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1) Setting the alert levels for the PegaAlert log is done in which file?

Choose one answer.
a. prlog4jsettings.xml Incorrect
b. prlogging.xml Incorrect
c. prsettings.xml Incorrect
d. prconfig.xml
Setting the alert levels for the PegaAlert log is done in which file?
Note: The prconfig.xml file includes all of the settings for the alerts. The prlogging.xml record
allows you to set the location and naming convention of the log files.
2) Which of the following statements are true regarding skimming? (Choose two)
a. Rules are automatically deleted once skimming has been completed to reduce the total
number of RuleSet versions in the application. Incorrect
b. Skimming is located in Tools > Rule Management > Skim a RuleSet.
c. When skimming to RuleSet 03-01-01, only the highest versioned rules from 02-01-01 and 0101-01 RuleSets are included in the skim. Incorrect
d. Withdrawn rules are included in a skim.
Note: RuleSets may be manually deleted but are not automatically deleted. Skims only select
rules in one major version
3) You can create a Rule-Admin-Product-Patch with the same name both in the MLS
RuleSet and in the MyCo RuleSet.
a. Yes - the system will allow for two separate instances of the rule if it is saved in different
RuleSets. This practice should be avoided.
b. No - the system does not allow for multiple instances of a Rule-Admin- Product-Patch with
the same name. Incorrect
Note: You can create a Rule-Admin-Product-Patch with the same name both in the MLS RuleSet
and in the MyCo RuleSet. The standard system validations allow you to create the rules with
the same name in two different
RuleSets; however, since this can cause confusion it is not considered a best practice.
4) True or False: When migrating a Rule-Admin-Product-Patch from one environment
to another, you must first have migrated a Rule-Admin-Product.
True Incorrect
Note: There is no edit when the zip archive is loaded in the system.
5) For which purpose can out of the box activities be used?
Choose one answer.
a. To route work Incorrect
b. To update the status of a work object Incorrect
c. To add work to a cover or folder Incorrect
d. All of the above

Note: There are many out of the box activities that can be used for work-related processing,
including routing to a work list or work basket, updating work status based on an input
parameter, and adding work to a cover or folder.

6) In which category would you expect to find activities under the Rules by Type
Choose one answer.
a. Process Incorrect
b. Technical
c. Decision Incorrect
d. SysAdmin Incorrect

MSAT Internal

Note: Activities are located under the Technical category in the Rules by Type tab in Manage
7) When processing a For loop or iterating over a Value List or Page List, which
standard parameter would you inspect to get the value of the current iteration?
Choose one answer.
a. pyIterationNumber Incorrect
b. pyForEach Incorrect
c. pyCount Incorrect
d. pyForEachCount
Note: The standard parameter pyForEachCount holds the index value of the current iteration.
Note that if the iteration is a For loop, the increment may be a value other than 1.

8) Which index value would you use when referencing the index of the current
property within an iteration?
Choose one answer.
a. <THIS> Incorrect
c. <NEXT> Incorrect
d. <FIRST> Incorrect

Note: Use the index value of <CURRENT> to reference the current property within an

9) Which of the following statements is false?

a. Local variables can be passed between activities
b. You cannot view local variables and their values in the tracer tool Incorrect
c. You cannot view the contents of the parameter page in the clipboard viewer
d. You can view parameters and their values in the tracer tool Incorrect

Note: Local Variables cannot be passed between activities and are valid only within the
activity where they are set. This is the principle difference between local variables and

10) True or False: It is possible to comment out an activity step to prevent it from
False Incorrect

Note: To prevent an activity step from executing, comment it out by putting // in the Label
column. This is very useful in testing.

11) True or False: You must always define the primary page of an activity on the
Pages & Classes tab.
True Incorrect

Note: If you do not define the primary page on the Pages & Classes tab, PRPC assumes the
rules “Applies To” class as the class of the primary page (referenced using the keyword

12) Users need to make an adjustment to the case (cover) urgency and all the
claims (covered work objects) belonging to that case such that:
1. The value entered by the user, v, causes the new urgency to be equal to the
original urgency + v,

MSAT Internal

2. The urgency on the case and claims are ONLY updated if all claims can be
updated. If a claim cannot be updated, an error message displays explaining what
work object could not be updated and why, and
3. If the issue is locking, include the user name who has the lock.
How do you get the information for the user who has the lock?
Choose one answer.
a. You can’t get the information so you can’t satisfy this requirement Incorrect
b. Leverage the LockInfoPage to see who has the lock
c. DetermineLockString will lock the claim items for you so this situation will never arise
d. This information is stored in pxRequestor.pxUserIdentifier Incorrect
Note: In case a lock failure occurs when you do an obj -open or obj -open-by-handle, you can
use the lockinfo text box on the method to specify a page name. The lock information for the
object is stored under the pxUpdateOperator on the lockpage.

13) Can a cover and a covered work object belong to different class groups?
a. Yes Incorrect
b. No

Note: Covers and the work objects they contain must belong to the same application

14) What is the difference between a database lock and an object lock?
Choose one answer.
a. Object level locks persist for longer than database level lock and prevent two users from
making changes to the record simultaneously
b. Database locks are held for a longer duration than object locks Incorrect
c. None – they are the same Incorrect

Note: An object level lock prevents two people from making changes at the same time, thus

protecting work object integrity. If you did not have object level locking, it would be possible for
person A to overwrite person B’s changes without realizing that Person B had already written
data to the database.

15) What is the entity relationship between covers and covered items?
Choose one answer.
a. One-to-Many
b. Many-to-Many Incorrect
c. Many-to-One Incorrect
d. One-to-One Incorrect

Note: There is a one-to-many relationship between the cover and its covered work objects.
Covered work objects can only belong to one cover.

16) What is the entity relationship between folders and foldered items?
Choose one answer.
a. One-to-One Incorrect
b. Many-to-One Incorrect
c. One-to-Many Incorrect
d. Many-to-Many

Note: There is a many-to-many relationship between folders and work objects. The same work
object can be added to multiple folders.

17) Which shape allows you to spawn a flow for each element in an embedded list?
Choose one answer.
a. Spin-Off Incorrect

MSAT Internal

b. Sub-Flow Incorrect
c. Swim Lane Incorrect
d. Split-forEach
Note: The Split-forEach shape allows you to spawn the same flow for each element in a page
list. This allows multiple assignments to be created on the given work object.
18) After a ticket is raised can you resume processing from the point where the
ticket was invoked?
Choose one answer.
a. Yes Incorrect
b. No
Note: A ticket is a true “goto” or “jump” in the process and does not provide any functionality
to resume back to where the flow was. The ticket breaks the normal execution of the flow and
has no way to resume from where it was raised.

19) What value does having multiple end shapes in a flow provide?

a. None, because you cannot have multiple end shapes in a flow. Incorrect
b. Helps to keep the flow clean and also provides a status at each end-shape that can be used
from the parent flow.
c. It only keeps the flow clean. Incorrect
d. It allows you to run an activity at each end shape. Incorrect
Note: Multiple end shapes allow you to keep the flow clean and at the same set a status at
each end shape. This status can then be used by the parent flow to branch the flow down the
appropriate path.
20) True or False: Screen flows have the same stencil/flow shapes as any other flow?
True Incorrect

Note: Screen flows have a limited set of shapes available. This keeps the flows simple and at
the same time limits the functionality that can be done for a screen flow.

21) In a java step inside an activity, you need to create an instance of the vector
class. What is the valid way to do this in PRPC?
Choose one answer.
a. Vector x = new Vector () Incorrect
b. java.util.Vector x = new java.util.Vector()
c. java.library.Vector x = new java.library.Vector() Incorrect

Note: You must include the java.util.Vector library.
22) What does the tools.getDatabase () method do? (Tools is an instance of the
PublicAPI object.)
Choose one answer.
a. It connects to the database and creates a new page. Incorrect
b. It finds specific information in the database that can be used for current processing.
c. It associates a database instance with the current processing. Incorrect
d. It gets a connection to the PegaRULES database instance associated with the current

Note: The tools.getDatabase() method enables you to interface with other systems to complete
current processing.

23) How do you obtain a lock on a row in the PegaRULES database through the
PublicAPI ?
Choose one answer.

MSAT Internal

to an individual. It refers to the page that was defined as the step page for that particular step.g. Rule Classes Incorrect d. Write a java function that can be called in any activity within the application. Route to a specific user Incorrect d. More reuse than option A.lock() Incorrect Note: You need to include the getLockManager() and lock() methods 24) How would you refer to the step page of a java step in an activity? Choose one answer. false). a. tools.getDatabase(). – where is set as a stringmap in a clipboard page Incorrect c. myStepPage is the object of class ClipboardPage. a. a.lock(.getDatabse(). tools. tools. or to an individual who has the necessary skills and balance the work to the user with the least amount of work.getLockManager(). Data Classes Incorrect c. Route to a balanced skilled group Incorrect b.lock() Incorrect b. Load Balanced Routing Incorrect c. 27) Which of the following are out of the box routing algorithms? Choose one answer. Use the RDB-Save method. All of the Above Note: PRPC offer out of the box routing activities that should always be reviewed when working with routing. d. c. Route to a skilled workbasket Incorrect c. a. you are developing a system that is built for change. Incorrect Note: By using an RDB-Save method. GetNextWork Note: The GetNextWork concept is used with Pull Routing. tools. and rule classes. 25) What should you do to update an external database? a. There are out of the box activities to push work to skilled workbaskets. Write a java step in an activity that creates and manages the database connection and executes the SQL query.getDatabase(). data. myStepPage. 26) Which classes are history records created for? Choose one answer. Tools. MSAT Internal . Work Classes Incorrect b. Incorrect d.findPage(myStepPage) Incorrect b.addMessage) c. Incorrect b. Worklist Routing Incorrect b. All of the Above Note: History is created for work. The system can determine how to pull work and assign the given work to a user.a.getLockManager(). false) – where is set as a stringmap in a clipboard page. 28) Which concept is associated with Pull Routing? Choose one answer. You do not need to worry. Call your Lead System Architect and ask what you should do. Use of the implicitly available instance myStepPage (e.lock(. Tools.findPage(“pagename”) Incorrect Note: In activity steps.

