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16 Going On 32

16 fat quarters turned into 32 blocks

by Pamela

54” x 67”

Fabric requirements 16 fat quarters of various colors. This quilt uses Sweet & Sour from Connecting Threads. 2 ½ yds for sashing and flower petals. (Full Bloom from Sweet & Sour) 1 yd for binding. (Lotus Plum from Sweet & Sour)
Cut the fat quarters as shown in the cutting layout. You only need 14 setting triangles and 4 corner triangles. You will also need to cut one additional 2 ½” square from any color.

Cut (80) 8 ½” x 2 ½” strips of the sashing fabric. Applique the flower petals to the 9”x 9” squares using your favorite method. I used a small line of fabric glue around the edge on the back of the petal, placed on the square, heat set with an iron, then used a blanket stitch. You can see this method demonstrated on the Sharon Schamber Network free area. After the appliqué is done, square the blocks to 8 ½” x 8 ½”.

Lay out your blocks in the arrangement that you like. Sew the blocks together with a sashing strip between each one and on each end. Sew a setting triangle to both ends, making sure that the triangle is oriented the correct way. Laying out all your blocks first helps ensure that the triangles are facing the right way. Don’t handle or stretch the triangles since you are sewing on a bias cut edge. Lay the triangle, right sides together, on top of the sashing strip it will be sewn to. Line up the straight side, let the point float, and pin it where it naturally lays. It will extend off the end of the sashing strip. Sew a strip of sashing blocks and strips together, beginning and ending with a sashing block. Assemble the quilt as shown, alternating a row of blocks with a row of sashing strips/blocks.

Attach the corner triangles by folding the corner appliqué block in half and pinching a crease in the sashing strip to mark the middle of the edge you are going to sew the triangle to. Do the same to the triangle. Line up the pieces at the center creases. Be careful to not pull or stretch the triangle and pin it to the strip. The points will extend beyond the edges. Quilt and bind.