This is the sequel story from: What's happening to me?

In Emmett's POV ----------------------------------It was a month after the volturi attackted us. I was very sure that we had a change, if we fight. But I must say, I was a little bit scary. Rose and I had a hard time to absorb everything what happened those weeks. I was the most happy from the fact that Rose finally accept this hole life, she was happy, and that makes me happy too. 'Hi Jacob,' Rosalie greeted him. We all chuckled, after Jacob saved me, Rosalie was... well, very "happy" with him. 'Hi,' Jacob greeted. He grinned. We were sitting in the living room. Jasper, Alice, Esmé and Carlisle went hunting. Rose and I were sitting on the couch, our arms wrapped around each other. Edward, Bella and Renesmee were in the couch in front of us. 'Jacob!' Renesmee hugged the man who she was going to marry, about a few years. Edward didn't look. He had still a hard time that his little girl would marry one of our "enemies". But you can't discribe Jacob as a enemie anymore. He was a friend, he was almost family. Jacob hugged Renesmee and settled in a chair. 'What were you guys doing?' he asked. 'We were talking, you know,' Rosalie answered his question. I was still surprised that they were friends. 'I still think we have to go to Washington,' Edward suggested. We were discussing about the place we would move. Bella was the only one who wanted to stay here. 'I still think we have to stay,' Bella said. 'I don't want to go, we have all the time to move. Now my family is here, and I want to stay with my family as long as I could,' her voice was sad now. She had a hard time to absorb the fact that her family wasn't immortal. And she is going to have a hard time with it. Poor girl. 'Are you guys planning to go?' Jacob's voice shocked. Edward nodded. 'I guess it's time to move on, the people here is a little bit too curious about us.' 'You can't go!' Jacob shouted. I heared a vibration in his voice. 'You have to stay, don't think about that people, nothing happens, if something happened you can always move!' 'I agree with Jacob,' Bella said quickly. 'If something happens then is it too late,' Edward almost snapped. Jacob shook his head. 'Then I will come with you,' he said softly. Rosalie froze next to me, but she recovered quickly. 'Do whatever you want, dog. But remember, we don't want a hole pack after us,' Edward looked angry. What was wrong with him? He was never so mean to Jacob. 'Keep out, Emmett,' Edward said slowly. He heared my thoughts, damn, so annoying. Rosalie and Bella frowned, but didn't say anything. We heared the rest come back. 'I saw it comming, they're fighting,' I heared Alice say to Jasper. 'But don't worry, they're not hurting each other,' she reassured the rest of them. Edward sighed. 'Alice please, just stay out of it. All of you, this is between me and Jacob,' his voice harshly. We all frowned this time. Something happened between them, and we didn't know what. 'Edward, you know what I know, so don't say that you want me to keep out,' Alice said stubborn to him. 'What happened?' Rosalie asked curious to them. She looked at Edward. 'Do you remember our conversation,' she said very soft to him. And then she thought something what he would know, right now. He sighed. 'This is different, Rosalie,' he said. 'I think I should go,' Jacob stood up.

'No Jake, it's okay,' Renesmee tried. 'Just remember what I said, if you go, I will go, bye guys,' and he walked out of the door. 'Daddy, why are you so mean?' Renesmee asked her father angry. 'Renesmee, just stop about it,' Edward looked very confused right now. He stood up. He looked at us all. 'Just. Keep. Out,' And he walked away. 'Don't. He has to think right now,' Alice stopped Bella who wanted to go after him. 'I think Em and I should go hunting,' Rosalie said softly. We all nodded in agreement. I smelt the deer, it wasn't like a bear but okay. I looked at it while I hided behind the bushes. I waited until she came close enough and... before I knew it I pressed my teeth in the animel and dronk as much as I could. I didn't realize that I was so thirsty. 'Oh, you stupid beast,' I heared Rosalie growl. I looked up and saw her fighting a deer. But before I could say something she killed the deer. I chuckled before I pressed my teeth again in the deer and drink her blood before it was too cold. I thought about what was wrong with Edward. Where was he so upset about? I wanted to know, but it was better not to bother him at the moment. My thoughts were interuppted by a scream. I let the deer fall. 'Rosalie?' I asked softly. I knew it was her scream. 'Rosalie?' I screamed. 'ROSE? Where are you?!' I yelled. I tried to follow her smell. 'Emmett, help me!' I heared. I followed her voice but I didn't find her. 'Rosalie! Were are you?!' I yelled. 'Say something!' A touch of fear invaded my body. Something happened, something wrong. 'ROSALIE!' I screamed as hard as I could. 'Were are you!' I searched where I could. 'It's not funny anymore, come here!' I screamed. But I didn't hear anything anymore. After a few seconds I realized that I lossed her smell. 'ROSE!' I screamed, no respons. I looked around. I have to go to the others, I realized and I runned as hard as I could to the others. I rushed into the livingroom. Everyone was there, even Edward. Esmé looked shocked at me. 'Emmett what's wrong?' she asked worried. 'Emmett? Where is Rosalie?' I shook my head. 'We... we were hunting and... she... she diseappared,' I murmered. Everyone gasped. 'WHAT?' Esmé yelled. 'What do you mean gone? You was with her!' It was like somebody punched me in my stomach. 'She was right behind me, I don't know what happened. We have to go find her. Now!' 'But I didn't saw anything,' Alice said in a low voice. 'I can't hear her thoughts,' Edward shook confused his head. 'We have to go find her!' Esmé cried. Carlisle wrapped his arms around her. 'But where do we have to start?' Jasper asked hopelessly. 'I lost her smell,' I wanted to kill myself. Why didn't I watch her. She was my everything, and now she was gone. And it was my fault. 'Emmett stop it, blaming yourself doesn't help us to find her,' Edward almost snapped at me. He was right, I was not going to waste my time for blaming myself. Rosalie was gone and we had to find her, before it is too late.

We all went searching on the place were I saw Rose for the last time. Every second I wished that this would be a stupid joke, that she was suddenly behind me, and everytime I was disappointed. 'I was hunting here, Rose was behind me, fighting with a deer,' I said with a low voice. No emotions in my voice nor my face. 'Suddenly I heared her scream, over there,' I pointed at the direction where I heared her. 'I start searching, the last time I heared was: Emmett, help me!' I shook my head. I felt pain, inside my death heart. 'I think we should split up,' Carlisle suggested. 'Edward, Emmett and Alice, you should search in this area. Jasper, me, Esmé are going towards the south. Bella you should stay with Renesmee at home, in any case if something happens.' We all nodded in agreement.

