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Forgotten Scrolls That Rule The World

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Divine Law
and Nature's
Law are
relative and
Supreme. ....

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Divine Law and Nature's Law are relative and
Supreme. The Common Laws that govern Civilization are
derived from a study of these laws. Most of the important
documents of the World,
Treaties, Agreements and
legitimate Contracts and Covenants are written in the Spirit
of Divine Law for the purpose of governing the mental.

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This Page contains Constitutions, Treaties, Agreements, Church
Bullas, Contracts, and other important National and International Documents
and Correspondences. Most were written in the Spirit of preserving principled
government, with emphasis on the protection of Substantive Rights, Birthrights,
and basic Human Rights and Principles for All. However, many dishonorable
and disingenuous men have violated these Noble and Ancient Principles,
which are also embodied within the Constitution for the United States of
America. Many people mistakenly think these Rights Preservations do not
apply to them! …. Says Who? The governed are still, and always have been,
the source where delegated governmental authority is derived.
The preservation and protection of the Peoples’ Rights are why government

The Forgotten
By States
Records - True
and Divine
Writs Of
Averment Of
Heritage &
Moors Order
Of The
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If and when Government Officials fail to uphold and support
the Constitution, upon which they have taken their Official
Oaths to uphold and support, then they are in violation of law;
have abandoned their fiduciary duties;
have 'quit’ their
jobs; and thereupon possess no lawful authority.
All government officials, including local Policemen and Firemen in the Cities
and Burroughs, must take an Official Oath on the Constitution. If the natural
people and citizens lack knowledge, they will often fail to recognize when an
“Ordinance” or “Statute”, passed by politicians, violates the “Supreme Law of
the Land”. No Ordinances or Statutes, or Laws of any of the several States,
can contradict or violate the Supreme Law of The Land (See Article VI) and be
held as constitutional.
Physical, mental and spiritual oppression has taken such a negating
toll on the misinformed and miseducated masses, that many have become
apathetic, and appear not to care – showing a lack of interest in their

7/11/2013 12:37 AM

adopted (1789)? . and progressive action. Declaration Of Independence. relate the Treaty of Peace and Friendship from this perspective. Articles of Confederation. Constitution For United States of America . Enforcing the Constitution is a civic duty.D. . Bey About The Fez Mortgage Myth About Taxes Juris Prudence Food For Thought Drivers License Fraud Failure To Identify? Prisoners In Your Own Land Aboriginally Healthy Sisters Standing On The Law Return Of The Matriarch Religious Controversy Astrology Cosmology own welfare or that of their progeny.North Continent (1789) . both of the United States and of the several states. By Taj Tarik Bey When reading. responsibility. Consequently. anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding. Did you know that the first Constitution was The 'Articles of Association' (1774). More often then not. the third was 'The Declaration of Independence (1776). and improves the capacity of any active natural person or citizen to better serve man and mankind. This lends encouragement and support to a civilized world. . and all executive and judicial officers. . one must be cognizant of the history and truth involving the relationship between the two political entities. Article VI of the Constitution For The United States of North America: Prose. They can. About The Treaty of Peace and Friendship – 1787 A. As for Moorish Americans. Frequently Asked Questions This Constitution. to multiple abuses against their’. Between Morocco and The United States . shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution. shall be bound by oath or affirmation. coupled with world 7/11/2013 12:37 AM . .html Drew Ali About C. Scholars. one is not likely to find or effectuate solutions. and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof. Poetry & Literary Scripts All debts contracted and engagements entered into. and miseducated people are limited in knowledge to protect their Substantive Rights. and the erudite of Jurisprudence recognize these documents of Law as being ONE Constitution. . complain. A sound and prudent knowledge of the history of Europe and its adoption of governmental principles from the Moors is crucial to any serious historian. Supporting principles of Justice is the duty of all civilized People. shall be the supreme law of the land. and all treaties made. A misinformed. . If one does not know the nature or cause of their condition or problem. they get involved with self-serving associations that rarely produce solutions. the second was the 'Articles of Confederation (1781-1788).rvbeypublications. The logical recognition of the ancient presence of the Asiatic Moabite / Moorish presence in the Americas. is the present 'United States Constitution'. to support this Constitution. and sometimes do. while waiting for someone else to 'fix' their condition.D. Treaty Of Peace and Friendship and all Treaties made under the Authority of the Constitution. The Senators and Representatives before mentioned. Many others.”. before the adoption of this Constitution. and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby. this passive ‘state of mind’ deems it almost impossible for them to protect or defend themselves from ‘colorable’ acts of ‘colorable . are the Supreme Law of the Land. under the authority of the United States. Naivety subjects them. and their children. and the members of the several state legislatures. as under the Confederation. but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.Forgotten Scrolls That Rule The World 2 of 6 http://www. studying and / or analyzing “The Treaty of Peace and Friendship Between the Moors and the United States of 1787 A. and the fourth. Articles Of Associations.M. are even more unlikely and unable to solve their social and political problems. or which shall be made. Knowledge redeems. . They often remain stagnated. Product Details Paypal Orders Orders via Money Orders Shipping Policies Contact Us Live Stream 1. who remain civically inactive. Article VI of the United States Constitution demonstrates the connectivity and Unity in Law of all the foregoing Constitutions.

