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Agile Greece Summit 2015

Athens - Greece

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Agile Greece Summit 2015

Agile Greece Summit 2015 is an event, the first of its kind in Greece, that
gathers, from its first year, world class agile experts. It aims to be one of
the top annual agile events worldwide and to increase agile adoption
momentum in Greece. It is designed for executives, team leaders,
managers, consultants and agile practitioners, who want to create high
performing teams and organisations by applying agile principles and

Agile Greece Summit features a number of very experienced international



18 September 2015

President Hotel,
Athens, Greece
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Agile Greece Summit 2015

Athens - Greece

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Niels Pflaeging

Claudio Perrone

Jurgen Dittmar

Ralph Jocham

BetaCodex Network

Independent Consultant

Management 3.0

Eective agile

Ben Linders

Erhan Koseoglu

Gunther Verheyen

Cliff Hazell

Independent Consultant



Kristian Lindwall

Andy Hiles

Ahmet Akdag




They all are internationally acknowledged by their communities as experts and have been highly
recognised and well established within the industry. They will present, in 2 parallel tracks, the
following topics:

Industry experience reports from applying agile in large scale (Vodafone Turkey, Spotify, Swiss
Postal Services, IBM)

Modern management methods (Mgm 3.0, Organize for Complexity)

Scaling Scrum

Continuous improvement in Agile (Retrospectives, Lean Thinking)

For more information about the speakers please visit:


Agile Greece Summit 2015

Athens - Greece

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

About Agile Greece

Agile Greece Summit 2015 is organised by Agile
Greece Organization, the most active and largest
Agile/Scrum community in Greece.

Launched in October of 2013, the community

has grown to more than 500 members. There are
regular meetups once a month to discuss and
share knowledge about Scrum, Lean, Kanban,
Test Driven Development, Extreme Programming, Agile Product Ownership and about any
other aspect of agile practices that make the
software development process more eective
and more fun.

Agile Greece has

a mission to
software is the p r o m o t e t h e
primary measure application of
agile principles
of progress.
and practices in
Greece and thus
helping local
businesses to maximise their return on IT


Become a Sponsor
Agile Greece Summit is the best place to meet with software developers, product owners,
managers and team leaders. We oer exposure of your brand to all roles of the software
development value chain. In addition, we give you the opportunity to have access to a high
quality pool of technology as well as business oriented people. It is surely a great opportunity for
recruiting and co-operations.

Moreover, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean etc are the most modern frameworks and techniques
around project management, business modelling and software development. Dont miss the
opportunity to link your companys name with them.

Our sponsorship packages cover all the dierent needs for exposure from featuring you logo at
our site and roll-ups to providing a booth or a slot at the conference program.

We also provide free access to the summit for your sta so that you come in contact with the
participants as well as the speakers. Its crucial for companies that are in the process of
transitioning to Agile as well as for those already applying agile techniques to participate as the
experience of the speakers, coaches and participants will surely help them evolve.

Agile Greece Summit 2015

Athens - Greece

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sponsor Coverage
Agile Greece Summit 2015 oer a number of dierent benefits for our supporters. The company
logo is featured as a valued sponsor during the event, our social media, delegates bags and the
Agile Greece site. An exhibition booth is provided in a large room in direct interaction with the
main Conference space, so the company can present its products and solutions to the
conferences visitors and delegates. In addition free registration pass(es) are provided as part of
the sponsorship package.






Exhibition Booth

5 sq.m

3 sq.m

Speaking session (related to Agile Use Cases and


10 min

5 min

Free registrations

Listing on the summit programme

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(9 slots)

Logo on our Twitter wall and Facebook cover page

Branded lanyards
Roll-up banner in the conference room
Logo on AGS15 website
Logo on all our announcements and newsletters
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*Vat excluded

If you think you are no fit for the Sponsorship packages that were detailed previously, you can
also opt to become a Media Sponsor. Media Sponsors are required to engage in promoting the
event through social networks for the period of two months before the conference. Media
Sponsors are entitled to a logo placement on the conferences ocial website.
If you are willing to oer your support please contact Yiannis Mavraganis at