'About a few hours, we met here again, okay?' Carlisle asked. We all nodded again. Jasper and Alice kissed quickly and Bella and Edward did the same. While I looked at them I felt jealousy. I wished Rose was here. They had each other, they were happy, and I lost my soulmate. I knew that that wasn't true. We were all worried about Rosalie. And even if I couldn't feel emotions like Jasper, I knew we all felt miserable. The others left, and me Edward and Alice went searching. After a half hour, Edward and Alice sighed. 'This is hopeless, we should do something useful,' Alice sighed. 'But where should we start? I think we should go home and think about a plan.' 'No!' I shouted. Was she insane? My love, her sister was gone, maybe in dangerous! And she wants to go home? 'Emmett,' Edward said calmly. 'No! Do whatever you want, I am not going to stop!' I snapped at them. Alice sighed. 'Emmett...' 'No Alice! Think about Jasper, what would you do if he was gone?' I turned to Edward. 'Or Bella or Renesmee? You two would kill us if we wanted to stop. So, go searching!' They didn't say anything anymore. They knew I was right, they would do the same. I looked everywhere I could. I smashed everything what was in my way, the anger and fear in me was huge. 'Look! Over here!' I suddenly heared Edward screaming to us. Me and Alice where in no time by Edward. Edward had a bracelet in his hand hand. I gasped. It was Rosalie's bracelet, I gave it to her a few decades ago. It was a bracelet with a diamond. I gave it to her, to show her how much I loved her. To show her that she was my everything. And she was, she was my everything, my angel. I swallowed while I took it from Edward. 'There's a note,' Edward said shocked. 'What? Let me see it!' I grabbed it from Edwards hand. Dear family, I decided to leave you. I will thank you all for the amazing years. You were the greatest family someone could imagine. But it's better if I go for my own. I screamed so you could find the place were I left this note. I'm sorry if I scared you all. And Emmett, we had a great time with each other, but I think it wouldn't work anymore. You will find your true love, I know that, you're a great man. Best wishes, Rosalie I swallowed. 'Emmett...' Edward settled a hand on my shoulder. I shook my head. From the first time I saw Rosalie I knew she was the one, and crazy enough, she loved me too. I was just a common man, and I was surprised that she loved me too. And now she don't want me anymore. 'What's wrong with her?' Alice cried. 'How could she be so heartless!' I shook my head again. She was my reason for being, and now she was gone. I didn't know if I could live with that. 'There's something not good,' Edward shook his head. 'Oh please!' I yelled. 'You saw the note, she don't want us anymore, she don't want me. I knew I wasn't good enough for her, I should know that this was going to happen, I'm bored, not good enough for her,' I felt on my knees. I wasn't a man who let my emotions see to everyone, but I was collapsed.

We were all at home. Dazed about the fact that Rosalie left us. They tried to cheer me up, but I was gone. After my outburst in the forest, I didn't talk anymore. My otherhalf was gone, and how could you live with one half?

'How could she do this to us?' Esmé cried. 'She's unbelieveble!' 'I thought she was happy with us,' Bella cried with her. They wrapped their arms around each other. 'With who should I go shopping now? Who is going to fix my car?' Alice cried. 'Why did she do this to us?' Jasper wrapped his arms around her, he cried too. Rosalie and Jasper had a very strong bond with each other, like they were a real twin. 'Oh please, shut up!' Edward suddenly yelled. We all looked at him. 'Instead of crying, you could think!' he shook his head. 'Why should Rosalie leave us? That's just insane. Alice didn't saw it coming, and I didn't find anything about that in her thoughts!' he looked at me. 'Rosalie loves you too much to leave you. When we went to the volturi, you remember?' I nodded. 'She was crazy without you, she loves you! She just think about you!' Edward sighed. 'Don't you guys understand? It's a trick!' We were all quite for a minute. 'Edward's right,' Carlisle agreed. 'Rose won't leave us, especially Emmett.' 'You found her bracelet, not her weddingring. Every woman would give the weddingring back,' Bella didn't cry anymore. She had just a vibration in her voice. 'So you mean that she is kidnapt or something?' Esmé asked careful. I shivered. Edward nodded. 'That's the only option. I know my sister, I mean, she didn't pack anything!' 'Even not her favorite red dress!' Alice said. 'Edward is right, Rosalie would never go without her clothes and especially not without Emmett.' I didn't know what I had to believe now. I was too confused. If they were right, I would be the happiest man ever, but if it wasn't true, then Rosalie really didn't love me anymore. 'If somebody kidnap her, where should we start?' Jasper asked. Edward shook his head. He was confused. 'I don't know, if I could read her mind, I don't understand why I can't.' 'It must be the vampires,' Carlisle suggested. 'What do you mean, dear?' Esmé asked to him. 'If she is kidnapt, then ofcourse the vampires kidnap her, and as you know, vampires have gifts.' 'So you mean that they block Alice and me? Like a shield?' Edward asked. Carlisle nodded. 'I think that.' Suddenly the door flies open. Jacob and I guess Embry and Jared came in. 'Rose...' Jacob gasped. 'We... we saw her.' We all gasped. I was directly in front of him. 'What? Were? With who?' I snapped in his face. 'Emmett, calm down. Now,' Carlisle said harshly. I tried to relax, but it was difficult. 'We saw her, with two vampires,' Embry said. 'Two vampires?' Bella asked quitly. 'Yes, they were holding her, she was struggling in their arms and...' Embry shook his head. 'What?' Edward asked on his guard. 'They slapped her,' Jared said quitly. I growled. They all stepped back. Deep inside I was happy, that she didn't leave us, but maybe she really didn't love dme anymore. 'We followed them, trying to save her but they were too fast, we knew we hadn't a change, so we came to you. The others are still trying to catch them. 'Where are they going?' Carlisle asked. 'Towards South America,' Jacob answered. Bella came to hug her best friend. 'Thank you, for everything,' she whispered in his ear. 'Then we should go. Now.' I ordered. 'Then we should go pa...' 'No! We're not going to pack! We're leaving!' I interuppted Esmé harshly. She was shocked about my behaviour. But I didn't care, I just wanted Rose, my beautiful Rose. 'Emmett is right, Bella you should...' but Bella interuppted Edward.

'No Edward, I have to come with you. My shield.' 'Bella is right, we need her,' Jasper agreed with his sister. 'I'll stay with her,' Esmé said. 'You don't need me.' Carlisle hugged his wife. 'I love you, dear,' and he kissed her. Normally I would tease them and make a joke, but I wasn't in the mood right now. I just missed Rosalie. The note was fake, we knew that. That was our start, now we're going to finish our mission. We are going to find the most important person in my life, my Rose.

Rosalie's POV -------------------------------'Who are you guys?' I yelled at the two who kidnapt me. We were in a remote area. I was with two other vampires in a room. It was dark, there was a little light from the sun, what comes through a window. It were two male's. They were long, and they looked really like each other, they were probably a twin, but one had a scar on his face. They had dark hair and golden eyes. Fortunately, so they hunt animels. 'That doesn't matter, what were you doing in our area?' one of them asked me angrily. 'What do you mean, your area?' I snarled at them. One wanted to slap me again, but the other stopped him. 'And keep your disgusting hands of me!' I snapped. 'Oh shut up! Again, what did you do in our area?' the same one asked. 'I'm not going to tell you anything until I know who you are and what you are going to do with me!' I said stubborn. Who are those freaks? One let his hand go frustrated through his dark hair. His hair remind me of Emmett, oh Emmett. I missed him so much, what would he think if he read my note? It wasn't true, I loved him so much, but if I didn't do it, they will hurt him. 'Okay, I'm Jason and this is Joshua,' Jason pointed to his brother, who yelled at me. 'We're nothing going to do with you if you tell us everything,' Jason explained to me. What surprised me, was that his voice wasn't unfriendly. 'I live with my family in that area. I was hunting,' I said softly. Thinking of my family was miserable, I missed them. 'Can I go?' 'No!' Joshua shouted. 'Here,' he gave me a phone. 'May I call my family?' I asked eagerly. I could tell them where I was. 'Yes, but if you're not going to say what's on this note then they aren't going to live longer, especially that guy who was with you,' Joshua stepped towards me. His treatment scared me. I have to do what they say, if they are going to do something with Emmett... I looked at the phone while I took the paper with the text on it. I read it fast. 'I'm not going to say this!' I shouted to them. Joshua sighed. 'Well brother, I think tonight is the last night of that guy.' 'No!' I yelled. No, what's wrong with them? 'Then do what we say!' Joshua yelled. I frowned. That guy was in a bad mood. I sighed and dialed the number. I had to do this, if they hurt Emmett... I waited a few seconds until I heared Emmett's voice. I sighed when I heared his beautiful voice. 'Hello?' I heared him say. 'Hello, my love, with me, Rose,' I said. 'I miss you so!' Joshua elbows me and pointed at the paper. 'Oh, Rose, my love, where are you? I'm so worried! We all are, come back!' Emmett begged me. Joshua pointed again to the paper. 'Don't look for me,' I said. 'I'm fine.' 'Rose! Don't be so insane, where are you?' he asked again. I read what was written on the note, I gasped. 'No, I'm not going to say this!' I yelled at them. Where they crazy? I'm not going to say at the person who I loved the most that I hate him.

