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We  are  faced  today  with  a  crisis  unlike  any  other  faced  by  our  nation  before.    
ISIS  and  Al  Qaeda  have  levied  war  on  our  country  and  the  West  for  years  and  we  
have  made  little  progress  in  fighting  the  war  on  terror.    The  reason  we  cannot  defeat  
them  is  two-­‐fold.    First,  we  are  attacking  units  of  terrorists  who  want  to  die.    
Everyone  knows  that  when  we  kill  one  member  of  ISIS,  ten  more  members  join  the  
fight  against  us.    When  we  kill  ten,  a  hundred  follow.      They  believe  they  are  
righteous  in  their  attacks.    Negotiations  have  failed.    We  cannot  convince  them  that  
their  religion  is  wrong.    I  cannot  convince  you  that  your  religion  is  wrong.    The  
compromise  will  never  come.    That  is  the  first  reason.    The  second  reason  why  we  
have  faltered  in  our  attempts  to  win  the  war  on  terror  is  we  have  not  successfully  
shut  off  the  funding  to  these  terror  groups.  
The  first  plan  of  attack  to  fight  the  war  against  ISIS  and  Al  Qaeda  shall  consist  
of  boots  on  the  ground  in  the  Middle  Eastern  Countries  to  contain  the  threat.    We  
will  use  our  military  power  and  intelligence  to  thwart  future  terrorist  attacks  on  the  
West  and  on  America  to  ensure  the  safety  of  our  People.    That  aspect  of  the  plan  is  
The  new  idea  that  will  counteract  the  terrorist  threats  and  lead  to  the  demise  
of  these  groups  is  the  closing  of  the  world  black  market  of  oil.    Our  intelligence  tells  
us  that  these  groups,  ISIS  and  Al  Qaeda,  primarily  fund  their  operations  with  black  
market  oil.    The  first  way  they  do  this  is  through  selling  from  the  terrorist  owned  
refineries.    A  refinery  owned  by  a  terrorist,  or  owned  by  a  person  linked  to  a  
terrorist  group,  will  sell  actual  oil  to  an  investor  or  oil  company  who  in  turn  will  pay  
cash  for  the  oil.    The  terrorist  group  will  use  this  cash  to  fund  its  operations.    The  
investor,  who  would  be  a  billionaire  in  the  Middle  East,  a  corporation  in  the  Middle  
East  or  abroad,  or  a  foreign  government,  will  take  the  oil  as  its  own  and  sell  the  oil  
as  if  that  individual,  corporation  or  government  produced  the  oil  in  its  own  refinery.    
The  oil  then  goes  on  the  real  market  and  is  sold  to  the  rest  of  the  world  as  the  
investor  covers  the  oil  as  its  own.    In  this  situation,  the  terrorists  make  their  money  
and  the  oil  is  eventually  washed  away  onto  the  market.  
In  a  similar  situation,  a  terrorist  oil-­‐producing  refinery  will  produce  oil  on  
the  real  market  and  get  paid  for  the  oil  it  produced.    This  is  happening  in  real  life  
scenarios  where  terror  connected  facilities  are  selling  oil  to  OPEC  and  even  the  West  
and  Far  East.    We  are  buying  the  terrorists’  oil.    They  fund  their  operations  with  the  
money  from  these  sales,  operating  as  a  fronted  corporation  as  an  oil  company  and  
then  back-­‐door  fund  the  terror  groups  as  stockholders  and  owners  in  the  foreign  
corporations.    So,  basically,  the  terrorists  own  the  corporations  and  sell  the  oil  on  
the  market  in  a  legal  way  and  then  illegally  fund  their  terrorist  groups  out  of  the  
corporations  they  have  set  up.  

To  fix  this  problem  is  simple.    We  have  to  form  a  tripartite  treaty  between  all  
the  oil  producing  companies  and  their  governments,  the  oil  buying  countries,  and  
the  Untied  Nations.    The  treaty  must  involve  the  following  requirements.    First,  
every  oil  purchase  of  any  oil  related  investment  such  as  a  stock,  option,  ETF,  
commodity,  future  or  any  other  type  of  investment,  by  any  investor  at  a  range  of  
price  over  a  low  threshold  of  $5,000.00  US  Dollars  shall  be  red  flagged  and  reviewed  
by  the  newly  formed  committee  under  the  UN  Commission.    Every  $5,000  trade  is  
going  to  be  reviewed  by  the  newly  formed  UN  Committee  to  determine  where  the  
money  come  came  from  and  where  the  money  in  the  transaction  went.    This  will  
qualify  every  large  oil  transaction  as  a  safe  transaction  and  will  stop  the  terrorists’  
investments  cold.  
Second,  we  will  form  another  committee  to  review  and  audit  the  output  of  
every  Middle  Eastern  oil  refinery.    Each  refinery  will  have  to  report  to  the  UN  
Committee  its  monthly  output  and  where  all  of  its  oil  went  every  month.    The  
Committee  will  review  each  refinery’s  oil  production  and  will  counteract  all  
terrorist  black  market  oil  sales.    If  a  refinery  lies,  steals,  cheats,  or  produces  false  
information  on  an  audit,  the  personnel  of  that  refinery  and  its  owners  and  everyone  
connected  will  be  shut  down,  prosecuted  for  criminal  acts  of  terrorism  and  
financially  prosecuted.  
These  ideas  will  stop  the  black  market  oil  production  in  its  tracks  and  if  our  
intelligence  is  right  that  ISIS  and  Al  Qaeda  are  making  most  of  their  money  off  of  
black  market  oil,  this  resolution  will  defeat  these  terrorist  camps  in  a  matter  of  
months.    Further,  these  restrictions  will  not  limit  the  free  exchange  of  capital  on  the  
world  market  system  because  we  will  not  be  limiting  the  markets  in  any  way.      
It  ‘s  either  this  or  trying  to  convince  them  that  they  are  wrong.