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Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street, This is the main shopping thoroughfare, a
pedestrian street where most stores are open from 9AM-10PM. It has
absolutely everything; cheap clothes, good food and even a little
history. There is a display of the original road from the song dynasty
(960 – 1279 A.D).

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How to go there?


Metro: Line 1 or Line 2, Get off at Gongyuanqian Station, Exits C or D,
about 5 minutes walking.

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Beijing Lu

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Shangxiajiu Lu

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Shang Xia Jiu Pedestrian Street situated in the central area of Liwan
(or Xiguan) district, this area consists of Shangjiu Lu, Xiajiu Lu and
Dishipu Lu. The street is notable for its unique Lingnan architectural
style, Xiguan folk customs, commercial and cultural ambience.
Featuring the characteristics of European and Chinese styles.


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Metro: Line 1 ,Get off at Changshou Lu Station, Exits D1 or D2 ,about
10 minutes walking
Shangxiajiu Lu

Guangzhou Watch Market

Country: China

There are more than 3000 companies engage in wholesale business of
watches and watch fittings and accessories in Guangzhou watch
market. They are from all parts of China. Some of them are famous
manufacturers in China. You can source here multitudinous fittings at a
low cost. International Transportation companies, Import and Export
companies and developed ability of traffic. All these conditions supply
advantage for the developement of the market. In this market, there are
the most styles, the newest designs and the best price! It’s the optimal
watch and clock market in the world!
How to go there?
Metro: Line 2 or Line 5, Get off at Guangzhou Railway Station , Exit
F,about 5 minutes walking.

Guangzhou Jade Market
Hualin Jade market was local in the Xia-jiu road , is the largest market
for jade in Guangzhou. The market covers an area of 10,000 sqm and

City: Guangzhou
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Oct, 2014

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Oct, 2014

Guangzhou Watch Market


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and now this road adds other articles which are popular among children world. Yi De Lu and areas around are places for you to find lots of dolls. Exits A Guangzhou Jade Market Guangzhou Wedding Dress Street Wedding Dress Street is the north part of Jiang Nan Da Dao. Yi De Lu is a road with already a hundred years. This street is full of beautiful things in eyes. wholesale and lend all are available. Get off at Huangsha Station . It has over 2000 stall along 1-km-long Qingping Lu and Ti Yun Lu in the north of Shamian Island.the vast majority of Guangzhou’s jade traders can be found in the area.Get off at Haizhu Square Station .1 Liang FengYuan Road. How to go there? Metro: Line 2. Antique Street in Guangzhou is an antique lover’s paradise! The antique market is situated in the alleys off Daihe Lu.Exits D Yi De Lu Guangzhou Xiguan Antiques Market Recent Comments Guangzhou Xiguan Antiques Market is located at NO. retail. north of Zhua Jiang Bridge. toys.Exits A Taojin Lu travel tips Wholesale market Guangzhou Xiguan Antiques Market . Get off at Changshou lu Station. where the Xin-sheng Street. Geoff on 1 Day Guangzhou to Qingyuan Tour — Rafting Victor on New Guangzhou New Landmark – Canton Tower Geoffre KIng on New Guangzhou New Landmark – Canton Tower Victor on GuangZhou Watch Market Victor on Haizhu Square How to go there? Metro: Line 1. The Qing dynasty. leopard and and lived ones there. Floweriness weeding dresses including fashion. where there are many stalls selling jade and pearl. It caters for every shopping level. snakes. Shopping Mall Spa Special Dishes Street Tourist Attractions Traditional Supermarket Thai Food How to go there? Festival Transportation Metro: Line 2 . souvenirs and dried sea food. King’s Gate Street and the West to the beginning of land area has been.Get off at Shi er going Station.Exits D Qingping Market Shock Dessert Dim Sum District Entertainment food Germany Guangzhou Hong Kong and Macau Hotels Italian Food itinerary local products museum News Nightlife Park Popular Snack Restaurant Seafood shopping Yi De Lu Yi De Lu lies in the city central area. Yi De Lu is packed of whole sale stalls. Over 60. The market has a length of 500 meters near the street-style antique market existing businesses more than 100 units. classic and European styles greet into eyes. Exits D Guangzhou Wedding Dress Street Qingping Market Qingping Market in Guangzhou came into existence in 1979. Tag Architecture Bank Bar By Air By Bus By ship By Train cafe Canton fair Chimelong Consulates Culture Culture 4 starts hotel How to go there? Metro: Line 1. Get off at Changshou lu Station . gifts. How to go there? Metro: Line 1. 000 people shop there every day at the Qingping Market in Guangzhou. Just like a take-away zoo. Hualin Jade Street’s history dating back to the Qing Dynasty. shops and markets. the jade is Waring Street. It is the largest street market in Guangzhou. covering an area of about 8553 square meters . The dealing of wedding dress is flexible. It’s very informal and consists mostly of people peddling wares from their windows or the back of a truck. This market is the only approved relic artifacts antiques market operators in the nearby district and it’s one of the top ten antique markets in china. you may find both dried starfish. It is at present the biggest wedding dress dealing distributing center in Guangdong province. It is a traditional dried sea food road.

Exit D Guangzhou Wende Lu Guangzhou Fangcun Tea Market Guangzhou Fangcun Tea Market is located in the southwestern part of Guangzhou. ink stick. Get off at Taojin Station. and tea sets and utilities of various styles. and you will find an exhibition of all varieties of tea from the whole country (including Taiwan). How to go there? Metro: Line 1 . paintings and books. Exits B Taojin Lu Guangzhou Wende Lu Guangzhou Wende Road is to be built as Guangdong’s cultural center. known by locals and expats alike for a number of nice restaurants and shops. packaging materials. Guangdong embroidery and Canton Enamel through exhibitions. How to go there? Metro: Line 1. conferences. machinery for tea. Yuexiu District authorities have recently decided to transport this small road into Guangzhou’s “Wall Street” with large LED screens broadcasting live the fluctuations of the stock market. Taojin Lu is a famous street in Guangzhou. Dozens of bookstores. Required fields are marked * Name * Email * . Shops sold the “four treasures of study” (writing brush. ink slab and paper).Get off at Funcun Station Guangzhou Fangcun Tea Market Related Post Where to shop Shangxia Jiu Lu Guangzhou Beijing Lu Where is the best area to stay GuangZhou Watch Market Like 1 Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. forums and academic exchange. antique calligraphy. curio stores and stationers are still there – a magnet for educated people from all over the city.Located near Huanshi Donglu. How to go there? Metro: Line 5.Get off at Peasant Movement Station . promoting traditional Lingnan heritage including Yue opera.

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