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PRPC Senior System Architect,


Neeraj has 8 years of experience in IT industry with 2+years pertaining to
java and 5+years in analysis, design, development, documentation and
implementation of BPM – PEGA/PRPC applications.

Worked on Versions 5.4, 6.1,6.2,6.3 Sp1 and currently working with
7.1 .
Proficient experience in Connectors and Services.
Worked extensively on Activities, List Views, Declare rules and
Decision Rules.
Having good knowledge on FlowActions, Sections and other UI rules.
Experience in business process flows.
Strong area being Bug Fixing prior to production.
Working knowledge of the Software Development Life Cycle.
Having good experience in SQL.
Application Development Experience in Finance service Domain.
Provided unit and integration testing as required.
Versatile team player with excellent analytical and programming
Interacting with customer in Agile mode and providing status,

CASE Methods/Tools :
Inspector, PAL, SMA
BPM Tools
Web Technologies

Java, JSP, JDBC and Java Script.
VISIO 2003, Modeler , Clipboard, Tracer, Rule
and Log Analyzers
Oracle, MS-SQL

GE Internal



PRPC v6.1 Certified System Architect.

PRPC v6.2 Certified Senior System Architect.


Project #1:
Project Name

: Bank of America Newark,DE
: Cnslt-Apps Prog
: Sep/2013-Till Date
: PRPC V6.3/7, ORACLE, XML, JavaScript,
HTML, Java and Windows XP

Solution for credit and debit card dispute and chargeback processing
enables front-line customer service representatives to capture all the customer
information required to resolve a dispute. Handles even the most complex
disputes without a call transfer, and often without any further manual
intervention. Subscription services associated with compliance rules for Visa
USA, Visa International, MasterCard International and to Qualify the Disputes
based on set of the Questionnaire and performs automated charge back for

Interaction with Business users to understand Use Cases and
Created High Level Class structure, Workflows and Rule sets in Pega PRPC
Involved in design and development of critical enhancements and
Involved in analyzing the root cause and debugging the issues to fix the
Involved in unit testing and peer review of fixes.
Implemented critical work flows part of day to day business operations
the workflows are crucial to success of the system, especially considering
the volume.
Enchantments of the Existing Flows and Activities According to the
Business Requirements

GE Internal

Implemented activities, methods and error handling.
Created Correspondence rules and SLA
Worked with Clip board and Tracer for troubleshooting the issues.
Created Rules for Validation, Integration rules like Rule-Connect-SQL
using methods like RDB save, RDB Open, RDB list, Creation of Work
Objects, assigned to Operators.
Created Enterprise framework for credit and debit card dispute and
chargeback processing
Importing XSD’s and WSDL’s to develop connectors to communicate with
external systems from business process.
Created XML rules to generate the requests to send to external systems.
And also developed parse XML rules to receive the response Involved in
developing applications reports using list view and summary view.
Coordinated with offshore team and played a key role in understanding
the requirements
Involved in the Soap Service for the Service Request and WSDL
Used RDB Method to created Database Connection and Created Web
services using Connect SOAP.
Involved in Web services design to integrate with Visa Resolve Online
(VROL) RTSI interface
Worked on different Line of Business like Credit, Debit and Prepaid card
related functionality.
Involved in upgrading the application from Pega 6.2 environment into
Pega 7
Good knowledge in standard PRPC Case Management capabilities.
Develop knowledge on implementing high quality Case Management
solutions with PRPC.
Good knowledge in Reusability and Specialization in PRPC Case
Management solutions

Project #2:
Project Name

: GE Energy, USA
: eTransfer pricing
: Dec/2012—Aug/2013
: V5.5/6.2, JavaScript, HTML, Java and Windows XP


GE Internal

E-Transfer pricing offer statutory authorities that require an arms-length
price be charged for transaction, so that fair amount of tax is paid by each
party. When a GE entity sells goods, provides services, licenses intangible
assets or lends money to another GE entity, the provider must be paid a price
or service fee equal to the amount it would charge unrelated party operating at
arm’s length’. The price or the fee charged for the transaction has a direct
bearing to the profit of the each party, and therefore the amount of tax paid by
each of them.

Involved in rule set designing and worked intensively on reusability of
different flow actions and activities.
Involved in Design of class Structure, Properties, Activities and Flows.
Creation of User Interface (Harnesses, section, and Portal)
Created Libraries, Functions for Handling Complex Calculations, formulas
Created Declare pages, Decision tables.
Mapping back-end tables with the corresponding class/class groups
Involved in code development to generate output files(text, pdf)
Worked on Dynamic population of values based on input which can be
achieved using Pega’s Dynamic lists and List views
Creation of When conditions, Validation rules for validating business logic.