32) Which of the following options in the Change Tracking field enable backward chaining? (Select all that apply) a. Use the standard expression tester (the play button from the expression form) as it supports adding pages to a page list. Dependent on if the expression is context-free or context sensitive. Incorrect c. When used if property is missing c. Activities d.) available in a Rule-DeclareExpression are: Choose one answer. 31) The calculation types (e.29) What drives the order in which work is pulled by the GetNextWork algorithm? Choose one answer.g. a. When used if no value present b.g. Incorrect Note: The operator ID record allows you to define for each operator how work should be pulled. a. SUM OF) over a list of items is: Choose one answer. Sum Of. It is controlled by the Operator ID tab. etc. Map Values Incorrect Note: Activities can only be called via utility function and thus are not changed tracked. Incorrect b. Dependent on the applies to class of the rule. Incorrect d. When deciding how workbaskets should be processed you can now have it pull from the order on the operator ID. 34) The simplest way to test a declarative expression network that performs aggregate functions (e. Incorrect b. Note: The standard expression tester supports adding pages to page lists and allows you to quickly test a number of different values. The work object SLA is defined by the pySLANAME which is set in the model for the work object. Value Of. Dependent on the type of the input properties. not backward chain. or have it pull from all workbaskets for the workgroup. or merge all workbaskets first then pull most urgent. It is controlled by the application rule. Whenever used d. Note: Calculation types are only dependent on the type of the target property. c. The work can be pulled from the worklist first or from workbaskets. Incorrect b. Create an activity that does property-sets on all of the necessary values. Use a model to preset the number of items in the list. Decision Tables Incorrect c. a. 30) True or False: Can you define SLA's for assignments and also for work objects? True False Incorrect Note: SLA's can be defined at each assignment and also for a work object. Whenever inputs change Incorrect Note: The Whenever inputs change and When applied by a Rule Collection options enable you to forward chain. MSAT Internal . It is driven by the access group. Dependent on the type of the target property. Decision Trees Incorrect b. 33) Which of the following rules cannot be called by an expression in a manner in which property changes are tracked? Choose one answer. Incorrect c. a.

OnChange Incorrect d.35) All of the following rule types are executed declaratively except… Choose one answer.” Incorrect c. Using the Delete Page action in the clipboard Viewer tool.” Declare Page rules must start “Declare_. Executing the Page-Remove method in an activity.ProductList. Load activity names must start with the string “Load. Note: Thread scoped declared pages can be conditionally refreshed. however. Declare Page rules must start “Declare_” as a best practice. such as taking the sum over an aggregate list. Declarative page names and load activities can be named using the normal naming rules of PRPC. a. such as DP1Products. The When rule that governs this process tests the question. a. “Is this page fresh?” If false. 37) Which of the following statements regarding naming and best practice is true? Choose one answer. a. Load activities must have an Activity Type of LoadDeclarativePage. Expressions Incorrect e. Using the Update Page action in the clipboard Viewer tool. Incorrect Note: Declare Pages in the clipboard are protected from being altered manually to maintain data integrity. 36) True or False: Backward chaining expressions always lead to worse performance than forward chaining rules True Incorrect False Note: This statement is false because in some situations. Incorrect c. Only activities labeled as LoadDeclarativePage are referencable from a Declare Pages rule. Incorrect Note: The name of the Declare Page rule defines the name of the page it creates. d. and Thread level are not Incorrect MSAT Internal . Incorrect d. 40) Which of the following is a difference between a declarative page defined as Node level versus Thread level? Choose one answer. Declare Pages Incorrect Note: An activity is executed procedurally rather than declaratively. Removal. the page is stale and is refreshed. Executing the Property-Set method in an activity. 39) Which operation is valid on Declare Pages in the clipboard? Choose one answer. Activity c. The page is refreshed when the When condition evaluates to True. Incorrect b. 38) Which of the following statements are True for When rules in Declare Pages? (Select all that apply) a. The When rule defines the logic for refreshing a Node scope Declare page. The name (key) of a Declare page is its Class followed by its name (purpose). Node level pages are read-only. just forces the system to recreate the page when next required. The page is refreshed when the When condition evaluates to False. a. Incorrect b. backward chaining can improve performance. The When rule defines the logic for refreshing a Thread scope Declare page. d. b. Constraints Incorrect b. Incorrect c.

Thread level pages can use a When rule to determine if the page needs to be refreshed. c. or map values without having to use a utility function. Incorrect d. a. True False Incorrect Note: Declarative pages can have sections built on them and displayed on a work object harness. Declarative Pages Incorrect Note: Only decision tree forms utilize function aliases. decision trees. a. Incorrect b. Note: All of the above options can be used in debugging declarative pages. True False Incorrect Note: Using a When rule you can associate the declarative page with the work object and refresh the declarative page when the work object changes. Note: Decision tables can only call other decision tables using the Call syntax. Incorrect d. The Declare Page Tracer event type allows you to see the loading of declarative pages. 42) True or False: You can include a section on a harness that refers to a Declare_<pagename> page as long as all fields are marked read-only. You can use the Flush Page button on the rule form to force a page to be flushed. 45) Which of the following rule types can take advantage of function aliases to improve the readability of business rules? Choose one answer. Decision tables can call other decision tables without having to use a utility function. Incorrect c. and Thread level pages are loaded when the user logs in. decision tables. Decision trees can call other decision trees. Decision trees can call other decision trees without having to use a utility function. PAL contains a number of counters specific to declarative pages. Decision Trees c. to call a different rule type would require the execution of a utility function. Incorrect d. Incorrect b. Node level pages are loaded when PRPC starts up. All of the above. Node level cannot. Incorrect Note: Node level rules can only be refreshed periodically. Node level pages must be named Declare_Node_. Decision tables can call other decision tables. 43) Which of the following is true about debugging declarative pages? Choose one answer. Decision Tables Incorrect d.b. a. MSAT Internal . 41) True or False: Thread level declarative pages can be designed so that they always hold data related to the current work object. They cannot use When logic to determine when to refresh. Incorrect c. or map values without having to use a utility function. 44) Which of the following statements is false? Choose one answer. Map Values Incorrect b.

Rule-Obj-Activity d. b. Can only run once per user interaction. a. Incorrect b.46) Which of the following rule types would normally NOT be delegated to business users? Choose one answer. Can be executed by PRPC running a property-set. a. Incorrect d. Declarative triggers run only in the current user's requestor. Incorrect Note: Triggers provide the options to run the trigger activity in the current requestor (default) or 'In Background On Copy'. Incorrect Note: Expressions can only set a single property at a time. a. Incorrect c. Declarative triggers run directly in the database. 51) Which of the following allows you to create a zip archive containing rules? Choose one answer. MSAT Internal . rather than set a single property. Can programmatically review the changes that caused the rule to fire. Incorrect c. OnChange rules require a front end user to make a change. Rule-Declare-DecisionTable Incorrect b. Can see the previous value of any changed property. Choosing Tools > Rule Management > Delete a RuleSet Incorrect d. d. Triggers require some type of persistence operation to occur. OnChange rules ONLY use backward chaining to track changes whereas expressions can use either forward or backward chaining. 47) True or False: Decision trees and decision tables allow you to set a number of different properties for each result that is returned. 49) Unlike Rule-Declare-Trigger instances. All of the above Correct. 48) Which of the following statements is true about Rule-Declare-Trigger execution? Choose one answer. OnChange rules can only track top level properties. Note: Each of the listed processes has an output of a zip archive file. Rule-Obj-MapValue Incorrect c. 50) Rule-Declare-OnChange rules are different from Rule-Declare-Expressions in that: Choose one answer. Rule-Admin-Product Incorrect b. Incorrect c. Incorrect d. The Delete a Ruleset option creates a zip archive for recovery purposes. Choosing File > Export Archive from the Developers Portal Incorrect c. a. OnChange rules can execute an activity directly. a. True False Incorrect Note: You can set multiple properties per rule using the Take Actions feature on decision trees and the Additional Action Columns on a decision table. Rule-Declare-DecisionTree Incorrect Note: Activities are normally not delegated to the business as they require a deeper technical knowledge and often do not contain pure business logic. By default declarative triggers run in the user's current requestor but can be configured to run in a child requestor. Note: OnChange rules can be executed by the simple act of changing a property's value. Declarative triggers always run in a separate requestor from the user's session. Rule-Declare-OnChange instances: Choose one answer. Incorrect b.

By providing developer access to restricted set of users in that group Incorrect Note: We have to add the rule in the Favorites. Index Incorrect d. Incorrect c. Incorrect b. When used. By adding this rule to System-User-MyRules through the Favorites and specifying the access group b. Select count (*) from pc-work Incorrect b. Assignment urgency only d.52) When selecting work from the WorkList the out of the box (OOTB) functionality will be ranked on which of the following? (Choose one) Choose one answer. Select PVZSTREAM from pc-work where pzINSKEY = '1234' Incorrect MSAT Internal . By making sure security and portal configuration for this group of user is appropriate d. Whenever used. Select pzINSKEY from pc-work where pzINSKEY = '1234' Incorrect c. False 56) How would you delegate a rule to a specific group of users? (Choose two) a. Neither . Trigger Incorrect Note: Backward chaining is used only by declare expression when the change tracking option has one of the following: When used. Select * from pc-work Correct! works on the FIFO principle Incorrect 53) On the Security Tab of an Activity there is a "May Start" checkbox. True or False Choose one answer. Both WorkObject and Assignment Urgency are considered in ranking. Correct. When applied by a Rule collection. OnChange Incorrect e. Expressions c. Work Object urgency value defined by the pySLAName property of your work object and depending on the assignment urgency. You would like to promote the security of your application and want to limit what actions can start this activity.lj09 a. 55) A context-free Declarative Expression allows you to define and execute expressions on embedded data classes. True b. In which circumstance would it be appropriate to leave this box unchecked? (Choose one) Choose one answer. This activity is to be limited in its scope and is not to start other activities. 57) Which query will require more memory in the PRPC clipboard memory? Please choose one answer. . Incorrect c. a. You don't want the activity to be used yet as it is still under development Incorrect b. Choose one answer. we also have to make necessary changes to that Roles security setting so those users can actually save these rules. if no value present. 54) What is the only declarative rule that can use backward chaining? a. Constraint Incorrect b. a. a. By creating a link to that rule in the portal Incorrect c. if property is missing.

