door behind her and jumped onto the bed. she started giggling and smiling like a madman. "It was wonderful." I stated more than said. So what do I do? Drink apple juice. And I have to clean my room.

but being 5'7 and trying to grab things on the 6'8 shelf? I learned how to become a monkey when it came to kitchens. Trinity ratted me out at noon. I should become a comedian." Harry rolled his eyes at me. So I backed away from the five pairs of eyes. walking straight towards me. as I continued to hold onto his arm. that the green eyed monster that lives under your bed would eat your toes. peering into the kitchen. before becoming overcome with laughter once again." Liam said. Not that funny. I tried to peel the tinfoil. which had ten toes. nodding my head as if I was very intent in their conversation. Now… If you please excuse me. spoke up as he walked up to me. The kind that leaves you on the floor in a fetal position. I could hear the other boys laugh before going on with their own conversations. I tried to calm." I replied with equal amount of sarcasm. Once he saw me on the ground." I muttered as the five guys surrounded me once I left my room. breathing in and out before finally looking Harry in the eye. "Why are you so nice?" I decided to question as I hopped up on the counter to grab a pop tart that happened to be on the tallest level. I reached out and grabbed ahold of his upper arm. but it wasn't cooperating.Chapter Thirty-Nine Dedication to keepcalmand_dotherow (: Chapter Thirty-Nine "Al!" "It's Al!" "Al!" "Hey Al!" "Ali!" "Well goodness. My eyes widened a bit as he grasped onto my arm. and propelled me towards the kitchen." Niall interrupted with a smirk. "That's a funny joke. "My mom told me when I was little that when you're rude or inconsiderate." Louis continued with the discussion. I bit my lip in annoyance." "What?" Harry seemed to be more puzzled now." Liam announced loudly. sarcasm seeping through his voice. "I know. Seriously. although I had been growing hungry so heading towards the kitchen sounded like a good idea anyways. I will give you all a discount. only wanting food at that moment of time. "I'd pay to see your show. yet comfortable. "Get up. "Liam thought I didn't have any toes. "Ah. hoisting myself slowly while still laughing. I stayed hidden in my room until the last minute possible." "Get this girl food stat before she starts biting peoples' heads off.not you guys." "What did you do to Al?" Harry asked. but then chaos ensued. but Liam is dang strong. I raised an eyebrow. man. A girl gotta eat. He simply grinned as he brandished his arms to the cupboards filled with food. He breathed out all of a sudden and I burst into laughter. leaning into him just a bit. Liam's eyes immediately snapped down to my feet. "He…" I started. I considered digging my feet into the ground and refusing to go any farther. Once the treat was in my hand. Despite Miranda's 10am call. ha ha." Niall.especially when I wasn't exactly all that kind to him. yes. I haven't eaten since last night's dinner and that's basically three years in Al time. Not the 'hehe that was funny hehe' it was more of a 'oh my gosh I literally cannot breath I think I need to go to the hospital' kind of laughter. as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Dude was buff. I'm not exactly short. "Say 'I' if you think Al is on drugs." I pondered as I put down the pop tart and let my eyes wander downward. Like a pillow. who apparently had been behind Harry. "Oh… So that's why I don't have any toes. he stepped onto the tile floor and crouched beside me. unsure as to how someone could be so sweet . lightly. Unfortunately. "Isn't this considered like… Involuntary movement or something?" I asked as we entered the kitchen. The living room had been quiet when I entered. puzzled by my laugh attack. . it's like I'm the celebrity here . "And the show would be twice as funny with Niall laughing every five seconds.

aware that. I cracked a small smile. "That's probably true. trying once again to open it. I bit my lip. "I am not! Dude. but because you keep flitting your eyes towards the door. "You guys are like puppies who don't know where to go so they just attach themselves to the first human they see and follow them everywhere." Liam and Harry chorused." "What? Who said that?" I glanced quickly at him. "I can see it. Why I had to be the leader was a mystery. "You want to go home. which surprised me. " which I succeeded in doing. Knowing Cara. Bro. Liam believed me when I said I didn't have any toes. "She's talking about Trinity. they were playing follow the leader. "Let me try. It was funny!" I protested. "Every person's dream. "Oh no! Of course we all wanted to do this! I mean. you're getting paid for this. trying my best to rearrange my facial features into indifference. "Way to go Sherlock. "Aha. "Are you insinuating that you didn't?" I gasped in fake horror." "Oy." Niall said. a victorious grin flashing across his face. who was insisting she had a funny story to tell. Plus you've been texting a lot more now. I think it's all starting to catch up with me." Niall supplied. "Stop." "I thought Nick left?" Harry asked in confusion. "So…" Niall trailed off before clearing his throat. Niall decided to join me." I said thoughtfully as I found Trinity and Zayn in a conversation. "Okay. all you needed was a strong man!" "Ha! Ha! That's funny!" I said with great sarcasm." It was more of a statement than a question. she probably wasn't lying." "Because that automatically means we all wanted to do this. "Woof?" Harry offered a weak bark. I started walking towards the living room. again. turning to give them an annoyed look. He ripped it open. you know? Not that you really care… I mean. I was extremely aware of the fact the three were following me. watching everyone else. "Yeah. Not only because you seem more annoyed by us than usual. I think this house is getting smaller and the people inside are getting more and more frustrating." "Where are you going?" Niall asked as I started to head towards the door. "You're homesick." I murmured. instead of looking at me. . his hand reaching for it." I said through a smile. but alas… I must go conquer the world." Liam crossed his own arms. "Ah! The ice queen is melting!" Liam declared. better be careful the cameras don't pick up on what you're saying. "I'm going to go talk to my best friend. I settled for sitting on the couch. while Liam and Harry bid me adieu and went over to Cara." I didn't answer his question. Back to the real issue here… I can't freaking open the pop tart!" I produced the tinfoil wrapping."I. "Is it just me or are you all five times more annoying than usual?" "Is it just us or are you five times more irritated with us than usual?" Harry replied. Niall simply telling me something I already knew. what's better than being told you're going to be on a reality game show where none of the decisions are yours? Knowing that there will be thirty girls who are going to be following you around?" Niall took on a high pitched happy voice. Before going back to his normal tone to say. well it was great talking to you three. eyes set in front of him. I considered my options for a moment before letting him take him. I didn't believe you.quite obviously understanding it. you're not an actor." Niall's sarcasm matched my own. Letting a huff leave my lips." Niall offered. I had been starting to think he didn't understand sarcasm. boy. arms crossing and an annoyed expression taking place of my previous laughing face." I held out a palm to add emphasis to the word. sure. "Psh. I was trying to make you laugh . It's not exactly easy to be away from everything you know to be taken up in this whole new world. yet here he was .

my eyes searching around until they finally laid on Trinity.I do enjoy emotional dramas as well. I turned to Niall to see a small smile back on his face. Well. Also. Which would then be the longest story I've ever written so I'm just gonna applaud myself on that. Maybe you'll get your wish. There's pizza calling my name so I must go. Then tweet them and tell then @MyHeartsMistake sent you :P Because I freaking adore them and if they ever followed me I think I'd bathe in Arizona Green Tea. I've been think you know. I can't promise anything. I advertise so many things in this story… And a lot of you have told me that you've checked out a story/tv show because I've mentioned it. Ali. all traces of sadness had been wiped away." Niall said. so I'd really love it if you checked out the external link and dropped a comment or a vote on it! Hope you guys have a greeeeeat Easter weekend! Next chapter is the FINAL THREE REVEAL! Who do you think is going home? Who do you think is staying? Hmmmmmmmmm."They wouldn't dare air anything that the Niall Horan says badly about this show . I'm really proud of it.. Someone asked me how much longer this story has… Well (if everything goes as I have planned) it will be 50 chapters long. Even the ones who put up the best facades. I think it'll show you that I don't just write humorous stories . but you never know. His eyes met mine as he nodded towards Trin. "Everyone has an off day. I'm addicted to Once Upon a Time. Check it out.. almost bitterly.. She was no longer engrossed in conversation with Zayn.they wouldn't dare it. instead she was smiling while talking to Jules. HEY YOU YEAH YOU THE ONE WHO'S STARING AT THEIR SCREEN AND THINKING TO THEMSELVES 'WHY AM I STILL READING? THE CHAPTER IS OVER THIS GIRL IS CRAZY WHAT THE HECK IS SHE TALKING ABOUT' YEAH YOU. Love you guys! -Katie ~ Dedication to a commenter ~ .. I'm good at that." ~~~ Help." I commented offhandedly." We fell silent. "You okay? You seem so upset. I should get an awesome job where I get paid to promote things. you should check out the blurb to my new Ed Sheeran story called The Lyric Project. "Tell her I say hello and… Al?" "Yeah?" "The voting is in a few hours. I'm also addicted to the song Sanctuary by Paradise Fears right now.

"You look constipated." "I'm not entirely sure if that's a compliment or not." I shrugged. the Susan one. "You sure are a character. They'd been gone for twenty minutes already and with every second that ticked by. Just then. and immediately Trinity clasped onto my hand. freaking out and having a heart attack over them noticing my existence.Same with you. I. it doesn't really matter. it just means that it pushed me down the road I am now. was nervously nibbling on her pointer finger's nail. huh?" I said while watching the girls all standing around. obviously tense. So I'm going to pretend it is. was having a grand old conversation with a cameraman. "Sometimes I wonder if events hadn't happened in my past… If I would be on this show and if I would be like them." Cole murmured before going over to take over his camera again. hon. despite the fact she had won a boyfriend in the whole experience. atmosphere that surrounded the entire house freaked me out." Cole shook his head with a fond smile. "You're not at all nervous about the impending votes?" "Not really. Either way. Because do you honestly think I'd be the same if my brother hadn't died? Probably not: that helped shaped me. We were all ((Ahem. "Why aren't you in there? Filming? As I remember. who was much older and greying. In life. they were all) anticipating what was going to happen when the boys walked back from their 'meeting' in the farther room. She laughed when she saw it before leaning over and whispering in my ear. She squeezed tight. Why focus on what you can't change and focus on what you can? I don't mean changing your life so everything is the way others want it. and a half. "Yeah. Doesn't mean it's any less of who I am. Thanks! Means a lot!" With a cheery (Quite fake) grin. would I be happier? Would everyone else be happier?" "You are who you are. Would everything work out better. "Good luck. and leaned against a railing. You know. He chuckled at the joke I told him. Would I have made it past the first week? Probably not. I tried. Close friends? Ha. I'll be home! I'll finally get to go back to the life I've been missing for the past month and a half. And yeah. I didn't run away from someone trying to help me." Cole nodded his head towards the other guy. and I sent her the most reassuring smile I could muster. the room grew tenser. his brown eyes glued onto Trinity. If I get to go home. you can't please everyone -that's one of the main rules of life.Chapter Forty Dedication to EmDirectioner :) Chapter Forty The heavy. "It's been so amazing here with you guys… We've gotten to become quite close friends with you all. Every girl was so serious around me. that was your job…" "They don't need that many cameramen. "Thanks. the cameras panning out dramatically so that the girls at home would see the drama that was about to take place. . the boys will be coming back any moment now. each one wearing a somber face as they pondered about what they would do if they got voted off. He gave me a quick nod and a smile before zooming in on the other girls.They each took their place in front of the girls." Miranda called out. something might have changed you… Most people do have that happen in their life. I guess they're all pretty entertaining. on the other hand." Cole gave me advice and for the first time. "You could charm the pants off of a skunk. Remember Cole? Yup. letting my eyes wander to the door. I'll just have to deal with another week of the same things I've been dealing with for the past month. It had basically become a stump in the past hour. My feet trudged over to where the four other girls were. That's why Joe and I get to parol out here.looking somber." Zayn started off. Al. I gave a cheesy thumb's up." I shrugged. Cole-" "Girls! Get into line. If I stay. Even Trinity. indifferent to everything around me." "Eh. I mean letting yourself become who you're meant to be. the doors opened and the five boys exited . The camera's rolling getting shots of the nervous girls over there.

