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Clothing wholesale markets
Clothing wholesale markets

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There is a huge number of clothing and garment wholesale markets close toGuangzhourailway station. Fashion, casual wear, bags and accessories. Everything can
be found in the multiple markets around here. For children’s clothing and maternal items you can also go to Fu Li market and Kids’ world at Zhongshanba lu.
Bai ma garment wholesale market
Bai ma clothing wholesale market is close toGuangzhourailway station at Zhan Nan Lu (Lu = Road). This is the clothing wholesale centre ofGuangzhou, so it’s
definitely the place to visit for clothing. Bai ma is the most famous clothing wholesale market inGuangzhou.
In Baima market you will find all kinds of clothing, outdoor clothing, street fashion, high fashion, evening wear, casual wear, men’s and women’s clothing. Basically
– if you need clothes, you can find them here. There are 8 floors of wholesale shops here.
Product quality is usually quite good in this market, and therefore the price might be a bit higher than in other markets. Brands are mostly original Chinese brands
but you will find fake international brands here as well, and the quality is quite good.
Huan Shi Xi Road #194, Guangzhou 环市⻄西路194号
Take line 2 or line 5 toGuangzhou railway station, then go to exit G.
Fu Li kids world
Fuli Kids world is the main wholesale destination for those dealing in children’s clothes, children products and maternal goods. It is the biggest of its kind
inSouthern Chinawith an area of over 20 000 square meters.
You will find all children related products you are looking for in this market from many different brands and suppliers.
Zhong shan ba lu 中⼭山⼋八路富⼒力⼲⼴广场
Line 5 to Zhongshanba station. Exit A, turn left and walk about 200 metres. Then you’ll see the market on the corner across the street.

Hui Mei fashion clothing market
Hui Mei fashion wholesale market is the major market for young women’s fashionable clothing. Many designers here are fromJapanandKoreaor influenced by
design from those countries. The style of clothing here appeals very well to western customers, European, American and Australian.
On one side of the building there are logistics companies that can pick up your goods from the suppliers in the market and ship them wherever you want, at least
The location is quite convenient, close to the railway station and all the other major clothing wholesale markets.
Metro: Take line 1 or 5 to Guangzhou Railway station, exit F. Walk alongside traffic for about 150 meters, and you’re there. The building is orange on the side.

Since Liu hua clothing wholesale market is near the railway Address:Zhan Xi Rd1-4# Zhongshanba children’s garment market Zhongshanba children’s garment market is a large wholesale market mainly for children’s clothing. this is the first market to go to. opposed to some other markets.Jin Xiang underwear wholesale market Products: Underwear. Zhuo Mei clothing wholesale building. It is located at the Guangzhou Railway station. and the target group is younger. just get out somehow. it is a very convenient place to visit for all garment traders. While you are here. as well as some shoes. Zhan Xi Lu Garment wholesale market GuangzhouZhan Xi Garment Wholesale Market(Guangzhou Zhan Xi Clothing Wholesale Market) is near to the Guangzhou Railway Station and the provincial bus station. It covers about 10 000 square meters and has over 300 shops selling children’s and and infants’ clothing. You will find the entrances (see sample picture) basically anywhere in this wholesale area. From there. All of them are inZhan Xi Rdarea. Jin Xiang socks & underwear wholesale market is located inZhan Qian Roadnear Guangzhou Railway station.Korea.ex. There are a lot of fake famous brands clothes. It connects the Chinese export commodities fair. hats and other related items. and Jin Du clothing building. socks Jin Xiang underwear wholesale market isChina’s largest underwear and socks wholesale market.It is the clothing distribution center inGuangzhouandSouth China. It plays a important role in the China’s clothing wholesale market. The First Tunnel market usually has quite good (on western standard) design and reasonable prices. . bag. Many of the shops in this market really have their own factory.Eastern Europecustomers. you should also visit Fu Li plaza which is quite close. Guangzhou 环市⻄西路194号 The First Tunnel clothes market The First Tunnel of Guangzhou is an underground wholesale market for clothes. and has over 30 entrances spread over the area. well-known manufacturers. Take line 5 or line 2 to Guangzhou Railway station. There is for example one entrance straight outside Bai Ma market. no matter come for wholesale or shopping small amount all can get their crazy exciting experience at here. next to the bus terminal. The design seems to be more popular among westerners than f. most of the shops are direct factory with production and world brand clothing technology and the ability to attract from worldwide.Zhan Xi clothing wholesale market have many high-performance . Bai Ma market. Address: Huan Shi Xi Road #194. the Kan Le Fashion world.Japan. like North America. Zhan Xi Lu clothing wholesale market is componented by Zhan Xi clothing wholesale building. Address: Zhan Qian (Lu) Road 193# Guangzhou 站前路193号⾦金祥⼤大厦 Liuhua clothing wholesale market Liuhua clothing wholesale market is located oppositeGuangzhourailway station. Tips: Zhan Xi Lu is very famous as the Fake Products Heaven inGuangzhou. and you will definitely stumble upon one of the 30+ entrances. There you can also find some children’s clothing. adjacent to the Chinese Export Commodities Fair. the Bai Ma clothing building and some other garment wholesale phone…… foreigners. If you are buying children’s clothes.

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