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VOCABULARY I countries

GRAMMAR I present simple: I/you /we /they;
present simple questions


VOCABULARY I verb phrases

WRITING I capitalletters

READING I travel forum
WRITING I and, because

GRAMMAR I be: he/she /it

GRAMMAR I present simple: he /she/it

LlSTENING I introductions

VOCABULARY I days of the week; time phrases
LlSTENING I Twin Taxi Company

FUNCTION I giving personal information
VOCABULARY I the alphabet; adjectives and places

FUNCTION I telling the time

LEARN TO I check spelling

VOCABULARY I events; adjectives
LEARN TO I check times
Review and Check 2


GRAMMAR I be: we/you/they
GRAMMAR I present simple questions:



READING I photo captions

VOCABULARY I daily routines

WRITING I contractions

READING I 10 things that drive me crazy
GRAMMAR I possessive adjectives
VOCABULARY I numbers I 1-100

GRAMMAR I adverbs of frequency

LlSTENING I families with the same job

LlSTENING I What do you eat?

FUNCTION I making suggestions
FUNCTION I asking for information

LEARN TO I respond to suggestions

VOCABULARY I hotel services
LEARN TO I show interest
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GRAMMAR I this/that/these/those

GRAMMAR I there is/are



READING I inventions

READING I wonderful train stations

GRAMMAR I possessive 's

WRITING I starting and finishing an email

VOCABULARY I clothes and colours

GRAMMAR I ajan, sorne, a lot 0(, not any

LlSTENING I conversations about clothes

VOCABULARY I transport

WRITING Ilinkers: and, but

LlSTENING I identifying where three conversations
take place

FUNCTION I ordering at a café
VOCABULARY I food and drink; objects

FUNCTION I buying a ticket

LEARN TO I say prices

VOCABULARY I travel and tickets; transport
LEARN TO I check numbers
Review and Check 3


GRAMMAR I past simple: was/were

VOCABULARY I activities

READING I a hundred years of change

LlSTENING I activity gifts

WRITING I punctuation review

GRAMMAR I object pronouns

GRAMMAR I past simple: regular verbs



READING I gifts for women

LlSTENING I amazing animals quiz

WRITING I captions

FUNCTION I giving opinions

FUNCTION I making requests

VOCABULARY I adjectives

VOCABULARY I shopping departments

LEARN TO I show feelings

LEARN TO I use hesitation phrases

GRAMMAR I past simple: irregular verbs

GRAMMAR I can/can't

VOCABULARY I prepositions of place (1)

VOCABULARY I verb phrases

LlSTENING I best friends

LlSTENING I new jobs

GRAMMAR I past simple: questions

GRAMMAR I be going to

VOCABULARY I holiday activities

VOCABULARY Ilife changes

READING I holiday forum

READING I reach your goals

WRITING Iso and beca use

WRITING I checking your work

FUNCTION I giving directions
VOCABULARY I prepositions of place (2)

FUNCTION I starting and finishing

LEARN TO I use examples

VOCABULARY I saying goodbye
LEARN TO I respond naturally

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Review and Check 5




. u) to complete the useful phrases. NUMBERS 1-10 2A A: We don't use verbs that way in our language . Then listen and repeat.2 . 2 Sorry. 4 English? / autobus / in / What's 5 it. / know. rn . 5 1 1 4 A: I'm Marek. / repeat B What's the word stress? Complete the table with the words from Exercise lA. B: _________________________ 3 H_II_ 4 G _ _ d _ v_n _ ng 5 G __ d _ft_rn _ _ n 4 2 5 3 6 6 H_ 11 . I G . o. d m.1 Listen and check. Write the numbers in the puzzle.. You write: 3 I 6 A: U-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d. B Complete the conversations with the sentences from Exercise 3A. Understand . i. r-- 2 A: ______________________________ I R E 12 Z B: It's bus..Q. C ® L. B: / don't understand.2 Listen and write the next number. O 3 A: ______________________________ 4 3 B: Seven. / say / you / Can / please? 6 don't / I / Sorry. 7 - 8 5 A: What's casa in English? B: _______________________________ 9 1 1 Across Down 2) O 1) 4 3) 3 3) 2 5) 6 4) 8 6) I 5) 7 8) 10 7) 9 9) 5 B ~3. 6 1-- - B: _____________________________ 1-- - A: Marek. 4 Add vowels (a.LEAD-IN INTERNATIONAL ENGLlSH CLASSROOM LANGUAGE 1A 3A Circle the six words.3 Listen and check.----_ _ A: OK. / page? / which 3 you / Can / please? / that. .Q.l. Put the words in order to make sentences. e.Q. ng 2 G _ _ d n_ght ® L. / don 't / I / don 't understand. I understand . C ® L. You hear: /..

Q.¿ ch!-'e"-'r?_ _ _ _ _ _ __ L.1 HELLO GRAMMAR be: //you .!.!. 4000 5 0 000 6 00 00 4 A: I I in I Sydney.1. (?) . Canada! C ® 1.!. (-) --'I-'-'-'m-'--n'-"o""t. 2 00 England 30 0 3 A: Hi. (?) 2 (add a or u) R_ssi_ __ str_li_ S __ di _r_bi_ 6 You're from Canada. VOCABULARY countries Write the negative sentences (-) or questions (?). (?) 7 You're a student. I I John Smith. 3A Add the vowels to make eountries. nd 3 I'm Sue"--. Niee I meet yOU. ngl. where are you? B: I I on the bus.p_n P _ I_nd S _ uth _ frie _ Complete the conversations I A: Hi......A!.:re~yo""u'--'o"-t""e""o. (-) 8 I'm late. B: I I John Smith.!. Ir _I_nd Arg_ntin_ H 4 You're in the Hilton Hotel. 4 (add a or i) Ch _ n_ Br _z _1 Sp __ n _ t_ly B What's the word stress? Complete the table with the countries in Exercise'-"o'-'-m'-'S""p""o. I you l. Australia? 7 000 000 B: No. Then listen again and repeat. You I in I Sydney. lO 2 A: you I from England? B: No. . (-) 5 I'm in room 2.. I where I you? Hi.. too..1 Listen and check. I I'm from Spain. I I notoI I from Scotland. (?) 2 3 (addaor o) J._ _ __ _ _ __ (add a or e) 2 You 're a teaeher.

io. B Write the name(s) of the speakers.C""lo"-. And you? I'm in a pizza restaurant.--. I am . Bad pizza. But you're in South Africa .com deni83 claudio327 Good morning! Good evening! Good evening? Are you in Europe? No. Good morning and good evening! Are you in an internet café? Yes. I'm in Perth. I'm a tourist in Australia. 3 'Good coffee. Where are you from? I'm from Venezuela.u""d. 'Good evening. W I'm wei Ling and i'm from beijing in China. © © 11 . and i'm a student of english .. No pizza._ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ 3 I'm maria from Rome. But I'm in Mexico now. Helio! Helio! Helio! Where are you? I'm in Johannesburg. I'm in a pizza restaurant! Good pizza? No. Are you from Australia? No. I'm in Australia. .' 6 'Helio!' and complete the information. Who? Where now? claudio327 deni83 I Mexico Where from? 2 vera99 3 5 4 6 2 I'm eva.' 4 'Are you in Europe?' 5 'Bad pizza.. I'm Abdul from Saudi arabia. 5 Correct ten mistakes with capitalletters in sentences 1-3. I'm not. Good coffee. Are you in Sydney? No. South Africa.' --. so good afternoon! Yeah. I'm a Teacher from Germany. 2 'Good afternoon!' 4 Good Morning.. from Portugal.READING WRITING capital letters 4A Read openchat. I'm from Italy. And you? Good coffee. Me too. Are you from South Africa? No. .

1) the correct alternative. LlSTENING ® 3A 1. I a) classroom b) business conference 2 a) hotel b) hospital B Listen again and complete the information. here's a doctor / nurse. s I<Q O C T O iD B F P O I C B U E O M U Q s L N H O v J D N S Z F D G T A X I D R I V E R E E B B O J M N W W U R A H T I U D E A W D I C Q y D E T S I K A O H Q u M R L S T X S H E A C T O R M E P V X R G R R E K A R Y C Z R J E N G I E E R N B Write the jobs in the correct place under the pictures. 6 Are you from Russia / Po/and.3 Listen to the conversations. Where is each conversation? Tick (. 5 Look. are you Spanish / English? 4 It's my first time / day here. 3 And you. I'm Ed. 5 I'm hotel waiter. too? 11 . 3 Are you actor? 4 I'm engineer from Madrid . I Am I in the lapanese / English class? 2 No prob/em / thank you. Then listen and repeat. Find eightjobs in the puzzle.2A VOCABULARY jobs 1A Complete the sentences with a or ano an I'm/ American student. 6 Are you singer? B ® 1.2 Listen and check. Job Ed Country student Cathy Misaki Anna Lynn Baker Jan e Listen again and underline the correct alternative. 2 You're New York taxi driver.

A: Good morning. I 3 _ _ in the USA. It's an Olympus. He' he / Where / is / China? / in Conversation 2 Where is he in China? A: Hi. Conversation 3 t. l'l_m_ _ Sylvia White. SA Complete the conversations with the verb be. You' 2_ _ _ in Room 9.4 Listen and check. Nice camera l 5_ _ _ in Room 8. 3_ _ _ B: Yes. . A: Hi. A: B Put the words in the correct order to make questions. B: Thanks. Conversation I from lima.. he Mr Martin here? 4_ __ . l' B 10_ _ _ here on business. it 7_ _ _ . Marcus. Marcus. from Australia. C Look at the photos and tick the correct answers to questions 1-4 aboye. b) The Great Wall a) in Peru b) in Colombia a) Paris 9_ _ _ you here on holiday? a) The Summer Palace 3 a) Los Angeles A: Hi. yeso Mrs White. 4 ___ in France. He 's 2 She's in China.. b) Washington b) Las Vegas C: No. Helena! France? / she / is / Where / in B: Oh helio. Jackie.GRAMMAR be: he/she/it 4A Look at the pictures and complete the information. B: Ah. Nice to meet you. Pat. t. 2 is / lima? / Where A: 3 it / Los Angeles / Is / in / Washington? / or 6_ _ _ it a Panasonic? B: No. ® 1. this 8_ _ _ Jackie.

6 Listen and complete the na mes. A: Thank you. 6 s __ A: Oh! 7 c_ ty 6_______________________________ sir? B: 0782 I 129 1827. I lod -"o""'ld'----_______________________ FUNCTION giving personal information 3 Write the questions in the conversation. I b ~ lL ch B: Jack. eves e I y First Name Family name Alexandra Baecher Mancini 2 3 e [TI YOhana999@gomaloCom l 2 ® Then listen and repeat. One last question. A: I What'syour surname B: It's Thompson. e. com Louise Watson 4 5 Meilin VOCABULARY Kean 6 adjectives and places SA Write the adjectives in the correct order.5 Listen and check. A: Thank you very much o 8 m __ nt __ n . u) to make [TI gorgelopez@toggle. A: 5___________________________________ 4 r_v_r Mr Thompson? 3 b __ ld_ng 5 c __ ntrys _ d _ B: I'm a police officer. sir. 7 ----------------------------------- B: jthompson823@hotmail. o. 3___________________________ 2 gib 3 clod 4 tho 5 lamsl 6 ewn 7 lufitubea B Add the vowels (a. A: 2___________________________________ B: T-h-o-m-p-s-o-n .VOCABULARY lA the alphabet Underline the letter with a different sound. sir. F K LEARN TO o heicJeho251@itmail.c. A: And 4________________________________ 2 v_lI_g_ B: I'm Irish. 1 check spelling addresses.7 Listen to the information and correct the email 4 b d 373@yippee. ® 1. A: Thank you. S 2 A 3 G N B E B T 4 H U w 5 V e y Q p 6 X Z L D B ® 1.

In the grey boxes fmd the answer to the question: What's in the photo? Id 2 1 b 1 a u g h f a r e p 6 5 s n - i W u c 5 A: Jack and Diane I English? B: No. 7 You and Toni are brother and sister and _ _ _ _ 're both chefs! 8 My family is big and _ _ _ _ 're very close . I they l . 8 9 4 A: you I pilot? B: No. 6 His two brothers are in my class and _ _ _ _ 're good students. an: eg: an and Meg: fath er husband on: <acy: and Katy: 111 . you or they. We're teachers. 2 A: they I from France? 1 A Write the family words.GRAMMAR be: we/you/they VOCABULARY family 2A Complete the sentences with we. They I from Paris. I I l . Write the fa mily words. s o t S t h 6 A: your car I new? h B: No. 5 Chen and I are waiters in a restaurant and 're good friends. It I old. B Write the conversations. I it l . - y 1O 3 A: you and Charlie I brothers? t ---'--- 1 r B: No. I I actor. 3 Yvette and I are friends and 're both twenty- one today. we aren 't. I we l. We I friends. Magda and Wislaw are Polish but the y now. I we l. 4 My friends are very nice but 're al! on holiday. We I teachers. 're in England 2 You and Sven are married but _ _ _ _ aren't happy. --y B Look at the photo and the crossword. They I Irish. too. No. A: you I students? Are you students? B: No. 4 1 e r 3 '7 h t B: Yes. I they l.

Is the sea cold?' _ _ __ B: 'No. It's nice. and a goodfriend. it isn't. He's 12 years olel._ e) d . on the beach. Lisa. They are at the cinema. lt 's a good placefor a holiday . 6 7 8 D D e) f) D D D . We are in the same class. Mum. My grandfather's 86 in this photo. • 2 This is my grandfather. Hi. We 're in my flat in Newcastle. e Write the na mes. We're on holiday in Spain. 1 This is my motll er andfat/7e1. .• D Oh hi. This is our son. It's my camera! ' _ _ __ Mum =mother Dad = father Granddad =grandfather WRITING contractions 4A a) Read the messages and number them in order. Where is Lisa? He is a student. (Rick!)~ Hi.' _ _ __ 3 ' Hey. BRead the texts again and write the na mes on the pictures..' Granddad 2 A: 'It's a beautiful beach! What do you think?' _ _ __ B: '1 love it. Her phone is here. and my sister's her camera! Jenny's a good sister. (Miranda) B Rewrite the messages in the correct order with contractions. It's Paul. Where are Cindy and Ricky?' _ _ __ 4: 'Happy Birrhday. Pizza? D • g) h) She is with Kenji.' _ _ __ 6 'l'm not in the photo. Tom. . It is Paul. Lisa is not here. . isn't in the photo .it's very beautiful. Cindy. I Hi. Pizza? 2 3 4 111 3 5 This is me and my husbanel James. My other sister. Granddad! ' _ _ _ _ S A: 'l'm hot Dad. And me of COlme. Mum. . Who says: 'It's a nice cake. my grandmother. a friendo ":". I am Sarah. lt 's his birthday. Paul. Lisa. .3A READING Read the texts and match them with the pictures. Miranda! Thank you . b) . Sarah. Cindy is nice bul she:5 never at home. We're al home in the garden. my brother Dan and me.

ls it a problem?' [ÑUMBERS] o States in the United States of America -". T Oday's programme is about people in families with the same joboWe ask singers. Use your dictionary to help. 'Your parents and family have the same job. actors. 11 People in a football team IJ Countries in South America b) It is / isn't a probl em.-50.•) fhe family ~ ~ 76 10 twenty-six B Complete the quiz with numbers from Exercise lA. C Listen again and complete the tables.--_ El Letters in the alphabet ® B 2. a) His family are actors / singers. 62 sixty--two II thi rteen 2 3 12 eleven 6 7 45 fifty 4 5 100 th irty-one 8 9 AII in ((t . ' 2 a) Her famil y are musicians / sportspeople b) It is / isn 't a problem..VOCABULARY numbers 11-100 LlSTENING 1A 2A Read the information about a radio programme. March and May Person Job Ben actor His father fJ ___ million people in the UK mLetters in internationa/ His mother His sister Jack Dave • The age of Albert Einstein (1879-1955) _ __ 1m Cents in one euro 2 Person Job Celeste Her mother Her father Her sister 111 .1 Listen to part of the radio programme and underline the correct alternative. Whatjobs are in the information? Write the numbers. g Days in January. musicians and sportspeople.

Then listen and repeat. Their / They're on holiday in Spain and their / they 're hotel is on the beach. and our / we're very good students 4 The isl and? Its / It 's small and its / it's beach is beautiful.2 Listen and circle the word you hear.5 GRAMMAR possessive adjectives 3 Complete sentences 1-6 with the words from the box.ou". You do not need to use two words. I § / his 2 she / her 3 she / he 4 He's / His 5 he's / his 3 It isn't _ _ _ _ dogo 6 our / their 7 our / their B Listen again and write the sentences. 3 Our / We're teacher is great. 9 Its / It's my book. I your ~ his our my her its their Underline the correct alternative.. and its / it's a good book. I What's her job? 2 3 4 4 A: Wow! Who is _ _ _ _ hairdresser? 5 6 7 5 6 Are you 11 taxi is here. 8 My / I flat is small but my / f'm alone. I Is it -"y"". 6 Her / She father is American and her / she mother's Canadian . mother? .-r_ _ phone? 5 My / I'm a taxi driver and my / I'm car is a Mercedes. 4A 2 That's _ _ _ _ bus! ® 2. 7 Our / We're hotel is nice but our / we're in the city on business. 2 I / My job is in the city but I / my house is in the countryside.

I'm tired. I b) 2 B: Why not? What's the spr _ _ _ __ 3 A: 61 4 tired! B: Oh. respond to suggestions B ® 2. 3L_ _ _ _ _ work. LEARN TO: ® 3A 2. 7t _ _ _ __ A: Let's 8st _ _ _ __ B: Good 9i _ _ _ __ B <B 2. Yes. Which person is interested? Write conversation a} or bY.5 Listen again and repeat. ' 2. .4 Listen to the conversations. A: Let's I h ave B: No. A: No.3 Listen and check.. let's 2 n a break. let 's not 4w_ _ __ _ now. stop. Then listen and repeat.3 VOCABULARY 1 feelings Look at the pictures and complete the crossword. Across: Down: FUNCTION 2A making suggestions Complete the conversation.

7 fifteen and seventeen . 2A Complete the text with the correct form of be in the positive (+) or negative (-).. she 5 a doctor). and she and her husband Pehuen 6 pilots. a place (p). but Svetlana 4 (not) Russian.I REVIEW AND CHECK 1: UNITS 1-2 VOCABULARY review GRAMMAR be 1A Add the vowels to the words in each group. A family of pilots (add o or e) br2. It' s an old house and very beautiful. brother F e What's the word stress? Find nine words with the pattern Oo.1 Listen and repeat. is in Korea. 7 your parents / in Brazil? 8 their summer house / in the city? e 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Answer questions 1-8 aboye. My brother Fabio is a pilot with Aeroflot. s_ v _ nty-__ ght 3 (add a. Their children. 'My family 2 all over the world. they're in Greece. I'm from Brazil. o o r u) m __ nt_ in from the city of Brasilia but they 9_ _ __ My parents 8 (not) in Brazil now. too. ao brother o ® RC1. she' s Polish (and she isn't a pilot. Their summer house 10 in a village in the countryside in Greece. i or 'u) th _ rsty B Write the questions for Rafael. th~ r tw_nty-_n _ R afae'lllanes 1 is from Brazil.retired pilots!' f _rty-f __ r h_sb_nd 4 (add e. Emilia. Luis and Antonia. My parents are seventy-three years old and they' re retired . a family word (F). He and his wife Svetlana 3 in Moscow. busin_ ssw_ man c _ untrysid_ b_r_d 2 (add e or i) t_r_d ch_ldr_ n My sister. a number (N) and an adjective (A). He' s a pilot from a family of pilots. I Where / yo u / from? b __ ld_ng 2 What / your / job? tax_ dr _v_r 3 your / brother married? th_rty-f _v_ 4 Where / his / wife / from? da_ght_ r 5 Where / Emilia and Pehuen? 6 How old / their children? B In each group f1nd: a job (J). Where are you from? . Russia.

o k at the information and write questions 1-3. Let's go to the restaurant. New Zealand Zurich. Conversation I SA A: Excuse me. 1_ _ _ _ thirsty. ve~_ a drink. A: Is it a big company? B: No. Le'" _ __ _ to the café. they are. B Match the airport codes with the cities / countries in the box. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. e Listen again and correct the inf()rmation. ade\2.2 Listen and write the airport codeso 4A [~e)~~idea!~=======:::~ f ) Yeah. B: 3They / Their aren't girls! 4They're / Their a boy and a girl.4 Listen and check. s His / He's name's Mark and 6she / her 's Jane.REVIEW ANO CHECK 1: UNITS 1-2 ~--------------------~------~-------- GRAMMAR 3 FUNCTION possessive adjectives making suggestions. A: Oh . a) Yeah.onta 415 . me too. 12its / it's very small. Hey. A: Oh . e ® RC1. China Copenhagen. 7they're / their beautiful children! Conversation 2 ~b) O". Canada Seoul . Switzerland Beijing. let's go to the café. 2 =========::~ THE TOP 12 AIRPORTS IN THE WORlD 1 AMS 5 9 2 6 10 3 7 11 4 8 [:::'=)=L=et=_= _=_ =_ == _= _ =_== gO== t o==th=e=c=a= fé=. B: That's OK._th_e_c_a_f"e_ _ __ _ ~~ B Number the sentences in order to complete the conversation. are they I you're / 1Q!d[ children? I ha"te B: Yes. Germany Kuala Lumpur..3 Listen and check. H o ng Kong Ottawa. is 9your / our company in Frankfurt? B: IOMy / Its company 's in London. 6A Lo. A: Well . United Arab Emirates C ® RC1.1(. I'm in Frankfurt on business. no! Five _ _ _ _ in the ai rport! I B: No. sorry.31@smai\.Gom Whot's your nome? 2 3 B ® RC1. O". the Netherlands AMS Dubai. [_h_)_T_h_e~_-_-_-_-_-_-_?_N_O_. J A: Are 8you / your a tourist? c) Oh . 'Compu-market' . re staurant go Good hours 'm 's not A: 2They're / Their beautiful girls. 11 . VOCABULARY the alphabet ® RC1. I IMy / Its name is d) No.5 Listen and check.12. giving personal information Underline the correct alternative. Denmark Amsterdam.-h=o-. 12 e Ad~\ c. Korea Munich.-. Malaysia Singapore Auckland. Let 's -. fi ve hours.

c) have a drink 16 Jess a) isn 't English. a) 're 13 a) singer a) They're c) a singer b) Their c) There 14 A: Are they your cats? stop. b) 'm name? b) it 7 He's from a) the USA b) USA c) American 8 A: Am 1right? B: Yes. a) is b) she not b) she c) she isn 't c) aren't 6 What's a) it's c) be engineers. c) Her 15 A: I'm hungry. _ _ __ 11 A: What's your nationality? B: I'm a) a singer a) we're b) Italy b) we are c) Brazilian c) we aren't 12 1 2 Henry's Seott. 1 A: Are you from Paris? B: Yes.TEST 1: UNITS 1-2 TEST Circle the correct option to complete the sentences. Let's b) father a) eat c) husband b) read 5 A: Is she an actress? B: No. 10 a) Let b) Let we c) Let's c) its 17 Is Lynn your a) parents b) children c) daughter 18 What family name? a) 's your b) 's c) your 19 A: How old are you? B: I'm _ _ __ a) thirteen-seven b) thirty-seven c) thirty and seven 20 A: Where are you from? B: I'm from _ _ __ a) Russian b) Russia c) Rusha /20 . Mark is my a) brother B: Me too. b) a taxi 3 A: I'm tired. a) let not B: Yeso b) let's not a) Our c) let not's b) Their 4 A: Are you married? names are Ralph and Wally. B: Yes. a) you're b) your c) you are 9 He's a good a) wait b) waiter c) wayter sit down . B: Oh.

