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Asian Development Bank International Clients The World Bank International Finance Corporation Islamic Development Bank United States Agency of International Development United Nations Development Programme Pakistan Electric Power Company Japan International Cooperation Agency South Asia Enterprise Development Facility Department for International Development The Scottish Government The Government of India National Clients Government of Bangladesh Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Limited Bangladesh Bidyut Unnayan Board National Board of Revenue Rural Electrification Board of Bangladesh Electricity Generation Company of Bangladesh The Securities and Exchange Commission of Bangladesh Infrastructure Development Company of Bangladesh Central Procurement Technical Unit .

e.Gen’s Global Presence Sri Lanka Iraq .

. What we don’t…………. A rising intellectual powerhouse emerging from the South Asia.Gen Identity Who are we…………      e.Gen Consultants Ltd. we thrive on empowering people. . A group of young professionals who are changing the dynamics of this industry. we judge them mostly by their Output.      Provide strategic & management consulting services to the Clients.     We don’t engage in unethical business practices. Already in 8 countries across Asia & Africa and expanding aggressively. Add value by positively impacting peoples’ life. One of the very few Bangladeshi firms to be in International Development Consulting. Being a Professional Consulting firm. Set professional standards based on what we can do as opposed to what is enough.The e. We don’t compromise on highest standards of professionalism. is a multi-disciplinary professional consulting firm. Leverage global expertise with local knowledge to offer customized solutions. What we do…………. Rely on creativity and out-of-the-box solutions to be on the cutting edge. We don’t become Romans while in Rome. An industry valued at US$ 145 billion annually. We don’t judge people only by their Input.

Intellect drives your work..How are we different………. Do we suit you……………         Every project is a new product. We will take Bangladesh to its coveted position in the world through our relentless efforts. Where are we heading………………. and patriotism. perseverance. but a way of living. We provide Best Value at Least Cost Strategy through:    Cost Focus: Competitive without compromising Quality. Creativity is not an option. no scope for boredom. We aim to be one of the leading consulting firms of South Asia by 2015 by upholding the highest ethical standards and implementing good business practices. Differentiation Focus: Unique without being Non-Compliant. if you have matter in your hours. The whole world is your game theater. If you are intellectually restless – then. practiced more and preached less. . money rewards your performance. this is your playfield. If you have what it takes – you are welcome to join us in that journey. Customization Focus: A Solution Provider and not only Service Deliverer. It’s about both people and passion. International relations propel business growth. Hours only matter.

Project Management Unit Working at this organization involves coordination and collaboration with recognized local and international organizations and experts. and fulfillment. and propel growth. e. one develops a strong network which can be a lifelong asset for a professional . I have been allowed to grow on my own terms and move at a fast track career path .both professionally and financially. one internalizes the global best practices and applies them in day to day work. Compared to my age and experience. the freedom and authority I enjoy is second to none. Syed Mohammad Wasimul Bari Manager.Gen Mohammad ArbaazNayeem Chief Executive Officer For those who are not familiar with the industry. On the one hand.Gen thrives on a work hard and play hard culture and I am proud to be a part of that clan. From the last e-mail we send at the end of the day. The organization offers one the opportunity to become a world class professional with the experience of competing with global firms for projects spread around the world. Syeda Manisa Kabir Business Development Officer The more we feel at home while at work. objectivity. provide customized solutions. On the other hand. over time. I can't think of a better industry to exploit my intellect and be financially contented as well. While I have had my fair share of mistakes. consulting remains an ambiguous concept. This has significantly boosted my self-confidence with much more exciting times to look forward to.Some of the Young Turks of e. challenges.Gen has given me that comfort zone while facing the challenges of meeting the project deliverables. and knowledge that s/he brings. Working at e. M RafiulAlam Chief Operating Officer As one of the leading international consulting firms in the country. the more likely we will miss home less while at work. our compensation package is one of the best that I know of and ahead of any of my IBA peers working in other industries. Organizations hire consultants to develop is no doubt the facebook of intellectual prowess. It is an excellent firm which looks after its employees well. to the first e-mail we receive the next day . The value of a consultant lies in the fresh perspective. I have grown manifold – both professionally and in terms of financial returns.Gen always has given me the opportunity to be creative and apply my own is a life of expectations. e. Given the diverse group of highly talented people we interact and work with everyday . And yes. Within less than a year.

