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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 23 to 26 June 2008

David VanNess is a Airline Transport Pilot with over
7000 hours. He is a certified flight inspector and
procedure designer. He was manager and Chief Pilot of
the FAA International Flight Inspection Office for six
years. His last job with the FAA was as Manager of the
Eastern Flight Inspection Service Area in the FAA Air
Traffic Organization. He has an MBA from the
University of Texas at Dallas. Dave first came to ICAO
for a year, in 2004-2005, as part of the first group of
FAA/ICAO Fellows. His present job in ICAO is
Coordinator for Performance Based Navigation, in the
Air Navigation Bureau.
Jeffrey T. Williams is the Acting Director, Airspace and
Aeronautical Information Division of the Air Traffic
Organization of the Federal Aviation Administration.
Prior to assuming his present position, he served for six
years as Manager of the Area Navigation (RNAV) and
Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Group, 3
years as co-chair for the Communications/ Surveillance
Operational Implementation Team and 2 years as the Air
Traffic GPS Integrated Product Team Lead. Mr.
Williams served 6 years as the US Member to the ICAO
Global Navigation Satellite System Panel, and is the
U.S. Member to the ICAO RNP and Special Operational
Requirements Study Group. He has over 25 years
service with the FAA, including 10 years air traffic
control experience at Boston Tower and Boston
Terminal Radar Approach Control, where he was a
Mr. Williams also holds Commercial,
Instrument, and Multi-engine ratings and is a Certified
Flight Instructor. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree
from Daniel Webster College.

-2Alex Hendriks has worked for Eurocontrol since 1991,

where between 1993 and July 2006 he was the Head of
Airspace / Flow Management & Navigation. In July
2006 he was appointed as Deputy Director ATM
Strategies, with specific responsibilities for setting the
airspace and navigation strategies. At the same time, he
was also appointed as Acting Director and Programme
Manager for the Central European CEATS project.
Since 2002 he is also Director of the U.S. Air Traffic
Control Association (ATCA), responsible for the
Europe, Middle East & Africa Area.
Lex is an active airline pilot and currently flies Boeing
B737-700/800 aircraft. He has a radar-controllers
license and from 1981 until 1986 he was elected for
three terms of office as Executive Vice President
Technical of the International Federation of Air Traffic
Controllers Associations (IFATCA). In that capacity he
participated in many global and regional ICAO
meetings, the most important of which was ICAOs
FANS Committee
Roland Rawlings is Navigation Manager working
within the Airspace, Network Planning and Navigation
Division of EUROCONTROL. An avionics engineer by
background he has worked at EUROCONTROL since
1985 initially in the Research and Development area. He
EUROCONTROL since 1996 and therefore responsible
for the navigation elements of a number of
developments in ECAC including B-RNAV (RNAV 5)
and P-RNAV (RNAV-1). As the Eurocontrol member to
ICAOs Instrument Flight Procedures Panel and a
Eurocontrol representative to ICAOs RNP Special
Operational Requirements Study Group (RNPSORSG),
he has been involved in the development of the
Performance Based Navigation concept.
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Barbara Cassidy is an air traffic implementation

specialist for the Area Navigation (RNAV) and Required
Navigation Performance (RNP) Division in the Air
Traffic Organization of the Federal Aviation
Administration. Before assuming her present duties, she
worked in the FAAs Wide Area Augmentation System
Communications (NEXCOM) Program Offices. Prior
to joining the FAA in 1999, Ms. Cassidy spent 21 years
in the United States Air Force. Her tours of duty
included Chief of Air Traffic Operations in a terminal
radar and control tower facility, Chief of the U.S. Air
Forces European Instrument Procedures (TERPS)
Office, and a variety of aircraft control-related

