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. Exhaust aftertreatment. In the year 2014. but also more comfortable and enjoyable. Hybrid Electric Vehicle.500 employees generated sales of € 6. We offer our customers a comprehensive selection of products ranging from gasoline and diesel injection systems. For Clean Power. Within the vision of Clean Power. our products make driving not only more affordable and environmentally friendly. Fuel & Exhaust Management. There are two main impulses for the advancement of drive technologies: Firstly. turbochargers. which results in various requirements for vehicles and drive systems. the increasing need for individual mobility. 5 billion. active climate protection. The Powertrain Division has 54 locations in 19 countries. Content The Most Important Figures at a Glance Powertrain in the Continental Corporation Engine Systems Business Unit Fuel & Exhaust Management Business Unit Hybrid Electric Vehicle Business Unit Sensors & Actuators Business Unit Transmission Business Unit Worldwide Locations Location Contacts Our Global Quality Understanding Careers at Continental Page 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 32 34 . engine management and transmission control systems to sensors and actuators. its roughly 34. and Transmission. The Division is divided into five Business Units: Engine Systems. fuel supply systems as well as systems and components for hybrid and electric drives complete our portfolio. Sensors & Actuators. in particular the reduction of CO2 emissions and exhaust gases.2 Powertrain Division 3 Doing more. And secondly. In the Powertrain Division we integrate innovative and efficient powertrain system solutions from today and tomorrow for vehicles of all categories.

775 Others / Consolidation Continental Corporation Others / Consolidation Continental Corporation 5 312 344 177.878.4 ContiTech Division 3.368 36.3 million Euro n Germany (GER) n Europe without GER n Asia n NAFTA region n Other countries 22 % 29 % 25% 23 % 1% Employees by Markets: Continental Corporation December 31.2 7. 2014: 6.055 Tires Division 44.2 –265.260.5 Tires Division 9.3 Interior Division 6.514.7 Employees at year end 2013 2014 Chassis & Safety Division 36.127 Powertrain Division 32.168 n Germany (GER) n Europe without GER n Asia n NAFTA region n Other countries 23 % 30 % 20 % 22 % 5% Sales by Markets: Powertrain December 31.331. 2014: 189.494.002.3 6.529 Interior Division 34. 2014: 34.353 34.931.3 3.508 47.338 ContiTech Division 29.269.7 –221.725 32.2 9.605.9 Powertrain Division 6.0 34.Powertrain Division 4 The Most Important Figures at a Glance Sales in million Euro Sales by Markets: Continental Corporation December 31.168 Employees n Germany (GER) n Europe without GER n Asia n NAFTA region n Other countries 28 % 32 % 19 % 16 % 5% .494.7 7.6 33.505.7 million Euro 2013 2014 Chassis & Safety Division 7.583.496 38.784.505.762 189.

Cramer (China) Rubber Group Chassis & Safety Powertrain Interior Tires ContiTech Jourdan Avila Matschi Setzer Duensing Engine Systems Business Unit Business Development & Strategy Powertrain ASEAN Fuel & Exhaust Management Business Unit Communications Powertrain Brazil Hybrid Electric Vehicle Business Unit Finance & Controlling Powertrain China & Korea Sensors & Actuators Business Unit Human Relations Powertrain India Purchasing & Total Cost Management Powertrain Japan Technology & Innovation Powertrain NAFTA Transmission Business Unit Powertrain Russia . Degenhart CFO Schäfer HR Dr. Reinhart Automotive Group Dr.Powertrain Division 6 7 Powertrain in the Continental Corporation Continental Corporation CEO Dr.

System Development.5 . Integration and Application Services Diesel Piezo Common Rail Injector PCRs5 ECU based on EMS3 System Platform Turbocharger for Gasoline Engines Gasoline DI Solenoid Injector XL5 Gasoline High Pressure Pump GHP2.1 Turbochargers Global Footprint of Test Centers.Powertrain Division 8 9 Engine Systems Business Unit More power. Our Engine Systems Business Unit focuses on the development and production of innovative system solutions for advanced and environmentally friendly combustion engines. Passenger Car Engine Management Systems and Components for › › › › › Diesel Piezo Common Rail Injection Gasoline Direct Injection Gasoline Port Fuel Injection Alternative Fuels Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment Engine Management as well as Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems and Components for Commercial Vehicles Diesel High Pressure Pump DHP 1. less fuel consumption.

