I COMENIUS Meeting Świebodzin (Poland


Going to Poland, we flew to Berlin and stayed there for two days. We enjoyed
visiting the most important monuments of the city and specially the Pergamon
Museum, famous for its archaeological holdings.

I COMENIUS Meeting. "Youth Echoes" Berlín / 12:29 / 2013.

Friendly reception and welcome at school in Świebodzin. Visit to the
surprising Poznan with its churches, its cobblestones and colourful burgher
houses, its historical monuments and its museums. Presentations of the
works on our educational system and on our towns and countries.Farewell
dinner with typical polish food organized by the host parents. We will
never forget the tallest statue of Jesus Christ in the world which is in this
small town of Poland!

Swiebodzin, Poznan. I COMENIUS meeting "Youth Echoes" Poland. 25:00
/ 2013/

II COMENIUS Meeting Portimao (Portugal)

Before going to the south of Portugal we made a stop in Lisbon to discover
the charm of its cobblestone streets, its vintage trams, the hilltop
fortifications of the Castle of São Jorge, the World Heritage Belem Tower,
the impressive National Coach Museum. … Lisbon is a captivating and
picturesque capital which made us enjoy our stay there a lot.

II COMENIUS Meeting. "Youth Echoes" Lisbon. Portugal. / 16:32 / 2014.

Warm reception at school. Presentations of the works on “the dream jobs”
and real work perspectives in the future. Visit to Portimao and to the beach
of Praia da Rocha. Excursion to Cape St. Vincent and Sagres whose
natural beauty impressed us. Spectacular workshop on body language
and theater.

II COMENIUS Meeting. "Youth Echoes" Portimao / 23:26 / 2014.

III COMENIUS meeting Glasgow.

Our stay at Glasgow: warm and friendly welcome at St Oswald’s
Secondary School, visit to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and
visit to the oldest public museum in Scotland: the Hunterian in the

Glasgow y Edimburgo I. III COMENIUS meeting "Youth Echoes",
SCOTLAND. / 20:13 / 2014

Visit to Edimburg and its imposing castle. Workshops with the very special
students of the school . Farewell lunch and party with the diverse
community of the school which was such a wonderful experience.

Glasgow II. III COMENIUS meeting "Youth Echoes", SCOTLAND. / 23:46 /

IV COMENIUS Meeting. "Youth Echoes" Salamanca,

Reception and welcome to our guests with several performances by
our students. Guided tour of Salamanca.

1º PARTE: IV COMENIUS Meeting. "Youth Echoes" Salamanca, Spain.
I.E.S. Martínez Uribarri. I. / 28:18 / 2014.

2ª parte. IV COMENIUS meeting I "Youth Echoes" Salamanca,
Spain..E.S. Martinez Uribarri/ 29:26 / 2014.

Sightseeing to Segovia and Avila. Farewell performances.

3ª parte entrega diplomas: IV COMENIUS meeting I "Youth Echoes"
Salamanca, Spain..E.S. Martinez Uribarri/ 07:22 / 2014.

Delivery of diplomas and final farewell.

Gymkhana to discover other beautiful places of our city.

Performances: Salamanca, Spain..E.S. Martinez Uribarri

/ 02:38 / 2014/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yn0zeGZ9yE

/ 03:30 / 2014/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HVK8qjXUeg

/ 03:19 / 2014/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLgq_zj4rwg

/ 04:33 / 2014 / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x90HgGb6KKk

/ 02: 51 / 2014 / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDj8Ano1-aM

V COMENIUS Meeting. "Youth Echoes" Ioannina, Greece.

Warm welcome and hospitality of our Greek friends. Presentations of our
work on human rights. Visit to the multicultural historic city center of
Ioannina where Christian, Islamic and Jewish influences are evident. Trip by
boat to the island of the lake to discover its picturesque village. Excursion to
Metsovo: a mountainous city that captured us with its spectacular colours
and its unique images. Visit to Dodoni, the major spiritual sanctuary in
ancient Greece and the oldest of the Greek oracles. Wonderful trip to the
magnificient Corfu.

V COMENIUS Meeting. "Youth Echoes" Ioannina, Greece. / 43:07 / 2015.

VI meeting COMENIUS. Lüneburg (Germany)

Reception and welcome in the school. Guided tour of the beautiful city of
Lüneburg and lovely visit to a protestant abbey. Interesting workshops,
assistance to some classes in the school and presentations of our work on
creative language and youth language. Sightseeing visit to Hamburg and at
the Hamburg Port, a boat tour of the harbor, funny and fascinating. Finally,
farewell dinner organized by host parents with copious and delicious typical
German food.
Before we reached our destination in Lüneburg, we spent two days in
Cologne. We visited the whole city without forgetting, of course, its
impressive cathedral.

Two days in Cologne, "Youth Echoes" VI meeting COMENIUS. Germany

VI COMENIUS Meeting. "Youth Echoes" Gymnasium Lüneburg Heide.
Germany / 44:39 / 2015.

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