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Flexlens® ARC





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The Flexlens ARC is a custom soft
lens design that fits like a regular
toric lens. With no need to worry
about peripheral curves or any
other parameter that may
complicate the fit, the ARC is easy
to fit, thus reducing chair time.
This lens is indicated for the visual
correction of various ocular
conditions including keratoconus,
pellucid marginal degeneration,
corneal transplants, post refractive
surgery and/or any irregular cornea

A Custom Soft Lens Design for
Irregular Corneas

The Flexlens® ARC design utilizes a standard
back surface fitting curve with an enhanced
center thickness to stabilize the correction
over an aberrated cornea. If residual astigmatism is
detected through the over-refraction, a toric design is
needed. Cylinder powers ranging from -.75 up to a
-10.00 are available with prism ballast to reduce lens
rotation. A range of base curves and center thicknesses
can be manipulated to successfully fit a wide patient base.

Irregular Cornea Conditions


Post Surgical

Image courtesy of Edgar Davila, OD, FIACLE, NCLE-AC, Puerto Rico




X-C�� C�ntact� • w��.x��lc�ntact�.c�� • 8�0.241.9312


Augusto Rossé.75 -0. but discontinued use of lenses due to discomfort caused by allergies. the patient was never able to reach good visual acuity with these lenses. Santiago. and reduced chair time. the original lenses may not be returned for credit.85/48.4 -6.50 CT Over-refraction OD +1.241.0mm in 0. the patient was then successfully fit with Flexlens® ARC.40 14. ���I�����L L��S�S Annual supplies (quarterly or monthly) are available for purchase at a greatly reduced price.50 -3.4 -6. Augusto Rossé. Chile For best visual acuity outcome.50 -2.75 x 15 VA 20/20 OS +1. We offer a 50% spare pair discount.50 x 10 VA 20/15 Final Lens OD 8.50 -2. however. all additional lenses must be ordered together and placed on the same invoice within 90 days of the original invoice.50 x 10 0. Case information follows: K Readings OD 48.30mm and 0. Chile Lasered V-mark showing lens rotation .5 -4.50 CT VA 20/20 OS 8. After the additional lenses are purchased.6 Standard 13. To receive the discounted price.50mm Base Curve Fitting Curve Diameter Power Cylinder Axis Prism Thickness CASE STUDY Keratoconus.x��lc�ntact�.75 x 16 0.00D to -50.7mm in 0.00 available 0.50 standard with 2.65 x 91 First Trial Lens 8.mark should be positioned at 6 o’clock �O ���K �AR��N� Y The Flexlens ARC is warranted for unlimited exchanges or cancellation provided the exchanges and/or cancellations occur within 90 days of the original invoice date.40 14.50 -0. Additional lenses are non-warranted and non-returnable.75 -0. use of a fitting set is required.0mm to 8. Patient’s scleral lenses were replaced with a competitive soft irregular cornea contact lens. In order to reach a good visual acuity and to obtain ideal comfort.75 x 16 VA 20/25 OS +1. 17 year old Male Patient was a scleral contact lens wearer.A���ic�� Re�rac���� C���ec�i�� Flexlens® ARC For Irregular Corneas P�r��e��r� 6.0mm to 16.75 x 10 VA 20/20 Second Trial Lens 8.5 -4.50D to -10.5 .5mm steps +50. X-CEL CONTACTS We F it Yo u r Prac t ice ↑ Image courtesy of Dr.30 CT Over-refraction OD +1.45 x 114 OS 47.00 14.00 14.c�� • 8�0. Manufactured in: X-C�� C�ntact� • w��.50 CT VA 20/15 Case and Images courtesy of Dr. Santiago.00D in 0.00D -0.25D steps 1° to 180° in 1 degree steps 1.1mm steps 8.5 .9312 .64/55.