But apparently. shall we?" Liam said as he looked at Jules." Niall shrugged and my conversation that I had had with him previously came to mind. I'm sure Trinity or I could have murdered him on the spot. accepting a hug from each of the boys as well as a large. Then she tossed her hair and shot the camera a smile." Harry simply said those three words before looking to Liam to continue. "The first girl to be in our top three… Drumroll please. his dimples showing. we'd have let all thirty girls win. like she thought she was in a dream and she was going to wake up any moment. but we know that this will not be the last time we meet. The blonde's face lit up like a Christmas tree. vote you off. Trinity!" Liam said the second Harry finished telling me." Liam finished. Her fingers were still in mine. "That didn't happen. ." Except for Simone. I actually have a shot at going home. it's not because we love you any less than the other girls." She said quietly. Simone and Trinity. as they all crowded in together to give me a group hug." "Welcome to the final three. I hid my laugh as best as possible. that's not allowed. It got a nervous laugh out of us. She made her way down to the front. "Simone…" Zayn started off. She actually laughed. "You're all beautiful. Louis. "Thank you. He opened his mouth. "YES!" I yelled. "Cara. "I'm really sorry. and they waited impatiently to hear who would be in the top three. By that time. we've loved getting to know you better… We just don't think you're the right fit for the final three. Louis took over next. as she clenched tightly.honestly. Louis immediately started hitting Harry on the arms while making strange noises. Harry had a wide smile on his face. I followed shortly. "Al. grinning like a madman as Trinity hugged Niall." The girl's eyes became so wide. We all knew that I wouldn't care if I got voted off. cleared his throat. I'm sorry. I prayed. have a party and be done with it. "Oh well. "The next girl in our top three to join Cara… Is Jules. licked his lips. "If we don't choose you. turned my life upside down." Liam said back. You'll be going home. "I can't believe it. we thought we'd meet you. well I kind of got clumped together with the other girls not by choice. but I didn't look them. Liam. I could hear the five boys laughing and discussing my reaction. went to the farthest corner and crossed her arms. I didn't care about this stupid show anyway. I looked at Trinity. before hugging me one last time and going down to accept her poster. I was afraid they would pop out of their sockets and hit one of the boys in the face." I said under my breath to the five boys who had. "Simone and Al… We're sorry to see you leave. who had tear droplets in her eyes as she let a small smile shine through. We all huddled together. "And this was not at all an easy decision. I hoped." Her face fell momentariy before she laughed. as he took a small step forward. Harry and then Zayn. opened his mouth. "Just tell me already. closed his mouth. until I finally got annoyed and snapped out. "Al…" The silence seemed to drone on forever. ignoring the boys. "Since I'm pretty sure you're going to have a panic attack if we don't get the names out soon… Let's continue." Liam smiled widely before going over to help her down the stairs. Her smile was so wide. "We knew you didn't want to be here. one of a kind autographed poster. turning to hug Trinity and squeeze her as tight as possible. Cara." Holy crap." Simone then flounced down. If we could. That's when I realized it was down to me and Trinity. that she would be staying." The five of them chuckled before Zayn nudged Harry to tell me whether I was staying or going. sweet girls. quite literally. although it definitely was not an easy task. And I didn't want to be the one to dash it all. licked his lips. But you'll be going home." Niall's words seemed directed towards me. but this whole thing meant something to Trinity. We're not so dense that we'd make you stay when you'd much rather go home and be normal again." Niall said in his announcer voice."This whole experience was more than we ever expected it to be . probably already planning her acceptance speech. All four were pale white. We picked the ones we thought would get the most out of being in the final three.

I know I'll keep these friendships. Comment what you think."Plus Trinity is smoking hot. They're not going to fall down overnight. each one sporting a smile. "I don't want any of you guys getting big heads. I learned a lot and I made some really great girl friends . But yeah. I couldn't let Al win the show. Maybe there's more to them than meets the eye. Well. you hear?" I warned before giving out my very first compliment to the boy band One Direction. Trinity is beautiful. I'm going to take a nap because stress has taken over my life and I don't like it. "These past few weeks… Yeah. and Louis moved to smack him in the head. When they crowded around me again to squeeze the living daylights out of me. @MyHeartsMistake. I found out a lot about myself too. I'm going home. they weren't all that bad. but you five sure have helped start chipping away with your axes." Zayn inputed. "Well. "And you know what? I've made five new friends with this boy band that I use to absolutely despise. I think some of you did. Bye guys :) Have a brilliant day! -Katie ~ Dedication to a commer ~ . Go follow me on Twitter! I'll be giving all of my new followers a lollipop. even if I had tried :P I'm sorry. that's when it hit me." I finished off my speech. In a different way. ~~~~~ WOAH I BET YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING. I'm not in exactly a good mood right now so I won't be babbling on in my author's note." "Aw!" They chorused. But man. maybe I do have a lot of walls surrounding me." "Loverboy seemed to be a bit bias when it came to the the two of you…" Harry added with a laugh. you are too. Did you expect this? Didn't expect it? What do you think is going to happen? What team are you on? Hmmmm the questions of life.

let's go home!" Oh. "Lonely." "Nope. NiallTheCoolestPersonEver: You're gone. I heaved my bag onto my shoulder and raced up into my room. "I just figured you'd have more things since it was a month." My mom teased easily as she started pushing me towards the actual baggage claim area. and I even let her pull me into a tight hug. Whatever shall we do? . a desk with a swivel chair (the best kind of chair!) and a dresser full of t-shirts and shorts. TFiOS quotes pinned up." A voice burst into my thoughts. Carly Rae Jepsen." "I think I'm good on the British accents. It was exactly the same as I remembered it: various music posters scattered the walls. Al!!" My mom's voice was the first thing I heard as I entered the baggage claim. thank you very much. We arrived at the stereotypical suburb house. everything had changed since the last time I was here. throwing my bag onto the mussed up bed. "Your phone is going off. the air hitting me like a ton of bricks. I just rewashed every three days. "Over here. Katy Perry. no longer shall we go without a person to tease incessantly!" Caleb took on a posh accent. a black bedspread. "Caleb! Devin! Nick!" "Al!" They mirrored my over-exagerated excitement. now I would be able to get on with my life." Devin stated as he pointed to my bed. I turned to see three boys. "Talking to yourself is a bad habit you know. scrunching up my eyebrows and sticking out my tongue. Sure enough. But oh. Once the car was parked. noticing that I had twenty new messages.Chapter Forty-One Dedication to salthearts :) Chapter Forty-One The second I stepped off the plane. "Home sweet home." "Dear heavens. "You idiots. Not the life of a girl trapped on a TV show with five other popstars. grey carpet." I replied back with confusion. how have you been?" I gave them each a chest bump hug. "But alas. I grinned. before rushing forward to yank my army bag off the spinning thing. white exterior walls with plants lining the edges with a simple grey door. before grinning again and messing up my hair affectionately. baby!" "I know. "Yup. I could sense my mother wanting to ask me a thousand questions about the show and what happened. It was also a bit strange. I eyed the different suitcases. the three boys who had always been there for me. "Oh my." "Darn! I'll make sure I call Justin Bieber. "Wait. making me jump ever so slightly. But that was all over now." I hinted and she smiled back. "Okay." I said with happiness. the phone was lighting up every few seconds. mom. Holy freakadoodle french toast. the passing scenery made me want to scream with joy. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift and shoo them out of the house before we get close. "I also want to get home and not have an impending meeting with five popstars. is that all you have?" My mom questioned with a raised eyebrow towards my small bag and my small backpack. how sweet it was that I was home. goofy grins on each of their faces. We stepped outside. This is sad. "We'll even take on British accents in case you start to miss them. We had no one to make fun of." she shook her head before pushing me towards the car." Devin fake pouted." I made a face. She shrugged before starting to walk again. how sweet those words were. We were silent on the entire ride home. I'm looking forward to a home cooked meal. it's been a while since I've seen you. I picked it up. They're the exact same as the ones I left with. I felt a rush of freedom.

looks like I'll be going to Florida!" The rest of the day was spent with the three boys.NiallTheCoolestPersonEver: Did you arrive home safely? Text me back so I know! LiamIsIncredible: Hi. That night. yeah. it would be massively appreciated :) TheFantasticalHarry: Hiiiii! TheFantasticalHarry: Allllllllll! TheFantasticalHarry: The house is so quiet without your sarcastic comments being spewed out every few seconds. After spending 7 weeks with the same people. Don't kill me please :) Trinity: Allison Grate. Figured since you're gone it doesn't matter anymore. "That's not fair!" "You sound like a girl. because hello. since you're probably wondering… You left your phone in the living the other day so we all put our numbers in and we took yours :) Hope you don't mindddd! TheFantasticalHarry: Are you dead? Did you die? I sure hope not. Trinity: Runner-ups are allowed five guests. Zayn: Hope you're doing well. Al. MY GOODNESS AL ANSWER YOUR DARNED PHONE. playing football at the park. and eating my mom's cooking. But that night. Trinity: So this week we're flying to Florida and we're staying in a beach house until Sunday. Hehe. It's Liam! LiamIsIncredible: If you could let us know your plane landed. "You're going to Florida?" Caleb asked as he peered over my shoulder. We find out who wins on Friday. You'll be flying out to Florida in a few days. the winner is allowed twenty. Sleep had always come easily to me. All the boys are talking about you not replying." I teased him. Trinity: Either charge your phone or look at it. KingLouis: Liam is having a panic attack. "But yeah. KingLouis: And now Niall is freaking out. hopefully we'll see you soon! xx LiamIsIncredible: Oh. rolling over and being constantly restless. Then I realized. did I really want . he thinks you're dead. I laid there. I laid in bed not being able to sleep. KingLouis: Now Harry's in on it. KingLouis: You remember that prank we did two days ago? I completely forgot about it… KingLouis: Until the balloons popped and the confetti littered around the living room. Thoughts of flying out to Florida had me going crazy. it's sleep. we're supposed to put together our guest lists. kicking their butts at Call of Duty. I couldn't decide if I was excited or not. You're number one on both lists. then the party is on Saturday. Even though I don't know if I've won or whatever. going through the same motions. KingLouis: I blamed it on you.

