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1964; 51 years ago(Nationwide in 1966; 49 years ago)

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Doritos /dɵˈriːtoʊz/ is a brand of seasoned tortilla chips produced since 1964 by American food
company Frito-Lay (a wholly owned subsidiary of PepsiCo).


[hide]  1 History  2 Ingredients  3 Flavors  4 Marketing o 4. outside of Casa De Fritos in 1972. but in this case being dry. the provider of many items for Casa de Fritos at Disneyland.2 Other  5 Doritos 3D's  6 See also  7 References 7. California. The original product was made at the Casa de Fritos at Disneyland in Anaheim. it is the second leading seller behind Lay's Potato Chip. the first tortilla chip to be launched nationally in the United States. Using surplus tortillas. resembling the Mexican chilaquiles. This made it the number one seller in corn based chips.1 Super Bowl o 4. meaning "little golden thing" or "little golden boy". season 5 episode 6. The name derives from the Mexican Spanish doradito.1 Bibliography o  8 External links History[edit] An animatronic vending machinefeaturing The Frito Kid. Arch West was the Vice President of Marketing of Frito-Lay at the time. [3] "Doritos" were released nationwide in 1966. [4] [5] In a television special on the National Geographic Channel about Ultimate Factories. it was said that Doritos is a $4 billion a year product. He made a deal with Alex Foods in 1964. before it was overwhelmed by the volume. another Frito Lay product. and produced the chips for a short time regionally. and Frito-Lay moved the production in-house to its Tulsa plant. and noticed their popularity. . the company-owned restaurant cut them up and fried them (as in traditional Mexican chips called totopos) and added basic seasoning.

the vice president of tortilla chip marketing.000 chip eaters. and rounded the edges of the chip. Each chip was also given more seasoning. The new design gave each chip rounded corners. Frito-Lay eliminated trans fat from all Doritos varieties in 2002. Nevertheless. Berdusco. The redesigned chips were released in four flavors beginning in January 1995. [6] [6] The previous Doritos logo can still be seen on the popular Nacho Cheese flavor. The same year. The design change was the result of a two-year market research study that involved 5. the Doritos . in 1993. in the costliest redesign in Frito-Lay history. Doritos earned $1. resulting in a stronger flavor.3 billion in retail sales. in 1994 the company spent $50 million to redesign Doritos to make the chips 20% larger. Roger J. 15% thinner.According to Information Resources International. making it easier to eat and reducing the scrap resulting from broken corners. one-third of the total Frito-Lay sales for the year. that are larger and more strongly seasoned". said a primary reason for the change was "greater competition from restaurant-style tortilla chips.