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Dear Sir / Madam,
It is obvious that climatic events occurring this year do not show or prove
climate change. In order to reach a decision about climate change, we have to
measure the averages of the climatic events throughout at least 30 or 40 years.
This year, at the end of May and in the beginning of June, we experienced heavy
downpour and hail in our country. Heavy rainfall is expected today, too.
Extraordinarily, it hailed heavily in Istanbul in June. In fact, summers are hot
and dry; winters are rainy and cold in Turkey. On the contrary, this year we have
dry winter and rainy summer. It is estimated that the weather in July and
August will be dry. At the same time the overage water level of our dams is 28
per cent, which is very low. We think that our climate has been changing rapidly.
This leads us to sub-tropical climate. “The question is why?” When we have
researched about the reasons of climate change, we have found out the
followings. Hydroelectric power plants cause drought. Thermal power plants
result in global warming. On the other hand nuclear power plants emit
radioactive materials. Thus, we have to make use of renewable, sustainable and
clean energy resources. One of them is wind energy.
We think that the windmills usage is necessary in our country. Wind energy is a
renewable energy source which doesn’t cause pollution and gives little damage to
environment. Wind energy can be produced in nearly ninety-five percent of the
area on earth. In the areas where windmills are installed, the activities of
agriculture and forestry can be continued. In addition, it is good alternative
source of energy for domestic usage.
Wind energy is abundant. Scientists estimate that the total electricity energy
consumption in Turkey can be provided at least twofold from the wind energy.
Using wind power to generate electricity instead of coal means reducing the
amount of gas emissions to the environment and by this way, contributing much
more to the environment. Apart from fuel or natural gas, we don’t need to
import it, which helps to reduce the dependency on other countries. By
constructing windmills in remote areas and on the mountains without any
networks, we facilitate the electricity supply to those areas.
We think that the number of windmills in our country should be increased and we
request that the ministry can support the entrepreneurs about this issue.