Before I knew Joshua slapped me. 'Ahw!' I screamed in pain. 'Rose? Rose? What happened?' I heared Emmett's voice. 'Did anyone hurt you? Rose!' Joshua grabbed the phone from my hand and hung up. 'Are you crazy?' I yelled at Joshua. 'Keep your disgusting hands of me!' Joshua looked furious at me. 'Enough, brother,' Jason said. 'You should go to the house.' Joshua growled something before he stomped away angrily. 'I'm sorry for my brother,' Jason said in shame. 'Why are you guys holding me here?' I asked low. Jason shook his head. 'It's not what you think. We don't want to hurt you, or any other of you, it's just that, we're very protective of our family...' 'Wait... our family?' I interrupted him. 'Well, family,' he chuckled a little. 'My wife and his wife.' 'Well, me too. I mean, my family is everything for me,' I said. I hoped that he would let me go if I would be polite and nice to him. I liked him, his brother was horrible. 'We love our wifes, they're everything for us, if something happened to them,' he shook his head. 'Then why I have to say that I don't love my husband anymore?' I felt anger in me. 'I mean, I love him, he's my everything, how could you be so selfish?' 'I'm sorry,' he shook his head again. 'You hurt me and my family. And now you are talk with me about your wife who you love so much. That's insane you know. Do you know how much I miss my husband?' I started to cry. How could they be so selfish. I love Emmett, I missed him, and he should know how I feel. 'Okay, it was mean. I'm going to talk with my brother, but understand. We can't let you go,' he touched my shoulder. 'Hey now, don't cry,' he begged me. 'Please.' 'But why?' I sobbed. 'I want to go to my family.' 'I told you, it's to protect our family,' he said softly. 'But me and my family are nothing going to do with your family.' 'But we're afraid!' Jason shouted. That shocked me. 'We heared about the fight with the volturi, if we something know is that they're good fighters. And you won, that's incredible.' 'That's the most stupid reason ever!' I snapped at him. 'My family is now angry, because you kidnapt me...' he shivered by the word "kidnapt". 'Is that was you want? A fight?' 'No!' he said confused. 'That's the last thing we want, we want peace!' 'Then why are you doing this to me?' I shouted angry to him. He shook his head. 'I'm sorry,' he said and he walked away. 'I'm sorry.' He turned one more time before he walked out out of the room. 'Don't try to escape, there are guards here,' he sighed. 'I'm sorry,' and then he walked out of the room

Emmett's POV --------------------------'Rose? Rose!' I yelled, but she hung up. 'Emmett, what's wrong? Where is Rose?' Jasper asked me. 'They... they are hurting her,' I shook my head. I was too confused to say more, too worried. 'What?' Bella gasped. We were running towards the South, we split up. I was with my father, brothers and sisters, and the wolves with each other. 'We have to hurry up!' I yelled confused. Jasper calmed me a little bit down. 'If something happened to her...' I shook my head again. 'I would never forgive myself.' 'Emmett, stop it. What did I say you? You are just wasting your time with blaming yourself,' Edward wrapped one arm around me. 'We have to move on,' Alice said. 'Before...' she didn't finish her sentence. 'Just come.' We all ran as fast as we could. We didn't know what was coming, what was going to happen. It

was very annoying that Alice couldn't see Rose's future, I guess Carlisle was right, they're blocking Edward and Alice. 'Wait,' I stopped. Everyone frowned. 'What's wrong Emmett?' Carlisle asked. He stepped towards me. 'Rosalie called me, so I can call her, the number is still in the phone,' I smiled when I thought about my plan. 'Well, try it,' Carlisle nodded. I searched for the number, finally I got it. I sighed. This was our only change. I pressed on the green button and waited. 'Hello?' the voice asked. It wasn't Rose's voice, for sure. It was a guy. 'Er... hello,' I looked at Edward. What should I do? 'Play the game with him,' Edward hissed to me. First I didn't know what he mean, but then I got it. 'Who are you?' the guy asked. 'Er... I am Jamie Whine, I'm calling for the er...' I looked hopefull at my family. 'For er... a packet,' Jasper hissed quickly. 'Hurry up!' 'Yes?' the guy asked impatient. 'Er, a packet. I have to deliver a packet but er... I forget where you live,' I tried to change my voice a bit. 'From who?' it sounds like he didn't believe it. 'Er... I don't know, it's nameless,' I said. Wishing that he would believe me. He sighed. 'In Salvador.' 'Oh, in wich street?' I asked. I winked at Edward. 'Er... it's a street with blue and red houses,' he said. 'Oh, I have to hung up.' 'Okay, bye, thanks,' I said. I hung up too. I smiled at my family. 'A street with blue and red houses,' I said. Carlisle frowned. 'Are you kidding?' I shook my head. 'Nope, he said that.' 'Then we should go,' Bella said. I smiled at my family. I smiled at the thought that I would see my Rose soon. 'How are we going?' Jasper asked. 'I mean, by plane or what?' 'We should run, that's faster,' I said. Carlisle nodded in agreement. I looked at the sky. 'Soon my Rose, and then we will be together,' I whispered quitly. 'Soon.'

Rosalie's POV ----------------I was sitting on the ground, thinking about everything. First: I was stuck in this room, with guards around, so I couldn't escape. I tried everything, even... well, even trying to temp them. One of them almost believed me, but then the other came in and warned him. Second: I wondered why Joshua and Jason are doing this to me. I tried everything to let them say it but Joshua wasn't in the mood for that. When was he? And Jason, I liked him, he was nice but he don't want to tell it. Third: I missed my family, I was wondering what they were doing. I missed my lovely husband the most, I missed him next to me, his arms around me, his kisses. I even missed Jacob. I was nice to him after the volturi attackted us, but it is sometimes hard, I mean, he's still a stupid mutt. Fourth: Why was this all happening to me? There must be something wrong, first I jumped between Demetri and Emmett, second, Jane tortured me almost to death and now I'm stuck in a dark, grey room, not knowing where I was or what was going to happen. Sometimes I just