Our range of products includes fuel delivery modules and their components in the segment Fuel Management as well as catalysts. Our strongly focused development. Our products for Exhaust Management are in charge for reduced exhaust emission despite growing vehicle density. Our products for Fuel Management take care of the rest. the only task we can’t take away from the driver is filling up. Three-Way Catalyst. SCR Catalyst. Particle Filter) › Close-Coupled Exhaust Aftertreatment › Electrically Heated Catalytic Converter › Sensor Catalytic Converter (for Temperature Sensors and NOX-Sensors) › Structured Foils for Catalytic Converters Compact Catalyst Tankintegrated SCR Module Brushless Fuel Pump Fuel Delivery Module with Flange Integrated Pump Control Electronics MAPPS (MAgnetic Passive Position Sensor) Electrically Heated Catalytic Converter . together with our partners. engine mounted emission aftertreatment and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) dosing systems in the segment Exhaust Management.Powertrain Division 10 11 Fuel & Exhaust Management Business Unit When it comes to fuel. contributes to saving time and money. The modularity of our components allows us to react flexibly to the different demands of vehicle manufacturers. Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. Components and Systems for the Fuel Management › Fuel Delivery Modules › Fuel Level Sensors › Fuel Pumps › Pressure Regulators › Fuel Supply Delivery Electronics › Electronics for SCR Dosing Units Products for Exhaust Aftertreatment › Dosing Modules for SCR Systems › Metallic Catalytic Converter (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Catalyst.

a cost-efficient concept for the electrification of all types of vehicles on different voltage levels. HEV Technologies › 12V Components: – Power Net Systems › 48V Components: – Electric Machine with integrated Inverter – DC/DC Converter Power Net System (12V Board Net) › High Voltage Components: – Electric Machine – Power Electronics 48V DC/DC Converter 48V Belt-driven Starter Generator High Voltage Axle Drive Power Electronics with integrated Inverter and DC/DC Converter . Based on our experience and continuous innovations we are constantly improving our products regarding functionality and power while at the same time reducing size and weight. At the same time comfort and driving dynamics must not be diminished in eco-friendly vehicles. 48V or up to 400V. which covers the whole range from hybrid to electric vehicles. Continental’s answer is “Electrification Tailored to Fit”.Powertrain Division 12 13 Hybrid Electric Vehicle Business Unit In order to reach coming CO2 limits. Electric propulsion systems can be realized with 12V. For more than a decade we have been producing hybrid systems in series and since 2011 we have also been manufacturing components for pure electric vehicles. technical innovations are indispensable for the automotive industry.

Clutch and Transmission Actuation). Urea Concentration and Level Sensors In-Cylinder Pressure Sensor Actuators › Electronic Throttle Control. Electrical Water and Oil Pumps. Our product portfolio comprises: Urea Concentration and Level Sensor Sensors › Mass Airflow Sensors › Combustion (Knock and In-Cylinder Pressure Sensors) › Pressure (High. Flex Fuel (Ethanol). Brushless Actuators for Powertrain Application (e. Wastegate Actuators › Exhaust Control Valves and Modules › Tank Leak Detection and Diagnostics. Purge Valves › Idle Air Control Valves Electrical Water Pump Flex Fuel / Bio Diesel Sensor Electronic Throttle Control . to usage of alternative fuels.Powertrain Division 14 15 Sensors & Actuators Business Unit The primary objective of our products is to enable sustainable mobility through Clean Power. From dynamic. combined with advanced engine management systems allow significant reduction of CO2 and exhaust emissions.g. Our innovative and robust sensors and actuators.and Electrostatic Particulate Matter Sensors) › Temperature (Exhaust High Temperature and Fluid Temperature Sensors) › Fluid Level. Air Control Valves › General Purpose Actuators. Transmission Sensor Modules › Door Handle Sensors › Exhaust Gas (Smart NOX. Bio Diesel. Medium and Low Pressure Sensors as Stand-Alone or Integrated Variants) › Linear and Rotary Contactless Position Sensors. and ultimately the electrification of the entire drivetrain – our wide range of products supports our customers to meet the market trends and challenges of current and future consumption and emission legislation. efficient gasoline and diesel engines with optimized combustion and highly effective exhaust aftertreatment. hybridization.