Correct! c. a. 62) We can improve the reusability of a rule in PRPC in which of the following ways? (Choose Three) a. Can define threshold. Using SMA you can get the PegaRULES build information. 61) Which of the following are true about Summary View but are not true for List View? (Choose three) a. e. Incorrect 59) Identify the two statements that are true in the context of the SMA? (Choose two) a. True. Incorrect MSAT Internal . Incorrect f. Can have paging. Incorrect b. Use a custom activity to write the data to an external table and then build a listview to report on the data. Can have multiple criteria Incorrect b. Are instances of Rule-Obj-When referenced that determine which users have access to a given application. Incorrect 60) What is the best way to report on embedded data structures? (I. Can have charts. Incorrect Note: b is the best option as it uses PRPC to map the embedded data to the index class and your reports can run on the exposed columns in the index table.58) A production system is suddenly running very slow. Build a declarative index that maps to the embedded data structure and build the report in the index class c. Incorrect b.ear deployment files. Incorrect d. Are used to dynamically grant privileges and define role entitlements based on the specified criteria Correct! c. a.E. By using Application Profiler Incorrect b.war and prpc_j2ee14. Incorrect d. Incorrect b. e. Using SMA you can see all the integration service listeners and their individual status Correct e. only summary view can have charts. By using Availability feature in the Rule form Incorrect d. c. Correct c. True. Incorrect d. Can have trend reporting. Size of the Rules Assembly Cache and Database Cache can be seen in the Memory Management option. Access When rules… Choose one answer. we can only define threshold in summary view. By using parameters in the rules where possible Correct. By following naming conventions and Documentation Correct. Expose as many columns as needed so you can build the listview report Incorrect d. Can only refer to properties on the primary clipboard page. Verify that the database table contains an index on the column name used in the query "where clause". Are the same as Rule-Obj-When rules except that they can call utility functions. Using SMA you can manage the JDBC connection pool size. c. The SMA is available in both the prweb. True. data that lives within a pagelist) a. Remove the "Where Clause" from the query. By completing the history tab 63) Please complete the following sentence. Looking at the PRPC Alert log file you see thousands of "Query time exceeds limit" alert messages for the same query with long elapsed time. SMA cannot be configured to access multiple nodes. Which one of the following is the correct answer to resolve the problem? Choose one answer. Build a list view which reports directly on the embedded data Incorrect b. Increase the alert threshold number of the "Query time exceeds limit" alert message to a higher number to avoid the logging in the alert log file. only summary view can have trend reporting.

Process Commander supports JMS through both services and connectors.) a. c. A list to list control that allows users to simply drag and drop items from one list to another.64) Which four statements are true about roles? (Choose four. This facility supports both point-to-point and publish/subscribe messaging models. A role defines a list of privileges a user has on a class level e. f. A role defines the levels of access to rules that apply to a class and instances of that class b. automatic acknowledgment and. that allow users to view report style data and interact with it by selecting one or many rows Incorrect d. Skin of the user portal is specified in Portal Rule Incorrect 69) RuleSet prerequisites are part of rule resolution and enforced during run-time. Can you implement Rule-Service-EJB? Choose one answer. An operator can have multiple portals. portals are specified in the access group not in the operator record. Portal is rule resolved Incorrect d. Service Package is used to generate the WSDL file for an end client that wishes to use a SOAP service. a. if Process Commander is deployed as an enterprise application. True or False True Incorrect MSAT Internal . Incorrect 66) An extremely cost-conscious client uses Tomcat servers but need services exported from PRPC. Roles can be created and modified using the Role Editor c. JMS services can receive (consume) messages from a JMS topic or queue and produce responses to those messages. Rule-Access-When rules provide conditional grants of privileges. it is not a requirement.5 developers must use Composite Portal type No. WSDL files are used only in the context of web service integration. a. A Style Wizard that assists in creating and maintaining CSS styles that are applied to screens. The service package locates the service rule and then assembles a response message from the input properties. Incorrect b. Connector rules are used within PRPC to provide services to external systems. a. A role defines various levels of access to RuleSets and RuleSet versions Incorrect d. Yes Incorrect b. In PRPC v5. Selectable listviews. e. The JMS integration interface supports both point-to-point and publish/subscribe messaging models. A carousel style widget for displaying related work objects 68) Which of the following is not true about portals? Choose at least one answer. An access group can only have one role defined Incorrect 65) In the context of PRPC Services and Connectors. transaction-based processing. Portal is specified in Data-Admin-Operator ID No. The JMS integration interface supports interactions between your Process Commander application and other systems through the Java Message Service (JMS). No Note: Tomcat is not a full application server and cannot support this 67) Which of the following is NOT a PRPC provided tool that assists in creating rich and dynamic user interfaces? Choose one answer. Incorrect d. Incorrect c. Incorrect b. It supports durable subscriptions. identify the statement(s) that are true? (Choose two) a. b. c. traditional portal can also be used.

73) What are the three modes in which an agent can run in PRPC v5. Incorrect MSAT Internal . Incorrect b. A master agent that bypasses activity authentication for agents.False Note: Correct. Advanced c. A base rule must exist before a circumstanced version can be created. a. Yes Incorrect b. Deprecated Incorrect Note: Deprecated is not a mode. No Note: Schedule instances are auto created by PRPC. An out of the box agent that manages the queue for standard agents. 70) You can define a circumstance of a rule if a base rule does not exist. The access group specified under Data-Admin-Requestor:Batch Incorrect d. a. Incorrect Note: Standard agents that use Auto Queue management are context based. 76) What is the Agent Manager Choose one answer.5? Choose one answer. A master agent that creates schedule instances from Agent definitions. Incorrect d. An out of the box agent that manages PRPC requestor sessions and times them out. Incorrect b. No Note: Auto Queue Management is available only for Standard Agents. RuleSet prerequisitesare enforced at development time. 71) Can you create an agent in Legacy Mode in PRPC v5. Its own specified on the security tab. c. No Note: Legacy Mode was been deprecated in PRPC v5. 72) When you create a Standard Agent to queue work. True or False True Incorrect False Note: False is the correct answer. They use the same Access Group to run as the requestor who queued the work. It doesn't need an access group as the system figures out how to process the queue. Standard d. The requestor who queued the work. not during run-time. a. Yes Incorrect b. a. Yes Incorrect b. c. under which access group does the agent process a work object? Choose one answer. a. 75) Do you have to explicitly create Schedule instances for the Agent on every node? Choose one answer. 74) Can you enable Auto Queue Management for Advanced agents? Choose one answer.5? a. Legacy b.

Even though the code is generated external systems can update the rules thereby forcing the system to regenerate the rules so there is no advantage Incorrect d.77) Are Agent Schedule instances created if the Enable this Agent checkbox on the Agents Definition is disable? Choose one answer. By calling tools. Database level cache for properties and metadata about properties Incorrect b. Generated and compiled code ensures that there is no further database activity to retrieve rules and makes the system fast c.lookuplist forms the basis for all lookuplist calls. 80) What will happen if the System Pulse does not run in an multi-node environment? Choose Two. a. By calling out of the box supplied Rule Utility Function listLookup Incorrect Note: @baseclass. This activity allows you to specify two parameters for doing lookups. a. The only way to cache compiled rules Incorrect Note: Lookup list cache is a mechanism to store the results of a query against the database on the application server in the PRPC temporary directory. Lucene indexes for full text searching won’t be synchronized d.retrieveLookupList() in a java step Incorrect c. 81) What is the advantage of Rule Assembly Cache? Choose one answer. First Use Assembly forces the system to regenerate the code every time the system restarts thereby ensuring that the latest rules are always available to the user Incorrect Note: The process of generating java code. 82) What happens if the extract marker file is deleted from the temporary directory? a. Only Rule-Utility-Function rules are recompiled Incorrect MSAT Internal . a. Static content caches won’t be synchronized. By calling @baseclass.lookuplist or one of its subclass variants in an activity step b. compiling it and storing java compiled class files on disk ensures that once a system is primed further database activity is minimized thus ensuring faster performance. the following four events are published to the pr_sys_updatescache table: Cache (changes to the rules) DELLC (Lookup list cache changes) Index (Lucene Index) RFDEL (Rule File Deletes) The pulse running on each node will wake up and pick the records that were not created by it within the window of time starting with the last pulse run which in turn would invalidate the cache entries on the node and cause RA Cache and possible Rule Instance Cache to be refreshed after compilation of that rule occurs. App server memeory based cache Incorrect d. a. databases are superfast and so is code generation this is an overhead Incorrect b. Property conclusion cache won’t be synchronized Incorrect Note: general. Rule changes made on one node will not be visible on other nodes b. 79) How do you utilize the lookup list cache? Choose one answer. No advantage. a. Yes Incorrect b. No 78) What kind of a cache is the lookup list cache? Choose one answer. App Server disk based cache c. Incorrect c.

a. 87) When you select File > Open > Portal > WorkUser and a new portal opens in a window. The file is created every time you reboot the application server and tells the system to regenerate the code Incorrect Note: Contrary to what the contents of the extract marker file says. New Thread.isLocked method in a java step Note: The public API has powerful facilities that can be leveraged to find information about locks without locking the work object. Use Ob-Open-By-Handle and use the LockInfoPage Incorrect b. Run a RDB method against the database to see who holds the lock Incorrect c. First Use Assembly cache Incorrect d. New Requestor. Code is retrieved from the PRGenBackup directory and recompiled Incorrect d. Incorrect c. Thread? Choose one answer. Incorrect Note: All PRPC locks are held at the requestor level. New Requestor. There can be multiple requestors for a given user. I log back in as the same person and I am prompted to release a lock. Nothing as the class file still exists c. In Memory Cache of the XML of a frequently accessed rule b. and Old thread Incorrect c. a. What is the best way to do this without trying to lock the object? Choose one answer. thread. If I am the same person. The lock went soft and someone stole it. and New thread Incorrect b. a. a. Use the tools.getLockManager(). Same Requestor. Previously generated code is moved to the backup directory and full code regeneration occurs c. New Thread. The Expense Report system has special code in it that always asks you to release a lock.b. and same thread d. Code is regenerated and compiled again Incorrect b. Same Requestor. why I am prompted to release the lock? Choose one answer. and same thread Incorrect Note: One Requestor. New Thread. 86) I am entering my expense report into PRPC and it always crashes due to bad active controls. PRPC locks are held at the requestor level b. deleting the file will cause code regeneration and compilation. Requestor level locking prevents you from opening two windows to work on the same object. The usage of the file is deprecated and it makes no difference if the file is deleted Incorrect d. a. which means you can open two IE windows to do work on the same object. Incorrect d. is this a new requestor. Someone else locked the object while your browser crashed. same Thread. 83) What is the Rule Instance Cache? Choose one answer. one underlying Operating System thread and multiple Thread namespaces. Cache of the generated and instantiated rule instance Incorrect 84) What happens if you delete the java file for a rule and restart the system? Choose one answer. MSAT Internal . Class file is deleted and code is regenerated and recompiled Incorrect Note: The rule execution process is highly optimized if a class file is present it uses that to prevent compilations. Disk based cache of the XML of a frequently accessed rule Incorrect c. 85) I am trying to find out who is holding the lock on a given work object.

