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Installation of 12.1.

1 in Windows XP (Vision Demo instance)
Guidance or Training for Oracle Apps, OBIEE 11g, .NET and Java
I have installed Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1 VISION demo instance on Windows XP Professional successfully. .
I have done a single node installation as follows:
Hardware & Software Specifications:
- Intel Core2, CPU 2.13 GHz
- 2.93 GB of RAM
- 300 GB Hard Drive
- Windows XP Professional with Sevice Pack 3
Installation Steps:
Install Windows XP Professional with SP3
Set 'Computer Name' as well as 'Domain Name'.

- Right click on 'My Computer' > Properties > 'Computer Name' > Change
- Set 'Computer Name' to
- Click on More
- Set a 'Primary DNS Suffix of this Computer' to

10) .10.10.Install Microsoft Loopback adapter and define an IP address (10.

pic .4 .


make sure you can do the following: C:\> ping 10.10.10 C:\> ping hostname C:\> ping Create a new user ‘visr12’ and make this user a member of: .10 hostname.10.Administrators (local user) .For more information on how to do From the command prompt.domainname.10. please refer to "How to install the Microsoft Loopback adapter in Windows XP": Add a new entry in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts as follows: 10.

Install Visual C++ 8. .Make sure not to install VC++ in a directory that contains spaces.0 (Which is included in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005) in 'C:\VCPlus' -.

and a download site. which will bring up the Choose Installation Type screen. In addition. it cannot be under the APPL_TOP. This directory cannot be under Program Files. and select the following packages under the indicated sub-categories* (click on to toggle): . Choose Option 2. Click on Next to go through the next few screens. Download the Cygwin Software Perform the following to download the Cygwin software: Navigate to http://www.exe to your machine. or any other directory with blank spaces in its name.exe and click Next. Create a Cygwin directory Create the directory where you plan to install Cygwin (called the Root Directory).com and click on "Install or Update Now!" to download setup. your Internet connection type. Download without Installing.cygwin.Install cygwin Software: Log in as the Admin User Log in as a local administrative user (the user who runs the Rapid Install. Run setup.). where you will be asked to choose the directory to store the packages (called the Local Package Directory). Click on Next again to get to the Select Packages screen.

plus manually select cygutils and file Update Compatibility with Shell Scripts . sed. make and mktemp Doc Default. gcc-core. diffutils. plus manually select the zip package Base Default. plus manually select ash and tcsh Utils Default. plus manually select the following extra packages: ash. plus manually select cygwin-doc and man Editors Default. findutils. plus manually select binutils. gcc-g++. plus manually select gawk Shells Default. grep. coreutils. gawk.All Default Archive Default. gcc. tar and which Devel Default. plus manually select vim Interpreters Default. from this link: download mirrors for make-3.exe Very Important Cygwin following packages only supported versions for Windows XP make According to Note: 414992.tar.bz2 ( grep 2.1-7 and from Cygwin are supported for use with Oracle E-Business Suite R12.80-1-src.exe C:\> copy make.bz2 Add Cygwin Bin Directory to Path Add the cygwin bin directory to the system (answer yes to copy over existing file) C:\> copy grep. 3.tar.80-1-src.bz2 2002-05-21 ftp://ftp.0-11.ncku.bz2 2002-05-20 ftp://ftp. bash C:\> copy gcc.snapshot/ 2003-05-19 ftp://ftp. 3.nnov.1-9.freebsd.Type these commands to maintain compatibility with existing shell scripts: C:\> copy 2003-05-19 ftp://ftp.tue.hp.2.bz2 2002-05-21 ftp://ftp.tar.1-7.79.redhat. 3.5.ncku. Other versions are currently not supported".holywar.80-1-src. 3.exe cc. When you will face errors using Relink Applications programs You can download make (Displayed as "make" at the cygwin site/setup) version MB): 2002-05-22 ftp://ftp.bz2 2002-05-20 ftp://ftp. "Make versions 3.exe 2002-05-20 2003-05-20 ftp://ftp.tar.80-1-src. For instance: .

C:\> set path = %path%. You should see the following structure under 'D:\Stage12.1.5.C:\cygwin\bin Note: When using Cygwin with Oracle E-Business Suite. JDK is bundled with Oracle Applications R12 installation. use the make utility installed with Cygwin.oraDB > (Disk 1 to Disk 5) Start the installation: D:\> cd Stage12.10 RapidWiz. The system path must contain only the gnumake.cmd The installation wizard is similar to 11.oraApps > (Disk 1 to Disk 11) .com).' once you are done with the files extraction: . Nothing special to do since the extracted files will create the stage area directory structure by itself.oraAS > (Disk 1 to Disk 3) . Set Up the Stage Area: Stage Area (D:\Stage12.exe in the Cygwin bin directory.1\startCD\Disk1\rapidwiz D:\Stage12.1\startCD\Disk1\rapidwiz> RapidWiz.startCD > Disk1 .1) requires 38 GB hard disk space. Extract the zip files (25 files) which have been downloaded from (http://edelivery. No JDK installation is > (Disk 1 to Disk 49) . For 'VC++' and 'Cygwin' I have provided the following paths: .


UNIX toolkit directory=C:\VCPlus\VC Visual Studio Directory=C:\cygwin\bin .


Log-On -> Allow service to Interact with desktop . but when tried to run a concurrent request there is no concurrent manager is active. login to Application without having any problem. I have changed the concurrent request services properties.Total space required to install almost 220 GB for Vision instance After successful installation. So...It took almost 4 hours to install the Vision instance .

1.cmd stop VIS Restarted the machine.0\VIS_visr12.cmd Then did the autoconfig for DB Tier ( start -> run -> cmd and press OK) soure the environment using c:\oracle\VIS\db\tech_st\11. concurrent managers are up and running.cmd stop Addblstl. source the environment using the following command (start -> run -> cmd and press OK) C:\oracle\VIS\inst\apps\apps_st\appl\APPSVIS_visr12.cmd cd %ORACLE_HOME\appsutils\scripts\VIS_visr12\ Adautocfg.cmd The change to Instance script directory using cd %ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME% Adautocfg.And decided to autoconfig both dbtier and application tier First. stop the application service Adstpall. Now everything back to normal. .cmd After successful completion stop both database and listener Addbctl.cmd After completed successfully.