: SMK NEGERI 1 Pengasih


: 45


: English

Forms question : Multiple choice




: Nur Ambarwati

Time allocation : 2x60 minutes




Basic competency

Grade/ Basic materials



Communicating with 1.1 Understanding


 Greetings and


 Given incomple

English equivalent

the basic expressions

Novice Level.

in social interaction

and parting.

for the benefit of

Students are ab


completion the


dialogue greetin

dialogue .
 Introducing

 Given expressio
students can
determine the

response accord
Adjectives showing
colors, quality, size,
shape, age, origin,
Nouns showing time, day,
date, month, year.

to the context.

day. and on Monday. the 26th people and events. Adjectives of age: old. new.3 Describe X/1  Description of events: objectthings. round. month. year) Describing people (profession) . 1. people. month and year. picture. time. nationality.  Given picture a profession and nationality.  Students are ab mention time. month. time. straight. date.2 Mention of X/1  Adjectives of shape: objects. happened at nine PM Given descriptive te day. month. and etc. month.  Nouns showing time. day. year. d date. Students answer the Reading question based on th Comprehension picture. year. of July 2006.  Describing people  Describing of events (time. characteristics. year. Students answe Matching based on the  Profession. people.1. day. etc. The accident characteristics.

There is a napkin on the table  Questions about 10  express feelings / opinions about the events that are happening delivered right. on.  Expressing feelings appropriately.4 Telling the work in the past and the future work plan  Telling about past events . right. events: . etc.  Words and expressions  The events that are simple activities that used in the context of happening told are happening. . response delive functions. at.How/When did it happen? 2.  Prepositions: in. under.1. telling or describing exactly according to events.5 Explains in X/1 (The students are cleaning the floor)  Grammar: Present occurrence. enough for basic express the  Expressions used to variation expres show regrets and and provision o apologies.  Questions about the events that are continuous. the time and place of 1. future happening delivered continuous.  The expression on past activities presented correctly.I saw the crowds were helping the accident victim.4 Produce X/1  Expressing utterances simple  students are abl Sympathy. 29-31 . about certain events.

advice) are used ..Would you like to come to my place for Expressions to convey the invitation used appropriately. counsel (suggestion and . . please?  Expressing certainty .Then.6 Understand simple instructions. tells about the life of the past and plan for the future.  Expressions used in describing processes: expressions to ask for and give advice and ..The meeting will be over at two PM.Next.  Sample of a personal letter (telling about past and future events) 2.5 Expresses a great variety of mean the heart  giving invitations .  Expressions used in asking for and giving suggestions and advice: .. . .33 .. mind is that .First.I’m sure that it’s going to rain this afternoon. dinner tonight. Telling about future  Personal letter which plans .... appropriately.What I have in my 2.  Expressing opinions .What do you recommend for a 32..I think that’s not true..

synonym.38  Affixes : prefixes. general information equivalent appear on a reports.  Relevant vocabulary monologue answered  Antonym. Sir Expressions dealing with arrangement. . spelling and spelling. directory.40 . into short messages.1 Understanding  Short talks Questions regarding the English monologue that (advertisements.Can I book two rooms for Saturday night.2 Understanding  The conversation on Expression to make a limited the phone about a reservation done by conversations with reservation native speakers native speakers. 37. (general information) Intermediate Level. please?  Future tense  Response to complaints .headache? 2. addressed appropriately 39. punctuation. and the right and assembled instructions and a lists. etc) associated with the situation.7 Make short  Samples of short The words chosen by messages. communicate with acceptable. correctly. 3. and words. list of the choice of Content. particular work announcements.36 instructions or register Grammar 3. suffixes 3. messages. 34.I am very sorry.

forms.How to maintain audience’s attention 3. faxes. 3.How to propose ideas .  Presentation skills: Outline report written in 41 .How to open a speech PowerPoint slide or transparency by using . etc.)  Relevant vocabulary  Antonym/Synonym  Affixes: prefixes.  The letter is  Relevant vocabulary retold with the right 42 . installation. computer the content of the equipment. manual use of the tool is maintenance and answered correctly. memos.3 presenting the report.How to elaborate short sentences and dense. advertisements. business letters brochures.3.How to close a speech . repair.5 Understanding  Business documents:  Questions related to the simple business letters. suffixes.How to handle questions . the content of letters.How to use body language . ideas . answered correctly.4 Understanding  Manuals: (telephone The questions related to the manual use of installation. etc. questionnaires.

Affixes: prefixes/suffixes Questions related to the  SOP from a specific technical workplace content of the Standard documents. Antonym/synonym 3.Opening salutation .Closing salutation . 45 .The body .  Antonym/synonym Affixes: prefixes. order.Date . waiter. inquiry. etc. suffixes  Samples of business letters  Parts of a letter: .Signature  Samples of advertisement on job vacancy Samples of letters of application Business letters (offer.The letter head .6 Understand business. 3.) (SOP) answered  Relevant vocabulary 43-44 correctly. (receptionist.Inside address .) is made simple.7 Writing business letters and reports simple. Operating Procedure etc.