Modern Transmission Control Units optimize the driving comfort and fuel economy in vehicles of all classes.Powertrain Division 16 17 Transmission Business Unit We drive the future. The range is from high-end units to costoptimized solutions for the emerging markets. As one of the global leading suppliers the Transmission Business Unit develops and produces trendsetting electric and electromechanical control units for all relevant transmission technologies and all-wheel drive applications. Transmission Control Units › Stepped Automatic Transmissions (AT) › Double Clutch Transmissions (DCT) › Automated Manual Transmissions (AMT) › Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) Control Units for Drivetrain and All-Wheel Drive Applications Electro-Hydraulic Control Unit for Stepped Automatic Transmissions › Transfer Cases › Differentials › Limited Slip Coupling › Axle Disconnect Control Unit for All-Wheel Drive Applications Control Unit for Automatic Transmission and Retarder in Commercial Vehicles Control Unit for Double Clutch Transmissions EAST Transmission Control Platform EAST Transmission Control Unit Electro-Mechanical Control Unit for Double Clutch Transmissions .

Powertrain Division 18 19 Worldwide Locations ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■■■ ■ Chatham (CA) Auburn Hills (US) Dearborn (US) Deer Park (US) Fountain Inn (US) Newport News (US) Seguin (US) ■ ■■ ■ ■■ ■■■ ■■ ■ ■■ ■■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ Boussens (FR) Faulquemont (FR) Foix (FR) Toulouse (FR) ■■ ■■ ■■ ■ Regensburg (DE) Bebra (DE) Berlin (DE) Dortmund (DE) Eisenach (DE) Gifhorn (DE) Grünstadt (DE) Karben (DE) Limbach-Oberfrohna / Stollberg (DE) Lohmar (DE) Nuremberg (DE) Roding (DE) Schwalbach (DE) ■■ ■ ■ ■■■ ■■ ■■ ■ ■ ■■■ ■■ Changchun (CN) Shanghai (CN) Tianjin (CN) Wuhu (CN) Bangalore (IN) Manesar (IN) Pune (IN) Yokohama (JP) Icheon-si (KR) Sejong-si (KR) ■ ■ Cuautla (MX) ■ ■ Guadalajara (MX) ■ ■ Juarez (MX) ■ Guarulhos (BR) ■ ■ Salto (BR) ■■ ■■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■■ ■ Pisa (IT) Bras.ov (RO) Iasi (RO) Sibiu (RO) Timisoara (RO) Kaluga (RU) Brandy´ s (CZ) Frensˇtát (CZ) Ostrava (CZ) Trutnov (CZ) Budapest (HU) ■ ■ ■ ■ Headquarter Production facility Development center Joint Venture ■ Penang (MY) ■ Calamba City (PH) ■ ■ Amata City (TH) ■ Bundoora (AUS) .

