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It is a dynamic world we live and one must be professionally equipped and

educationally qualified if one has to survive and rise in any organisation.
My aim is to join a FMCG company or any multinational organisation in its
operations department. I would want to participate in the strategic decisions
of the organisation and aid in the policy implementation.
I believe the Oxford MBA (the “program’) will provide me with and polish up
all my qualities which I need to lead an independent unit of the company. In
order to lead such a team it is imperative that I have the knowledge and the
practical skills to steer the unit in the right direction.
Oxford University teaches vast disciplines which make it adequately
equipped to adapt to the changes which occur in the political, economic and
the social world. This acts to the advantage of the university’s student who is
concerned about not being abreast of the environment.
The ever evolving approach will benefit me and keep me abreast of all the
ongoing changes in the world and prove resourceful my future employer. The
GOTO module of the program will be of assistance in the formulation of long
term goal plans and their implementation in any organisation. The strategic
consulting project will give me the practical experience which will put me at
an advantage compared to the other students.
I expect to ascend the corporate ladder every year through my expertise,
talent, educational qualifications and by ensuring that I exceed the
expectation of my organisation. The integrated modules of ‘Global Rules of
the Game’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’ will expose me to the essentials of the
corporate world and its social responsibilities as well as fine tune the
leadership qualities.
I also plan to join the
leadership skills acquired
my endeavour to join
necessitate active duty,

Territorial Army of India. The interpersonal and
during the MBA program will surely be put to test in
the institution. The Territorial Army does not
which means I shall continue with my corporate

However towards the end of five years, I will also focus on the political
scenario in my country, as I believe that one’s own country is the best entity
to serve after years of gaining experience and knowledge. University of
Oxford has given India a President and two Prime Ministers, and numerous
eminent personalities, each of who has played an important role in shaping
the future of the country. I do not see any reason why another alumnus of

the university and perhaps the first from Said Business School cannot become the Prime Minister of India. . I am certain that the MBA program will equip me to achieve all the above and to become what I want to become. To conclude the University of Oxford is one of the oldest institutions in the world and has alumni to boast of. and to make all my alma mater proud. The position will only be the culmination of my hard work and sincerity.