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Diana Becerra

Pregnancy in girls aged 19 or below is termed as teenage pregnancy. There are many
social, emotional and health problems associated with teenage pregnancy. Even though
increased awareness about sexual health and greater used of condoms has brought down
the cases of teenage pregnancy in countries like U.S., the responsible factors like low
education standards, poverty, inappropriate knowledge of sex amongst adolescents
contributes to cases of teenage pregnancy. Some developing nations are faced with
problems of early marriage and non-awareness about contraceptives, which also
contributes to cases of teenage pregnancy. (Ruth Chambers, 2001)

Since unplanned sexual intercourse is more common in age group 12-14, who are not
aware of protected sex, the concern becomes grave for younger girls who get pregnant.
If an adolescent girl gets pregnant in such an early age, abortion is one option to be
considered if the pregnancy is tested and detected in time. (Flavin, 2008)
In cases, where girl is in later adolescence, adoption or support of community to raise
the child are some ways to help the teen pregnant emotionally, and also if she is
financially incapable of nurturing a child. It is highly important to seek support from
parents of the girl or the father of the expected child, so that appropriate prenatal care
can be offered. (KELLY, 2011). Teenage mothers may not be educated enough, and have
complete awareness about precautions to be taken during pregnancy. It becomes
therefore essential to offer education and community support to such young girls, and

Children. Behavioral problems are also common in such children as they do not get to witness the right parental skills that they can imitate. who are born to teenage parents are more likely to face problems with good education. and social services. 1992) The parents should get complete medical check up done for the child by a qualified physician in the field. (Kitzman. 2010). 2001) A teenage pregnancy is certainly debilitating for the girl child. Werner. 1993) Pregnancy in teenage is also a very troubling time for parents of the teenager who have dreamt a bright future ahead for their children. and cultures. (Emmy E. Else adoption should be chosen as the way where some appropriate organization should be chosen to adopt the child. If a teenage girl suffers all the hostility from friends and family. because social support may lack in their case. such children can also get good education and settle as independently earning individuals in the society. Teenage pregnancy is not socially acceptable in many communities. she is not likely to understand and know the aspects of nutrition associated with pregnancy and may give birth to low-weight or malnourished child. However since the teenager who gets pregnant also undergoes feelings of anger and frustration for the situation that has arrived.also create awareness about contraception to keep them safe from any such experience later upon. Therefore the social problems needed to be considered besides giving medical and prenatal care to the expecting adolescent girl. it is important that parents keep their anger in control so as to reduce the adolescent’s stress. If appropriate community support is offered through child-care support. . who is often faced with societal and family pressure. because of the indiscretion that resulted into her pregnancy. it is good. (Jill Denner1. (Males. and ensure that she gets counseling as well from outside if needed to overcome emotional stress. If both the families of the girl and boy are ready to raise the child properly.

The guardians of the teens play a crucial role in guiding the teen to making the right choices in his/her life. (Charles H. Experimenting can be well avoided which can cause less of a chance of the unplanned pregnancy. 2012) Another very important concern for preventing teen pregnancy is having a good guidance throughout the teenager’s teen years. including the relationships with the baby’s mom or dad and also the parents of the teens. For example. finding someone to be with to be cared for by in replace of a strong guidance. Such as experimenting with alcohol and unprotected sexual intercourse. Experimenting can cause many effects on the teen and the relationships at hand. (Fogartyc.Teen pregnancy becomes an issue of embarrassment for most parents and as a result they do not find it easy to accept the situation and deal with it positively and patiently. Moreover a teen girl is also not bodily prepared to give birth to a child that adds to all other problems that she faces. It is important that such teen parents reenter educational institutions after giving birth to the child so that they can be educated about being better parents in rearing their child. The teenager then is faced with obstacles that would normally happen to a 20-30 year old woman. Even more there are higher chances of death associated with teenage pregnancy for the mother as well as the child. by the . Drinking and the use of narcotics also largely have an impact on the judgment of the teen before the pre-pregnancy comes about. clinic focused programs for easier access to sex education and peer counseling programs are some measures that can help control the teenage pregnancy rates in the world. Many teen parents begin to abuse their children as early as 6 months of age if they also suffered abuse as children. As a teenager in high school ages there are a lot of peer pressures. knowledge based programs that guide them about their bodies. 2012) Therefore early prenatal care is essential to save the child as well as mother from any complications or serious medical conditions. Not having the proper guidance will cause the teen to find the alternatives. Another way of experimenting is the pregnancy caused in the sequel of either a longtime dating of the boyfriend or the other case of those random one night stands or hookups.  Teens experimenting are the leading cause in the unplanned pregnancies. Teen pregnancy prevention programs like abstinence education. Zeanah. Child care should be accessible and within financial reach of such teen mothers.

best place for the child. now does it? The guidance in life is the most important thing throughout so this can be less of an issue. Teenage adolescents tend to develop poor eating habits during pregnancy. but you don’t have the time to get a job because you’re nursing and getting ready to bring a child into the world. So by becoming pregnant at a young age and not finishing your education. It is definitely not a great thing to have the chance of health risks in you or the child. and in the worst scenario the teen drinking and/ to doing drugs during the pregnancy. What makes it hard is when you need money for the simple things for the child. Not even to mention the financial costs it has to have a newborn. it will increase the chance greatly of the baby being born with some type of birth defect or a weak part of the baby. A lot of this early responsibility can be unbearable for some teens.guardians in the teenager’s life. Finishing your education in a regular 4 years of your high school years will be hard. there is an increased chance of mothers from ages 15-19 of birthing a child that is underweight at birth. A low birth weight will increase the chance of the newborn to have health risks. they tend not to take the proper vitamins. expesically the ones that choose to get pregnant while they are still in high school. Another way that the health problems can start is because teens might not have all the knowledge of proper behavior in knowing how to nurse the child or the proper ways during the growth of the child. With all of this going on in their lives it’s affecting the health risks and medical negatives a teenage pregnancy can cause. Now that can be the worst you can possibly do to an unborn child. It is then caused. in effect. to put a lot of responsibility in the teenager’s life once they find out that they are pregnant. For example. such as being a high school dropout to have time to give birth and time to raise the young child. The early responsibility causes changes the teenagers overall personality. then being alone able to possibly finish your high school education. . (Christopher Jencks. 2001)There is 100% more responsibility in the teenager’s life. Going from being in school full time getting your education to having the responsibility to bringing a child into the world. For not having the proper guidance the teenager has a higher chance of dropping out or failing out of a school. So as a teenager you need a support system so that a newborn is taken care of in the safest. That is the worst that can be done. It definitely doesn’t sound like too much fun.

dodge able problems if the right choices are made and you have a good support system around you. Teens are not fully ready to become adults like the stress that follows during the pregnancy.To wrap it all up. NAME: DIANA BECERRA TITLE: INFORMATIVE ESSAY OF THE TEENAGE PREGNACY. It causes countless. TEACHER: KELLY FAULKNER SUBJECT: WRITING AND COMPOSITION . It would be in the best advice to not take the chances to get pregnant as a teenager. teen pregnancy is a major issue that should try to be prevented as much as it can. It is not the age to get pregnant.

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