0 Fax + 49 -2246 -109 -109 Conti Temic microelectronic GmbH Development and production of transmission control units. transmission control units. variable lift controls. production of electronic throttle controls.0 Fax + 49 . engine control units.599 Continental Automotive GmbH Production of thickfilm hybrids for ECUs.6196 -87. oHG Production of electric motors Alfred-Teves-Strasse 11 38518 Gifhorn Phone + 49 -537183. production of high pressure pumps for diesel and gasoline engines and valves Schorndorfer Strasse 91 93426 Roding P.6359 -924789 . Box 2005 93423 Roding Phone + 49 -9461-914.20 Powertrain Division Locations in Germany Continental Automotive GmbH Powertrain Division Headquarters Research and development.0 Fax + 49 -231-1761-520 Continental Teves AG & Co. Box 130265 90114 Nuremberg Phone + 49 -911-9526 . 61175 Karben Phone + 49 . brushless DC motors and compressors Robert-Bunsen-Strasse 17 36179 Bebra P.0 Fax + 49 -3722-400 -1499 Continental Emitec GmbH Research and development.6039 -98. production of fuel supply units and fuel level sensors Arminiusstrasse 59 44149 Dortmund Phone + 49 -231-1761. Box 61 40 65735 Eschborn Phone + 49 .6359 -924789 -19 Regensburg Headquarters 21 Continental Emitec GmbH Research and development. air control valves.O. smart coolant pumps.O.and small series-production of catalysts and filters Hauptstrasse 128 53797 Lohmar Phone + 49 -2246 -109 . electronic ignition modules. production of sensors. 61184 Karben P.6622-70 -271 TEMIC Automotive Electric Motors GmbH Research and development Sickingenstrasse 42– 46 10553 Berlin Phone + 49 -30 -34008. general purpose actuators.O. sample.O.0 Fax + 49 . pulse width modulated inverters and DC/DC converters Sieboldstrasse 19 90411 Nuremberg P. thickfilm resistors for fuel sensors and power electronics for hybrid vehicles and electric cars Dieselstr.6039 -98-1413 Continental Automotive GmbH Production of injectors for diesel engines Ostring 7 09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna P. Box 1205.0 Fax + 49 -9461-914-393 Continental Automotive GmbH Research and development Sodener Strasse 9 65824 Schwalbach am Taunus P.0 Fax + 49 -911-9526 -2529 Continental Mechanical Components Germany GmbH Research and development. 6 –20. Box 1155 09203 Limbach-Oberfrohna Phone + 49 -3722-400 . fuel pumps. Box 10 09 43 93009 Regensburg Phone + 49 -941-790 .0 Fax + 49 -30 -34008-473 Continental Automotive GmbH Research and development.O. diesel engine control units.O.O.0 Fax + 49 -3692071.6196 -86571 .6622-70 . vehicle control units.0 Fax + 49 .0 Fax + 49 . Box 1165 36171 Bebra Phone + 49 . transmission control units and control units for smart coolant pumps Siemensstrasse 12 93055 Regensburg P.0 Fax + 49 -537183-3003 Continental Automotive GmbH Research and development Dieselstrasse 8 67269 Grünstadt Phone + 49 . mass production of catalysts and filters Industriestrasse 2 99820 Hörselberg-Hainich Phone + 49 -3692071.0 Fax + 49 -941-790 -4999 Continental Automotive GmbH Research and development. drive controls.

Production of vehicle electronic components and microelectronic circuit modules Napmatka u. Transmission. 6 1106 Budapest (HU) Phone + 36 -1-881-9500 Fax + 36 -1-881-9585 . Sensors & Actuators. production for Engine Systems.o. Development Center for Sensors & Actuators Na Rovince 879 720 00 Ostrava – Hrabova (CZ) Phone + 420 -556 -88-4333 Fax + 420 -556 -88-3333 Continental Automotive Czech Republic s.S.S. exhaust gas recirculation valves.A. sample.611-92525 Hungary Continental Automotive Hungary Ltd.r.Powertrain Division 22 23 Locations in Europe Czech Republic Continental Automotive Czech Republic s. Production of sensors ZI Sansonnet 31360 Boussens (FR) Phone + 33-5.A.r.611-98888 Fax + 33-5.S.619 .610 -23-776 Continental Automotive France S.o.o. electrical water pumps and NOX sensors Volanovská 518 541 01 Trutnov (CZ ) Phone + 420 -499 -908-111 Fax + 420 -499 -908-999 Foix location. cylinders for diesel high pressure pumps. general purpose actuators.610 -23-700 Fax + 33-5.000 Fax +33-387819 -195 Continental Automotive France S.A.o. Production of diesel and gasoline high pressure pumps. Production of fuel supply units and fuel level sensors Průmyslová 2299 250 01 Brandýs nad Labem – Stará Boleslav (CZ) Phone + 420 -326 -93-4721 Fax + 420 -326 -93-4718 Continental Automotive Czech Republic s. Research and development.619 -84400 Fax + 33-5. Research and development of engine management systems and sensors 1 avenue Paul Ourliac BP 83649 31036 Toulouse (FR) Phone + 33-5.A.r. turbochargers for gasoline engines. France France Continental Automotive France S. high pressure sensors.S.01105 Emitec France S.and mass-production of tank-integrated urea dosing systems ZI de Faulquemont Avenue de Faulquemont 57380 de Faulquemont (FR) Phone +33-387819 . Fuel & Exhaust Management Kopanská 1713 744 01 Frenštát pod Radhoštěm (CZ ) Phone + 420 -556 -88-11-50 Fax + 420 -556 -88-13-90 Trutnov location. fuel rails and pressure valves for diesel engines. Production of engine and transmission control units Route Nationale 20 ZI de Permilhac 09000 Foix (FR) Phone + 33-5. Czech Republic Continental Automotive Czech Republic s.r. Research and development.

