National Book Development Board

Citizen’s Charter
The National Book Development Board is the leading catalyst for building a culture of
reading and authorship, as well as an environment for the growth of the book
publishing industry towards making it globally competitive.

To promote the continuing development of the book publishing industry, with the
active participation of the private sector, to ensure an adequate supply of affordable,
quality- produced books not only for the domestic market but also for export.

seminars. workshops and conferences. such as exhibits. and Value every citizen’s comments and suggestions. particularly those with special needs. with explanations on any deviation from them. such as the differently-abled. the officers and employees of the National Book Development Board.PERFORMANCE PLEDGE We. with no noon break) and during special events. pregnant women. 8:00am to 5:00 pm. and take the proper corrective measures. Ensure strict compliance with service standards. regardless of whether these activities are set within or outside our agency’s regular working hours. fairs. implementing rules and regulations and laws we have been tasked to uphold. Respond to complaints about our services at the soonest possible time through our complaints and assistance desk. and be considerate and sensitive to their needs. and senior citizens. 2 . courtesy and promptness during our agency’s regular working hours (Monday to Friday. commit to: Serve the general public and our stakeholders with utmost efficiency.

F. National Processing Textbook fee P200. Ave. Sellers. Printers and Related Establishments. Metro Manila. and Authors Fees Forms Pls. Registration of Book Publishers. Tax and Duty 1% of total Free Importation estimated of Raw Materials taxes/duties to be waived plus processing fee C. Ortigas Personnel or officer at the NBDB Front Desk 2. inquiries and complaints may be addressed through any of the following means: 1.FEEDBACK AND REDRESS MECHANISMS Comments. Philippines 1605 FRONTLINE SERVICES Type of Frontline Service A.) B. NBDB Form 2 (for Authors) Application form Processing Time (Under normal circumstances per transaction) 15 days (new registration) 10 days (renewal) Details as in IRR of RA 8047 See flow chart Persons In Charge Project Dev’t Officer I (PDO I) and III / Accreditation and Incentives Division (AID) PDO III/AID Details as in IRR of RA 8047 Filing form 3 Dependent on case filed PDO I/AID .. see attached list NBDB Form 1 (Publishers. Pasig City. 4. Through the “Forums” link of the NBDB website (www. J. Through mail or courier at the following address: The Executive Director National Book Development Board Unit 2401 Prestige Tower. Through email at helpdesk@nbdb.

000 if needed D. Application for incentives for book publishing under EO 226 None Application form and other requirements P500 Application form and other requirements 4 Please refer to timeline of activities as determined announced as call for entries is made Refer to IRR of RA 9521 PDO III / AID 10 days PDO III / AID PDO III / AID .Review Service (NTRS) P20. National Book Development Trust Fund (receiving entries) F. National Book Awards (receiving entries) None Application form and other requirements E.

Author Book Illustrator/Designer/Lay-Out Artist Book Importer Book Industry Association Book Publisher Book Printer Book Seller Book Translator Book Editor Literary Agent Manufacturer of Raw Materials E-Book Wholesaler/Retailer E-Book Publisher E-Book Importer What Are the Requirements? For New Registrants: Corporation/Partnership 1. Business Permit 6. for the Filing Fee 13. List of Machineries & Equipment 11. Articles of Incorporation 2. DTI Certificate of Registration 2. j. List of Skilled Personnel 7.m. Sample Copies of Books Published/Produced in the previous year Sole Proprietorship 1. Business Permit 5 . Company Profile 4.A. SEC Certificate of Registration 3. l. e. List of Published Books with ISBN/ISSN 8. and Authors Schedule of Availability of Service: Monday to Friday 8:00 a. k. List of Books Imported and how much worth in the past year 9.R. h. List of Contacts and Suppliers of Imported books 10. without noon break Who May Avail of the Service? All persons and enterprises engaged in book publishing in any of the following classifications shall register with the National Book Development Board: a. Company’s Board Resolution 5. g. m. Registration of Book Publishers. i. b. f. – 5:00 p. n. Printers and Related Establishments.m. d. O. c. Latest Financial Statement 12.

List of Skilled Personnel 5. 8.3. for the Filing Fee 11.00 Filing Fee for all new applicants/ NBDB Form 1 or Form . Business Permit Updated List of Skilled Personnel Updated List of Published Books with ISBN/ISSN Updated List of Books Imported and how much worth in the past year Updated List of Machineries & Equipment Latest Financial Statement O. Latest Financial Statement 10. Amended Articles of Incorporation Business Permit Updated List of Skilled Personnel Updated List of Published Books with ISBN/ISSN Updated List of Books Imported and how much worth in the past year Updated List of Machineries & Equipment Latest Financial Statement O. O. List of Published Books with ISBN/ISSN 6. 4. 6. 2.R. 3.R. for the Filing Fee Sample Copies of Books Published/Produced in the previous year Duration: 10 – 15 days How to Avail of the Service: Step Applicant/Registrant 1 Applicant submits application form and requirements in duplicate Service Provider Duration of Activity (Under Normal Circumstances) 1 day Officially receives the application form and the 6 Person In Charge Fees Form AID Personnel P100. 7.R. 4. Sample Copies of Books Published/Produced in the previous year For Renewal Corporation/Partnership 1. List of Books Imported and how much worth in the past year 8. 7. Company Profile 4. for the Filing Fee Sample Copies of Books Published/Produced in the previous year Sole Proprietorship 1. 2. 8. List of Contacts and Suppliers of Imported Books 7. 5. 5. List of Machineries & Equipment 9. 3. 6. 9.

