Rationale: The topics in chemistry build on one another. Therefore, to be successful in chemistry,

Chemistry students will have the opportunity to retake any 2 unit tests during the semester
(except the last test of the semester). The retake test will cover the same objectives as the original
test, but the questions will be different. It is also possible that the format will not be the same as on
the original test. Test retakes are optional. They are a privilege and not a right. Minimum
requirements must be met before a student will be allowed to take the retake test. (See “How”

each unit should be mastered. Test retakes provide the opportunity for students who have
not mastered the concepts to do so, while improving their grades at the same time.

Grading: If the grade on the retake is higher than the original test grade, the retake grade will
replace the original test grade. If the grade on the retake is lower than the original test
grade, the average of the two grades will replace the original grade.




How: Our goal is to ensure that all students comprehend the concepts presented in class.

The retake test for a given unit will be given after school on one designated date which
will be set by the chemistry teachers. There will be no alternate date for the test. If a
student is unable to be present on the assigned date for any reason, he/she will forfeit the
right to do the retake for that unit. No exceptions will be made.

Therefore, the retaking of a test should be viewed as an opportunity to clarify
understanding. As a result, students will be required to complete and check a study plan
for the unit.
a) A date and time after school will be set by the chemistry teachers for students to
correct their study plans and to ask questions of a teacher. Attendance at this session is
mandatory. If a student fails to attend this session, the student will be denied the
privilege of being able to retake that test.
b) Each student must obtain their teacher’s initials on his/her study plan in order to attend
the correction session.
 In order to get the required initials, the study plan must be 100% completed.
It is expected that the student seek extra help and ask questions as needed
prior to seeking their teacher’s initials.
 If the plan is submitted for initials but the teacher determines that the study
plan is not fully or thoughtfully completed, the teacher has the right to
refuse to initial the study plan.
 If a student fails to have his/her initialed study plan when the student arrives
at the plan correction session, the student will be denied the privilege to
retake the test. There will be no exceptions.