And how about the wheelchair? The wheelcha ir is a Span ish invention . Cornrnunications 7 university Italy Great inventions are international but where are they from? Where is the wheelchair from? How about aspirin? And chocolate? Read and find out! - 1. The first wheelchair was for King Phi li p II of Spain in 1554.~ ""'. USA I Raffaele Esposito England pizza 2 Felix Hoffman 3 Hippolyte Mege-Mouries Mexico • The word 'paper' is from the Egyptian word 'papyrus'. Which inventions 1-8 are in the pictures? I paper 5 pizza 2 emai l 6 chocolate 3 pencil 7 wheelchai r 4 aspi rin 8 margari ne T ImIP It's no surprise that pina is from Italy. Email is the invention of the American. . Raffaele Esposito.1 THINGS C Read the text and check your ideas. Ray Tomlinson . I lamps 6 2 _ _ _ _ _ __ 7 3 4 _ _ _ __ _ _ 8 9 5 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 10 _ _ _ _ _ __ e Write the plu ral of the words. for his ill father.ance Aspirin is from Germany. margarine is the invention of a Frenchman. phone numbers I phone number 2 country 3 bu ilding 4 businessman 5 bus 6 vil lage 8 ch ild 9 hotel manager 10 beach READING 2A Check invention in your dictionary. the invention of an Italian baker. And what about another food. Then read the text again and check your answers. VOCABULARY objects B Write the plural of the words in Exercise lA.@1I11 c:1J . from Mexico.. Hippolyte Mége-Mouriés. Tomlinson 's first email was QWERTYUIOP! 4 King Philip 11 of Spain China Spain B Where are inventions 1-8 from? Match the country a d the invention. but paper is one of the great inventions of ancient China . margarine? Well. the invention of Felix Hoffman. o Cover the text and write the invention tor 1-5. And the pencil? That's from England. Now we don't communicate on paper very much. but by email. Switzerland is famous for chocolate but chocolate is in fact from Central America. t '. 3. 5 Ray Tomlinson .

I® this your book? O ® 3 . Is thi~ your book? C Circle nine examples of IzI in sentences 1-8 aboye. . 5 15 a number 43 bus over there? 6 Are your books over there? This is my friend. 2 Can I have one of _ _ __ please? 7 Who that woman with Harry? 8 Who those children? B Underline six examples of Isl in sentences 1-8 aboye. Dave. Domingo. I This is my friendo These are my friends. Steve and Beth. 4 These my parents. 3 15 ____ your car? 4 How much are _ _ __ 3 15 that your chair? 4 How much is this dock? B Make the sentences singular. Then listen and repeat. 5A Make the sentences plural. these or those.GRAMMAR thislthatltheselthose 4A Complete sentences 1-8 with words from the box. 2 That's her brother. Are those lamps old? 2 These are my business cards. 3 Complete the conversations with this. _ _ _ _ is Jim. Dave. ~ that these is (x2) are (x2) those this IsÁYour book here on the table? 2 What are boxes here on my chair? 3 This my friend.1 Listen and check. 3 Who are these students? 4 Those villages are in the countryside. that.

. S 3 A: Is Andy room number three (our one or three two one? E J B I P Y M W E R A L R K E R E D S K A T S H I R T J A e K E T P X N N X K Y E L L O W B: Let me check. 8 A teacher's job is difficult.. Olivia Marr. 4 Krystina's husband is Scottish. Is it possessive (p) or is? I Our cat's name is Ebony. 6 Where's my phone? 7 My brother's a doctor in Uruguay. It's three (our one. He's my husband manager. 4 What colour(s) are the things? 6 A: Who is Pilar? B: She's one of Maria friends from university. T (S W E A T E R" H R B R O W N S S A O J T G E H A T B U F K S Q D U D L W W H I T E Z U B: It's over here. 's A: What is Lena/ Job? B: She's a musician. 5 Sydney isn't Australia's capital city. 2 Look at 's in sentences 1-8. that's Paulo. 2 A: Where is Nasra desk? Find six words for clothes and six words for colours.cP_ __ 2 What's her family name? -"is" --_ _ 3 Li's in Tokyo on business. 5 A: How old are Kamal brothers? B: Ali is thirteen and Omar is fourteen . 4 A: Who is that man over there? B: Oh. red _____ and _____ 2 3 4 5 6 ti . . 7 A: Is this your bag? B: No. that's a woman bago 8 A: What's your mother name? B: It 's Olivia.GRAMMAR possessive VOCABULARY clothes and colours '5 3 1 Add one 's to each conversation.

_ _ _ _ it isn't my wateh. Carole. LlSTENING 5A o What's your favourite colour? Why? Write two sentences. It's Anna with an 'a'. they're reading glasses. e) No. That's a niee wateh. _ _ _ _ that isn 't my coat. they're good . b) No. . ® B 3. that's my coat. b) No. _ _ _ _ please check with Dimitri. thanks. Match the speakers with the pictures. 5 6 Hi. it's niee very good.2 Listen to the conversations. but Complete the replies with and or but. Pages 65 _ _ _ 66. e) Yes. 15 this your sister. Anne? a) Yes. b) No. Speaker I red / green / blaek Speake r 2 blue / yellow / white Speake r 3 brown / blaek / red b) Yes. 2 WRITING 6 linkers: and.3. Chris. they're good. It's my daughter's. not sunglasses. e) Yes. this is Anne her friend. What is the speaker's favourite colour? Underline the correct alternative. a) Thanks. my coat is in my ear. not my sister. 5 What 's the homework? a) Two pages in the workbook. this is e) This is Anne she's my friend. I'm tired . her name's not Anne . 3 15 your eoat blaek? a) Yes. it's very b) Thanks. 4 Are those sunglasses new? a) Yes. e) Yes. _ _ _ _ I'm fine . troiners tI it's not 2 Are you cold? a) Yes.2 . I think so. It's Swiss and good. I'm tired. Speaker I Speaker 2 Speaker 3 C Listen again. Write the names of the clothes. b) Pages 65 _ _ _ _ 66 in the workbook. e) Thanks.

6 A : that? / is / much / How 8 7 B: euros / That / five / fifty. . tea . D 2 Tab\e? VOCABULARY objects S Write the names of objects 1-8.Q. Hot drinks It~.99 FUNCTION ordering at a café ® 3. / have / please? A: sparkling? / Still / or B: please. $15.. mineral water (d) ) ca\::es. / still. 9) mineral water. a) egg b) _ _ _ _ _ _ f) Tab\e '5 . espresso. A: morning.3 Listen and complete the orders. e) m Tab\e lb .75 ndw_ eh 65 _ 6 [1. bread . / One / one / sparkling / and 2 3 A: else? / Anything 4 5 B: you.VOCABULARY food and drink LEARN TO say prices 1 4 Add vowels to make food and drink.50 Cold drinks 3 4 c _l_ 3 €11.h) _ _ _ _ __ 3 Put the words in the correct order. euros (€) or pounds (f).30 fifteen dol/ars thirty ff __ 2 [19.25 m _ n _ r _1 w_t_r 4 €8. / thank / No. 2C _ Write the prices in dollars ($). / 's 11 . . / Good Good morning. B: we / two / mineral/Can / waters.10 Food k_ 5C_ 5 $22. ~) _ _ _ _ __ 2. I pottery sandwiches.t) _ _ _ _ __ .




verb phrases

1 A Add letters to complete the verb


Match the photos with the forum entries.

s -.l.. JL si...IC- Japanese

2 h ___ a sister
3 w _ _ _ in an office

Where are you now? Send us a photo and tell
us what's different about it for you.

4 g_ to my room

5 d _ a grammar exercise






What's different? It's very hot here and the shops in the
old market are very d ifferent. The market is big and
they have beautiful old jewellery and pottery. We're
here on holiday and I like it very much - the people are
great. The big problem for me is ... Well, it's very hot
here, and I'm always thirsty.

with my family

8 d ____ to work

B Cross out the incorrect alternative.
to a café
a) drive

b) go

What's different? Not a lot. They have yellow taxis
here. At home our taxis are black. The people are very
friendly: they say 'Have a nice day!' all the time, the
same as in films. That's different. Ilike the city a lot but
I'm surprised beca use it's very cold and I don't have my
winter clothes.

a car

a) drive

b) go

c) have

a) drive

b) study

c) like

a) work

b) study

c) like



eight hours a day


What's different? They have music, music everywhere:
samba, lambada, bossa nova - it's great. The city is on the
beach. That's different. We don't have beaches at home.
The food's very good too. I'm in my favourite café with
an espresso and a hot 'pao de queijo' (cheese bread).
The city is beautiful but it has hundreds of tourists.


a) do

b) have

c) live

a) like

b) work

c) have
at university

a) go

b) study

c) work

a) study

b) go

c) drive



e Complete the sentences about you.


2 Ilive _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _

3 1have _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

4 I study/work _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
5 I go _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
6 Ido _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
B Read the text again and complete the table.


What is different 7

What is one problem 7

a) it's very hot










GRAMMAR present simple: I/you/we/they

GRAMMAR present simple questions



Look at the information in the table. Then complete
sentences 1-8 about Brenda and her friends at university
in Madrid.


Me (Brenda)

Maria and Laura

I speak Spanish



2 read the

.1 online




4 study

.1 4 hoursl day


5 work


.1 restau rant in

6 listen to rock

.1 radio

.1 MP3

1 like football



8 have a boyfriend


.1 Raul and José


A: you I have I brother)
Do you hove o brother?

B: (+) Yes, Ido.
2 A: I I write I my name here!

B: (+) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

3 drive

3 A: we I work / in the evenings!

B: (- ) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
4 A: your children I like I the countryside!

B: (- ) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __


Maria and Laura speok
Spanish (they are Spanish)
but they speok
English with me. I don't speok
2 I
the newspaper online. They _ _ _ __
the newspaper - they're not interested in the news.
3 We all

, but we don't have a caro

for four hours in the evening. They aren 't
very good students and they _ _ _ __

5 In the evening they _ _ _ _ _ at a restaurant - they 're
waitresses, but I _ __ _ _
6 We
to the same music. They _ _ _ __
to music on MP3 players, but I
to the radio.

1 We

the same football team, Real Madrid.

Write the questions and the short answers.

5 A: your parents I live I in the city!

B: (+) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
6 A: you I study I Spanish!

B: (+) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

6A Complete the questions.
A: What I 's your name?
B: Philip, Philip Moore.
A: Where 2_ __ __ _ _ __
B: I live in London and Prague.
A: Why 3_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in two cities!
B: Because my job's in London and my family's in Prague.

A: Who



8 They
boyfriends, Raul and José. I
_ _ ___ a boyfriend.

B: I live with my wife and two children in Prague. In London
I live alone.
A: What 5_ _ _ _ _ _ __ _

WRITING and, because

B: I'm a musician.
A: What 6_ _ _ _ _ _ __ _

4 Read the forum entry and cross out the incorrect

B: I play guitar.


why are you ín ... París?
T'm a studenl in Pa ri s lar/(Ub-ecmts-e J stlJdv
F ..eneh al: universily. l'rll in Fl'al1ce '2andl becflllse
mypareuls würk het"e; rnyfather's a Lus inesstnan
iOlld / because rny rnother's a teaeher. 1 don'L live
with my pareuts t,ancll because the)' live iu the
COlU1tJ'yside, 150 km fromParis. J Jive in a HaJ in
the cil)' 5an d I becallse J waJ k to the u n ivers i l'y:
1 do n 'l have a compute!" ¡n m)' nal Gand ! becrlflse
1 have a pllO ll C wilh internel, 7all d l because I
wriLc ernails oHm)' phone. L lo ve b ig e ilies
8(llld / because on hüliday 1 always go to eities. 1
thiuk Paris is a beautifilJ eity 0and ! bf'CClUSe it has
él Jot of old buiJdings, but 1 don't li ke l he win ter
JOanrl ! belYl/ it's cold .

® 4.1 Listen and check.

e What's the word stress in the questions? Underline
the stressed words.
What's your name?


Listen again and repeat.

GRAMMAR present simple: he/she/it



Write the he/ she/ it form of the verbs.


2 do


7 say

8 read

3 teach

9 know

4 listen

10 watch

5 ask

II write

6 stop

12 go


4.2 Listen and write the verbs aboye next to
the correct sound.




2 Look at the pictures and write sentences using the
words in brackets Q.


4 .3 Listen to the radio programme and tick (,,1)
the correct alternative.
The name of the company is Twin Taxi Company because:
a) It has two taxis.
b) The drivers are twins.
e) The company is in Twin City.

She doesn 't live in Rome. She ¡¡ves at home.


B Listen again. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?
Angela and Matt have one taxi .


2 Their taxi company is open at night.
3 They don't like their jobo
4 Angela and Matt both have children.
5 They're husband and wife.
2 He _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . (play)

6 They don't see each other.


Complete the sentences with the correct numbers from
the box. You don't need two of the numbers.

I ++
3 She _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . (drive)




I Matt drives 1/




hours a day.

2 Angela and Matt are

3 Matt has
4 Matt's daughter is


years old.
years old .

5 Angela's daughter is
4 It _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . (cost)

years old .
6 Angela and Matt have coffee together at _ _ __ in
the morning.


5 He _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . (teach)

6 She _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . (have)

Listen again or read the audio script and check.

VOCABULARY days of the week; time phrases


Underline the correct alternative.

A: When are the English lessons?
4A Put the letters in the correct order to make days of the week.

ITJSaydun [2]SeaduTy

shuTyard GJ ,~/C

[SJ sandyWeed



alar "'1

B: We meet in / at / every Tuesday and
Thursday at 7p.m.
2 A: See you on Friday!
B: OK. Let's meet in / at / every the
evening for coffee.
3 A: Do you have work this week?
B: Yes, I work on / at / every day, and at
the weekend too.
4 A: Why are you so tired?
B: I work in the / at /on night and go to
university in the / at /on morning. I
don't sleep l



5 A: Are you here to morrow?


B: Yes, I'm here in /on / every morning
but not in I at / on the afternoon.







4.5 Listen and check. Then listen

again and say the conversation with


the speakers.


® 4.4 Listen and check.


What's the word stress? Listen and underline.

Sun day


Look at the diary and calender. Write the time phrases.

2 _ _ _ _ __

4 _ _ _ _ _ __

s- - - - - - -


- - - - -- -

7 _ _ _ _ __

- -- - - - -

thanks.15 6 a) 11.15 2 It has actors: _ __ 3 a) 12. ® B 4. weather dangerous / dry / fresh / wet 2 alive / dangerous / difficult / easy job . VOCABULARY adjectives [8J 4 Cross out the adjective that does not go with the noun.7 Listen and check. 15 quorter post nine 1A 2 3.00 Find seven words for events.6 Listen and tick the time you hear. Conversation 1 A: Half past ni ne.45 b) 3.30 b) 5.t b) 11. B: At Simpson's Restaurant. -'.45 c) 6.00 7 a) 4.30 4 It has a ball: _ __ 5 a) 6. A: When's the party? I A: No. 15 c) 5.45 b) 11. 3 4. When's the party? B: Oh .45 b) 6.30 c) 9. At ten. 1 It has music: porty 1 a) 1.00 c) 5.00 . thanks.00 e ® 4. Then listen again and say the conversation with the speakers. _1'_1 Half past eleven El L 5 Half past twelve 2 Q uarter past four 6 Quarter to four 3 Six o'clock 7 Twelve o'clock 4 Quarter to five 8 Quarter past five 3 dead / fresh / frozen / easy fish 4 dry / frozen / rainy / wet season 5 dangerous / dead / safe / wet bridge .15 b) 4. when.VOCABULARY events B Write the times in words.45 5 12.30 FUNCTION telling the time 2A Match the times to the clocks..30 4 1. B: Half past ni ne.45 c) 1 1.~u~ '-' Conversation 2 A: At ten.00 c) 10.30 b) 2.00 c) 2. sorry. not where.45 6 8.45 c)2.00 b) 7. 15 8 a) 3.00 2 a) 5. OK. 15 3 It has a teacher: _ __ 4 a) 8. OK. A: Sorry? A: What time's the football match? B: The football match? At half past nine. LEARN TO check times 3A Number the sentences in order to make conversations. 9.--' --"-' 1'. B Write the events.

Dr Jenkins. But I'm happy.1 Listen and check. 1 don't like golf. / tired / I'm / and 4 Where do li ve? (you) B: let's / break. Dr Jenkins 6 a big house. / thi nk very / I / ill. f'm an actor. Dr Jenkins 12 sport every evening. / to / quarter / It 's A: have / let's / coffee. But on TV he's Dr Jenkins. not a doctor. 'But people 4 me questions about illnesses all the time. / ten! / it's / Oh / at A: eight! / ten . And 1 don't want to be a doctor: * illness: you raye an illness = you are _ill_. ___ A: it / is / time / W hat / now? B: three. 7 a yellow Porsche. No. 1 don't want a Porsche. Then listen again and say the poems with the speakers. / Not / at / it 's B: again ? / that / you / Can / say 3 A: have / l/water? / Can B: stil l? / Sparkli ng / or A: want / I / I / sparkling. ~ Are a doctor? (you) 2 Do think you 're a docto r? (people) 4 3 Why do think you 're a doctor? (people) A: hungry. '1 14 (not) time for sport: says Chambers.REVIEW AND CHECK 2: UNITS 3-4 GRAMMAR present simple . / feel B Put the words in brackets in the correct place to make questions for Vince Chambers. / The / at B: good. / have / So / a A: a / have / Can / coffee? / I 5 Do play golf? (you) B: cake? / have / l / Can / a 6 What do do at the weekend? (you) 7 Are happy? (you) 8 Do want a Porsche) (you) e Write Vince's answers to the questions in Exercise lB. but 10 (not) golf. Chambers 9 in a big house. A Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in the box. 'but 1 15 football on TV every Saturday. on the TV series Emergency! '1 2 (not) about illnesses*: 3 Chambers. ordering in a café 2A Put the words in each line in order to make poems (lines 2 and 4 end with the same sound). and he 13 (not) TV. and 8 golf every weekend. and he 11 (not) a Porsche. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ® B RC2. . be say drive (x2) do have (x2) think play (x2) know live ask watch (x2) FUNCTION telling the time. / So / a B: l/ Can / a / tea? / have What time is it now? 2 A: is / film / eight. I'm not. I Actor or doctor? Vi nce Chambers 1 is an actor. They 5 I'm a doctor beca use I'm a doctor on TV: In reallife Chambers is very different from his TV character.

(Peter) ! ¡ . ¿: UI\l1 I ~ j-4' GRAMMAR this/that/these/those. And look at 4this / these wallet..mornlngs.Jeather J -How. VOCABULARY possessive 's revision 5 Complete the sentences with words beginning with the letters A-Z. Let's go to the festival . (Ann Marie) " The film is at _ _ _ _ _ _ to eight. (Dan) I don't with my parents. y My favourite colour is Z My car goes from .. A laptop. yeso 8This / These are hats.!w. fi I like that _ _ _ _ _ _ and white \ni T-shirt. Do you have your ------? ti Half the students don't do their Underline the correct alternative. I think. p It's Sonya's birthday _ _ _ _ __ today. AII my work is on it.J the ofternoon. (Bence) S My leather bago It's a black woman's bago (Jean) 6 My favourite T-shirt. ---? B: Wow! And is 3this / thot a computer over there? A: Yes. I think Sthis / thot 's my wallet.KtVltVV AI\lU LHtLI\. tEA I drink coffee in the morning and tea in l!il. Blue and white. Three keys on a key ringo (Tom) works in an . B e An egg sandwich on "" b""roC!. A: Can I help you. 1 My wallet.. B: Do people come for their things? A: O Greg Moscow.. B: Erm . . It's red and very new. Read the notes and complete the information. Do you want a hat? B: No thanks. I have a flat in the city.. black. . sir? B: Yes. IOthis / these is a box of watches.. black shoes and black .. do you have my wallet? A: Your wallet? Just a X Work in pairs and do e 4B. A: Ah yeso Is 4 12 this Ithese your wallet? ( Chorlotte's wallet 4 My computer.-much ---? Where are my car K._ _ __ bread. It's a Nokia 2700. my wallet? It's leather.. B: Oh... please.. / this things. A wallet with a hundred euros in it. What is lost? 2 My hat. What are 9thot / those? Are they watches? A: Yes..very nice! What do you study at We have classes on . of sixty in ten seconds. what are 1these / those things there? A: 2These/Those? They 're keys.. About a hundred different keys. It has 100 euros in it! (Charlotte) 3 My house keys.'n-!.. it is. But not He works in the afternoon . A: Ha ha! L B: And what 6is / ore those? 7/ s / Are that a clothes box? A: Oh.. I don't go to plays but I go to ------ on my D -My-computer's ---~ 3 ir Is the film on Thursday or -----_? G It's very cold . They're here forever. MWhat time is the fo?otball N We read the . 7 My phone.. 11these not in a newspaper.. B: Er . but not in the _ _ _ _ __ S f U -----_? W The day before Sunday is Black shirt. I A:B:Good _ _ _ _ __ is that black.. about twenty different hats..

please. to c) past. b) Michael hat's b) Tuesday c) Michael his hat 8 She c) Sunday English. a) in b) doesn't study b) blue in an office.TEST 2: UNITS 3-4 TEST Circle the corred option to complete the sentences. 18 We go to a café a) studies not b) at c) doesn't studies c) every a coffee. please! 19 George a) Can 1 a) has b) 1can have b) haves c) Can 1have 10 Look! The water is a beautiful c) yellow morning. box 14 Is it quarter a) go b) go in c) go to 5 Are _ _ _ _ your books! b) half. lamp c) Do you speak the 4 Let's _ _ _ _ Greece. B: Still b) those a) or sparkling c) thise b) or please 6 A: What time is it! B: It's c) and sparkling eleven. desk c) picture. at 15 A: A mineral water. 7 11 A: I'm cold! B: Oh. a) not work b) half to a) brown or quarter a) past. 1 Excuse me. here's my _ __ _ c) haz colour! 20 Ilive a) with my family b) a car c) in house a caro three! . 16 They a) half past b) no work c) one half c) don't work is blue. to a) this 9 is in the a) printer. is my bago a) this a) sweater b) that 's b) T-shirt c) those c) trousers 2 The is hot! 12 What's _ _ _ _ phone number! a) business card a) Tesses b) lamp b) Tess her c) keys 3 c) Tess's English! 13 The a) Speak you b) Do you speak b) clocks. 17 The day after Monday is a) Michael's hat a) Thursday .

get up I READING 2A Read the textoWhich actions are in the picture? An EnC\fiSYl teOCYler \Ntites . . 4 has food or drink in the lesson. But sometimes they drive me crazy! I don't like it when a student: 1 comes to the lesson late every day.' 3 hu nchveal d) ' Please close that. ' h) 'But I'm t hirsty. 9 looks in his or her dictionary twenty times in the lesson. Thank you.' 4 goodbet 5 vastfake rehab e) ' Hi . Are you a student? Do you do these things? Maybe you drive your teacher crazy! --. 5 looks at his or her computer al! the time. Este ll a..' T S 2 invaderhen c) 'Are you O K.- doesn't speak in his o r her language in the lesson. I 3 _ _ _ _ __ _ _ to the lesson early. 7 texts in cl ass.' 6 meethog f ) 'Chris? Chris? CHRI S! Li ste n t o me. no t half past ni ne.1 ROUTINES VOCABULARY daily routines B Who says these sentences? The teacher (T) or a student (s)? 1A Put the letters in the correct order. a) 'Whe re is you r homework. 6 to the teacher and not to an MP3 player. Janine? You don't look we ll .~. 7 doesn't answer my question but only looks at me. I S speaks his or her language and doesn't speak English.~. You do n't understand a wo rd? Please ask me. The nrst letter is underlined. 10 tnjf/Í S tnot drjve VY)e CroZ. A good stud e nt o f Englis h: Ilove my jobo I really like teaching English. 110 l comes to class ill or tired. not your mus ic.' e Match sentences a-h above with sentences 1-10 in the texto a~ f_ b_ g_ c_ h_ d_ e_ D Read the text again and complete the sentences in the positive (+) or negative (-). I'm in class. g) 'The lesson starts at nine o 'clock. 2 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the homework. Wu?' I pegtu get up b) 'No entiendo. and my students are great. or doesn't do it. Shhh . 2 talks on his or her phone or sends texts in the lesson. 3 doesn't finish the homework.. It 's me. "5.' 7 tookgrow B Number the verbs in order of ti me of day.~ . 6 listens to his or her MP3 player in the lesson. 4 food in t he lesson . 5 cola in t he lesson. 8 t he teacher questio ns in class.. Jamal.

m.tcheS ~iL.ds =? !n~L. I Does Ca/vin come to class on time? 2 What 2 Does he 3 she in the mo rning? she for Nad ja's lu nch ? Coffee.m ./ S does hiS hOMewOf1c.iSh bOOIc.o./ Maria.45p. 5 4 Where 6 she after breakfast? To work.SS ~ wiltes in the CL. at the weekend in the morning has coffee and makes a sandwich for Nadja's lunch reads her emails and has coffee "2. X When does At 7a.o.m.iSh in CL. at the weekend X X wo. To school.m . do you ink? COMes to CL. on school nights and at I a. 5 She plays game s on the internet.m. /dn/ 6 Her boyfriend .o.m.S after breakfast goes to work goes to school all day works in a bank goes to lessons friends meets her friends for tea after work meets her friends at a café after school in the evening watches the news on TV plays games on the internet or phones her boyfriend goes to bed at IOp.S cruestions in CL. he does./ 3 L.iSh .SS . Yes.t nine O'CL. C Cover the text in Exercise 3A and write 6 What The news.1 Look at the different 4 pronunciation of does in the question and the short answer.s X 't s~eo. 7 5 Who 8 she in the afternoon? she on TV in the evening? Her friends.istenS to the o.OCIc. When do es Nadia get up at the weekend? At Ila. 2 3 4 B Look at the answers and write the questions about Nadja.nSwe. 3 What 4 A sandwich . Does C alvin come to class on time.O~ . she to bed at the weekend? At 12a. working mother Nadja.m. in the week and at 12a. in the week. 5 6 7 2 8 3 o ® 5. every day at 8a.m.GRAMMAR present simple 4A Look at the table and complete the questions about Maria.s !n~L. at the weekend at I 1.m . short answers to the questions above. At a café.m.45p.m. . B Write questions about On tiMe (o.o. Is Calvin a good student. Her emails. o. Maria's daughter gets up at 7a.SS bL.) .lc. Then read the text again and check./ /o reo.Slc. and at I I a. Then listen to questions 1-8 and repeat. estions: he/she/it 3A Look at the teacher's notes about ( alvin. /dAZ/ 7 At I 1. I she get u(2 7 What time Yeso he does.MS in [n~L.