wish I could see the future, like Alice. Well, sometimes... always. I knew I was asking to much, I mean, I had everything. And now, I was finally accept everything, this was happening. Nobody knows what was going to happen, maybe Alice, maybe Edward, but I didn't know what was going to happen. I just had to try to talk with Jason, maybe he will finally say something. Maybe. I was looking through the window when I heared Jason and Joshua fighting. It surprised me a little bit, those two were close to each other, what surprised me too, I mean, Joshua wasn't a verry smoothy guy. I listened closely, trying to hear what they were saying... or shouting may I say, to each other. 'You stupid mutt!' I heared Joshua screaming at his brother. I chuckled quitly to myself, it remind me of me and Jacob. 'It could be true,' Jason said calm to Joshua. 'Oh shut up, it's a trick don't you understand' Joshua was trying to find a good word to describe his brother for whatever he did. 'And if it's not?' Jason snapped now to his brother. 'We can't take any risks, not for our wifes,' Joshua growled. 'Not for our wifes, oh please! Think of that girl, she has a family too!' Jason shouted. I really liked this guy, it felt good that he choose me instead of his own brother. 'What do you mean with that, brother?' Joshua asked slowly. His voice was icecold, threatening. 'She is married, she had a lovely family, and we're taking it away, from her,' Jason answered quitly. He felt guilty, I knew that. Joshua sighed. 'Brother, do you remember what happened to Chad? Don't forget him, Jason. She looked lovely and kind too, and you saw the effects.' I wondered what he meant by that. Who was Chad? And what happened? For fack sake I wasn't dangerous! I wasn't going to do anything, why don't they just understand? I tried to listen what Jason said but I couldn't hear them anymore. I guess they were gone. I sighed before I realized that I was listening closely, too closely. With my ear on the door. I sighed again and walked towards the window. Why I looked though it. I wish I could escape, but how? The window was too small, and what I said before, the guards were watchful. I pulled myself on the ground, while I rested my head against the wall. The first thing what I would do when Jason come back is begging him to tell me what's going on. Who was Chad? And what happened to him? Were they ever going to let me go? Ever?

Rosalie's POV ---------------------------------After a few hours the door flyes open. It was Joshua who stood in front of me. I was directly on my feet. I didn't like this guy, I was even afraid of him. 'We have to go, now,' he snapped through his teeth. I frowned and looked with shock at him. 'W...what do you mean?' I asked in a low voice. 'That doesn't matter!' He snapped at me. 'Well it does?' I screeched at him. I was furious at him. Who did he thought he was? 'I'm not going to listen to you!' He stepped closer to me. He looked angry. 'What did you say?' he asked quitly to me. 'I'm not going to listen to you,' I said quitly. I tried to let him see that I wasn't afraid but my voice broke. 'If I'm done to you...' he pointed at me. 'Enough Joshua,' suddenly Jason stood behind his brother, pulling him back.

'Where are we gonna go?' I asked to Jason. He looked at his brother, like they had a secret conversation. 'Please?' I begged. Jason sighed. 'We have to go, there is a, er...' he was quite for a few seconds, like he was thinking what he should say. 'Complication,' he finally finished his sentence. 'What kind of complication?' I asked curious, already knowing that they aren't going to say anything. 'You, stay out of it,' Joshua snapped at me, he pointed angrily at me. I frowned, it was weird, but when Jason was here, I knew nothing was going to happen to me, well, nothing bad. 'Hey, you kidnapt me, so er... don't think that I'm going to stay out of it. I'm one of your complications too,' I snapped to him. 'What do you mean?' Joshua frowned scornful. 'Well, you kidnapt me, so you are now responsible for me,' I smiled evil at him. 'Your a adult woman, so nobody is responsible for you, please, don't be so childish,' Joshua chuckled. I glared at him, I looked hopeful at Jason. 'Please, tell me at least something,' I begged frustrated. I knew Jason had a hard time with this, choosing between a innocent woman or a weird brother was apparently hard for him. He shook his head and mouthed the words "I'm sorry" to me, Joshua didn't saw it, fortunately. I bowed my head, Jason was my only solution, compared with his brother, he was my escape, the only one who could save me right now. 'We have to go,' Joshua said in vampire speed to his brother, like I don't understand. Jason nodded slowly, he looked guilty. 'For the last time, where are we going?' I snarled to Joshua. He glared at me. 'For the last time, shut up and come!' he grabbed my arm harsh and dragged me towards door. He pushed him open and I smell the air. It was pleasant to be outside after those days. I looked around, we were in a strange town, I didn't know this town. It was day, and the sun shined, it made my skin, and that from Jason and Joshua sparkle. Joshua dragged me to a black car. It was a porsche 911. I saw two women in it. It must be their wifes. I looked at their faces. One had long brown hair, full lips, golden eyes and she looked like a tall woman. She was pretty, I guess she was the wife from Jason, because she looked nice and sweet. The other one was different. She had blond hair, much lighter then my hair, she had golden eyes and was for sure shorter then me. She had a strange look in her eyes, she must be Joshua's wife. Joshua pushed me into the car, and I sat next to the woman with brown hair. I saw in the corner of my eye that both looked curious at me. It felt a little bit uncomfortable. Now I realized how Bella must felt with the way how I looked at her. I bit my lip and looked out of the window. When I realized that this was my change. My only change. I looked careful to Joshua, he was discussing with Jason about something, they were far enough, what meant for me that this could be my only change. I sighed deep before I stormed out of the car and runned so hard as I could away. I didn't know where I was going, but I didn't care, as long I was free. 'Hey, come back! If I'll get you!' I heared Joshua screaming after me. He was behind me, I tried to run faster but I couldn't. I didn't know if I was going to make it, and I heared Joshua come closer to me, I swallowed by the thought that if he would catch me, I wouldn't end well. But I pushed that thought of me, I was doing something more important. I was running for my life.

Emmett's POV ------------------------------------------We were running towards South America, towards Salvador. After the call, I knew we had to

find my Rose soon before... And after the second call, I felt hope. We were lucky, Carlisle knew this place, so after a few hours we were there. I looked with wonder around me, it was a nice place. The sun was shining and there was a beautiful beach, with a beautiful ocean, with beautiful trees. They remind me of Rosalie. After a moment I gasped. 'What's wrong, Emmett?' Edward asked me immediately. 'The sun,' I whispered. That was enough to understand for my family. The sun would make our skin sparkle, that wasn't good. Carlisle chuckled a little bit. It made me pissed of. 'What's so funny?' I snapped quitly to him. I was never so rude to my father, so my reaction shocked us all a little bit. 'Calm down, Emmett,' Carlisle warned me. I nodded in shame and murmered the words "I'm sorry" in vampirespeed to him. Carlisle smiled and took something grey from his bag. We all frowned. 'What's that?' I asked curious. 'Capes, I knew this would happen,' Carlisle seemed proud of his self. And I was proud too. 'Great dad!' Jasper said eagerly. We took the capes and put them on. It remind me of the Volturi with their capes. 'Shall we?' I asked eagerly, too happy by the idea that Rosalie would be soon in my arms. 'Oh no!' Bella suddenly shouted. 'What's wrong, dear?' Edward stood immediately in front of my little sister. 'A street with blue and red houses,' Bella moaned. She shook her head frustrated. 'Yeah? So?' I asked her while I frowned. 'Look around!' she spread her arms. We looked around. She was right, it was surrounded here with houses, with a lot of... color. 'They are all red and blue! Even yellow and green,' Bella moaned. 'She's right,' Edward whispered quitly. And I lost my hope again, this was hopeless. Rosalie could be everywhere! 'We have to follow her scent,' Alice said. 'I still can't see in her future, so Edward still can't read her thoughts and Jasper can't feel her emotions.' 'Alice is right,' Jasper smiled at his wife who smiled back. It made me feel worse. They had each other, and my other half was gone. Jasper felt my emotions and calmed me down. I smiled thankfully at him, I shamed for my thoughts. 'They have to be on a place were aren't people,' Carlisle oppered. 'A distant place.' Alice nodded. 'Yes, maybe a place near a forest, where they could hunt.' Carlisle nodded. 'Exactly.' 'Then we should go to a distant street, with blue and red houses, near by a forest,' I said, my voice emotionless. Carlisle nodded. 'That would be the prefect place for a vampire.' He said "vampire" so quitly that just we could hear it. 'This street should be it,' Carlisle said when we all stood in a distant street. There was nobody, no sound, nothing. I smiled. 'Yeah, look at the houses, and the forest,' I pointed first at the houses and then the forest. I smelled, trying to smell Rosalie. I smiled even wider when I smelled her scent. 'There,' I pointed. They all nodded. 'I smell it too!' Alice smiled. Before we knew we all stoof for a blue house, it seemed a little house. Carlisle rang the bell. I waited impatient. Nobody opened the door. Carlisle rang the bell again. Again, nothing. 'Maybe we should just smash through the...' I didn't wait until Jasper finished his sentence and smashed through the door. 'Door,' Jasper said quitly when I was in the house. It was dark. I turned on the light. It was a bigger then I thought. There was a kitchen, a livingroom, everything. Rose's scent was stronger now. I followed it. With the rest behind me.

