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with an established customer base in San Antonio and the surrounding area. Discover the CROSS difference at • (210) 826-7200 .com.2014 CONTRACTOR OF THE YEAR National Remodeling Association San Antonio Chapter CROSS is a full-service residential remodeling and custom home builder. We pride ourselves on sound ethical business principles and a strong desire to provide complete customer satisfaction. cross-tx.

It’s impossible to live in these homes and not be constantly aware of your environment. the north exterior is almost fort-like in appearance. Chef Jeff Balfour has created a menu that blends coastal classics with southern comfort food. Craig McMahon took a different approach. Keystone is a twist on Italian farmhouse cheese. Tobin Smith’s inspiration for a home on a family ranch came not only from the landscape. finished with a rubbing of Texas olive oil. you can view the bats taking off from the South Congress Bridge! Chavez-austin. I hope this inspires you to take it outside! Trisha Doucette On The Cover: The most perfect plot of land was chosen specifically for this almost all-glass SOUTHERLEIGH FINE FOOD & BREWERY New to the Pearl complex and fittingly located in the original brewhouse. Walls of glass allow the homeowners to feel like they are outside even when in. Jim Gewinner had a very specific goal in mind — there must be expansive exterior views from every room in the house. Each building is linked with glass hallways and organized in such a way that guest areas can be closed off when not in use. BENDING BRANCH WINERY This boutique winery in Comfort has 20 acres planted with 16 varietals. the finishes and furnishings are modern and luxurious. Their soft cheese is called St. And during the right season. Rolling hills. and the minimalist décor is punctuated with quality materials. then cooled with an avocado crema and crunchy slaw. The concrete floors and plywood walls may provide low maintenance living. He designed four separate zones in order to create a 6. but from the ruins of a nearby 1886 structure. a red wine grape typically grown in Southwest France. and they suggest using it in cheesecake! Riverwheycreamery. fields of tall grasses and groves of trees were factored into each design. none of which were to be sacrificed for a home. from the menu to the restaurant design to the branding. creating a balance between nature and shelter. There was respect for the land. Crispy fried oysters are dotted with a carrot habanero sauce. 8 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO EDITOR’S ESSENTIALS 1. The food and beer pairings are exciting. but they prove that beautiful and thoughtful design can occur in the simplest of . RIVER WHEY CREAMERY I was lucky enough to stumble across these gals at Pearl Farmers Market. this is the first brewery to occupy the grounds since 2002 and the tenth largest brewpub in the country. aged for three months and then smoked over Texas pecan. Southerleigh. And Caldera España is their version of cheese from northern Spain. The elevated house which sits on the rolling landscape seems to float. and you will definitely be hearing more from me about Southerleigh. numerous green elements and high-end 2. Using rust-colored sandstone and architectural elements reminiscent of the ruin and area Mission designs.700-square-foot home around the trees.FROM THE EDITOR Wide open spaces. He and his wife searched for almost a year to find the perfect property with the right orientation to build on. this house was designed to be an open-air 3. and overhangs are functional while providing interesting architectural details. Inside. CHAVEZ Everything at Chavez is fabulous. John Grable describes his project as common materials assembled in uncommon urbanhomemagazine. It was originally made by the wives of Welsh miners. It’s creamy and delicious. as well as from “Food and Wine” magazine. but the oyster taquitos have won me over. His client’s property was covered in large oaks. They produce four artisanal cheeses: The Welshman is a tangy raw cow’s milk cheese made with sea salt that was harvested and processed in Wales. Page 20. However. The homes featured in this issue rest in areas of our beautiful Hill Country and allow the land to take center stage. It turns out the combined factors in our climate suit the grape just fine. oranges and Texas honey. and they have been recognized at the TEXSOM Wine Awards with a Best in Show for their 2012 Tannat. with each structure maintaining a minimum presence on each site. including Tannat. Bendingbranchwinery. Clements and is seasoned with lemons. where Hill Country panoramas are visible from every room and instantly connect you to the surrounding landscape.


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com . Catrina’s Ranch Interiors 66 Advertiser Index 60 14 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO urbanhomemagazine.April / May 2015 CONTENTS cover 20 A Glass House Photography by Dror Baldinger featured homes 28 Rio Estancia Photography by Dror Baldinger and Chris Cooper 20 34 A Natural Habitat Photography by Dror Baldinger 40 At Big Tree Camp Photography by Mark Menjivar highlights 56 Top Ten Home Security Myths: Busted! departments 28 34 Why This Space Works 48 Designer Spotlight: Sharon Radovich of Panache Interiors Commercial Design 52 Creating Cured Food Design 60 The New Vegetarian Fabulous Finds 62 Destination: Washington County 48 52 Contributing Editors 58 Catrina Kendrick.







and the result is a home that intimately connects those standing inside to the spectacular natural beauty that exists outside. But bring in an architect with a passion for open design and a fearless dedication to URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO 21 .People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. urbanhomemagazine.

mostly-glass house rewards with stunning panoramas of the surrounding Hill Country land. we wanted a modest sized home of roughly . And two. Energy Architecture. Gewinner knew he would have the opportunity to stretch the design without worrying about what it would mean in the future. 22 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO urbanhomemagazine. this home represented his last project and an opportunity to design something special for he and his wife. the modern.000-square-feet that would suit our needs of two bedrooms and two bathrooms.” With a clean page to work from. their modest 2. “The first aspect was that my wife and I love open spaces — I know that is the fashion du jour but we have always been that way. While a departure from his professional career spent designing commercial structures for the oil and gas industry at the Houston firm he founded. “There were two fundamental elements involved when designing this home and the evolution of the project was based on these two needs.” explains Gewinner.S uch is the case with Jim Gewinner’s AIA awardwinning contemporary glass and native limestone home built on a 10-acre track of land just five miles outside of Fredericksburg. Perched weightlessly on the land.100-square-foot home does exactly what Gewinner intended: It maximizes on the rolling Hill Country views while maintaining a minimal presence on the site. When it came time for the architect to retire.

he says. Their desire for an open floor plan. that exposes exterior URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO 23 .” The couple has always loved the idea of transparency and gravitated toward the modern aesthetic decades before it was on trend. It is a huge luxury to be able to do that without thinking about other repercussions or influences.” says Gewinner. with a degree of separation for the guest bedroom. “It wasn’t done with anyone else in mind or for resale — it was purely what we wanted to do.“It was very specific.

com .24 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO urbanhomemagazine.

views from every space in the home was the basis for the design — a URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO 25 . Because the couple wanted a spectacular view and a house that would utilize expanses of glass toward that view. the property search had to take these considerations into mind. For three quarters of a year. the couple looked at more than 80 properties searching for a site that provided the natural settings compatible with a north/south orientation in order to avoid facing the harsh Texas sun that blazes from the east and west. “We got a bit discouraged on occasion. “There was always one thing or another that wasn’t quite right. While property hunting was a good excuse to get out of the city and enjoy the wide open spaces afforded by the Hill Country together. minimalist structure that allows the natural environment to translate through large expanses of glass. whether urbanhomemagazine.” he recalls. The project began with finding the perfect property. the search proved more difficult than anticipated.