(not often. (often. Find a good suggestion in the grey boxes. I She always gets ub at eight. (never. always) He's never hungry because he always eats a lot. usually) 5 It's hot here but it's very cold. always) 4 We study for the test but we get 100%. (not often. always) 11 . (sometimes. usually) 3 They have money but they're happy. (never.VOCABULARY food GRAMMAR adverbs of frequency 1 Complete the puzzle. never) 6 She gets home late but she has dinner with her family. Do you think she is a dancer or a doctor? gets up at eight 31 days has breakfast Odays does sport in the morn ing 9 days eats pizza 2 days drinks water w ith her lunch 28 days works in th e evening 23 days is hungry at night 31 days e Write sentences about the woman. Use adverbs of frequency. He's hungry because he eats a lot. 2A Complete the adverbs of frequency. 2 I go to bed late and I'm tired. 100% always 2 u______________ 3 0 ______________ 4 s______________ 5 no ______________ o ______________ 6 n______________ 0% B Look at the information about a woman's lifestyle in May. 2 3 4 5 11 6 7 3 Add the adverbs in brackets to the sentences.

I sleep all day. . B Read about Sally's perfect weekend. o Add four commas (. I make a tea and go online.ets up at 7.. 3 I go to the countryside / go to the city / stoy at home. My perfect weekend (By So. I I get up early / lote / the same time os in the week. 4 on Sunday I get up at ten or eleven o'clock. I Finally Complete the text aboye with the linkers from the box. What is your perfect weekend? Underline the correct alternative for you. 6 Let 's go to / hove lunch. b) 12 ______________________________ c) 6 d) 4 e) 10 _______________________________ o Listen again and underline the correct alternative. 4 We hove / eat lunch together. Do you think sentences 1-8 are true (T) or false (F)? I He's from Japan . first After (x2) Then (x2) 5 He drinks beer. e Listen again.//y) on Saturday I don't get Up.. dish / fish and vegetables. hamburgers). 4A Read the programme information.) to the texto 6 Write about your perfect weekend (60-80 words). 5 that we go out and walk but not very faro 6 we have dinner in a nice restaurant. My friends come to my flat and we talk. 2 He doesn't have breakfast.1) the things that are the same. <B B 5. many people ask George Palakiko 'How do you do it? How are you so big?'Today on What do you eat? we talk to Palakiko in person and get surprising answers to these questions. 5 It's o / with chicken. I Everyone asks / has that question . 2 I do things alone / with my friends / with my (amily. 2 What 's a tYPicol / usual day? 3 I'm very / never hungry in the mornings. 1 First At 180 kilograms. What do the numbers mean? a) 7 He ¡. e 4 He eats junk food (pizza.LlSTENING WRITING linkers Radio You: SA What do you eat? o. 15 it the same or different from your perfect weekend? Tick (. 2 I get Up at six in the evening and have breakfast.2 Listen to the programme and check your answers. 3 He does sumo training in the morning. 3 ______ that I go to a party or I go to bed. 6 He sleeps in the afternoon .

Then listen and repeat. C Listen again and write one piece of extra information for each question. please? B What's the word stress? Complete the table with the words from the crossword. + . 10 5 LEARN TO show interest <El 3A 5. 1 There's isn't a guided tour at Ove today.' 4 3 '1 don 't have my trainers. please?' Down 3 'Come in! The water's lovely! ' 2 'A haircut.m ~ (2~euros~ Bus leaves~rom ticket Offi(~ E 5 4 2A 1 6 Look at the information and write the questions.m~ 2 Ticket office open 9a.2! in the conversations? 200 3000 W onderful That's great Great Lovely Oh. good That's good B Listen again and write interested (+) or not interested (-) next to the words in Exercise 3A.3 Listen and check. FUNCTION asking for information Guided tour of the city I ~very hour from 10a. When does the guided tour leave? 2 What time _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ __ 3 When _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ 4 Howmuch ________ __ _ _ _ ____ 5 Where __________ _ _ _ _ _ from? 7 Across 3 'I s that the Sydney Opera House?' 4 'Can I have dollars. 2 7 'Can 1have steak and vegetables. please. That's great 4 000 guided tour 5 0000 C ® 5. please? ' 6 'Do you have postcards? ' B ® 5.5 Listen to the three conversations.4 Listen and check. Are these shoes OK?' 5 'Can 1have one of those cakes and a coffee.VOCABULARY hotel services 1A Where are the people? Complete the crossword with the hotel services. Which phrase in the box is!!.

1 JOURNEYS VOCABULARY places GRAMMAR there is/are 1A 2 Find eight places. 6 You put your card in and take your rnoney out here. Then look at the picture and write short answers a-h. but there aren't any internet cafés. 5 You buy a newspaper here. X internet cafés There are ca fés./ restaurant Xwaiters 4 X buses . snack bar Is there a snack bar? a) Yes . 3 You get a room for the night here. 2 internet café e ® 6.6. P H A R M A e y I M R E S T A U R A N T I(s N A e K e T K T A M W I A P H o N E e A F X F L K L W R A e W z E S A M R N S H o T E L T B L E H I W N I A G E N T S N S V W G e N E W S E E V P A Y I(B A R) Y Write the sentences. there is. snack bar 2 You write an ernail and have a coffee here.a friend frorn here./ cafés 2 . . 3 Write questions 1-8./ taxis 5 X computer . 8 Are you ill? Go to this place.1 Listen and check./ five men Xwomen B Match the places aboye with sentences 1-8./ printer 6 . 4 You phone. Then listen again and answer the questions./ cash machine X rnoney exchange 3 . You have a sandwich and a drink in this place. 7 You have a good dinner here. Sorne places are in two parts. I Which places have two syllables? snack bar b) 3 payphones c) 4 cash machines d) 5 newsagent's e) 2 Which places have three or more syllables? 6 toilets f) internet café 7 hairdresser's g) 8 clock h) 11 .

Do you think the train station is in Tibet. Derrick Jameson Please get me a small computer.WRITING READING 4A Look at the photo. and many restaurants and snack bars. 11 . 2 Union Station in Washington OC. Hi Les/ey. I Regocd" ~i Lesley. England.there's so much to do and see. and has water on three sides. is almost an island. It's a lovely place to wait for a train. / am happy in my job but there's a problem. my desk is small and my office is co/d. a) Beautiful views b) Shop and eat all day c) No train? Take a boat! d) What year is it now? e) Green all around D Read the article again. is the number one place tor many tourists. is a small town station with an old-time atmosphere. e W F Write the ema ils in ful l. USA. It's over 100 years old. Love. Hi Les/ey. Turkey. Turkey or England? starting and fíníshíng an email SA Look at the sentences from emails. is at 5. the USA. What is the same about: / stations 3 and 4? 2 stations / and 4? 3 stations 2 and S? They ore both in cities 2 Deor Ms Clements. a big desk and a new sweater. Spain. The station is a great place to bring your family for a dinner. Spain. so people walk around and drink coffee in the middle of a beautiful green jungle. and people never feel bored . has trees inside the station. There are boats from the station. 3 Atocha Station in Madrid. It stands in the sea. There's a hairdresser's and an old tea room. How many emails are there? Regards.058 metres. The Tanggula mountains and the river are a wonderful sight. 4 Haydarpasa Station in Istanbul. Dear Ms Clements. B Write W (work email) or F (email to a friend) next to each line above. /s 8 o'c/ock OK? Let's have dinner at the Chinese restaurant. Tibet. Once ayear the people there dress in 1940s clothes. 5 Pickering Station in Yorkshire. there are 130 shops. Are you free on Friday evening? Jim B Read the article and check. My computer is big. C Read t he article again and match headings a}-e} with paragraphs 1-5. 1 Tanggula Mountain Railway Station.

2 A: Yes. I like / know it. these. Conversation I a) They want North / South Street. . b) They 're from New York / New Zealand. the Garden Hotel / Restaurant. 2 e) It's 2. 3 W e're on holiday here. Conversation 3 g) She wants to go to Summer Street / Old Street. c) They know / don 't know Belfast. e 3 Listen again and underline the correct alternative. Which places al-e} are the speakers in? Find eight transport words. ® a) a bus b) an underground train c) aplane d) a car e) a taxi B Look at the pictures and write the correct words from Exercise lA.. 4 And do you read / know about the weather? _______ and _______ 4 _______ and _______ 5 ______________ and _______ 5 Enjoy your drink / (ood.45 /3 . but they're fine / OK here . 6 Do you go to the town / cíty centre? 7 That 's two fi(ty / sixty. 15.6. A: Do you want I have any bags? B: Yes. 8 I don't know / líke the town. for two / three weeks . h) She is with two / three children. f) It's hot / not hot in Moscow.2 Listen to three conversations. B: Right.2 VOCABULARY transport LlSTENING 1A 2A 6. taxi _______ and _______ Conversation 2 d) He wants a black / white coffee. _______ and _______ i) The café is five / nine stops. Conversation I _______ Conversation 2 _______ Conversation 3 _______ B Listen again and underline the correct alternative. ..

5 This sentence doesn't have letter 'B' in it. but there ony / o lot of students in the B: No. but there are 4some / o lot ofpeople here today. 3 Conversation I Complete the sentences with the correct form of be and a/an.only twelve students in a class. there 's 70 / on American newspaper here. You do not need to use one of the words. There aren't 12some / ony big classes.GRAMMAR ajan. a lot 0(. can I have 50 / on egg sandwich then? Conversation 2 2 Good local transporto There _ _ __ _ _ _ _ buses and an underground . B Where are the conversations in 1-3? SA Put the words in the box in the correct places in the sentences. Do you have 60 / ony newspapers in English? B: Yes. A: What? But this sign says 'cakes'. we don't have 3some / ony cakes. There lovely old restaurants near the sea. sorne. information centre here in the hotel. A: Excuse me. 2 Words on this page have four letters. I want to study English and I have 1°0 / some questions. we usually have 9some /on English newspapers but not today. . we have small classes . and 20 / some cakes. 6 Romantic dinners! 4 There any words with twelve letters. I of 5 A: 11 a an aren't any some (x2) I of There are a lotÁwords on this page. A: You don't have newspaper? 80 / on English B: No. 3 There _ _ __ _ _ _ _ tourists you have a private beach! Conversation 3 A: Helio. not any 4A Underline the correct alternative in the conversations. a lot ofor not any. I Emails? There:-"'s'---_ __ on internet café on our top floor. A: OK. but it's from yesterday. there tourist information centre in town? B: No./) the sentences that are true. º/ A: Can I have 1 on coffee. I don 't speak Spanish. 6 There aren't numbers on the page. some. B: Yes. B Tick (. A: Are there classes? 4 There _ _ __ _ _ _ _ friendly money exchange on every street. • B: OK. 3 There are names of people on the page. please? B: Sorry.

15. no. t 2 t _ _ k_t _ff_c_ LEARN TO check numbers 3A Complete the conversations. B B: Single and return? VOCABULARY transport adjectives A: Return. Look at the pictures and complete the puzzle. that eighty-three dollars. to A: A ticket in Canberra.45? A: ________________ FUNCTION buying a ticket 5 A: I'm 54 years old .f.VOCABULARY travel and ickets 1A Add vowels to the words..L ngl . please. tbirty-nine. B: Sorry? 29? 3 r_t_rn t_c __ _ 4 p_ ss_ ng_ r A: No.f. B: OK. 4 sE N X F S P L O S E B ® 6.5 Listen and check. A: _________________ 4 ® 6. B: Sorry? Gate 88? A: ________________ 4 A: The bus leaves at 5.. Write the number in words and underline the stress. B: Sorry. when the morning. C Listen again and count the number of syllables.4 Listen and check. B: What do you want to gol A: At afternoon . Someone doesn't like travelling. Where's the main stress? I Four: W1gle ticket 3 A: The plane leaves from gate 58. Then listen again and repeat. 64? 2A Correct ten mistakes in the conversation. 2 A: That's 49 euros.3 Listen and check. B: For today? A: Sorry. LL ck. B: Sorry? 5. V D B: There's one at quarter to nine . I s -. What does he / s he do? Find the answer in the grey boxes. 5 m _ nthly p _ ss B: Sorry? 45? 6 g_t_ A: _________________ B ® 6. 15 2 B: And when you do want to come back? 3p A: On Friday. A: It's bus number 39.. N E H A: When does it arrive for Canberra? A: Thanks a lot.. B: At quarter to eleven. please. R N 6 A: When time's the bus? L M F E S ~ITJ . on tomorrow.

he reads the menu for ten minutes and then he gets a coffee. or 'We're late'. In the bus station he reads a newspaper. he never says thank you . 4 gided tour 5 have brekfast 6 populer 7 go to beed 8 moterbikes 9 ti ket office 10 noizy " The bus leaves at ten. 5 Do you like _ _ ! GRAMMAR present sim pl e questi on s: he/she/it. and 99 out of 100 passengers are great. adverbs of frequency 2A Read paragraph 1 of the text and choose the best headline. (usually I not often) 5 The bus is late because of the bad passenger. So 7 times out of 10. 4 The restaurant is very _ _.l'm a bus driver. He says. (not often I never) 2 The bad passenger asks questions at the information desk. at the end of the journey.another passenger's newspaper. The is very expe nsive! underground 2 What time do you _ _ ? 3 The re's a _ _ in the statio n. But where's his ticket? It's in a bag. (always I sometimes) 4 He has a lot of bags. I Yesohe does. In the snack bar. shugar 12 newagent's 13 have diner 14 pessenger On the bus he often eats fast food and chocolate and then he leaves the paper on the seat. (usuall y I never) 3 He asks questions at the ticket office. He goes to the ticket office and asks questions about the bus times. CHECK 3: UNITS 5-6 VOCABULARY revision lA My name's Eric Roamer. 5 to the bus? (when I get) 6 his ticket? (where I have) 7 on the bus? (what I eat) 8 thank you? (say) There are/ bad passengers on buses. a) I WATCH PASSENGERS b) ARE YOU ABAD PASSENGER? c) 99 PASSENGERS A DAY 2 3 4 5 B Complete the questions about the bad passenger. And watch him on the bus. Watch him at the snack bar. He finds his ticket. after five minutes. The bad passenger gets to the bus at one minute to ten. n't often (what I do ) (what I read) 11 C Read paragraphs 2-4 and answer the quest ions in Exercise 26. You see him in the bus station and you know him. I undergrund underground 2 crouded 3 vedgtables He doesn't go to the information desk. 'Have a nice day!' B Complete sentences 1-5 with the words from Exercise 1A. And of course. . I say.' (sometimes I always) . 'It's hot on the bus. with people waiting behind him. (often I never) 6 He says. He doesn't buy newspapers. usually with four bags. a lot of bags? (have) I Does he hove 6 7 8 about the bus times? 2 (where lask) at the snack bar? 3 in the station? 4 ORead the text again. but number 100 is THE BAD PASSENGER. Then complete sentences 1-6 with the correct adverb in brackets. How do you know? It's easy.1: REVIEW AND. the bus leaves late. but not his newspaper . but there are four bags and he doesn't know which one.llove my job . 'It's too hot on the bus'. or 'It's too cold'. Write the correct spelling. Watch him buy a ticket.

Yes. Price: 11 _ _ __ 7 8 Tuesday: Theatre at 12 p. I 15 there a train from Palermo airport to the city centre? 2 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ taxis from the airport? 3 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ an underground in Palermo? 4 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ buses in Palermo? 5 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ aplane from Palermo to Rome every day? 6 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ roads for bikes? e .30. 111 . there is. There are al so buses from Palermo to Rome .1 Listen to the conversations and complete le information in A-e. In summer there is / are a lot of people. there are. A twenty-four hour bus ticket is four euros. a) Yes. There are buses and taxis to the centre of Palermo. but there are a lot of cars on the main roads. there is. a lot 0(. there are. They call it the metro. some. Summer is very hot . Some hotels has / have low prices in winter. On every street there's a / an Italian restaurant with great pasta and a / an friendly waiter.m. There are / aren 't any people on the beach in January. Price: 4 5 8_ _ __ 9_ _ __ 6 Summer theatre in the park: Monday: Concert at 10 p. o® RC3. so it's dangerous.m. too. f) Yes. I train ticket office assistant 2 tourist information assistant Travellers' Tips: 3 hotel receptionist Sicily in January o Restaurant meal times Eight reasons why it's a good time to go Breakfast: 1 to 2_ __ Lunch: J to 4_ _ __ Dinner: 5 to 6_ _ __ You're welcome for coffee and desserts between meals! m 2 3 Tourist Information Old town bus tour: 7 .FUNCTION asking for information and buying a ticket 3A Matchjobs 1-3 with information A-e. not any 4A Underline the correct alternative.great for skiing! There's a / sorne golf course and it's not expensive in winter. a/an. It's not hot in winter. GRAMMAR there is/are. c) Yes. Then listen and say the conversations with the speakers. Price: 13_ _ __ Return ticket London to Brighton Departure: 14_ _ _ _ o'clock Price: 15_ _ __ B Complete the tourist's questions about transport in Sicily. the beach is cold. Take the bus. I Is there a snack bar in the hotel? 2 3 What 4 How the restaurant open for dinner? it leave? it cost? 5 the next train to Brighton? 6 you want to come back? d) I don't know. 1. there is.on some / lot of days it's over 40°C. There are a lot / a lot of empty hotel rooms.2 Listen and check. There 's / are snow on Mount Etna . Match answers a)-f) with questions 1-6 aboye. 3 b) Yes. and it's very noisy. but some / any hotels have swimming pools. C Complete the questions with two words. but they cost a lot of money. ® RC3. e) Yes.

please. 9 AA over there. this train is very a) ' m never a) dangerous b) never am b) slow c) never c) noisy 3 Look at this big. I When II Are there get up? a) a lot of a) does she b) an b) she does c) some of c) she 2 I English people in the class? 12 A: Oh . home? c) get to ticket. c) are 5 Postcards? The is over there. a) for. breakfast b) home. to c) to. lunch at 7 and have c) bus 20 A single _ _ __ Chang Mai _ _ _ _ tomorrow. a) have usually b) gift shop b) usually c) gym c) usually have Kyoto? 6 What time does it 16 A: I' m thirsty.TEST 3: UNII S ~-6 TEST Circle the correct option to complete the sentences. c) It costs 18 What time do you a) he lives. to b) to. B: Yes. b) get c) he does live. please . 15 We a) hairdresser's dinner at home. a) go in B: There's a b) arrive in a) pharmacy c) get in 7 He doesn't have b) snack bar water. for /20 . we're late again! late. 19 Look! There are about a hundred people on that B: When do you want to come back? a) motorbike a) return b) car b) single c) monthly 10 I get a) up. bed c) work. a) go to b) he does. a) some c) cash machine 17 at two. red _ _ __ 13 does the tour cost? a) bread a) When b) cereal b) What time c) apple c) How much 4 _ _ __ a cash machine near here? 14 There a) Is there a) isn't b) Does there b) aren't c) Are there any cafés in the town. b) no a) It opens c) any b) Its opens 8 A Does your brother live in London? B: Yes.

and their garden is lovely.7. We were in Spain on holiday. Your parents are lovely people. a) Mark. 4 George and Maria were in Spain. I was in London on business. Mark was thirty. Use the underlined words to help. too! e) Happy birthday one day late! Sorry. at Mum and Oad/s house.1 PAST ' e Write short answers to the questions in Exercise 2A. Where were you and Maria yesterday? It was my birthday lunch. It was great to see you and the chi ldren. Let's meet soon! I 2 Write the sentences about Mark's party last year. Mark 5 The lunch was in the garden because it was ¡¡ood weather. The weather was beautiful so lunch was in the garden. (not here) Last year _ _ _ _ _ __ __ __ 5 George and Maria are in Spain. (G reece) Last year _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ B Put the words in the corred order to make questions. I Where was the lunch? 2 Hi George. Thank you for the party. (29th) Last year it was my 29th birthday. I It's my thirtieth birthday. Happy 30th birthday! b) Hi Mark. I was really happy that you and Alan were at my birthday lunch yesterday. (terrible) Last year _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ 3 lu nch? / the / Was / Diana / at 8 Lunch is in the garden. he wasn 't. Where were you? Mark 5 l 6 o Look at the answers and write the questions. 2 _ í 3_ 2 3 4 Hi Larissa Sorry YOU weren/t at my birthday lunch yesterday. (big) Last year _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ 2 house? / Mark's / the / lunch / Was / at 7 The weather's beautiful. (Tokyo on business) Last year _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ 4 Larissa's parents aren't here. No. 2 We're here. It was really niee. Remember? Mark The lunch was at Mark's parents house. but we're home now. 3 3 Hi Diana. So sorry. (in the house) Last year _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ Lo the / and / ch ild ren / Alan's / at / Were / lunch / Diana? ~ France? / George / Maria / in / Were / and 6 weather / the / Was / good? . 2 Mark's birthday was yesterday. (not here) Last year _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ 3 My wife's in London on business. GRAMMAR past simple: was/were 1A Match emails 1-3 with replies a)-c) . Mark / Was / twenty? Was Mark twenty? 6 It's a small party.