Haha. Adventures. There was no adventure or feeling of being unsure. I knew that I'd wake up. On the show. go back to that? But now.. Hope you're all doing fantastic! Please remember to vote! :) ~ Dedication to a commenter ~ . Although I have lots of school to do as well. complete full house and a stand ovation. I now have this feeling of intense sadness and I want to burst into tears every five seconds. see my friends and talk about the same things.) I shall hopefully be writing more. all I was doing was the exact same things as I did before I left. But now I only had one question. then go to sleep. But we went out with a bang. It's so bittersweet when you end a show.. go to school when I needed to. Anyways. Why was it that once I got everything I wanted. now that my weekends have cleared up (Except for prom this upcoming weekend. ACK. there was always something new to do. it suddenly seemed as if I didn't want it anymore? ~~~~~ Last night I had my last show for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. despite how much I complained about it.

Popstar Finds True Love on a…. We continued to walk down to where Nick and Devin were ogling at something on Nick's phone .probably at some skinny girl on Facebook." I informed him. there was a lot of discussion on Al. I won't be upset. They're called gossip magazines for a reason. Then I heard a shuffling of feet and loud yelling in the background. yes I know that. "Hello?" He answered almost immediately. Then an Irish accent got louder as I could picture Niall snatching the phone. although a small smile had made its way to my mouth. Al. okay Gianna." I replied to Caleb. Our goal was the outside tree . Seriously. Game Show? Nineteen year old Harry Styles seems to have taken a liking to a certain seventeen year old… Who happens to be a contestant on One Direction's reality game show? Talk about a love twist! The girl. it seemed as though I was the most popular girl in school." Nick shoved the phone in my face. blonde with dip dyed pink hair." I spoke. From what Trinity and Cara told me. "I don't want people thinking we're dating. as I saw a picture of me and Harry Styles." Caleb commented as we continued through the who has made it obvious that does not want to be on the show! When the show first aired. That's not okay. Allison Grate. The theory I had that they were staring at some girl was proven wrong. "Then why are there a ton of gossip magazines saying that we are?" "Al. It was our first day back to school. "Um… Who are you?" I stopped walking. "Let me talk to her!" "Al! Hi Al! Give me the phone!" "Louis. I better be going. Another reason I was praising the Lord that I was back home. silly! Always the practical joker!" She giggled. "We're not dating." I muttered. first day as a senior. "You're taking all the attention off of me." I rolled my eyes before scanning the article. you're everywhere. "You can have the attention. you know. they didn't start for another week. has become quite well known as the sassy. "Hi Al.our usual lunch spot." I said." I argued.Chapter Forty-Two Dedication to KittiKatty! :) Chapter Forty-Two: "Al! Welcome back! Oh my word. his greeting drawn out in the way only Harry can do. and an annoyingly high voice declared." His tone took on a confused lilt. Suddenly. So I was in the middle of a laugh while he looked pretty darn sheepish. We miss you!" . "No!" Three voices chorused. during the fifth episode! Has Harry Styles finally found his princess? Or in this case… His tomboy? "That is the stupidest thing I've ever read. I placed it as the time he told me that he had dropped his sunglasses into the toilet for the fourth time that afternoon. I've missed you so-o-o much!" A girl. Bye. A seventeen year old girl who seemed to hate One Direction? It definitely added drama to the show! We've seen her interact with all the boys. Caleb and I both turning to look at this girl." "That's a bunch of bologna. And I didn't like it one bit. "Um. many 'directioners' declaring that her chemistry with all five is astounding! The two have even shared a kiss. "Look at this. hair flipping to the side. "Apparently you're dating him. but Jules was missing her first week of school." I then linked on to Caleb's arm and sped walked out of there." Caleb complained good-naturedly. sarcastic contestant . "You're so funny! It's Gianna! You know me. shoving the phone back to Nick. At all. "It's been happening all day. Take it. whelp." Harry chuckled. Then. "That was weird. "Yes. Looking at it. confusion gone as he found the amusement in the situation. get your greasy fingers off me!" "I'm going to go now. Silence. I immediately took my own phone out and dialed TheFantasticalHarry.

heaven forbid! I'm friends with someone other than you!" "You've changed. I was stuck on a TV show for seven weeks." Nick shook his head in disbelief. I'm done with trying to prove differently ." "That's a lie." "You get to see us again. "You know what? Whatever. "The problem is. so on Saturday I'll post picture of me on Instagram in my dress. man."Miss you too. I refused to focus on their words. was because of you. "I'm the exact same as I was before I left. I hiked my backpack onto my shoulder and stalked away. CONGRATULATIONS. you're not the same girl you were when you left. I've been writing a short story.but in case you forgot. because I had to be there. You're friends with them now. I think you guys will like it :) Lots and lots of love! ~ Dedication to a commenter (Not if you ask for it. Bye. because although it might not be a 'fun' chapter and it might not be super exciting. "It was a joke. I'll see you guys later. then you have to act like friends. it's still essential to the story. I then realized that all three of my friends were staring at me like I had five heads." Devin wasn't accusing. So make sure you look out for it! Also. Believe it. "Trinity said you're coming to the party.. I promise.if you want to be friends. I haven't changed. I started having fun. YOU GET TO KNOW ABOUT SOMETHING EXCITING. it wasn't supposed to happen. It's frustrating.. Kind of. something that made me want to punch his little know-it-all look right off his face. he was simply trying to state a fact. I know it's short. that's not something our old Al would have done. You know where to find me when you're ready to apologize. for going." Nick tilted his head towards me." With those words." "Oh. "And you have got to stop blaming me for that. though!) ~ . It's going to be called Invisible Love and I'll probably post it when this story is closer to being finished. IF YOU MADE IT HERE. I did some things I never thought I would do. Please don't comment that. But I found myself extremely offended. It seriously needs to go away. I mumbled through my full mouth. The Lyric Project's prologue is posted! Check out my page. were suddenly telling me I changed. instead I focused on school and on how stupid boys are. don't blame me for not hating every single second of it. I'm sorry I've kind of forgotten what real life was like . I'd really like to share a bit of Trinity and Zayn's story. "What?" "Since you've come back. You text and call celebrities like it's no big deal. I hate anxiety. I continued to eat my sandwich as I walked to my next class." Liam added in." Nick rolled his eyes in a condescending way. Some of you wanted to see my prom dress. So. you haven't been the same." I crossed my arms in frustration. And if you're so adamant in believing it. Next chapter is longer. "Unfortunately. la. "What are you talking about? 'That's a lie'? What the actual heck. how could that ever be an unfortunately?" Louis inputed. la. My instagram is MyHeartsMistake :) IMPORTANT NEWS." Nick snapped. ~~~ La. So please. "Whatever. the only reason I was there. then fine. Do you know how much I dreaded going? But eventually I learned to get over." I hung up and placed the phone back in my pocket before unwrapping my roast beef sandwich." "Don't blame me then. Not really. completely appalled that the three guys who've been through everything with me." "That's not the problem." A full-blown grin snuck onto my face. It's going to be a spin-off of Take Me As I Am.

I got briefed on it for like three hours a week in the past two months. Suddenly deciding I was becoming too much of a girl. Her voice sounded surprised. The room was eerily similar to the living room in that California house. Well." Miranda looked straight towards Andie and I. it's Miranda Crass. so if you want to join her. and glass doors leading to the outside area. I couldn't stand it. we figured out we were the first ones there for Trin. ~ "Miss Allison Grate? Hi. we have a van to take you all to your hotel after the party tonight. we will have your flights faxed to you." Her voice came through the phone. The driver escorted me into the living room. I looked out the window to see a three story house. So now I was in the car (It wasn't a limo for once!) on my way to a beach house. we're here. Yesterday we had our final ceremony and she was named a runner-up. I gave her a thumb's up before collapsing onto the couch and pulling Andie with me. I arrived in Miami. As much as I tried not to think about it. how could I ever forget?" I bit my lip to keep from laughing. Until then. while some of you are very familiar faces. why not?" ~ It was quite amusing. I could hear it in her voice that she expected me to decline and say something snarky in frustration. She gets to invite five friends to-" "Miranda?" I cut her off. Most of you are here for our winner. Trinity Summers is one of the final three. She had sounded quite amused at the fact that she was calling me of all people.Chapter Forty-Three Dedication to buddydaisyhoney! Chapter Forty-Three At exactly 12:03pm on Saturday afternoon. Caleb and Devin had tried to apologize. along with a pool and waterfall." I replied. as you know. I couldn't stand to go through that all again.Wait. while a few started for the hallway." "Ah. a huge TV. "I know all of this. Andie! Didn't know you were going to be here!" I grinned as the girl came over to give me a side hug." Miranda motioned towards our left. "Al!" "Woah. Cara's is the first room on the left if you go down that hall. Most of them headed out the door. If you're here for our runner-ups Trinity or Cara. yes. and we will have a car pick you up at the airport in Florida to get you. while Nick stayed by his personal opinion that everything had changed and I was on my way to becoming an annoying girl. "Miss Grate. "Yeah. Trinity has a backup." The driver said it simply. "Of course I remember you." Immediately. girls started moving at the exact same time. If you choose to accept. Andie and I followed three girls who were whispering back and forth about Cara. two white leather couches. hardwood floor. especially since she sounded astounded as she gave me the rundown for the entire two days of being there. We came . with peach colored walls and a large gate. Nick was slowly becoming an Elijah replica. She is out on the beach. I could see grass outside. You must remember me. "You won't be staying here tonight. we have a room where all of your bags are. I had received a call from Miranda a day before. You accept?" Miranda talked over herself. and the driveway clean. Trinity has you as her first guest. then. I believe they're in their rooms. The front lawn was perfectly manicured. Feel free to hang around." "Go ahead and fax those to me. It seemed perfect for a bunch of popstars… Especially with the fact it looked like a bunch of people had scrubbed every inch of it in the past few days. Jules. "It's quite alright. "Well. Florida. Since Trinity and I were the only ones behind them. feel free. "Girls! It's very nice to meet some of you. the flowers bright and colorful in front of the door. lawn chairs and picnic tables. "Trinity's is on the first right. Seemed like all these houses were the same. where about twenty other girls were hanging around.