what happens? 1. Rollback Choose one answer. Property-Set (value = 10) 4. Property-Set (value = 10) 4. 15 Incorrect Note: The first obj-sav puts the value of 5 on teh deferred ops list. All Ob-Saves are rolled back and Deferred Ops list is empty b. a. Property-Set (value = 5) 2. 91) If I perform the tasks listed below in the sequence shown in an Activity on an Integer Property X. Obj-Save 3. what is the final value in the database? 1. Obj-Save with Write now 5. Obj-Save 5. 89) If I perform the tasks listed below in the sequence shown in an Activity on an Integer Property X. Commit Choose one answer. a. 1 MSAT Internal . 0 Incorrect d. how many SQL update call are made to the datatabasee? 1. 10 Incorrect b. Property-Set (value = 5) 2. 5 c. The second obj-save writes the value of 10 to the database directly. Property-Set (value = 10) 4.88) If I perform the tasks listed below in the sequence shown in an Activity on an Integer Property X. Nothing happens as there is no commit Incorrect Note: PRPC rolls back the entire deferred operations list. 5 Incorrect c. 90) If I perform the tasks listed below in the sequence shown in an Activity on an Integer Property X. The final commit flushes the deferred ops list which means the at the value of 5 will overwrite the value of 10. Obj-Save 5. Obj-Save 5. a. what is the final value in the database? 1. 10 b. Commit Choose one answer. Obj-Save 3. a. Obj-Save 3. Property-Set (value = 5) 2. Property-Set (value = 10) 4. Property-Set (value = 5) 2. Ob-Save #4 is rolled back Incorrect c. 15 Incorrect Note: Only one update statement will be on the deferred ops list so 10 will overwrite 5. 0 Incorrect d. Obj-Save #2 is rolled back Incorrect d. Obj-Save 3. Commit Choose one answer.

2 Incorrect c. 1 for Commit) Incorrect Note: Updates are consolidated so only one statement is applied. 95) Which two JavaMail protocols does PRPC support? Choose Two. Yes b. 92) Which API in JEE is responsible for asynchronous messaging? Choose one answer. but you can flush it from the clipboard using the Rule-Declare-Page definition or the SMA. Virtual File System c. No Note: You cannot delete this from the clipboard. JMS b. JNDI Incorrect d. pxRequestor c. Very Fine System Incorrect b. 96) On what Page in the clipboard would you find the currently logged in requestor? Choose one answer. EJB Incorrect c. No Incorrect Note: One Requestor has only one thread but can have multiple Threads. Vitrual Foreign System Incorrect 98) What is Requestor Persistence? Choose Two a. Clipboard facilities allow you to switch context of the Threads. a. OperatorID Incorrect d. 94) If you log in as a Developer and then open the Work Manager portal from within the Developer portal. can you view the Developer Portal clipboard from the clipboard page of the Work Manager? a. You can put a requestor to sleep on demand. a. IMAP c.b. Incorrect b. Yes Incorrect b. UDP Incorrect Note: POP and IMAP are in the public domain and are free so Java supports them. Virtual Federated System Incorrect d. psThread > pxRequestor Incorrect 97) What does VFS stand for? Choose one answer. 0 Incorrect d. a. PRPC's way to store requestor details in the database so that sessions can be regenerated on another node in case of a node failure MSAT Internal . User Pages > pxRequestor Incorrect b. 3 (2 for Obj-Saves. 93) Can you delete a Declarative Page from the Clipboard using the controls in the clipboard window? Choose one answer. a. POP b. JSF Incorrect Note: JMS allows you to connect to queues and topics and thus provides for asynchronous forms of messaging. a. MAPI Incorrect d.

If failover is not required. b. a. you can choose filesystem instead of database and OnTimeout instead of AtInteractionEnd. c. 103) In an EAR deployment are MQ Listeners disabled by default? a. a. Yes b. No Incorrect MSAT Internal . PersistRequestor to AtInteractionEnd (“never” “AtInteractionEnd” “OnTimeout”) and PersistRequestor/storage to database (“database” “filesystem”). thus reducing the size of the WAR file. 99) If the client wants to do authentication and authorization using Siteminder. PRPC's way to reduce the number of concurrent requestors in a JVM by passivating idle or orphaned requestors thereby reducing the impact of memory usage in the JVM Note: Failover configuration is achievable by configuring two settings in prconfig.xml. To do MAPI integration would require a JNI-COM Bridge or leverage the new Outlook Wev services provided by Microsoft. A Manifest file is created by the jar tool and contains the details on when an archive was created and by what JDK. Note: JSR94 invokes PRPC outside the context of the application server so a deployment is NOT required. WAR with an application server Websphere Incorrect c.c. What kind of deployment model would you choose? Choose one answer. These are independent of Pega or a container like 102) A client wants to monitor an email account and create work objects whenever an email is received by that account. EAR with an application server like Weblogic Incorrect d. Yes Incorrect b. Deployment is not required. However. Manifest files are a byproduct of doing a deployment on Tomcast and are automatically produced by the Servlet container. Incorrect Note: MANIFEST files are created by the jar tool and can include references to jars located in other places in an EAR hierarchy. EAR with an application server like Tomcat Incorrect b. 100) The client has a requirement to do JSR94 integration. Manifest files are usually shipped by the Global Customer Service (GCS) department for Pegasystems and contain hot fixes. No Note: Javamail only supports POP and IMAP. which mode of deployment would you choose? Choose one answer. Manifest files can be used to declare classpath dependencies for the WAR file when it is packaged inside an EAR file so that the jar files can be stored at the EAR level. the client does not support IMAP or POP and can only do MAPI integration. EAR Incorrect Note: Authentication with Siteminder does not require JEE facilities such as JAAS so the mode of deployment can be EAR or WAR. PRPC's way to duplicate a requestor on multiple application servers to do load balancing Incorrect d. Doesn't matter b. but memory space taken by the requestor is a problem. Does PRPC support this out of the box? a. Incorrect d. 101) Select two statements that describe Manifest files. a. WAR Incorrect c.

MSAT Internal . The number of bytes read from the database in a single query exceeds the threshold Incorrect d. No need to repackage the deployment in the event of a change b.xm. Missing index on a table Incorrect c. 107) If you get an alert for “DB Time. Incorrect b. Too few connections in the connection pool Incorrect Note: The time measured by this alert is actually from the time the SQL is sent from PRPC to the database to the time that the database responds that the results are ready.xm. Data is purged by the system cleaner. The default table is too small to hold all of your data. Incorrect c. and if the sum exceeds the threshold it triggers this alert.Note: They are disabled by default but can be enabled by making changes to prconfig. a. Incorrect Note: The default tables only contain a primary key index and have the minimal set of exposed columns thus insuring the worst performance. when running a number of smaller queries that add up to a lot of data. The number of bytes read from all queries in an interaction exceeds the threshold Note: The sum of all the bytes read from the database are accumulated for the interaction. The default table does not contain adequate indexes and columns for performance b. No need to restart the application server to pick up changes in the prconfig. the last query that goes over the limit causes the alert. 109) The PAL reading for Bytes read from database Storage Stream refers to… Choose one answer. Verbosely describe what the command does Incorrect b. While it is possible to add indexes and expose columns from these OOTB tables. The default table names are too generic. a. Create a new archive file Incorrect c. Lock Contention Incorrect d.” a possible root cause could be all of the following except: Choose one answer. 108) Allowing class instances to be stored in a default table is a poor design practice because: Choose one answer. 104) What does the -t option do on a jar command? a. it is better to isolate each class’s instances to a dedicated table and create indexes and columns that are unique to that class. Incorrect d. Incorrect c.xml as they are polling threads which are slower as compared to the dedicated ones in a WAR deployment. The number of bytes read or written to the database exceeds the threshold Incorrect b.xml? a. every time you unzip the file Incorrect 106) The Byte Governor alert is triggered when: Choose one answer. The actual fetching of rows is not included when determining the time for this threshold. How many bytes were read from exposed columns. Too many rows fetched b. List the table of contents for the archive 105) What is an advantage of externalizing prconfig. Incorrect c. Unjar an existing archive file if used with the -f option Incorrect d. How many bytes were read from pzInsKey and other PRPC internally used properties. No need to encrypt and decrypt prconfig. How many bytes were read from pzPvStream. Therefore. a. The number of bytes in the clipboard exceeds the threshold Incorrect c. a.

The number of bytes sent to PRPC from services. you can directly change the schema of the storage tables by adding new columns for the properties For complex or embedded properties. a. None of the above Incorrect 112) Alert messages can be retrieved from a variety of sources. MyAlerts Incorrect Note: Alerts are generated by the system and are retrievable via the development portal on MyAlerts . you must use declarative indexing to expose the properties 114) Since performance related messages are sent to the ALERT Log file. Value List/Group Incorrect d. PAL d. Incorrect d. Incorrect c. you can “expose” the property. Which of the following can be directly exposed? Choose one answer. 111) The RA counter in the PAL summary screen pertain to: Choose one answer. All of the above Incorrect e. PAL is the tool used to show performance counters. it is not important to inspect the Error Log file. Incorrect b. and optionally using the add-on product AES. The number of bytes sent to connectors. The number of bytes sent to the browser. A very large number indicates that too much information or a very complex structure is being sent to the browser and could be an indication for why the browser machine might be slow. Rules Assembly counters. via the System Management Application to retrieve the Alert log. The number of bytes sent to the PegaRULES database. Alert Log Incorrect b. Embedded Property Incorrect b. These are for internal use only and can be safely ignored. consider the following guidelines: For single-value. and/or why PRPC as a server might be CPU bound in generating all this content. 113) To speed up ListView reports that refer to certain properties. c. None of the above Note: When you determine that you need to expose properties for reporting. How many Rule Alerts were generated. Excessive values here are potentially due to ListViews and other rules that are not fully relying on exposed columns. 110) pxOutputBytes is a measure of: a. non-embedded properties. Incorrect d. Incorrect Note: pxOutputBytes is a key indicator that measures how many bytes are sent from the PRPC server to the browser. why the network is strained. True Incorrect False MSAT Internal .d. a. except: Choose one answer. Autonomic Event Services (AES) Incorrect c. None of the above Incorrect Note: The term “Storage Stream” is synonymous with the terms BLOB and pzPvStream . b. a. Page List/Group Incorrect c.