B Change ñve letlers to capitalletlers.) three commas (. In 10 email was big and there were mobi le phones with cameras. roads. August 11 th is son and Daughter Day. The top city in 6 was Tokyo with 27 mili ion people. For example . it's a great day to play with your children or to go out with them why Because they're yo ur children E was the year of the Kodak Brownie camera. SA Corred the texts. In 4 In cities transport was by horse and a small number of buses. Then listen and check. there were three and a half children in an average family. there were 54 million new cars on the . The top boy's name was John and the top girl 's name was Mary. 1 Technology E Write the dates in words. the top names were Jacob and Emily and there was only one chi ld in each family. but in 8 there were 1. in the 7 Olympics there were 827 women and 1. o World Helio Day is on november 21st every year Say 'helio' to ten people on the bus on the train at work at school and in the street. try it th is year It's so easy Women 's lives were very different both at home and in public. In 1 /900 in the USA. Letters were the only way to communicate except for telephones in some rich families. In 2 .319 men and only 19 women.512 men.READING VOCABULARY dates 3A 4A Read the text and match headings 1-5 with paragraphs A-E. Use four full stops (.1 Match the dates f rom Exercise 4A with holidays 1-12. with 6 mil lion London was the top city in 5 people.000 new cars. a) Apr 2nd April the second b) Aug 11th 2 Family e) Dec 25th 3 Women d) Nov 21 st 4 Transport e) Mar 8th 5 Population f) Jun 10th A hundred years of change g) Jan 1st h) Oct31st i) Sep 22nd j) May 1st Life in the year 2000 was very different from life in 1900. 1 New Year's Day g 8 Children 's Day 2 Valentine's Day 9 Children 's Book Day 3 May Day 10 World Heli o Day 4 Independence Day (US) 11 Business Women 's 5 International Women's Day 6 Son and Daughter's Day Day (USA) 12 Halloween 7 Christmas Day e WRITING punctuation review The number of people in cities was very different. there were on ly 4. . ® C 7. B In 3 . k) Feb 14th 1) Jul4th B Number the dates in order. 9 B Read the text again and complete the information with 19000r 2000.) one question mark (?) and one exclamation mark (!). N Rovember 21 st C Write about a special day in your country.

--1 M f--- O 1-- V 2 3 ~ Animals are amazing! They walk for days.000 - Across 2 Great music! Let's _ _ __ 4 Do you 6 I tennis? the day with breakfast. 5 N'kisi the parrot e) travelled for two years. . but one famous African grey parrot. 3 Tom the cat (USA) c) travelled 800. 4 Cows d) are very big. an Emperor penguin walks: 6 2 A blaek and white eat named Tom was lost and travelled in aplane for: 7 a) two weeks b) two months e) two years f-- f-- la a) 10-20 kilometres b) 30-60 kilometres e) 50-120 kilometres 5 4 1---- 9 3 Another amazing eat named Tom walked: L-- I.000 5 Talking parrots know about ten to twenty words.I'm on the phone! for me. find the way home and some even speak! E 1 Every winter. used: a) 150 words b) 450 words e) 950 words 8 I don't drive to work .000 kilometres 4 In its lifetime. 7 Shh! Don't 8 I'm not ready.000 kilometres.2 Listen to the verbs in Exercise lA and write: I o ne action with the sound in whQ and room mQve 2 two actions with the sound in cªke and dªt3 two actions with the sound in four and door 4 two actions with the sound in Ijke. 3 Don 't 5 We ! It 's not so bad! in London at three o'clock. N'kisi.VOCABULARY 1A LlSTENING actions Read the clues and complete the crossword. Please 9 You always . 2A Complete the quiz. C Listen again and match 1-5 with al-e). a) 50.3 Listen and check.000 kilometres e) 6. at me w hen I speak English! ® B 7.000 b) 100. 5 three actions with the sound in cªr and fªther I Emperor penguins ~ a) sometimes live 25 years.----- 1-- 1-- 1-- - - a) 4.I _ _ __ Down I We _ _ __ home every year.000 kilometres b) 5. 11 . a eow gives ofmilk. glasses e) 200. and 1 B ® 7. 2 Tom the cat (UK) b) was in a test in 2004.

3 Kenji studied near the station. Hachiko was there. after he 7 Hachiko walk to the station . Use the past simple form of the verbs in the box.4 Listen and write the past forms from Exercise 4A in the correct group. Kenji 9_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a worker at the station about Hachiko. For nine years the dog 13 to the station every day at the same time. One evening in 1925..~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ . Then one day in May 1925. 1 live 3A Complete the story of Hachiko. Now 14 6 study work. . He the dog 7 email 8 text 9 stop 10 answer ® B 7.. 11c ~ ~li t 7. and soon 12 famous. Kenji dogs. Aman named Kenji 6_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in an office near the station.. He didn't walk to the station every mornin¡. He walked there every evenin¡. That evening. Hachiko walked to the train station every morning. Hachiko 1 wa/ked to Shibuya Station and for Ueno's train.. worked 2 wanted 6 Hachiko walked to the station for five years. and he Hachiko. IIdl started 2 Every day Hachiko waited for Kenji's train. B Correct the information. 4 Kenji talked to a waiter at the station . and Hachiko was his dogo Every evening. Ueno was very il! and he at work.5 Listen and check. 3 asked 4 played 5 repeated 6 watched o® 7. When Ueno's train 2 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . 5 Kenji liked cats.. 4 Hachiko was at the station. I tl danced 11 to help a poster about Hachiko. Then listen and repeat. C Add verbs 1-6 to the table in Exercise 4B. walk M like ask arrive (x2) finish work die print watch 2 close 3 open be wait want 4 listen 5 look Hidesaburo Ueno was a teacher at the University of Tokyo.!!/i-'-'ve""'d'----_ I dl moved /ived there's a statue of Hachiko at Shibuya Station. but when Ueno's train 5_ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ he wasn't on it. he 8_ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ 10 .2 4A GRAMMAR past simple: regular verbs Write the past forms of the verbs.

.6 Listen to the conversations and circle the corred very good..7.L!J r and the breakfast was 0 _ _ __ but it's on a noisy street. It's! 9 IªI gir:th 10 ton yrye dogo A: Who's there? BRead the reviews and write hotel (H). The acting is t ____ r f41 The rooms are a. 2 Put the words in the box in the corred places in the conversation . 9 but their music is i-------- The first ten minutes is [I] 9 but then it's really b for ninety minutes. TT. They boring.all students. ...3 ~ VOCABULARY FUNCTION adjectives 1A Put the letters in the corred order to make adjedives... restaurant (R) or concert (C). C Cover the words in Exercise lA. The first letter is underlined. Helene. I interesting (deliciou0 2 terrible fantastic 3 great OK 4 not very good al! right 5 delicious awful B ® 7. I 's wasn't was interesting I tiniergents giving opinions Was concert 're It awful good I 's 2 aterg A: Helio. B: How it? A: was interesting. Howj the party? 3 brreeli! 4 wªflu B: It's not very. 5 onQrig 6 oiliceQus A: Why not? 7 atticfan s 8 KO B: There 's no music and no food . three people . Where are you? D food and f waiters! The best Japanese in town.. An a place to sleep. T Te [I] B: Interesting? it good? The guitar player is n v_________ A: Well...7 Listen and check. LEARN TO 3A show feelings ® 7. A: I'm at home but I was at a rock. Complete the reviews with the corred adjedive. Then listen and repeat. film (F). no . B: Well ..

her nice things on her birthday. (have) 6 She _ _ _ _ _ 'Goodbye'. 2 They _ __ _ _ in a café. (X station) 3 Complete the sentences with the correct past form of the verbs in brackets.. 'Thirty'. (come) 4 _ _ _ __ _ _ a lot of friends." '1Ij'" PLACES I GRAMMAR past simple: irregular verbs 1 Complete the sentences with the past simple of a verb from the box. Sometimes he _ _ __ __ _ home. I They -. 5 He _ _ __ _ __ hip-hop was good music. (give) . She didn't say.-t_ _ _ in Paris. (think) 6 7 He _ __ _ _ it was finished . 2 She _ __ ____ a rich and famous actor. (X gym) 3 W e met in Japan. I it was music. Or rich. (become) 5 He _ _ ___ her hand. I meet go break know sit say see take 2 Write negative sentences. I was an actorbutl _ __ _ _ __ famous .. 8 She _ __ _ _ _ his heart. 3 home every day at 6 and cooked dinner. Use the word in brackets. (X 'Thirteen') 2 He went to the swimming pool. She _ _ _ _ __ _ me any presents on my birthday. (X brother) 5 The taxi took James to the airport. (X China) 4 I knew he r sister. I didn't drive (drive) 3 They _ _ __ _ on a boato 4 They _ _ _ _ _ Notre Dame. 'Thirteen'.-.m"-"e. She said . Why did you leave your partner? 1 He drove a Porsche. He _ _ __ __ _ any friends.

LlSTENING 4A ® 8. It's eosy to tolk to people 3 o gym. 3 A: Hi . Go to o gym. What is the same about them? B Complete the table. Put a cross (X) next to two bad ideas. on or at. I wosn 't ot home.A lot of people l""". 5 A: Where are my keys? B: They / be / the table.-t_ _ o party wont to meet you'! Trove I to o new ploce for o week or two. Tick (. Tolk to people 6 the supermarket when you woit. 6 A: Were you on yo ur motorbike? B: No / l /be / my caro B Read the text again. B: l /be / not / home. Then listen and check. Where were yo u? Complete the text with in. 4 A: How do you know abou t it? B: We / see / it / television / last night.Where to meet new friends Bored with your friends? Or maybe you don't have any friends? Do you want to meet a new friend? These are the top places to go. Who .1 Listen to Jocelyn and Andreas. onything . Go out! It's very difficult to meet new people 8_ __ home! Complete the conversations.longuoge. Where are you? B: l /be / a taxi / the city centre . I wos ot work..1 . 2 A: Where's your daughter now? B: She / be / university / Shanghai. Toke o closs .1) three good ideas.. Jocelyn Ciare 1 studied together 7 . It's eosy to meet new people 5 o closs beco use you 011 like the some thing . the plone or When you trove!. C onrad .Q". 11 . People are hoppy 2 holidoy. Use o friend-finder website 4 the internet. Top tips . tolk to people 7 troin.1 Andreas Raji 2 wasn't very good at Italian 7 3 didn't have any friends in Canberra? loved Ind ian food? 4 15 met on the internet? 6 ta lked on the bus? 7 moved from Sydney7 18 w rote an emai l to the other person? VOCABULARY prepositions of place (1) 6 SA I A: I phoned you last night. Go to o party. l /be / work. yogo. Go to big supermarkets.

8. . We weren't happy. It was a real holiday. a) Bad b) ea er o room s c) Too expensive d) Health problems 11 BRead the text again. Are the sentences true or false? 10 They saw a lot of places in Malaysia..2 VOCABULARY holiday activities Yourbest bad holiday Abad holiday is always terrible . and it was fantastic for our family.}jl'. It was in June.7'1" '\ ~~. Sven L 3 My brothers and sisters live all around the world. two kilometres from the beach. So we sat in the hotel and read books. and we were there for two weeks.('\~('ttc ". and we met some really nice people. We went to hospital.. not a tourist holiday. and we danced.. or is it? Tell us about your best bad holiday. When we arrived. 9 They stayed in a flat on the beach.. 2 _ _ good weather 2 They went to a Portuguese home. so they gave us a room in the town. They asked us to their house. Mark and Sandy T 2 My wife and I went to Mexico last year and on the last day we were very ill. There is one extra problem. and talked. and June is usually hot but that year it rained every day. and in 2007 we had a big family party at a hotel on a beach in Malaysia. Fill in the missing verbs about holiday activities. READING 2A Match problems a}-d} with forum entries 1-3.~ '1~ ~- -'.. and we had some real local food. our beach hotel was full.. Lucia D P B 1 1 _ _ at a restaurant I Mark and Sandy stayed on the beach . 3 _ _ ill 3 They ate Portuguese food . because we weren't tourists. F . played games.~'''' l " 1 "'1". That was a very interesting week. 1 Complete the puzzle. 8 _ _ a museum 8 The weather was good. The doctors were lovely. 5 He was bored in hospital. 4 _ _ the local water 5 _ _ English 4 Sven was in hospital all of his holiday.. Then we met some local people. We had a really good time. We 'lived' in Mexico. In the grey boxes read: What do people always have in their bags on holiday? II E A T 2 1 1 1 1 1 3 4 1 - R L 5 1 J 1 P 6 1 1 7 1 In 2009 we went to Portugal. 7 _ _ camping 7 Lucia's family live in different countries. 6 _ _ new people 6 His wife was ill too.

We went there in April. The best time of my life. It was hot and sunny. (because) 3 yo u / meet / local people? 8 I don't like hot weather. I don't speak French. People said the underground was dangerous. C Match answers a)-f) with questions 1-6. (so) B Write the questions. ___________ . 5 yo u / have / good time? 2 I was hungry late dinner early. There was a party in the hotel. A: Where did you ¡. f) No. 5 The shops were two kilometres from the house we drove. I did . 6 The film was awful Yvette and I left after ten minutes. The train was late. becouse We stayed at home. A: _______________________________ 2 The restaurants were expensive. 3 A: _____________________________ with? • 3 I spoke English with the local people. We were ill. Complete the short answers aboye. B: We went to Japan . There wasn't time. (so) B: We ate a lot of interesting food .I GRAMMAR WRITING so and because past simple: questions 3A Write the questions.. (because) We were ill beca use we drank the local water. (because) B: I travelled with my friend Ramon . a) Yes. 6 A: ___________________________ 5 It snowed at night. (because) B: We drank tea.(it rained al! day. study it! . (so) 4 you / speak / Japanese? S Add so or beca use to the sentences. Use the verbs in bold. 6 be / weather / good? 3 Jason didn 't go to the concert he didn 't have a ticket. b) No. the old capital. It's very difficult. 5 4 They sat down they were tired. e) Yes. I cooked every evening. (so) B: We went in August. I was there in 2004. We drank the local water. 4 A: _____________________________ B: We saw Mount Fuji and Kyoto. The hotels were al! fui!. it / be / your first time / Japan? Wos it your first time in lopon? 2 yo u / go / Hiroshima? 7 We took a taxi. __________ .ro on holiday last summer? 4 Join the sentences with the linker in brackets. S A: _____________________________ 4 We went to bed very late . . . ___________ o . A lot of tea! 6 We went camping. d) No. They were very friendly. and I didn't c) Yes.

B: 4 The fish is _ _ _ _ the apples and the cheese. .. B Where are the ticket office and payphones in the picture? A D r-- I ® e 8.. And what's your husband's -_? B: _ _ ? What's that? 7 A: You know ... where's the ticket office? B: It's between of the trains and the buses. . A: OK. B: They're behind of the café. 2 The mouse is --'-'--"-"-'-_ _ _ _ _ of the carrots. I do see.. And where are at the payphones? B: Do you see the café over on there? A: Yes.2 Listen to the conversations.. . happy .. for 'good'? ? What's that? A: For example good. 2A Cross out six extra words in the conversation. A: Excuse for me. 4 I pi ofe~~ioll 5 6 I I I I weather adjective services verb profession A: Oh. is repeated in the Thanks. Fantastic! ® 11 ! He's a pilot. the mouse. cold. teacher. _ _ _ _ the fish .. Then listen again and say A's part with the speaker. 3 Down A: Do you know another The cheese is _ _ _ _ of the cato 2 The mouse is _ _ _ _ the tomatoes. Complete the crossword. secretary. bad ..3 Listen and check.. I I '---- B: Oh. hairdresser's.. a gym. They have a swimming pool.. The same word (L-.---- 1--- '--- 1--- r-- 3A Match three words from the box with conversations 1-3. Match places 1-4 with a)-f) in the picture. B: Oh.. 5 The bag is A: Like a gift shop. . 2 Across A: What near _ the cheese. I know an adjective for 'very good' . 7 The apples are do they have in the hotel? B: B: Oh. B 8. you're a teacher. 3 The grapes are _ _ __ of the cheese. . ~ - I underground 2 El N 2 men's toilets R A _ 3 women's toilets 4 taxis _ r-- 3 LEARN TO use examples 1--- - 1-- 1--- - 1--- .VOCABULARY prepositions of place (2) FUNCTION giving directions 1 Look at the picture and the clues. 6 The cat is . hot.

e) Yes. so we went to bed. d) Yes. o Complete the short answers aboye.the chíldren played. beautiful weather. 8 talk 16 meet a) No. A wonderful time. The only problem was the journey home. .1 Listen and check. and we 10 (have) breakfast next to the car. We left in the evening and arrived in the morning. then we 12 the beach and 13 (go) to bedat 11 o'clock in the morning! I really 14 (love) those holidays. No. A Bob I holiday? I Where I on I did I go Where díd 80b go on holíday? 2 he I did I travel? I How? 3 go l I did I When I he 4 w ith? I Who I he I did I go 5 holiday? I they I did I What I do I o n 6 home I late? I Why I they I were B Answer questions 1-6 aboye. Our holiday always 11 (start) with this breakfast (walk) along together. Fantastic holíday. lovely people. . e) No. The roads 7 (drive) about 600 bad and we 8 kilometres at night. e What's the word stress? Listen again and underline the main stress in the past forms aboye. and we 3 (not stay) in a hotel . There were problems with the plane we waited four hours at the airport. 2 3 4 5 _________________________________ B Complete the questions using the verbs from the box. . 1 He went to Thailand. We ate next to it.REVIEW AND CHECK 4: UNITS 7-8 2A Read the messages from Bob's blog. not on the first morning. dr+ve have (x2) be stay 3A go Write the past tense of the verbs. on the ground. We walked on the beach . Nina and the children loved it.planes and hotels 4 (be) too expensive. . We 2 (not go) by plane. A lot of time on the beach . . I like liked 9 become 1 Díd you dríve at night? 2 in a hotel? 3 breakfast in the car? 4 tired when you arrived? 5 ____________________ swimming in the sea? a good time? 6 6 ---------------------------------- 2 start 10 say 3 speak 11 take 4 know 12 think 5 cry 13 stop 6 look 14 listen 7 want 15 study C Match answers a)-f) with questions 1-6 aboye. liked started . so we only got home at twelve o'dock last night! he>liday in the l~e()s ur family holiday 1 was (be) always ( ) the same. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . GRAMMAR past simple 1A Complete the text with the past simple of the verb in brackets. We 5 (travel) by car (go) camping and we always 6 (not be) near the sea. expensive. 5 B b) Yes. Then put the words in the correct order to make questions.m. It was too ® RC4. we did a lot of reading . ~n 27th July: back from a week in Thaíland. We usually 9_ _ _ _ __ (arrive) at the campsite at about 7a.

I REVIEW AND CHECK 4: UNITS 7-8 VOCABULARY 4 VOCABULARY review Find four words for each group 1-5. KS: E y J N F W G E O L D B U I L D I N G S" y N O V E M B E R L D A B E F B O P P O X A A A G B A K H G Z B N L Z E T K A C y H A V P O T P Q G I S I T E D T 4 Dale's house is in front of Frank's house. 6 My car is behind _ _ _ _ _ _ '5 house. . IONext to I Next the newsagent's. 15 the food good? [JJ Holiday [2J Actions B: Well. B X U H Q X A R X R E E A G O O review 2 P I I I S H C F N y R F A Z G FUNCTION revision 6A Underline the correct alternative in the conversations. 3 Chuck's house is between Bob and Dale's house. activities Conyersation 2 see old buildings A: Do you know the Chinese restaurant sneor I in front here? C: Yeso A: 15 it good? C: It's 6right 101/ right but I like Italian food. Conyersation I A: lIs there l Is it a good restaurant near here? B: 2There's l Is a good Chinese restaurant oyer there . A: Oh. It was 12boring I fontostic. I think it's 4delicious lowful. A: Where? B: 30n the lefi: I Opposite of the bank. A: I see it. I M E L J A B N D A N C E L Q I E z N T R G P L D I R W I A T L C J A N U A R Y A W F U L O J A K P K P X L I G N E E A R M E B B G G S E P T E M B E R B M W H K J U N E N S P E A Z R K K E N G B X Y A L L C 2 Chuck's house is on the right of Bob's house. E C S L Bob's house is opposite Alan's house. [TI Months Prepositions of place A: Where? C: 9Behind I Between the bus oyer there.2 Listen and check. R W 5 My car is on the left of Frank's house. right. Yeso B [IJAd'Ject'Ives 11 How's ® RC4. E T I Q M Y 5 Read the sentences and complete sentence 6 with the correct name. 7There's I There are a great Italian restaurant 8opposite Ion right ofthe school. I Who's the food there? C: We ate there last night.

17 A: Did you see us? B: No. _ _ __ 14 A: How's the book? B: ____ very good. a) was 1 a) 1 think it's b) 1was b) 1 think is c) you were c) 1 think it 5 1 your friendo 15 Spanish? a) didn't met a) Did you speak b) didn't meet b) Did you spoke c) wasn't meet 6 We watched but we c) Spoke you 16 The film was _ _ __ a) didn't played a) all right b) not played b) delicious c) didn't play e) very not good 7 A: Where's the football? B: It's the tree. 1 Excuse me. April . 19 We _ _ _ _ for our holiday. it was a) is there a) delicious b) here is b) terrible c) is where c) boring 2 Ralph _ _ _ _ here yesterday. /201 . a) June a) did camping b) May b) went camp c) July 10 A: That was fantastic! c) went camping the bank over there? 20 He a) There you see a) go b) Do you see b) wents c) Let me check c) went home last week.) /-0 TEST Circle the correct option to complete the sentences. 12 He's a) wasn't a) in b) weren't b) on c) no was 3 He _ _ _ _ home last week.I C. c) at 13 Today's September the _ _ __ a) cried a) fiveteenth b) waited b) fifteenth c) moved e) fivteenth 4 A: Were you at work? B: Yes. 11 a supermarket near here? B: Yes. home. 1_ _ __ a) behind of a) didn't see b) behind b) didn't c) on the right 8 He c) don't saw the door with his key. a) was open 18 Peru was great! We _ _ _ _ a really good time! a) had b) open b) were c) opened c) got 9 March.) I "1: U I '\J I I .

1 SHOPPING I 2 GRAMMAR like. Theo loves playing tenn. It's not romantic! 7 the key to my fl at . in the rain with my girlfriend.. love./. . It's too cold! bad coffee . 3 in a restaurant alone. It's important to see the beginning! 3A Write the -ingform of the verbs. 2 B: Yes./ 4 7 move 2 come 8 stay 3 cry 9 see 4 laugh 10 talk 5 leave 6 make 12 watch II wait B Underline the correct alternative . I 4like / do. I only have one key! 8 xx 3 late for a film./. I feel so stupid . I usually leave early. I break . 3 A: Do you 6like / talk parties? B: No. 4 3 4 5 A: What 9 are / do you like doing on holiday? B: Ilove going to old cities and IOstaying / see. It 's relaxing. 17don't / don't like.s. Everybody looks at me! xx 2 4 to bad music. A: I 2/0ve / don 't like going to the cinema . I Shate / don 't it./ Complete the sentences with the -ingform of a verb from the box. 2 A: Do you like 3making / moving cakes? love like don't like hate ./ x xx Kate doesn't like blaying tennis./ . hate + -ing 1 Look at the table and write sentences about Kate go and Theo. And you? A: I love parties./. Ka te Theo x . goin~ I 2 camping in winter./ A: We saw Avatar on DVD yesterday. What about you? A: Me? No. . 5 6 old buildings./ 5 .. lose eat drink arrive get up dance walk What do you hate? I hate ./.it's too crowded and noisy. I never cook. I love coffee. I really like 8talking / laughing to new people. Or alone . B: I don 't like Iwatching / waiting films on DVD. and bad coffee is a waste of money. My best rest time is morning.9.

· They laughed. Speaker I S Look at the pictures and write the activities. 2 3 4 He liked the music. Speaker 2 Speaker 3 Speaker 4 o bot air balloon trip ~ Camping hOliday I t ~ photos 2 s _ __ 3 r _ __ 4c _ __ 5 g _ _ _ tothe 6 r _ __ [9 salsa less ons [QJ Dr:v:n~ a for~/a 1 car [I] bird watching day B Listen again and complete the table. · Cheryl was a great · dancer. · · · · · · · t _ __ Hi John PLAY GAME jL t:::==3 ~ 8 p _ _ _ c _ __ 7 ch _ __ 0 _ __ g--- 9 g_ _ _ on I • w _ __ 10 c _ __ .LlSTENING VOCABULARY activities ® 4A 9./ because didn 't like it (X) .1 Listen and match the speaker with the activity gift. Speaker liked (.1) it / I .

