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TP48400B Installation Key Points

TP48400B (Indoor) Installation Key Points


Install power system cabinet.
1) Fix it



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共 10 页 .TP48400B Installation Key Points 2015-6-24 华为机密,未经许可不得扩散 第 2 页.

Install cables 1) Install grounding cables Connect to PGND screws on the cabinet and ground bus bar (outside the cabinet).TP48400B Installation Key Points II. 共 10 页 . 2) Install AC input cables 2015-6-24 华为机密,未经许可不得扩散 第 3 页.

TP48400B Installation Key Points a. b. 3) Install DC load cables 4) Install battery cables - Install Battery Middle sensor to each group of battery. Install power cable from MCB in ACPDB to MCB ac input in rectifier. 共 10 页 . 2015-6-24 华为机密,未经许可不得扩散 第 4 页. Install new MCB rectifier 3 pole 16 Ampere in ACPDB. Must fasten the battery bolts.

共 10 页 . Connect RS485/RS232 port on the SMU to MON 0 port on BBU : b.TP48400B Installation Key Points 5) Install the communication cable a. Connect RS485/RS232 port from EMUA to BBU on port MON 1 : 2015-6-24 华为机密,未经许可不得扩散 第 5 页.

TP48400B Installation Key Points 6) Install external alarm cables from DDF to EMUA board 7) Install Battery temperature sensor Connect signal cable of battery temperature sensor to port “BTEMP” on the UIM02C. 2015-6-24 华为机密,未经许可不得扩散 第 6 页. 共 10 页 .

共 10 页 . Battery capacity 2015-6-24 华为机密,未经许可不得扩散 第 7 页. check whether power system can run smoothly. 2) Set SMU parameter If need to enter password.TP48400B Installation Key Points 8) Powering On and Commissioning the TP48400B 1) First. input like this picture below : Password: 000001 a. switch on rectifier MCB.

2 V. Follow the steps elow: 1st Menu c. 2nd Menu 3rd Menu Value Battery charge current limit set to 0. Time zone change to UTC +7. d. Follow the steps below:  LLVD setting ( 46 V ) : 1st Menu 2015-6-24 2nd Menu 3rd Menu Value 华为机密,未经许可不得扩散 第 8 页. 共 10 页 . Change to 170 Ah b.TP48400B Installation Key Points Fill the battery capacity. Time and Date Set time and date of installation. LLVD and BLVD setting Set LLVD value is 46 V and BLVD value 43.10C10 or 10 %.

TP48400B Installation Key Points  1st e. III.xlsx IV.2 V ) : Menu 2nd Menu 3rd Menu Value Host communication address Please find the SMU02B menu This menu can help us how to set SMU parameter step by step. 共 10 页 . Alarm Test Procedure 2015-6-24 华为机密,未经许可不得扩散 第 9 页. BLVD setting ( 43. SMU02B Menu.

Plug off one pole of arrester fuse Switch off one of battery MCB Open and close the door cabinet Switch off the MBC of aviation light 2015-6-24 华为机密,未经许可不得扩散 第 10 页. If already show alarm “Warning LLVD disconnect. protection to “Reduce DC Voltage” then heat the sensor Change LLVD threshold from 46V up to Floating charge voltage. 共 10 页 .TP48400B Installation Key Points No . 1 2 Alarm Procedure Main Power Rectifier Module 3 Temperature 4 PLVD Disconnect 5 6 7 8 Arrester Rectifier Battery Door Open Aviation Light Switch off main MCB input rectifier Plug off one PSU module Change battery temp. then directly set back to default threshold otherwise LLVD will disconnect the load.