Applicant completes the requirements and re-submits the application. P500. Immediately Registrants pays to NBDB Cashier the corresponding nonrefundable registration fee and present the Official Receipt to the attending staff of AID AID processes and evaluates the application within 15 days from the date of filing AID Personnel P1. Designers.requirements from the applicant 2 3 4 registrants Checks and verify if the documents are complete Immediately If requirements are incomplete Inform applicant of the deficiency/ies and return the application form and the submitted requirements. Lay-out Artists. Translators. P300. Literary Agents with 3-Year term registration Person in charge recommends action/finding to Division Head 7 2 .000. Editors.00 for Book Illustrators.00 for entities.00 for Authors.

8 Immediately .5 AID endorses the application to the Executive Director and prepares the appropriate Certificate of Registration and transmittal letter for the Executive Director’s endorsement to the NBDB Chairman If the Board’s decision is not favorable. AID drafts disapproval letter and endorse to the Executive Director for signature and sends copy of letter to the applicant Applicant may in turn file with the NBDB Governing Board a letter of appeal within 15 days from receipt of the disapproval letter.

The Office of the Governing Board drafts letter regarding the decision and endorses it to the Secretariat for coordination with the applicant. If decision is favorable.The Governing Board renders decision on the appeal within 30 days from receipt thereof. 6 After the NBDB Chairman signs the certificate the document is returned to AID for release 7 AID informs the registrant that their Certificate of Registration is ready for 9 Immediately . applicant may resubmit application.

pick-up 8 The Certificate of Registration is released to the applicant Immediately End of Transaction 10 .

Application Letter 2.B. 5. 3. Quantity and Sufficient Description of Raw Materials to be used Publication. 4. – 5:00 p. without noon break Who May Avail of the Service? Persons and entities duly registered with and accredited by the NBDB What are the Requirements? (1st Importation) 1.m.m. Justification as to the reasonable necessity of the raw materials to be imported. Pro-Forma Invoice/Price quotation from Supplier.00 Personnel F . 8. Duly accomplished and notarized NBDB Application Form.and duty-free How to Avail of the Service: Step Applicant/Registrant 1 2 Applicant shall file an application with the NBDB and shall pay a nonrefundable fee Service Provider AID shall accept application for validation AID shall notify registered paper supplier/manufacturers of the application which 11 Duration of Activity (Under Normal Circumstances) 1 day 1 day Person in Charge Fees AID P1. 4. Corresponding production schedule per title.000. Summary Report on Usage of Paper Imported Tax Free Certification/Proof of Books Printed/Deliveries Bill of Lading Commercial Invoice BOC Import Entry & Internal Revenue Declaration Duration: One (1) year from date of approval of application to import raw materials tax. 5. 2. 3. Formula used in Computing the Paper Requirements including percentage for spoilage allowance 6. 7. Computation of taxes and duties to be waived with tariff heading and duty rate indicated Requirements Needed for the Liquidation of the Importation of Tax and Duty-Free Raw Materials (Succeeding Importation) 1. Duty Free Importation of Raw Materials Schedule of Availability of Service Monday-Friday 8:00.

the NBDB Executive Director shall 12 1 day 1 day Deliberation of the application for tax and duty-free importation will depend on the availability of the NBDB Governors to attend the Board Meeting. it shall be deemed that the raw materials being applied for importation are not available locally and NBDB shall issued a Certificate of NonAvailability. In special cases. If the application is approved.3 4 5 6 shall be acted upon as follows: If paper supplier/manufacturer do not respond w/in three (3) days from receipt of notice (the local manufacturer is given three (3) days to respond). the Secretariat may request for a special board meeting. Will depend upon the applicant for . NBDB will issue a Certificate of NonAvailability of the paper being imported. NBDB Executive Director shall endorse the application the Governing Board for its consideration. If the local paper manufacturer did not respond within three (3) days. If paper supplier/ manufacturer respond within said period. the NBDB shall refer the matter to both the applicant and the supplier/manufacturer.

