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NGOs: Sedition from the "civil society

With regard to the decision of President Evo Morales
rubèn ramos
President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia has decided to expel Bolivia
NGOs who conspire against the revolutionary process his people.
The story of retarding, counter-revolutionary and seditious action of NGOs is
part of its very raison d'etre and its meaning and significance. If people exceed
their level of intuitive consciousness and learn to think their reality from a
scientific and rational approach, it becomes a political subject and protagonist of
the reversal of their problems and those of the community and society to which
it belongs. This sentence NGOs to its demise. That the people are educated,
politically culturice and report life-threatening NGOs and profit from their
Emerged in Europe and the US to feed financially and politically arming its
subsidiaries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and East, the
parent NGO and its subsidiaries have been very effective tools to keep playing
capitalism "aid" but defending dictatorships and authoritarian and undemocratic
governments, neutralizing the political mobilization of the people and social
classes, prostituting leaderships.
In South America, they have been effective in countering the influence of the
Cuban revolution, end the process of political mobilization that emerged during
the progressive governments of the 70s in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and
later in Nicaragua. Currently articular coup offensive in Cuba, Venezuela,
Ecuador and Bolivia.
In Africa, to neutralize, to end all post-decolonization movements oriented
economic liberation and socialist construction. In Asia, to destroy the political
maelstrom that followed the Vietnamese victory and create the "sex industry"
based on the extent of all forms of child prostitution. In the East, for the creation
of al-Qaeda, the Islamic Emirate (IE or ISIS) and the fight against Islam.
In Ukraine to promote and develop the coup and the current war against
independent States with funding from the oligarchs of Kiev. Russia to
destabilize his government; China to provoke ethnic clashes and manipulate
students; in India to stoke confrontation with Pakistan as they share the drug
with the Zionist invaders military alliance; Greece to secure the interests of
George Soros and the Troika; in the Western Sahara, to continue living death
and disease for millions of Sahrawis; in Spain to create puppets of "left".
In the USA the International Stability Operations Association (ISOA) which
groups the companies contractors mercenaries who spread death and

destruction in the world, is considered a "commercial profit organization". An
All companies ISOA, operating as NGOs in various parts of the world, have a
certificate issued by the "Department of Homeland Security of the United
States" as (QATTs) "qualified anti-terrorism technologies" and are considered in
the "Law of Homeland Security" and "effective technologies to promote and
support terrorism."
Undoubtedly NGOs are from the "civil society", instruments that have caused
more damage to the worker and peasant movement to indigenous peoples;
displaced by military violence, natural disasters and terrorism; immigrants;
solidarity and reciprocity among nations, regional integration; folklore,
gastronomy, music, dance and other arts; to education, justice, gender equality,
development, peace.
The only benefit they have provided is the enrichment of its founding members,
their boards, their unconditional employees who think like their leaders: "If
social problems we were just no jobs, no income, no frills, no comfortable life
and happy. "
Bureaucracies of NGOs in the world constitute a subsidiary "elite" of the power
exercised on the world's states, financial institutions (World Bank, IDB), the
cooperation and assistance (UNESCO, UNICEF, UNEP, ILO), the sedition and
terror (USAID, NED, IRI, Freedom House), plans and programs belonging to the
UN, the State Department and the US Congress.
Still, NGOs are agencies for destruction, hunger and ignorance of
"independent" institutions such as World Wildlife Fund (WWW), the Ford
Foundation, the think tank American Zionists (Rand Corporation, Carnegie,
Rockefeller), the Bill Gates Foundation George Soros or Monsanto.
They are also dependent agencies 'cooperation' who acts as "committed" to the
change: Israeli Swiss, Swedish, German, English, Canadian, Australian,
Japanese, Korean,.
To all this "cooperation" and "help" existing corrupt alliances in our countries are
due. Pretext of poverty, inequality, unemployment, the environment, citizenship,
gender, sexuality, terrorism, violence, education, literacy, health, NGOs have
politicized the struggle of peoples and become their organizations and
movements in instances for opportunism, bribery and conspiracy.