occasionally.the property was too expensive. etc. you can’t be in the house and not be aware of the site. Gewinner wore numerous hats in order to build his house the right way.2715 | jimg@energyarch. and fortunately since I was retired. “With this much glass. he says. But building a home with this precision on a hilly site in the Hill Country isn’t easy.” v ARCHITECT/CONTRACTOR Jim Gewinner. the general contractor and. but I wanted to do it right. And it was immediate to me. “This type of house isn’t normal for the Hill Country so I did the general contracting out of necessity. The emphasis therefore becomes the natural setting and not the house. I had the time. The architect also capitalized on the sloping terrain by elevating the house slightly — the elevated house. Gewinner 26 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO says he built an “old school” wooden model of the home and site which revealed conditions that couldn’t be detected from the computer renderings.. “There were elements of the construction that needed to be pretty precise such as the handrails. Additional approaches Gewinner says he took during the design phase include: placing the more utilitarian functions within a core.” Viewing the home now. Another process which proved invaluable in the design’s success was going back to early academic training. transparency is the most defining aesthetic whether the beautiful natural setting is seen from within the house or through the house. with the remaining linear walls and columns giving a lightness below that matched the lightness of the house above. spending nearly every single day on the site for 17 months. so I put this work under my own personal efforts. and incorporating numerous green elements ranging from triple LowE glass with thermal break mullions and radiant roof design to LED lighting and a 5 zone HVAC system.” he says. I just couldn’t find the right combination until we came to this one. We have a wine cooler for a reason. “The use of the limestone core going continuously to the ground provided the sense of the house being anchored. My wife and I both feel very fortunate to live here and are equally proud to share it with our family and friends.” he says. As the designer. acting as a subcontractor. utilizing sun studies to determine roof overhangs. Gewinner says he feels lucky to be able to wake up and go through the entire day surrounded by stunning views of the outdoors. “I was very glad I did that because I made about four adjustments based on what the wooden model was telling me that the computer wasn’t. But mostly. giving Gewinner the ability to utilize glass as the defining material.851. AIA 713. This level of involvement is fairly urbanhomemagazine. He selected highend finishes ranging from the Calcutta Gold marble countertops and tiles to the Sub-Zero® refrigerator and Wolf® range and oven. The minimalist floor plan and restraint in use of materials distills the functionality of the house to its simple basics.” While Gewinner calls his home low-frill. The entire site was returned to the natural grasses that existed on the property. with only a small area being landscaped with low water consumption yuccas and agaves. carriage garage doors. And that is a big statement. there is a high level of quality evidenced throughout the design. I fell in love with the site when I first saw it. The selected 10-acre site provided a natural element of privacy.” he says. wasn’t the right orientation or lacked the character of the Texas Hill Country. is what gives the house a sense of weightlessness. “The house turned out as I hoped it would. Out of necessity. along with the raised walkway and patio that stretch from . it is the feeling that the couple is rewarded with that speaks to the design’s success. Gewinner did the general contracting himself.” he says. Tastefully selected furnishings like the Eames kitchen chair and living room sofa and table from B&B Italia provide artful punctuations to the home’s minimalist decor.



the design concept was to create a series of buildings organized to the southeast for the best orientation for the view. urbanhomemagazine. Taking cues from the panoramic vistas offered on the property. “The home.” says McMahon of the ranch fringing a quarter mile of the Guadalupe River. the sun and the URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO 29 . Embracing South American “Estancia” (ranch) fashion. is really second to the land. Taking an urban approach to Hill Country living. awarded Home of the Year in the 2014 Best in American Living Awards by the National Association of Home Builders. wrapping around its natural environment and blending tranquilly within a picturesque setting of mature oaks and rolling hills. and envisioned a home that was more refined than rustic. Rio Estancia is a commendable marriage of home and site. although beautiful. His clients. he was speechless. “I had never seen rolling hills like this in Texas and I am from here — it was absolutely McMahon organized a series of buildings that give the appearance of a ranch home that has been added to over time. a retired couple relocating from Chicago wanting to escape the cold.When architect Craig McMahon first visited his client’s 350-acre ranch property sitting on rolling Hill Country land along the Guadalupe River just 10 miles outside of Boerne.” COOPER RIO ESTANCIA By MAURI ELBEL | Photography by DROR BALDINGER AND CHRIS COOPER T he architect’s deep respect for the spectacular site inspired the design for Rio Estancia. became enamored with the unique nature of the Texas Hill Country surrounding San Antonio and Boerne.

Walking the property.BALDINGER trees. a carport/office and master wing. we found this one amazing tree and wanted it to be the front door. Initially. the design began as a second home for the couple. but as time moved on. all while respecting the land.” he says of the trellis arbor and courtyard featuring a heated pool. The buildings are organized behind a steel-framed entry arbor trellis which consists of weathered steel — a material that gives the appearance of wood but remains maintenance-free — and leads to the front door. Dictated by the land. two-bathroom unit with a compact living and dining space where visitors can have a private experience without interrupting the owners. they fell in love with the opportunity and the concept evolved into a primary residence that would accommodate the couple on a full-time basis. 5-bathroom house. outdoor barbecue area and fireplace. 30 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO a unique natural entry point that captured full vistas of the stunning landscape. says .” explains McMahon. The four-zone building program allows the owners separate spaces for living and entertaining with the ability to maintain private spaces within the main home.700-square-foot property consists of versatile spaces which allow the owners to use as little or as much as they want. consisting of urbanhomemagazine. four separate zones utilize pavilion style framing elements throughout the main house. Designed to be a 6-bedroom. so we had to make the house work around the trees. seeing an opportunity to create a courtyard where the home itself is treated as the background. “We couldn’t find a large enough building site to build one large house because there were too many trees. “Upon walking the property. up to 60-diameter oak trees scattered throughout the property. guest quarters. bedrooms and guest quarters. Dubbed the “ranch headquarters. as well as the ability to entertain their friends and extended family. The first building currently functions as the guest quarters — a two-bedroom. the 6.” the second building serves a more utilitarian function. McMahon searched for a site to build the home which wouldn’t require cutting down any of the numerous.

the stone comes on the inside in almost all the rooms. featuring the home’s main living. “The owner said she wanted to feel like she was camping in her master bedroom with the trees growing all around it. The master bedroom is jaw dropping. The third building is the largest space. The transparent and open plan is complemented with large covered terraces and arbors extending the living spaces to the outside which are fanned by southeastern breezes.” he explains. dining. while Douglas fir dominates the interior.” Each building is linked via air conditioned. but it fits so well. “The outside URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO 31 . breaking up the look of the tall walls and creating cohesion between the buildings. Exterior materials include red cedar and Oklahoma flagstone. Everything just fits like it should be. Sometimes I am amazed we had an owner who wanted us to do this the way we did. inviting the owners to read or watch television before retiring to bed at night.BALDINGER an open carport building. A gray band of Leuders limestone runs along the outside.” says McMahon. As the darkest area of the house. remains McMahon’s favorite space of the home. both chosen for their durability and low-maintenance qualities. this luxurious cave-like space is paneled in Douglas fir. two additional bedrooms. aquarium-like glass connecting spaces which function more like galleries than urbanhomemagazine. a bathroom and a laundry room which now house the ranch office and exercise room with a private bathroom and steam sauna. Each of the buildings are clad in locally quarried Texas limestone which pay tribute to the area’s surrounding limestone cliffs — the stone walls block the north wind while large overhangs block the harsh summer sun. kitchen and media room. It looks like you are in nature with glass all around. The design does an excellent job at creating a shared sense of space between the home and hallways where the homeowners can look out and spy deer or turkey roaming the property. “As in historic Texas homes of the region. “It is a fish bowl. the master suite. The last building.