it is desirable to continue to monitor for and correct alerts that are generated in production. The List View can be configured to just sort the rows that are currently displayed. d. what happens? Choose at least one answer. there are times that errors reported in the Error log file are root causes for subtle and indirect performance issues.Note: While most performance related issues will be reported in the ALERT log. which of the following performance implications should you consider (select all that apply)? MSAT Internal . and this top-level property can be exposed so that it can be used in reports. Declare Trigger rules can be used to copy a single embedded property to a top-level property. A clean error log is a PRPC best practice. True Incorrect False Note: It is not possible to disable this feature in PRPC.not just rows that are currently displayed. c. 120) In an Activity. of the items in an embedded list or group. Declare Expression rules can be used to copy a single embedded property to a top-level property. or all. as PRPC’s report mechanisms can efficiently report on even unexposed columns. a. and then only if the Initialization/ usenativelibrary prconfig. In a step before calling Obj-List-View. Incorrect b. d. Incorrect b. You can both view data and modify data in Excel . and this top-level property can be exposed so that it can be used in reports. b. you can pass parameters to a ListView by: Choose one answer. You can export numbers to Excel using a different precision than what is displayed c. 116) The generation of alerts should be disabled in a production system. Nothing . Declare Index rules can be used to expose many. Also. The List View can be configured to sort all of the result set . Include a Java step to place values onto the parameter page/ Incorrect 121) When creating reports. d. or page group. Incorrect 118) If you have an embedded property. a.submitting the changed values back to your PRPC application. page list. Including them directly into the parameters for the Obj-List-View method Incorrect d. (Select all that are true.) a. There is no need to expose any additional properties. 117) When you export the results of a report to Excel. you can do which of the following? Choose at least one answer.xml setting is enabled. List View rules cannot accept parameters. True Incorrect False Note: CPU counters are produced only when PRPC is running on a Windows server. You can bypass Excel and export directly into Access. You can use Excel to only view data. Incorrect b. 115) The CPU counters for PAL are always available. include a Property-Set step to place values into the parameter page. Incorrect c. a. 119) When Paging is enabled in a List View and the user clicks a column header at runtime to sort.the column headers aren't clickable. Pagination is only supported Summary Views Incorrect c. you can easily use these in PRPC Reporting via these mechanisms.

Incorrect d. Incorrect 124) You have a report where each row is really packed with data. Provide a way to expose properties from the TOP and PARENT pages for the page list or group b. b. a.presenting counts of events that occurred at a past moment in time b. even if this makes the report barely readable. Actors Incorrect e. Summary View b. Either a Summary View or a List View Incorrect 123) Rule-Declare-Index rules . Which of the options below would be your initial recommended way to approach this problem? Choose one answer. However. . Work Party Incorrect c. Work Types Only Incorrect b. d. a. If possible. Incorrect d. when the is clicked. c. They support Thresholds . a. If incorrectly implemented. Work or Supporting Types Note: Atomic use cases must be associated with a Work or Supporting type in the profile. They provide Trend reporting . Graph Incorrect 126) Select all of the statements below that are true about Summary View rules. The drill-down can be (select all that are true). reports can have a huge drain on the system’s performance. b. the initial report will be replaced with a screen showing all of the detailed information for that single row. 5% of the time users need to see 10 additional fields. 122) You can create reports as graphs using which of the following mechanisms? Choose one answer. since they may choose fields that are not properly indexed c.a colored background that appears behind rows of a report (or behind values in an interactive chart) to mark a meaningful range. List View Incorrect c. Provide a way to expose properties on embedded and repeating Page Lists d. Provide a way to expose properties that are Value Lists and Value Groups. all they need to do is hover over the row of interest. (select all that are correct). Incorrect c. a. Leverage the Smart Info capability so that when users need the additional fields. Incorrect 125) A Summary View provides multi-level report display with drill-down capability. PRPC Reports always run against the same database that is being used for ongoing work transactions. . a. Project Resources Incorrect d. Reduce the font size of the report to cram in the additional 10 fields. You should insist in doing performance tests using a representative amount of data to what you expect in production. List View d. Detailed View c.a. Convince the user that this requirement cannot be implemented. Provide an additional button or flow action that. MSAT Internal . Automatically create database-level indexes Incorrect c. use cases are categorized by: Choose one answer. you should limit untrained resources from changing the fields in the criteria sections (the values are OK). Summary View d. Can provide Averages over a list of values. . Using the Obj-Graph Method Incorrect b. They are often used to implement searches – providing the user with a mechanism to select one or more search results Incorrect 127) In the Application Profile. a.

and save changes.128) What is the primary purpose of the generated Framework class layer? Choose one answer.// Div1 stands for an arbitrary division name Incorrect MSAT Internal . To contain specialized rules used by the application. PRPC does not automatically create databases or tables. Incorrect c.// MyCo stands for an arbitrary company name c.classes. a. Organization and Division d. Locate the Word template named ApplicationProfile and save a copy into an unlocked RuleSet to edit and save changes. Division and Unit Incorrect c. The work class will inherit from the Work-Folder. 131) The Application Accelerator bases the class and RuleSet names on two configuration records. a. A new database will be automatically generated for this work type. The Application Profile document cannot be changed. To contain rules that will be used across the enterprise.Incorrect d. A new database table will be automatically created for this work type.class.Incorrect b. MyCo-Work. Incorrect b. 130) Checking the “Store Separately” checkbox on the Work Types screen implies: Choose one answer. MyCo. which can be mapped to an existing database table. Work. As a temporary placeholder for a Pega purchased Framework. Incorrect d. Incorrect Note: The Word Template ApplicationProfile exists in a locked RuleSet and cannot be edited. To make changes you must save a copy of the template in an unlocked RuleSet and then make changes. Incorrect d. As a replacement for the Pega supplied Work. Operator ID and Access Group Incorrect Note: The class names and RuleSets generated from the Accelerator use the developer’s current Organization and Division name. Create a section rule named ApplicationProfile in an unlocked RuleSet and edit and save changes. in which class should rules that are reusable across the work classes of all divisions reside? Choose one answer. but the Organization and Division records must exist in the system. A new class group will be generated for this work type. Note: The Framework class layer is a place to hold generalized rules that can be reused throughout the enterprise. Incorrect c. a. edit. Locate the Word template named ApplicationProfile. What two records are used to determine the names and must be configured prior to running the accelerator? Choose one answer. a. Note: The Store Separately checkbox indicates that you want the work objects from this work type to be stored in a separate database table. 129) What is the best way to address a customer’s request to see custom default text placed into the Application Profile document each time it is generated? Choose one answer. The Accelerator will create a separate class group for this work type. Incorrect c. a. MyCo-Div1-Work. 132) According to Pega best practices. Incorrect b. Work Pool and Work Group Incorrect b. Incorrect b. This can be changed. d.

a.class that make navigation in application work classes difficult. The Divisional Reuse Layer Incorrect c. a. b.4 Enterprise Class Structure? Choose one answer. Pattern and Directed inheritance 136) What does CBF stand for? Choose one answer. Enterprise Reuse Layer Incorrect 135) What are the two methods of inheritance in PRPC? Choose one answer. Not Correct. The Enterprise Class Structure provides the foundation for superior application performance. Pega best practices call for all applications on PRPC v5 platform be built using the Enterprise Class Structure patterns. a. Directed and Indirect inheritance Incorrect c. There will be one Implementation layer class for each Framework layer class. Pega Product Layer Incorrect b. For generated connector classes and rules that are shared across all divisions Incorrect 139) Which layer is not part of the 5. a. Choose one answer. For classes and rules internal to a given division Incorrect c.class in the Divisional Reuse Organizational Layer used for? Choose one answer. The creation of too many rules in the application work class. a. The Framework Layer Incorrect b. Core Business Framework Incorrect 137) What is class pollution? Choose one answer. The Enterprise Class Structure allows building enterprise-grade applications that are scalable and extendable.class. True Incorrect False MSAT Internal . Correct. Named and Pattern inheritance Incorrect b. Incorrect 134) Pegasystems provided frameworks are part of the: Choose one answer. a. a. 141) True or False: Data and work should always reside in separate RuleSets. I can choose which Implementation layer classes to generate. Framework Layer c. Incorrect c. a. Incorrect 138) What is the Int. Customer Built Framework b. The Shared Layer 140) Which of the following statements is false? Choose one answer. For generated connector classes and rules that are shared by all applications within a division b. Incorrect b. The improper creation of sub-classes to the Work. Incorrect c. b. True Incorrect False 142) True or False: It is best practice to call reusable flows that are part of the framework layer directly from the work portal. The burgeoning numbers of custom rules in the Work.133) The Enterprise Application Accelerator will generate a work class in the implementation layer for each corresponding work class in the Framework layer.

Incorrect Note: You would use the New Class parameter on the Page-New method to pass in a dynamic value from a clipboard property. True. Creating a robust and intuitive class structure and placing rules in the right class. Classes provide the most OOTB security options. Incorrect c. Incorrect c. Incorrect Note: Specialization is important in all types of implementations. 148) Do workgroups (Data-Admin-WorkGroup) get rule-resolved? Choose one answer. A & B only Note: Classes provide the security and work object persistence required in SP Type model implementations. a. MSAT Internal . Incorrect False Note: This is false because copying a rule is not true reuse. Incorrect d. Incorrect d. Incorrect Note: Building a single activity with many steps all doing different things is least important in promoting reuse. 145) Which of the following statements is false? Choose one answer. Reuse can occur within an application and across not get rule-resolved. Creating classes is easy and can be done live in production. Incorrect d. a. Building a single activity with many steps all doing different things. Clone rules and change the name of the class on the Pages & Classes tab. b. Specialization can occur based on many different factors. Reuse and Specialization are key aspects of good PRPC design. Classes provide the most work object persistence flexibility. 144) Which of the following is least important in promoting reuse? Choose one answer. 146) Security and Persistence Type models are often implemented as classes because: Choose one answer. Specialize the rule in a new RuleSet and change the class definition. a. Creating rules that execute a single logical function. Use the New Class parameter on the Page-New method and pass in a dynamic value from a clipboard property. Reusability is the ability execute the same rule from multiple places. Creating copies of rules leads to maintenance issues as more and more copies are created.143) Which of the following is a good way to minimize the need for hard-coded class names? Choose one answer. Yes Incorrect b. a. 147) The most beneficial type of reuse is being able to copy a rule from one class to another. b. Using java code to instantiate pages programmatically. All of the above Incorrect e. Specialization is only important to BRE implementations. No Note: Rule types inheriting from Data. Incorrect d. Incorrect b. Documenting rules well so they can be read by other users. a. Incorrect c. c. Incorrect b.