'Rosalie?' I called. 'Dear? Where are you?' I stopped for a door. I looked at my family who nodded. I pushed the door lightly open. It split. There was a dark stone, alley. But thanks to my vampire eyes I could see everything. We walked through the alley, calling Rose's name. But she never respond, even how strong her scent was. Maybe it was too late... 'Emmett, focus,' Edward said. I tried to focus, but it was hard. What if Rosalie really... 'Emmett!' 'Sorry, Edward,' I said guilty. Bella chuckled. First I didn't know why, but then I remembered the time that Bella was still newborn and I teased her, well, I'm still teasing her, but now it wasn't the time for that. 'Rose!' I yelled. No respons. I stopped for another door. I growled. 'Damn doors!' I swore. I felt anger in me. 'Calm down, Em,' Jasper said. I nodded slowly why I pushed the door open. I gasped. We stood in a dark room, with a little light through a window, there was nobody in the room. 'She was here,' Edward said. 'I feel it, look!' he pointed at something on the ground. I grabbed it. It was blond hair. I heared Alice and Bella gasping behind me. 'She was here,' I said quitly. 'We were too late!' I smashed my fist through a wall, there was a hole in now. 'Emmett, we'll find her,' Edward putted a hand on my shoulder. I shook my head. 'It's hopeless, I lost her,' I murmered quitly. 'It's over, just leave me alone!' The room filled with love, thanks to Jasper. But I didn't feel any love, just a hole in my dead heart. I never thought of losing her, she was my everything. I thought that after the fight with the volturi everything would turn to normal again, instead of that it was getting a lot worser. Why didn't I watch her while we went hunting? Why? Was I ever going to see her? I felt pain inside me, a endless pain.

Emmett's POV ----------------------------------We were still in the house were Rosalie was, her sweet scent made me feel a little bit better, but I wanted her. Were should we search now? It was hopeless, she could be everywhere! 'Rosalie was here a... a few hours ago,' Edward suddenly whispered. 'What?' I almost yelled. 'And you tell us now?' I stood in front of him, my both hands on his shoulders, I looked in his eyes. 'She is...' Alice shook her head, her eyes... She had a vision! 'Alice? Dear? Tell us?' Jasper said to his wife. 'I just see flashes, it's not clear, like somebody is blocking us... and unblock us quickly... and blocked us again,' she whispered. 'But what did you guys saw!' I yelled. Edward pulled his head back, I didn't realize that I was screaming in his face, my voice a bit... loud. 'She was in pain,' Edward whispered. I felt like I was exploding. 'Pain?' I murmered harshly though my teeth. 'They were in Brazil,' Alice suddenly said. She looked shocked. She tried to focus on her vision again but she couldn't. 'They were on a distant place, with a forest, like this,' Edward said. 'More I couldn't see in those few second.' I sighed deeply, trying to calm down. Jasper helped me. They hurt her...again. If I find those beast, I'm gonna hunt them down and rip them in pieces, I'm gonna make it so painful that they wish... 'Emmett, focus,' Edward said. He looked at me. 'Your not the only one who thinks that,' he winked at me. I was happy that Edward was furious at them too. Alice gasped. 'The wolves cathed her scent. She's is near by Rio Branco!' she looked at us, horror written over her face.

'Rio Branco?' I whispered quitly. 'I work their, two hundred years ago,' Carlisle said. 'I know that place.' 'Wich place don't you know?' Bella asked Carlisle. Carlisle smiled a bit and shrugged. 'She is scared...' Edward whispered. He closed his eyes, he focused on her thoughts. 'She's in a room, smaller and darker then this one... She's thinking about you,' he opened his eyes and looked at me. 'She misses you, she is missing us all.' I felt a little warmer inside, the pain wasn't away, I missed her too, my Angel. 'We have to go,' Alice said. 'Now! And we should call Esmé.' 'There's no time for that!' I snapped and I runned as fast as I could out of the house. I looked at Carlisle who nodded and started to run first. Alice and Edward where still searching for Rosalie's future and thoughts. I wasn't going to hope like the first time, because I knew it was going to disappoint me. I didn't know how this endless nightmare was going to end. I could remember, when I was still human, and I was a little boy, six years old, I had a nightmare. A beast was following me, it was dark and it rains. I was so scared and I runned as fast as I could but the beast catched me, and then I woke up. It wasn't a good end, nightmares never had a good end, so I was praying this time for a good end. A good end, for my Rose

Rosalie's POV ---------------------End of chapter eight: 'Hey, come back! If I'll get you!' I heared Joshua screaming after me. He was behind me, I tried to run faster but I couldn't. I didn't know if I was going to make it, and I heared Joshua come closer to me, I swallowed by the thought that if he would catch me, I wouldn't end well. But I pushed that thought of me, I was doing something more important. I was running for my life. ~~~~~~~~~~~ I was stuck in a room, a dark small room, with no windows, no light, no colors, no nothing. It was horrible. I didn't know what time it was, day or night? I couldn't remember what it was when they threw me in this room. Joshua slapped me, again. It wasn't hard enough so to be unconscious, but hard enough to feel dizzy and it was very painful. As a vampire, you never be unconscious. But when Demetri hit me, that was with all the power he had, so it can. As a vampire, you never feel dizzy. But when Joshua slapped me - he never slapped me so hard - was it hard enough to make me feel a worse pain. I tried to flight, but Joshua catched me. He was so angry at me that he slapped me and dragged me to the car and threw me harsh into the car. I closed my eyes, thinking of what happened. 'You stupid vampire, come here!' I heared him yell behind me. I tried to run faster, but my legs didn't want to move faster. How long was I running like this? What would he do to me if he catched me? Would he kill me? Or would Jason stop him? What would their wifes think of me? 'Come here!' Joshua screamed. I heared him closer behind me. I bit my lip while I flyed through the woods. How long could I presist this? After a few seconds I realized that Joshua wasn't behind me anymore. Did he give up? Did I won? Was I free now? I sighed relieved. But I kept running, maybe it was a trick. I listened closely but I couldn't hear him anymore. I closed my eyes and smiled, I was free.