A: What did I 11 him the money! SIX GIFTS NOT TO GIVE l. A: Yes. take this List . A: Where did you B: I 2 1 buy that MP3 player? (X) HOME I NEWS . Next time you shop jor a present joryour girLfriend 01' wije. it? A: It was a birthday present for my son but it was too big. P A I D e o s T A E G o T K K D W A D G A V E S B e o U G H T N G F S S R N G M Q s T H B H I J E E I B F G V o L L P U S G E T Q L R Y S o L D B Complete the conversation with the words BRead the article and check your ideas. but do you think I need a holiday?' 3 'You bought me the same gift last year and I only went three times!' 4 'They 're fantastic. A: How much did it 3_ _ __ B: It 4 fFOR MEN ONLY:W fifty euros. ARTICLES BLOG it online.this is the same as a photo frame with no picture.' • A vase with no flowers .the message here is 'Vou're a bad cook' or 'Please cook for me. Fut a picture of the two of you in the írame (and NOT a picture oí you alone!). Give her flowers but no vase . flowers die. but true love never dies! CRead the women's sentences. • A gift certificate to a gym . the wrong colour.' 7 'It's red..they're always the wrong size. B: And where's your MP3 player now? A: It wasn 't right. but where am I?' 6 '1Iike it.VOCABULARY money READING 1A 2A Circle six money verbs and their past Look at the pictures. Maybe.' • A photo frame with no picture . or just wrong. • A set of luggage .. Which gitt did they get? I ' But I make dinner for you every night! ' Q cookbook 2 'They're very useful . A: Really? I 5 thirty euros for the same one last year. Let me get something from the garden to put in it.. Which ones are good gifts tor women (~) and which ones are bad gifts tor women? tense torms.. He 9_ _ _ _ one from his grandfather! B: And what did Alan Sometimes it's difficuLt to buy a good gijt.a frame with no picture is a big question mark.maybe she needs luggage. he does. in Exercise lA. You know I don 't like red!' . and DON'T buy these things! it on line. 11's an empty feeling.!0UR WIFE OR GIRLFRIENEJ IO_ _ _ _ Alan? I from you? 12_ _ __ • Clothes . Really beautiful!' 5 'It's nice. so I 7 B: Why did you 8 B: So. B: Did I 6 too much? A: I don't know. but from you this gift says '1 want you to leave m e.this gift te11s her 'Vou're too fati' • A cookbook . your son doesn't have an MP3 player now. Yes. and easy to buy a bad one.

him) or possessive adjectives (her. I phoned them they didn't answer. etc. We usually go in my boyfriend Jason's caro 1 bought my Prada sunglasses last year and my Prada sunglasses are important because 1 like reading at the beach and 1 can't read without my Prada sunglasses.. mother and sister gave 9 a box. he. and she hated 4 . B: Sorry. B Complete the text with object pronouns (me. important. 3 A: So. 4 My Matts Speed mountain bike is my number one. t o th e weren't 6 A: Helio. I A: A re Denny and Bar b at home? B: I don't know. and my husband. not for 5 " she said. her. W hen I gave 2 t he and said pen box. 's B: I li ke small but I live alone so _ _ _ _ 's good for me.number three!' I got a clock for my mother. B: 1 My cat Cinderella 1 got my cat Cinderella three years ago and ~ Cinderella is a real lady. My mum gave my Matts Speed mountain bike to me.y cat Cil . My cat Cinderella always comes when 1 call my cat Cinderella's name! My cat Cinderella always comes with us on holiday and 1 sit in the back seat of the car with my cat Cinderella. I'm not a bad personoBut I'm not very lucky with gift-giving. you. I My cat Cinderella her I got II . 'Th is is for 10 !' th ey said.. a perfect gift because the Matts Speed mountain bike is the best mountain bike. 5 A: I didn 't get your emails . his). how's the new f1at? B: --- but 2 A: When did you see Anna? B: Who Ol what do you always take on holiday? thin k know you from somewhere. I laughed w ith all of 13 _ _ __ 4 Look at the conversations. expensive pen but he had two of 1 them . a cl ock and a scarf.) .GRAMMAR object pronouns WRITING captions 3A SA Complete the table. ' Happy !' I opened Birthday fro m all of 11 12 . maybe I sent wro ng address. Do you remember _ _ _ _ ? My name's Gil!. Complete S's part with the correct pronoun. Use t he words in bold to help. 2 My boyfriend Jason 1 know my boyfriend Jason from university and Iill'. a lo t . I bought my husband a beautiful. 4 A: Hey.. how does Martin know you two? met him at t he party last Friday. 'l' m not old!' I found a lovely scarf for my sister.. 3 My Prada sunglasses was at t he offi ce. boyfriend Jason and 1 like travelling together.del ella th ree years . B Rewrite the underlined parts of the captions using pronouns (she. he opened 3 'Great . 1 got my Matts Speed mountain bike for my birthday. nice to meet you. I gave _ _ _ _ you r nu mber. Subject pronoun Object pronoun I lme 2 you he 3 4 her it 5 6 us they 7 Read the text and match captions 1-4 with items A-D. . I'm Sue. Inside was a pen. I sent 6 to 7_ _ __ in the post but she never got 8_ _ __ Then my birthday came. 'Clocks are for old people. He t old about you.

.for Bill)' a.~ lips+ic... A: Would you white bread or brown? 9 t--- 10T C 1 1 I"WI J f--- B: Brown.~ (Tra.. please..for t'Y'Ie (Mef\)s _ _ a.. la.lo+hes 4.3 Listen again to the questions and practise answering with the hesitation phrases.for 'i a.. t'Y'IOlAse l __ 4- SlAe ( _ _ phof\es) lO a.f\d _ _) 7 sc. I 4- C Listen again and check...f. please. ) 4. love an apple juice or something.c. ~ 9.. please.hool shoes .--- 6 1--- .for +he o. I don't know...~ shoes) " a.3 VOCABULARY shopping departments FUNCTION making requests 1 2A (El 9. Er .__) LEARN TO use hesitation phrases 5 shoes .a.. Let me see .3 Listen to the questions and write your 8 sha. +owe I (Bed a.4 Listen to someone answer the questions. Um ..hes) B: Yes.. 4A Write hesitation phrases at the beginning of your answers in Exercise 3A. .t'Y'Ip ..c. Sit down .---- Sc 1--- . I Well .fic..e (FlArf\ih.f\d ~t'Y'Iil)' " B: Nice flat! A: Thanks. Which question does she not answer? e Listen again and number the hesitation phrases in the order you hear them..---- 1--- 1--- t--- Ilike (x2) 1--- 1--- t--- Conversation I ~ 1--- t--- A: What would¡(like? 1--- t--- 7 B la B 1 1 t--- 1--- '---- 1--- B Complete the conversations with the words in the box. a. 1--- C a yot:t that 'd I'd I you B: I like a cheese sandwich..lo+hes 4... I'd that sweater..t'Y'Ipoo a. re 4. Let me think.for ~t'Y'Iil)' ( ..2 Listen and match conversations 1-3 with places a)-c). IJ 2 E w l 3 E L L 1E R a) someone's home Y b) a shop c) a snack bar 4 1L 1 1 . t--- Conversation 2 f--- A: Can help you? B: Yes. Would you like drink? a..t'Y'Ie .. TV (Hot'Y'le _ _ :3 a.+c. swea.for SlAe ( .. ® B 9. I'd like brown one. 12S I "------- A: This one? B: No. Conversation 3 A: Come in. Shoppin~ a....k .+er ® 3A 9. rif\~ ( _ _ ~ 4- 'iS+ wa.. Oh . Read Pete's shopping list and complete the crossword with department na mes. I 2 3 4 ® B 9. ba.

.. 6 had the wrong information? remember golf 6 bean lunch ... e) People can 't understand your English. ____ clothes coffee ....... ride a bike 8 football .' three languages e) You don't know any prices............... 'It's too short.. 3 a motorbike a car .... I shop assistant c) 2 tour guide 3 chef 4 hairdresser 5 singer 2 England German .... b) The customer says.........J 10......................1 PLANS VOCABULARY verb phrases LlSTENING 1 2A Matchjobs 1-5 with problems al-e).. B ® 10. Write the jobs from Exercise 2A.. amap C Listen again and write the number of the speaker................ 5 thought he /she lost the job? words tennis ............1 Listen to people talk about their new jobs..... Cross out the incorrect alternative............ Speaker I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ drive a bus Speaker 2 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Speaker 3 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ 4 a seat ~ ... Who: I didn't know answers to questions? a newspaper 2 laughed at a customer? 3 spoke another language very well? 5 4 had abad second day? a name information .. cook Chinese food 7 aplane .. a) You can't remember the music. d) You don't like food ......

9 A: OK.L~1S "" ~ ". 3 He ____________________________________ 6 * Pryvet = helio in Conversation Russian. B: you / speak? / What / can / languages 4 A: speak / I / and / can / Russian / Italian. business card? 2 B: Let me look. ® B 10. I don't have my glasses.* A: Oh. 10. you have the job! . 7 A: But you / Spanish / can / cook / food? 4 She __________________________________ 8 B: Yes. The chef is ill.5 He _____________________________________ 6 She ___________________________________ . can / I / cook. is there a problem? A: Yes. Stefanie.:.1 GRAMMAR can/can't 3A Look at the pictures and write the sentences. Conversation 2 2 She __________________________________ x A: I studied languages at university.2 Listen and A: Thanks. 3 A: Big problem. B: That's OK. A: it / very / can 't / I / see / well.. 5 B: Pryvet. 4 Put the words in bold in the correct order in the conversations. 3 B: It says globaltiger@nortex. you speak Russian! B: Yes. ~\?if'1#t. read / you / the / address / email / can on this He can't remember names but he con remember numbers. Pay attention to the pronunciation of can /bn/ and can't /ka:nt!..::1!1t R 1C§fu_"'¡ '" ~ '" ~ 2" ~ !& ~. Then listen and say the sentences with the recording. it / quite / I / cook / can / well. very / not / but / well. you / Can / me? / help I Con you help me? B: Yes. Conversation I A: Hi.

€) Don't talk about it a lot . how can we be sure we reach it? Here are seven top tips: O Write the goal on a piece of paper.000 in six months: {) Give a start and finish date.1 4 really _ __ My office is beautiful but now 1can't find things. money is important. (1) Be sure the goal is your goal.'l'm going to save money'. That wasn't a problem before. too! ' i) 'Put a little in the bank every week.' 4. Ask him or her for help.' . then last year 13_ __ _ _ _ and became a chef in a Freneh restaurant.' c) 'Put your important papers in boxes. Put a cross by two bad ideas. f) Do something to reach your goal every day. a) 'It's expensive and it's bad for you!' 5 b) 'Do sport every lose energy that way. 1went to the gym every day and 12 very _ __ But after two months 1became bored. Now I can't find the note. Write dates on the boxes. Someone says. two months or one year later.' C Complete the texts with the past forms of phrases from Exercise lA.' d) '1 wrote a note on my computer: 'Next year I'm going to change my job' . but money isn't important to me.1 wanted to change so late less and l' lost a lot of weight : 20 kilograms. and 1was bored. B Match mistakes a)-f) with ideas 1-7 above.' c) '1 talk to everyone about my goal. So 15 less and more. 1bought some boxes and put everything in the correet plaee. but it's important to like your work.5 b) 'Today I didn't do anything about a new job.' j) 'Go to a restaurant together. I sove money 2 c _ _ _ _ jobs 3 h others 4 g fit 5 s smoking 6 weight 7 w less and relax more 8 something new 9 s more time with friends and family 10 g organised B Match sentences a)-j) with phrases 1-10 above. there's no change. When we have a goal. 6 Tell a friend your goal. all the tim e. e) My best friend said 'Look for a job with more money'.2 VOCABULARY 1A life changes Complete the phrases. a language or a hobby' g) 'Stop eating chocolate!' h) 'Yes. Lifechanges aren't always good r~ "" Last January 1was 150 kilograms. Talking is not doing. 16_ __ more time my friends. Now it's June and Iweigh 180 kilograms! For ten years 1worked in a bank. But 1hate it It's very hard and I'm always tired! Last month 1moved office. 'I'm going to lose weight~ 'I'm going to change jobs~ 'I'm going to stop smoking: One month.' d) 'Fifty hours a week is too much!' e) 'Give money or give your time' f) 'For example. Don't say. O Make the goal concrete. f ) '1 don't talk to anyone about my goal. not a goal that someone gave you . How to reach~ your goals Here's a typical situation. say. You want to do. a) '1 want to change my job so me time in the fúture. So 1went back to work! READING 2A Read the article and tick two good ideas. 'l'm going to save $1. Put it over your desk. But often my friends didn't have a lot of time.10. Last year 1became very tired because 1was at work twelve hours a day.

-74 -. I wanted to meet but i didn't got a text or email back from you. I She 's ~oin~ to change her name because she doesn 't like the name 'Princess'. (come) Complete the sentences so that they are true for you. A: How about Barry? B: He going to come. so let's meet. Do you have any plans for the weekend? On Tuesday I went to the market and bought a to B: We're gOingAvisit Mario and Julia tonight.'m going to chan~e jobs next year OR . yeah. It's too dangerous. He's to stay home and study. 5 l/do sport / this weekend . 6 Liam and Otto / phone me / tonight. Jayne . leather jacket a ring and a lamp. It were really interesting.'m not going to 3 Complete the sentences with the correct form (positive or negative) of the verb in brackets. Did you get my email. they 're onl y going to here fo r a week.17 "~jé. B: Yeah . .. (Iook) 10 Tina really loves her old camera so she 4 I it. 2 I / move house / soon. I go to t he Blue Mosque on monday. I'm going to work tomorrow. I'm going to to Saigon in June.~ " ~ "'~. (drive) b) five mistakes with the verbs 9 There's something wrong with my computer so Jim at it. WRITING checking your work 7 My mother can't read maps so we _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a GPS for her caro(buy) 6 8 We _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to Scotland because there's a very good. really? I going to see them tomorrow. I seen Istanbul alone. I was in Istanbul for three days. (climb) 4 They to bed early tonight because their bus is at six o'clock tomorrow morning. (sell) Complete the conversation with the words in the box. A: I know.c. I'm Jack Soames and today I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ about the problems with city transporto (talk) 3 The weather's bad so I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ the mountain today. 3 My friends and I / meet / this weekend. ~~'klli~:l"":""'" 10.2 5 GRAMMAR be going to I / change jobs / next year. Do you want to come with me? B: Sure. change jobs next year. (go) 5 Jaime has problems with his English so tomorrow his teacher him with extra lessons. Find and correct: a) five mistakes with the punctuation / capital letters Hi Elif. I take a lot of photos. So do you want to meet this weekend ? A: Well... A: Oh. (change) 2 Good morning. It was fan tastic? A: Hi . Then are going to fl y back to Saigon. (help) 6 Mark and Ruth don't like parties so they _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ on Friday. fast train service and the roads aren 't very good . Sal. I'm going to go on a long walk tomorrow. 4 My teacher / teach me / next year. B: Great. te going be not go they isn 't 'm Read the email.~ ".

And you? A: Me too.. good food .. erm . B: It's good. OK: Maybe in Cardiff. A : OK. B: I'm fine. S Hi. A: But this isn't Bath. Well. 7 I have to a meeting at four. 4 This is my email address. A: Oh.3 Listen and check. I'm sorry.. 3 It was great to meet you. too. c_____________________________ o 8 Very nice to meet yOU . B Complete the conyersations with sentences 1-10 aboye. Er . 4 Do you have on the time? d) Yes. a) I hope~ I mine. This is James's flat. What do you do think of the party? LEARN TO 2A respond naturally Match the sentence halyes to complete the responses.10. 10 This is my one station. It's Swindon! B: Iknow. A: Thanks. d _____________________________ .4 Listen and check.j_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _~_ _ _ _ __ B: Yeah.. 3A saying goodbye Find and circle nye words. Bath. S I like this restaurant! 6 Here's my cardo Conversation I A: a Hi. 2 This is a nice place. I I hope you're at the party on Friday. it's half past three. I'm notoIlive in Cardiff. f _____________________________ B: Yes. . too. B Complete the phrases tor saying goodbye with the nye words trom Exercise 3A. Conversation 2 A: Excuse me. how are you do? 6 I hope we meet us again. . I'm James's sister. g.. A: Oh. Then listen and repeat. below. e________________________ B: Er . C ® 10.. howore you? 7 I hope we meet again. Nice to talk to you. B Match responses a)-d) aboye with the sentences 8 I can to see an old friend over there. A : b______________________________ C B: No._____________________________ B: To Bristol. 2 so. 9 Nice to talk on to you. thanks. Nice people. VOCABULARY A : Who's James? B: It's his party.. Oh. too. ·'______________________________ In Swindon.3 FUNCTION starting and finishing conversations 1A Cross out the extra word in each sentence. look! h_____________________________ A: But this isn't Bristol! B: Did I say Bristol? I meant . it's 4 you .. ® 10. someone from university. 2 Where are you are going? b) Nice to meet 3 So are you from all around here? c) Here's 3 really good. What's your name? B: I'm ..

Can you walk? Can you jump? Then you can dance. But do you sometimes speak? Can people they understand you? Then your pronunciation is not a problem and you can to speak English just fine. No. I'm d to change jobs soon and in my new job the meetings e going to be in English. I _ _ _ read and write English but I can't speak 9 . Matilda loves dancing and she loves you . He's fourteen years old now but he d swim. You going to be fine! Dear Kensie. Find and correct two mistakes in each answer.and she can b very well. What can Ido? 5 can / Wall y / swim? 6 Wally / like / water? 7 Daniel / do / his homework? 8 can / he / read / write English? 2 I are e can't going went us hated him 's going Complete the answers. my husband Herb and I to the sea every summer but our little son Wally always b going in the water. he Many years ago. He can take swimming lessons? Or can you go on a mountain holiday? Dear Daniel. and of course the first dance is me and Matilda . My problem is that I e dance. and I don't d dancing so I hate e to parties. Remember. What can Ido? a b Daniel 3 Yes. and I always my homework but I don't often speak in class beca use I don't C_ _ __ my p ronunciation . B Read them again. Next year Herb and I e going to go on a beach holiday and we want Wally to come with f_ _ __ He says he 9 to stay at home. What can we do? a Kensie 3 I it can I like make do are studying like going English. he can 't 2 No. Next month we're going f_ _ __ get married. he 6 No. Many people say they can't dancing. Wally don't can stay home alone. You do not need to use one word/phrase. he 2A Read the answers to the problems in 1A. There 9 going to be dancing. You say you don't often speak in class. she 5 No. I dl't1"tcing can't like going to to going dance 2 he / like / dance? 's 3 can / Matilda / dance? 4 Matilda / like / dance? My girlfriend Matilda loves a dancing .I~ REVIEWAND CHECK 5: UNITS 9-_1O _ _ _ _ _ _~___ B Complete the questions. Which do you think is the best answer? . Dear Martin. he 8 Yes. she 4 Yes. he 7 Yes. GRAMMAR revision I can / Martin / dance? Can Martin dance? 1 A Complete the texts with a word/phrase from the box. So we didn't take e to the beach. he's 14 and that's very young.

. take ph remember ph the w oman near the 8 cook Italian fo nu m bers A: Well. J:J ~J Hj A: Sorry.. Complete the phrases. lean see an old friend over get fi office chair. B: That's not your friend! That's my wife. 3 three?! I have A: Is that the ? My t rain's games & Shoes drive a ca 4_"_ _ _ at three. B: Here's my card oJames Bond that's me. Travel & Luggage l:J you spea k two la B: It's ver¡ hoto Um . nice 9_ _ _ _ meet you.. I hat e th is 7 but nice to see a frie ndly face. going to the th ~ 5_ with friends and family spend mo re ti play te keep in to A: This is my friend from work.2J help ot get or chat on see an 01 friend ® B RCS. H ow's the party? Marty. . see you so Mens elothes & Sh learn so new . make co A: Goodbye. see you la A: Well. would you 2 wo rk le e 1" Would like a drink? pl aying co eh il dren's el a cup of tea? and relax more B: Nice idea. A: Good morning. stop sm B: Nice to 6_ _ __ you .~ C: T he music's bad. Flo.l Listen and check. I can't thi ~k.VOCABULARY revision FUNCTION revision 3 4A Complete the poems. Then listen and say the poems with the recording. . Time to go! wj -~ read wo in Arabic lose w e see you in two we go on long wa . I hope we meet Tj _ __ B: Let 's meet tonight at half past ten.