L. 6 700671 Iasi (RO) Phone + 40 -232-307000 Fax + 40 -232-220331 25 Locations in the Americas Continental Automotive Systems S. Brazil Production of main boards for engine systems Av. 248033 Kaluga (RU) Phone +7-4842-703555 Fax +7-4842-703510 Continental Automotive Systems RUS Representative office 34 Zolotorozhskiy Val. Box 2014 700 Park Avenue East Chatham. Salzburg Nr. Adolf Schindling. 1 300704 Timisoara (RO) Phone + 40 -256 -251100 Fax + 40 -256 -253050 Russia Continental Automotive Systems RUS Production of engine control units.0531 .R. Siemens. Poitiers no. Research and development. sensors and actuators. Research and development. 131 07042-020 Guarulhos / SP (BR) Phone + 55-11-2423-3400 Fax + 55-11-2421-3736 Continental Tire Canada.. Production of fuel pumps and fuel supply units. no. 6 507075 Brasov (RO) Industrial Park ICCO Phone + 40 -374-359002 Fax + 40 -374-359011 SC Continental Automotive Romania S. fuel rails. 1. Ontario / N7M 5M7 (CA) Phone +1-519 -3526700 Fax +1-519 -4363666 Continental Brasil Indústria Automotiva Ltda.. Research and development Str. production of engine and transmission control units Str. Brazil Research and development. Inc. development Ghimbav City Aeroportului Street. test center Av.R. production of injectors and fuel rail systems for gasoline engines Fauglia site: SS 206 Loc. Research and development Bld.O.Powertrain Division 24 Locations in Europe Italy Continental Automotive Italy S.L. Nr.646 -7691 Salto location.L. building 6 111033 Moscow (RU) Phone +7-495. Sen. Marechal Rondon. production of engine systems. Brazil Brazil Canada Continental Brasil Indústria Automotiva Ltda.R.768 13323-900 Salto / SP (BR) Phone + 55-11-4028-8150 Fax + 55-11-4028. 8 550018 Sibiu (RO) Phone + 40 -374-334-159 Fax + 40 -369 -433-796 SC Continental Automotive Romania S. fuel systems. Research and development P.L.R.p. Luciana 56040 Fauglia (Pisa) (IT) Phone + 39-050-649-111 Fax + 39-050-649-437 San Piero site: Via Livornese 1319 56011 San Piero a Grado (Pisa) (IT) Phone + 39-050-649-111 Fax + 39-050-988-010 Romania Continental Powertrain Romania S.A. fuel supply units and printed circuit boards 16 Tulskoe Str.646 -7697 Fax +7-495.