” Building orientation. It took 18 months from start to finish — probably a two year process with the barn and the roads. geo-thermal heating and cooling systems.5916 | Studioindustrielle.” says McMahon of the process. McMahon claims one of the design’s greatest assets is its ability to keep one foot in history while placing the other in today. Inc. The historical approaches to building blend flawlessly with the home’s Hill Country contemporary .com urbanhomemagazine. “It was extremely hard to get things done to this level of expectation. I am very flattered our clients gave us the opportunity to not only design this home. “But the clients wanted a refined nature to the look of the home. tankless water heaters. so there is a contemporary feel with this historical approach to building. “All the overhangs were done in the old German way of building when wood was very hard to come by but they had plenty of stone. “It was the most amazing opportunity I’ve ever had in my whole life.710. but to see it through all the way to the very end.228.3874 | Cmarchtx.” he BUILDER StudioIndustrielle 830. 210. But it all fits together so well.” McMahon and co-designer and -builder Billy Johnson 32 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO BALDINGER of StudioIndustrielle had a unique opportunity to build the home once the design was complete. electronically controlled window and mechanical systems. The architect calls this experience one of the biggest challenges and greatest opportunities of his career.COOPER BALDINGER materials wrap into the inside and the same banding follows so there is a very transparent connection to the outside. expanded foam insulation and reclaimed water systems are some of the green elements embraced throughout design and construction.” v ARCHITECT Craig McMahon Architects.

Texas 78006 . The furniture and drapery in this room was custom designed and built by Catrina’s Ranch Interiors If you can dream it.755.3070 • www. .535.6355 • 210. .Elegant Ranch Designs at Affordable Prices Catrina’s Ranch Interiors When Imagination Matters .CatrinasRanchInteriors. we can build it! 31300 IH-10 West (exit 543 across from Toyota) • Boerne.

com .34 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO urbanhomemagazine.

“As we explored.” Grable shared.A Natural HABITAT By ANGELA RABKE | Photography by DROR BALDINGER “No house should ever be on a hill or on anything. as it would conserve resources in terms of road development and landscaping. but a process of site exploration with architect John Grable led them to a different place. Resource conservation was a vital part of the program.” – Frank Lloyd Wright I n the Texas Hill Country. Grable observed that in addition to offering plenty of natural beauty. The owners of Brushy Top. it was a practical solution. urbanhomemagazine. Being further down the hill. where sweeping views and vivid sunsets URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO 35 . and a great view with a natural slope. Belonging to it. It should be of the hill. Despite the fact that the property boasts bodies of water and stop tanks. we came upon a shelf that had an entire stand of trees with waist high grass. first instincts often point to the proverbial house on top of a hill. Hill and house should live together each the happier for the other. a family getaway nestled in the Hill Country north of Blanco. were initially tempted to make the hilltop choice when conceptualizing their home.

They were also required to add a garage. such as a rule requiring them to expand the floorplan. to 2. a common living space.200-square-feet. “The clients said that they wanted to be able to clean their house with a leaf blower and a garden hose. enhancing the dining experience. Concrete floors.sensitivity to the land was very important in planning the shelter.” The home. the plan includes a car-port which doubles as an outdoor living space. the slatted sliding barn doors open to frame the sunset. we KNEW that it was the right place. which was initially smaller.” smiled Grable. Designed to be a natural escape.” Inspired by the natural landscaping. We designed the house knowing that they wanted to have something modern that was driven by the specific site. and a focus on public spaces. The clients desired a compact floor plan. because of the fact that we were in a drought at the time. “It was an interesting challenge. a weekend getaway for the family and their young children. had a firm budget and specific objectives. “This project was about quality over quantity. A homeowner’s association had additional specific requirements. “At that point. the family hoped for something modern that fit into a regional style. In response. often used for family dinners. The plywood walls throughout the living space add a unique warmth 36 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO urbanhomemagazine. plywood walls and a combination of Hardiplank® siding and Limestone Veneer exterior walls were incorporated in part to make things easy to clean. and utilized materials that were low maintenance. the clients and the architect began thinking about the habitat in terms of the trees. We knew that the aquifer was being taxed by development.” said Grable. One criteria was not only to live with the land but to capture rain water for landscaping. and observed that it was a regular gathering spot for deer and other .

com URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO 37 . The ocean was the movement of the tall grasses in urbanhomemagazine. The emphasis on view meant that the door and window package was a top tier item in the budget as well. We thought about the wheelhouse of an ocean liner. “We realized the metaphor behind the feeling one got looking at the distant view that had more depth of field. invite energetic children to run (and roll) throughout the open floorplan. one feels directly connected to the environment outside. “With their young children. In keeping with their desire to incorporate the natural beauty of the area. Concrete floors. Grable uses the example of an ocean liner wheelhouse to describe the design. and living areas. the owners also requested that the common space. This house is constructed of common materials but assembled in uncommon ways. “We were fortunate to work with a contractor with a number of skill sets and an open mind to the process. with the trees in the foreground giving depth of field for the background. they had a desire to instill the values of nature and to ground them in that particular lifestyle by having a place to go experience nature. every aspect of the design points to the outdoors. and the space accommodates easy transitions from indoors to out. be designed with maximized views.” Grable mentions. dining.” The entire process was a team effort.” says Grable. Sliding barn doors open off of the living room and allow the peripheral views to expand and achieve a dramatic panorama. in addition to being a low maintenance solution.” said Grable. “The team was like a triad with the homeowner on top and the architect and contractor (Olson | Defendorf Custom Homes) underneath.and texture without distracting from the expansive views. with family. so that even when working in the kitchen. “That was key to the success of the project. As such.

and offered creative solutions to add sleeping space without compromising the commitment to communal space.820.6508 | Odcustomhomes. We envisioned incorporating bunk beds in these spaces so that the children might be part of this immediate adjacency to the public living space.” In one last nod to the Texas Hill Country. They set up tents and teepees in the public space.’ The deer come at the end of the day and become friends and BUILDER Olson | Defendorf Custom Homes 512. “I always look for these artifacts in the Hill Country. and those barriers are erased.243. I found this box of arrowheads and flint. collect them and bring them to the fire . The focus on public space continues to play as the client hoped it would. “The neat thing about it is that the kids love it: they love playing inside the house as much as they do outside. I asked them to take these and scatter them across their property. the team realized that more people might visit. During construction. v ARCHITECT John Grable 38 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO urbanhomemagazine. Grable presented the clients with a special gift. because it’s an indication that the site is a good habitat.” says Grable. Inc. the team had not come across many American Indian artifacts.” With that gift — a small reminder of the past — the habitat was complete: a functional and modern home firmly rooted in its hillside landscape.the breezes. and gave it to the owners. Everyone felt at ease and the enjoyment was to hear the client say ‘we feel like even when we are inside we are enjoying the outdoors. Grable shares. 210. They learned to navigate the space with running and with tricycles and it was neat because we knew we had arrived at the right solution for that type of habitat. “We worked out a program and made hallways into wider galleries.” As the design process advanced.3332 | Johngrable. and challenge the children to find them.


com .40 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO urbanhomemagazine.

