Samantha Sibbet, California http://morepaperplease.blogspot.


Instructions: Tools:
Purple Cows Sam’s Stash #1060 Smart Trimmer, #3025 Hot/Kool Laminator Binding Machine, Scissors

1. Trim each page to 6”x 6” 2. For the cover trim an additional paper to 6”x 4”. With border punch, punch the 6” side. 3. Layer over 6”x 6” paper. 4. For each page, adhere photo and a 1/2”x 6” inch strip under the photo.
Nutmeg Patterned Paper, and Glue Glider Pro With Perma Tac Adhesive

Cosmo Cricket Glue Arts

5. Print your text for each page. Be sure to add extra spacing between each word, this is easier for children to track and practice their one to one. 6. Trim your text with the smart trimmer and adhere. 7. Run each page through the laminator, then bind pages with a binding machine. 8. Add chipboard accents and title to your cover page.

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