sensor and SRR control units 3740 North Austin Street Seguin. 2-stroke DI injectors. production of injectors. VA 23603 (US) Phone +1-757-890 -4900 Fax +1-757-890 -4901 Continental Automotive Systems.656 .V. VA 23602 (US) Phone +1-757-875-7000 Fax +1-757-874-3036 Synerject LLC Research and development. production of non-automotive engine management systems. S. leak detection systems. mechanical throttle bodies. Enterprise Drive Newport News. fuel delivery modules. air pressure regulators and exhaust aftertreatment products 615 Bland Blvd Newport News. Inc. sensors.919 -810 .P. Research and development 15201 Mercantile Drive Dearborn.Powertrain Division 26 Locations in the Americas Mexico Continental Automotive Mexicana S. Production of engine. 705 45650 Santa Anita C.656 . Guadalajara (MX) P.0301 Fax +1. Research and development. CNG injectors. Inc. 3 45640 Tlajomulco de Zúñiga Jalisco. Mass production of catalysts 400 South Nelson Drive Fountain Inn. MI 48120 (US) Phone +1-313-441-5500 Fax +1-313-271-2130 Continental Automotive Systems.A. transmission. Morelos (MX) Phone + 52-735-354-8300 Fax + 52-735-354-8305 Continental Automotive Guadalajara México. Guadalajara (MX) Phone + 52-333050 .V. electronic throttle controls. CAS Inc. Research and development 21440 West Lake Cook Road Deer Park. exhaust gas recirculation systems.0020 Continental Automotive Systems. fuel rail assemblies.V. Research and development.8311 27 USA Continental Automotive Systems. Chihuahua 32695 (MX) Phone + 52. Box 45640 Phone + 52-333818-2000 Fax + 52-333684-3600 Santa Anita Site: Ramón Corona No. MI 48120 (US) Phone +1-313-583-5980 Fax +1-313-583-5989 Continental Automotive Systems. Research and development.O. fuel injectors. Inc. Research and development 2400 Executive Hills Blvd. S.A.A. IL 60010 (US) Phone +1-847-862-5000 Emitec Inc. diesel injectors.629 -8249 Deer Park location. production of engine management systems Tijera Site: Camino a la Tijera No. general purpose actuators. USA Continental Automotive Guadalajara Mexico.629 -8200 Fax + 52.0000 Fax + 52-333050 . air and fuel components. electro-hydraulic transmission control modules. high pressure pumps and fuel rail systems for gasoline engines. de C. SC 29644 (US) Phone +1-864-862. Control modules for stepped automatic transmissions and double clutch transmissions. fuel supply units. Inc. TX 78155 (US) Phone +1-830 -379 -8850 Fax +1-830 -372-7523 . fuel pumps and fuel level sensors Luis Bleriot 6720 Parque Industrial Panamericano Ciudad Juarez. de C. multi port oil pumps 201. canister purge valves. production of air control valves. hybrid and electric vehicles 15001 Commerce Drive North Dearborn. Ml 48326 (US) Phone +1-248-209 -4000 Continental Automotive Systems. Auburn Hills. hybrid. Research and development. de C. electronics. transfer case actuators Avenida Ignacio Allende Lote 20 Parque Industrial Cuautla 62743 Ayala. Jalisco. ETC actuators. Inc.

Pune 410501 Maharashtra (IND) Phone + 91-2135668-357 Fax + 91-2135668-330 /333 Japan Continental Automotive Japan K. Hosur Road Bangalore 560099 (IN) Phone + 91-80 . canister purge valves and exhaust gas recirculation systems 27.. Khed.Powertrain Division 28 29 Locations in Asia China Continental Automotive Changchun Co. fuel supply units. Research and development.088 Fax + 86 -553-5844-288 India Continental Automotive Components (India) Pvt.6080 -3000 Fax + 86 -21.6611-5115 Continental Automotive India (Pvt. Production of fuel supply units and gasoline fuel rail assembly Gate No.. Bommasandra Industrial Area Phase 1. Tal. Anhui Anhui Province (CN) Phone + 86 -553-5844. Ltd. Chakan – Alandi Road. drive sensors. 2 Bo Hai Road TEDA Tianjin 300457 (CN) Phone + 86 -22-2532-8637 Fax + 86 -22-2532-8698 Continental Automotive Wuhu Co.K. 1-1-25 Shin Urashimacho Kanagawa-ku. Ltd. production of EMS ECU 53B. research and development #538. production of fuel pumps. research and development Technical Center India (TCI) Gold Hill Supreme Parc. high pressure pumps and fuel rail systems 1981 Wuhan Avenue 130033 Changchun (CN) Phone + 89 -431-8468-4000 Fax + 89 -431-8461-3761 Continental Automotive Holding Co. Mass production of catalysts Survey No. Village Kuruli. Ltd. Ltd. YinHu Road (N) Wuhu Economy and Technology Development Zone 241009 Wuhu. Bangalore Karnataka 560100 (IN) Phone + 91-80 -6679 . Sector 5.) Ltd. Research and development. fuel level sensors.6000 Fax + 91-80 -6679 . Continental Asia Headquarters.6611-5100 Fax + 91-80 . Ltd. Ltd. Electronic City Phase II. IMT Manesar. Ltd. Taluka Mulshi Pune 411057 (IN) Phone + 91-20 -3911-4800 Fax + 91-20 -3911-4999 Continental Automotive Components (India) Pvt. Yokohama-city Kanagawa 221. electronic throttle controls. Bangalore Continental Automotive Components (India) Pvt.. 624 /3. Research and development. injectors. production of engine management systems. Electronic City. Research and development 100 Huirong Road Jiading Industrial Zone Shanghai 201807 (CN) Phone + 86 -21-3916 -5000 Fax + 86 -21-5954-2573 Continental Automotive Systems (Tianjin) Co. Research and development Technowave 100 Bldg. Production of transmission control units No. Dalian Road Yangpu District Shanghai 200082 (CN) Phone + 86 -21.0031 (JP) Fax + 81-45-444-4360 . Gurgaon 122050 Haryana (IN) Phone + 91-124-4660200 Fax + 91-124-4366154 Emitec Emission Control Technologies India Pvt.6080 -4000 Continental Automotive Systems (Shanghai) Co. digital linear actuators.. Research and development.. production of sensors Plot No 16. Continental India Headquarters. Ltd.6165 Continental India Headquarters. Ltd. 275 & 282 (Part ) Village Maan.