AT BIG TREE CAMP By ANGELA RABKE | Photography by MARK MENJIVAR “ W e were inspired by an 1886 ruin in the nearby town of Belmont. It was. named for a giant oak tree that stands slightly removed from the linear oak mott that embraces the home. The homeowners’ primary home in Washington D. each constructed during a different era. but comes with limited interface with nature. experience? A house that breathes. “What is the antithesis of the Washington D. a reference point. air conditioning and heating are constantly regulated. “On the ranch.” Using this material. modern structure as you approach. and is. The idea behind the airy and open structure was a family camp. Big Tree Camp is the most recent addition to this family of homes. The ruts in the roads are also reddish. Smith developed a plan that took the walls of the ruin’s box-like structure and unfolded them to create a jogging. In Texas. it’s often tempting to default to limestone. but when imagining materials for this project. the same rust-colored. “The opposing façade is lighter in nature and provides a contrast to the heavier masonry wall.Nestled in the heart of a multi-generational South Texas family ranch is a compound made up of several homes. Powell & Carson.” The Belmont ruin served as a literal and figurative direction for Big Tree Camp. The windows are painted shut. shield-like façade on the north side of the home. iron-rich sandstone (quarried in nearby Luling) used in the landmark ruin immediately came to mind. and tucking a modern structure behind it. you see elements of this material in porches and fireplaces. as well as a bit of local architecture just apart from the ranch. when it comes to a building’s exterior. and each serving the different branches of a large but intimate family in its own unique way. which serves as a wind break during the winter urbanhomemagazine. Architect Tobin Smith drew inspiration from the site. a 1920’s bungalow and a 1960’s ranch home with an addition designed by architectural firm Ford. and the proximity to the city dulls their exposure to nature.C. the project was about creating this wall as a sort of shield. which includes an 1800’s farmhouse. We really wanted to maximize that potential.C.” Smith explains. allows peeks of a months.” says Smith. is beautiful and historic. almost reminiscent of low-slung barrack structures at the nearby Missions. This sturdy façade. a contemporary icon among the mix.” Smith shares. In many ways.” URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO 41 . “A second home is an opportunity to live differently from your normal existence. “Four generations of this family have depended on this structure to mark the final turn to the ranch.

com .42 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO urbanhomemagazine.

45% of Big Tree Camp is an open air experience with the potential for the entire home to become a screened in porch. connected by a walkway that unifies each unit of the building. The details of the home are well executed and luxurious. hunting and gear room — a conduit to the many activities that happen outside of the home. The house in many ways serves as an edge between a native grass pasture and a wooded oak mott. Being a South Texas ranch house. the “other” front door of the home offers direct access to ranch vehicles and to a well-equipped fishing. each space in the home allows the opportunity to step outdoors. the three spaces that are designated for children and guests are treated as their own separate cabins. and combines the open-air experience with shelter from the elements and wildlife. technically. essentially creating an environment where nature serves as the wall URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO 43 . including bathrooms that include outdoor showers. with the goal of bringing the homeowners and their guests closer to the nature urbanhomemagazine. but the approach is straightforward and borrows directly from the ranch environment. a main entrance. In keeping with the idea of a camp experience.And breathe it does: even when every door and window is closed. Living spaces borrow from the view by incorporating sweeping expanses of glass. While there is.


com URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO 45 . urbanhomemagazine. “This house is all about maximizing the sensory experience…” says Smith. showering under the stars and becoming integrated into the nature surrounding you. Ultimately. “…meaning that walking to breakfast or to dinner you are feeling the air. which you may not pay attention to in your day to day life. And you can operate the house like a tool. you are constantly being forced to notice. of when the sun rises and sets.that surrounds them. smelling the rain. You become more aware of the lunar cycle. the house should be a tuning device: at every opportunity you are forced to encounter the outdoors.

rather than isolating them from it. Smith lauds Truax Construction. for the rural pragmatism they brought.980. v ARCHITECT Tobin Smith Architect 210. they really ended up with an intimate knowledge of that landscape. “The builders camped on the site during construction. and as a result. The history of this special place and the construction camp experience reaffirm the concept that makes Big Tree Camp exceptional — that a simple but comfortable shelter can truly serve to bring its inhabitants closer to the land around them.” Like every well-done project. One particularly innovative solution that came from their camping experience was the use of large bean cans (from their campfire meals) to create the housing for the in-slab lights — a fun example of how the camp experience affected details in the . the contractors for the project. Inc.326.” he BUILDER Truax Construction.and calibrate it with cranks and ropes much like you do with a boat when sailing to maximize operation.6646 | Tobinsmitharchitect. 830. this one was a team effort.3399 | 46 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO urbanhomemagazine.

CAPS Texas Registered Interior Designer #9501 New Construction Remodeling Space Planning Consultation Furnishings Accessories www. Hearn.dawnhearn.Dawn F.930.0250 .com 512. ASID. NARI.

the designer divulges the details behind the kitchen contained in this Parade of Homes show house she helped transform into an unforgettable show-stopper. From the playful graphics down to the bold palette featured throughout the home. Garnering a slew of awards from the country’s first “all green” Parade of Homes including Best Interior Design. I feel fortunate to have worked with so many architects and builders who took the initiative to bring sustainable living to the forefront not only here. It was fitting for Austin to host the first all green Parade of Homes. Radovich’s highly-successful design savvy is at play. Here. sustainable WHY THIS SPACE By MAURI ELBEL | Photography by ALLISON CARTWRIGHT Designer Spotlight: Sharon Radovich of Panache Interiors This bold and beautiful collaboration between Panache Interiors and Texas Four Architects sits inside Mueller.” Implementing her signature risk-taking style and ability to stretch design boundaries with selections of color and texture. but nationwide. 48 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO urbanhomemagazine. isn’t afraid of taking risks. Radovich creates a brilliant balance between rich. eye-catching finishes and thoughtful simplicity. owner of Panache . it’s safe to say Sharon Radovich. East Austin’s former airport grounds turned master-planned. “Austin’s carefree and eco-friendly community suits my disposition well.