International Project Status Sl.National Firm for National Board of Revenue( NBR) Ongoing Iraq Ongoing . light engineering. Status Awaiting Contract Negotiation Awaiting Contract Negotiation Assessment and Auditing of Selected Procurement Packages under the Higher Education Enhancement Quality Project Awaiting Contract Negotiation Financial Sector Project for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprise (FSPDSME) Ongoing Capacity Development of the Department of Land Records and Surveys and Modernization of Cadastral Maps’ Storing. Selection of a Consultancy Firm to prepare SME Project Profiles on Potential Products form agro processing. 9. 3. 10. Mongolia Asian Development Bank Energy 7. 8. Iraq World Bank/ Ministry of Finance Finance Project Name Selection of a Consultancy Firm to conduct a sector study on Software Development Sector in order to acquire detailed information about the sector. Preserving and Retrieval System Project (DLRS) Updating Energy Sector Master Plan Public Financial Management Project: Strengthening Budget Preparation – Capacity Strengthening in Economic Forecasting Component I Public Financial Management Project: Strengthening Budget Preparation – Developing Sector Strategies .Component II Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing World Bank/ Ministry of Finance Finance Vietnam Asian Development Bank Energy TA 7262-VIE: Capacity building of Renewable Energy Development Ongoing Bangladesh Asian Development Bank Public Sector Reform Supporting Governance Management Project . 4. Country Bangladesh Client SME Foundation Bangladesh SME Foundation Bangladesh University Grants Commission of Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh Bank/ JICA Sector SME SME Finance SME 5. Bangladesh Asian Development Bank (ADB) Public-Sector Reform 6. 2. 1. electrical & electronics and plastics sector.

Bangladesh Asian Development Bank Bangladesh United Nations Development Programme Bangladesh Mitsubishi Research Institute. Nigeria World Bank SME Independent Procurement Review (Audit) of Selected Bankfinanced Contracts under the Institutional Reform and Capacity Building Project (IRCBP) Completed Strengthening the Credit Operations of a Bank in Katmandu Completed Palm Oil Industry Supply Chain Development Program Completed . Nepal IFC-SEDF Finance & Banking 23. Vietnam Nepal India Sector Energy Water Supply & Sanitation Energy Energy Finance Environmental and Social Project Name Status Support for Climate Change Mitigation and Renewable Energy Development Ongoing Preparing Coastal Towns Infrastructure Improvement – Consulting Firm Ongoing Barrier Removal to the Cost Effective Development and Implementation of Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling (BRESL) Project Study on Opportunities for Sub-Projects under JICA Renewable Energy Development Project and their Estimated Effects Completed Ongoing Expanding Access to Islamic Finance for SMEs in Indonesia: Creating a Pilot Assessment Tool Completed Survey on Environmental and Social Guidelines in Bangladesh Ongoing Power Power System Efficiency Improvement Project Completed Ministry of Industry Power Study for the Development of the Power Market and Competitive Tender Framework for Thermal IPPs Completed Asian Development Bank Energy Energy Access and Efficiency Improvement Project II Completed Infrastructure PPPs: PPP Training Content & Curriculum Development and Training of Trainers Completed World Bank Public Sector Reform 21. Bangladesh Asian Development Bank 12. Inc. 15.Sl. Sierra Leone World Bank Finance & Banking 22. 19. Bangladesh Asian Development Bank 18. 14.. Country Client 11. Bangladesh JICA 17. Indonesia World Bank 16. 20. Japan / JICA 13.

25.Sl. 24. 26. Country Cambodia Sri Lanka Mongolia Bangladesh Client Sector World Bank/ Charles Kendall & Partners SocioEconomic Land Allocation for Social and Economic Development (LASED) Completed Infrastructure Assessment of Secondary Cities in Sri Lanka: The Eastern and Northern Provinces of Sri Lanka Completed World Bank World Bank Asian Development Bank Infrastructure Energy Project Name The Global Economic Crisis and Infrastructure: Rapid Country Diagnostic for Mongolia Power System Efficiency Improvement Project II Status Completed Completed . 27.