" "It wasn't me!" Five voices chorused all at once. I had no idea where she was taking us. "Oh. I had to admit that it truly didn't feel like hanging out with five cookie cutter popstars. Someone needed to be creative and say something like 'Helllo'. "AL!" "Jeez. "Ah. I could see the beach from where I was at. One of those places that I could just picture a small town with surf shops that had locals who had lived there their entire lives. actually… You're still pretty short. We came to the door and Trinity pounded against it like no tomorrow. you get to meet my best friends from back home!" Trinity rambled off in excitement. I sputtered out the salt water. "Okay. "5'7 is not short. "I am going to hurt whoever did that to me. girl." Harry piped up from behind us. Making a split second decision. thinking about how many times people had gone 'Al!' in the past week. "You have no idea how sad it was when I had to go a week without those kind of comments!" Trinity laughed. "It was Harry and Louis. my brain refusing to register anything except for the feeling of coldness. trying to just soak in the moment. I'm an apparition. the water blue as blue could be." Trinity laughed. Louis and Niall." Without even making sure we were okay. I do. By the way. Seconds later the door flew open to show us Trinity in a flowery top and black shorts. "You're definitely not average. quick. It truly was a beautiful place. The five dorks were in front of me and I didn't want to give off even an inkling that I actually might have missed them. hurry. but I had a feeling it had to do with five losers. as a smile forced itself onto my face." I stuck out my tongue. It was nice. which I guess had been about tomatoes." Andie informed me. You have a life outside of this show… Don't you?" "Yes. I bit my lip. some girls' flights don't come in for a little while." I muttered. "Just been a busy last few days. flicking out his wrist and winking at me. I heard Andie and Trinity talking to Zayn. They also have to mingle with all the other girls." "You're not growing. refusing to let myself smile. Cold water surrounded me instantaneously. Everyone acts as if I don't know that's my name." Harry rolled his eyes. before my other friends come." I shrugged. although a small smile was etched onto his lips. I felt two arms grab onto me.upon her door and attacked it with knocks. secluded and peaceful. you guys are here!" "Nah. past the pool and towards another house. . "Gosh. his hand bumping against mine very briefly. I had to admit that. Sand filled the spaces between my toe the closer we came to the beach." Louis took on a fake girl voice. a knowing smile flitting across her smile as she not-so-subtly winked at me. I spotted the beach within about twenty feet. Liam was the first to appear beside me. I fell silent again as everyone talked about different things. yes." I crossed my arms. I kicked off my shoes and walked towards the water." Trinity said loudly before turning back to Zayn and saying something about their previous conversation. "Since not being with you every day makes you think I die every day?" "I promised them that they could give you a tour of the area. "Okay. shooting me a grin. seriously. we've missed your sparkly attitude. "It's just weird… Thinking about the fact that I'm growing up. "You seem a bit out of it. When I was about ten feet away. you okay?" Liam asked. That's right. "Ali!" Niall changed it up. Strange people. The boys then proceeded to push each other out of the way to exit their house. "Sup. "Is there a reason we were dragged here? To prove I'm still alive?" I turned to ask Trinity. I thanked my lucky stars that I had emptied my pockets before leaving the beach house. Once I emerged. I'm average!" I declared. The party doesn't officially start for another hour or so. She squealed before attacking us with hugs. It's average. she practically carried us out through the hall. The door opened. people. Our feet scuffed against the floor as we zoomed outside. I stayed quiet. can we stop with the hellos? It's really quite annoying. the rest falling into a sort of line as we walked back down the pathway.

We went to a friend's house for lunch and it took us forty five mintues to go four miles." I smirked. And I realized how much of a failure I am when it comes to modern music. you know what I'm talking about when I say ISLAND TRAFFIC SUCKS. SUCH A FAILURE I AM. Parachute. sheepish grin." A victorious smile overtook Harry's usual smirk. "I can see that. I prefer rainy weather to happy weather. "Let's go!" Niall said towards me.. I forced myself to wade through the water and once my toes touched the sand. I listen to The Lumineers. They laughed. Andie trailed behind them. PROM WAS AWESOME. my clothes stuck to my body and my eyes glaring daggers at the people in front of me. He extended his arm towards me. obviously amused by my situation. and wide eyes. I hardly knew a single song they had on." "Can't promise anything. He shrugged his shoulders. "So long as the place doesn't get set on fire. huh?" Harry attempted conversation. partying with us is pretty hardcore. It was Zayn. etc. "I'm hungry." "When are you not?" "True. DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE LYRIC PROJECT ON MY PAGE! I'm so excited! What do you think? Do you think Al has changed? How so? Good/bad? Let me know what you think! ~ Dedication to a commenter ~ ."I shall get my revenge when you least expect it!" I declared as I coughed out water. "You're a bit wet. what made you think that? Maybe it's because a certain curly haired kid decided to throw me into the ocean. I changed subjects. I swear. I'm sure I looked a sight. because Hawaii is usually pretty sunny. come along then. I gave him a 'you know better' look and continued walking. "One of you needs to get me a towel. do you hear that? Looks like Miranda is calling us…. before falling into step with me. Harry waited for me." Harry said. I posted a picture of my dress on my instagram. Bye!" Louis started to walk away. I loved my dress/hair/make-up. but instead of taking it. Niall and Liam started back towards the house. "Gee. Trinity gave me a grin before taking hold of Zayn's arm and tugging him after Louis. "But we really do need to be getting back." "Oops. MyHeartsMistake :) It's raining and I love it." I said with great sarcasm. traffic is the worst thing in the world. I started to get out of the water. And if you live in Hawaii. Wet hair clinging to my face." Louis called out from where he was already a good space away from everyone else. Seriously.. Meh." ~~~~ Ugh. laughing manically to herself. I want to move to Seattle or Oregon one day. "It wasn't me. Now." "Are you excited for tonight? I mean. Mumford and Sons. his curls flopped to his side as he looked at me with a puppy look. Marianas Trench. we're good. Tilted head.

"I think I'm gonna go inside and mingle. See you. Not bothering with shoes. I shook my head. The time ticked by. You gonna come with?" "I think I've had enough human interaction for a little while… I actually think I'm going to take a walk along the beach. "Don't think too much about what happened back home. It was dark. But. and I immediately pulled on my huge hoodie jacket. not bothering with a response. "Plotting murders in your head?" He asked as a few more seconds passed by. "Stop with the hair fetish thing. "I was complimenting you. My life was my life. the girls drooling while getting autographs and pictures. "What'd I say?" Niall seemed confused. He stood there awkwardly for a few seconds before taking a few steps forward and falling down next to me. Since I had already gotten thrown into the water. right? Eventually. to how much my life had changed since that phone call from Miranda. immediately hiding my face from him and staring directly down. I knew exactly where to find them if I wanted to. You're not dead are you?" A voice jolted me out of my life analysis and I glanced up to see Niall standing a few feet behind me. I had definitely missed her. Most things were better when kept to yourself. I figured. gosh!" Andie stuck out her tongue. I was never one to tell my life story to everyone. Cara and Trinity were busy introducing all of their friends (who had not been on the show) to them. Pulling my wet hair out of the jacket. she just didn't know what it was about. as I tried to remember the way to the beach. But Andie and I decided to go out to the pool instead. A fleeting thought passed my mind. going down little hills. not going into detail. the warmth leaving us slowly as the air got chillier. The waves crashed without any pattern. She. alright? And either I or someone else will come check on you in thirty minutes!" Andie said. Just become a barber and then you can admire every one else's hair. it was a beach house. "Okay. already. if the hoards of girls were any indication. . when Andie begged on her hands and knees (literally).Chapter Forty-Four Dedication to LouisBum77 Chapter Forty-Four The party was in full swing and I hadn't seen any members of One Direction at all since we had gotten back to the beach house. but not dark enough that I was blind." I shrugged. All roads lead to the beach. in my board shorts and tank top. We dried ourselves off. "Not really. and I could make out the different colored blue right above the horizon. She knew that Nick and I had an argument. But when life is planned out. I started down the back way. I continued down the beach until I was ten feet away from the water and then I collapsed into a sitting position. I'll enjoy some time alone. It was adorable. The swimming clothes only got packed after Trinity insisted that I might change my mind on getting in the water. I quickly swooped it up into a ponytail. Letting my arms create a shelf for my chin. The sun had set. before deciding it was getting way too cold. resembling a mother. "Al… Something's bothering you. had been very good at leaving me alone when I needed it. and my mind wandered.You've been different since you came back-" I groaned. My feet walked themselves. "You have such nice hair…" Andie commented. as I reached for a soda can that was on the side of my chair. that I probably should have figured out the area better and I probably should have brought my phone. I figured what the heck? We swam around in the clear water for about half an hour." I shrugged. it's not as fun. I felt the sand between my toes once again. It had. My thoughts were collected from theories on my favorite TV shows. as well as everyone else. Since there's no regulations on things I can and cannot do. "Hey. I even braved getting into the water." I teased lightly. I had told her briefly of what happened back home. I stared out." I placed my towel back onto the chair and stuck my hands into the pocket of the hoodie. his body facing the water by his head turned to look at me. I'm sure Jules.

