Vocab 71-105 Debrief – to question someone Classroom design – design of a classroom Reflect/connect – to think about and talk

about something Optimism – to be positive Saturated fat – fat that is broken down Cognitive – of or relating to cognition Destiny – things that happen in the future Prioritize – designate or treat as more important then other things Dietary guidelines – essentials of a good diet Integrity – being honest and having strong moral principles Selective listening – only listening to something that you want to Habit – something that you do regularly to a great extent Knowledge – facts acquired by a person Body, Mind, Spirit – the three things that make up a person Assertiveness – a forceful personality Balance – having even distribution on weight to equal both sides Attitudes – a settled way of thinking or knowing about something Visualization – to look at some in a visual way Mission statement – a statement describing the religious purpose of something Implementation – the use of tools for a particular purpose Social network – a network that connects people socially Communication – the imparting or exchanging of information or news Trans fat – a type of unsaturated fat Jigsaw – a form of a puzzle Interdependence – to have dependence on each other Storyboard – a short way of summarizing a story, used with drawings Conscience – the inner voice that tells you right from wrong Socializing – to socialize with a group of people Diversity – to be diverse whilst mixing a group of cultures Observation – the act of observing something or someone very carefully Vitamin – any of a group of organic compounds that is essential for life Disorders – states of confusion Team process – the process of having and using a team effectively (teamwork) Expectations – a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future Dysfunctional – the inability to perform a certain function Learning team task – a task that is given to a learning team that usually includes a project of some sort Action plan – a planner that helps you and your team to perform a learning task as efficiently as possible Consensus – general agreement

Genre- a class or category of artistic endeavor having a

particular form, content, technique, or the like: the genre of epic poetry; the genre of symphonic music.

Prejudice- an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand
or without knowledge, thought, or reason. Imagery- the formation of mental images, figures, or likenesses of things, or of such images collectively: the dim imagery of a dream.

Procrastination- to defer action; delay: to procrastinate until an
opportunity is lost.

Symbolism- the practice of representing things by symbols, or of
investing things with a symbolic meaning or character. Productivity- having the power of producing; generative; creative: a productive effort. Metaphor- something used, or regarded as being used, to represent something else; emblem; symbol.

Adolescence- The Period following the onset of puberty during which a young person develops from a child into an adult. Racism- Discrimination to another race. Style- A manner of doing something different. Conflict/Resolution- Conflict is tention between two or more people. Resolution is working it out. Patience- the quality of being patient, as the bearing of
provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like.

Extended Family- a kinship group consisting of a family nucleus
and various relatives, as grandparents, usually living in one household and functioning as a larger unit.

Theme- The subject of a conversation. Healthy Competition- Fair challenge between two or more people. Tone- any sound considered with reference to its quality, pitch,
strength, source, etc.

Life Experience- Something that happened in life. Setting- The place or type of surrounding set in a specific place. Endorphins- Any group of Hormones created within the brain or nervice system. Refined Grains- Grains without impurities. Self improvement- The improvements of ones knowledge. Healthcare System- A system of mental or physical health Point-of-view- One learns ones view of a subject. AIDS- Financiel or material help. Proactive/reactive- using more then one option to complete a task. Landfill-A place to dispose of refuse and other waiste materials. Siblings- Brothers and sisters Win-win- both sides win.

Obesity- over weight Protein- Anything good for your bodies taken. Discrimination- to make someone feel bad. Emerging Disease- A moving disease. Slacker- A lazy person. Healthy Diet- Healthy food taken. Antioxidant- A substance that inhabents oxidation.
1) Endorphins-Any group of hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system. 2) Refined Grains-Grains without impurities or unwanted elements. 3) Self-improvement-The improvement of one’s knowledge. 4) HealthCare System-A system of mental and physical health. 5) Point-of-view-One’s own view of a subject. 6) Win-lose-one person wins in a situation and the other loses. 7) Recycling-reusing elements to use again. 8) Vegetarian-a person who only eats vegetables. 9) Celebrating Differences10)Infectious Disease-a disease that can infect others around. 11)Lose-win-one person loses in a situation and the other wins. 12)Teamwork-a group of people working together. 13)Appetite-a urge to eat. 14)Carbohydrate-a substance containing sugars and starches. 15)Developing Nation16)Catastrophe-a devastation. 17)Dehydration-a lack of water. 18)Chronic Disease-a disease that keeps coming back. 19)Culture-arts and other manifistation of a human race. 20)Lose-lose-both people lose in this situation. 21)Strengths-a ability that you are good at. 22)SYNERGY-a interaction or cooperation of two or more people. 23)Time Quadrants-a time divided in four quarters. 24)ITHEMBA-joy. 25)Values-something in worth. 26)SIMCHA-hope. 27)Visualization-something you can see. 28)CHOICES-decisions.

29)Ambiance-a set mood. 30)Nutrients-something good for your bodies intake. 31)Affirmation-affirming. 32)JOY-happiness. 33)Collaborative Learning 34)Learning Team Roles 35)Calories-units of heat energy. 36)Accountability-to count on someone to do a job. 37)Paradigm Shift-a typical example or pattern moving. 38)Perspective-a picture drawn in such a way. 39)Traditional Learning-a set learning experience. 40)Excessive-to much of something. 41)Debrief-to retain information of a subject. 42)Classroom Design-a classroom pattern or set setting. 43)Reflect/connect-to discuss a subject.

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