G.R. NO. 143093 MAY 21, 2007
1. The petitioner contests the decision of the court which discharged the
accused Feliciano Abutin and Domingo Tampelix from the Information in
Criminal Case for the Murder of Ruben Parane, pending before the Regional
Trial Court of Trece Martires City, to become state witnesses.
2. The appellate court likewise cancelled his bail bond. The trial court granted
bail of the petitioner but denied the discharge of the accused Abutin and
The prosecution elevated the case to the CA and argued that the testimonies
of the two accused are absolutely necessary to establish that petitioner
masterminded the murder of Ruben Parane.
The prosecution likewise claimed that it was premature to allow the petitioner
bail as they have not even rested their case
Whether there is sufficient ground to discharge the accused Abutin and
Tampelix to be a state witness against the petitioner.
YES. There is sufficient ground. The court is satisfied that:
a) There is absolute necessity for the testimony of the accused whose
discharge is requested;
b) There is no other direct evidence available for the proper prosecution of the
offense committed,
except the testimony of said accused;
c) The testimony of said accused can be substantially corroborated in its
material points;
d) Said accused does not appear to be the most guilty; and,
e) Said accused has not at any time been convicted of any offense involving
moral turpitude.

However, the petitioner argued that both Abutin and Tampelix will naturally
seize the opportunity to be absolved of any liability by putting the blame on

Thus. do not have personal knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the alleged conspiracy. If it is shown that the statements of the conspirator are corroborated by other evidence." .one of their co-accused. who are not accused. We have ruled that "a conspiracy is more readily proved by the acts of a fellow criminal than by any other method. we can properly infer that the witness has told the truth in other respects. Petitioner argues that prosecution witnesses Parane and Salazar. What is needed is that the corroborative evidence required by the Rules does not have to consist of the very same evidence as will be testified on by the proposed state witnesses. The court dismissed their reasoning. then we have convincing proof of veracity. Even if the confirmatory testimony only applies to some particulars. they could not testify to corroborate the statement of Abutin and Tampelix that petitioner is the mastermind or the principal by induction.