What if I start liking something I was so adamant in disliking?" I didn't let me gaze waver off the water. We all change. I'm sure my voice was muffled because of my arms. I believe that I would have become who I am right this second even without the show. my mind is telling me one thing while everyone else is telling me something else. feeling his thumb rub over the top of my hand. Like it was hurting him to hear what I was telling him. Isn't it normal for teenagers to change?" I said. because everything changes. Not after everything that's happened. Figured you'd prefer the first one. but I didn't really care. surprised at how serious he looked. I got so used to this pattern I was in with my best friends. I could barely make out his blonde hair."I'm just really tired of being told I'm 'different'. So what do I do now? Make a new pattern? How do I change back? Is that even a possibility? I don't think it is. the pieces gone. Events shape who we are . "What the heck." I said. Niall motioned me to be quiet. I would not... starting to get into the groove of things in California.. living the same way. on the border between 'laugh' and 'smile'. I let him." I chuckled. "Like maybe you're view on One Direction?" He teased. but I could see his blue eyes clouded with worry. I'd feel bad after beating you up. Do people really need to shape me? Why can't I shape myself?" That's when I turned to look at Niall. still not looking up. Nothing stays the same. thanks for not taking after Harry and kissing me out of the blue. a grin plastered onto his lips." "What about what other people think?" I sighed. "I don't know. his hand was tugging at mine. But then that pattern broke and I had to adapt to a whole new environment. All of you guys are my friends now." I bit my lip as I stared out into the shining ocean. I just hate change.people shape who we are." Niall shrugged. Once that pattern was broken.. I only know how to comfort people to a certain level. cutting me off. It's true. two sides yanking as hard as they possibly can.. But then I got used to a new pattern." "It's like. Never would I admit that I was starting to tear up. Then I run out of things to say. "Well. I'm a tug of war. whether you like it or not!" I declared. looking towards Niall. trying hard to fill the emptiness. "Want to talk about it?" Niall offered. not too tight and not too loose. "I never said that was a bad thing. "If you change taste. He was just so darn proud of himself for making me laugh. I figured. I'll just sit here and chisel away at the wall that's around you… Because we all know you're never going to be a 'sappy' girl. that's the way it is…You are beautiful no matter what they say words can't bring you down!" His sudden belting of song lyrics alarmed me for a second before I started laughing. seeing the same people. I don't think I could handle that again. That just sounds like the plot to a really horrible movie. . I couldn't go back into my old pattern no matter how hard I tried.. Have I really changed that much?" I said. It was a real smile. I could feel Niall's eyes on me. you know? I hate thinking that my personality is a lie." "Sorry.. Do you think I'd be the exact same as I am now if I hadn't auditioned for the X factor? No. I just feel like I have no choice in the matter." Niall stated seriously. man. Suddenly. It was almost a laugh. not the one you see forced in photoshoots. my eyes hypnotized by the crashing of the waves. so consumed in all your doom. "Who gives a crap what they say? You're your own person. Putting yourself into another continual pattern will only hurt you again. Everything was the same. "To all your friends you're delirious. left the puzzle undone. I could sing to you… Or I could kiss you.. "I'm your friend?" Niall asked. "You don't need a pattern to survive." As I started to protest. It's not a bad thing. That I've 'changed'.. "Yeah. "I don't want to be considered a sappy girl who pours out her emotions on a beach to a boy. you're not who you were when I first met you. "Tell me what you mean.." "That's the problem I'm having right now… What's wrong with growing up? Doesn't growing up mean changing? And is it really just because I was on this show? So many people are trying to convince me that this show changed my personality. turning to shoot him a forced smile." "Sounds similar to something someone else told me… It's just. Doing the same things everyday. "As much as I hate to admit it… Yeah. and since you're my friend. Niall gripped onto my hand. lightening the tense atmosphere.

I've ran out of things! Haha. then. I need pizza.) or I stay a TV show watching. I raised an eyebrow at him. as cliche as it sounds. Next joke. Stat. I have a question. And meeting you has been on of the most amazing things. Next chapter is a bit different ." He waited until I stopped making faces. "You. ponder my life and tweet a lot. Anyways." I refused to smile. t-shirt wearing. That no matter what happened. "Ali. I refused to hug him. Listen to me." "How about you don't. I've been blessed to know a girl like you. What do you guys think of this chapter? THERE WAS HANDHOLDING. I haven't eaten all dayyyyyy. so post your suggestions below. Do any of you know of a good humorous show that would be on Netflix? Something similiar to How I Met Your Mother? I need something uplifting to watch. "Jeez. "I'm going to say something really cheesy right now.) Oh. boy obsessing. Yay! ~ Dedication to a commenter ~ ." ~~~~ It's almost over! six more parts and then it'll be completed! WAAAAHHHH It's an early update! It just recently hit 8 million reads and it's also #2 on Humor and #3 on Fanfiction! That makes me really happy so sURPRISE.Niall made me realize something. Niall. I said something annoying in response. huge food eating tomboy. You're more of a girl than I am. You let go of your shell and embraced who you are. GASP. nail painting girl (HAHAHA. and I tell everyone you did?" "I'm serious. I'll still be Allison Grate." Niall interrupted my thoughts. remind me of a butterfly. You metamorphosed while on the show. And since I'm still the one and only Al. whether in the next few years I become a dress wearing. I'm going to go listen to country music. please.

like yesterday. you dumb butt. he would have picked me up and just carried me to the destination. Confusion was obviously written across my features as I let Liam tug me towards the beach. "Seriously. "Just wait. I didn't really see the point of it. Our hotel was. I never knew such a thing existed! It's so blue and wet! Wow!" I cocked an eyebrow at him. If you haven't realized. "Hmm… Do you think Marie cooked our breakfast at the house?" Andie asked." . I think it was one of Cara's friend. and that just doesn't seem fair. "Look closer. Because I got four hours and sleep. Payne. "What if she did?!" "Then we're in luck!" Andie replied with just as much enthusiasm. "She was our caterer for the show. "You admit to knowing the lyrics!" "It's hard not to. Their adorableness is adorable. Andie cracked a smile. "Do you want me to take a long walk off a short pier? Is that the reason I'm here? Are you going to kill me and dispose of the body here?" I crossed my arms. I don't think I'll ever be able to get it out. I was making it as hard as possible for him to take me to wherever we were going. totally ready to ward him off if he thought it was funny to dump me in the water again ." He smiled sheepishly at me before presenting a short pier to me." My arms crossed as I let my head lean back onto the van's seat and my eyes slide shut. Andie started cackling like an old crow. I was one of the cranky girls. "Language." He rolled his eyes." "I don't like tight dresses with the top cut low. after all. can they shut up?" Andie muttered under her breath as a bunch of Jules' friends decided to start singing an acapella version of She's Not Afraid." I warned before I looked closer at the blue water. She's a brilliant cook. everyone seems to be singing that song nonstop. "I love animals so much more than I love humans. since we hadn't gotten to the hotel the night before until 3am. "It's your theme song." I rolled my eyes. "Was that a dolphin?" "Yup! Now you know why I brought you out here." I informed her before going back to my mini nap. I'd be totally happy." "Wow! Water! That's so crazy." Liam nodded. Finally. I assumed that he decided that talking to me would make no good case against him. an hour away. I've gotten to the point where it's drilled into my head. "Who's Marie?" A girl asked from behind us. Mr. it's so annoying. what are you doing?" I whined as my feet skidded across the sand. Liam grinned and presented the ocean to me. "Why does everyone seem to be obsessed with that song?" I muttered back.Chapter Forty-Five Dedication to nutella_is_life_ :) Chapter Forty-Five Having to travel to the hotel and then back the next day was quite annoying. ~ "Come on!" Liam insisted about half an hour after I had gotten to the house. Believe me when I said that if I could only eat her food for the rest of my life." Liam replied and I think if he didn't know better. Al. That was quick offensive. almost amused that he was so excited to bring me here. I kept my guard up. oh my gosh. There should be a requirement that every person on this earth has to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. yet I kept a completely indifferent expression on my face. "Look. "No! You should know better than to take me places when I don't know where we're going and what I'm doing and for goodness sakes will you stop humming under your breath. My eyes snapped open and I whipped my head towards Andie with a wide smile. "Ugh. Most of them were cranky. The good thing was I had a six hour flight home that night. I saw something jump out and immediately gasped. And yes.even an airplane. so instead he started to push me onto the wooden pier. I'm one of the people who can sleep anywhere . I didn't protest. it avoids strange hallucinations and crankiness. Thirty girls getting shoved into a van at 8am was a really stupid idea. thank you very much.

" I muttered. I eat so much. "Harry told me of his plan and I wanted to see how badly you would harm him. Harry came out of no where and hugged me with all his might. poor wittle Harry!" Liam teased." I grinned. Once I walked up the stones to reach the house. Right in the shins. but I knew it wasn't because of how beautiful it was out here. and since ALlegedly I get grumpy without ALittle Al time. Food is just so delicious. But really. you would probably charm the judges in an instant." "I might have gotten a little soft. watching them got old. you guys. Do you think they'd notice if I just lived on the beach for a while? It's pretty nice out here. make sure you check it out :) I love Wendy Frostys. I know it doesn't make sense quite yet." I shrugged. Ugh. It was because I was afraid of having to start again not knowing if anything would be the same after this. It's titled Invisible Love! If you like this story. Trinity and Zayn's story has started. "Your fans honestly don't even know how weird you all are. "You totally deserved it.. and I knew it was true. Louis. your honor. could you blame me? The kid was funny. I shook my head." I joked. but I'm not at all afraid of putting Harry in his place. "Your driver will be here in about thirty minutes to take you and the others girls to the airport. Yuck. for they all had something to say and they didn't want to wait. I figured I needed to hug you." I shook my head as they started talking over each other. since when were you there?" I was surprised to see him. I just didn't know if I was ready to grow up and to have everything just shift once again. "One more.Liam laughed before comfortable silence settled over us.. It wasn't because I suddenly fell in love with one of the One Direction boys. although there will be four more parts after that. He's lucky I didn't kick him harder. that he brought me out here to see the dolphins. yet annoying. But after a total of five minutes. hopefully I'm not ALlergic to your smell. "'He totally deserved it. obviously thinking his Al puns were hilarious. "The beginning." Louis confided while Liam started laughing. I'm not even kidding." Harry reassured. "He's scared of courtrooms. "Even if I did. That little nudge in the back of my head told me everything had already changed.I'm a broke teenager. Woah. Louis. my mouth being open and feeling his cotton shirt against my lips. Next chapter will be the last 'official' chapter to this story." Louis looked at me in amusement. I really didn't want to leave." Louis laughed from beside him. It had been common the entire time I had known them." "I'm ALready ALarmed at the prospect!" That's when I kicked popstar Harry Styles. It was nice to be able to know he wouldn't judge me. but I explain it all in chapter forty-six :) HEY GUESS WHAT TRAYN IS A THING NOW. "Ow.' and then you would get Niall." Harry shook his head with a fond smile before taking on an impersonation of me. and can be found either in the external link somewhere over there -> or on my profile. ~ Second to last chapter. Have a great day <3 ~ Dedication to a commenter ~ ." Harry grumbled as he hunched over to rub his fingers over the place where I kicked him. "I was feeling ALone. mate. "Oh." "Thanks. I raised my eyebrows in acknowledgement." Harry chuckled to himself. One more pun and I will not hesitant to kick you extremely hard. I pivoted and started walking back to the house with Liam trailing behind me. "But I would never sue you. I wouldn't have been able to afford a lawsuit. "Aw. Zayn and Liam to testify against me. "What the frick. "Allison Grate?" A guy came over to our little group in the entry area of the house. I just don't want to get sued .

