Universitas Indonesia

Faculty of Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Lecturer: El Khobar M. Nazech
Assignment should be collected: Tuesday March 25, 2014

1. Make a list of things you do that are consistent with a sustainable society.
What area could use some improvement?
2. List and describe the factors that contribute directly to animal and plant
extinction. Which ones the most important?
3. Discuss the ‘ecological’ factors that contribute to species extinction.
4. Define the term deforestation and list the effect of deforestation. What are
the steps taken by the government of Indonesia to tackle the deforestation
5. Describe several ways to use forest more sustainably.
6. What is the relationship between oxygen cycle and carbon cycle?
7. Explain the human influence on nitrogen cycle and hydrological cycle.
8. Discuss the tragedy of the commons. Give some specific examples of
‘commons’ and how they are mistreated?
9. What are the factors leading to the increased resource consumption on earth
in recent years?
10. Explain the hierarchy of Municipal Solid Waste Management options.
11. Describe how we can reduce waste and pollution?

17. Which ones are practical? . What are the chronic health effects of air pollution? Which pollutants are thought to be the cause of these effects? 21. How can we avoid it? 23. Using your critical thinking skills. “Water could be the source of the world’s next big conflict” Please explain (consider movie: Quantum of Solace) 25. 24. What percentage of this waste consists of materials that should be reduced. In what ways can you personally reduce paper and wood waste and increase recycling? 14. Explain the possible impacts of ozone depletion on ecosystem. Make a complete list of your ideas for controlling air pollution in your city or town. Describe the greenhouse effect. and rank them according to their effectiveness and their feasibility. Identify the core causes of current water crisis in the word. What causes it? What are its effects? How can be done to lessen its impacts? 22. How to manage construction waste and demolition debris? 15. How is geothermal energy formed? How can it be tapped? Describe the benefits and risks of geothermal energy? 19. debate the statement “conservation is our best and cheapest energy resource” 18. For 1 (one) week. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.12. recycled and disposed? 13. Define nonrenewable and renewable mineral resources. keep a list of the solid waste you throw away. and give examples of each. How are they different? 20. What are the major arguments for and against wilderness preservation? 16. reused.

water resources. Illustrate your house lay-out. 31. 37.26. 28. c. . b. 30. What are the causes and effect of acid rain? How can we avoid it? 29. Describe the major characteristics of a more environmentally sustainable and livable eco-city or green city. would you make in this system? 34. What are the greatest strengths and weakness of the system of government in your country with respect to: a. explain your plan. What is the role of science and engineering in the protection of the environment? 35. protecting the environment and b. construction and operation of sustainable buildings. Discuss the various water conservation techniques that can be practiced by individuals. Give a brief explanation of the design. Explain the consequences of population growth on the following: a. Suppose you have a dream to build an ideal house for your own family. 36. How are going to manage your solid waste at your home? You also planned to harvest rain water. describe your design criteria of your house. Describe the benefit of green development and explain the process elements of green development. What are the major obstacles in the path sustainable development in Indonesia? 33. ensuring environmental justice for all? What the major changes? If any. You are going to reuse and recycle all of water. energy resources. Classify the rainwater harvesting. Explain the various popular definitions of the term of sustainable development and what is the concept of sustainable development? 32. 27. Find out the rainwater harvesting methods currently being adopted in your locally and try to propose suggestion for improvement. food resources.

We find ourselves in a retrospective period of human history. 39. on which we depend. Some argue that this is not a reason to conserve on gasoline usage now. For example. What new approaches are available for restoring the ‘bodily function’ of nature. 40. because by then other undiscovered petroleum reserves may be found or alternative fuels will be developed. known petroleum reserves may soon (in a few decades) run out. and prepare a paper summarizing your findings. Discus the pros and cons of this argument and give your views. it can be argued that people are adaptable and find way to cope with a changing world. and 2. However. The UNCED conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 was the last major international conference on sustainability. The concept of sustainability maintains that prevent should be designed to insure that future generations will have the ability to meet their own needs. where although not necessarily questioning all we have built and engineered to date. based on past experience. we are determining 1. both politically and ecologically. Whether to continue practices as usual (and whether we can afford to do so). Research what has been done since the Rio conference to implement its recommendations. File://elkhobar/sbe/midterm2014 . We are now in position to make a substantial contribution to the ‘greening’ of the planet through ecological and ecosystem restoration. Please explain your opinion regarding this condition. Petroleum-based fuels may be of little value in the future.38.