Includes all rules on the final rule candidate list. Class. Exact match of a circumstanced rule. The base rule. c. A correct date/time range. True False Incorrect Note: The correct answer is True as Availability = ‘Blocked’ does indeed halt the processing. either multivariate or property. Circumstancing. a. If rule is present in cache. The correct circumstance date. 150) What is the 'Skim RuleSet’ feature? Choose one answer. Makes the rule resolution process operate faster. is considered first. 153) True or False: It is more important to have fewer variations in RuleSet lists than small lists. Incorrect d. a. It does not exist. RuleSet. 154) Order the Rule Resolution Algorithm steps as they occur during rule-resolution: Discard inapplicable RuleSets and Versions Step 4 Discard rules where Availability = No/Draft Step 3 Find best instance (and check to make sure there is not a duplicate) Step 8 Choose all instances with correct purpose Step 2 Verify that the user is authorized to reach the rule (security) Step 10 Discard all candidates not defined on a class in the “ancestor tree” Step 5 Rank remaining candidates by: Override. An administration option to bring rules forward among RuleSets. Incorrect d. b. Clearing the Rule Cache has significant performance implications. either multivariate or property. a. Incorrect c. since fewer variations in RuleSet lists are better for overall performance. True False Incorrect Note: The correct answer is True. what are the first eight classes PRPC will interrogate to find rules if the initial reference class is B5? MSAT Internal . Incorrect b. Incorrect Note: Since the Rule Resolution algorithm does not look at previous RuleSet version major releases.149) During the "Find Best Candidate Instance" step in rule resolution. go to Step X. Note: Rule Cache does include the RuleSet list the request is based on. Does not include the RuleSet list the request was based on. A default performance report. Incorrect c. 151) Which of the following options is false regarding the role played by the Rule Cache in the Rule Resolution process? Choose one answer. Incorrect d. Step 1 155) Given the class structure below. which of the following criteria takes precedence over the rest? Choose one answer. you might need to bring all the original rules forward to use as a starting point. Incorrect Note: Exact match of a circumstanced rule. Incorrect b. 152) True or False: Availability = ‘Blocked’ halts the processing of your application and throws an exception. An administration option to bring rules forward among RuleSets versions. Date/Time Step 6 Set the cache Step 7 Check that Availability does not show BLOCKED Step 9 Check Rule Cache.

in what order will PRPC interrogate classes to find an activity called “MyActivity” if the request begins at class TRN-Work-Curr? MSAT Internal .B0 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 C1 C2 6 5 4 3 2 1 8 7 156) Given the example class structure shown below.

The Applies To class of the rule. both users must have exactly the same RuleSet list (in the same order) and the Applies To class of the rule must be the same as that of the first request.The correct interrogation order is: 1. b. The rule requested. TRN-Work-Curr 2. TRN4. The maximum number of circumstances allowed. TRN-Work 3. Incorrect MSAT Internal . Work6. This activity has been previously used by another user. Work-Cover5. d. All of the following must be true for PRPC to find the cached rule except: Choose one answer. Incorrect c. The RuleSet list of the user when executing the rule. In order for PRPC to find and use the cached rule. The class from which the rule is being requested is exactly the same as that of the first request. A user will never use the cache of another user. 158) All of the following are rule features considered in the Rule Cache except: Choose one answer. Incorrect c. a. a. Incorrect Note: Rule Cache does not belong to any user. @baseclass 157) A user requests an activity called “MyActivity” for the first time. The RuleSet list of both users match exactly. Incorrect b.

Circumstanced Note: Override and Circumstanced are not rule availability statuses. Depends on the rule context Incorrect 161) Regarding ranking of rules that have a circumstance Date/Time Range. and then by the start date in descending order. Effective date Incorrect Note: All except Duplicate rule are circumstancing options taken into account during the candidate rule ranking step in rule resolution. Incorrect c. A security exception Incorrect b. Rules that have a circumstance Date/Time Range are ranked first by their end date in descending order. Blocked Incorrect c. a. and then by the start date in ascending order Incorrect d. Override f. No Incorrect g. Rules that have a circumstance Date/Time Range are ranked last by their end date in ascending order. a. Yes Incorrect d. 159) All of the following circumstancing options are considered during candidate rule ranking except: Choose one answer. Multivariate Incorrect b. Rules that have a circumstance Date/Time Range are ranked last by their end date in descending order.Note: Rule Cache includes all the circumstanced versions instances of the rule. Duplicate rule e. a. and then by the start date in ascending order Incorrect Note: Rules that have a circumstance Date/Time Range are ranked first by their end date in ascending order. Rules that have a circumstance Date/Time Range are ranked first by their end date in ascending order. A duplicate rule exception Incorrect d. Yes b. 163) Which of the following are valid Rule Resolution Algorithm outputs? Choose one answer. but not any maximum number of circumstances. a. MSAT Internal . since such a limitation does not exist. All of the above Note: All options are valid Rule Resolution Algorithm outputs. No Incorrect c. which of the following statements is true? Choose one answer. and then by the start date in descending order. Final Incorrect b. 160) Do Rule-Declare-OnChange rules get rule-resolved? Choose one answer. 162) Which of the following are not rule availability statuses? Choose at least one answer. 164) Which rule is ranked higher given Circumstance Property = Membership Level and Circumstance date as listed? Choose one answer. The best rule is ready to be executed Incorrect c. Withdrawn Incorrect e. Date/Time Range Incorrect d. a. and then by the start date in descending order b. Single property Incorrect c.

Silver. It is not possible for that particular rule. and the candidate order applied is alphabetical. d. Check the ‘Use class-based inheritance to arrive at the correct rule to execute?’ box in the rule definition. An operator ID record can reference only a single access group. you enable class-based inheritance during rule resolution for that rule. Check the ‘Allow multiple versions with the same key value? (rule resolution)’ box in the rule definition. Incorrect c. Incorrect c. 166) True or False: Availability = ‘No’ halts the rule resolution process and throws an exception. Note: If a user with multiple access groups switches access groups PRPC will create a new Thread and associate that requestor Thread with the selected access group. 167) True or False: Rule-Declare-Constraints rules use class-based inheritance while rule-resolved. have class-based inheritance enabled by default. To switch between multiple access groups. each Thread is associated with a single access group. or other) can only be associated with a single access group at a time. a. That means that this session will contain multiple Threads. Incorrect Note: By checking the ‘Use class-based inheritance to arrive at the correct rule to execute?’ box. as do all inheriting from the Rule-Declare-. January 2007 Incorrect Note: The correct answer is Gold. March 2007 Incorrect b. since the circumstance property Membership Level is considered first when ranking candidates. Platinum. True False Incorrect Note: Rule-Declare-Constraint rule types. Gold. 168) Which TWO statements are true about Access Groups? (Choose Two) Choose at least one answer. March 2006 c. a. In the Work User portal. Availability = ‘No’ does not halt the processing. What would you do? Choose one answer. b. users can dynamically switch between multiple access groups using a portal drop-down. Note: This application selector will be displayed above the work pool selector in the standard WorkUser and WorkManager portals if a user’s operator record references more than one access group. Incorrect b. It just discards that rule from the candidate list. A requestor Thread (browser. True Incorrect False Note: The correct answer is False. users must log off and log back on. batch.a. 169) Which two statements are true about access roles? MSAT Internal . March 2006. 165) You have just created a custom rule called Rule-Declare-BusinessDecision and want to enable class-based inheritance for rule resolution of that rule.

170) Which TWO statements accurately describe Access Roles in PRPC? (Choose Two. Users with access to production level 3 automatically have access to all higher production levels (4 and 5). Every Access of Role to Object rule instance must have an associated Privilege rule instance Incorrect d. The order in which access roles are referenced in the access group is significant in determining the users access rights. Access of Role to Object rules are not subject to rule resolution Note: Rule resolution does not apply to Access of Role to Object rules. For workers or managers who routinely work in multiple applications. Access roles implement the PRPC class based security model.) a. Note: As a best practice to reduce future maintenance. By referencing privileges in Access of Role to Object rules and in certain rules rule types such as flows. Privileges can be used to enable or disable access to entire classes. It is a best practice to use standard access roles such as PegaRULES:User4 in lieu of application specific custom access roles. Incorrect b. c. Privileges can limit operations that can be performed on an attachment category. list only roles for one application. Incorrect c. Each of these instances controls access of the bearer of the role to a single class. Production levels are the only way to control access to the class that the Access of Role to Object instance refer to Incorrect 171) Which two statements are true concerning privileges? (Choose Two) a. (Choose two. Incorrect 172) Choose TWO statements that accurately describe Production Levels in PRPC. Access roles convey privileges to a user Note: The privilege form defines only the existence (name and Applies To class) of a new privilege. It contains no other information and conveys no capabilities by itself. you can't override Access or Role to Object rules. Note: Privileges complement the security and access control features provided by access roles and RuleSet lists.a. d. Therefore. d. Privileges offer finer access control than access roles alone. security is class based. by restricting access to specific rules rather than to entire classes or RuleSet versions.) a. privilege rules can affect which application users can do what. Users must hold all privileges associated with a flow action in order for the flow action to be available to them. c. Security settings for a leaf class override the settings for its parent classes. Note: The Security tab of the Attachment Category rule form allows you to reference a combination of when rules and privileges to define conditions so that a specific operator is allowed a specific capability while disallowing another. b. and list all but one in the Additional array on the Operator tab of the Operator ID instance. Your system can contain at most one Access of Role to Object rule for each Applies To class and Role Name combination. Incorrect MSAT Internal . where each class inherits security properties from their parent classes. Note: Each access role is comprised of a series of Access of Role to Object instances. create separate access groups for each application. b. Stated another way. It is a best practice to list only roles for one application in each access group.