Saeum-ro Icheon-si Gyeonggi-do 467. 339 -942 (KR) Phone + 82-44-270 . fuel supply units. Huay Kwang Bangkok 10310 (TH) Phone + 66 -2-512-5660 Fax + 66 -2-513-1803 . production of engine management systems and transmission control units 45–29.634. Geumhoseonmal-gil Bugang-myeon Sejong-si. (CAE) Research and development. production of sensors and actuators 74-7. Bhd Production of engine management systems. Australia Thailand Australia Continental Automotive Thailand Co. Bhd. Laguna (PH) Phone + 63-2-7867. Philippines Continental Automotive Malaysia Sdn. Production of electronic components and systems 16 Ring Road.Powertrain Division 30 31 Locations in Asia and Australia Korea Malaysia Continental Automotive Systems Corp. Ltd.062 Bundoora location. 21140 (TH) Phone + 66 -38-926 -201 Fax + 66 -38-926 -205 Continental Pty Ltd Production of air intake fuel modules 2 Scholar Drive Bundoora VIC 3083 (AU) Phone + 61-3-9468-1301 Fax + 61-3-9468-1501 Continental Automotive Thailand Co.634-7400 Fax + 82-31. Production of injectors and high pressure pumps for diesel engines 7/259 Moo 6 Amata City Industrial Estate Tambon Mabyangporn Ampur Pluakdaeng Payong.6116 Fax + 82-44-277. Inc. (CASCO) Research and development.6904 Continental Automotive Components Malaysia Sdn. Continental Automotive Electronics LLC. MK 1 Tingkat Perusahaan 2A Prai Industrial Estate 13600 Prai Penang (MY) Phone + 604-3819 -100 Fax + 604-3908-194 Philippines Continental Temic Electronics (Phils). sales. sensors and actuators 2455.000 Fax + 63-2-7867. Sales and administration office Olympia Thai Tower.6012 Calamba location. LISP2-SEZ Barangay La Mesa Calamba City 4027. 4F 444 Ratchadapicek Road Samsennok.080 (KR) Phone + 82-31. Ltd.