as it clearly indicates the newly formed “United States of America”. “black". These seats ought to be occupied by the true American. and their newly learned Masonic principles of government. and murder to sit in the seats of power. Inter Caetera Divina This betrayal of trust led to the practiced Inquisition policies which have become the institutionalized "dead-culture". and who think their homeland is limited to Africa in the East. Letter from Benjamin Banneker To Thomas Jefferson 1791 . . . led to the fairer treatment of them with humane principles. from President George Washington is one of the favorites amongst the Documents of American History. deceit. 6. to overthrow the Moors. .com/id72. Articles Of Confederation 1781--1788 . .S. as a treaty or agreement entered into before the adoption of this Constitution. “negro”. They were treated with despotism and wanted to be considered as equal. there is no need for the 14th and 15th amendment. . corrupted politics that marks the negative side of North America's colonial human rights abuses practices. . etc. they are European Colonist who have managed through trickery. About Letter From George Washington To The Sultan Of Morocco 1789 The letter to the Sultan of Morocco. These practices have been falsely mis-labeled as racism. . in creating the Almanac that he gave as a gift to Thomas Jefferson. “colored”. About The Letter From Benjamin Bannekar (Chief Justice Ben Bey) To Thomas Jefferson 1791 The Letter to Thomas Jefferson from Chief Justice Benjamin Bannekar Bey. . Declaration OF Independence 1776 About the Articles of Association . 4. 5. color-of-law activities. . 3.Forgotten Scrolls That Rule The World 3 of 6 http://www. clarifies his participation in teaching government to the Colonist. . birthrights thefts. During this Constitution. The purpose of these contemporary interfacings and writings involved bringing them into the Constitutional fold of government. Of Independnce. were coined to mis-classify the natural people and take them outside of the fundamental principles of Proper-Person status. those who think they are negro. . as it was not overridden or eliminated. & Friendship The Declaration of Independence is one of the four Constitutions. this famous and important document of their unanimous declaration. . blacks. Thus. it can be stapled to the Constitution.rvbeypublications. . The European was in fact in slavery and ths they were of 3/5 of a man. The Articles Of Association . U. About The Declaration Of Independence 1776 Treaty Of Peace . Republic Constitution . Authentic Treaty of Peace and Friendship from Congressional Records . Therefore. and conjoined them with negative law. . The greater negative part of the dead-culture includes land thefts. it clearly noted that all men are created equal. colored. . history. and the systematic slaughtering of the Aboriginals / Indigenes.. will definitely clear up most misrepresentations as have been effected by the destructive hands of the “Re-constructors of American History” and the traditional includes Declaration condition of ignorance as caused by the Colonial book – burners and slave holders. the power of the pen. Treaty Of Peace & Friendship 1787 2A. etc. George 7/11/2013 12:37 AM . which came to be known and celebrated as “Thanks Giving”. Much of the unspoken and uncommunicated history of this period involves the systematic subversion of the union agreements between the Moors / Sovereigns and the European colonial companies / guilds. The Europeans used force of arms. The labels. About The Articles Of Confederation 1781--1788 The Articles of Confederation are referred to in the Constitution in Article VI. . and since that constitution (articles) were never changed. . The European Colonist are not Americas. under the first Masonic President. These Niceno-Constantinopolitan war-rituals.html . See Article VI of The Constitution For The United States of America. inclusive of mental warfar strategies are particularly apparent in acts and symbolisms during harvest celebration. as we know it to be today. 2. . .. and his participation in designing the “White House” for the use of the Colonist as a connection to their motherland as defined in what a Colonist is.

