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Global Community Development

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AIESEC University of Indonesia | Student Center lt.1 Faculty Economics, Kampus Baru UI Depok 16424
Fax: +62 21 787 2256

Once you have read the form and are interested in applying. Depok). If you apply online. Kampus Baru UI Depok 16424 Fax: +62 21 787 2256 Website: www. please follow these steps below. Please attach to the application your CV in English 3. 2. Application form AIESEC University of Indonesia | Student Center . The interview selection will be held in AIESEC Universitas Indonesia office (Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Indonesia. This round of interview will determine whether you will be accepted to go on AIESEC Global Exchange Program or not. Complete all sections of this application form. Send the application kit to exchange.1 Faculty Economics. *All in PDF format in 1 ZIP folder naming GCDP_YOUR FULL NAME 4.aiesecui.Thank you for showing interest in AIESEC’s Global Exchange Program.

com Mobile Number +6287826084939 Webpage Passport No. my weakness is i’m a shy person..but personally i can be so crazy when i’m with my bestfriends.1 Faculty Economics. Kampus Baru UI Depok 16424 Fax: +62 21 787 2256 Website: www.mampang prapatan 16 no..aiesecui. i’ll try to convince my friends to go or buy something that i think its good and most of them are believe me..Part 1: Personal Information Last name Aljufri First Name(s) Nadia Gender female Nationality Indonesian Date of Birth (dd-mm-yy) 02-02-1994 Place of Birth Bogor Home Address Jl. 2015 Phone number Name What is your passion? What is your hobbies/interest? my passion is to travel the world and learn new things and my hobby is singing Please describe about your strengths and weaknesses! And how do you manage your weaknesses? My strength is to persuade and convince people to do something for example if i have to recommend some good places or to buy something. i don’t talk too much and people will think that i’m an arrogant person and quite i hope with aiesec i can be more open to people AIESEC University of Indonesia | Student Center lt. but actually it just because im too . Emergency contact: U683790 Passport Exp. Date March 11.34D City/ Postcode Jakarta/12790 Phone Number +62 21 79190126 Email nadialjufri@ymail.

org .Part 2: Personal Resume Languages The languages listed below (except native languages) must be tested and certified by a language professional (on student contract) according to AIESEC evaluation standards. Excellent. gain more skills in communication with foreigner. 2.try new experience and meet new people from the entire world Please list down 3 things you would like to achieve the most from Leadership Opportunities and International Internship/Exchange in AIESEC? List it separately! To work with international organization that allows me to cooperate with anyone from a different countries. Have not done any TOEFL/IELTS Language(s) Spoken 1. good 2. Good and Basic.                                                                         Duration (months)                         PART 3: General Questions What is your motivation applying for AIESEC Global Community Development Program? To help the world make some changes. Speaking Level good ______ Understanding Level good ______ Writing Level excellent ______ Reading Level good ______ Overall Level good ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ Organizational Experience Please enter any relevant work experience you have had: Organisation Title Responsibilities 1.aiesecui. Kampus Baru UI Depok 16424 Fax: +62 21 787 2256 Website: www. 1.and to learn new culture What is your ultimate life ambition? Please explain your long term goals and how AIESEC can contribute in achieving your goals! AIESEC University of Indonesia | Student Center lt. The levels are: Native.1 Faculty Economics. 3. 5. 4.

experiences and work with people from another countries. ticket. What do you think the biggest challenge the world currently face and how it is related to you? I think the biggest challenge is global warming because it ruin the earth and it obviously related to me as a human being to care about our environment and make it better Do you have financial problem to go for this exchange experience? (Accommodation will be provided but you have to pay the fee for .aiesecui. Kampus Baru UI Depok 16424 Fax: +62 21 787 2256 Website: www. no When is your avalability time to do the internship? AIESEC University of Indonesia | Student Center lt..1 Faculty Economics. What kind of Global Issue that you interested in? Please describe why! (It can be more than one) HIV/AIDS Environment Children Entrepreneurship Cultural Tourism Others : .My biggest ambition is to work abroad so i can gain more skills. administration. preparation. and joining aiesec will help me to achieve my ambition because i will get some link by meeting new people and get new friends from another countries.. and visa by yourself).

000 (Central Europe and Beyond) Part 4: Survey Questions From where did you hear AIESEC for the first time? Friends Social media Brochure/Flyer/Poster/Billboard Other.000 – Rp 18.000 (South Asia Countries) Rp 12.000 (Eastern Europe) > Rp 22.000 (ASEAN Countries) Rp – Rp 7.000.000. and preparation fee paid to AIESEC): Rp 5.000.1 Faculty Economics. Kampus Baru UI Depok 16424 Fax: +62 21 787 2256 Website: www. This budget roughly can cover for 6 weeks Exchange in these countries (exclude the selection.000. please provide us your preferable time.aiesecui.000 (East Asia Countries) Rp 18. AIESEC University of Indonesia | Student Center .000.000 – Rp 22.000. please specify: …… What word comes up in your mind first when you know or think about AIESEC? Interesting Cool Exclusive Global Just another student organization Part 5: Available Schedule Please tell us if you are available (_√_) or not available (_X_) to attend our activities at the following times: (_√__) Selection Days: 21 September 2011 – 2 October 2011 If you are not available at those dates. administration.000.000 – Rp 12.This is a brief estimation budget for going Exchange.

3.Applicant Declaration Please read carefully and indicate your agreement by signing the declaration. 1. integration and re-integration stages of the program. including learning activities in the preparation. I am prepared to participate in the required activities and various stages of the program. I have the ability to cover travel and other related costs to the location of the traineeship I am matched to. 5. 7. awareness and maturity to handle the challenges of a traineeship in a different country and culture. 2. 4. If selected. with all necessary attachments. I am willing to sit an interview selection. Signature: Print Name: _________Nadia Date: _______________ Aljufri_________ . I understand that my role as an AIESEC trainee from Indonesia is to act as an ambassador of Indonesia and a representative of Indonesian Culture. open-mindedness. 6. I have checked the application and it is to the best of my knowledge complete and factual. I have the adaptability. I have read the Terms and Conditions for applying an AIESEC internship.