I a) like b) 'd want c) 'd like 10 It 's a good idea to _ _ _ _ more time with friends. a) getting. Thanks. Where are the televisions? B: They're in Home _ _ __ a) Entertainment b) Luggage c) and Garden 3 My boyfriend doesn't like _ _ _ _ to parties. a) save 11 She sing at the party. I a) cook b) do c) make get a new jobo I a) 'm going to b) going to c) 'm going tea. 14 1want to a) stop. having c) getting. 1_ _ _ _ we meet again! a) see. lose b) lose . a) paid b) payed c) bought 16 A: Goodbye! B: See you three weeks! a) at b) in c) after 17 Ilike up early. hope b) look. but 1hate breakfast alone. our c) you r. a) can't very well b) can't c) don't can 2 A: Excuse me. a) doesn't going to b) isn 't going to c) is going not to 12 My favourite activity is long walks. having b) geting. Phone a) you. haveing 18 Oh . I I can speak Japanese but I write it. B: I don't know. please. get c) stop. a) going in b)goingon c) walking in 13 1had dinner with a) they b) us c) them smoking and _ _ _ _ weight. save 15 A: Where did you buy this? B: 1 it online. hope c) look. /201 . us you like a drink? a) Would b) Do c) Did coffee every morning. 4 5 6 7 8 9 a) go b) going c) goes So are you here? a) from around b) around c) from this A: When can I see tomorrow.1i-iIlI. want 19 _ _ _ _ drive? a) Do you can b) Are you can c) Can you 20 My daughter likes _ _ _ _ photos. b) take a) making c) spend b) taking c) doing l'i-i·. this is my station.TEST 5: UNITS 9-10 TEST Circle the corred option to complete the sentences. us b) you.

please? A: I'm from Poland . I'm Lynn. A: Meilin Zhu. 6 Argentina A: Is Mr Martin here? B: Meilin . the teacher. which pagel B: Seven. Rufus Kean. sorry. 4 Italy - I I'm an American student. B: How do you spell Walsh? A: W -a-I-s-h. S seven. A: And you. Pat. 4 A: I'm Marek. Ireland. I amo Look here's a nurse. 3 five. A : Is it a Panasonic? B: Rufus. Ozien dobry! 3 Japan... two . 2 B: Z -h-u. I'm Ed. It's my first time here. Poland. I'm a nurse. Lynn Baker. B: No. Helena! B: Yes. Jackie. are you English? A: No. 3 Are you an actor? 4 I'm an engineer from Madrid. he is. 5 Australia. 6 A : Hi. Doctor Baker. too? C: No. Marcus. . A: G-i-a-c-o-m-o. A: OK. - B: Oh helio. 111 3 A: Are you from Poland. I'm Sylvia White. 6 three. It's an Olympus. How do you spell Vicky? A: Good morning. Russia. You 're in Room 9. B: No. S A : Hi. 4 zero. 2 You're a New York taxi driver.AUDIOSCRIPT ID phone football bus hotel chocolate DVD 111 one. I'm Cathy. China - A: Excuse me. . you are. Understand . B: Oh. helio. 2 A: Hi. B: V-i-c-k-y. A: Ooh l B: R-u-f-u-s. How do you spell Zhu? 7 Saudi Arabia B: Yes. A: Rufus Kean. Jan. A: R-u-f-u -s. I'm a student. 2 B: Oh. nine . four . Are you from Canada? B: Yes . 3 A: Louise Walsh. Are you here on holiday? A: We don't use verbs that way in our language. six . My name's Anna. South Africa B: Ah yes. A: Hi . How do you spell that? B: No. sorry. B: No problem .. B: Yes. - A: Excuse me? Am I in the Japanese class? A: Are you the teacher? C: No. A: What's autobus in English? B: It's bus. 5 I'm a hotel waiter. Nice to meet you. K-e-a-n? A: That 's right. C: Oh . B: Nice to meet you. A: Oh. A : Z -h-u.. Spain 2 A F S R N A: Are you a nurse? A: What's casa in English? 2 England. Nice camera! 6 B: Thanks. B: That 's right. Marcus. B: Sorry.. A: Hi. . A: U-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n -d. - A: Mr Mancini. A: Nice to meet you. from Australia. B: I don't understand. A: That 's J-a. I am oAnd you. A: Oh. eight . 3 A: Sorry. C: Where are you from? B: Can you say it. I'm from Ireland. Are you from England? C: Hi. 2 eight. B: Can you repeat that. here's Misaki. What's your first name? B: Gi acomo. .. She's from Japan. I'm from Russia. I'm noto I'm a student. it isn't. Mrs White. 5 2 B: Yes? B E I T 4 H U W Q 5 V C Y P 6 X Z L D 111 A: My name 's Alexandra Baecher.. I'm a doctor. Brazil K 3 G A: B-a-e-c-h-e-r. I'm here on business. too. one . 4 A: What's your name? B: Vicky Watson. Anna. He's in Room 8. this is Jackie. B: How do you spell Baecher? B: No.. I don't know.. G-i-a-c-o-m-o. this is Anna. . A: Vicky Watson . please? A: Marek..

heidih0251 @itmail.. .. 3 A: Let's stop.. A: OK. You're the number two junior tennis pi ayer in the USA. A: Let's have a A: jorgelopes@toggle. 1: B: Great. Let 's work. 2b C: Sure. A: e-v. B: No. 3b A: And your email address! 1: And your sister's an international tennis player. 1: And your brothers and sister! B: Yes. g-o-r . I'm tired. And . 15 it e as in England! 1: And you're a great sportswoman yourse lf. A: Let's stop. A: h-e-i-d. y as in... supermarket. B: OK. Your mother's a swimmer. er. 1 understand .. B: Yeso a-n-n-a. A: ji 3 B: No. my parents and my brother are very good actors. i as in it or in . 3a B: Good idea. 4 1: So.AKL 7 PEK 8 YOW 9 KUL 4 CPH 5 DXB 10 ZRH 6 SIN 12 MUC 11 HKG . your father's a footballer . A: j not g.. B: Just a minute. yeso y-ve-s.. my sister's a film ac tress and one of my bro thers.. B: OK. Jack. B: Great. A: Let's go. B: lopes. 5 What's his family name! 6 Where's our bus! 7 Where's their room! 1: Be n. A: OK. is an actor. 1: Oh. But . . s as in . 1: For example! lb B: Well. your sister ... Wait... is it a problem! C: 15 what a problem! B: j-o-r-g-e. 1: You're from a very big sports family. ID 4a 4b C: Yeso A: Yeah. . la B: Great. OK. ID A: Let's have a break. it 's not a problem.. A: johanna999 . You're actors. isn't in the acting business. B: Yes.. what's his job! A: Let's stop. too. Lopez! 1: Well . let 's not stop.. we ll . C: That's right. How do you spell your first name! B: Not e-v. a-n-n-a! C: Yeso B: OK. 2a 1: Celeste. erm. B: I-o-p-e . B: That's right.her films are very good and . A: My email address is jorgelopes@ toggle. Yes. it's new for me . 1: Ah. B: Why no t! What's the problem! A: I'm tired! B: Oh ... B: Goo d idea! 1: And is it a problem! B: 15 what a problem! B: Great idea. 1: Right. 2 4 A: Let's go. A: Let's have a drink. C : Seventeen. your family are all in the same business. j-o-h-a-n-n-a. y-o-h B: No. just a few questions. B: Yeso 1: And you're from a family of actors. B: Great idea. I¡tilll brother 6 actor 2 children 7 thirsty 3 river 8 building 4 mountain 9 daughter 5 husband 1«411 AMS 2 ICN 3 . In the top ten in the world. 2 A: What's your email address! B: It's johanna999@gomail. A: No. 2 B: Good idea. A: Let's stop. 1 What's her job! 3 Where's he from! B = Ben A: Let 's have a drink. let's not work now.- A: What's your email address! B: It's yvesbedi373@yippee. you're an actor. already at sixteen years old . B: OK. B: Great idea. A: Let's eat. A: Let's go. You're from an acting family.. B: He's a teacher. A: Let's eat. Dave. my parents are actors. 111 B: Well . . B: Good idea.. A: Yeso C: No. z as in zool 1 = Interviewer C = Celeste 111 2 Where's she from! 4 He's from Spain. - A: Let 's eat. j-o-r . . But my other brother. . j-o-h . B: heidih025 1@itmail. And my sister . y-v. it is a problem sometimes.

too! number? A: And what's your email address? B: It 's adel327@cmail. 4 CPH is Copenhagen Airport in Denmark. B: The restaurant? No. . 3 AKL is Auckland Airport in New Zealand. please. 2 C: Excuse me. . yes. B: Hi. I think my favourite colour is yellow. 6 SIN is Changi Airport in Singapore. the sun. One cake. five hours.. C: Er. make that two of those chocolate cakes.DIII B: My favourite colour. I. an espresso and a cappuccino. sparkling mineral water. B: Look. B: It's four-five -seven-one-seven-sixtwo. . brown. Can I have a mineral water? A: Still or sparkling? C: Still. 3 A: No. can I have a cake? A: What's your favourite colour? A: A cake. A: Excuse me . OK! B: espresso and on~ cappuccino. G-o-n-t-a. D: Er ... these are my favourite trousers and jacket and they 're brown. A: Yeah. C: YesoTwo cakes. can we have two colas and one tea . B: No.1. A: Adel . Sorry. A: That's two egg sandwiches on brown bread. 4 These are my parents. 5 DXB is Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates. what's your favourite colour? A: OK. 8 YOW is Ottawa International Airport in Canada. And what's your phone D: Hmm. one sparkling I. AII my shoes are brown .DII' A: . My T-shirt 's red and my shoes.. it's a happy colour.t411 AMS is Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. please. Steve and Beth. A: Sorry. 2 ICN is Incheon Airport in Seoul. Erm .. Let's have a drink. the café. B: Let's go to the café. Let's go to the café. Have you got a minute? A: A-d-e-I. red . c-m-a-i-I. G-o-n-d-a. 2 B: Good idea! A: What's your favourite colour? D: Yes. And two coffees . 7 PEK is Beijing Capital International Airport in China. the beach . Erm . please. A: A-d-a-I . it's Adel. let's not go to the café. Domingo. yellow.. you can see. C: I don't know.. OK. brown. Well. Yes. G-o-n-d-a. What's the problem. 9 KUL is Kuala Lumpur Airport in Malaysia. Hey. A: And two cakes.. D: Yes. A: OK. and one tea.. D: That's right. right .. . 3 B: A-d-e-I . South Korea. 5 Is that a number 43 bus over there! 6 Are those your books over there? 7 Who is that woman with Harry? 8 Who are those children? ID ID A: Good afternoon. but no. yes. that's true. C: Yes. Yes.. . A: Nice shoes.. Mad am. A: Mineral water? A: Is it blue. yes. A: Erm . B: Thanks. 10 ZRH is Zurich Airport in Switzerland. And of course my car is red. sorry. Kieron? What? No cola? OK. You know. A: Can I help you? go to the restaurant. One cola. and what's your name? B: A: a-d-e-I . A: Dot com! B: Yeso ID Is this your book here on the table? 2 What are these boxes here on my chair? 3 This is my friend. W e're very busy. the Netherlands.. B: Adel Gonda. A: Oh no! Five hours in the airport! A: Why red? A: Two. can we have two egg sandwiches. So. OK.. mineral water. please.. C: No problem. A: How do you spell that? B: A-d-e-I.. A: Why? A: Anything else? C: Yellow's a happy colour. just a minute . II HKG is Hong Kong International Airport. me too.. A: s-m-a-i-I? B: No.. please? A: On brown bread or white? B: Er .. no. I'm thirsty. A: Of course! A: OK. D: Yeso One cake. A: Helio. maybe? Your sweater's blue and your bago A: So that's one cola. brown. 111 What's your name? 2 Where do you live? 3 Why do you live in two cities? 4 Who do you live with? 5 What's your job? 6 What do you play? . can I ask you a question? A: Anything el se? B: Yeah? C: Er. B: a-d-e-I-3-2-7at cmail ... Let's B: Thanks. . 12 MUC is Munich Airport in Germany. one water. I think it's red ..

A: Hi. 1: Angela and Matt are from new shoes. 4 A: Does he speak English in class? M: . Twin Taxi Company. B: So let's have a break. 7 A: Does he watch films in English? B: Yes. I'm here every morning but not in the afternoon. . and Matt. B: 1work at night and go to un iversity in the morning. he doesn't. A: No. really . he doesn 't. and at the weekend . money. . it's a twenty-four-hour taxi service . Angela . he does. A: Yeah.m. . B: Yes. Let's meet in the evening for coffee. the taxi! 1 Sunday IKiJ' 5 Wednesday 2 Tuesday 6 Monday 3 Thursday 7 Saturday 4 Friday A: What time is it now? B: It's quarter to three.. B: At Simpson's Restaurant. B: No. We have one taxi. . She's seventeen . 2 A: See you on Friday! B: OK. well let me ask you some questions. When's the party? B: Oh. A/M: Yes. . thanks. And . new computer . too. B: Can 1 have a tea? 2 111 A: The film is at eight. sorry. it's at ten .- A: We have coffee together every morning at six. my husband . ID A: Are you here tom o rrow? A: Does Calvin come to class on time? B: Yes. thanks. 2 does 8 reads A: . he does. 2 3 teaches 9 knows A: When's the party? 4 listens 10 watches 1: And what do you two usually talk about? 5 asks 6 stops 11 writes wants M: The usual. 111 1 one o'clock 2 quarter past five 2 A: Does he ask questions in class? B: Yes. . he does. . He's three and she's four years old.a new phone. . and 1start work. they 're thirty-six years old . 12 goes A: . day and night. Matt? 4 half past nine 5 A: Does he write in the class blog? 5 quarter to seven 6 seven o'clock 6 A: Does he read English books? t>1: 1 have two children. 1: So twin brother and sister. 4 A: Can 1 have a coffee? 1: In the same taxi.. 1don't sleep! M: And 1 drive in the evening. That's a lot of work. when . A: When are the English lessons? A: Not ten. B: We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 7p. twin taxis . . 1work every day. you and Matt have a taxi company. B: Can you say that again? 3 A: Can 1 have water? B: Sparkling or still? A: 1think 1want sparkling. . 1feel very ill. A: I'm tired and hungry. They're twins. M: Helio. well we both have children . 8 half past two 1: And you Angela? A: One girl . he doesn 't .. . . A: Wh y are you so tire d? B: Can 1 have a cake? A: 1drive in the morning and in the afternoon . yes? A: That's right. 1: . 3 A: Do you have work this week? 4 M: Well. A: Half past ni ne. new clothes. 5 A: And we love it. Well. he doesn't.. and they always want something new . he does. A: So let's have a coffee. actually twenty-two hours. It's great! 1: Eleven hours a day. 111 1: OK. Angela. 8 A: Does he do his homework? B: No. B: Yes. A: Sorry? 7 says M: Yeah . 1 drive eleven hours. and at night. M: Yes. 1 stop work then . 1: Oh? So who drives? B: Half past nine. 1: Twins? 7 quarter past four M: No! A son and a daughter. in England. . A: At ten.. OK. it's at eight! B: Oh good . not where.good name for the company! A: We don't have two taxis. mywife . OK. You both work a lot. At ten. 3 quarter to twelve 1: How many children do you have.. and Angela drives eleven hours. When do you two see each other? A: What time's the football match? B: No.two taxis . children. 111 1 =Interviewer A =Angela 1: The taxi? M =Matt 1: Today's programme is about 'double lives' and we have in the studio a sister and brother. Diana. B: Yes. 3 A: Does he liste n to the answers? B: No. B: The football match? At half past nine.

.. guided tour D: Lovely. and can I have sugar. S money exchange B: No problem . . 2 C: Excuse me? B: Yes. C: Yes. there isn't a guided tour at five today. Erm . C: We're fro m New Zeal and . fat? A: Excuse me? I snack bar S newsagent's B: Yes.m. twelve and so on? ID A: OK. ID B: . it leaves at half past nine . at ten. hamburgers .. I know it. and is this your first time in Belfast? B: It's twenty-five euros. A: Tea or coffee. I = interviewer G = George A: So George.. Auc kland . fish and vegetables. I have a question. what time is it in Moscow now ? B: Can I help you? A: It's . Where are you from? B: At five p. Thank you..m. eleven.sumo training. So what do you do in the morning? B: I go to work. can I help you? 2 inte rnet café 6 cash machine B: Yes. A: When do you eat? Do you have lunch? B: Yes. can I help you? C: Do you have a gift shop? B: Yes. these. B: That's right.. about the weather? B: From seven to half past ten. .. and it's our first time in Ireland. B: Do you have any bags? A: OK. for two weeks. we go there. then one. B: North Street? A: When does it cl ose? B: Yes. C: Oh. A: Really? Six litres? B: And then . thanks. A: Thank you very mucho 2 B: You 're welcome. o n Saturday... B: It opens at nine a. A: And do you have a big breakfast? B: No. . please. A: And you aren't hungry? You do sport with no food . B: No. A: How much does it cost? B: Ah . . Oh .things like that? B: No. What time does it open and close? B: It opens at ten and closes at four. . A: .. . that's very interesting. Do you eat a lot of food? B: Well . . one adult and two child re n. So. A: Enjoy your drink. I usually eat ·Chanko-nabe'. quarter to three. I never have breakfast. Where does it leave from? A: We're on holiday here. When does the guided tour leave? A: But you aren 't Japanese? 111 B: Let me check. A: Yes..m. good.. A: When does the guided tour leave? 3 hotel 7 restaurant A: So what's a typical day? B: It leaves every hour from ten in the mo rning. I usually sleep about four hours in the afternoon.. hungry. A: That's good . twelve . I' m American . A: Yes. On Saturday we have an evening tour at eight. A: Very healthy! B: Yes and I often have six litres of beer with lunch . and ten a. . coffee. 3 A: Do you go to the city centre? B: Where do you want to go l A: To the Summer Café. I want to get up early. B: Right. 4 swimming pool. we do. two. I'm very hungry in the mornings '" always. . too. A: OK. B: Er . what time does the ticket office open? A: You go to bed! A: And in the evening? A: North Street. but they're OK here. and then sleep. A: What time is breakfast? B: And do you know . big. er. Ido. please? Er. B: Yes. In Old Street. you're a sumo wrestler. I don't. we have lunch together at twelve.. yeah. B: Yes. How much does it cost? A: OK. gift shop D: Wonderful. .'s with chicken. B: Everyone asks that question! Do you mean . . A: Yes.B: Let's have lunch! 3 A: Chanko-nabe? B: Good afternoon .. Thanks for your help. three. . well it's a good time to visit because . Yes.. A: Oh . Now I'm er . I usually go to bed at about ten . And ten euros for children. . what do you eat? 3 restaurant. but it stops here at the hotel. A: And do you eat junk food . in a typical day. A: 'Chanko-nabe'? What's that? B: It's Japanese . but it's difficult. C: Great. B: It leaves from the ticket office. my first question is . I gym 2 café. I do sport ...m. B: Well. A: Right. My parents are Japanese. on Sunday. B: Ah . A: Well.. please. sir? 111 A: With milk? A: Excuse me? B: Yes. . sorry. . I go to bed... eleven. a big dinner of Chanko-nabe and beer. A big lunch. after lunch. and at eight p. it's hoto It 's thirty degrees. the Garde n Hotel. George. pizza. 4 payphone 8 pharmacy A: So at ten. B: Sumo training . yes. I'm surprised . how am I so . Can I help you? B: Of course! D: Yes. hairdresser's B: It's twenty euros. four and five . I never eat pizza or other junk food . B: That's hotoThanks. I get up at seven in the morning.

A: That's OK. a quarter past five. A: Twenty-five euros. that's eighty-three dollars. B: Put your card in . it's a quarter to two now. 111 A: No. l. OK. it's a quarter to two now. A: Breakfast is in half past six.. A: Seventeen euros. Ido. 4 A: The bus leaves at a quarter past five. . Free. A: Thanks a lot. there isn't. A: A ticket to Canberra. can I help you? A: When is the next train to Brighton? A: And here's your room key. so . 2 A: When does it arrive in Canberra? A: There 's a tour at quarter past ten. gate fifty-eight. B: Sorry? Forty-five? A: No. please. please? B: And is breakfast in the café? B: Single or return? A: No. forty-nine. B: When do you want to gol A: In the afternoon. in the morning. So the next tour is at half past one in the afternoon. There's a restaurant and a café. there isn't. A: OK. A: It's bus number thirty-nine. 2 A: That's forty-nine euros. OK. A: It's free. it's a bus tour. B: How much is it? A: We don't know. 3 May the first is May Day. A: And here's your room key. B: When do you want to come back? A: No. eighteen pounds for one return. How much does it cost? B: Oh? S A: Tonight there's a concert in the park. I'm a tourist here. 3 A: Excuse me? IHII B: Yes. for tomorrow. the café opens at seven o'clock but only for coffee.. Anything else? B: Yeso Is there a snack bar in the hotel? 6 B: To Brighton? Let's see . S A: I'm fifty-four years old.. sorry. Breakfast is in the restaurant from half past six. please. The old town's very big.. How much does it cost? A: From five to ten. er . A: No. There's a restaurant and a café. The old town's very big.. B: Great.B: That's two fifty. B: Lovely. we have summer theatre in the park now. And the theatre? When is that? A: Return. lunch from eleven to three. th~ restaurant from B: Great. ID I New Year's Day is January the first. . B: Great. A: When is the next train to Brighton? B: Sorry? Gate eighty-eight? B: Wonderful. B: Yes. How much is it? A: No. B: Sorry? A quarter to five? A: Tomorrow at half past seven. A: Return. What is there to do? B: For today? A: Sorry. Th ere's a train at two but it's a slow train. A: From five to ten. B: What time does it leave? A: No. Anything el se? B: Is it a walking tour? B: Yeso Is there a snack bar in the hotel? A: No. but it 's a slow train. B: OK. Do you like the theatre? A: No. A: Seventeen euros. 2 Valentine's Day is February the fourteenth. A: Hmm . Today's Monday. Can you tell us when we get there? B: Yes. . B: Yes. Oh wait.till A: Well. A: OK. . B: OK. B: At quarter to eleven. 2 B: Single or return? A: Can I help you? A: Return. B: And when do you want to come back? A: On Friday. . fifty-four. And there's one at quarter to four. five stops from here. A: I don't know the town. thirty-nine. 3 A: The plane leaves from gate fiftyeight. A: Thirty-six pounds? 3 return ticket 6 gate B: And dinner? B: Yes. B: Great. thank you. 3 B: Seventeen euros. it's half past ten now. no. When does the restaurant open for dinner? B: When do you want to come back? A: We don 't know. B: Sorry. S International Women's Day is March the eighth. I single ticket 4 passenger 2 ticket office S monthly pass A: Breakfast is from half past six to eleven. please. B: Five to ten. please.. B: To Brighton? Let's see . please. A: What time's the bus? B: There's one at quarter to nine.. That's thirty-six pounds. thanks. When is it? A: And there's one at quarter to four. there's a very good guided tour of the old town . sixty-four? B: OK. I'm here for three days. .. . B: Sorry? Twenty-nine? A: No. no problem. There's a train at two. 4 Independence Day in the USA is July the fourth. so there's no theatre. At eight o'clock. It's . it's a bus tour. Very mucho B: What time does it leave? A: Well. Can I have two tickets. When does the restaurant open for dinner? 4 B: Great. A: There's a tour at quarter past ten.

. 4 A: Excuse me. Where are the men's toilets? B: They 're on the right of the cash machine. And there was a blog. I didn't like her because she was good at Italian and I wasn't very good. DI 3 3 MM.' She said 'No. in a test. Ilove Indian food.and its lifetime is sometimes twentyfive years long! 5 Many parrots talk but they don't know a lot of words . A: So between the buses and the café? B: Yeso A: Thank you. B: It's near the cash machine. Where are the women's toilets? 2 MM-mm-m. DI I was bored in the evenings and I had a lot of free time. called Vindaloo. A: On the right of the men's toilets? B: And opposite the café. We're great friends now. A: Oh. but Tom wasn't with them. India'. that's right. 3 I mm-M M-m. awful B: They're on the right of the men's toilets. great Another amazing cat named Tom was a great traveller. from Sydney to Canberra. 4 MM -MM. an African grey parrot used 950 words. Tom walked four thousand kilometres to find his family. The average cow gives two hundred thousan d glasses of milk in its lifetime . 7 December the twenty-fifth is Christmas Day. My first job was in Canberra. He was from the USA and his family moved home from Florida to California. not India.6 August the eleventh is Son and Daughter's Day. 12 Halloween is October the thirtyfirst. I love it. I wanted to learn Italian because I love Italy and I wanted to go to Italy on holiday. but every winter they go on a very long walk. went to India together last summer and we had a fantastic time. too. B: Oh . secretary. It was in 2007 after I finished university. S June the tenth is Children 's Day. delicious A: Excuse me. He was left in Florida. In 2004. 9 April the second is Children's Book Day. So I moved home. the penguins walk between fifty and a hundred and twenty kilometres in the snow to find food in the sea. too. ID Emperor penguins are very big. So I emailed him and I got an email back. In these two months he travelled about eight hundred thousand kilometres and visited a lot of different countries. And what 's your husband's profession ? B: Profession? What's that? A: You know . profession! He's a pilot. 'Hey. Where's the A: Excuse me. Every 10 World Helio Day is November the twenty-first. 4 A: How's your food? 2 5 A: How's your fo od? B: MM-mm. let's go to India together! ' I was very surprised. terrible 5 MM -mm. 4 play 9 wait 2 5 arrive 10 laugh A: How's your food? B: MM-mm-m. So I went on the internet a lot. and we were instant best friends. about Indian food . 'You mean Italy. Ciare sat next to me in class.maybe ten or twenty. A : Opposite the trains? B: Yes. not from the supermarket. But every day we went home on the same bus and we talked and became friends. 111 lived 6 studied 2 closed 3 opened 7 emailed S texted 4 listened 9 stopped 5 looked 10 answered A: I met my best friend Raji on the internet. AII my friends were in Sydney and I didn't know anyone in Canberra. 4 played worked 2 wanted 3 asked 5 repeated 6 watched lB I move 6 start 2 dance 3 cry 7 talk A : How's your food? S walk B: mm-M M-m. 4 J = Jocelyn A = Andreas J: I met Ciare last year in an Italian class. I said . teacher. 2 3 A: How's your food? underground? B: MM. And on the blog I talked to a guy called Raji . At first. B: MM-MM . We A: Excuse me. all right Everybody knows that milk comes from cows. He lived in Canberra. Anyway. thanks. A black and white cat named Tom was lost in a British Airways plane for two month"s. So we met. N'kisi. I I Business Women's Day in the USA is September the twenty-second. because she loved Indian food . He knew a lot about Indian cooking. He arrived at the new house in Cal ifornia after two years. A: OK. Then one day Ciare phoned me and said. you're a teacher. Where are the taxis? B: They're on the left of the buses.