It seemed so normal with the teenagers wandering in and out of the building. ~ Chapter Forty-Six: My talk with Niall had me thinking . I had waited for an apology. I loved kicking and hitting things with sticks. how he wouldn't own up to his mistake. fangirling. Nick. I had lost my label of 'tomboy' to a few of my friends. I still loved beating everyone in NBA2k13. READ IT. You need to read the author's note. . "Al. who's ever read. hair. But now it was too late. "You really are a clueless person. I had forgiven Caleb and Devin. "You really haven't noticed all these years? All this time?" Nick's tone of voice took on one of complete and utter amazement. liked hanging out with guys. still clueless as to what he was saying. "Listen-" "I'm not listening to your bullcrap. You know how hard it was for you to be mine and then have you go off and have a ton of people start to love you?" He asked. during this show. The word girly described someone who enjoyed makeup. All those girls? They've been passing attractions and yet I always seemed to come straight back to you." No freaking way this was happening. I NEED YOU TO READ IT IF YOU WANT TO UNDERSTAND WHAT HAPPENS TO AL.Chapter Forty-Six Dedication to every single one of you. the obvious discomfort. Give me a minute to explain everything. confused about his choice of words. A bead of sweat was glistening on his forehead." Nick chuckled. if you ask me 'but wait who does she end up with' after this chapter.. One of my major pet peeves is having to repeat myself over and over again to different people. SERIOUSLY. didn't wear dresses. The blank stares." I crossed my arms and stared off towards the school building. I trust you with my life and I've never told all my secrets to anyone but you. I wanted to deny it and say I was exactly the same. that when it started to I was clueless to the struggles in theirs. I didn't need something else in my life to make me lose my trust in everyone again. so I knew his words were true. But then I would be lying. He had waited a week and after everything I had learned about myself. I shook my head. Whether you loved it or you just read it to procrastinate school (I totally understand that. You're turning into an older version of Elijah. not wanting anything to do with him. "You're the only one who knows everything about me. Why was that? Simply because I had learned to be more trusting and let a few of my walls down? I didn't even know why I felt so upset with being told I was changing. "I wasn't turning on you. "Yours?" I questioned.. Yet somehow. Maybe it was because I had known one certain thing for most of my life. commented or voted on any of the chapters." "Why should I? You turned on me the second I started to learn more about myself. AUTHORS NOTE. Why? Why couldn't a girl feel comfortable being who she was without a label getting stamped to her forehead? I still didn't like dresses. or an explanation. You have to understand that. I swear. almost as if he was pleading me to understand. The word tomboy automatically brought to mind a girl who played video games. "Why? I thought I was becoming too girly for you?" I snapped out. "There you are! I've looked everywhere and I couldn't find you. "I'm never going to be an Elijah!" Nick's facial expression took on one of pure surprise and hurt. That's not what best friends do. So yeah. but the silence had been killing me the past week. I will be frustrated. Al. but Nick had taken it too far. He made it sound as if there was a giant dog in front of me and I wasn't seeing it. I needed time to think. REALLY IMPORTANT. I wasn't that oblivious. liked sports. the color pink and gossiped about boys. I knew I didn't need this. BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THE AUTHOR'S NOTE AT THE END.not just about change but about how everything seemed to be 'defined'.) I love you! ~ This is the last official chapter for Take Me As I Am. all completely clueless as to the struggles in my life ." It might have been harsh." Nick proclaimed when he saw me the Tuesday after I had gotten back from Florida. "You really don't see?" "See what?" I said in bewilderment.

" He finished. so keep an eye out! Even if you don't like a certain ship. That's fun! If you ever choose to reread it in the future. You've never given me a second look. Some said they preferred Al to stay single and never end up with someone. I didn't changed everything about myself over night. "You'll never lose me as a friend. I hugged Nick . I just didn't want to lose you as a friend. ~~~~~READREADREADREADREADREAD~~~~~ Something I realized about halfway through posting this story…. Life is such a strange thing and oh. Anyways. you didn't seem to realize that you started to put me on the back burner. I regret to inform that there will not be a sequel. Use your imagination!) And I didn't want to disappoint any of you. one will be Liam. Al's life after this is totally up to your imagination.' People treat them differently just because they do what they love and it's something that they get noticed for. there will be four alternate endings. I'm labeled as a 'tomboy'. it'd have been easier to have altered my personality to fit everyone else's… But then I wouldn't have been myself. I will be posting the first alternate ending in two days! See you then :) Thank you for EVERYTHING! Much much much love! . but there was nothing wrong with girls who enjoyed that kind of stuff. Like majorly. Maybe. but if I hadn't been reading your comments. Once this story is completely completed (that's fun to say aloud) I will be going back and editing it. not mine. Which is why this is the last official chapter." I smiled a bit. Because of that reason. I'll probably never be one of those girls who enjoys makeup and dresses. And if someone can't take me as I am. Al. There would be no Al ending up with a boy because that's how I wanted to end it. most wanted Niall/Liam/Harry. while some wanted Nick. neither of those will be happening…." "Nick-" I started to speak before he held up a hand. (Except maybe Simone because she's annoying and no one likes her. This way you can be happy while imagining how the story goes with that particular boy. you dumbbutt. My life got turned upside down when I was entered into that silly game show.. few wanted Louis or Cole (Sorry. "I know. So yeah. if you will. I still know it's hopeless. one will be Harry and one will be Nick. yeah. I'm doing this for you guys! They will be posted within the next few weeks. That's what been bugging me about this whole poppy boyband thing. You don't like me like that. or if I didn't care about how you felt on this story. And the weirdest thing happened… People liked me because I didn't put on an act.) Haha Also. a breath of air escaping his lips as he waited for my response. There was no way for me to end this story while making everyone happy. a real hug.) That's something I learned from the show. I know some of you were extremely wary of this possiblity. Just because of the activities I enjoy and the clothes I like to wear. And no matter what crazy thing happened.."I had the biggest schoolboy crush on you. One Direction are labeled as 'celebrities. That's why I got so frustrated with you. you should read it . then that's their problem. my head spinning with all this new found information. ~ Labels are an interesting thing. I knew that he would always be my best friend. but gradually I learned that having walls up all the time is quite tiring. you might notice significant differences! Haha. I know that.not a fist bump or anything like that. yet I knew it was hopeless. There are so many plotholes/typos/etc that I want to make sure it's the best it can be. This is where I would end it. how I wish I could understand it. And change isn't necessarily a bad thing. I didn't change who I was just to please everyone else. Because he was my best friend. You seem to actually like them and you're trusting them. And I can say with complete certainty that you don't feel 'like that' about anyone right now. But the one thing I will remember for the rest of my life? Marie's cooking is the best. One will be Niall. I'm never good with sequels and I know that it wouldn't be as good as this.

-Katie .

" Trinity said quickly before Harry could retort with an equally sarcastic response. made me feel like a weak kitten in comparison. "I say we have really great lives. alright?" I called out as Trinity continued to yank me outside into the hall. the kid was basically made of stone. Crazy how much life can change in 365 days." Harry moved his hand somewhere in the direction of the doors. Zayn and Trinity all continued on with their conversations. Trinity seemed to know the O2 Arena extremely well. It really wasn't fair how strong he was. she loved the area. we didn't stop for a while. Nick very sneakily snuck his hand into mine. Our friendship rules all. small acts of PDA happen. Once Nick started talking to the five boys more. already prepping himself up. I proceeded to glare at him for five minutes straight without looking away or breaking character. as long as it . Vanessa. "I'll help you kick his butt when he puts you down!" Harry yelled. Her decision to go to Manchester for university was. the best thing she ever decided to do. And yeah . Vanessa. As time went on. "That is such a strange relationship. Such as holding hands." I slammed my fist down on Nick's back. I told him I was extremely wary of public displays of affection. Niall. "I don't need any help. He simply grinned back at me before picking me up like I weighed nothing and throwing me over his shoulder. yet they both took any single opportunity they could to injure each other. "I won't!" I retorted. They fight more than they get along. She was smart enough to know that once Harry and I started bickering. Vanessa. "Don't you guys have prep or something before a concert? Do you really get to hang around and do nothing before?" I asked once I had stopped glaring at my boyfriend. the two discovered that they were practically long lost brothers. was coming with us out to our seats. trying to wiggle my way out of his grasp. I warned him that I would avoid it at all costs.somehow I managed to stay close friends with all of One Direction. I just don't see how that's classified as 'great'. In the beginning of our relationship. he didn't even flinch. "Do well!" "Yeah." "Lives where you are deaf and stupid. he realized his original thoughts on them were completely false. She leaned up to press a quick kiss to Zayn's cheek before latching onto my arm." "We have twenty-five thousand screaming girls about a couple hundred feet that way. "We'll let you guys warm up and all. don't suck too badly." Nick finally relented after I attempted to kick him. as well. Harry and Nick had somehow started to get along really well in the past year. I guess they had truly gotten used to it. proclaimed. Al!" Niall yelled after us." I laughed as I let my hand reach out and smack Nick across the cheek. Trinity pulled us towards a door where four security guys stood." I shrugged. One Direction had performed four sold out shows already there. "You smell bad! Put me down!" "Never!" He declared as he started walking away from the dressing room. despite that we might kiss or hug and do all that gross coupley stuff. Niall grinned as he wrapped an arm around her. we all flashed our passes and got directed towards the upper right area. I allowed small. Holy french fries. Winding our way through many hallways. As we tried to find our seats. Nick followed along behind after he had done the bro handshake with them. When Nick found out Harry had no intentions of asking me out or even remotely liked me as more than a friend. thank you very much. "Enjoy your first One Direction concert." Niall's new girlfriend. "I will poison your breakfast if you don't put me down in the next two seconds." I threatened. Harry. although it didn't surprise me.Alternate Ending ~ Nick Alternate Ending ~ Nick ~ "You're such a loser. Since Nick and I started dating seven months ago. "You get used to it. "Because if so… you guys really need to get lives. absolutely nothing has changed. as she put it. Not only did she get to visit Zayn quite often. But hey. Trinity having been to every single one. which helped when we hung out with our other friends. if it makes you happy. and he lowered me to the ground. thank you very much.