Sierra Leone IDB Energy 12. Social and Environmental Studies for Construction of Urir Char Noakhali Cross-Dam Project (UCNCP) in the District of Noakhali Baseline Evaluation of MENA MSME TA Facility Developing a Revenue Administration Management Information System Accounting and IT Services for the NPA. Egypt 6. Bangladesh ADB Finance Institutional Support for Railway Reforms – Component iii Performance and Financial Audits (32234-013) 9. Indonesia Ministry of Finance/World Bank Finance 1. Bangladesh USAID Environment Bengal Tiger Conservation Activity (Bagh) 7. Nigeria World Bank Finance 4. Ethiopia World bank & IFC Ministry of Finance and Economic Development/ World Bank Engineering SME SocioEconomic Africa MSME Finance program: Republic of Nigeria Consultancy Services for Detailed Design. 14. Bhutan Asian Development Bank Public Finance 11. Bangladesh Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) 5. Sierra Leone Support to Development of National Road Strategy Framework in Transport Infrastructures Project Management and Quality Assurance for SPAN and SPAN Support Initiatives Environmental Sustainability Study – Protection of Basic Services (PBS) II . 3. Cote D’Ivoire World Bank Infrastructure 13. Sector Project Name Power Management Consultancy Services For North-West Power Generation Company Limited Under Bheramara Combined Cycle Power Plant Development Project (Engineering Services) Bangladesh Electricity Generation Company of Bnagladesh Power Consultancy Services for Pre-Feasibility Study and Initial Environmental Examination (lEE) Study of 600-800 MW Coal Based Power Plant at Munshiganj. Afghanistan World Bank Finance Consultancy Services to support external audit operations in the Supreme Audit Office (SAO) 10.Projects Awaiting Result Sl. Bangladesh United Nations Development Programme Public Sector Survey on Police Investigation Practices Police Reform Programme 8. Ministry of Energy and Water Resources in Freetown. Country Client Name Bangladesh North-West Power Generation Company Limited/JICA 2.

Bangladesh LGED Climate Coastal Climate Resilient Infrastructure Project (CCRIP) . Cambodia ADB Finance Advisory Assistance for Fiscal Decentralization Development of the Sub-National Investment Facility (Output 3) and Capacities Building for Efficient Decentralized Public Financial Management (Output 4) 17. Chittagong and Sylhet Divisions) 16.15. Bangladesh Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) Infrastructure Preparation of Municipal Development Programs (Eastern Part: Dhaka.

4 Country India Client Name THDC India Limited Sector Power Project Name Skill Gap Analysis and Initial Diagnostic for Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening (CBIS) to THDC India Limited. .Current Shortlisted Projects Sl.

2008 Bank Securities and 12. Country 1. Bangladesh 7. Bangladesh Procurement Capacity Development Process.Procurement Finance Assessment and Preparation of the Design of a Procurement Capacity Development Plan 16. Bangladesh World Bank Energy 4. Bangladesh National Projects Europien Union EC Securities and Exchange Commission Ministry of Finance DFID Ministry of Finance Finance Finassnce Project Name To Design a Framework of Performance Management for Energy Utilities Consultancy Services for Environmental Assessment and Management Training Technical Assistance to Support the Bangladeshi Bank Training Institute Technical Assistance to Support the Bangladeshi Bank Training Institute Finance Improvement of Capital Markets and Insurance Governance Finance Strengthening Public Expenditure Management Program Finance Tax Administration Capacity and Taxpayer Services Strengthening Public Expenditure Management Program (SPEMP) in Finance the Bangladesh Management and Implementation Support Component (MISC) Asian 11.Sl. Bangladesh Royal Danish Embassy Preparation of Annual Statements of Progress of Public Financial Management Reform Programme. Bangladesh 9. Bangladesh Client Name Sector IFC Energy Study on Biomass Potentials in Bangladesh South Asian Regional Initiative/Energy-Training-I & III 2. Bangladesh 8. Bangladesh Exchange Commission 13. Bangladesh DFID Finance 14. Bangladesh DFID Finance 15. Bangladesh USAID Energy 3. Bangladesh Development Finance Capacity Development for the IDCOL Finance Improvement of Capital Markets and Insurance Governance Fiduciary Risk Assessment for Bangladesh. Bangladesh 10. Bangladesh SEDF/IFC Banking 17. Bangladesh World Bank Banking Survey on the Financial Institution’s Exposure to Environmental Risks in Lending Sonali Bank Restructuring Project . Bangladesh 6. Bangladesh REB and WB Environment 5.