I opened my eyes before I would run into a tree but I gasped in shock. 'No!' I yelled. 'Well hello,' Joshua smiled at me and I saw his hand in the air and before I knew he slapped me so hard that I fell on the ground. I was shaking when I felt the pain in my head, but Joshua pulled me harsh on my feet and dragged me out of the woods. 'You think you could flight? Your really blond,' he chuckled evil. 'So is your wife,' I murmered through my teeth. I was surprised boldness after his bad mood. 'What did you say you little mutt,' he looked threatening at me. 'Nothing,' I murmered. It was better not to say anything anymore before he would slap me again. My head was stil hurting and I felt very dizzy. I stumbled above the fallen tree trunks while Joshua still dragged me harsh with him. What was my family doing? Why didn't they find me yet? Alice can see the future, and Edward can read my mind, why didn't they find me? I wanted to cry, to cry like a little child. But crying wouldn't help me now, it would make me weak. Joshua opened the car door and threw me in the car. I looked in shame in the eyes of the two women. They shook their head and then didn't pay attention to me anymore. My head was still hurting and I missed Emmett, I missed my family. Joshua drived to a other place, it was raining and we stopped for a other house, there wasn't so much color like the other house. Joshua dragged me out of the car and dragged me with him, harsh. 'I can walk,' I snarled at him. He glared at me. 'If you don't shut up now you can't anymore,' he snapped in my faces. 'Joshua, enough,' Jason warned him. I smiled a little bit thankfully at him. Instead of smiling back he looked away and bit his lip. 'Don't say what I have to do!' Joshua yelled furious at his brother. We were now in front of a dark room, darker and smaller then the other one. There was no window or a lamp, so no light. Joshua pushed me hard in the room, so hard that I fell on the ground again, I glared at him, he glared back. 'If you try to flight again, then that would be the last time you can move. He pointed at me before he smashed the door hard behind him. I covered my face with my hands and cried my tearless cry. Where was I? And what was going to happen? And here I was, for minutes, hours, days. I lost counting after a few hours when Joshua pushed me here, in this dark, small, room. My throat was burning, I didn't hunt for days, and I really had to hunt. I felt dizzy, after what Joshua did to me, and I felt the strange pain in me, I missed my husband. I heared footsteps, and I wished that it wouldn't be Joshua. Someone opened the door and it wasn't Joshua. But at my surprise, it wasn't Jason too. I looked almost with shock at the person who stood in front of me. It was the wife of Joshua

Rosalie's POV ---------------------------'Hi,' she smiled a little bit and waved at me. 'Hey,' I didn't look at her. It was their fault that I was stuck in this room, why should I be polite? She saw my anger and bit her lip for a second. 'I'm sorry,' she whispered. 'That's why I am here, to explain you the story. If you want to hear

it,' she looked at me. I shrugged. 'Why not?' I slapped on the floor, so she could sit next to me. She smiled a bit and sat down. 'Maybe as you already know, I'm Sophie, the wife of Joshua,' she said. I nodded. 'I know Joshua for a while. It's a great guy,' she smiled at the thought of her husband. I didn't know what I had to say, or do. He hurt me several times, I'm not going to agree with her. 'Well, you know him better then me. All I know is his...' I stopped. I didn't wanted to hurt her. It wasn't her fault that he is so... 'Evil side?' she finished my sentence. She wasn't angry. She smiled a bit. I nodded slowly. 'Well, I don't blame you that you think that of him,' Sophie bowed her head. 'But you don't know the story, his past,' her voice wasn't smooth anymore, more fury. 'Then tell me,' I said softly. She looked confused at me. Then she sighed and started her story. 'Joshua and Jason are twins, twins from a triplets.' 'Triplets?' I asked. I never saw the other one. 'Yes, triplets,' she looked a bit annoyed that I interrupted her. So I kept my mouth shut. 'They were very close, as brothers. Me and the wife from Jason, Caroline lived with them, we were already married,' she smiled. 'We were happy together, as a family. We lived peaceful in the mountains. Chad was the only one without a mate, so sometimes it was hard for him to see our love, our passion what we shared with our partners.' I nodded. It remind me of Edward, before he met Bella. And suddenly I felt respect for him. 'But we lived in peace, until the day that she came,' Sophie growled quitly in herself. 'we were at home, when Jason and Joshua came with the girl. She looked scared and she cried. She was a vampire too. We didn't know what we had to do with her. She was in our area, and we didn't know her, but we couldn't force her to stay with us, she had a family too, you know. Joshua, Jason, me and Caroline didn't wanted to let her go, maybe it was a trick. But Chad believed that she was "okay" and didn't wanted to keep her with us while she wanted to go back to her family. We discussed it for days, while the poor girl missed her family. Finally we made a choice. Chad was going to bring her back to her family, that was the last time we saw him,' Sophie pouted her lower lip sad. I didn't know what I had to say. That's why Joshua didn't want me to go. I remembered the day I heared Joshua and Jason fighting. Joshua called Chad's name... Sophie shook her head. I pulled my arm around her. 'We followed Chad's scent for days, but we couldn't find him. Until we saw the girl, named Alisha again. She said that she couldn't stop her family for killing him, like she cared. We all had to stop Joshua for killing Alisha. We didn't want to do the same evil thing like she did with our brother, although we all felt the same for killing her.' 'I totally understand Joshua now,' I said quitly. I felt guilty that I thought of Joshua like he was a beast. The last time they trust somebody they lost a member, a brother. That must be really hard for them absolutely because Chad was the only one who trusted Alisha. 'From wich coven are Alisha and her family?' I never remembered her. Sophie smirked. 'They all dead,' she said. Her voice, cold. 'Dead?' I asked shocked. 'But I thought you didn't kill them?' 'We didn't. But do you think we letting them killing Chad and then let them live peaceful like they didn't do anything?' 'No, that's right,' I said. Ofcourse. 'We went to the Volturi. And begged them to do something. They killed the hole family,' Sophie said softly. 'We didn't wanted them to die, really, Rosalie. We just wanted them to be punished.' 'But you could know that the volturi was going to do that. They are mercilessly. I even don't know if they know the word "grace." Sophie chuckled a bit. Then she looked seriously at me. 'I'm sorry for putting you through al this.'

'I can say that I'm not going to do anything, that I'm not like that girl, but it wil make things worser,' I said. I rested my head against the wall. 'It's so sad. And Chad was the one who believed her, he must be a good guy.' Sophie nodded. 'He was awesome,' she had a vibration in her voice. 'But, what are you going to do with me? I can't stay here... forever,' I didn't looked at her, afraid of her answer. 'Yes you can,' Sophie looked at her hands. 'What else?' 'No!' I stood up in vampire speed. 'I want to go home! To my family! I can't stay here forever!' I gritted my teeth. All the anger, all the fear from the last days... I was exploding now. 'I'm sorry Rosalie, but you know the story now,' Sophie stood up too. 'We can't just trust somebody.' 'But I'm not mean, I'm not like her!' I screeched. 'Just let me go! I can find my way back at home, please, I beg you,' I looked hopeful at her but she shook her head. 'I'm sorry,' she sobbed. 'I'm sorry.' 'Yes me too!' I yelled. 'Sophie?' Joshua was in the doorway. 'What's going on? Sophie did she hurt you?' suddenly his arms were around his wife. 'What did you do?' he glared at me. I didn't say anything. In the corner of my eye saw I the doorway, I could try to flight... I saw Jason coming. 'What's going on?' he asked. He lookeed from Sophie to me. 'I want to go!' I begged. 'Please! I am missing my family,' I falled on my knees. 'Please, I'm not going to hurt you, like she did with Chad, please just let me go!' Joshua, Jason and Sophie gasped. I looked at their faces. And suddenly I realized that I was in big troubles now.