My boss wasn't happy with me. I think. it was a great gift.11 Speaker I I started the job on Friday. C: Yes o A: Thanks. . you know.2 A: What services do they have in the hotel? B: Services? A: Like a gift shop. The countryside was beautiful. I'd like that sweater. I mean. I didn't see a problem her hair was good. 3 A: Do you know another adjective for 'good '? B: Adjective? What's that? A : For example. Next to the newsagent's. 3 He can 't drive a car but he can ride a horse. We laughed a lot. 1 1. bad.she's a great dancer. I think it's delicious. I'd like that brown one. B: N o. it was sunny and cold . And waited.. really. please. 'just a little cut'. happy . but they didn't say anything.. I'm happy that we went. A: Where is your best friend now? B: Let me see . Oh. a lot of people came into the shop and there were only two of uso People asked me questions and I didn't know the answers. I speak three languages: English . I said 'Helio' in japanese. 15 the food good ? A: This one! B: Well. please.' What a terrible mistake! I felt very bad. A very quiet. B: Yes . 'and a shampoo' . Speaker 3 People think it's an easy job. Our guide said. C: It's all right but I like Italian food . but then a woman came in and asked for a simple hair cut.. they gave me a group of japanese tourists. I cut her hair and washed it. It was very difficult. 'We're not japanese. I was angry because I know it was expensive. let's do the tour. B: Well . 'Go!' so I left. don 't laugh! OK?' 11"1 He can 't remember names but he can remember numbers. But then on Satu rd ay. Um. sometimes they don't come.. We took hundreds of pictures..five of uso We went out to this place near the sea. German and japanese. A: I see it. I felt relaxed. I started one month ago and things were OK. A: Where? How was the weather yesterday? C: Behind the bus over there. Then finally at the end one man said to me in English . 'just wait. A: What would you like for dinner? 2 She can swim but she can't ride a bike. 120 kilometres an hour on the motorway. services. adjective. He wasn't angry. very relaxed. B: Brown. Then my boss came out and he said. I'd love an apple juice or something. I usually drive fast. A: How do you spell beautifu/? B: Er .' And then two or three birds were there. and the first day was japanese is really good. 2 How do you spell beautifu/? A: Oh. a gym. A : 15 there a good restaurant near here? A: Would you like white bread or brown? B: There's a good Chinese restaurant over th ere .. It was 4 Where is your best friend now? fantastic. I was really scared . It was fantastic.. I didn't like it. Ilaughed. I liked the music. So it wasn't very good. B: Oh. . hairdresser's. but this w as different. 'Arrrggh! It's too short! ' Then I made a big mistake. I know about computers. beautiful place. cold. 2 3 A: Do you know the Chinese restaurant near here? A: Come in. Speaker 3 Amazing. Fantastic! 1¡tIII liked 9 became 2 started 10 said 3 spoke II took 4 knew 12 13 14 15 16 5 cried 6 looked 7 wanted 8 talked thought stopped Speaker 2 It's just so fast. B: Oh. They all looked unhappy. and then when she looked in the mirror she screamed. So so me customers became angry. good. he just said 'Come back. b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-I. we're Korean . really. They have a swimming pool. I thought it was too dangerous. DI Speaker I I'm not a dancer so I wasn't very good. We didn't understand you. Then on my first day. she said. The guide said it was abad day for it. she's in California. Everything was so small from up there. listened studied met I ¡tiII A: What would you like? B: I'd like a cheese sandwich. but I don't know the shop or the prices of things. Yeso How's the food there? 3 What would you like for dinner? ~ C: We ate there last night. Would you like a drink? A : 15 it good? B: Yes. . I know an adjective for 'very good'. Speaker 2 I studied a long time for this jobo I know the city and all the tourist places. B: Nice flat! There's a great Italian restaurant opposite the school. We sat and waited. Sit down. I don 't know. I talked in japanese about everything . but nothing 'amazing'. so far away. I thought I lost the joboAn hour later he phoned me. but next time. We didn't speak. Nothing! I thought OK. Speaker 4 We were a small group . and they said nothing. please. and I went with Cheryl . A: How was the weather yesterday? B: Let me think. right.. hot. 2 A: Where? A: Can I help you? B: On the left of the bank. but it isn't. You don't have time to think. So we walked around the old town.

I hope we meet again. Maybe in Cardiff. B: Let's meet tonight at half past ten. look! This is my station . how are you? A: Good morning. Er . B: Yeah .1. B: Nice to meet you . Can I have three? A: Who's James? A: Is that the time? My train's at three. B: It's very hoto Um . What's your name? B: I'm . What do you think of the party? B: It's good.. 11'" I A: I hope you 're at the party on Friday. A: Goodbye. B: Here's mine. I 7 A: I hope we meet again. someone from university..4 She can throw but she can't catch. I'm noto I live in Cardiff. A: Oh . good food. B: I hope so. I hope we meet again. 6 A: Here's my card o B: Here's mine. Where are you going? B: To Bristol. I have a meeting at four. too. 8 A: Very nice to meet you. 6 She can't cook but she can make coffee . B: Er . too. A: Sorry. Nice to talk to you too.. it's half past three. erm . A: But this isn't Bath. A: But this isn't Bristol! B: Did I say Bristol? I meant . I'm James's sister. Marty. 11. S He can play guitar but he can't sing. And you? A: Me too.. Do you have the time? B: Yes. B: I hope so. 2 A: Excuse me. I can see an old friend over there. I can't think. B: Nice idea. A: Oh . A: Thanks. B: Here's my cardo James Bond that's me. Well. too.. Oh.the woman near the office chair. it's really good. I'm sorry. 3 A: It was great to meet you. This is James's flat. It's Swindon! B: I know.. I hate this place but nice to see a friendly face. OK. Time to go l .. A: OK. would you like a cup of tea? B: No. B: Yes. . too. B: Nice to meet you. B: Nice to meet you. S: A: I like this restaurant! B: Yes. it's really good. B: That's not your friend l That's my wife. 2 A: This is a nice place . How's the party? C: The music's bad. Nice to talk to you. A: Well . In Swindon. . I can see an old friend over there . A: This is my friend from work. Flo. 4 A: This is my email address. thanks. A: So are you from around here? A: Well .. Bath . nice to meet you.. Nice people. B: It's his party. Would you like a drink? B: I'm fine.. 'Kil' A: Hi.

2 I'm Eva. 4 jorgelopes@toggle. I'm not. Australia. which pagel Can you repeat that. Is your car new? No.37. and I'm a student of English. Poland. please? Sorry. . I'm Ed. Am I late? 2 I B: I'm on the bus. they are. we aren't. Poland Lynn Baker: doctor. 2 A: Are you from England? B: No. And you. which pagel Can you re peat that. They 're Irish. brother daughter. you aren't. Japan Anna: nurse. Her ph one's here . Australia? B: No. Where's Lisa? 4 She's with Kenji. Lisa isn't here. We're in the same class. Italy 2 Where is Lima? 3 Is it in Los Angeles or Washington? 4 Where is she in France? 2 Sam. Nice to meet you. England Jan: nurse. Tom 3 Jenny 4 Dan and Mi randa 5 Tom. Deni 2 Deni 3 Claudio. taxi driver. 3 I'm Maria from Rome. I'm John Smith. here's a nurse. Brazil. B: I'm John Smith. 5 Who's Kenji? 6 He's a student. too? mother. I don't know.2 4 lA S D O C T I E O M U Q S I four 3 (across) three 3 (down) two 4 eight 5 (across) six 5 (down) seven 60ne 7 nine 8 ten 9 five N H O B G T A X 2 10. engineer. Are you from Poland. Can you say it. a friendo 3 Oh hi. too.1 3A B I a) classroom 2 b) hospital 2 A: B: 3 A: B: 4 A: B: 5 A: B: 6 A: B: 2 Goodnight 3 Helio 4 Good evening 5 Good afternoon 6 Hi 3 4 5 6 7 8 I'm not Sue Green. please? Sorry. 2 3 4 5 6 7 1.ji@1 lA DVD phone chocolate bus footba ll B o 00 00 000 phone bus chocolate footbal l hotel DVQ 2A s 3 I'm W ei Li ng and I' m from from Beijing in China. They're from Paris. 5arah. please? What's Qutobus in Englishl Can you say it. You're in Sydney. Ireland Misaki: teacher. South Africa 4 China. 3 A: Hi. South Africa 6 Portugal lA and B B 2E 3 1 4 H SY6 D I Vera. Paul. I'm Abdul from Saudi Arabia. Are you a singer? B Ed: Canada Cathy: student. It's old. Are you a pi lot? No. it isn 't. 3A IB2C3A B 4A 2 Tom 3 Sam 4 Jenny 5 Ricky 6 Dan 7 Miranda 3 It's 4 She's e 3A B I Ireland. he is. 7 Is he from Japan? 8 Yes.42. Vera 4 Deni 5 Claudio 6 Vera. Look. 4 A: Am I in Sydney. Are you an actor l I'm an engineer from Madrid. Are you and Charlie brothers? No. You aren't in the Hi lton 3 heidih02S I@itmail. Saudi Arabia 3 Japan. doctor Meg: Alan and Meg: Ron: Katy: Ron and Katy: 2A lIJ@ii" 2 3 4 5 6 1.1 lA 2 brother 3 father 4 parents 5 son 6 wife 7 husband 8 mother 9 sister 10 children Answer to the question: A happy fami ly B B waiter. 4 Good morning. Argentina 2 Russia. Canada! You're a New York taxi driver. they aren't. Australia 4 Italy 5 Johnnesburg.65 Sorry.i. B 2 3 4 5 6 What's Qutobus in English? Sorry. businessman. James 6 Cindy e e I Spain 2 Ireland Russia Poland China • 3 Japan Brazil 4 Italy 5 Australia South Africa 6 Argentina 7 Saudi Arabia 4A I b) 2 a) 3 b) 4 a) SA 2 re 3 Is 4 is 5 s 6 Is 7 isn't 8 is 9 Are 10m SA 2 big 3 cold 4 hot 5 small 6 new 7 beautiful B 2 village 3 bui lding 4 river 5 countryside 6 sea 7 city 8 mountain lIJ@ii'j 2. sister children 2A 2 you 3 we 4 they 5 we 6 they 7 you 8 we Are they from France? Yes. 59. I'm a teacher from Germany. Russia e I 2 3 4 5 No problem. are you English ? It's my first time here. Spain. They're at the cinema.ANSWER KEY 'lt. We're friends. please? 4 B U V J I E B B O E 3A 2 3 4 5 6 C O R B F D N S Z D R I P O L F D V E R R A H T I J M N W W U U D E A W D C Q y D E T I O H Q U M R S I K A L S T X S P V E A C T O X R G R R E K A R Y C Z N G H R J E R M E I N E E R How do you spell Thompson? What's your first name? What's your nationality? What's your job? W hat's your phone number? What's your email address l 2 johanna999@gomail. I'm Sarah. l' m a hotel waiter. singer. I'm an actor Are Jack and Diane English? No. wife parents son. actor. Claudio 2 2 Giacomo 3 Walsh 4 Vicky 5 Zhu 6 Rufus 4A 2 a) 3 c) 4 h) 5 b) 6 d) 7 g) 8 e) B 2 Hi .3 2 Venezuela 3 Perth. I'm noto I'm from Scotland. I don' t know. Am I in room 21 Are you from Canada? You aren't a student.

my 3 Our.8 e B and e I paper. are my parents. Hey. 5 SA e 2 my 3 our 4 their 5 Your 6 his b) OK. England 4 aspirin. adeI327@cmail. Domingo. Malaysia 6 7 What's his family name? 10 ZRH: Zurich. Germany 5 6 7 8 Note: in boxes. 645. Switzerland Are those you r book~ over there? Who is that woman with Harryl Who are those children l W here's our bus? Where's their room l 11 HKG: Hong Kong 12 MUe: Munich.1 lA desk printer computer chair key picture box business card clock 11 . that's a woman's bago 8 A: What's your mother's name l 4 lIJ@ii" 3. SA B 2 Those are her brothers. 3A 3 a) 4 g) 5 d) 6 h) 7 b) 8 e) 3 Are those your chairs? 2 a) 3 b) 4 b) 6A 4 How much are these clocks? 2 What's your phone number? B 3 What's your email address? REVIEW ANO CHECK I lA and B twenty-one N. No. They 're in Greece. daughter F e chi ldren. I'm thirsty. OK. Steve and Beth. New Zealand I this 2 those 3 that 4 these 5 this 6 those 4A 3 4 2 she 3 he 4 He's 5 his 6 our 7 their 5 CPH: Copenhagen. husband. no' Five hours in the airport' 3 Thi®is my friend. co untryside p.'i" 1~203~40s0607~809~ 10 c) 11 c) 12 b) 13 a) 14 b) 15 a) 16 a) 17c) 18a) 19b) 20b) 3. actor. United Arab Emirates 3 Thi~ B 6 SIN: Singapore 4 T hese are my B What are these boxes here on my chair? 2 is my friend.2 2A B lA 2 is 3 are 4 isn't 5 's 6 are 7 are 8 are 9 aren't 10 is 2 desks 3 printers 4 computers 5 chairs 6 keys 7 pictures 8 boxes 9 business cards 10 clocks 3 twelve 4 SOSa hundred 6 I I 7 forty-five 8 3 I 9 seventy-six 10 26 B B 2 What's your job? 226. engineer J. 3 pencil. Italy 6 chocolate. it's B 2 ICN: Seoul. 7 B: No. its 5 I' m.3 I thirsty 2 cold 3 bored 4 (across) hungry 4 (down) hot 5 tired 2A 2 not 3 Let's 4 work 5 problem 6 'm 7 too 8 stop 9 idea th~ boxE@here on my chairl 2 What are c) Oh. Mexico His father: actor 3 4 She's from Poland. 3 Jack: actor Dave: teacher 8 2 3 4A Ce leste: sportsworman / tennis player Her mother: sportswoman / swimmer 2 They're 3 They 4 They 're 5 His 6 she 7 they're 8 you 9 your 10 My I I Its 12 it's 2 3 What are these boxes here on my chair? This is my friend. actor J. mountain. river P. China 5 Is that a number 43 bu~ over there l 4 Where's he from? He's from Spain. He 's my husband's manager. Let's go to the café. Let's go to the restaurant. 762. children F. they aren't. he is.2 2 3 A: Where is Nasra's desk? A: 15 Andy's room number three four one or three two one? B: Oh. it isn 't. 2 Where's she from? 7 PEK: Beijing. we're 8 My. 9 76. 8 9 YOW: Ottawa. forty-four N. Steve and Beth. Her father: sportsman / footballer 4A 4 These are my parents. 5 A: How old are Kamal's brothers? 6 B: She's one of Maria's friends from university.2. sportspeople 6 7 B I a) actors b) is 2 a) sportspeople b) isn't e 8 e 2 countries 3 buildings 4 businessmen 5 buses 6 villages 7 universities 8 children 9 hotel managers 10 beaches How old are their children? 2A Are your parents in Brazil? Is their summer house in the city? 1. river. five hours. actors. Her sister: tennis player 2 ICN 3 AKL 4 CPH 5 DXB 6 SIN 7 PEK 8 YOW 9 KUL 10 ZRH 11 HKG 12 MUC 5 15 that a number 43 bus over there? 6 7 Are those your books over there? Who is that woman with Harry? 8 Who are those children? 3 I their 2 My. taxi driver J. that's Paulo. th irsty. Korea AKL: Auckland. business woman J. thirty-five N. building P. seventy-eight N 3 mo untain P. 4 Th~ 5 I®that a number 43 bus over there? e) Good idea! 6 7 8 Are tho®e your books over there? Who i®that woman with Harry? Who are thc(§:e children? f) Yeah. we're 4 It's. China 2 email. her 7 Our. 5 pizza. husband F. France His mother: actress 5 They 're in Korea. h) The restaurant? No. building. 4 12. 10100 3 Is your brother married? 4 Where is his wife from? 2A 5 Where are Emilia and Pehuen l si ngers. Canada KUL: Kuala Lumpur. Spain 8 margarine. d) No. the café. musicians. ~teve and Beth. I'm 9 It's. D His sister: film actress 6 7 They're fifteen and seventeen. Germany I·:. bored A 2 tired A. 3 I 1. let's not go to the café. the pronunciation of x is fk. Domingo. 2 aspirin 3 margarine 4 wheelchair 5 email No.s/ so this is also possible. 5 31. It's in the countryside. 7 wheelchair. USA 2 I'm a pilot. 2. beautiful A 4 th irsty A.4. 8 13. parent~. my 6 Her.7. g) Let's go to the café. Denmark DXB: Dubai. daughter 15 this lamp old? This is my business cardo e 2 Gonda 457-1762 3 Who is this student? 4 That village is in the countryside. Domingo.

sorry. thanks. knows. writes /zl does. 5 6 7 5 6 doesn 't have a eat. He plays golf. we don 't. reads. lesson. in the 5 every. I wateh football on TV (every Saturday). it's at ten. 8 2 2 Nineteen pounds fifty 3 Eleven euros twenty-five 4 Eight euros ten 5 Twenty-two dollars seventy-five 6 One pound ninety-nine 2 3 doesn't play tennis. when. don't read 3 drive 4 study. you don't.2 2 Do people think you're a doctor? 3 lA 3 Why do people think you 're a doctor? A: Good morning. OK. they don 't. Yes. I No. B: Can I have a tea? A: The film is at eight. I amo No. please! A: Still or sparkling! 2 ative 3 easy 4 frozen 5 dead 2 do you live 3 do you live 4 do you live 5 's your job I What do you do 6 do you play Where do you live? Why do you live in two mies? Who do you live with? What's your jQQ? What do you ¡¿@y? REVIEW AND CHECK 2 lA 2 don't know 3 says 4 ask 5 think 6 has 7 drives 8 plays 9 lives 10 doesn't play II doesn't drive 12 does 13 doesn't wateh 14 don't have 15 wateh B B: One sparkling and one still. 2 A: When's the party? I A: No. don't study 5 work. A: Not ten. A: Sorry? 3 A: What time's the football match? I 3 A: Do we work in the evenings! B: No. b) 1IJ@lill lA 4 Are you happy? Do you want a Porsehe? 236. 2 A. blue 2 yellow 3 blue 4 brown 5 blaek 6 green SA 2 sweater 3 trousers 4 jacket 5 shoes 6 skirt 7 T-shirt 8 jeans 3 ID2A3B I red 2 yellow 3 brown a) musie everywhere b) the eity is on the beaeh e) hundreds of tourists B I festival . we do. A: Can I have a eoffee? B: Can I have a cake? . Beeause I'm a doctor on TV. 2 3 4 B: No. coneert. I feel very ill. She doesn't drive a taxi.32. 6 B: Yes. listens. 4 A: Do your ehildren like the eountryside! B: No. listen 7 like 8 have. teaehes English. I don 't. it's at eight! B: Can you say that again? e B 2 Tuesday 3 Thursday 4 Friday 2~3~4~sM6~7~8~ 5 Wednesday 6 Monday 7 Saturday 2A 5 B: Sparkling or still? 2 in the afternoon 3 in the evening 4 at night 5 on Monday 6 every Wednesday 7 every day 8 at the weekend A: I think I want sparkling.3 B 2 3 is 4 P 5 P 6 is 7 is 8 P b) the shops in the old market 3 e) always thirsty 2 T S W E A T E R H R B R O W N S S A O J T G E H A T B U F K S Q D U D L S W W H I T E Z U B I P Y M W E E J R A L R K E R E D S K A T S H I R T J A C K E T P X N N X K Y E L L O W 4 I white. 2 A: What time is it now? B B: It's quarter to three. I C. don't work 6 listen. It eosts €400. film 5 A: Do your parents live in the eity! 6 A: Do you study Spanish? B: The football match? At half past nine. 5 A: Do I write my name here! B: B: Yes. don 't have 2 three o 'doek 3 half past four 4 quarter to two 5 quarter to one 6 eight o'doek 4 e 2 anO 3 beea= 4 anO 5 beca= 6 ami 7 bec=e 8 be=tse 9 anO I OanO 2 e) 3 b) 4 e) 5 a) 6 b) 7 a) 8 e) 5 2 3A A: Half past nine. No. thank you.3 e and D 2 coffee 3 cola 4 mineral water 5 cake 6 sandwich 2 2 3 4 5 6 b) brown e) eappueeino d) still e) two (chocolate) f) cola g) sparkling h) cake 4. says. coneert.4. 4 5 doesn't eost €40. play. I Yes. you do. Ido. When 's the B: Yes. 5 2 B: At Simpson's Restaurant.66 4A and 2 B: Oh good. drives a bus. they do. B e a) the taxis are yellow b) people say 'Have a niee day" e) doesn't have winter dothes lA party. in 3 A: Can I have water? 4 B: So let's have a break.1 e 2 have 3 work 4 go 5 do 6 live 7 like 8 drive Yes. 2 does 3 teaehes 4 listens 5 asks 6 stops 7 says 8 reads 9 knows 10 watehes I I writes I 2 goes 4 Where do you live? 5 6 7 Do you play golf? What do you do at the weekend? B: Can we have two mineral waters. I don't. watehes e B: That's five euros fifty. He doesn 't teaeh Freneh. 44. A: I'm tired and hungry. they do. OK. Half past nine. 4 4 I b) but e) but 2 a) and b) but e) but 3 a) but b) and e) and 4 a) and b) but e) and 5 a) and b) and e) but 6 a) but b) and e) but 6A and B 3. She has a hato 8 2 dock 3 pietures 4 jewellery 5 glasses 6 wallet 7 lamp 8 dothes 3A (1Iive) in a big house. please. listen. stops. festival. B A: Anything else! A: How mueh is that! 151 asks. film 2 play. thanks. At ten. 2 A: At ten. A: So let's have a coffee. 2T3F4TSF6F 4. 4 party? 3 B: Oh. 3 B 6A 2 in 3 every 4 at. goes l izl teaehes. 517. not where. film 3 lesson 4 match 2A 2A3F4BSG6C7H8D 3 B 2 read.

pl@iiD 2 usually 3 often 4 sometimes 5 not (very) often 6 never 6. T E C L W R A L K S H O T E L T B L E H 3 I W N I A G E N T S 2 3 N S V W G C N E W S E E V B A R I often go to bed late and I'm usually tired. my desk is small and my offiee is eold . 2 Is there a cloek l h) Yes. we go out and walk but not very faro Finally. there aren't. he doesn't. on Saturday I don't get up. hai rdresser's 4 swimming pool S money exehange b) 2 e) 4 d) S e) 3 B 2 3 4 S 6 7 What does she read in the morning? Where does she go after breakfast? Where does she meet her friends? What does she do in the evening? Who does she phone in the evening? When/What time does she go to bed on sehool nights? S 2 D e K N F D 2 Yes. restaurant newsagent's. W Are you free on Friday evening l F . S Is there a newsagent's? e) Yes. d) T.2 2 These 3 that 4 this S that 6 are 7 Is S These 9 those 10 this I I these 12 this 4 2 Dan's hat 3 Tom's house keys 4 Benee's eomputer S Jean 's (Ieather) bag 6 Ann Marie's (favourite) T-shirt 7 Peter's phone S C eoneerts D desk E evening F Friday G gloves H homework I idea J jacket K keys L live M match N news O offiee P party Q quarter R red S Saturday T T-shirt U university W Wednesday X exereise y yellow Z zero 1'4'i" I a) 2 b) 3 b) 4 e) S b) 6 a) 7 a) S b) 9 e) 10b) II a) 12e) 13 e) 14a) IS a) 16e) 17b) ISe) 19 a) 20a) lIJ@iil' 5. wateh 7 does. pharmaey 2 lA There's a eash maehine but there isn't a moneyexehange. payphone. I swimming pool 2 hairdresser's 3 (down) gym 4 money exehange S eafe 6 giftshop 7 restaurant 4A and B 4A B The train station is in Spain. f) T. 7 Yes. 9. o n Sunday. 3 No. 6 No. T P H O E b) 8 e) 10 d) 9 e) 2 f) 6 g) I h) 4 ask questions in class? listen to the answers? speak English in class? write in the class blog? read English books? wateh films in English? do his homework? K C A Z b) e) d) e) he he he he he he he C I X Actions in the pieture are 2.3 5. 4 We never study for the test but we usually get 100%. She sometimes does sport in the morning. he doesn 't. IF2T3T4F5T6T A Y A M R N P A Y He has lunch at 12. e D 2 3 They are both near water.m. D B First. there is. They are both o ld. B My computer is big. S It isn't often / It 's not often hot here but it 's never very eold.3 B 2 internet café 3 hotel 4 payphone S newsagent's 6 eash maehine 7 restaurant S pharmaey e I 2 hotel. T hey don't often have money but they 're always happy. there are.m. S Yes. 6 There are five men but there aren't any women.1 B lA P H A R M A C I M e R E S T A U R A N T S A 2 3 4 S 6 7 She never has breakfast. there are. S S No. too. he does. have / drink 3 does. he doesn't. She often works in the evening. gift shop 3 restaurant. make 4 does. 4 There aren't any buses but there are taxis. eash maehine. She's always hungry at night. and 10 Does Does Does Does Does Does Does A F e 2 3 4 S 6 7 S N M W C W 2A e y She's a daneer. T here are plaees te eat in both stations. T hen on Su nday I get up at ten or eleven o'cloek. I go to a party or I go to bed. there isn't. e) S. I sleep all day. 3 Are there any payphones? e) Yes. meet 6 does. S There isn' t a eomputer but there's a printer. 6 Are there any toilets? f) Yes. there is. h) S. go I gym 2 café. He sleeps about 4 hours in the afternoon. 6. g) T. 4 Are there any eash machines d) No. I asks 2 typieal 3 very 4 have S with. on Saturday 4 It eosts 10 euros for ehildren. he does. Th en I get up at six in the evening and have breakfast. 5. I make a tea and go online.1 lA 2 have dinner 3 have lunch 4 go to bed S have breakfast 6 get home 7 go to work B I vegetables 2 bread 3 pasta 4 sugar S eheese 6 steak 7 eggs S cereal 9 frui t 10 ehieken I I chips 12 fish Suggestion: Let's have lunch . S It stops at the hotel. 4 No. He has 6 litres of beer for lunch. 3 The ticket offiee closes at Sp. 7 Is there a hairdresser's? g) No. 6 She sometimes gets home late but she always has dinner with her family. 3 There's a restaurant but there aren't any waiters. there isn't. After that. SA There are two emails. he does. My friends come to my flat and we talk. He goes to bed at about 10.Lovely + Oh. After that . fish 6 have 2 does 3 comes 4 doesn't eat S doesn't drink 6listens 7 doesn't send / doesn't read S asks se 3A 2 Th en 3 After 4 Then S After 6 Finally Calvin isn't a good student. 2 does. 3A That's great 2A 2 does the ticket offiee open 3 does it close 4 does it cost S does it leave 2e 2 The ticket offiee opens at IOa. he doesn 't. go S does. 4B B B Wonderful + Great . She usual ly drinks water with her lunch. She doesn 't eat pizza very often. good That's good + 2A 2 have breakfast 3 go to work 4 have lu nch S get home 6 have dinner 7 go to bed e) T. 3 Is there an internet café? b) No. we have dinner in a niee restaurant.