Production levels should be used in Access When rules to enable or disable access to an object class. PegaRULES:SysArch4 Incorrect c. True False Incorrect Note: Even if you use an external directory to maintain user credentials and entitlement information (application access). Rule-Obj-Activity Incorrect b. which can be useful when configuring global resource settings. Incorrect c. The operator record can be created “on the fly” when the user first logs on to PRPC. and so on. PegaRULES:ProArch4 Incorrect d. what role should you be assigned in your access group? a. the single sign-on sample activities. 175) Even if you have a centralized identity management system for authentication and authorization. etc. PegaRULES:User4 Incorrect Note: You must have the SysAdm role and have the Developer portal assigned to your access group. a. If an access control field contains 0 or is blank.e. i. 176) When executing a PRPC service. PegaRULES:SysAdm4 b. you will need to keep Operator ID records in the PRPC database. Embed-AccessSetting Incorrect d. Access of Role to Object. you can use the production level to circumstance an activity or model. URL’s. For example. it is possible to change the state of an existing work object by executing a flow action. Note: For Access Deny rules.b. create drop-down lists for transferring assignments. access to the respective class is permitted. d. etc. Note: Through System Setting rules. Only the PegaRULES:SysAdmn4 access role provides sufficient access to be able to create rules of the Rule-Access child classes. access is permitted (not denied). and the example EstablishOperatorExternally activity all apply to Code-Security. 173) To successfully configure the security of a PRPC application. Code-Security c. PegaRULES needs the operator ID to associate it with work objects. The Authentication Service form expects authentication activities in the Code-Security class. external server names. access is denied when the access control value is greater than or equal to the production level of this system. Access Deny. assignments. If the production level of an Access Deny rule is zero (or blank). JNDI’s. LDAP authentication activities. What is the standard activity rule used for this purpose? Choose one answer. A system's production level should be used to conditionalize certain operations of your application. such as Access Role Names. Access When. you can assign distinct values for a setting based on the current production level. 174) In which class would you find out-of-the-box and custom authentication activities? Choose one answer. System-Security Incorrect Note: Search for “authentication activities” in the Find Gadget. your authentication activity will need to create an operator record in PRPC. MSAT Internal .

Although Apply-Parse-Delimited may be used to parse out information based on a single character delimiter such as “#”. and the name of the flow action. pySimulationDataPage. pySimulationDataPage. Use an Apply-Parse-Structured rule. Incorrect b. Incorrect Note: The Service tab of a connector rule specifically allows you to identify a flow as the Error Handler Flow.pyResponsePropertyValues Incorrect c." a. Incorrect c. 179) What is the default error handling mechanism for connector rules generated through the Connector Wizard? Choose one answer. pySimulationDataPage. The connector activity does not handle a failure in the connector. runFlowActionActivity Incorrect e. pySimulationDataPage. a. division. a. and Unit. Use a custom Rule-Utility-Function rule. Incorrect d.pyResponseHeaderValues Incorrect b. Use an Apply-Parse-Delimited rule. DisplayFlowAction Incorrect Note: resumeWorkProcess is specifically designed to process flow actions during a service interaction.pyResponseContext Incorrect d. ResumeFlow Incorrect b. 180) What is the most appropriate data transformation technique given the need to parse out the contents of the following string containing an organization. SOAP Envelope Incorrect b. Note: It would be a custom parse to break up the string at the “#” sign and divide the various portions into properties representing an Org. It takes in parameters for the key of the work object. Incorrect c. where are the return values listed in the Clipboard? Choose one answer. Div. The connector activity handles the result of the connector via a Transition. it is meant to be used to process records of MSAT Internal . a. The connector activity handles the result of the connector via a Precondition on the step following the call to the connector.pyResponseParameterValues Note: pyResponseParameterValues is a PageList where each row of the PageList identifies a value to be sent back in the service response. 177) Which component of web services is typically used at design-time to perform code generation? Choose one answer. and unit: " the name of the flow. When performing unit testing. Incorrect b. UDDI Incorrect Note: A WSDL is a file that describes the operations available in a web service. The connector activity does not handle a failure in the connector. WSDL d. All other options have run-time usage. performFlowAction Incorrect d. Processing is transferred to the ConnectionProblem flow.a. Use an Apply-Parse-XML rule. Processing is transferred to the FlowProblems flow. SOAP Body Incorrect c. d. resumeWorkProcess c. 178) You have a service rule configured to return simple values such as a string.

EJB Incorrect Note: JMS is based on processing incoming messages.a file that would be read in via a File Listener. Java. Java. MQ Incorrect e. There is no such shape c. SOAP Incorrect b. Java. dotNET. a. BPEL. A shape in a flow that allows you to setup asynchronous service calls Incorrect 186) Which rule type allows you to connect to non SOAP compliant web services? Choose one answer. A shape in a flow that allows you to setup synchronous connector calls Incorrect d. JMS. Can execute composite applications. A shape in a flow that defines a reverse of what an Integrator shape is Incorrect b. a. a. Rule-MQ-Listener Incorrect MSAT Internal . File. and that requires a Listener. JSR94. 185) What is a Disintegrator shape? Choose one answer. BPEL Incorrect e. JSR94. Incorrect c. SOAP Incorrect Note: These are the set of service rules containing either an Exception or Faults tab. Rule-JMS-Listener Incorrect d. Incorrect d. EJB. Orchestrates system to system communications. File Incorrect d. Incorrect Note: Service Oriented Architectures are about flexibility in how applications communicate with one another. Communication may be performed via a variety of transport protocols. EJB. COM. JSR94. SQL Incorrect b. COM. a. Rule-Service-HTTP Incorrect c. Supports reuse. 183) Which of the following types of service rules contain an Exceptions or Faults tab in support of error handling? Choose one answer. Data-Admin-IS. Email. b. 181) Which method of service integration within PRPC requires the configuration of a Listener? Choose one answer. COM. Email. Incorrect e. Supports tight coupling between applications. 182) Which of the following is not a true statement regarding Service Oriented Architectures? Choose one answer. but is for a different purpose. not Data-Admin-ISClientSimulation . JMS d. JMS. Java. Rule-Connect-HTTP b. dotNET. EJB. dotNET.ClientSimulation exists. 184) True or False: You should configure an instance of Data-Admin-ISClientSimulation to set up a connector simulator. True Incorrect False Note: An instance of Data-Admin-IS-Simulation is configured. and tight coupling removes this flexibility. SOAP Incorrect c. EJB. MQ. SOAP c. a.

Use RDB methods Incorrect 194) What mode of deployment should you choose if you need to expose a SOAP service? a. Yes b. WAR Incorrect b. No Incorrect 190) Can you retrieve a CLOB data type from the RDB call? a. Yes Incorrect b. Rule-Service-SQL Incorrect b.5 b. For example. GET c. No Incorrect 188) What does {Asis} keyword do in Rule-Connect-SQL? Choose at least one answer.SELECT Property1 FROM Table1 WHERE {Asis: . Allows you to generate deployment files for certain service types c. No 192) Select three statements that correctly describe a Service? a. SOAP 2. {Asis} defines the name of a table Incorrect c. Create a different service type such as SOAP or HTTP and expose a service which in turn can read the database using PRPC facilities such as Obj Methods c. Yes with PRPC v5. SOAP 1. using dynamic SQL . PUT Incorrect b. POST 196) Which two SOAP versions are supported by PRPC? a. A pool of Requestors that respond to service calls similar to database connection pooling b. No 191) Can a File Listener listen on a read only volume/directory? a. EAR Incorrect c. Allows you to generate Dynamic SQL Note.1 Incorrect MSAT Internal . Allows you to specify an operator ID so that the service can run as that operator Incorrect 193) How will you let an external caller read the PRPC database table pc_work? a.) a. a. {Asis} defines the name of a class Incorrect b. Yes Incorrect b.MyDynamicSQL} 189) Do RDB calls do a commit on their own? a. Allows you to specify an access group for the incoming calls d. SOAP 1. {Asis: property-name} instructs the system to not place spaces or quotes around the value.187) Can you connect to a stored procedure which returns a result set using cursors? Choose one answer. {Asis} tells the system not to place quotes around the value d. a.2 c. Doesn't matter 195) Which two HTTP Methods does Rule-Connect-HTTP allow? (Choose Two.1 b.

200) CSS styles are instances of which class? Choose one answer. If there are any XSD constructs in the Web service's WSDL file that the Connector Accelerator could not interpret (untyped elements. which style sheet class would you NOT change? Choose one answer. It is defined by the name of the report rule. Incorrect b. . Yes b. Rules c. modify the model used to populate the reports list in the gadget by appending new values to the Property-Set method. you may want to create a portal that is useful to Business Architects. Incorrect Note: In the Reports activity. a. Incorrect d. A.------wrong MSAT Internal . a. BODY.css.) a. Rule-File-Text b. If you are connecting to a service which has SOAP attachments.spaceBarTitle Note: Look through the style sheet classes to identify what each class controls. 199) Can you create a completely new portal? a. Use the style picker and style view to help you. wildcards.197) Choose which statements describe why you would choose Axis 2? (Choose all that apply.portalLinks Incorrect d. No Incorrect Note: You can create new portals. Tools d. For example. In the report model. See the Rule-File-Text rule form type for details. Work Incorrect e. . c. Rule-HTML-Fragment Incorrect Note: CSS styles are instances of the Rule-File-Text class and have “ css ” as part of the key name. 202) Which of the following gadgets are NOT found on the standard WorkUser Portal? Check all that apply. PRPC decides the appropriate name based on rule-resolution. For example. nested choice groups) 198) If the client requires the standard blue colors in the portal to be replaced with green colors. a.portalBarTitleBackground Incorrect b. Administer Note: Work is the only gadget not displayed on the standard WorkUser Portal. a. Dashboard b. b.dataTableHeadCenter Incorrect c. Choose at least one answer. Rule-PortalSkin Incorrect c. 201) Where do you define the name of a report to be displayed in a gadget? Choose one answer.2 based web services c. A) In the short description of the report rule (Rule-Obj-ListView or Rule-Obj-SummaryView). desktop_metal. If you are connecting to SOAP 1.

