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Material Types

2 Bulk
4 PI Instructions
5 Process Message
6 Control Recipe
7 Process Order Release
8 CR Destination
9 Recipe generated based on Control Recipe Destination
10 CR Status

11 SAP Messages - other Modules - QM
12 Process Message Monitor - Status

13 CRD - Manually or Automated after or before Order Release
14 CO60 - Find PI Sheet
15 O12C - Process Instruction Categories
16 GR = PROD_1

18 O13C - Required - Value Mandatory - More Fields
17 O25C

20 O12C - Process Instruction Categories

21 Process Data Calculation Formula - 4
22 MIC Recording - 5 - QM
23 Dynamic Call Funtion - ABAP
24 Sequnce Classfication - Operation Sequence

Release Order 38 O10C .Stora .Control Recipe Monitor 32 CO54 . O12C . Appearance 3.Browser Based PI Sheet 26 O25C . O13C 39 Error . O25C .MES 28 FM 29 Target Fields 30 Address . Layout Can be Changed 35 CR Destination .1.USER FRIENDLY.Assignment / Maintain of Control Recipe destination 34 WEB Based .PI Char Assign 36 FLOW:1 : COR2 -> CO53 -> CO60 -> CO54 -> C0R2 37 Flow:2: O13C -> Click Control Recipe Icon .Directly in Process Order . Logos 2.25 0 .Process Message Monitor 33 O10C .FM 31 CO53 .MaintainStorage location -O13C-Maintain in Orocess Order GR tab .Text for Process Messages 27 Process Message Extrenal System .

Final Dosage Farm Active Pharma Incredients Outbound INBOUND For SAP or External Systems Control Recipe Generated Status : CRCR PCS = Process Control System 1. Processed 2.Completed ABAP .FM .Table to Table and External System 3. To PCS 2.Sent 3.GR -GI .Not for External System 1.Re Submitted 4.Discarded 1. Re Submitted with Warning 5.Terminated 4.Customised Messages QM RES .Created 5.With Error Process Messages 3.Event .Recordind Inspection Characteristics CONS_1 = GI PH_CON = Time ticket Confirmation Customised Pinstruction Characteristics Characteristics Process Message Categories Create Characteristics for Process PI Characteristics 1. Get Message . Automatic 2.Send with Monitoring 2.Time to Time .Sub-Routine .Response = 2 4. Not Getting Output = 1 3.

Value Mandatory Click Process Mgt . Unlimited Check Box .Automatic .Long Text . T .External.2 & 3 out Can be Changed Enter PI Manualy by selecting Operation and assign GR(PROD_1) or GI(CONS_1) Directly I transaction not in Process Order.SAPofficeuser . ABAP Code ABAP. Status .Storage Location. Created Long Text Email Trigger . Structure Date Range . .Discarded To be Sent 1&4 .A. V . Click Control recipe after Release of Order Order GR tab .Technical Code . SAP Alert Mgt System Table Fields .

(Final Product) Manual or Automatic 40 Functional 40 Abap 20 Basis With ABAP .


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 .

Signature at Control Recipe Destination Level not at GR and GI 5.O13C -Required Field Maintain for Digital Signature 6. O10C .View in PI Sheet O25C .PM Category-PI_CRST2 . Multiple Signaure 3.FM used .Download CO60 5. Process Order .Webbased . Hyper Linking 2. 2=Send Data.Method of Sending Identifying Target Fields . CO57 .Layout 1 = Char 1 .1= Send Data.Maintain PI Category OR in Process Order Multiple GR and GI = PI Category = Changed to Repeated Digital Signature .No return .O13C . Control Recipe Destination CO54 -Send .FM O12C .FM used O12C .Also Return Data Process Messages .Selection based on Operation TECO of Process Order 1.CRD -Double click =Select Digital Signature(GR = No General Scope) 2.O10C . Prod_1 = Char 2 .New Category .A-Automatic.Upload to SAP 6. Call Function 8.ZPIPROD = Assign new PP-PI Signature 4.View in PI Sheet Browser Based PI Sheet 1.Enginering Drawing 4.Expand / Collapse 7.Transaction view in ABAP based PI Sheet 9. Object Linking and embeeding to PCS 3.Control Recipe Generated .Cannot be reversed Inbuild functionalities for MES in SAP PP-PI API (Core)-> Bulk -> FDF = Finished Product-ADD Material from API to FDF Process Messages . COR2 = Status :CRFI and TECO Long Text . O12C .Basis assistance 1.V-Input Value = At Second Row Go to CO53 and CO60 .GR and GI . PI = 1 for text Assigning Long text in Process order is simple .Chenge Mode Text at botom O12C = T-Text.

GI qty less cannot be reversed New Order or Operation in the same order to be created .

r to be created .

History of Batches .0 for all items QM 1 Inspection type = 03 .BATCH_CR 2 O10C . many to one.Inhouse Production 2 Create MIC 3 QS2 .many to many 12 Copy PI Sheet = One plant to another=O20C 13 Batch Record .BATCH 1 PI Category .at menu In Process Completed 11 Centerlised and Decentralised Systems one to many.MIC Create 4 MIC assigned to MR 5 Control Key .QM01 6 CRD for QM = 5 7 PI type = QMRES1 8 Check QE01 for Results Recording 9 No CO54 for QM 10 PI SHEET STATUS(CO60) Close .

MMSC .Maintain Storage Location for Material .

1 2 3 4 5 1 .

3.Transaction code O23c . to transfer process instruction charact characteristics from the SAP reference client (000) to the client.Transport Predefined Message Categories – to transfer or copy all the proce the SAP plant to the plant. 2.Order Dependent type Parameters = .1-Internal and 2 and 3-external and 4-Browser based RFC . when you carry out this configuration.Transaction code O22c .COR4 .Transport Predefined characteristics.External .SM59 CONTROL RECIPE 1.Copying Process Management Characteristics and Process Message Categories to your Client 1. enter the plant and press execute bu button in the next screen to copy the process messages.Trsaction code CO60_VM to transport the display variants for PI Sheets predefined by SAP from the S client. PPPI_01 Process Message Characteristics PPPI_02 Process Instruction Characteristics CRD .PSP = OnRelease =Create Control Recipe 2. CORY . Press the save button while exiting.

1 .

Pressing this button would take you in to .Using the Wizard to Create the Process Instruction category for use in PI Sheets – Select the Process Instruction Category and press the PI assistant Button.