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Enrolment / Admission Policy
The Board of Management of Scoil Chill Ruadháin Brooklodge Glanmire, Co Cork is setting out its policy
on Enrolment / Admission to the school in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act 1998.
The Board of Management trusts that by so doing parents will be assisted in relation to enrolment
matters and that further more the Chairperson of the Board, Ms Patricia O’Mahony, “White Oats”,
Killeena, Knockraha, Co Cork and the Principal Eoghan O’Conchúir of Scoil Chill Ruadháin Brooklodge
(Tel. 021-4866044, e-mail ) will be happy to clarify any further matters arising
from the policy.
Name of School:

Scoil Chill Ruadháin Brooklodge
Co Cork
021 – 4866044
Infant Day
9a.m. – 1.40p.m.
Full Day
9a.m. – 2.40p.m.

This is a Roman Catholic school with Dr John Buckley Bishop of Cork and Ross as the patron. The ethos
of the school is that ‘Scoil Chill Ruadháin Brooklodge is a partnership of pupils, parents, teachers,
management and parish working together. It endeavours to help each child to develop their talents
and to foster in them the love of God and of every human being by providing a well-balanced education
based on the teaching of the Catholic Church.’
This is a sixteen-teacher school with a Principal, Learning Support Teachers and Resource Teachers for
children with special needs and an Autism Spectrum Disorder Unit (Seoidín). It is a mixed school with a
full range of classes.
The school depends on the grants and teacher resources provided by the Department of Education &
Science and it operates within the Regulations laid down from time to time by the Department of
Education & Science. All school policies have regard to the resources and funding available principally
from the Department of Education & Science as well as the voluntary financial contribution of parents.
The school follows the curricular programmes prescribed by the Department of Education & Science
which may be amended from time to time in accordance with Sections 9 and 30 of the Education Act
1998. Within the context and parameters of the Department of Education & Science’s regulations and
programmes the rights of the Patron as set out in the Education Act as well as the funding and
resources available the school supports the principles of:
a) inclusiveness, particularly with reference to the enrolment of children with
a disability or other special educational needs
b) equality of access and participation in the school
c) parental choice in relation to enrolment
d) respect for the diversity of values, beliefs, traditions, languages and ways of life in society
Application Procedures

Parents who wish to enrol pupils in Junior Infants will be required to fill in a standard application
form before a set date in the second term. This date is to be set each year by the Principal.
Information Required: The Board requires the following information on the enrolment form:
a) Pupils name, date of birth, address
b) Names and address of Pupils parents/guardians
c) PPS Number
d) Contact telephone numbers
e) Contact telephone numbers in case of emergency
f) Details of any medical conditions, which the school should be aware of.
g) Religion
h) Previous school attended, if any and reasons for transfer if applicable


Any other relevant information

Decision Making on Applications for Enrolment
All decisions in relation to applications for enrolment are made by the Board of Management of the
school in accordance with school policy.
Children, as a general principle and in so far as practicable having regard to the school’s enrolment
policy, will be enrolled on application provided that there is space available. While recognising the right
of parents to enrol their children in the school of their choice the Board of Management is also
responsible to respect the rights of the existing school community and in particular the children already
enrolled. This requires balanced judgements, which are guided by the principle of natural justice and
also acting in the best interest of all children. Assisting the school in such circumstances the Board of
Management reserves the right to determine the maximum number of children in each separate
classroom bearing in mind:
a) size of available space in classrooms
b) educational needs of children of a particular age
c) presence of children in classes with special educational / behavioural needs
d) Department of Education & Science maximum class average directives
e) The Board of Management is bound by the Department of Education & Science’s Rules for
National Schools which provide that pupils may only be enrolled from the age of 4 years
upwards though compulsory attendance does not apply until the age of six years.
In the event of the number of children seeking enrolment in any given class exceeding the number of
places available the following criteria will be used to prioritise children for enrolment:
a) Brothers & sisters (including step-siblings resident at the same address) of
children already enrolled
b) Children of Past-Pupils
c) Children of staff members
d) Children from the catchment area of the school i.e. the Greater Glanmire Area
e) Ages of children
In the event of being unable to enrol a child(ren) from a, b, c, d, e in a given class at the beginning of a
school year or mid year such children will receive proxity (in order a, b, c, d, e) over other children on
the class waiting list.
*A separate set of criteria applies to children seeking enrolment in Seoidín (our ASD Class) – (Ref.
Seoidín Policy)
Enrolment of Children with Special-Needs
In relation to applications for the enrolment of children with Special Needs the Board of Management
will request a copy of the child’s medical and/or psychological report or where such a report is not
available, or may request that the child be assessed immediately. The purpose of the assessment
report is to assist the school in establishing the needs of the child relevant to his/her disability or
special needs and to profile the support service required.
Following the receipt of the report the Board will assess how the school could meet the needs specified
in the report. Where the Board deems that further resources are required it should, prior to enrolment,
request the Department of Education & Science to provide the resources required to meet the needs of
the child as outlined in the psychological and/or medical report(s). These resources may include for
example, access to or the provision of any or a combination of the following: visiting teacher service,
resource teacher for special needs, special needs assistant, specialised equipment or furniture.
The school will meet with the parents to discuss the child’s needs and the school’s suitability or
capability in meeting those needs. If necessary a full case conference involving all parties may be held
which may include parents, principal, class teacher, learning support teacher, resource teacher for
special needs, the N.E.P.S. psychologist and the Department of Education & Science District Inspector.
The Board may decide to defer enrolment of a particular child pending:
the receipt of an assessment report; and/or
the provision of appropriate resources by the Department of Education & Science to meet the
needs specified in the psychological and/or medical report.

Pupils’ Transferring
Pupils wishing to transfer from another school may transfer to the school at any time subject to the
Rules governing National Schools as well as the school’s own enrolment policy.
Code of Behaviour
Children enrolled in our school are required to co-operate with and support the school Board of
Management’s Code of Behaviour as well as all other policies on curriculum, organisation and
management. The Board of Management places
Parents / Guardians responsible for ensuring that their children co-operate in an age appropriate way
with the policies of the school.