-3Bruno Rabiller works as the CNS/ATM coordinator for

the French DGAC National Supervisory Authority. He
has worked as an avionics specialist for aircraft
certification program for several years. He was advisor
to the DGAC member of the ICAO RNP Special
Operational Requirements Study Group (RNPSORSG).
He is an Electronic engineer with a degree from the
French ENAC (Ecole Nationale de lAviation Civile)
located in Toulouse
Vincent Chirasello is an Aviation Safety Inspector for
Air Carrier Operations with the U.S. Federal Aviation
Administrations Flight Standards Service, Flight
Technologies and Procedures Division, Flight
Operations Branch. His primary area of expertise is the
development of policies and procedures for Area
Navigation (RNAV) and Required Navigation
Performance (RNP) operations in the terminal, en route,
and approach environments. His efforts in this area
have included work on pilot-controller phraseology,
Publication documentation, and FAA Advisory Circular
material. Mr. Chirasello is also involved with the
operational review of other all-weather procedures such
as Category II and III ILS and special instrument
approaches. During his twenty one years of pilot
experience, Inspector Chirasello has flown a number of
piston, turboprop, and turbojet aircraft (including the
Boeing 737-200/300/400, British Aerospace 3200/4100,
and DeHavilland DHC-8 100/300) for US regional and
major air carriers. He has a Bachelor of Science degree
in Aviation Management and Flight Operations from
Daniel Webster College.

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-4Barry Miller is an aerospace engineer, technical pilot

and navigation specialist for the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) Aircraft Certification Service,
Avionics Systems Branch. He is the FAAs Aircraft
Certification lead for the implementation of Required
Navigation Performance (RNP) approach operations.
Mr. Miller has been an active participant in RTCA/SC181, the ICAO Navigation Systems Panel and the ICAO
Operations Panel. He has also been a pilot for nearly
four decades, holds multiple type ratings and has diverse
experience in a wide range of aerial vehicles, from
balloons and gliders to multi-engine transport aircraft.
He is a graduate of the United States Air Force
Academy, earned an MBA from Golden Gate
University, and joined the FAA following a
distinguished career with the United States Air Force.
Jeff Roberts is senior manager of Navigation Support
Services for Boeing Commercial Aviation Services. He
has responsibility for the definition and availability of
products and services to help airlines and their
employees understand and gain the maximum benefit
from Performance Based Navigation capabilities of
Boeing airplanes, such as Required Navigation
Performance or RNP. Mr. Roberts has over 20 years of
aviation experience at Boeing in various engineering
and operations capacities, including Systems
Performance and Supply Chain Development. Mr.
Roberts earned a Masters of Science in Engineering and
Management from Stanford University and a Bachelors
of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from Texas
A&M University.

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Jlio Csar de Souza Pereira is currently an Air

Traffic Management Specialist, DECEA in Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil.
His professional background includes, among others,
the following:
- Air Traffic Controller in Campo Grande
Aerodrome Control Tower, Approach
Control Unit and Area Control Center
Campo Grande Brazil
- Air Traffic Controller in Rio de Janeiro
Approach Control Unit Rio de Janeiro
- Airspace Planner Rio de Janeiro Brazil
- Procedure Designer Rio de Janeiro Brazil

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-5Eduardo Juranovich started his career in aviation

maintenance services (FBO), followed by 3 years in
aerospace manufacturing (Allied-Signal Aerospace) and
16 years in the airline industry (American Airlines). At
AA he served as an Operations Performance Engineer
and Manager - International Flight Operations,
responsible for the technical support of AAs
international operations network.
This included
surveying more than 60 airports in the Latin America &
Caribbean region, developing flight planning
performance databases, designing special engine-out
take-off procedures and implementing en-route engineout and depressurization emergency escape procedures.
In February 2006 he joined IATA as Assistant Director
Safety, Operations & Infrastructure for Latin America &
His current projects include the
implementation of RNAV/RNP/GNSS procedures. He
holds a B.Sc. degree in Aerospace Engineering and is a
licensed Private Pilot. He has recently completed a
post-graduate course in GNSS (Stanford University).
Johann Estrada worked as air traffic controller in
aerodromes from 1991 to 1993, and as RADAR area
and approach controller from 1993 to 2003. He was then
in charge of air traffic services at Punta Cana
International Airport from 2003 to the end of 2004, and
in charge of the air navigation department from 2004 to
2006. Mr. Estrada is currently the Dominican Republic
National Coordinator of the ICAO Universal Safety
Oversight Audit Programme, USOAP. Mr. Estrada is
also TRAINAIR trainer, ICAO SMS trainer and ICAO
universal safety oversight programme auditor.