Diabetes jurnal 2205
1. Patient was admitted to Saiful Anwar General Hospital referred from Tumpang
Primary Health Care because of shorthess of breath on and off that was felt since 3
years ago, and worsening 2 weeks prior to admission. SOB appeared persistently
when she was sleeping or in a rest position so that she had to use 2 pillows. She
also complained of frequently awake at night due to shortness of breath. She felt
that shortness of breath was getting worse if she walked to the kitchen or bathroom
that made her lying on bed. Shortness of breath was accompanied with cough,
yellowish sputum, and mild grade fever since 3 years ago, worsening 2 weeks prior
to admission. Decrease of conciousness was reported this morning when patient
was admitted RSSA. Patient looked difficult to communicate to her family when
2. Patient suffered from shortness of breath since 1,5 months ago and worsened in 2
days before admission.He felt shortness of breath in rest position. The firstly,he felt
shortness of breath since 2 years ago, slept with 2 pillows,woke up in the night
because of shortness of breath.Sometimes he felt leg swelling
3. Patient suffered from shortness of breath, intermittently, since 1 week before
admission. The SOB felt after heavy activities and relieved with rest. She still able to
sleep with 1-2 pillows, but sometimes woken up at night due to the SOB. She had
been having leg swelling since 5 month ago, getting worse if patient standing or
4. Patient suffered from shortness of breath since 1 month before admission, worsened
since 18 hours before admission. Shortness of breath occured when patient take a
bath and washing her dress. She slept with 3 pillow and often woke up at night
because of shortness of breath
5. Patient suffered from shortness of breath since 1 year before admission and getting
worse in this last 1 week. 1 year ago, shortness of breath appeared when she
walked about 100 meters and relieved with rest, but in this last 2 months shortness
of breath was getting worse, appeared when she walked about 50meters and
walked up stair. 1 week before admitted to hospital, shortness of breath became
more prominent that made her couldn’t do her daily activity, only sit.Usually sleep
using 3pillows since 2 months before admission and often wake up at night because
of shortness of breath
6. Patient suffered Shortness of breath after she peformed hemodialised in the
afternoon. She also felt SOB when she will performed hemodialized. She slept with
2 pillows

He had nausea and decrease of appetite since 3 days ago. every ate or drank. She also complained wound at her back since 1 week when she started use diapers. Previously he was slurred speech and couldn’t communicate 3. begun with weakness since 1 week ago. consist of water and foods. He started feel epigastric pain since 3 days ago.She also complained dizziness after vomiting till she felt difficult to walk. she complained nausea and vomiting twice a day since 2 days ago. 4. contained of fluid and residual food. 4. Patient was admitted to RSSA because of decrease of consciousness since 12 hours before admission. Patient suffered from nausea and vomiting since 2 days before admission. volume a half glass every each. every after ate. unable to stand so that patient was lying on bed. Before that. volume about ½ glass accompanied with abdominal discomfort. 2. 2. felt gradually. Frequency about 5x/day. frequency 3-6 x/d. accompanied with decrease of appetite. vomiting about 3-5 times/day. accompanied with intermittently fever and shivering 5. and not relieved with meal DOC 1. until patient was totally lost his conciousness. She also complained decreased of appetite because nausea and vomiting 12 days before admission. Patient was admitted to RSSA because of decrease of conciousness that was felt since 1 day before admission. At the first time there was a slurred of speech and disorrientation. Patient was admitted to RSSA due to nausea and vomitting since 4 days prior to admission. Patient suffered from decreased of consciousness 2 hour before admission to RSSA. 3. Patient suffered from decrease of consiousness since 18 hours before admitted to ER saiful anwar. gradually onset. Patient suffered from decreased of conciousness since 1 day before admission . . She couldnt communicate with her family. everytime she had meal she vomitted. gradually on set. suddenly onset but she was conscious. Decrease of consiousness was suddenly onset after patient felt down in his bathroom and then patient was brought to hospital.Nausea Vomitting 1. Before it she was admitted at PHC for 3 days due to weakness at her left body. stabbing sensation. so that he only ate3 spoon of pooridge and water. 6. gradually onset. consist of mucous. no seizure. Patient suffered from decrease of consciousness since 6 hours before admission. consist of food and mucous. then continued with unable to communicate properly.

he complained that his ache spreading into whole his abdomen. Patient had diarrhea with a frequency about 5-10 times. with nausea. ¼ -½ glass each. was done resuscitation. since 1 month before admission. 2. Only ate 2-3 spoon each. Since she felt weak. He also complained about pain at epigastrium spread until right and left upper quadran accompanied with decrease of appetite these 2 days because of nausea. but in a small amount.DIARE 1. about 1/2 glass each. only consumed 4-5 spoon of porridge 3. mucous (+). the doctor said that he got gastritis and only took 2 kinds of pill. Patient suffered from black tarry stool since 4 days ago. no mucous. foamy. She also complained about vomiting every times she ate and drank. Decrease of appetite (+) since 1 day before admission. Amount of bloody vomiting ± 3 glass. at that moment abdomen was not painful. He also complained of dark tarry stool since 2 weeks ago as well. Pain was started 2 weeks ago without any fever. 4-5 times per day. HEMAMTEMESIS MELENA + BLOODY VOMITING 1. ± 1 glass. not releiving with meal. abdominal cramp at the beginning. the volume was about 0.Patient became decrease of conciousness in ER. yellowish. He had epigastric pain since 2 weeks ago. no blood. Then his family brought him to Public Health and hospitalized there. so she had been brought to RSSA 2. inserted ETT and injected adrenaline. he was not breathing. ½ glass each. accompanied with abdominal cramp at the beginning. gradually. no blood. and finally breath again with supporting NE drip.5 liter. Nausea (+) since 4 months before admission sometimes accompanied with vomiting. He was bloody vomiting 3x until he referred to RSSA at 10 am. ± 1 glass.He complained of abdominal enlargement since 2 months ago. that is accompanied with yellowish on his eye. Patient had suffered from bloody vomiting since 1 day before admission. He underwent to Public Health Center. Patient was admitted to RSSA because of bloody vomiting since 1 day prior to admission. Lately. frequency was about 1-2x/day. like “petis”. He did not drink any medicine to relieve his pain. Patient suffered from diarrhea with a frequency about 5-6 times. accompanied by low grade fever. He also had suffered from black tarry stool at morning before admission. . since 1 day before admission. volume 1 glass each time vomit. yellowish. Bloody vomiting was began withcoffe ground colur then becaoming fresh blood about 5 x. but without vomiting. 3 hours after admitted. stabbing sensation.