Project #3:
Project Name

: GE Energy, USA
: With Holding Tax
: Sep/2011-Dec/2012
: PRPC V6.2 SP1, ORACLE, XML, JavaScript,
HTML, Java and Windows XP

With Holding Tax is the System which receives a feed of data from a FTP
Server Called Batch Records Data. It includes business rules to that data to
calculate the With Holding Tax for each Transaction Entity within that Batch (say
AP, PO) of records.
There are specific rules applicable for the respective Taxes to be
calculated. The Calculated results are then stored into the DB and necessary
mails are sent to the payee. Approval levels are provided for the each work
object created for every transaction based on the Tax calculated.
GE Internal


Implemented the business rules on the basis of software requirements
specifications (SRS) using Pega Rules Process Commander.
Involved in Design of class Structure, Properties, Activities, Flows and
Involved in writing the business logic of the application like fetching the
data required, updating the customer information.
Created flows to handle Exceptions in the system.
Creation of User Interface(Harness, Sections, Portal) and reports
Implemented decision and declarative processing.
Implemented File Listeners to get data from FTP server.
Involved in fixing the defects and writing the test cases.

Project #4
Project Name

: Standard & Poor’s (S&P), New York
: ASID/EASID Rating process management
: Sep/2010-Aug/2011
: V5.5, JavaScript, HTML, Java and Windows XP

Description :
ASID/EASID Rating process management (Sec id RPM) is a migration of
existing application to ASID/EASID based unique analytical determination model
from legacy MPN (Municipal published number) based model. This migration
had added new parent layer with analytical group the existing model data. By
using analytical group technique business had reduce the data managing cost
up to 20%. By having new model all screen and flow of data is enhanced to
show ASID/EASID ratings and process of periodic rating review is grouped based
on analytical criteria.

GE Internal

Experience in PRPC (Pega Rules and Process Commander) Development of
flow, flow action, section, class, data model, activity flow, migration of
ruleset and managing ruleset
Followed agile model for project execution and task activity are updated
Creation of Rules for Validation, Integration rules like Rule-Connect-SQL
using methods like RDB save, RDB Open, RDB list, Creation of Work
Objects, assigning to Operators
Created Activities for implementing core Business logic
Designing and developeing the PRPC application based on the
Performing Code review for offshore deliverables
Involved in Bug Fixing Activities with System Architects.
Involved in executing POCs to cater the business requirements.
Maintaining project documentation and revision as and when required.
Developing Activity, flow, section, class, data modle , Agent and other
objects in PEGA.
Using Pega Next Best Action feature and analyzing new Pega features.
Sound skills in troubleshooting & performance tuning of PRPC applications
using Clipboard, Tracer, PAL, SMA and loggers.
Developed and modified PL/SQL packages, procedures, functions,
triggers, reports as per customer requirement to make new
enhancements or resolve problems.
Fixing existing application ticket, bugs, and runtime issues to ensure
uninterrupted application processing.

Project #5:
: Satyam
Project Name
: e-announce/ (Lenovo and STG group of IBM)
: Dec/2009-Aug/2010
Operating Systems
: Windows XP.
: Java, MQ, XML, Web Services and SQL using Webspere
Process Server,
Websphere Integration Developer.
e-Announce is an upstream DB2 instance for storage of all the offering

GE Internal

announcement related information for Clients like Server group, IBM Global
Services, Learning Services and Personnel Computing Division(Lenovo), eannounce architecture comprises of an offering process which has Middleware
RMI server application opening sockets to DB2 stored procedures written in C,
serving Java UI swing client.

AIX and db2 support for all the e-announce components
Managing Production e-announce components, monitoring production jobs
for Exceptions and RCA(root cause analysis)
Implementing and planning deployments to productions and PreProduction systems, Viz. Installation of Stored Procedures, application
context in Websphere and all the related Java components.
Initiatives for devising new operations strategies using latest autonomic
computing, developed a pilot project for real production environment
using the IBM autonomic toolkit, Evaluating autonomic framework based
on Haydes performance monitoring tool using standard CBE events
Preparation of project schedules, statement of work, deployment
schedules and project health reports

Project #6
Team Size

: Satyam
: RCAS (RSA Consumer Authentication Service).
: Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Springs, Web Services,
Tomcat5.x, Web Logic 8.1 Server.
: 30
: Team Member
: Jan2008-Nov2009

GE Internal

The RSA Consumer Authentication Service is a web based authentication
service that allows Customers to use strong (two factor) authentication to
protect their valuable accounts. It allows use of a single authentication device
that works for multiple accounts. This authentication system does not require
trust relationships between Customers with end users that use authentication
devices across multiple Customer accounts.

Analyzed RSA Tool Kit Frame work to develop front-end screens for
Admin Tool module.
Involved in development of Admin Tool for RSA Admin and Customer
CSR and using struts and spring integration.
Involved in development of Web Services for Order Tracking.
Worked on Customer Management, Seed Management and also worked
on enhancements of Order Management module.
Involved in fixing all the bugs related to all modules on time.
Filled SRS gaps as per new requirements and involved in updating
Has written many Junit test cases for all the modules developed by me.
Have done R&D on different security tools avoid application memory
leaks and Security threats and prepare an ERD.
Prepared UTDS, FTCS and updated test cases as per the new
Testing the issues before doing business test and delivering to the
Worked on client side and server side validations of Admin Tool using
struts framework.
Integrated all modules and delivered the product as per the schedule.
Worked on customization and enhancements of this application.

GE Internal