5 This sentence doesn't have a letter 'B' in it. 7 the weather was terrible. For today? Sorry. D 2 When was Mark's birthday? 3 How old was Mark 7 4 Where were George and Maria? S Why was the lunch in the garden? 2 2 we weren't here. bike 3 plane. 4A 2 fast 3 popular 4 noisy 5 expensive 6 dangerous 7 quiet 8 crowded 9 safe Answer to the problem: 'Stays at home'. sugar 2A b) 2 are a lot of 3 aren't any 4 's a 5 Is . 5 He gets to the bus at one minute to ten . bus. 2 I 1. 108. she was.14. they weren't. underground 4 bike. car. 4 No. Regards. 3 my wife was in Tokyo on business. bus 2 motorbike. I am happy in my job but there's a problem. passenger crowded. noisy vegetables. / He gets te the bus one minute before the bus leaves. F Is 8 o'dock OK? F Let's have dinner at the Chinese restaurant. 10 2000 4A b) e) d) e) August the eleventh December the twenty-fifth November the twenty-first March the eighth f) g) h) i) June the tenth January the first October the thirty-first September the twenty-second j) May the first k) February the fourteenth 1) July the fourth .710. 4 There aren't any words with twelve letters. 6 There aren't any numbers on the page. bus. 4 He reads another passenger's newspaper.12.00. 14 2. 12 7. S George and Maria were in Greece. 6.' 3A A3 B2 C I 2 3 4 2 No. Clements. 5 5.00. 1~2~304~s~6~708~9~ lOa) Il a) 12b) 13c) 14b) Isc) 16b) 17 a) 18 b) 19 c) 20c) QJ@iiU 7. motorbikes.00. When What time's the bus? There's one at quarter to nine. motorbike 5 train. 4 Larissa's parents weren't here. they were. 15 ll8 3C 2 When does 3 time does 4 much does S When is 6 When do 4A I are 2 some 3 a lot of 4 have 5 so me 6 an. a big desk.Jim F Derriek Jameson W Please get me a small computer. 43. OK. 6 it was a big party. have dinner ticket office. B 1. 3 No. 4 He usually has a lot of bags. a 7 's 8 a B 2 Are there any 3 Is there 4 Are there any 5 Is there 6 Are there any C b) 5 e) 2 d) 6 e) I f) 4 1·4>il. 6 2000. W Love.1 . 3 He reads the menu for ten minutes and then gets a coffee. 13 €2s. no.45 f) hot 3 g) Old Street h) two i) five C lA OK 2A Hote l B know 3 two 4 know 5 drink 6 city 7 fifty 8 know 3 2 3 4 5 guided tour. Are you free on Friday evening? Let 's have dinner at the Chinese restaurant. bike.[1's children at the lunch? 5 Were George and Maria in France? OR Were Maria and George in France? 6 Was the weather good? I a taxi 2 aplane 3 a bus B C B lA B I b) New Zealand c) don't know 2 d) white e) 2. 3A 2 Family A 3 Women D 4 Transport B S Population C B 2 2000.45.00. Wh3t When do you want to go? At In the afternoon. Is 8 o'dock OK? Love. 3A 2 No. 9€17. And when yott-do do you want to come back? On Friday. F Dear Ms Clements. 7 2000. a quarter ~ five . 5 1900.1 lA 2 a) 3 b) B plane. I I free. forty-nine. 9 1900. 3 There are some names of people on the page. sugar. en for tomorrow. 3 I 1. lA B I 6. Please get me a small computer. 3 He always asks questions at the ticket office. 5 No. underground 2 crowded 3 vegetables 4 guided tour 5 have breakfast 6 popular 7 go to bed 8 motorbikes 9 ticket office 10 noisy I I sugar 12 newsagent's 13 have dinner 2A 14 passenger Was the lunch at Mark's house? Was Diana at the lunch? Were Diana and Ala.00.00. 8 No. that's eighty-three dollars. 5 The bus is often late because of the bad passenger. Thanks a lot. 8 lunch was in the house. W I am happy in my job but there's aproblem. 610. My computer is big. newsagent's. 4A SA 2 Some words on this page have four letters. train . motorbike. a big desk. and a new sweater. 4 1900. 6 Yes. bus. newsagent's have breakfast. go to bed.30. it was.83. a. 6 He has his ticket in a bago 7 He eats fast food and chocolate.3 lA 2 ticket office 3 return ticket 4 passenger 5 monthly pass 6 gate C 2 3 Four: ~Ie ticket Four: ticket office Four: return ticket D 2 The bad passenger never asks questions at the information desk. When does it arrive for in Canberra? At quarter to eleven. 6 He sometimes says. 2 Jim Dear Ms. gate fifu'-eight. 's an 6 are some B 2 so me 3 any 4 a lot of S an 6 any 7 an 8 an 9 so me 10 so me I I a lot of 12 any 2 Where does he ask 3 What does he do 4 What does he read 5 When does he get 6 Where does he have 7 What does he eat 8 Does he say B C I a café or a snack bar 2 a newsagent's 3 a school 2 At the ticket office. 'It's hot on the bus. 8 1900. my desk is small and my office is cold. Derriek Jameson 6. 3 Yes. train. popular. underground REVIEW AND CHECK 3 I car. it wasn't. W C Hi Lesley. and a new sweater. fifu'-four. S No. he doesn't. 3 2000.15.2 4 5 Three: ~enger Three: monthly pass 6 One:~ 2A B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: Single and or return? Return. 4 Yes.00. when in the morning.30. please.

3 2 became. A: wasn't very good. laugh 2 2 e) 3 e) 4 a) S b) 3A 2 waited 3 arrived 4 died S arrived 6 worked 7 finished 8 watched 9 asked 10 liked I I wanted 12 printed 13 was 14 walked B 2 He didn't wait for Kenji's train. didn't become 3 came. 2 closed 3 opened 4 listened S looked 6 studied 7 emailed 8 texted 9 stopped 10 answered I tl looked. S The taxi didn't take James to the station./ . arrive S dance. It's awful. S The train was late because it snowed at night. B ticket office is A payphones are C e ID2E3F4B 3A 2 services 3 adjective REVIEW ANO CHECK 4 2A lA a)3 b) I e) . on :he train. 2 3 4 He didn 't go to the gym. B: Interesting? Was it good? A: Well. It 's a great day to play with your children or to go out with them. 6 Th e hotels were all full so we went camping. opened./ . stopped ./ I di closed. watched I dl played II dl wanted./ . boring. interesting 3 great./ . Try it this year. 4 There was a party in the hotel so we went to bed very late. Kenji didn 't study near the station.3 I infront 2 (down) next to 3 on the right 4 between S on the left 6 opposite 7 behind She's at university in Shanghai. repeated 7. It's so easy! Augu st 11th is Son and Daughter Day. A: Why not? 2 3 4 S k) 2 1) 7 e ::' i<.3 6 . 8 I don't like hot weather so we went there in April./ S . 8./ 7 ./ SA 20n 3 at/ in 40n S in/ at 6 at/in 70n 8 at 6 2 B I R2C3F4H e I Delicious. 4 Kenji didn 't talk to a waiter at the station. A: Who's there? B: Well .) 3D 41) Se) 6b) 7c) 8f) 9a) 10d) I i) 12 h) SAlB N orld Helio Day is on November 21 st every . He liked dogs. fantastic 2 not very good./ Andreas . 6 B • b) I didn't e) it was d) it wasn't e) we did OR I did f ) we didn't OR I didn't 2 sat 3 went 4 saw S took 6 said 7 knew 8 broke I e) 2 b) 3 a) 4 e) S e) Did you go to Hiroshima? Did you meet (any) local people? Did you speak Japan ese? S Did you have a good time? 6 Was the weather good? b) 4 e) 6 d) I e)3 f) 2 lA e B 2 3 4 3A lI)@ii':1 2A and B S What did you eat? 6 What did you drink? 2 terrible 3 great 4 all right S awful 7. three people . I do see. I was in my caro 8./ 2 . Whyl Because they 're)'Qill chi ldren. at work. Where are you? A: I'm at home. answered e I tl worked. e 8. 2A B: It's between of the trains and the buses. texted Raji 4 They sat down because they were tired . S They're on the table. S Kenji didn't like cats. wait 3 talk. They both love Ind ian food.B 2 3A 2 4 b) 8 e) 12 d) II e)3 f)6 h) 10 i)9 B: It 's not very good. They're boring. And where are at the payphones? B: Do you see the café over en there ? A: Yes./ .all students./ 8 ./ . Jocelyn Ciare I . He wo rked near the station . but I was at a rock concert. 3 Jason didn 't go te t he concert because he didn 't have a ticket. We didn't meet in China.2 2 dance 3 cry 4 play S arrive 6 start 7 talk 8 (across) walk 8 (down) wait 91augh When did you gol Who did you travel with l What did you see? 2 have 3 be 4 drink S speak 6 meet 7 go 8 see What do people have in their bags? Their laptops. 3 I spoke English with the local people because I don't speak French./ 4A I ldl studied . S The shops were two kilometres fram the house so we drove .d) 2 2 didn't go 3 didn't stay 4 were S travel led 6 went 7 we ren 't 8 drave 9 arrived 10 had I I started 12 walked 13 went 14 loved B 2T 3T 4F SF 6T 7T 8F 9F 10F B 2 Did you stay 3 Did you have 4 Were you S Did you go 6 Did you have . Thanks./ 3 4 . didn't come 4 had. OK. 4 We saw it on television last night. asked. He waited for Ueno's train. 3 I'm in a taxi in the city centre. B: How was it? A: It was interesting. 7 We took a taxi because people said the underground was dangerous. no . He talked to a worker. awful The fil m was awfu l so Yvette and I left after ten minutes . Say 'helio' to ten people on the bus.ear. B: They 're behind of the café. 6 Hachiko didn 't walk to the station for five years. walk 4 cry. didn't have S thought. start. He walked to the station for nine years. emailed. didn't think 6 gave.2 lA 2 great 3 terrible 4 awful S boring 6 delicious 7 fantastic 8 OK 9 all right 10 not very good The restaurants were expensive so I cooked every evening. at school and in the street. didn 't give 4A 5 B 2 I was hungry so late d inner early. I didn 't kn ow her brather. terrible 4 all right. listened . B: There's no music and no food. 6 No.1 D 4 2 B 2 play.

2 She. walk 3 January. clothes e 2 luggage 3 a gift eertificate to a gym 4 flowers 5 a photo frame (with a picture of him) 6 a vas e 7 clothes 3 I'd like a cheese sandwich. 5 Let me see . B: Niee flat l A: Thanks. me Kate likes bananas. Mycar Cilldel ella She always comes when I call1lly cat Cindel ella's her name l My-eatCilldel ella She always comes with us on holiday and I sit in the baek seat of the car with 1"y cat Ci"del ella her./ E I E A B N E L Q M E B N U A R Y A W F U L o K J A B G G S E P T E M B E R p K B MW H K J u N E N P I I S P E A K E N G L I S H e F N J 4 My Matts Speed mountain bike is my number one. IC2D3A4E 3A and B E T 2 B 2 started 3 spoke 4 knew 5 eried 6 looked 7 wanted 8 talked 9 beeame 10 said I I took 12 thought 13 stopped 14 listened 15 studied 16 met B N My cat Cinderella I got Illy cat Cilldel ella her three years ago and n 17 cat Cilldel ella she is a real lady.2 a) 3 b) 2 e) I lA B P A D C O S T B: A E G O T K K D A: Would you like white bread or brown? Y A C D G A V E N I I go camping./ He went with Nina and the ehildren. I don't know. have a good time 2 laugh.1. please. ery. 6 Because there were problems with the plane. I got 11 'Y ~1atts Speed Illeulltaill bike it for my birthday. 2 Er".3 2 swimming 3 running 4 cooking 5 going to the theatre 6 relaxing 7 ehatting online 8 playing eomputer games 9 going on long walks 10 camping 2 entertainment 3 luggage 4 lighting 5 clothes 6 bath 7 children's 8 beauty 9 eomputers 10 toys II women's 12 sports A Z R K B X Y A L e R y F A Z G 2A 9. fantastie. 4 4 Kate loves driving.1 B a) we didn't b) we were e) we didn't d) we did e) we did f) we didn 't 2 Kate likes dancing. luggage. My mum gave 1111 ~1atts Speed 11 leunrail 1bike it to me./ He went with his wife and his ehildren. boring S B O U G H T G F S S R N 5 Q S T H B E E I B F G V O L L P U S G E T Q L R Y S O L D Chuek 6A 2 There's 3 On the left 4 delieious 5 near 6 all right 7 There's 80pposite 9 Behind 10 Next to I I How's 12 fantastic H 1~2 ~304~5~607~809~ 10 b) I I a) 12 e) 13 b) 14 a) 15 a) 16 a) ' 17 b) 18 a) 19 e) 20 e) 2 G M I J B 1'4il' lA 2 bought 3 cost 4 cost 5 paid 6 pay 7 sold 8 sell 9 got 10 get I I give 12 gave 2A and B good gifts for women: flowers bad gifts for women: a photo frame (with no picture. a vase. This one? No. They 61. a perfect gift because rile ~1am Speed Illoulltaill bike it is the best mountain bike. us 5 them. T E Z T P Q G o E e R W y u H Q A R X R E H A L 3 beeause didn't like it(X) 4 K A My boyfriend Jason I know n 17 boyfi ielld Jasoll him from university and Illy boy" iend Jasoll al Id I we like travelling together. dance. E T x V E A G o o D T I M I S z Q M Y L P X E L J N T R G P L L I D A N e D I R WI A T G N E A R e My Prada sunglasses I bought Illy PI ada sunglasses them last year and 11 'Y PI ada sUllglasses they are important beeause I like reading at the beach and I can't read without 1"y PI ada sUllglasses them. her 3 it. • It was dangerous. • She was really seared. September.. • There were only three birds. 4 He went with his family. please. 4 X • It wasn't good. 2 him 3 it 4 it 5 me 6 it 7 her 8 it 9 me 10 you I I us 12 it 13 them 2A 3 Kate hates eats. Sit down. 3B She doesn't answer qu estion 3: What would you like for dinner? e Well " . I'd love an apple juiee or something. behind. Theo hates dancing.e b) 4 c) 3 d) 6 e) I f) 2 ·1J@liU D 3A 2 you 3 him 4 she 5 it 6 we 7 them 9. 3 He went in July. 3A • It was expensive. B: Brown. November. We usually go in Illy bey" ielld Jasol l's his ear. • The countryside was beautiful. Would you like a drink? B: Yes. a cookbook. with man's photo). • He felt relaxed . awful.1) it Speaker S E E o L D B U I L D I N Y J y N o V E M B E R L D N F WG E F B o P P o S I X A A A G B A K H G Z B X L P o e G S A B 2 X 3 . June 4 opposite. it 4 We. It. Theo doesn't like driving. SA 2 How did he travel? 3 When did he go? 4 Who did he go with? 5 5 What did they do on holiday? 2 ID2C3B4A 6 Why were they late home? OR Why were they home late? 2 drinking 3 eating 4 dancing 5 getting up B 6 walking 7 losing 8 arriving B 2 He travelled by plane. 6 . I'd like that sweater. A: B: A: B: Can I help you l Yes. 3 Oh. near. between 5 terrible. 5 The ehildren played and Bob and his wife did a lot of reading. I'd like that brown one.. 4 Um ". speak English. please. Theo likes cats. I breaking 2 coming 3 erying 4 laughing 5 leaving 6 making 7 moving 8 staying 9 seeing 10 talking I I waiting 12 watehing B 2 don 't like 3 making 4 do 5 hate 6 like 7 don't 8 talking 9 do 10 seeing 4A e 3 spoke 4 knew 5 eried 6 looked 7 wanted 8 talked 9 beeame 10 said I I took 12 thought 13 stopped 14 listened 15 studied 16 met liked (. 5 9. A: Come in. Theo loves bananas.

The n they are going to fly back to Saigon. o rganised S worked. Shoes. 4 What languages can you speak? S l ean speak Russian and Italian. But do you sometimes speak? Can people me" understand you? Then your pronunciation is not a problem and you can te speak English just fine. 5 B 2 I'M go' g te move house soon OR I'm not go ing to Move hou se soon. B 3 b) 3 e) I d) 8 e) 6 f) 4 g) 2 h) 10 i) 7 j) 9 2 'm going to talk 3 'm not going to climb 4 're going to go S 's going to help 6 aren't goi ng to come 7 're going to buy 8 aren't going to drive 9 's going to look 10 isn't going to sell 2A 4 A: Oh. soon . Do you want to come with me? B: Sure. I took a lot of photos. really? I'm going to see them tomorrow. 62 3A 2 can swim but she can't ride a bike. C1o thes . 3 can't drive a car but he can ride a horse. I went to the Blue Mosque on Monday. Liam and Otto are going to phone me tonight OR Liam and Otto aren't going to phone me ronight. PH: phoros. It was real ly interesting. I'm going to go to Saigon in June. It was fantastic! On Tuesday I went to the market and bought a leather jacket.1 2 England 3 a motorbike 4 a seat S golf 6 bean 7 aplane 8 words 2A 4 My teacher's going te teach me next year OR My teacher isn 't going to teach me next yea r. He's going to stay hom e and study. I can te see an old friend over there . Wally don't can't stay home alone. less C: co mputer. I saw Istanbul alone. old 4A 2 like 3 Can 4 time S again 6 meet 7 place 8 there 9 to 'i~ii. OR l ean speak Italian and Russian. 6 Hi Elif. 6 but not very wel l. Did you get my emai l? I was in Istanbu l for three days. something F: fit. Remember. Matilda loves danci ng and she loves you. food.. yeah. phone W: words. B: Great. bye Magda. 10 This is my 01"te stat ion . online.QJ@ii. REVIEWAND CHECK 5 lA 2 3 b) dance e) can't d) like e) going f) to g) 's a) went b) hated e) him d) can't e) are f) us g) 's going a) studying b) do e) like d) going e) are f) can g) it 2 3 4 Does he li ke dancing? Can Matilda dance? Does Matilda like dancing? S C an W ally swim? 6 Does Wally like water? 7 Does Daniel do his homework? 8 Can he read and write Engl ish? e 2 doesn 't 3 can 4 does S can't 6 doesn't 7 does 8 can 2A Dear Martin. he's 14 and that's very young. Can you walk? Can you jump? Then you can dance. I wanted to meet but I didn't get a text or email back from you . later. so let's meet. weight. I'm goi ng to go on a long walk tomorrow. weeks. theatre. You say you don't often speak in c1ass . So do you want to meet this weekend? A: Well. tennis.vun@rit@zha@nocn@ 2 Keep in touch. A: I know. I'm not going to work tomorrow. with 2B b) 7 e) 3 d) I e) 6 f) 2 Where are you are going? So are you from aH around here? Do you have ort the time? S Hi . walks O: others. My friend s and I are going te meet this w eeke nd OR My friends an d I aren 't going te meet this weekend . S Goodbye David. 4 2 can you read the email ad dress 3 I can't see it very well. I b) 2 a) 3 b) 4 a) S a) 6 a) 7 e) 8 a) 9 e) lOe) Ilb) 12b) 13c) 14 a) IS c) 16b) 17 a) 18b) 19c) 20b) . they're only going to be here for a week.I. 4 can throw but she can't catch. relaxed 6 spent. 9 Nice to talk ort to you . 4 1. B: Yeah. S 3. 3 2. 2 e) 3 d) 4 b) S a) B S I'm going ro do sport this weekend OR I'm I shop assistant 2 tour guide 3 hairdresser e not going ro do sport this weekend. 4 See you later. S can play guitar but he can't sing. how are you do? 6 7 8 I hope we meet t:tS again. a ring and a lamp. 6 2 3. 3 L: languages . Many people say they can 't dartcing dance . caro coffee T: time . He-ean Can he take swimming lessons? Or can you go on a mountain holiday? Dear Dan ie l. rouch S: smoking. Jayne 10. You're going to be fine! Dear Kensie. 8 can you cook Spanish food? 9 lean cook it quite well. 6 can't cook but she can make coffee. I have ro a meeting at four.2 lA lA 2 2 change 3 help 4 get S stop 6 lose 7 work 8 learn 9 spend 10 get 3 4 B b) 4 e) 10 d) 7 e) 3 f) 8 g) 6 h) 2 i) I j) 9 e 2 got. organised. 10. A: How about Barry? B: He isn't going to come. 3 See you soon. 7 l ean cook.3 10. fit 3 changed jobs 4 got. b) 4 e) I d) 3 B 2 d) 3 b) 4 e) S d) 6 e) 7 a) 8 b) 3 @.

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. Regular review and check sections as well as mini tests allow students to check their progress. writing and listening extends learners' skills. The Speakout Workbook contains a wide variety of practice exercises that review all the language areas studied in the Students' Book: "'. listening. With its wide range of support material. Speakout is a comprehensive six-Ievel general English course for adults that builds confidence in speaking... reading and writing using authentic materials from the BBC. Grammar. "'. vocabulary and functionallanguage exercises help to consolidate and extend new language.speakout Starter Speakout has been developed in association with BBC Worldwide and BBC Learning English. it meets the diverse needs of learners in a variety of teaching situations and helps to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world. "'" Extra practice in reading.