I wanted to enhance the flow with energetic graphics and a crisp color palette. I kept the island finishes neutral to avoid competing with either element. We wanted to incorporate features that support aging in place as well as sustainable products. The black is very bold. What was your inspiration behind the bold black. Statement pieces like the island light fixture and the figurative art need negative space around them. what were some of the specific sustainable materials implemented in the kitchen? SR: They wanted a modern space that was I love the modern. If I had to pick a single word. URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO 49 . Using one large accessory instead of several small pieces reduces visual clutter. it would be energetic. The open pantry. SR: The Homebuilders Association of Greater Austin worked with developers to host a tour of green and modern homes. How do you define the aesthetic you’ve created in this space? SR: I like to say it has panache –– defined by Webster’s as a sense or display of spirited style and self-confidence. push latch cabinets and motion sensor lighting are a few examples. When being courageous with colors and finishes. but I decided it was too stark. Note that 80 percent of this kitchen and great room is white. I kept the bright white but softened the black to gray and added red for energy. creative details. Thoughtful design will do that for you. stimulating and comfortable. The hydraulic wood table adds warmth while the barstools and chandelier dazzle and delight. how do you keep the look clean and visually pleasing rather than overwhelming and too busy? SR: Less is more. white and red palette? SR: The fluid architecture of this house inspires easy entertaining. but needed in the open space to anchor the kitchen. black or gray.Please give us the background about your role in this design project. I believe spaces should energize and inspire you –– even restful spaces. bold look and punchy. The black cabinets with stainless steel inlays are a strong statement but a simple backdrop for the artful pendant. Randy Streetman contracted Texas Four Architects and Panache Interiors to collaborate on the design of the home. Pops of red and blue carry your eye around the space. What was envisioned for this project? And as a green home. now Standard Pacific. reclaimed wood table and LED lighting. urbanhomemagazine. This lot was owned by Streetman Homes. Sustainable features included the concrete island and floor. Michael Doty of Texas Four Architects conceived the footprint of the home and the team finessed the layout and amenities. My first thought was an ultramodern black and white theme. The same goes for the dining area –– the table and chairs have great lines but the entry wall jazzes up the open space. beyond most people’s comfort level. All these elements coming together can be tricky –– you really have to visualize layering them in your mind to be sure the elements don’t compete. like the spa.

what are your favorite elements? SR: I love the energy that the bold graphics and colors convey. It felt good to put a little more Austin history in this house.adjacent table is reclaimed pecan from the Shady Grove RV Park. v PANACHE INTERIORS 512. For the kitchen cabinets. Flat Creek Cabinets crafted the stainless steel inlays into quarter sawn oak stained black. It’s a happy space. Streetman worked through the details and made it happen.452. Randy Streetman gave me design liberties which allowed me to experiment with the public.7773 | Panacheinteriors. counter or bar. Looking at this space now. Western Stains and Concrete scored and painted the concrete floors. Throughout the Parade of Homes and to this day. a quintessentially Austin-weird trailer park on Barton Springs Road. the house is referred to as “the fun red house. SR: I selected statement lighting like the Gelato Pendant for the island chandelier from Lights Fantastic. The 50 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO What are some of the more functional aspects of this playful design? SR: Functional favorites are the hydraulic table that can serve as a urbanhomemagazine. which energizes you as you enter the home and converse through dinner. The island counter is a polished concrete from Elements 7 Concrete Design. Under the island. but the clients it did attract are adventurous and fun to work with.” The adjacent entry and dining rooms are 80 percent red and . From a design standpoint. bulldozed for a controversial condo development in 2007. we stashed a rolling Craftsman tool chest to use for carting refreshments outside and up the elevator to the rooftop patio. It was strategically designed to be energetic and harmonious. We conceived that for a kitchen remodel two years prior but the plan was never implemented. why does this space work? SR: This space is functional and accessible to all. Revisiting this project has been fun. There is also a motorized bug screen that can convert the space into an open air space. The style is not for everyone. Please tell us about some of your favorite finishes and furnishings you brought into this kitchen. Vintage Materials Supply salvaged the wood and we used it for the island table and stairs.

ASID Texas Registered Interior Designer .3200 www.bellavillads.AWARD-WINNING INTERIOR DESIGN custom homes • lofts spec homes • commercial Stephanie J.443. Villavicencio.

the design team blurred the lines that usually separated each discipline. Besh’s first restaurant outside of Louisiana. For the Cured project. One of these historic anchors was the administration building that had served as the headquarters for the brewery since it was built in 1904. but the experience of the diner is a critical component as well. urbanhomemagazine.” said Card. he chose to craft something that alluded to his youth growing up in southern Wisconsin. Ultimately it was decided that old administration building would become the restaurant of chef/owner Steve McHugh. “I wanted the same sense of warmth and support that I remember growing up on the farm where the kitchen table was a real gathering place. the 23 acres of the former industrial complex has been tastefully redeveloped into a pleasant mix of shops. One of the first steps taken after the brewery was decommissioned was to inventory the stock of existing buildings to identify the historic structures on site worthy of adaptive reuse. The Historic Pearl Brewery has become another reason to visit the Alamo City. “We all felt the importance of respecting the existing building. Over the course of the past decade.” Of course the success of a restaurant depends on the food. Having worked for a decade in John Besh’s New Orleans 52 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO restaurant group and opening Lü . apartments and restaurants. McHugh had the pedigree to create something flashy. who has designed several other projects in and around the Pearl campus. Instead. In order to create a complete experience McHugh teamed with architect Jonathan Card of Urbanist Design in San Antonio and branding design consultant Jett Butler of FÖDA in Austin. “I want people’s experience at Cured to be more than just a meal. Significant buildings were preserved to act as anchors for the growing mixed-use development.” recalled McHugh. offices.COMMERCIAL n DESIGN MARTIN SIMONITE SIMONITE SIMONITE CREATING CURED L By BRANTLEY HIGHTOWER Photography by SCOTT MARTIN AND NICK SIMONITE ocated on the banks of the San Antonio River. Its exterior was restored but for years the brick structure remained an empty shell.

In the end everything from the feel of the architecture to the layout of the menu act as one cohesive whole where new and old are woven together to create a composition that is somehow greater than the sum of its parts. Here meats such as vealwurst. URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO 53 . a visitor enters the restaurant facing a large temperature and humidity-controlled charcuterie. urbanhomemagazine. “It allowed us to make bold decisions. Dining tables are arranged between the bar and the exterior windows with a private dining area taking up the width of the rear of the restaurant. Allowing everyone to contribute to all aspects of the developing design made it possible for the restaurant to cultivate its unique voice. The first thing a visitor to Cured experiences is a sense of what was. a large bar defines the central part of the restaurant with the administration’s fire-proof vault acting as an anchoring element. These act as chilling basins for water where servers can grab a fresh flask immediately upon first meeting a dining party. the administration building with its classically inspired symmetrical façade sits at the end of an intimate but formal lawn. The glass-enclosed “appliance” is placed front-andcenter and acts as a central aspect of the design.MARTIN Card and Butler worked closely with McHugh to develop an architecture that reflected the branding while the branding likewise was influenced by the architecture. Behind these basins and the charcuterie. Powell & MARTIN To either side are old hand wash stations salvaged from the brewery. duck ham and jalapeño sausages are together cured for three to eight months in ongoing efforts by McHugh to develop new flavors derived from the preservation process.” recalled Card. Historically preserved by architectural firm Ford. After climbing a short set of cast iron stairs and passing through its vestibule. The idea is to create a point of service as part of the initial visitor experience.