Bangladesh ADB Power Corporatization of West Zone Distribution Operations of BPDB 28. 32. Bangladesh WB PPR 31. Shariatpur and Pirojpur Integrated Area Development . Bangladesh BPDB Power Corporatization of Bangladesh Power Development Board 26.Sl. Bangladesh SEDF SME 35. Bangladesh BCC & WB ICT Economic Management and Technical Assistance Program (EMTAP) project 23. Education Survey on IT Education Sector in Bangladesh Education Education Sector Evaluation Singapore 19.. Bangladesh IDB Preparing the South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation 20. India DAE& IDB Project Implementation and Capacity Development under Public Procurement Reform Project II Impact of SEDF’s Intervention in the Development of Software Industry of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Power Feasibility Study for 1. Bangladesh IFC/World Socio- Bank Economic 36. Country Client Name Sector Project Name Springboard 18. Bangladesh SEDF SME SME Department Creation for a Local Private Bank. Bangladesh ADB Power Corporatization of Dhaka Electric Supply Authority 27. Bangladesh JICA ICT (SASEC) Information Highway Project on Rural ICT& Telecommunications Organizational Structure Study and Development of IT System for the NWPGCL and Bheramara 450 MW Power Plant Support for Development of Public Sector use of ICT under 22. Bangladesh Research. Bangladesh SEDF SME Mid Term Review of SEDF 34. Bangladesh ADB Power Siddhirgwanj 2X120 MW Peaking Power Plant 24. Bangladesh TATA Power Ltd. 33. Bangladesh ADB ICT 21. Bangladesh ADB/BPDB Power Promotion of Private Sector Participation in Power Sector 29. Bangladesh ADB Power Power System Efficiency Improvement Project 25.000 MW Power Plant 30. Bangladesh SEDF SME Banking Survey of the SME Market in Bangladesh. Economic Madaripur. WSP Global Study on Expansion of Domestic Private Sector Participation Bangladesh Socio- Participatory Rural Appraisal and baseline survey under Gopalgonj.

Bangladesh UNDP 38. Country Client Name Sector Project Name Project 37. Bangladesh 40. Bangladesh REB& WB 39. 41. Bangladesh Bangladesh SocioEconomic SocioEconomic Impact of School Sanitation Intervention on Rural Women Survey: Socio-Economic Monitoring & Impact Evaluation of Rural Electrification & Renewable Energy Program Scottish Socio- Government Economic Scottish Government World Bank Water and sanitation Expanding domestic private sector participation in the water and sanitation market Water and Feasibility Study for Improvement of Flood Forecasting and Warning Sanitation Service JICA Assessment & Evaluation of Development Grant & Programmes of the .Sl.

Pakistan Power Distribution Enhancement Investment Program Project Ref: ADB Loan 2439 PAK Analyze and Structure PPP Workshop Infrastructure PPPs: PPP Training Content & Curriculum Development and Training of Trainers Held at New Delhi. India . Vietnam Project Office of e.Gen at PIA Tower. Lahore. Bangladesh Inception Meeting of Capacity Building of Renewable Energy Development Project Project Ref: ADB TA 7262 VIE Held at Hanoi.Some of e.Gen’s Recent Project Activities Presentation of Inception Report for Bangladesh Power System Efficiency Improvement Project Project Ref: ADB TA 7242 BAN Held at Dhaka.