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HW # 3


Fourth Quarter, SY 2014 - 2015
PHY13 /






1. The interference patterns of two identical slits separated by a distance of 0.25 mm is observed on a screen at a distance of 1 m from the
plane of the slits. The slits are illuminated by monochromatic light of wavelength 589.3 mm traveling perpendicular to the plane of the
slits. Bright bands are observed on each side of the central maximum. Calculate the distance separating adjacent bright bands. Calculate
the separation of adjacent dark bands.
2. A slit 0.0584mm wide is illuminated by monochromatic light. On a screen 50.0 cm from the slit, two second- order dark fringes are
separated by 8.03 cm. What is the wavelength of light?
3. Two slits are illuminated by the light that consists of two wavelengths. One wavelength is known to be 6,600 A. On a screen the third

dark fringe of the pattern for the 6,600-A wavelength coincides with the sixth bright fringe for the other wavelength. What is the
unknown wavelength?
4. A monochromatic red light of wavelength 700 nm is shone into a double slit 0.500 mm apart. A screen is placed 1.20 m from the
double slit. What is the distance between the 3rd bright fringe above the central bright fringe and the 3rd dark fringe below the central
bright fringe?
5. Coherent light that contains two wavelengths 670 nm (red) and 470 nm (blue) passes through double slits. The interference pattern is
observed on a screen 2.50 m from the slits. If the distance between the 5th bright fringe above the central bright fringe for red and the
5th dark fringe below the central bright fringe for blue is 24.2 mm, how far apart are the two slits?
6. A parallel beam of monochromatic light is incident normally on a grating that has 15000 lines/cm. The third-order dark image is 325
mm from the central image on a screen that is 0.418 m from the grating. What is the wavelength of the light?
7. A metallic sword 1.5m long and of mass 5kg is traveling with a speed of 0.94C with respect to a Panday kid on the ground. Find a)
relativistic mass b) relativistic length c) rest – mass energy d) Relativistic energy or total energy, e ) relativistic Kinetic Energy of the
metal sword. f) If the metal sword is at rest and makes an angle of 25 with the horizontal, what should be your speed so that the metal
sword appears 80 cm long?
8. Amaya standing at the opposite side of the road sees a billboard sign which measures 20m long and 20 m wide with the length parallel
to the ground. Flash Gordon flies horizontally past the signboard sees the billboard sign appearing to be a rectangle with one side
reduced to one-fourth the original size . What is Flash Gordon’s speed relative to the earth.?
9. A ZUMO spacecraft 120m long is flying overhead at a great distance as you stand in your backyard. You see its headlight

blink on for 0.5 sec. The Zumo officer on the spacecraft measures that the headlight is on for 20millisecond. What is the
speed of the spacecraft relative to the earth? How long is the spacecraft according to your observation?
10. You are on board the Starship Kevin which is moving at a constant speed toward the planet Vulcan. A rival Spaceship Nero flies past
you at constant speed of 0.85C relative to you. At the instant the Spaceship Nero passes you, both of you start the timers at zero.
( a ) At the instant when you measure that Spaceship Nero has travelled 2.5 x 10 8 m past you, what does its pilot read on his timer ?
( b ) When the pilot of Spaceship Nero reads the value calculated in ( a ) on his timer, what do you read on yours ?

Diffraction and Interference , Relativity


Relativity EMU .Diffraction and Interference .