Any of the Above Incorrect e. The gadgets listed in the Narrow Column are displayed in the navigation pane of the portal when that tab is clicked. Yes. 208) In which tab of the Rule-Portal form do you define gadgets? a. 209) Which activity method is used to display a gadget? MSAT Internal . Menus d. No Incorrect b. History Incorrect Note: Gadgets are defined in the Narrow and Wide columns on the Tabs tab. Custom Incorrect d. Each gadget passes a unique parameter of “Name” which tells the application which type of report to retrieve for that gadget. Skins b. No Incorrect Note: The correct answer is Yes. WorkUser Incorrect b. Options Incorrect e. Yes. 205) Which portal rule should be used for BRE applications? a. Incorrect c. Therefore. None of the above Note: The definition of a BRE application includes the absence of a graphical UI. Skins Incorrect b.203) Which gadgets on the standard WorkManager Portal are NOT on the standard WorkUser Portal? Check all that apply. The gadgets listed in the Wide column are displayed in the work space portion of the screen. Tools Incorrect d. a. but each gadget must have a unique activity within each portal rule. a. Tabs c. Yes b. 204) Can the Developer’s Portal be modified? a. WorkManager Incorrect c. Toolbars 207) Can you reuse the same activity for different gadgets? Choose one answer. Gadgets c. though it is rarely done. Reports Note: The Dashboard and Reports gadgets are displayed on the standard WorkManager Portal but do not appear in the WorkUser Portal. and the activity should be parameterized for reuse. multiple gadgets can each call a single Reports activity. no portal is required for the end-user 206) Portal rules specify which of the following? Check all that apply. Rules Incorrect c. Work Incorrect e. Developer Incorrect d. a. Note: For example. Dashboard b.

Show-HTML Note: Gadgets do not normally have a matching Rule-Obj-HTML record in the Data-Gadget class. 210) Which cache should be cleared during testing to ensure accurate rendering of the portal user interface? a. Server-side cache Incorrect Note: Clear your browser cache by clicking Tools > Internet Options > “Delete Files” in the section labeled Temporary Internet Files. Display-HTML Incorrect d. an activity is called that processes information needed to produce the gadget and uses the Show-HTML method to create the gadget.PortalSkin. Select “OK”. so you cannot name your portal rules the same name as the standard portal rules. The activity is built in the Data-Gadget class. customize it and include the new style sheet in your custom Rule. Show-Gadget Incorrect c. then press F5 to refresh the portal. Task Action Dropdown b. 211) Which PRPC tool is best used to identify the style elements used in skin rules? a. 214) What are three out of the box ways to present flow actions? (Choose Three) a. Links d. Note: Standard OOTB Portal rules are marked as final. True False Incorrect Note: Copy one of the OOTB stylesheets that end in “_ rtl ” and customize it as needed. See the rule form type. Client-side cache b. Images Incorrect Note: Images are not a currently supported option for Flow Actions.Choose one answer. using inline styles for small amount of properties in the UI is acceptable. True False Incorrect Note: Portal Rules are rule-resolved. a. copy a standard style with a “_ rtl ” suffix. 213) True or False: Portal Rules (Rule-Portal) are rule-resolved. Buttons c. organized for review and access. 215) True or False: While using the Application Skin Wizard is the preferred method for styling an application. The Style Viewer presents the name and a sample rendering of each style in a set of CSS files. Style Viewer b. Rather. 212) To create a right-to-left portal view. This helps identify the style elements used in skin rules. True False Incorrect MSAT Internal . Style Picker Incorrect Note: The Style Viewer is used to preview the runtime HTML rendering of CSS styles defined in Rule-File-Text rules. Display-Gadget Incorrect b.

222) To make multiple selections in a List to List control you use: a. Construction and Elaboration Incorrect d. Is this out of the box behavior available in PRPC? a. All implementation phases Note: All stages of implementation require attention paid to the user experience. 219) Regular Screen Flows have "Next" and "Back" buttons. Shift + Click c. Elaboration and Inception Incorrect c. but rather a holistic process that permeates throughout an implementation. 216) A customer does not want to use a dropdown to present local actions. Whatever the customer prefers. No Incorrect Note: Local actions can be presented as hyperlinks and placed anywhere on the screen. True Incorrect False Note: Currently autocomplete controls cannot be used to drive a dynamic selection control. Done and Previous Incorrect c. USZipCode Incorrect c. TIN Incorrect 221) True or False: The Autocomplete control can be used to drive a Dynamic Select. provided you have sufficient style information Note: Skinning an application can be done at any point during a project. SSN Incorrect b. To minimize the amount of reword. It is not simply a line on a project plan. At the end of the project Incorrect c. In the miiddle of the project Incorrect d. ensure you have the explicit style information available from the customer. They want to be hyperlinks on a page. Yes b. Without changing labels. Since Inline styles need to be maintained and updated separately. Cancel and Submit b.Note: Inline styles in certain specific cases can preferred method especially if not available through the branding wizard. Construction and Inception Incorrect b. USAddress d. 218) User experience activities take place during: Choose one answer. Continue and Restart Incorrect 220) Which of the following is NOT a standard edit validation rule for automatically formatting an input field? a. a. make sure you document the places where inline styles were applied. Ctrl + Click Incorrect b. ALT + Click Incorrect MSAT Internal . a. At the beginning of the project Incorrect b. what other buttons are part of the default Screen Flow? a. 217) Skinning a customer's application should be done: Choose one answer. Stop and Go Incorrect d.

Rule-Obj-FlowAction Incorrect Rule-HTML-Fragment d.223) Which of the following is NOT an out of the box configuration option for the PegaWAI RuleSet? a. How is this implemented? ans: using Rule-Delare Collection & list view using Rule-Declare-Collection & summary view cannot be implemented OOTB. Rule-HTML-Fragment Incorrect c. All other HTML rules such as Rule-Obj-Corr. Standard. Custom built Rule-HTML-Fragment d. and features of PRPC Threads ans. and Rule-Obj-HTML allow for the manual inclusion of Rule-HTML-Property references via the Reference JSP tags or HTML directives (which is deprecated). TextArea Control Note: TextArea Control is not a configuration option for PegaWAI. Rule-Obj-HTML Incorrect Note: Rule-Obj-FlowAction allows Rule-HTML-Property rules to be referenced directly. Rule-Obj-FlowAction d. Date Control Incorrect d. Rule-Obj-Property Incorrect c. Rule-HTML-Fragments do not include the out of the box parameter control. 1. Rule-Obj-HTML Incorrect Note: By defining the JSP tag within a custom built Rule-HTML-Fragment. a. Rule-Obj-Property (from v5. the JSP tag should be defined within a… Choose one answer. a. Rule-HTML-Fragment. 225) Which of the following rule types has a form that allows Rule-HTML-Property rules to be referenced directly? Choose one answer.3) Incorrect b. 226) To maintain guardrail compliance when using a section to display an individual element within a page group property. Custom built Rule-HTML-Section Incorrect b. Question on PRPC Threads. An unordered selection of rules should be executed if a property (state=ohio) and an audit of the rules run should be displayed. custom implementation 2. Rule-HTML-Section Incorrect c. OpenPortal (not sure on the answer) MSAT Internal . the flow action displays the desired element when displaying the work object while remaining guardrail compliant. Style Control Incorrect b. Developer. 224) All of the following rule types enable parameters to be defined and passed directly using the out of the box parameter form except: Choose one answer. type of threads. Frames Control Incorrect c. Rule-Obj-Corr Incorrect b. a.

the requestor session ends. also created by the Save As operation. If no processing is initiated during this interval. Is this possible? ans: This is not possible. Requestor Timeout and Authentication timeout how to set those values. based on the values in the timeout/browser and timeout/application elements of the prconfig. but rule would show a merge option possible. 'As-Of' date circumstancing (How does it function?)  Date-circumstance rules. Such rules support as-of processing. (another 2ans  ) MSAT Internal . both operators can work at the same time possible.  Requestor timeouts.xml file. in which a fact — such as a property value in a work object — determines a date that determines which rule is applied. providing a warning and session expiration interval. For services. The system may challenge users who have not sent input during a period.. apply to interactive users and service requestors respectively.) 7.3. even when the requestor session is active and processing. checkout would not be possible possible. apply to browser-based users only. 02-02-02) is worked on by two different operators. Features of Rule-HTML-Property. The system enforces five timeout intervals as follows:  Authentication timeouts. Locks held for longer than this interval are marked as "soft" and may be forcibly released. identify a property of type DateTime. please review the theories thoroughly 6. but warning would be displayed at the bottom of the rule 4. it belongs to a ruleset ans. (Locks held for long intervals may indicate looping or design problems. it has an applies to class ans. The same activity (in 2 different rulesets 02-01-02.  Lock timeouts are determined by a setting on the System form (Data-Admin-System class).  Requestor timeouts. ans. The default timeout for browser sessions is 1 hour (3600 seconds). established in the Settings tab of the access group form. and a constant DateTime value. 5. and in which file do you have to set them if so. the default is 600 seconds. forcing them to reenter an Operator ID and password. About 4 questions on Declare pages. based on two optional time values on the Options tab of portal rules.

Requestor pooling is available for MSAT Internal . For best performance. In an activity. This rule generates HTML that provides an attractive interactive display. 8. 10. 12.Use HTML Property rules to control how properties appear on work object forms. Which services can be ‘Run in Parallel’ What connector rules can be run Parallel ? – Except FTP and File 13. and allowing users to click a row to drill down to supporting detail for that row.Usage of Log-Message method Use the Log-Message method to append a message to the Pega log when the step is reached. The resulting reports can be run from a link in the Monitor Activity workspace. remove or convert to comments the steps containing this method when they are no longer needed. the Obj-List-View can execute a list view rule to provide searching and sorting with no display. Additions to the Pega log consume system resources. a line is added to the Pega log on the current node. This rule type is part of the Reports category. Summary View A summary view rule defines a two-level report display. Requestor Pooling of Services A requestor pool is a set of requestors that Process Commander reserves for use by the services in a specific service package. A summary view rule is an instance of the Rule-Obj-SummaryView rule type. for both display and for accepting user input. presented in a flow action. totals or averages to be displayed initially. presenting summary counts. Select the LoggingLevel parameter carefully. Features of List View Vs. or executed through other processing. What rules do the Service Accelerator Create? 9. It doesn’t have Applies class and it’s a rule resolved.Are ruleset prerequisites used during design time or development 11. Listview: Purpose Use a list view rule to define a report or personal version of a report. trend reports. correspondence. Summary view rules support interactive charts. and the use of AJAX for pop-up Smart Info windows. and other HTML forms. Depending on method parameters and the current logging level.

stateless. Requestor pooling often improves the performance of a service because requestors are reused. and the service does not have to wait for a requestor to be created. MSAT Internal . their allocated resources are shared. unauthenticated service requests only.