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Reconocimiento Unidad 1 Inglés III

According to the text: "Finding the Right Job"
How many years of experience are needed to direct the publication of a new software

a. Five years of experience
b. At least two months
c. At least two years
d. At least one year

Choose the correct answer according to the statements about the jobs advertised.
Select “True”, “False” or “?” if you think there is not enough information.

1. Candidates for the manager's position should have at least five years experience. True
2. You don't need a Master's Degree to teach at Language Academy. False
3. You might have to work overtime in the editor's job especially on Saturdays. False
4. You should contact Town Bank by e-mail if you have any questions. True
5. Town Bank pays an attractive bonus. False
6. International rest. requires experienced candidates for its new branch. True

According to the text: "The old Woman"
How many times did the old woman go out of her house?

a. She went out once a week
b. She went out twice a month

She went out twice a year d. She lived alone d. She lived in a restored old building. Noun + Noun d.c. Adjective + Noun c. The old woman belonged to many clubs and associations . b. The old woman died when she was 89 years old b. She lived in London c. The combination for creating the compound adjective “Newly remodeled” is: a. The old woman lived in a newly-remodeled condo c. Adverb + past participle. b. The old woman visited the hairdresser once a month d. Number + Adjective According to the Reading answer the following questions: Who did the old woman live with? a. She went out two days in the week. She lived in 2-bedroom Select the wrong idea about the text: "The Old Woman" a.

3 and 4 are correct c. Confirmation 4. The purpose 2. 1 and 3 are correct Select the correct answer: What is the job advertised that requires some overtime? . The reason 3. She loved reading "New York Times" d. 2 and 4 are correct b. She loved reading "Times" magazine c. the structure in order to is used to express: 1. She loved reading novels Select the correct answer according to the text: The Old Woman In the following expression: "She used to come into the hairdresser's in order to cut her hair". She loved reading "Hello" magazine b.Select the correct answer according to the reading "The Old Woman" What did she love reading? a. 1 and 2 are correct d. Corroboration a.

The story c. Restaurant Manager The relative clauses are used to join two ideas or concepts to avoid repetition.a. Bank Manager b. The irony b. ESL Instructors d. who lived alone and hated talking to people…” The relative clause “Who” replaces to: a. The old lady Calificación 8. The people d. Editor c. In the expression: “The irony of the story is that this old lady.8/10 .