Cash. posting of a performance security bond in favor of NBDB for a period of one (1) year in the amount o 100% of the taxes and duties to be waived in the following order of preference – i. An Escrowed bank v. which shall require the applicant to complete the requirements within ten (10) working days from receipt of notice. return the application to NBDB. if 13 .7 endorse the same to the the completion Dept.000. process the application for tax and duty-free importation of raw materials. the DOF shall: a. callable on demand security bond issued by GSIS or NBDB-accredited insurance company/bank/financial institution. ii. payment of a processing fee equivalent to one percent (1%) of the total taxes and duties to be waived but not to exceed Two Hundred Thousand Pesos (P200. Bank Draft iv.00) Upon receipt of the 1 day approved application from the NBDB. Corporate guarantee (subject to NBDB’s evaluation and acceptance). b. Chattel or real estate mortgage. Manager’s check iii. of Finance (DOF) of requirements upon compliance with for submission the ff: to DOF a. or vi. or b.

In case another application for importation is filed within the six month period from date of last importation. The DOF shall endorse the approved application to the Bureau of Customs (BOC) 8 9 Applicant shall post the bond required by the BOC 10 The BOC shall furnish the NBDB copes of documents regarding the release of imported raw materials for monitoring purposes Subject to faithful performance/compliance and submission of status report by the applicant. shall provide NBDB with a status report duly certified by an accountable officer on the usage of raw materials: 1. after 6 months from date of importation.the DOF deems that the requirements are inadequate. and issuance of a Certificate of Compliance and Completion 11 12 13 The importer. The NBDB shall verify such status report before processing the 14 1 day . the performance security will be released after NBDB’s monitoring assessment. the applicant shall file with the NBDB a status report on the previous importation.

shall serve as basis for verifying whether or not there is compliance with the sworn statement earlier filed. End of transaction C.) TIMELINE FOR IMPLEMENTATION Activity Consultation with COCOPEA for the selection and short listing of schools (High School Textbooks) Approval of the short list by the NBDB Governing Board Coordination with short listed schools to acquire list of books used Coordination and MOA signing with Centers of Excellence (COEs ) Procurement and distribution of Aug Sept 2009 Oct Nov 15 Dec Jan 2010 Feb Mar April .new applications for importation. National Textbook Review Service (NOTE: The NTRS is a project that was made possible through a Congressional Initiative within the 2009 General Appropriations Act. The status report.

The program has received grants from the National Commission for Culture in the Arts for 2008 and 2009. 30th 1st week.) TIMELINE FOR IMPLEMENTATION ACTIVITY Submission of nominations Submission of nominated works for pre-screening to literary organizations or APR MAY JUN Noon. schools selected and COCOPEA. or as soon as 16 2010 JUL AUG SEPT OCT NOV . National Book Awards (NOTE: The administration of the National Book Awards is a joint activity with the Manila Critics Circle under a Memorandum of Agreement signed in 2008. Publication of evaluation results Consultation with COCOPEA for the selection and short listing of schools (Elementary Textbooks) D.textbooks Evaluation of textbooks Submission of results to the NBDB Governing Board for deliberation Dissemination of evaluation results to publishers/ authors concerned.

professional organizations/ university departments publishers submit require d # of copies Pre-screening process 30 days after nominated works are submitted Submission of shortlisted nominated titles for judging Not later than 30th Judging process & determination of winner in each category Not later than 30 September Preparation of Certificates of Recognition for Finalists. Commission of Trophies for Winners Until 31 Octobe r Awards Night 2nd or 3rd week E. National Book Development Trust Fund (NBDTF) Activity Call for entries according to categories opened Deadline of submission of entries 1st Q 2nd Q May 30 17 3rd Q 4th Q October .

Pre-screening and 1st deliberations by advisory committees Submission of recommendations for NBDTF grantees Announcement of grantees Monitoring of manuscript writing progress Submission of 100% of manuscript Publication of manuscript July to October November to December December One year from time grant is awarded January 30 of the following year Within 2 years from time grant is awarded of manuscript is 100% completed 18 .

the HOA shall issue a decision on the complaint within twenty (20) days from termination of investigation OR within ten (10) days from receipt of the Investigation Report. if any. Affidavits of Witnesses. 4. if any. Fee: None Responsible Officer: PACD Officer of the Day Duration: ten (10) minutes Decision on the MR Fee: None Responsible Officer: HOA Duration: fifteen (15) days from receipt of the MR 19 . and the recommendation.Procedures in Filing of Complaint 1. Filing of Motion for Reconsideration (MR) – aggrieved party may file an MR within ten (10) days from receipt of decision on the complaint with the PACD Officer of the Day. the DIO shall issue an Investigation Report within ten (10) days from termination of investigation stating the findings of fact. the evidence received/presented. 3. If conducted by HOA : After conduct of investigation. 2. Client files a COMPLAINT to PACD Officer of the Day or through the website: Requirements for filing complaint: Notarized complaint in triplicate copies. Certificate of Non-Forum Shopping Fee: None Responsible Officer: PACD Officer of the Day Duration: ten (10) minutes Investigation – parties may be called for a conference Fee: None Responsible Officer: Head of Agency (HOA) or Deputized Investigating Officer (DIO) Duration : thirty (30) days from receipt of Complaint If conducted by DIO : After conduct of Investigation. Certified True Copies of Documentary Evidence.