the ankle was swelling. Patients walked wobbly and hold on at the wall. right and left elbow. so patient can’t sleep. Right wrist is also swelling at the last 5 days. and right and left digiti. and patient complained about shortness of breath sometimes because he cough continously. about 30 menit or more and relieve when he moves the joint slowly 2. When pain occur was severe. It was accompanied with swelling on the right knee. Patient complained about cough since 5 days before admission.About the last 5 days. Fever was also accompanied with joint pain and stabbing sensation head ache. Then he went to PHC. high grade at night and low grade at afternoon. Patients felt pain in the digiti on the right and left foot.000. Patient suffered from fever since 3 days before admission. This makes the patient difficult to walk because the pain is very severe.5 months. . shortness of breath (-) 2. Patient suffers from joint pain since 1. no fever of shortness of breath GENERAL WEAKNESS 1. Vomiting contained of fluid and residual food. Patient also complained about cough since 1 day before admission. sore throat (+). At the fouth right digiti and the third left digiti is swelling and pain occur when it is bended . Patient suffered from pain in the right knee since 1 year ago. so that he is reffered to RSSA. cough with whitish sputum. cough without sputum. patient complained that he felt weak when he does any activities.continously.JOINT PAINT 1. He also complained of nausea and vomiting each time he ate since this morning. He went to private doctor and got paracetamol. Stiffness was happen when he wake up at the morning. Patient came with general weakness felt since 5 days before admission. leg edema was negative COUGH 1. 2. Patient suffered general weakness since 12 days before admission. suddenly onset. Trombocyt was 48. gradually onset. He had decreased of appetite since then. checked CBC. solasic and others which he didn’t know its name. It worsened since 2 months ago and makes limitation of activity. had been worsening since 2 days ago FEVER 1. fever was relieved by medication but get higher soon. patient felt pain in the right and left knee. about 3x/day volume about ¼ glass/vomit. inflammed but no pain when pressed. and also at the ankle. especially when she walked and walked up stair.

2. Pain felt like cramping sensation. with chills and headache.2. initially. it was continuely every day. she got stabbed by “pedal” bicycle. he and his family did’nt known about therapy. routinely took Glibenclamid 1x1 and metformin 2x500 mg. than he referred to RSSA Intoxication . with BPS 140/Abdominal pain 1. and smelly. but didn’t feel pain. intermittently. and worsened since 2 days ago. History of hypertension since 20 years ago routinly took captopril 3x25 mg. vomiting about 1-2 times/day. high grade fever. volume about ¼ glass Right Upper Quadrant Pain 1. Patient brought by her family to RSSA because patient suffered from wound at her right foot since 25 days before admission. intermittenly. 2. So the patient brought by his family to RSSA . Patient suffered from abdominal pain since 1 weeks ago. swollen. so the wound more getting wider. defecated only twice per day about 1 spoon. Patient suffered from abdominal pain since 1 weeks before admission. At the clinic of pasuruan for 10 day. Patient suffered from wound at her right foot since 20 days before admission. She also complained decreased of appetite because nausea and vomiting 7 days before admission. every after ate. She had been diagnosed DM since 20 years. Patient suffered from right upper quadrant pain since 4 hours before admission. but she didn’t routinly check the blood glucose (only oce/six month). after that his family brought him to Lawang Hospital. consist of mucous. Wound 1. squeezing-like sensation. Patient suffered from fever since 9 days before admission. she felt enlargment more biger gradually day by day. accompanied with abdominal enlargement since 1 weeks ago. she got sprain in the bath room and then patient goes to clinic at pasuruan to check his wound. the pain was particularly at right side of the stomach. until patients couldn’t stand up. initially. He also complained difificult to defecated and flatus since 1 weeks before admission.

Also complaint with passing tea color urine since 2 days ago. no reports of naussea and vomiting. It costs about millions. she had a same complaint 3 months ago. Previously. He was then vomitted about 2x. 4 times/day. neurologist and took medicine . He did not complained about fever. hospitelized at RST. He drank that liquid due to psychological distress that he had in his work. Patient suffered dizziness and weakness after drinking Baygon insecticide ½ bottle (500 cc) 3 hours before admission. He was brought to Panti Nirmala hospital to be performed gastric lavage. Patient passed black tarry stool since 1 day prior to admission. and atropinization then referred to RSSA. and he committed suicides at the moment black tarry stool 1. He works in finance credit in which his customers refused to pay the loan that caused his manager was angry and pushed him to pay all the loans instead. contained of liquid with volume about 50-100 cc. she didn’t know the diagnose. cough. shortness of breath and decrease of conciousness. There is no bloody vomiting nor epigastric pain. And then she controlled to internist. diarrhea.1. ± ¼ glass each.