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Dear friends, before you decide to choose a career understand what are
options available to you. We hope that these pointers will help you gain
some information.
Science At 11th and 12th level SCIENCE involves primary papers like maths, physics ,
chemistry , biology and vocational fields like electronics, IT and electrical
Some of Careers that can be taken post 12th Science can be-

Engineering(diploma in engineering can be done immediately after 10th,
degree can be pursued after 12th, or completing diploma in
engineering)Diploma- 10th + 3years
Degree- 12th PCM + 4years. or Diploma + 3 years
become a doctor in any of these fields you will have to take up science
with PCB at 12th followed by 5 years of education for medicine, and 4
years for dentistry in addition to internship
Paramedical- Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech Therapy,
Prosthetics & Orthotics 12th + 4 years for
Nursing. 12th + 3 years for B.Sc Nursing
Lab Technician
Clinical Research- doing research in any one of the sciences (Graduation +
1 year )
Pharmacy- working at making medicines. 12th + 4 years for B.Pharm
Architecture(requires only maths at 12th Level)- involves designing
building, landscapes , bridges etc . 12th Maths + 5 years is duration
Agricultural Science- studying about agriculture and how to improve it12th + 3 years is the duration for basic B.Sc degree
Biology- and related fields like Botany(studying about plants),
Biotechnology( studying about genes , DNA etc)-12th + 3years for basic
B.Sc degree
Chemistry( studying about chemical compositions) 12th + 3years for basic
B.Sc degree
Nutrition and Dietetics( studying about nutritional value of foods) 12th + 3
years for basic B.Sc Degree
Merchant Navy- working on cargo ships ( can be done after 12th Science,
various short term and long-term courses are available)
Pilot( flying a plane)-- Can be done after 12th PCM - 1 -2 year training
Defence Services (NDA)-working in Army, Navy and Air Force. Can be
sought after 12th Standard by joining NDA(National Defence Academy) or
CDSE(Combined Defense Service examination) after gradaution
Bachelor of Computer Applications(requires only maths at 12th Level)
designing computer and internet applications . 12th maths + 3 years for
basic BCA degree

Organization of towards reducing production costs in order to benefit organization . 12th (any stream) + 3 years  Chartered Accountant. statistical and financial techniques. finance. 12th maths + 3 years for basic B. Can be done after any graduation .Sc IT degree Veterinary Science. HR etc. Maths.focuses on accounting. 12th + 3 years for basic BBI degree  Bachelor in Management studies ( can be taken after science . Secretarial Practice Post 12th you can think of the following careers if you wish to pursue commerce further  Bachelor in Accounts & Finance. commerce or arts).Sc Veterinary Science Commerce Commerce at 11th and 12th level Primarily involves papers like Accounting and Bookkeeping. sociology .focuses on accounting and financial management( 12th + 3 years for basic BAF degree  Bachelor in Insurance and Banking-training in the how the insurance sector and banks function. philosophy etc If you wish to pursue arts further then you can further complete graduation in any of these subjects and go ahead to become : Psychologist. auditing and taxation-12th + 3 level CA examinations + articleship  Company Secretary-looks at legal affairs and acts as advisor to the company. psychology. in how to handle and administer business including aspects like marketing. analyses the financial consequences of risk to enable businesses to make betterinformed decisions.Sc Actuarial Science.languages political science. at making sure that the scarce resources are utilised in an optimal way 10th + 3 years for BA . 12th + 3 level CS examinations + articleship  Cost and Works Accountant. 10th + 3 years for BA + 2 years for MA  Economist.focus on training in marketing. history .  Bachelor of Information Technology (requires only maths at 12th Level)focusing on computer software and programming . Economics. finance etc. 12th + 3 years for B. Degree is 2 years after graduation. 12th + 3 years for B. or examinations by Actuarial Society of India  Management studies. 12th + 3 level ICWA examinations + articleship  Actuarial Science-An actuary is a professional who. and diploma is 1 years after graduation ArtsAt 11th & 12th Standard level arts includes subjects like economics. using probability theory and mathematical. as animal at understanding and helping people with emotional and mental problems .

10th + 3 years BA + 2 years MA COMMON Some careers can be pursued irrespective of what you take at 12th Level. Public Relations. 10th + 3 years for basic BA /B. malnutrition. 10th + 3 years BA + 2 years MA Historian. old coins. textile. unemployment. anti-social behaviour. HR etc. sales. physical. like the following             to prevent and alleviate social problems and address various social issues such as poverty. or Graduation + MSW Sociologist. 10th + 3 years BA + 2 years MA Linguist -expert in any language .web designing can be pursued both as degree and diploma after 10th or 12th Management( MBA or diploma in management). event management. and diploma is 1 years after graduation Fine Arts & Commercial Arts. Can be done after any graduation .work n areas like ticketing. or graduation + 1 year for PG Diploma Hotel Management. finance.diploma &degree courses are available after 12th Photography. tour planning.identify and study various evidences like artifacts. alcohol addiction. Diploma can be done after 12 th in any stream . advertising. fossils.Management studies focus on training in marketing. interior. toy.Ed which makes you eligible to teach upto 7th at both theory and applied statistics.diploma courses can be pursued after 10th Teacher.12th + 3 years for D.UPSC exams to be given after any graduation. Designing( can be pursued as a degree or diploma after 12th). remnants of monuments. Degree is 2 years after graduation. and emotional handicaps. 12th + 5 years for BALLB. Travel and Tourism.Ed to teach upto 12th standard Professor-for teaching at college level Masters in any subject followed by NET/SET examinations .     Statistician. Government Services(like IAS. ancient books . IPS etc).12th + 3 years for Graduation . old age. drug addiction. commercial art focuses on application in advertising and other commercial purposes Film Studies . tour conduction etc. sculpture where art is appreciated . graphics .Sc in statistics Social Worker. environmental pollution. remnants of buildings.look at legal affairs .study social life and social issues.fine arts studies about paintings. handle court cases etc . animation.Diplomas are also available.12th + 3 years for BMM . mental. architectural relics. etc. deforestation. 12th + BSW.focuses on various aspects of hotel industry . public hygiene.various forms of designing like fashion. preferably completed masters in the same language . and Graduation + 1 year for B. or graduation + 3 years for LLB Media and Communication (Bachelor of Mass Media)-which includes journalism.

and you will never have to work a day in your life " BEST OF LUCK ON YOUR JOURNEY !! Department of Psychology.Furthermore . Maniben Nanavati Women’s College. anything that you are passionate about can become a career!! And as Confucius once said" Choose a job you love. In today's world. there are various vocational careers that can be taken up after 10th and can be trained by government recognized ITI centres(Industrial Training Institute) Some of the courses are                Tailoring Crèche Management Preparatory School Management Fashion designing Toy Making Tool and Dye Making Data Entry Operator Corporate Housekeeping Dairy Management Preservation of fruits and vegetables Hair and Skin Care Baking and confectionaries Welding Carpentry Mechanic consumer electronics & Many More The duration of these courses varies from 3 months to 2 years . Vile Parle (West) Mumabi -400056 .