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A result-oriented techno professional with more than 7 years progressive
experience in oil & gas, operation & maintenance support services for 90MW
Gas turbine based open cycle compressor station and 48 inch cross country
natural gas pipelines.
Career Summary
Comprehensive O & M experience in field of mechanical maintenance for Rotary & Stationary Equipment’s
(such as Gas Turbine, Compressor, Pumps, Valves etc) as well as cross country natural gas pipeline
maintenance of organizations like Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited, India

Presently organization - Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Ltd
SINCE – Sep 2007 to till date
Experience involved:-

Cross-country gas pipeline maintenance

Construction of largest cross country pipeline in India (Total Length L=1369 kms. & 48” dia.) connecting east
coast at Kakinada (A.P) and Bharuch (Gujarat), scheduled to transport natural gas.
Maintenance jobs planning, scheduling, work permit system, material management, document creation &
upload in SAP software system.
Technical problem analyser, group meeting arranger, meeting conductor, technical presentation organiser,
administrator, operations and maintenance support operational activities manager exclusively for GE Make
31069kw Gas Turbine, 18695m3/h, pipeline centrifugal compressor & all plant utilities.
System monitoring, operation & maintenance of static & rotary equipment’s with all plant utilities, document
creation & uploaded in SAP software system.
Company safety policy for the men, material & environment through best engineering practice
Familiar with application of International Standards for gas transportation piping (cross country gas pipeline)
ASME B31.8 with basic knowledge of ASME B16.5 for flanges ASME B16.9 (C.I pipe & fitting), ASME
B16.20 (spiral wound gasket) etc

Responsibilities Involved:
Gas Turbine PGT25+DLE level 1 & break down maintenance such as lube & Scavenge Pump Screen
electronic chip detector ,High Pressure Recoup Metering Spacer selection, Baroscopic Inspection ,Water
Wash ,Lube Oil Sampling ,Bearing Sump Flow Test ,Vibration Monitoring System Function Check ,Over
Speed , Pressure & Temperature inspection ,Gas Generator inlet & external inspection ,Exhaust ,Ignition &
Fuel system inspection for effective availability of Machine
Gas turbine PGT10+DLE Hot gas path inspection at 30k Hrs. maintenance activity as turbine liner, Transition
piece & first stage nozzle replacement.
Pipeline centrifugal compressor PCL803.Maintenance as checking alignment journal & thrust bearing wear &
overheating, gearbox gear tooth clearance, coupling axial displacement, diaphragms condition, lube oil
system, seal gas system.
Gas engine generator JGC420 daily inspection & scheduled maintenance as engine oil level, fuel gas
pressure, engine oil sampling every 500hrs,schedule maintenance activities, 11 Tons HVAC of Voltas, split
and precision A/C maintenance activity

solving brake down problems.096 million. Suzlon reported a strong consolidated order book position of USD 4. manpower. solid moulding of mechanical parts like shrink disc. Installing Stall striping project work on the blades of wind turbine generator. .304 million (3. Data entry in SAP related to work. hub lock etc using auto cad 2004 SAP latest version ABAP for notification. work order creation.454 MW). Allocate jobs to technicians and help operational staff. quality of work as per laid down standards. Participate in successful rotor replacement of pipeline centrifugal compressor PCL503 Gas generator LM2500 of turbine PGT 25+DLE replace successfully.Scheduled maintenance of screw compressor DSD241.294 MW) in international orders. hydraulic skid . regulators. Assist in carrying out pipeline integrity management program as per standard norms. PM order. Gas after cooler. fire water pumps.O plant. R. Tower torque. oil coolers. 3D. 1250kw. 2mw. material & environment through best engineering practice Drafting of 2D. material handling equipment. Plan & organize workshop jobs on day to day basis. gas turbine regulating skid. generator alignment. and USD 4. blades & hubs of wind turbine generator. Arial patrolling. Familiar with International standard codes like American society of mechanical engineering (ASME). motor operated valves.  BRAKE DOWN MAINTENANCE ACTIVITY RTD replacement of pipeline centrifugal compressor PCL 803 work successfully completed within due date. installation of nacelles. Tap of point. Achievements: Awarded by Safe Employ of the year award by the organisation Reliance gas transportation infrastructure limited. cathodic protection monitoring. Long Term Service Agreements (LTSAs). material & surroundings through best engineering practice. Annual Maintenance Services/ Contracts. OPERATION & MAINTENANCE Erection of structure. gate valves. gauging. permit. Trouble shooting of 600WTG. FGCU skid. Scheduled maintenance of static equipment of cross country gas pipeline valve as 48” oil over gas actuated ball valve. 30T EOT Crain. as on  PROJECT. gear actuated ball valve. safety valves. Participate in replacement of two stage power turbine of gas turbine PGT 25+ DLE Worked in SUZLON WIND FARM SERVICE LTD as O&M Engineer-Mechanical (From 15th Jul’06 to 18th Sep’07) SUZLON WIND FARM SERVICE LTD is India’s one of the largest wind energy company. Mainline valves schedule operation & maintenance Ensure company safety policy for the men. hub locking & schedule maintenance. scrubber. check valves. Cross country 48” gas pipeline Pigging. hand over & take over of 600KW wind turbine generator. Break down & preventive maintenance Company safety policy for the men. QOEC. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) & Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) etc. plug valves. lifting tools/ tackles in proper order Give requirement related to Petty Maintenance Services. American Petroleum Institute (API). Different type of wind turbine (lattice & tubular) having 600kw. material reservation etc. gas engine generator skid. all mock drills are carried out to ensure safety awareness onsite and offsite. (3. with USD 208 million (160 MW) in domestic orders. filter house.

MS Word. Mumbai. Familiar with software packages like windows. Aurangabad. Energy. Training & software skill Complete successfully training of pipeline technician by ENBRIDGE.To read isometric drawings. Baliram singh Nationality : Indian Date of birth : 31st DEC 1981 Marital Status : Married Languages : English.62%) Pass out in 2006 (Dr. Excellent make communication and relationship with others. Familiar with SAP software as end user. India)  Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with 65% pass out in 2003 (Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education. Professional Education Degree & Diploma both in Mechanical Engineering. Completed AUTO CAD drafting & plotting in college level. CANADA. Highly energetic & hard work responsibility. India) Personal skills: Good problem solving skills. Team player & leadership skills. EXCEL.E. Personal Details Father’s name : Mr. Marathi . piping & instrument drawings (P&ID) with Supports and work accordingly. The technical training course on SYSTEM1 (vibration monitoring software) FUNDAMENTALS by G.  B. Babasahab Ambedkar Marathwara University. general arrangement drawing (GA drawing). Hindi. Self-motivated & able to work under pressure.E MECHANICAL WITH DISTINCTION (67.