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 Machine for printing text or pictures, especially
one linked to a computer.
 Speed of a printer is measured in:
1. Cps: characters per second
2. Lpm: lines per minute
3. Ppm: pages per minute
 The faster the printer , three more expensive it is
 There are two types of printers:
1:Impact printers
2:Non – impact printers

The electromagnetically-driven printhead moves across the paper and strikes the printer ribbon situated between the paper and printhead pin. Because the printhead must strike the surface of the paper with enough force to transfer ink from a ribbon onto the page. Dot-matrix printers vary in print resolution and overall quality with either 9 or 24pin printheads(quality of printer). there is one distinct advantage to dot-matrix (or any form of impact) printing. The paper is pressed against a drum (a rubber-coated cylinder) and is intermittently pulled forward as printing progresses. the higher the print resolution. The impact of the printhead against the printer ribbon imprints ink dots on the paper which form human-readable characters. Most dot-matrix printers have a maximum resolution of around 240 dpi dots per inch. The more pins per inch.(the speed) While this resolution is not as high as those possible in laser or inkjet printers. it is ideal for .1:IMPACT PRINTERS: ADVANTAGES:  Less expensive  Slow(some are fast)  Can make multiple copies with multipart paper Disadvantages:  Noisy  Printing quality lower than some types  Poor graphics or none at all Quality of type  Dot-Matrix Printers The technology behind dot-matrix printing is quite simple.

environments that must produce carbon copies through the use of special multipart documents.  The disadvantage of this printer is its loud . These documents have carbon (or other pressure-sensitive material) on the underside and create a mark on the sheet underneath when pressure is applied.low in graphics and slow . The advantage of this printer is it is inexpensive can do multi-copy forms Graphics  Low /poor  Something no graphics at all Examples of impact printers: CANON IP2700 SERIES . Retailers and small businesses often use carbon copies as receipts or bills of sale.

(FX-890N EPSON) HP ENVY 4500 .

NON-IMPACT PRINTERS  Type of printer that does not actually striking the paper  It uses ink spray or toner powder Advantages  Quiet  Can handle graphics and often a wider variety of fonts  Fast Disadvantages  More expensive Types of printer Thermal: characters are formed by heated elements being placed in contact with special heat sensitive paper forming darkened dots when the elements reach a critical temperature. A fax machine uses a thermal printer .

ADVANTAGES:  QUIET  HIGH QUALITY OF TEXT AND GRAPHICS DISADVANTAGES:  INK CAN SMEAR  CANNOT USE MULTIPLE-COPY PAPAER 2.INKJET PRINTER: Characters are formed as a result of electrically charged or heated ink being sprayed in fine jets onto the paper. .Thermal printer paper tends to darken over time due to exposure to sunlight and heat. Individual nozzles in the printing head produce high resolution (up to 400 dots per inch or 400 dpi) dot matrix characters. Thermal printers are widely used in battery powered equipment such as portable calculators. The standard of print produced is poor.

A black cartridge is also used for crisp monochrome output. yellow and cyan inks to create colour tones.Colour cartridge showing inkjet nozzles An inkjet printer Inkjet printers use colour cartridges which combine magenta. ADVANTAGES:  QUIET  HIGH QUALITY OF TEXT AND GRAPHICS DISADVANTAGES:  INK CAN SMEAR  CANNOT USE MULTIPLE-COPY PAPAER . This method of printing can generate up to 200 cps and allows for good quality. cheap colour printing.

PAGE PRINTER:  Works like a copy machine.impact printers: (Epson AcuLase CX37D) . ADVANTAGES: Quiet Faster that other non-impact printers High quality print and graphics xa DISADVANTAGE:  More expensive that impact printers Cannot use multiple-copy paper Examples of non. using toner a bar heat.3.