Since meals served at Cured typically feature several small
plates, preserving table space became a design issue. The
response was to create an extruded windowsill detail where a
ledge extends along the perimeter of the restaurant. As well as
providing space for water bottles or chilled water to be stored,
the ledge also includes electrical outlets where patrons can
recharge their electronic devices.
As part of the renovation, a glass connector piece was added to
the side of the building to attach it to an adjacent new building.
This arm houses the “back-of-house” portion of the restaurant
including the kitchen, restroom and other support spaces. A
“Chief ’s Counter” acts as a show kitchen where McHugh can
be found developing his next culinary adventure. Above this,
salvaged windows separate the kitchen from the bar seating area
while glazed floor elements allow patrons to see the historic
foundation of the original administration building.
Salvaged elements from the Pearl’s industrial past have been
incorporated throughout the restaurant, giving it a timeless feel.
This attention to detail exists even in the restrooms where old
administration desks — likely used in the original building that
now houses the restaurant — now serve as the vanities for the sinks.
Throughout Cured, echoes of the old are used to create a
timeless vision for the future. The “XXX” brand that can be


found throughout the Pearl campus is here transformed into
an hourglass logo — a simple graphic symbolizing both time
and care — is a fitting symbol for the restaurant. From the use
of the regional ingredients, often acquired from the Farmers’
Market that occurs just outside the restaurant’s front doors,
to its use of organic methods built on a foundation of handcrafted foods, Cured is about time and taking time to do
things right. v
210.314.3929 |
ARCHITECT Urbanist Design
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BUILDER Metropolitan Contracting Company, LLC
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Christopher Voss Inc.
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t’s the classic American Dream: You work hard to provide
a nice living for yourself and your family, with a nice home
in a good neighborhood and nice furnishings.
So, asks security and surveillance professional John Dyess,
why don’t homeowners take the extra step to protect their
possessions and more importantly, themselves and their families
with a home security system?
“There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the home
security system industry that have been around for years,” says
Dyess, CEO and owner of Dyezz Surveillance and Security, Inc.
“Some of these myths were never true, and others haven’t kept
up with the new technologies we have in place to protect you,
your loved ones and your possessions. And then, of course, it’s
the old story of you don’t think you need it until after an event
has occurred, and then it’s too late.”
The obvious reason for installing a home security system is
the protection it offers from intruders. But, says Dyess, security
systems feature new technologies that allow homeowners a
variety of other security and convenience options, such as
fire protection, carbon monoxide poisoning alerts, remote
home monitoring, emergency services access, reducing energy
consumption and more.
And yet, says Dyess, some homeowners still have doubts
about securing their homes with an affordable security system
that can be easily and quickly customized to suit their particular
needs and lifestyles. “I see clients all the time who tell me, ‘I can’t
have home security because of this or that.’ And I want to set the
record straight.”
MYTH #1: A home security system is extremely unreliable.
Phone cables can be cut, electricity can go out, and then there’s
no way to monitor activity around my home.
Dyess: Not anymore — older security systems could be
unreliable as a result of someone easily cutting a telephone
line or disconnecting a main power supply. Now, however,
the majority of current security and surveillance systems have
“multiple layers” of security, not just one. For example, most
systems now have infrared and motion detectors that can pick





up body heat and very importantly, motion/movement, without
resulting in a fake alarm call. Windows and doors have “trigger
sensors” installed that transmit signals to a control panel via
radio waves, completely eliminating the disarming of an alarm
or security system by simply cutting a wire.
MYTH #2: There’s always a delay between when the security
system is tripped and when the security company is notified.
Dyess: The customer would be able to decide how much of
a time delay there would be before a security system is tripped
and when the security company is notified. It can be as quickly
as a few seconds.
MYTH #3: Having a home security system doesn’t make any
difference to a burglar canvassing a neighborhood and looking
for a home to break into.
Dyess: That’s a great definition of a burglar — they can canvass
a neighborhood and be on the lookout for an easy break-in, but
even if they attempted to do so, the loud alarm a home security
system emits would make it extremely difficult, time-wise, for a
burglar to break in and look for valuables to take.
MYTH #4: Having a home security system doesn’t make any
difference to home insurance rates.
Dyess: Actually, most home insurance companies offer
anywhere from a 2% to 15% discount on home insurance if
they provide the insurance company with a certificate provided
by a security alarm company.
MYTH #5: I have visitors and family always stopping by. I
can’t have a home security system because the alarm notifications
go straight to a dispatcher at a call center, and I want to be in
control of if/when the police are sent to my home.
Dyess: The customer can require that they be notified by the
call center prior to the center contacting/dispatching the police.

265.MYTH #6: Home security systems are only good as home theft prevention.8596 . I’m sure they’re going to trip the system constantly and set off false alarms. Also. etc. some burglars are desperate or malicious enough to carry a handgun. MYTH #9: My giant 120-lb. all home security systems are configured to a customer’s actual security/surveillance needs. parts. It’s knowing that you’ve provided for the protection of your loved ones’ well-being. “I know we’re in the security and surveillance business. MYTH #8: I have a couple of cats and a dog. doors.331.” v DYEZZ SURVEILLANCE AND SECURITY.” says Dyess. There may be a significant negative impact without a system in place to quickly respond. only that equipment and those parts that would be required to provide basic services would be installed. Dyess: A neighborhood watch strategy to prevent possible break-ins is a good program. lab/pitbull dog mix is security enough for me. the success of these programs relies on not only the number of individuals being on the lookout for possible burglars but also the time they would have available to provide neighborhood surveillance. Dyess: Even if that were true. do in fact prevent burglars from attempting to break in and instead look for homes or businesses that don’t have these articles. a customer can request that a surveillance company add “glass breaks” to door and window contacts and not motion detectors.. etc. nothing more. There are articles in newspapers and magazines that state that security/surveillance signs and stickers posted on an individual’s lawn. Dyess: Historically. Obviously. with a neighborhood watch. what’s wrong with not allowing or having a thief being able to take their time searching through someone’s home looking for valuables or even worse. Dyess: True enough! That said.2762 | Dyezz. 800. however. I don’t need a home security system.2788 San Antonio: 210.e. i. MYTH #10: There’s no way I can afford a home security system.” This would prevent a pet weighing between 60 to 80 pounds from tripping the Austin: 512. Also. but I think of ourselves as being in the peace-of-mind business. connections. knife or mace with an intent of harming a pet or homeowner. family members? MYTH #7: I live in a safe neighborhood. I don’t need a modern home security system. windows. the cost of a home security and/or surveillance system continues to decrease as a result of the transition from a hardware to a software approach to equipment.370. INC. Dyess: The customer can request a “pet-immune motion detection system. “The best thing you can provide for yourself and your loved ones is knowing that you’re protecting yourselves from a variety of life and property-threatening scenarios.