It was also nice to know that I could still cream him at NBA2k13." Vanessa said with a hint of a smirk. You know the saying 'if he pauses his video game to text you back. It was crazy how far everything had come in just a couple months. Nick even got in on it. "Apparently Louis just showed up and now him and Liam are mad that they didn't get to see us before the show." "Yes. "Alright. in more ways than one. because that's just the way our friendship worked. I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out at her. Time passed by and soon five very familiar boys were rocking out on stage. My expression changed from slightly interested to a full-blown evil grin. But I think the biggest shock for everyone was when I actually admitted the fact that I liked One Direction's version of One Way Or Another. He knows what mood I am in depending on whether or not I text him back while I'm playing xbox. If I miss him or if I'm feeling particularly girlfriend-y. Most of the time. Trinity started laughing. not that I would ever admit it." Vanessa said in all seriousness. I ignore my phone until I've beaten the game. giving me a look of warning. already! It's been a month of destruction for him. My foot tapped against the floor as Josh. He was my best friend." He saluted me. having the comfort of him being there was quite lovely and I had slowly learned to trust him completely. I felt like our friendship had only gotten stronger since we started going out. "Sucks for them. It made me laugh. ~ D'awwww." "You've just earned Al's complete and total respect. their drummer.wasn't obvious and didn't make it annoying." Nick muttered under his breath. This song goes out to our good friend Al. I'll pause for him. My favorite part was when they changed the lyrics into strange wordings. I couldn't exactly complain about life. sir." Vanessa and Trinity to continue their small talk while I stared at the slowly filling arena. "Shuttup. "All just to see them? Lucky b-" I slapped Nick. scream-singing to the occasional lyrics I knew. "I think I like you. Fluffy fluff fluff. "Heaven knows that's true. "But it's true. Hope you enjoyed the Nick alternate ending! I'll be posting the Harry one! Vote! And comment your thoughts! <3 ." "There are so many girls here. kept a continued beat. And. I shrugged. "How's Niall treating you?" "He's an absolute sweetheart! He's really an incredible guy… Except he is a sore loser… You'd think he'd be used to me beating him at Fifa. "Shut up. "Vanessa!" Trinity quickly changed subjects." "Sweet! Niall told me if I told you that I am conquerer of all video games that we might be friends." I muttered before grinning. It was nice to know that I could be a 'girl' around him and he'd simply smile and kiss me. This one goes out to her… It most definitely won't be the last one she enjoys!" Yeah." Trinity said as she looked down at her phone. well. he's a keeper'? Yeah." Nick contributed. the same thing kind of goes for him. She's here tonight with her boyfriend. and just recently she admitted she actually liked our version of this song.

his eyes were green. If that had been written. A certain object was not there and it was frustrating me. It was the circle of life. I promised him he could be the best man. Now let's go. but we ignored them as we burst out into song together." I stated as I looked to where Harry was staring at his computer very intently. keeping my tone light so he knew it was a joke. though. Then I recalled Harry muttering something about bowling. "If you actually listened to me. commenting with the usual 'your jeans are tighter than leggings' comment. "You don't have any Nutella! Why don't you have any Nutella? I told you to get Nutella!" I crossed my arms. totally engrossed in his computer screen. YOU'RE MY SWEETHEART!" He grabbed my hand and started twirling me around as . "I BELONG WITH YOU. Already. he rearranged his beanie at least five times. finally his eyes left the screen to look at me with a puppy dog look. he never failed to be a gentleman. Louis. Harry made a joke about me leaving him for a jar and I told him in all seriousness that if I could marry Nutella. as he drove us to the local Tesco. I was able to distinguish just what he was doing. Zayn. Despite our teasing. Which usually ended with me being annoyed at him for treating me like a girl. I've really learned a lot today. then. Trinity. He rolled his eyes before entwining his fingers with mine and tugging me out the door. world known popstar." Harry commented." Harry retorted. Harry Styles." "That's crazy. Jeez. "But then again." "I only look fine?" Harry pouted. "This is what you're in the middle of? Watching hipstery music videos?" "I'm also tweeting." "Fine. and Ariana's Skype call. me throwing spaghetti sauce at him while he retaliated with parmesan cheese. dummy!" "Then go get a license!" "You're useless. "Oh! Hey! I remember it now. Especially since it was the third time in the last month that this had occurred. Once we reached Tesco. He agreed that was a fair agreement. "I'm pretty sure that was the first line. "Ho! Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho! I've been trying to do it right-" Harry and I shared a look as the familiar song came on in the grocery store. let's go." "Thanks for telling me. "I'm in the middle of something ." Harry scoffed. His lips turned into a pout and he widened his green eyes. I'd do it. I guess you really aren't a good reader either. He tilted towards me." I informed him as I grabbed hold of his arm and tugged." I sighed as I stared outside in concentration. I stuck my tongue out in response. "It wasn't in the job description that your girlfriend had to listen to you all the time. I'm always the last to know these things. his hand still in mine. then you'd remember me saying yesterday that they invited us. "We have to be back in an hour." I said as he opened the door for me to his Range Rover.Alternate Ending ~ Harry Alternate Ending ~ Harry ~ "Harry!" I screamed as I looked into the refrigerator. Peering closer. I was able to trace his voice back to the music room. had become quite the cheapskate when it came to my valuable food products." "I can't drive. There he was sitting. his constant kisses which annoyed me greatly.what do you need?" His tone was annoyed. My brain worked to remember the day before." "Man. YOU BELONG WITH ME." Harry waited for me to pull him up. Flashbacks of us watching a Disney movie. "You're taking me to the grocery store. I did so. "You look bloody fantastic! Can we get Nutella now?" I mocked. resting on the center console. Typical Hal moment. "Then go get some. I need Nutella or I will die. "You look fine." I cocked an eyebrow at him. you and I are all going bowling." Harry looked away from the road briefly to smirk at me. "Harold. Harry Styles' dream girl has to be a great listener. I probably would have reconsidered. a few people had recognized him. all became present. We wandered down the aisles before finally locating the chocolatey goodness. yet I had gotten tired of listening to him so I nodded as if I was listening.

"Hey. the comfort level between us was absolutely incredible. we were completely unafraid. Something about that puppy dog face. Lips pressed to mine and I could feel his freaking smirk. ~ cutecutecutecutecayoooot. Even when he does the stupidest things (such as kiss me in front of other peoples. such as we were doing now. there wasn't a moment where I regretted being with him. Never had it been forced.even before I was in the picture." I told her. That was the best thing about Harry and I's relationship. That's what made it fun. mixing me in. the confusion level of humans went sky-high. because I'm kind of freaking amazing. Together." "She cleans my house too. I'd become so comfortable with cameras that when a few bystanders started filming. "We're not a couple. And yeah. and I wasn't afraid to slap him when he was being stupid and popstary. Immediately. and not give a darned chicken nugget what everyone around us thought. it sure seemed like it. But in all honesty. but hey. "He pays me in Nutella to dance with him in public." a teenage girl sighed once the song ended and the growing audience clapped and laughed. He understood me.we danced horribly together. instead it flowed freely. Al!" Harry said loudly as we were walking out of the Tescos. He wasn't afraid to tell me when I said something a little too sarcastic and mean. the Nutella in my hand. Harry never made sense . "You guys are such a cute couple. "It's a complicated relationship. We could dance in public. I'm sure everyone thought we were enemies when they first met us. I knew that at the end of the day he'd give me a kiss and tell me how lucky he was. My hand automatically went up to knock it away from me. He was lucky. With the constant bickering." I finished as we shared a smile. I pushed away from him with a dirty look. So really. I'm sure we confused more than half of the people there. "You're horrible. Despite the constant teasing and nagging." "Horribly adorable!" He cocked his head to the side while grinning like a cheshire cat. Liam's is next! I'll post it on Friday or Saturday :) . I simply waved towards their little iPhones. I knew that tons of videos of us would be plastered all over Twitter in just a few minutes. the bugger) I forgave him easily." Harry inputed with a small smirk as he slung his arm around my shoulder. but having the loser next to me made it worth it. I turned to look at him and he quickly kissed me. I think it was the curls.

