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Information sheet

Applying for the artistic aptitude test
How do I apply?
Go to and click on “Open application form”. Please enter all
of the information required. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk. Continue in this
way to the end of the form. Your data will be stored until you close the window or have
completed the procedure. At the end you can check all the information and correct it if
necessary. Please note that you may only complete the application form once.
Please note: You will need Adobe Reader to do this. You can download it here free:
A PDF file will be created with the information you have entered. You need to print it,
sign it and send it to us through the mail along with the other documents required.
Your application to take part in the qualifying examination only becomes complete and valid
when we receive the hard copy. Your application must reach us before the expiry of the
application deadline. Any applications received by us after the deadline has passed
cannot be considered.
To assist in the process, we will keep your data until then.

Is there an application fee?
Yes, a fee of €30 must be paid for the application and a receipt must be enclosed with the
application. If you are applying for more than one course at the same time, a fee of €30 must
be paid for the first application and a fee of €10 must be paid for every other application. The
amount to be paid will be automatically calculated in the application form and displayed for
• No fees are applicable for all study courses in the Design Faculty!

Evidence of payment of the fee must be provided along with the application
documents. Please enclose either a bank statement or a receipt for a cash payment.
Participation in the qualifying examination is not possible without this evidence of

If you repeat the qualifying examination next year or next semester, you must pay the
application fee again.

As of October 13, 2014

which describes As of October 13.Where should I send the application fee? Please transfer the fee to the account below: Account holder: Landeskasse Düsseldorf Account No. internship certificate) Verification of your German language skills (if available and required) Paying-in slip of your transfer of the application fee (bank account statement).) as well as – in addition for the Master study course – a project design. The fee cannot be refunded. etc. video. Verification of further qualifications (e.g. even if you withdraw your application! What other documents do I need to enclose with my application? Please enclose the following documents along with the printed and signed application form: • • • • • • • Curriculum vitae A passport photo (to include your name and address on the back and to be adhesively attached to the application) Leaving certificate (certified copy) of most recently attended school Verification of the duration of the study course at the previously attended universit-y/ies from the Transcript of Records in the case that you have already been enrolled for a university study course. sound storage media. • For the Popular Music course: Own works (score. 2014 . CDs. In addition • For the Integrative Composition study courses: your own compositional works (scores and/or audio tapes.) and Written design (project plan) for an artistic development project. Will I get the application fee back? No. computer programs etc. 96560 Bank sort code (BLZ): 30050000 Institute: West LB Düsseldorf IBAN: DE34300500000000096560 BIC-Code: WELADEDDXXX Purpose: 03036558/ BEWERBER / "Applicant’s name" Please replace ‘Applicant’s name’ with your full name.

from which your aptitude can be recognised. you will receive an invitation to the aptitude test a few weeks after the end of the application deadline. 2014 . photos and/or designs). one DINA-4 page) as well as a portfolio of your own works. Please refrain from enquiring after the receipt or the status of your application.• • • • • • • the themes and desired results of the artistic engagement during the Master study course. For the Vocal Ensemble Direction Master study course with the "Singing with Children and Youngsters" field of study: verification of an existing. If the certificates are not in German. For a full and completed application. or alternatively. 30. by the diplomatic representation of the country of origin in the Federal Republic of Germany. German translations must be enclosed. sketches. As of October 13. For the Graduate Gestaltung study course: an expose (of about two pages) on your artistic development project shall be submitted. Will I receive notification when you have received my application? No. continual work with children and adolescents. The translations must be certified by the relevant German diplomatic or consular representative in the country of origin or by a sworn interpreter or translator in the Federal Republic of Germany. For the Music Teaching BA study courses: a letter of motivation in the German language not exceeding one DIN A4 page in size explaining your wish to study is also to be submitted. For the Industrial Design. which focuses on a collection.000 chars) shall be submitted. Communication Design and Photography study courses: a portfolio of your own works (drawings. design or art. For the Art and Design Science study course: a written summary in the German language (max. exhibition or academic position from the fields of aesthetics. For the Photography Studies and Practice/Research study courses: a concept that clearly communicates your own work project (approx. References/certificates from abroad must be certified – either by the German diplomatic or consular representation in the country of origin. Incomplete applications will not be considered! What do I need to do when I send my certificates? Please ensure that you submit certified copies of your references/certificates. For the Music Pedagogy study course: a letter of motivation (one page). The authenticity of certificates must be certified through legalisation by the relevant German authority if required. this is not possible in view of the large number of applications we receive.

This means that you will have to return to your own country. we must have received your full and completed application.If you want to make sure that we have received your application. Jazz. If I need more information. apply for a study application visa. Integrative Music Theory. Please contact us in this regard. Concert Performance. For this purpose. Music Pedagogy.kiene@folkwang-uni. please contact these staff members in Faculties 1 – 4: _Faculty 1 Instrumental Training. Vocal Ensemble Direction Alexandra Kiene +49 (0) 201_4903-234 alexandra. Professional Performance _Faculty 2 Music Teaching. 1) +49 (0) 201_4903-384 bollmann@folkwang-uni. 2014 Jennifer Schwarzer +49 (0) 201_4903 233 schwarzer@folkwang-uni. Musicology. which we can return to you once we have received your application. With regard to visa matters. who do I ask? If you have questions about the courses or about the requirements for the qualifying exam. Integrative Composition. or by other means that will allow traceability of the sending. In the event that you pass the aptitude test. This can be changed to a study visa in Germany if you pass the aptitude test. Music of the Middle Ages. we are only able to provide evidence of the current status of your application. then please either send your application by registered post. What do I have to consider when I apply for a visa? Please do not apply for a tourist visa to enter Germany . you can enclose an addressed postcard with sufficient postage together with your application. it is not possible for a tourist visa to be extended in Germany. As far as Valerie Alvermann (Fac 2) +49 (0) 201_4903-385 Student Advisory Service Eric Bollmann ( _Faculty 3 As of October 13. Alternatively.

Professional Media Creation Tabea Maciolek +49 (0) 201_4903-208 maciolek@folkwang-uni. Dance Student Matters Gabriele Wurl +49 (0) 201_4903-213 wurl@folkwang-uni.hohmann@folkwang-uni. Photography Studies and Practice.Voice/Music Central Institutes Popular Sabrina Sobieraj +49 (0) 201_4903-383 _Faculty 4 Photography. Physical Theatre. _General questions If you have general questions about the Student Advisory Service Julia Dobat +49 (0) 201_4903-382 oder +49 (0) 201_183-4686 Student Advisory Service Sabrina Sobieraj +49 (0) 201_4903-383 sabrina. Acting/ Cornelia Hohmann +49 (0) 201_183-3336 cornelia. Musicals. Communication Design. Industrial Design. Voice Performance.sobieraj@folkwang-uni. Photography Studies and As of October 13. 2014 . Art and Design Science Student Matters Sonja Zenker +49 (0) 201_183-3346 sonja. please contact our student advisory service with your questions via mail at studienberatung@folkwang-uni.