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A Walk To Remember

This is a story of two young love which lasted forever but ended so soon. This great love story shows us that it all comes
down to who is by your side and who is willing to stand up for love even when it seems impossible.
The Story
Set in a small town during the 1990s, the story of A Walk to Remember opens with a group of popular and cool kids of
Beaufort, North Carolina. Landon Carter, a rebellious teen, with his wicked peers played a prank on another boy from their
school. The boy wants to join Landons clique, so the group convinces the boy to jump off a tower, but upon doing so, he
hits his head on a pipe and breaks his arm. Landons group freaked out when they saw the boy injured and floating in the
water. Landon saves the boy from drowning but the police officers arrive and all of them, including Landon, drive off,
leaving the poor boy. Unfortunately, Landon was caught by the cops and had a minor car accident making him also injured
and in jail.
Feeling free and popular, Landon hang-outs with his friends in school not until the schools principal punished him of being
caught drinking on campus grounds with his friends. He must tutor a kid on Saturdays, be in the school play and help the
janitors. The punishment was something that draws Landon Carter near to Jamie Sullivan, the sweet choir girl, who is also
the daughter of the strict reverend. Jamie also tutors, and tries to make friends with Landon to no avail. Later at the first
play practice, Landon is chosen to play the lead, and Jamie is chosen to play a female lead with a singing solo. After the
practice, Landons friend doesnt show up to give him a ride home, so Jamie gives him a ride. During the ride, Jamie talk
about a list of things she wants to do in her lifebe in two places at once, get a tattoo, witness a miracle but she wont
reveal her number one item.
Expected of the rebellious guy who had to perform in front of the whole town people, Landon had difficulty memorizing
and doing his lines so he ask help from Jamie. Jamie was surprised with Landons favor and agrees to practice their lines
together every after school but asking Landon to promise her that he would not fall in love with her. Confident of himself,
he said that wasnt a problem ever. One night, Landon saw Jamie on her way to the cemetery, he then approach her and
went star gazing with her using Jamies homemade telescope. Landon now found out that Jamie is an avid astronomer.
However, Landons friends think that plain Jamie is unpopular, and peer pressure causes him to ignore her and act cruelly
act school. She becomes upset with him and disappointed of him, she refuses to spend with him.
Finally, the play night arrives, Jamie is all made up for her role, and she sings a beautiful solo. Landon improvises a kiss
with her, making a popular girl friend of his jealous. After the play, the father of Landon, who is a cardiologist, approach
him and wanted to talk to him but Landon just ignored him. In school, Landon tried also to talk to Jamie about the two of
them but Jamie refuse to believe on him saying that he should prove everything he said. Landons popular friend pulls a
mean prank by superimposing Jamies picture on a strippers body and handing out fliers at school. Landon defends her
by punching one of his former popular friends.
Later, Landon convinces Jamies dad to let her go out on a date. They go out to eat, dance, and go the state line (so she
can be in two places at once), and he gives her a temporary tattoo. They start to become very serious with each other
right away. Jamies father disapproves of their relationship. He adopts her a star and Jamie tells him her #1 is to marry in
the church where her mom and dad had been married. Landon is now less rebellious, becomes a better tutor, and makes
his own list of things he wants to do and starts to spend all of his time with Jamie. Landon feel different being with Jamie,
she inspires her to become different and better so he decided to go to college and enter med school. On a night out with
Jamie, she reveals that she has leukemia. Landon is devastated and goes to ask his father to take care of her, but his
father explained to him that leukemia is not his specialty. He starts working on a larger telescope for Jamie so that she can
see a rare comet that she has been hoping to see. Jamie collapses, and is sent to the hospital for treatment. Later,
Landons father arranges to pay for her care so that she can stay at home.
Landons telescope is finished so that Jamie can see her comet. That same night, he proposes to her. Flash forward, and
the two are getting married in her mothers church. Jamie makes her walk to remember down the aisle. Her father
performs the ceremony with a poem her mother loved. Years later, Landon returns home from college and visits with

Jamies dad. Apparently, Jamie lived through the summer, and then passed on, and Landon moved away. Jamies dad is
excited to hear that Landon made it into med school. Landon says he wishes he could have helped Jamie witness a
miracle, and Mr Sullivan lets him know that to Jamie, he was a miracle.
About the movie:
A Walk to Remember is a 2002 American coming-of-age teen romantic drama based on the 1999 romance novel of the
same name by Nicholas Sparks. The film stars Shane West and Mandy Moore, was directed by Adam Shankman, and
produced by Denise Di Novi and Hunt Lowery for Warner Bros. The inspiration for A Walk to Remember was Nicholas
Sparks' sister, Danielle Sparks Lewis, who died of cancer in 2000. The plot was inspired by her life; Danielle met a man
who wanted to marry her, "even when he knew she was sick, even when he knew that she might not make it". [1] Both the
book and film are dedicated to Danielle Sparks Lewis.
The Cast:

Shane West as Landon Rollins Carter

Mandy Moore as Jamie Elizabeth Sullivan
Peter Coyote as Reverend Hegbert Sullivan
Daryl Hannah as Cynthia Carter
Lauren German as Belinda
Clayne Crawford as Dean
Al Thompson as Eric
Paz de la Huerta as Tracy
David Lee Smith as Dr. Carter
Jonathan Parks Jordan as Walker
Matt Lutz as Clay Gephardt

My learnings and insight:

I was just randomly picking channels to watch when I first saw this movie. Not knowing that it has a sad beautiful ending, I
got carried away and became emotional as when the last part arrived. I dont know if it was because of my age, I was just
12 or 13 years old during that time, or whatever factor it was that I really had made a connection to the movie. I really
would never forget this movie and that I had made this as one of my favorites as to romantic drama genre.
Some movie reviews says that the movie was a cliche but though the whole transition from a light bullying events to neardeath announcements was a heavy one, I still think that it was realistic though rare. This movie was based from Nicholas
Sparks novel with a little modifications as to some details. I also got to read the book and I still say that the movie had
justify its worth though I had only realize the reason for having such title A Walk to Remember in the book. Whenever I
think of this movie, a lot of emotions just burst out from me. It makes me wanna hate those bullies in school and want to
let them realize to mind their own business. It enlightens me to think that whatever your family tells you whether it would
make you happy or hurt you, they're just doing it to protect you. It hurts me to think that there would be no beautiful
memories without sacrifice, without pain. But still, it makes me wanna smile knowing that unconditional love still exist in
this world like Gods love for us men.
The reason why were here in this world is not for wealth or fame or not even for success, life is more than those things.
Life is a continuous collection of acceptance, a secret mission of finding pure love, and a repeated test of the worthy of
your faith to oneself, to others and to Him up above. This are all what A Walk to Remember reminds me of life. And that,
He is always our only hope.

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