Emmett's POV -------------------------------Like I said before, it was a endless nightmare. So close by the end, and then you start all over again. The days flyed by, and we still didn't know were my Rose was. My soul was gone, like my other. My future was dark, dark like the night. Not being with my soul was the most horrible thing what could happen to me. I felt empty. I wasempty. I mean, how could you live with one half? How could you live without your heart? Rose was my heart, the reason I excist. 'This is Rio Blanco, I worked here years ago, before I changed Edward. You have to look out, it's... very sunny,' Carlisle said. I didn't look around, why should I? Alice closed her eyes. Searching in Rosalie's future. Edward was searching in Rosalie's head. 'There's something wrong. Something happened...' Edward suddenly gasped. 'Something bad is going to happen,' Alice eyes snapped wide open. 'We have to hurry up! Before...' she didn't finish her sentence. 'Where is she?' I shouted confused. I would never, never forgive myself if something happens. I tried to smell her scent. We have to follow it. 'I guess this way,' I pointed towards the end of the street were we were standing. We started to run in vampire speed. There was no human, we were very sure of that. 'Hurry up! There isn't much time!' Alice yelled confused. I felt waves of calmness. It was Jasper, no time to thank him for that. What was going to happen? I didn't know, but we had to hurry up. 'What is she thinking?' Bella asked Edward. 'I... I can't hear her anymore. Like they blocked us again,' he whispered quitly. Oh, damn, why are they so annoying? 'I don't know Em. Alice can you see her future?' Edward asked his sister. We already knew the answer. 'No...' she whispered.

I looked at the sky while we followed her scent. 'Please,' I begged. 'Please my Rose, be strong.' ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ Rosalie's POV --------------------------------Joshua looked with wide eyes at me. Horror and anger, all written at his face. He unwrapped his arms around Sophie and stepped slowly towards me. 'What did you say?' his voice made me shiver. His voice cold and hard. I didn't dare to say it again. I didn't realize that it was a very sensitive subject for them. 'I... I'm sorry,' I looked at my hands. Joshua pulled me harsh on my feet. 'Don't you dare, do say Chad's name!' he yelled in my face. 'Joshua, easy,' Jason warned his brother. 'Stay out of it, I'm done with her!' he snarled. 'I can't let her live anymore.' I froze. He wanted to kill me this time. I wanted to fight back, but I knew I would lose it. I looked hopefully at Jason. The only one who could protect me right now. 'Joshua, please. Don't be so insane,' Jason stepped closer to his brother. 'It's okay, brother. Think of what Chad would do.' 'What Chad would do? He would let her go and then we would die all!' Joshua screamed. 'I'm sorry for your brother, I'm really sorry,' I cried. 'But I would never do something like that. It wasn't Chad's fault. But look from his point.' 'I said, don't you DARE to say his name again!' Joshua screamed before he slapped me. I lost my balance but Jason catched me. I looked in his eyes. He felt guilty for this all. 'Thanks,' I whispered after he pulled me softly on my feet again. 'Are you insane? Why are you so heartless?' Jason yelled at his brother. 'All those years, you've been acting like a horrible monster. All those years you did like you was the only one who felt torn about what happened with our brother. We were patient with you, Joshua. But I'm done with you!' he pointed at his brother. 'I unblocked them, Joshua. Her family would find her soon!' I froze. What did he meant with "unblocked"? 'You did WHAT?' Joshua screamed. And then he lunged for Jason's throat. Suddenly the two were fighting like beasts. 'Stop it! Stop!' I heared Sophie screaming, suddenly Caroline was there too. The women tried to calm down there husbands but it didn't work. I looked at the door. I could run now... but I stood like frozen. Suddenly Joshua stood smashed his brother on the ground and grabbed me. 'We have to go!' he shouted. I tried to pull him away but he was too strong. 'Go! Do whatever you want, but I don't want to see you again!' Jason yelled at his brother. Joshua murmered something but I couldn't understand what. I looked at Jason. Why didn't he help me? Even Sophie didn't say anything about her husbands behaviour. Joshua pushed me out of the house, into the forest. I fell almost on the ground but he grabbed me harsh and dragged me with him. I smelled the air, it was so light that it almost hurt my eyes, I was so long stuck in a dark room, that I almost forgot how it was to be outside. 'Nobody has to hear this!' he murmered. 'Hear what?' I asked. I was really done with him. I wanted to rip his head off. Joshua didn't answer my question and pushed me even harder. After a few minutes we stood in a open place in the forest. The sun shined on our skin and the flowers were beautiful. I couldn't enjoy the sight because Joshua smashed me hard on the ground. I tried to stand up but he held me on my place. 'I'm going to do it fast,' he said to me. 'I'm sorry, it's the only way.' It was the first time that Joshua apoleziged for something. 'Please...' I begged. But Joshua looked resolute. I glared at him. Why was I begging? No, I'm going to fight for my life. And before I knew I hit him in his face with my fist. I stood up but he grabbed me. 'You didn't had to do that,' he whispered in my ear. I shivered.

He turned me so I stood face to face with him and slapped me in my face. I screamed when I felt on the ground and he slapped me again. 'Keep your hands off of my wife,' I heared suddenly a beautiful sharp voice saying. I turned my head and smiled when I saw the love of my life

Emmett's POV --------------------------------------I heared her scream and I thought that I lost her, that I was too late. Days I searched for her, and I was so close. I can't lose her like this, can I? What would I do if I lost her? Should I be an Edward and go to the volturi so they could kill me? Oh wait, they already died. I can't get over her dead, never. So then I have to rip myself in pieces and burn them by myself. Wait, that's painful and... disgusting. 'Emmett, shut up!' I heared Edward behind me. Ofcourse he read my mind. Stupid mind reader, go out of my head! 'Wish I could,' he murmered. 'But this is something important. You can't just leave us and...' 'Shut up! Emmett, Rosalie is in danger! She isn't dead!' Alice yelled at me. 'Yet,' she added in a low voice. She was right, and she wasn't going to die. I turned around and my eyes widened. I saw a man, trying to kill Rosalie. My voice was low and kill when I spoke the words: 'Get off of my wife.' I runned as fast as I could and pushed the man into a tree. I saw Rosalie, she smiled at me. I returned the smile. I saw that Edward and Jasper nodded. I turned to Rosalie when I spread my arms, she stood up and jumped in my arms, her legs around my waist, her arms around my neck, her lips on mine... 'I missed you so much,' she murmered against my lips. I stroked her back gently when I returned the words to her and kissed her again. I missed her so much, her smell, her lips, her... everything! I didn't know how long we stood there, but somebody interrupted us. It surprised me that my brothers didn't kill the mongrel already. 'Please, let my brother go!' he begged Edward and Jasper. We frowned. 'You look like... each other,' Bella said softly. She pointed at the one with Edward and Carlisle and the one who stood in front of us. 'Yeah, we're a twin,' the one who stood in front of us said. 'Jason...' Rosalie said sofly. I pulled her on the ground, and my arm snaked around her. I wasn't

going to leave her side, not after this all. 'I'm sorry Rosalie. I really am. Sophie told me that what she told you. I couldn't resist it anymore and I unblocked the shield. So your family could find you. I'm sorry, we didn't mean to hurt you. But after what happened with Chad... We couldn't just let you go. We were afraid,' he said to us. He looked very sad and guilty. But he wasn't forgiven... yet. Ah damn, why was I so sensitive? I couldn't just forgive him after they hurt my Rose. I felt a growl deep in my chest. 'I understand, Jason,' Rosalie said. She left my side, I pulled her back but she reassured me that he was fine. Agh, why did I believe her? My eyes widened when I saw her hugging that... that mongrel! The guy who kidnapped her. Really, what happened? 'Em, she is going to explain you. And you would understand,' I felt Edwards hand on my shoulder. 'Thanks Ed,' I said to him. I looked at Rosalie who unwrapped her arms around him. Finally. 'Wait,' I turned my head and looked right into Edward's eyes. 'What's wrong with you?' I looked at Jasper. Who was at my other side. 'You have to kill him!' I yelled when I pointed at the one who hurt my Rose. 'It's okay, Em. Joshua is fine,' Rosalie was now in front of me. 'I'm going to explain you, and you will understand,' she tried to reassure me. 'No! He hurt you! I'm not going without killing him!' I yelled while I still pointed at that other Joshua guy. 'I love you Em,' Rosalie smiled sweetly at me. Damn, she always know how to calm me down. I heared Edward chuckle next to me. I leaned down to kiss my Angel. 'Agh, gross! At least give me a warning!' I heared Edward. 'I love you too,' I whispered against Rose's lips.