it'd taken a lot of work for Liam to convince me to go out with him. Harry was never. She said yes. I know right?!) And Zayn proposed to Trinity. But somewhere along the line. By the way. Nick had started dating this girl I knew. And bam." "No. He only really loved making fun of me to the point where it seemed like 'crush teasing'. "I'm doing this because Harry and Niall made a bet about me actually doing it. at all infatuated by me. "Well." His response was said with an amused smile. the amount of trust I had in him. Niall. I realized that I actually wanted a happily ever after. It's a freaking difficult task. not just my own. I hate you. He'd gotten used to the fact that I didn't wear dresses. would ever learn about the fact that it actually made me happy when he was happy. Then I applied . the left side of his mouth twitching. except maybe Trinity (The girl knew more about me than my mom). finally only saw me as a best friend." "No heels. Liam called me. and I realized that the only person I personally could see having a good ending with. "By the way. Then your manager would be all mad at me. Nothing had made me more joyous than to know that the boy I had viewed as a brother my whole life. as well. because I really wanted to finish high school. was Liam. when Lou was doing my hair I felt like she had let a bunch of little kids attack it with their fingers…" I grumbled as I finally accomplished getting my entire body beside Liam. you look absolutely stunning. I'm pretty positive I'm in love with you. you love me otherwise you wouldn't be doing this. it wasn't really a great idea. and they were really happy. (Yeah. Yeah.Alternate Ending ~ Liam Alternate Ending ~ Liam ~ My eyes narrowed at the shorthaired boy in front of me. I'm doing it because so many people said they didn't think I'd do it. eyes twinkling in delight." Liam shrugged as he peered down to look at my sneaker clad feet. I hate you." I slapped his knee lightly. Truth was. and that he had liked that part of me. how are you? We haven't talked in forever. I got my hair done and I even let Lou put on makeup. I'd end up breaking my ankles and then falling on top of you and probably breaking a few of your limbs. "I hate you. thinking about the safety of others." I informed. "Hon. Two years of dating and he still got nervous when he thought he was asking me to do a lot. Truth of the matter was. I hate you. The sneakers are for everyone's happiness. Liam not even bothering to hide the laughter shaking through his body. Mostly because I was in Seattle and he was in London. her name was Faith (Yep. That's the deal I'm making. you know that if I wore heels. "Shut up. Not for another three months. especially with that tour coming up. It kind of hit me like a brick." he complimented as I struggled to get the simple black gown into the car without ripping it. He was now dating Cara." I retorted as I slid into the back of the town car. I would not do this for you. I kind of was doing it for Liam. how did I get so lucky?" Liam mocked amazement. and then you almost didn't ask you because you expected the answer to be no. the inside jokes. so he was extremely hesitant to ask me to go to the Brit awards with him. He leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. but then we talked. all the conversations we had. He admitted he had gotten caught up with the fact that I was treating him as if he wasn't famous. I get a piggyback. "The whole 'beauty is pain' thing is scarily accurate. Borderline adorable when he fidgeted with his fingers as he informed me of One Direction's nomination and how he wanted me to be his 'date'. We talked for four hours. you owe me a piggyback. in fact. Everyone had gotten their happy ending. and I really didn't want to do the whole 'long distance' thing. So how's the weather in Seattle?' I thought it was a prank. "Maybe that's the new thing?" He offered. though. So instead we stayed friends throughout the end of my senior year. reality show Faith). On a school night. Nick dared me to do it. saying it like it was complete fact. "My girlfriend is so sweet. Man. His exact words were 'Hey. Sometime about six months after the show ended and I resolved to my life as a senior. I'm not doing this for you. I put a dress on. had moved on from me. I'm not sure if a piggyback is allowed without the whole package. But to no one. We didn't date.

at this incredible book publishing place in London. "Go kiss your own dates. I really need a new shirt. by the way. I'm sorry. I saw Liam crouching with his hands on his knees. I slid off his back. Al! I'm going to introduce you to Mumford & Sons because I'm a nice person and I just want to see you happy and hey. Niall's will be posted Sunday. believe me! Haha. Two years later and here I was. We both ignored them. what do you guys say to introducing me to the most magical people of all time? Eh? Do it for a friend?" "Wouldn't exactly categorize you as a 'friend'… More like 'Liam's girlfriend who we have to be nice to so he doesn't beat us up'. Liam exited the car first. "Okay. how things change. Little bugger." Happiness isn't something that just happens. Piggybacks for the win. That's a secret that I shall never be revealing ." Louis pondered it. So many people want to know who my OTP is. I look like an idiot right now. but I'm not adding more so that you see 'how' the couples got together. "Um. that was all I needed. the cameras going off twice as much and people yelling questions at us. Although there was nothing enjoyable in actually donning the dress. Some of you wanted a Louis. The car pulled up to the red carpet at the Brits and the constant flashes of light gave me a slight headache. but someone had to be last. are you going to jump on or not? Seriously." A grin formed at my mouth as I jumped onto his back. I gathered the material of my dress and staggered my way out." Harry added. there will be an author's note and then that little green tick will be placed by the title. the fact that it brought friendships closer and it made memories. Christmas is around the corner. He's going to try and upstage us. No need to complain about it :P Ack. Holy pancakes!" "I heard you arrived in style. avoiding eye contact with me. so I wouldn't bet anything. Millionaire. Maybe that means going out of your comfort zone and doing something you declared you'd never do. because he's Loui-" "What about me?" The prankster appeared beside us with a charming grin. swooping in to also kiss me on the cheek.. I'm sorry." I glared at them before my jaw dropped." Harry tried to avert my attention away from one of my favorite groups. tomorrow?" I whispered in his ear as we arrived at the end of the carpet and entered the small dressing room area.. In a dress. Oh. I know. I wonder who's not getting a Christmas present from me this year…" I took my own pondering position before pointing a finger at Louis. that would be wearing a dress. And then that's the end. In my case.) ) And no. y'know. Mr. "My." Harry rambled as he pulled me towards the musical geniuses. So after Niall. "What do you want to bet that we're the front page of all the papers. but I never really pictured the two of them together. my eyes not once wavering from the group. Niall is last. "Liam isn't exactly 'style'. I'll keep that in mind. "Louis isn't here yet." "Come along." I replied. "Holy crap. still wasn't used to that. "You aren't. that's Mumford & Sons. glancing around and seeing a ton of famous people. Got the assistant job. my chin resting on his shoulder as he walked down the carpet. ~ I think some of you really need to learn patience :P It's a great virtue. Vote/Comment! <3 . you have to take the steps in order to be happy. aren't you gorgeous?" "She cleans up nicely. That's up to your imagination. When I finally looked up. I love Liam and Al. Yeah. (NOT THAT THEY ARE WHO I SHIP. Louis kissed me on my cheek. "Well. "Hm. He's the complete opposite as her and I think they compliment each other nicely. not bothering to offer me his hand to help me out.

" I shrugged." "I was writing-" "We already established that. I shot him a triumphant grin. settling it onto his lap. not being able to resist the urge to annoy him further. He pulled my arm just hard enough that I went tumbling onto him. "You know I didn't mean for you to leave." I said before wriggling out of his arms. I guess that's as close as I'll get to a compliment. his face falling ever so slightly. deeply in love with you . yeah?" Niall asked." I responded quickly with a shrug. and listen. something I took note of once Niall had managed to worm his way into my affections. Once I was standing up. Apparently popstars have nice houses. as I told him I preferred him with brown hair) hair tossed to the side. lips pursed around the guitar pick… Yeah. "Pretty much. a very determined voice started to yell out my name. Thank goodness his guitar was next to him on the couch and it didn't get broken. I'm a skilled video game player. "But I do love you. he was kind of adorable. Now. "Like all those days and weeks and months I tried to steal a kiss And all those sleepless nights and daydreams where I pictured this I’m just the underdog who finally got the girl And I am not ashamed to tell it to the world. It was about a month or two after I had been home and his continual Skype calls and texts started to be what I looked forward to every day. Niall got grumpy if I ignored him after trampling him in Fifa. And your big idiot moments of Irishness. deeply I am Foolishly.Alternate Ending ~ Niall Alternate Ending ~ Niall ~ Just as I inserted the disk to play Fifa. I turned to see his guitar pick in his mouth." "Yes. Truly. sir!" I saluted and then proceeded to fall onto the couch beside him and looked at him with the most convincing 'adoring fan' eyes I could. shut up. pivoting on my toes and starting to exit the room." I interrupted again. "What am I? Five? Let me go!" "I'll let you go if you tell me you love me. there was a reason I came in here… Was there not? Or can I go back to Fifa?" He grabbed his guitar. so I figured I was already treading on a thin wire. I grinned innocently at him. "Okay. what can I say? "What?" I asked once I had managed to get off the couch in the gaming room and enter the living room. The grumpiness level would have gone sky high and I would have had to find a bomb shelter to hide in. He hrumphed." he negotiated. come here please!" Niall continued to pester. Irish people seem to grow on you. "Ha!" His face fell as he took on the expression of a wounded puppy. even though I knew it was anything but luck. "Don't get all grumpy. not bothering to respond or get up from my caccooned form on the couch. "Go away. I made it about three steps before his hand grabbed onto my forearm. Go on. His arms locked around me and I tried to get up." "Okay. but I had already beaten him in the last four video games we had played in the past twenty-four hours. madly. madly. He felt as though I should comfort him and tell him it was all luck. Niall looked up and spoke sternly." "Eh. I groaned. crazy. "So I was writing a song-" "Isn't that your job?" I quirked an eyebrow. a small smile twitching at the left side of his mouth. I'm not the five year old. blue eyes suddenly intently tuning his guitar. "Al! Seriously. hair messy as he glared at me. So sit down. "I wrote about you." I nodded. "I just wanted you to say you love me… Is that so wrong?" "Yeah. With his blonde (but slowly becoming brunet. Which I would then proceed to do. You are. I considered ignoring him again. a smirk playing across my lips. After a few moments." "You shouldn't say things you don't mean. completely falling And somehow you kicked all my walls in So baby say you’ll always keep me Truly.

And hey. that some guy wrote a song for me and was actually serenading me. and I let my head fall onto his shoulder. I'll put this day back on replay and keep reliving it. His fleeting grin melted into me. I was able to pick up immediately on how serious he was. My eyes slid shut as he continued to sing to me. I'm pretty sure that Niall really enjoyed knowing that side to me. he knows I could never break up with him since he has major blackmail on me. told anyone that I actually liked cuddling and actually liked my boyfriend. I'd personally beat him up. the two of us fitting like 'twigs caught on a vine'. Al. The side that wasn't afraid to cry every once in a while. Immediately my eyes flew open as I pulled away quickly. and I mean ever. The side that liked to curl up on the couch and eat popcorn. yeah?" "Wish I could freeze this moment in a frame and stay like this. And not special in the 'oh my gosh. you might be a butthead and annoying little bugger. It was slightly unreal. my fear was proven right. The side that liked getting serenaded and being told I'm special. Yanking open the white refrigerator door." ~ . I moved the guitar just a bit so I could sit beside him. Niall Horan! You ate the blueberry muffins that Marie made for me! You have a total of ten seconds to run because I will kick your little Irish butt. "Yeah. but yeah. I started muttering under my breath as I raced into the kitchen. Looks like I was stuck with this one. Though Niall knew if he ever. I don't think I could let you go… I guess I'll have to keep you. There was such an intensity to the lyrics. leaning forward to kiss him. and I could feel his breathing. you're such a special snowflake'. His lips were soft and he tasted vaguely of a blueberry muffin. "I hope I’m not a casualty I hope you won’t get up and leave Might not mean that much to you But to me it’s everything Everything" I grinned despite myself. Maybe I lived in a fan fiction." His smooth voice sang again. as if it was a secret he was trying to tell me.In love with you." He sang softly. I personally think he liked being the only one knowing my weak side. "Dagnabbit. I'm talking about the 'I love you because you're not like everyone else' special. Not that he would tell anyone.

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