About The Christian Black Codes of 1724 7/11/2013 12:37 AM . or Supreme Being. It must be determined by the reader or student of History and experience. Its origin is from Pope Alexander VI. are also the supreme masters of sadism.D. appears unthreatening to the unknowing ear. and other horrors. a viewing or mental contemplation as distinguished from an actual action or doing.D. that “Divina” was.war ‘sanction’ tool. death. However. The Aboriginal. . used as a war-reference and control guide-point for “Colonial Inquisition Operations in North America”. natural peoples of the planet have suffered more deaths. one of many iconic social / political / religious representative Vicars dedicated to policies for world dominance. than by that of the most vile and deviant soldiers amongst the known military armies of the world. under the rule and Dominion of the Sultan of Morocco. justifying genocide. skinning. self-appointed merchants of godliness. which is the period of European history that divides Ancient and Modern times.D. theft. drowning. became as normal to ‘justified’ Christendom—supremacy culture as their penchant for highly stylized rituals of prayer. and is. 9. Willie Lynch Letter 1712 . With the advent of the Spanish Inquisition. 8. have referred to the Willie Lynch Letter adn its characeristics merely as a theory. “Inter Caetera Divina”. then it cannot be a theory. . being 500 A.. social and political relationships to the suppressed and branded’ descendants of the fallen Asiatic Moorish Empire. (Inquisitio) the maxims of inflicting creative forms of human torture. overflowing with teachings of filial and universal love. However. sadistic human oppression. artificially-induced diseases. and other sadistic mistreatments. which is politically and socially inculcated with terse policies and regulatory constructs. artificially maintained and practiced by the dominant European Colonialists occupying the Americas—particularly North America. Letter From George Washington To Sultan Of Morocco (1789) . wether or not what is mentioned in the Willie Lynch letter has manifested n North American servitude activities or not. Divina is a “password” used by most European Colonist descendants. Little did the ‘Conversios’ know that (in reality) Divina. to 1450 A. Bull Inter Caetera Intent (1493) . are deceived by the propagated beliefs that the Christians were embracing ideas of a universal Creator.. . and sets the standards for the means and attitudes to be taken.rvbeypublications. mutilations. About The Willie Lynch Letter 1712 The Willie Lynch Letter. Anything other than that holds no standing.html Washington. a theory means a thought . The formal name of the Divina Doctrine of Christianity is. land thefts. when Europeans find cause to refer to their ‘pseudo-religious doctrine’.. rape. If such activities and culture have manifested in slave culture in North America. . was introduced to the world during the Middle Ages. Many Sociologists and Social Engineers in North America. in its economic. It encapsulates the social and political aim s of Christendom. The Germanic form or word. Theory is the epitome of Roman / European Colonial psychic warfare methodologies.Forgotten Scrolls That Rule The World 4 of 6 http://www. who have naively accepted their teachings. . (from the European Colonial-conquest mindset) is an institutionalized religious . It indicates without contradiction that the Moors were in the superior position. who have overthrown. Gott / Guth / Gud / God. These same ‘self-righteous’. burnings. Divina. in most instances. settled. etc. About "Inter Caetera Divina" The Church Bulla of 1493 A. or occupied other lands or countries. slavery. The naïve converts among the Aboriginals. which is psuenonymous with Roman Conquest Culture as adopted for Social / Political Interfacings and interchagnes with Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples. . was subordinate to and dwelling on the dominions of the Moroccan Empire. at the hands of these pseudo-religious propagandists. it must be noted and brought to the attention of all Aboriginal natural peoples. that George Washington was the newly appointed President of the United States of America in the North American Continent. as to why George Washington would write a letter as such to the Sultan of Morocco.

. Latinos. The Aboriginal and Indigenous Natural Peoples (Moors) of North America (and of the world) have a vested interest in knowing about. are repeatedly breaking the Laws of Nations. and from.Forgotten Scrolls That Rule The World 5 of 6 http://www.. in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. and have determined to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom. etc. ‘The Black Codes’. from time to time.). About The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights 1948 . negroes.Preamble From The United Nations 1959 Whereas the peoples of the United Nations have. 13. etc. file violation claims or complaints. it is incumbent upon active Moors (and all ‘true’ American Citizens) to be aware of the six (6) different Organs of the United Nations and of their general purposes and functions. property. 12.. The Christian Black Codes of 1724 are the resulting list of 54 Christian Protocols and Acts. . justice and peace in the world.. Christian Black Codes Of 1724 . sex. About The Declaration of Rights of Child . Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom. Whereas it is essential. etc.. listed below . religion. language. written to augment and institutionalize the William Lynch Theories of ‘Suppression and Control Methodologies’.. without distinction of any kind. . blacks. in order to effectuate their ‘Color-of-Law’ practices of stealing the Birthrights of the Natural Peoples of the Land – particularly those of the Moorish Americans (who have been ‘branded’ as. by way of The World Court (an Organ of the United Nations). Officers. such as race. Universal Declaration Of Human Rights 1948 . People from different nations may. and issues such Proclamations of Law (concerning these issues) through. and preserving their Unalienable Rights.. and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people.. learning about.. in the Charter. as a last resort. coloreds. About The United Nations (UN) . . Particular emphasis must be put on the fact that European Colonist Demo-operations are constantly violating Constitution principles and International Law. These socialization tools are generally referred to as. Substantive agreed unity of law) deals with matters of Human Rights supports and violations. national or social origin. if man is not to be compelled to have recourse. . Politicians and Policemen. that human rights should be protected by the rule of law.html .. 10. 11. Whereas the United Nations has. The United Nations (being the nation members. Click here for full Article "About The United Nations" . . Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind.. to rebellion against tyranny and oppression. Therefore. birth or other status. colour. and Birthrights. proclaimed that everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth therein. reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights and in the dignity and worth of the human person.. West Declaration Of The Rights Of The Child (1959) 7/11/2013 12:37 AM .. political or other opinion. . the General Assembly.

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