Ever feel that way? It’s always worse after a long. Simply putting up the fur pillows and making new light fabric pillows will be a good and inexpensive start. or visit us on the web at Catrinasranchinteriors. Every night when he helps move my 12 decorative pillows. In my master bedroom I am working on a lighter weight set of bedding in colors that I can leave on through the summer.755.6355 / 210. . Austin 512. So. It’s amazing how the smallest changes can make us feel so good! v As ever. As fast as I can. After being cooped up all winter it has come to my attention that my home needs a bit of a facelift. I may add. But I have spent years updating appliances.535. Again. I am determined to open the windows and air out my house. fabrics. I can change them back to the darker ones in the fall. Improvements like that are affordable and easy to store until fall when you want to create that warm. make new patio cushions for my pool furniture. and ask “really?” I just tell him that it’s a “chic-thing” and go about stacking them neatly out of the way. Chocolate leather furniture with axis hide throw pillows feels like winter. Catrina’s Ranch Interiors I Cabinets + Countertops 704 N. I am thinking of bringing in lighter lamps as well. cozy feeling again.3070. Yes. I may follow up with some fresh spring florals. get some gardening done and repaint the deck.DECORATOR’S ADVICE SPRUCING UP FOR SPRING By Catrina Kendrick. Come see us. bedding sets and accessories to help you with your spring spruce-up. My husband will appreciate a set with fewer pillows.344.topskb. cold winter of being indoors. I have ripped down wallpaper and faux painted. drapery. The molded fake counters and sinks in my 23-year-old house have got to go! Don’t get me wrong. At 62 I could probably use one. I love my house. We are in Boerne and it’s definitely worth the drive! Call us at 830. too. my list may seem long but the outdoor projects are ongoing and never ending. That will be a nice change and reasonable to do. Catrina’s Ranch Interiors is full of new ideas. furniture and rugs. take a look around your house. My house seems too dark to me. but that will have to wait! My money is going to new travertine floors in my kitchen and new granite in my bathrooms.9160 www. but something is still missing. What I am really excited about are my indoor t’s hard to believe that spring is here at last! I thought that warmer days would never get here. Lamar. sigh. I have changed out fans and light fixtures. See what you can put away until fall and add a few spring and summer items that will make you feel like everything is fresh and new again. he will look at me. It wouldn’t be the first time that I filled my truck with plants and then lost them in a final spring we are here to help. .7762 or jonathan.Push Pull Open Close The Mobile Decorative Hardware Store “WE BRING THE SHOWROOM TO YOU ” To set an appointment call 512.

The fact is. The menu at Green features affordable vegetarian comfort food for breakfast. We live in such a meat-centric culture that the thought of eating an entire meal without animal protein sounds impossible and unappealing.” says the chef. in 2006. it can be delicious and satisfying.5865 Green at Alon.1249 Photography by Hilmy Productions Chef Mike Behrend has a long history in the San Antonio restaurant Green Downtown at Pearl Brewery. who became a vegetarian in 2005. lunch and dinner. they sold the café to begin construction on Green. sample international flavors with the Mediterranean bowl. GREEN GARDNER GREEN GREEN VEGETARIAN CUISINE Eatatgreen. he owned and operated Lulu’s Bakery and Café for 15 years. 210. was to open the first vegetarian restaurant in San Antonio. or plant-based cuisine. Then.FOOD n DESIGN THE NEW VEGETARIAN By CLAUDIA ALARCON GARDNER Many people have the misconception that vegetarian. I think we have been successful in providing great tasting food and exceptional service. 10003 NW Military. “Our idea.” 60 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO GREEN urbanhomemagazine. and in the right hands. plant-based cuisine offers great benefits to your health and to the environment. or enjoy original creations like the cauliflower “hot wings. 200 E. has to be bland and boring.233. You don’t have to be a full-time vegetarian to explore what is fast becoming a national trend. Alongside his mother Luann Singleton. back in . introducing the many benefits of a plant-based diet to this community. 210. Grayson. Nothing is too fancy or complicated — guests can choose vegetarian versions of familiar dishes like the avocado eggs benedict.320.

and will eventually install a cistern to capture rainwater for landscape maintenance. Items on the menu are simply described. The Pearl is a wonderful property. each dish only has a certain small window to be available. but some of the most important are the weather. like wine and beer would. simply seasoned with the chiles and herbs. the seasons. I like to think that we have helped to enlighten the community a little. This move has allowed us to reach many more people than we could at our old location. Green garnered even more attention with the move of their original location to the Pearl complex. v URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO 61 . without using any “secondary spirits” to preserve the flavors of the fresh ingredients. straightforwardly prepared yet artistically presented.” and incorporating meat as a seasoning rather than as a main ingredient to give dishes depth. concocted with freshly-pressed beet juice. Wiseheart and team. striped bass. We used this to season lots of different vegetables. GARDNER Gardner-austin. Green has a recycling dumpster for cardboard. dry-cured pork shoulder that is frozen with liquid nitrogen. using biodegradables and water conservation. We have also exposed the community to a greener way to operate a restaurant through practices such as recycling. for example. enabling them to open new locations. “We have made something called “pork salt. served over a light fish broth. they are labor intensive. and boasts a lovely color reminiscent of a spring garden. sliced thin and draped over vegetables. marjoram. And although preparations are simple.1480 Photography by Kate LeSueur After the wild success of Austin’s Contigo. yet the preparation is so simple. cocktails are seasonal and simply described by their components. “My dishes are inspired by a lot of different factors. Vodka combines freshpressed ginger. not too many people were open to the idea of a plant-based diet.354.” adds the chef. savory. house-made celery bitters. and their vision is very much aligned with ours. San Antonio now has six vegetarian 1914 E. then melted to impart flavor. we were very excited. depending on ingredient availability. Like the food items. spicy and bitter masterfully. and constant creativity is needed to develop more dishes. Mixologist Erin Murtagh carefully crafts the drinks so they pair with the food.” The main component is a large wedge of grilled cabbage. “Since the shelf life of plants is shorter. Gardner features a one-of-akind cocktail program that maintains a strong focus on raw culinary ingredients and kitchen techniques. and they also own and operate Earth Burger Stand. We also do a dry-cured beef lardo. and I believe that there is still room for growth in this category.” he explains. 512. “Since all plants are seasonal. blood orange marinated overnight in sugar and zest and apple cider vinegar steeped with pink peppercorns. The result balances sweet. serves fair trade organic coffee and free range eggs. “Cabbage. Including our three ingredients. uses biodegradable packaging when possible. strive to stay innovative with creations such as the kale “chicharrones. serving 100% plant-based fast food. Mike’s brother Chris joined the team.” says the chef. Green has two locations in San Antonio and one in Houston.” To match the cuisine.” which is diced. The team plans on expanding a little more in San Antonio.” In 2010.” says Wiseheart. “The owners and developers of the Pearl were loyal customers at our old location. jalapeno. and dietary restrictions and preferences of guests that will be dining with us. Wiseheart’s menu changes often. elderflower. 6th Street. A stunning example is Gin. as well as in other markets in Texas. The flavors and textures are complex and rich. Currently.” he adds. co-owner Ben Edgerton and Executive Chef Andrew Wiseheart opened Gardner last fall as a venue to showcase a mostly plant-based menu that emphasizes quality urbanhomemagazine. which includes Chef de Cuisine Andrew Francisco. there’s a need for constant prepping. turned into a powder in a blender and dehydrated. “When they approached us about the move.GREEN GREEN “When we first opened. San Antonio’s food culture is now thriving. coriander seed and a touch of whey that adds a refreshing GARDNER creaminess. Inspired by the cream sauce featured on a popular gnocchi dish.