das wir in unserer Qualitätspolitik „Unser globales Q tätsverständnis“ mit fünf Leitsätzen definieren. millions of people entrust their lives to their cars. we encourage commitment and autonomy to move quality forward. > Kundenzufriedenheit Wir wissen. In short. At the same time. um Qualität weiter nach v zu bringen. Und dies zu Recht. › Holistic We understand quality as the continuous and holistic effort to optimize our company’s performance. Wir setzen uns „Null Fehler“ zum Ziel. Quality is thus an essential basis for the success of Continental. › Together We all influence the quality of our products and services. consistently and reliably meeting the highest standards. > Ganzheitlich Wir verstehen Qualität als die kontinuierliche und ganzheitliche Optimierung unserer Unternehmensleistung. Quality First emphasizes not only our common quality understanding. Gleichzeitig lassen wir persönlichem Engage und Eigenverantwortung Freiräume. it is both a core competence and a competitive advantage. We are committed to a target of zero defects. › From the Beginning We do things the right way from the very beginning and set new quality standards together. schließlich vertrauen Millionen M schen ihrem Auto ihr Leben an. Automobilhersteller und Autofahrer weltweit erwarten höchs Qualität. Q tät ist Zukunftssicherung. Kurz gesagt. unternehmerische Kernkompetenz Wettbewerbsvorteil zugleich. > Gemeinsam Wir alle bestimmen die Qualität unserer Produkte und Dienstleistungen. Qualität ist somit eine unverzi bare Grundlage für den Erfolg von Continental. . The basis for the highest level of quality is a common understanding of quality which is determined in our quality policy “Our Global Quality Understanding” with five principles: › Customer Satisfaction We know that quality is crucial to our customers’ satisfaction and therefore to our business success. > Strukturiert Wir vereinbaren verbindliche Regeln für unsere Arbeit und Zusammenarbeit. but the program also aims to keep given commitments to our customers and their expectations. > Von Anfang an Wir machen Dinge von Anfang an richtig und setzen so gemeinsam neue Maßstäbe in puncto Qualität. Basis für ein Höchstmaß an Qualität bildet ein gemeinsames Qua verständnis.Powertrain Division 32 33 Unser globales Qualitätsverständni Our Global Quality Understanding Automobile manufacturers and car drivers worldwide expect our products to be of the highest quality. dass Qualität maßgeblich die Zufriedenheit unsere Kunden bestimmt und damit auch unseren unternehmerische Erfolg. And rightly so. after all. › Structured We agree on binding rules for our work and collaboration.

Whether management or expert career. Use the many possibilities and freedom to put your ideas into action. Germany Humans instinctively know how to use their senses. 4 articles read. www. Europe. Getting started: how to score at Continental Are you self-confident. Germany I’m working on the next generation – for the next generation. Germany . you can hit the ground running. Cars are taught how to use theirs – by us. economic. Yanfei Zhao Development Engineer Regensburg. Norbert Balbierer Systems Engineer Regensburg. for one another.com Mornings on the highway: 35 E-Mails answered. ecological. appreciation of your personal commitment.continental-people.Powertrain Division 34 Careers at Continental. flat hierarchical structures and flexible decision-making channels Our people make the difference! They work on innovative products and solutions with passion – and thus contribute to the sustained success of the company.com www. If the automotive future makes your heart beat faster. Our recipe for your professional success: a dynamic company. team-oriented and not short of empathy and persuasiveness? Then you have some of the fundamental soft skills that we expect from our present and future employees. early responsibility. then we’re the right choice for you.careers-continental. Asia. We help everyone who wants to get ahead to find the right career path for them. Worldwide. Germany Sybe Bosch Electrical Engineer Frankfurt. Our experts ensure that we maintain and expand our strong market position. With locations for production. you can find the ingredients for your own recipe of professional success: challenging projects. At Continental.facebook. and an inspiring international working environment in which the four corporate values – freedom to act. Successful. Dr.com/ContinentalCareers www. we offer excellent conditions for individual and professional development. Africa and Australia – we’re offering you a world of opportunities At Continental. we combine technological. passion to win – can be experienced on the job. North and South America. we value our employees because they play a key 35 role in the long-term business success of Continental. Destination safely reached. research & development in about 50 countries. With us. trust. Together. and personal aspects of performance. Marc Fischer Electrical Engineer Lindau.

An obligation to provide the respective characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of contract.0 www. We reserve the right to make changes in availability as well as technical changes without prior notice. which do not always apply as described in case of actual use or which may change as a result of further development of the products.36 Continental Automotive GmbH Powertrain Division Siemensstrasse 12 93055 Regensburg · Germany Phone + 49 941 790 .continental-automotive. Printed in Germany · 04/2015 · EN · 3. This information is not meant or intended to be a special guarantee for a particular quality or particular durability.0 k © Continental Automotive GmbH . This information is merely a technical description of the product.com Legal notice The information provided in this brochure contains only general descriptions or performance characteristics.