Emmett's POV ---------------------------------------It was two days after I found Rose. Esme was happier then happy, she almost explode from happiness, like Carlisle and Renesmee. We all were happy.I was finally returned with my Angel, and we were going to watch her all. This was not going to happen again. We talked to that stupid Joshua and Jason. Jason had a gift, he could feel wich gift someone have and block it. That's why Edward and Alice couldn't see or hear Rosalie anymore. I almost killed that guy, after they all stopped me and calmed me down, Jason told us that he unblockedhis gift so we could find her. He finally understood that Rosalie, my Angel, wasn't dangerous. I mean, come on! Look at her!

There was just one question left: Why did they kidnap her? We asked them, but they didn't wanted to answer our question. What made me pissed off...again, after they stopped me from attacking them they explained that it was too difficult. Even for us. Maybe sometime they explain it when they come to "visit" us. Yeah right, if they drop one toe on our area... So here we are, as a happy family united after all those days. It were the most worsest days in my life! Days who I never would forget. 'Babe, what do you wanna do?' I asked her. She was curled up in my lap while we were watching tv. She looked me in the eyes and smiled. 'Whatever you want honey,' she said before kissing my lips gently. I answered it more then willingly. 'Oh, get a room!' Jasper walked in with Edward. He turned to Edward. 'I think I have to go, feeling what they feel is going to make me throw up,' he made a noise of disgust, 'Don't whine Jasper, if you know what they are thinking,' Edward rolled with horror his eyes. I chuckled. What's up Ed, isn't Bella giving you the attention you want? Edward eyes widened with anger. I laughed now. 'Shut up, Emmett!' he growled through his teeth. 'What?' Rosalie and Jasper asked curious. They looked from me to Edward. 'I think poor Eddie boy is missing attention from his wife,' I laughed harder now while Rosalie and Jasper joined in. 'Should I remind you of our deal Emmett? No jokes,' Bella was suddenly next to the couch where Rose and I were sitting. I immediately stopped with laughing. 'I wanted a revange for a few years, but you're too afraid to lose it!' I defended myself. Bella smirked. 'I'm not afraid,' she hissed. I chuckled. 'Then I challenge you, if you're not too afraid,' I teased my little sister. Her eyes narrowed. 'Bring it on,' she said. I pecked Rose quickly on the lips and took her hand while we and the other followed Bella outside. Her arm on the big rock next to the river. 'Ready to lose?' I laughed. I felt her hand against mine. 'Same rules, if I win, it's going to get alot worse. Do you win - what probably isn't going to happen - then I would shut my mouth, deal?' 'Deal,' she said. 'On, two...' 'Three,' we said at the same time. I laughed when I felt that she wasn't as strong as a newborn

anymore. 'What is it? Do you miss your old strength already?' I laughed. She gritted her teeth while she tried to defeat me. 'Come on! I bet that dog is stronger then you!' I yawned bored. Not just to tease her, but I really was bored. 'Hey, keep me out of it!' I heared that dog behind me. I rolled my eyes. I heared a snarl escaping from Bella's mouth. 'Just keep your mouth shut,' I replied the words she said to me during our first bet. And then I smashed her hand - a little bit too hard - into the rock. Bella growled. 'That's just not fair!' 'I don't see the dishonesty,' I laughed out loud. Finally I proved that I was the strongest vampire in this coven. Maybe was I the strongest from all the vampires! 'I'm sorry darling,' Edward said to his wife. He kissed her on the cheek. 'Hey Ed, maybe you should comfort her in your cottage. That would cheer her up,' I joked while I wiggled my eyebrowes to them. Oh, I was really going to be mean. Edward hissed. 'Emmett, please. Don't be so childish!'

Emmett's POV --------------------------Fantastic, making jokes about Bella and Edward again is really funny. Too bad that Bella is a vampire now and that she can't blush anymore. Jasper, Alice and Bella were hunting. Carlisle and Esme were in Carlisle's offish, and I actually didn't wanted to know what they were doing I mean... 'Emmett, they are our parents!' Edward hissed to me. I shrugged. What? Parents can have fun too you know. 'Emmett!' Okay okay, sorry Ed. Too bad Bella isn't here, she could cheer your bad mood up and... 'Emmett Dale McCarthy Cullen it's good you didn't say that out loud!' Edward almost screamed. I laughed out loud. 'Fine!' I grinned at him. Edward rolled his eyes. 'Just calm down Em, I mean, Bella doesn't like it when you tease her like that.'

I didn't respond. I looked at the Angel in my lap. Rose looked with twinkles in her eyes at me. Who could ever imagine that I could be so lucky. Having an Angel by my side for forever. She deserves the best, although she said that she doesn't deserve me, I protested, I mean, she is everything I would ask for, and luckily enough, she thinks that too. I was upset by the idea that I couldn't give her the thing she wanted, a baby. I would love to have a little buddy who I can tease baseball or play games with, or a little princess looking like Rose. But I couldn't. I know that she still had a hole in her dead heart because of that, but I was proud that I was the one who filled the other whole. She deserved much better. 'Where are you thinking about, hun?' Rose asked me sweetly. Oh, I really loved this woman. 'Nothing, babe,' I leaned down and gave her a peck on the lips. 'He thought about how upset he was he couldn't give you children. And that you deserved much better,' Edward said airily. I shot him a death glare. He should just shut his mouth. 'Oh honey, don't think that,' Rose reassured me. 'You're everything I want.' 'You want to be human,' I said softly to her. I heared Edward sigh and before I could even think of smacking him through a wall he walked out of the room. Better. Rose sighed again. 'I accept this, Em,' she said gentle to me. 'After so many years... You just accept it like this?' I carressed her cheek softly. 'Baby, talk to me about it. You can trust me.' 'I know I can, it's just that it doesn't matter if I think about being human again, it's impossible,' she looked sad. 'I know baby, but I know too that you will do anything, give up everything to be human again,' I bit my lip for a second. 'Emmett, what do you mean with that?' Rose asked wary. 'Do you think that I will give up on you to be human again and have children?' she said when I didn't respond. Her eyes widened. I looked away from her beautiful face. I heared Rosalie sigh and she burried her head in my chest. 'Honey, I love you more then anything else in the world. I can't imagine myself without you by my side. You the only one and my true love, I don't care if I can have hundredth children, not if you're not by my side. I can't imagine myself with another...' she sighed deeply. 'Man,' she whispered while she finished her sentence. I felt a big smile dancing on my face. I tilted her chin up so her eyes meet mine. 'Really?' I asked unbelieveble. She nodded slowly. 'I know I didn't show it very much. And it was always me and my past, but what I realize now, is that it's you and the future,' she smiled sweetly at me. 'I love you Emmett McCarty.'

'I love you Rosalie Hale,' I replied and leaned down so her lips could meet mine. 'Rosalie McCarty,' she corrected before kissing me. I beamed at the name. 'I love you Rosalie McCarty.

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