attend a worldrenowned concert series. and the county seat of Brenham draws visitors to its historic downtown. Washington County is a top destination for history buffs. an internationally acclaimed gathering of renowned conductors.FABULOUS n FINDS DESTINATION: WASHINGTON COUNTY By JULIE CATALANO BRENHAM BRENHAM FESTIVAL INSTITUTE THE INN AT DOS BRISAS Named for the father of our country. antique hunters. Small towns with evocative names like Independence. the tiny town of Round Top turns into a classical music Mecca that draws audiences from all over Texas and beyond with URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO the Round Top Music Photography courtesy of Round Top Festival Institute Every summer. esteemed faculty and brilliant young talent. 62 2015 ROUND TOP MUSIC FESTIVAL May 31-July 15 Round Top . or enjoy a quiet stroll through a history-making spot by the Brazos River — none other than the birthplace of the Lone Star State itself. 2015 featuring a diverse repertoire from ancient to 21st century music. music lovers and wildflower enthusiasts. Mount Vernon and William Penn dot the rolling landscape in southeast Central Texas. the Round Top Festival Institute will once again host a dazzling array of more than 30 concerts from May 31July 15. Celebrating its 45th year. Visit a working ranch. urbanhomemagazine. Internationally acclaimed concert pianist.

with one of the highlights being the 1883 Edythe Bates Old Chapel.” Dick says he gets outstanding feedback from visiting conductors who have played some of the greatest venues in the world.000-seat Round Top Concert Hall.” If you miss the summer series. about 98 were accepted to study and perform.” he says. I wanted a place that the public could enjoy as a green and fashioned by hand. 979. Visitors are enthralled not only with the concert hall but also the ambiance of the grounds. They’ve also made full use of social media. In addition to the physical growth of the Festival Institute campus to a 200-acre haven of gardens.000 trees.3129 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO 63 . Dick is both proud and happy to witness the growth by leaps and bounds of the Festival Institute’s reputation. Of the 700 applications the Festival Institute received this year.founder and artistic director James Dick can hardly believe this signature Texas event he created in 1971 has spanned almost five decades. historic buildings. “It truly stands out as one-of-a-kind. putting it on par with legendary music festivals at Tanglewood and Aspen. and that includes the experience of attending performances in what is unquestionably one of the most architecturally and acoustically perfect venues anywhere — the magnificent 1. “Where else can you picnic on real grass under glorious live oaks and then walk a few feet into a concert hall of such magnificence?” No place but Round Top. medicinal plants. Still. Festivalhill. “and hearing that sound whether it’s orchestral or choral. too. v For program and ticket info. Growing up in Kansas. The various flora are also popular. It was built urbanhomemagazine. but the success of his brainchild is indisputable. you can make plans for the April to August series which can include everything from western music to the holiday favorite The Nutcracker ballet. Year-round events at the Festival Institute include forums in theater. roses and more. along with herbs. the wood cut either with a knife or router. Over the years we have planted 24. museums. poetry and herbs. “It’s like sitting inside a glorious instrument. most notably the McAshan Herb Gardens. library and museum collections. James Dick says he’s always loved nature. “I even sold vegetables door to door so I know the value of land and how precious it is.” He delights in the surroundings and hopes that audiences do. there’s no substitute for the real thing. adding that their YouTube channel has more than a half million views. every inch of it.249. he says.

Star of the Republic Museum and Barrington Farm. BUY AND TRY. VISITBRENHAMTEXAS. Golf privileges are available at nearby clubs. There’s no other way to describe what began as a ranch retreat and grew into the ultimate indulgent (and ultra-romantic) stay. stone fireplaces. luxe linens. stay “home” and have an in-room is a longtime favorite in the heart of downtown. sandwiches and pie straight from the 64 URBAN HOME AUSTIN – SAN ANTONIO pastry gods. Stop at Must Be Heaven (mustbeheaven. A nice down-home touch is the “meet the horses” section on their website. declared independence from Mexico and a republic was born. THE INN AT DOS BRISAS. picnickers and anybody interested in standing at the spot where the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed. private patios and golf carts should you need to get to the infinity pool. 1836. birdwatchers. rugs and unique Texas furnishings to serve as well-appointed residences for overnight guests (the largest sleep up to 10 or 13). with a 7. And no visit to Brenham is complete without a trip to the enchanting Antique Rose Emporium (antiqueroseemporium. Brenham makes an ideal base from which to explore the nearby sights. Activities are extra and include day fishing. tennis courts or to take a cooking or wine class. Admission fee: Combo tickets are available for Independence Hall. The only Forbes five-star restaurant in the state is here. and restored and decorated with antiques. DO. where “Rose Rustler” and owner Mike Shoup will regale with tales of “rescued” roses from days gone . Ranch Interiors (ranchinteriorstx. CHAPPELL HILL. the moms and horses in training.COM Antique Rose Emporium photo by Mike Shoup The county seat of Washington County. Accommodations are off-thechart gorgeous — nine individual haciendas and casitas feature overstuffed leather chairs. TEXAS RANCH LIFE. Don’t leave without driving over to Barrington Living History Farm where the original restored home of Anson Jones — the last president of the Republic of Texas — features costumed interpreters of life on a 19th century farm. The inn touts its 42 acres (out of 300 total) of organic farms that produce vegetables. WASHINGTON. undoubtedly one of the most popular pastimes on the 1. For more info. WASHINGTON.PLENTY TO SEE. Nine historic Texas homes from the 1800s were saved from demolition. Western and transitional design. skeet shooting and open range horseback riding for all skill levels. specializes in custom ranch.000-bottle wine cellar that earned “Wine Spectator” magazine’s Best of Award of Excellence. Six organic gardens supply the kitchen with fresh produce. a group of Texas delegates met at a hall by the Brazos River. An eight-course grand tasting menu is served on custom Bernardaud china in an elegant but relaxed dining room in the main building. modern. herbs and fruit that turn up on both your plate and in creative cocktails. urbanhomemagazine. The award-winning Star of the Republic Museum showcases a fascinating collection of cultural artifacts from 1836 to 1846. with notes from the ranch mountain biking.COM No drugstore cowboys here — this is the real deal. DOSBRISAS. TEXASRANCHLIFE. SO STAY AND PLAY FOR AWHILE: WASHINGTON-ON-THE-BRAZOS STATE HISTORIC SITE. carefully moved to the ranch.800-acre ranch that features one of the largest covered horse arenas in the state. Better yet. pictures of the nursery. The aptly-named Washington-on-theBrazos is a significant and popular spot that draws nature lovers. steam showers. Visitbrenhamtexas.COM Photography courtesy of The Inn at Dos Brisas Luxury to the max. BIRTHPLACE Photography courtesy of Brenham/Washington County Chamber and Convention & Visitors Bureau On March Warm and welcoming owners John and Taunia Elick have preserved a working ranch and opened it to visitors looking for an authentic ranch experience. Expert and knowledgeable guides make history come alive as they take visitors through what led up to that historic event. The charming Ant Street Inn (antstreetinn. com) for freshmade soups.


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